Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 31, 1976 · Page 11
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1976
Page 11
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The Cuban-African Connection: is Castro the Hero of Black Africa? LONDON.- (LENS) Fidel Castro flew into Guinea's capital of Conakry on March 14 to meet the man he brought to power in Angola, President Agostino Neto. Neither Neto nor Castro considers that the task of "liberating" Angola is over. According to South African press reports, Cuban soldiers' families are being shipped over to join them. The 12,000 or so Cuban troops in Angola seem set to stay there as a guarantee against the kind of sudden coup that can swing an African country from one ideological extreme to the other. They will also help to suppress the guerrilla war that Jonas Savimbi, the leader of the anti-marxist movement defeated by Neto and the Cubans, has promised to unleash. Cuban technicians and administrators are S. Korea Held Not Another Vietnam By Byung Kl Han (Ambassador of the Kortan Mission to the United Nations.) I have never regarded myself an alarmist, but in thinking of South Korea's future, I do view with concern what seems to be a fundamental shift in American attitudes regarding foreign affairs. The shift is toward non-involvement — toward what used to be called isolationism; but it has not quite reached that stage of withdrawal. The impelling motivation in this shift has been disenchantment — to use a very mild term — over the Vietnam War. I'd like to change all that with a magic wand. But lacking that, I'll try words — frank words that are as much a South Korean characteristic as American. There are 42,000 U.S. troops in South Korea. They are a thorn in the side of North Korea, as well they might be. North Koreans are intent on aggression. They tried to blow up the presidential palace in Seoul. They've dug tunnels under the DMZ. And through their friends, they are sowing mischief at the United Nations. The present situation at the UN is ludicrous. The General Assembly passed two resolutions regarding Korea and, incredible as it may seem, they contradict each other. Both concern the dissolution of the United Nations Command in Korea. One, sponsored by the United States and other Western countries, agreed to the dissolution, provided that there is an alternate mechanism to preserve the armistice in Korea. A second resolution introduced by the Communists and some of the Third World Countries calls for the same dissolution of the United Nations Command — but insists on the withdrawal of U.S. troops without any provision to replace the armistice agreement. South Korea cannot accept that condition — either on grounds of sovereignty or on practical grounds. Those troops are in the Republic of Korea as the result of a bilateral treaty with the U.S. The right to protect its citizens through normal means of defense, including treaties with friendly foreign powers, is a sovereign right South Korea cannot permit to be infringed. It is a situation fraught with danger. If the United States forces pulled out of South Korea, North Korea would consider the time to be ripe once again for an all-out invasion, as they did in 1949. On the other hand, the very presence of American troops acts as a psychological deterrant to Northern aggressive intentions and thus should allay American fears of direct involvement. But when you get right down to it, why should Americans care? For one thing, the continuation of the Republic of Korea as a free nation, tied by treaties of mutual defense to the United States, relates directly to another of, America's friends, namely, Japan. If South Korea were to fall, Japan could easily wish to reconsider its relationship with the United States as some other Asian nations have been doing since the fall of Vietnam. Let's not forget that South Korea is not without assets in the East Asian power balance: a population of 35 million industrious, intelligent and patriotic citizens; a rapidly expanding economy that is already America's 12th largest trading partner; and large, well-trained, and battle-tested armed forces. If these assets were ever lost to the other side, the .entire balance of power in East Asia would be put in jeopardy. All that is very logical — but there still remains the sticky issue of whether South Korea might become another South Vietnam. The answer is an emphatic nor The differences, of course, are many. But three of them are issues that were much debated during the Vietnam War. First, the will of the Korean people is strong. They will fight. They will defend themselves. If they ask for military help from others, it is not foot soldiers or machine gunners that they need. •Second, despite healthy political opposition to the present government in South Korea, there is no split whatsoever on the question of firm resistance to North Korea. Opposition groups are patriots first, politicians second. Right after the Vietnam War, more than a million people including the opposition party leaders in the National Assembly turned out in Seoul to pledge vigilance against North Korea and to support the government's call for increased oreparedness. staying on to set up some Cuban-style socialist institutions. Some of Neto's advisers are uneasy about the large slice of Angolan national life the Cubans seem to be carving out for themselves, and there has been some friction between Cuban and Angolan soldiers. But Castro does not regard himself as a foreigner in any African country: "We are a Latin American and a Latin African nation as well. African blood flows freely through our veins. Many of our ancestors came-as slaves from Africa." An ominous hint about future Cuban operations in Africa was dropped in the Taxpayers Ask IRS QUESTION — Both my wife and I became 65 years old in 1975. I understand that because of our age, we get some special tax benefits. What are they? ANSWER — Persons age 65 and over have special filing requirements. Single persons in this age group do not have to file an income tax return unless they earn a gross income of at least $3,100 (compared to $2,350 for taxpayers under 65). Married persons filing jointly and living together at the end of the tax year do not have to file unless income is $4,150 or more if one of them is at least 65, and $4,900 if both are in this age group. However, if a person has net earnings of at least $400 from self-employment, a tax return is required no matter what the person's age. Also, persons 65 and older ' are allowed an additional $750 exemption for their age, in addition to the normal $750 personal exemption. There are several other tax benefits for persons at least 65. For a complete explanation see IRS Publication 554, Tax benefits for Older Americans, available at most IRS offices. QUESTION - I have already filed my 1975 Federal income tax return, but when I Times Herald, Carroll, la. m Wednesday, March 31, 1976 I communique issued after the Conakry meeting, which was also attended by President Cabral of Guinea-Bissau and Sekou Toure of Guinea. It gave warning that "the destiny of the people of Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa" was involved in the Angolan struggle. Neto is trying to resurrect an old alliance, the Conference of Nationalist Organizations of the Portuguese Colonies, to co-ordinate "progressive forces" in southern/Africa, and Cuba is evidently reviewed my copy, I found I had made an error. Can I correct this error? ANSWER — When you find an error on an individual income tax return you have filed, you should then file a Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. On the Form 1040X, you can recompute the portion that has changed and send it, with any necessary related information, to the address shown in the instructions for that form. Your amended return should be filed within three years from the date your original return was filed, or two years from the date the tax was paid, whichever is later. QUESTION — Why does the 1975 individual tax form have questions asking about the town, county and state in which I live. For what purpose are my answers used? ANSWER — The questions were put on the forms at the request of the U.S. Bureau of the Census. From the answers, the Bureau will develop current estimates of population and per capita income. These estimates are used principally to determine the distribution of general revenue sharing funds to state and local governments. Bowling Results NITE KAPPERS LEAGUE Team Standings Points Weldner Service ."85 Carroll Roof Ing Co., Inc 83 Hicks' Well Co 73'/j Renze Hybrids 73 Kanne Mobil 72 HR Cleaners 63 Helsterkamp Furn., Glidden .. 60 Case Power & Equip 59 Map's Tavern 48'/2 Wandel Studio 48 Whaley Chevrolet 46 Templeton Ernies 43 Seldl Electric 42 Templeton Co-op 12 High Ind. Single Game— Darrell Mueggenberg 243 Don Hicks 226 Cecil Hupp 205 High Ind. Three Games- Cecil Hupp 575 Ronald Huffman 555 Don Hicks 549 High Team Single Game— Weldner Service 966 Hicks'Well Co 965 Hicks' Well Co 959 High Team Three Games- Hicks'Well Co 2824 Weldner Service 2629 Wandel Studio 2591 COMMERCIAL LEAGUE Team Standings Points Nockels Clothiers 662 Bernholtz Lockers 528Vj Quandt Auto Salvage 5271'? Glidden Cafe 522 Commercial Bank 517 Kerp's Place 476 Ken Hoffman Painting 472Va Carroll County Bank 447 Sherwin Williams 400'/j Drees Plbg. & Htg 388Vj Jack's Shack 367Vz Prenger La-Z-Boys 366Vj G.E. Pipers 341'/j Promes Drainage 283 High Ind. Single Game- Steve Quandt 258 Bruce Pettitt 246 expected to play its part. The Cubans and Angolans, who hope to hold a conference of this body in April, see it as possible rival to the larger Organization of African Unity. Castro and his chief African adviser, Osmani Cienfuegos, met leaders of South African guerrilla movements at Leonid Brezhnev's party congress in Moscow three weeks ago. Unconfirmed reports that Cuban troops have landed in Mozambique reinforce the suspicion that Castro may want to widen his African campaign. In Angola, large numbers of Cubans with tanks are moving southwards from Lobito and Sa da Bandeira towards the Gene Ruchti 243, High Ind. Three Games- Bruce Pettitt 620 John Lohman 611 Steve Quandt 600 High Team Single Game- Commercial Bank '..... 1032 Quandt Auto Salvage 971 Nockels Clothiers 960 High Team Three Games— Nockels Clothiers 2750 Glidden Cafe 2722 Commercial Bank 2718 SCHEDULECHANGE New claims for unemployent insurance will no longer be taken at the Iowa Employment Security office in Carroll on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Effective immediately claims service will be available only on Thursdays between 9:30 a.m. and 12 noon in the meeting room at the court house in Carroll. border of South West Africa (Namibia), 150 miles away, where South African troops still occupy the Calueque dam, 12 miles inside Angola. Cubans have a way of being wherever they can scent trouble in Africa or the Middle East. On his way to Guinea, Castro touched in at Algiers, where he met leaders of the Polisario independence movement, and where Cuban advisers are training pilots to fly Soviet fighter aircraft. Other Cubans are flying aircraft for South Yeman's air force, and they once trained Yemini-supported rebels in Omani Cuban military missions are reported to be in Somalia, Syria, Malawi, Congo-Brazzaville, Cameroun and Gabon. Cuba's free-ranging activities on other continents are unlikely to be curbed by the tame warning from a Congress-cramped Henry Kissinger. The Secretary of State told Cuba to "act with great circumspection. because our actions cannot always be deduced from what we did in Angola." The American government has been considering an attempt to stop Cuban troops and supplies moving by sea and air to Africa. But any such move would bring the United States into open confrontation with Russia, which has recently lent Cuba long-range transport planes for ferrying troops across the Atlantic. So Africa is likely to go on seeing the men from Havana. "CLIP AND '9 THE GREAT IMPOSTERS Now Appearing Nightly, (Except Sun.) 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