Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
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VOLUME XV. NO. 45. THE ;«MOr to lOLA DAIiy lOLA, KAS., DEC. 15,1911—FRIDAY fvENING. SucccM^r to th« Ida Dally Reglattr, tht lola Oai^y Record and tha lola Daily Index Dally Regicter. Eatablithed 1897. Weekly Regitter, Establlthad 1667. TEN PAGES EL TR.V«ir K>D TO TWO LITTLE JLIV£.S >E.V»{ VUH .\. THE SISTERS OIEO TGSETHEe BODIES KOI .\D BV FATHER 0> RE TrR> hROX SHOmXi L% lOL.t. SlierliT and roroncr at Homo of Henry Si>eek This Afti-rnuun Inv<-<i(!u:it- inir—Suthrr Critical!} III. Driving cheerily hoine in oagor an- tlcjpation-of the warimh of their kl8B€8 of welcome; tlieir lisps of lev 'n^ greeting; the music nf the patter of little feel and their joy at his return. Henry SpecK. a well known farmer living on the western edpe of Allen County, near l 'U\\'.:i. was horror- stricken to find the idols of his heart cold in death when ht- aiiKhteii from his buggy at his house ai four oiloik yesterday afternoon. It was a scene that struck'th^ eager L parent almost duinh: t (ire4»is heart in twain and sent a thrill of tt-rroi through his shivering body. In a rain hurrel whidi stotxl near th.' !)(.)ise. KUbniorged In water. Mr. Sp«<k found the lifeless forms i >f Ills two littl daiiBhtors. two an>l lo'.ir y.ars of ate. Hut n few.hours li.-ior,.,'|.,. |m,l Kissed them and th< ii- mother good-bye and started to lu'u to do some trading. Then there was not a singl omen that all was Udt well in h's houseliold. and ni.t a sinRli- foril)i)il- ing but that he would return and liinl mother and daughters happy in th-' presi'nce of each other and the cdm- forts of home. The tragic scene ov. his return was a shock from which Mr. Speck has yet scarcely reiived. That KOine terrible fate had overtaken his home was f-vidi^nt to the father as Ite drove into the yard. .Mr.^. Ppcck. her clothing dripi)ing with wa \ ter and countenance bearing: a pallor that betokened ilines.*. was wandering around in the yard. No tiny f* et ran to welcome him and no sweet, small voice lisped his naiue. and no bright little face was upturned for the usual kiss. -Where are the children?" cried the terror stricken parent. There was no answer. The father's search was brief. Just a moment of nervous, fearful scurrying to and fro and the worst was known. The children were drowned Help was summoned from neigljhors. the I little bodies taken into tie hous*> and- Mrs. Speck placed in to receive treauuent from a physician. .All night, the mother lay in a critical condition from exposure and she seemed to have suffered a complete lapse of memory. Today, her condition was unimproved and up to this hour no first hand story of the tt;agedy is available. That harm may have come to the -"^little ones while the mother was suffering from spvf-re mental illness is suspected, and Sheriff Kerr and Coroner Christian are at tlie Speck farpi" this afternoon condu'^ti.'jg an investigation. This is the generally accepted iheorv as aeainst the report that one of ih" little girls fell into the rain barrel and t!ie other was drowned while attempting to rescue hor sifter. Not until the oflicrs have returned from the .<:;.. <k farm wl!l the t.-rri- hle truth h>- known ami utitll they bring to 111- < "uri house their report and make ii a matter eif record. It Is conslder<'d tli- part of u.frcy and wl.- dom to with!.old :iny stat-ment pur- pt)rllnB to b«- thf ah-olute d .-iHiit -i! fact in conn.•< tic.n witl. tlie di-atli of ihf little Kirls. It is stated from a souric regarded as wholly r^-llable that .Mrs. h'peck has been sufi'Tlng from a n<"r\o'js inei- ble for some tiuie and tlat iinvioiis to this occasion she was afflic'.<-d witt; j.aranoia. had then no recollection as to -vlat took iilace or what sho did and it ^ t..i;.-vd th-if this instance is sriir .Har. • The funi -r .-t! of the two little -iirls will he 1i»';d toinorrow afternoon at two o'clock. THE WEATHER. For^uft for KaniMuc GeneraUj (ulr fonklit und Satnrdar; not much change In temperature. Data Recorded at Local Office Weather^ureau: Temperature—Highest yesterday at 3 p. m., 48: lowest today at 6 a. m. 25; excess in temperature yesterday 4 degrees; excess in temperature since .lanuary 1st 1141 degrees. Yesterday. Today. 1 p. in -4.-. 1 a. m 27 2 p. m.... -48 9 a. m 28 3 p. ni .48 3 a. m. 28 4 p. m .46 4 a. ni 27 ."i p. m _4.i 5 a. m 26 6 p. m -42 6 a. m 2ii 7 p. m -3S 7 a .m 27 S p. m -34 S a. m 27 » p. m -32 9 a. m 28 10 II. ra .30 10 a. m 37 11 p. in -29 11 a. m 34 12 mdt. .28 12 noon 37 Dymiri AS . ABUSIHESS THAT SEEMS TO HAVE BEEX THE .M'.\A3IARA TRABE. THE FEDEBAL PII8BE FU3HIN6 Precipitation for 24' hours ending 7 a. m. today, 0; excess in precipitation since Januar>' 1st, 1.32 inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. toSay SS per cent; dew point 24^egrees; barometer reduced to sea level 3U .|i;! inches. Sunrise today 7:31 a. m.; sun.^ei ."):04 p. ni. ELSMORE MAN DIES SUDDENLY LOVELL WAS .STRirKEX WITH HEART FAILURE LAST M(JHT. Went to Rod III and DurInK the Mxht Suf{cnd an Alliirk Which TroTtd FtitaL I!y a special telephone message IToiu I'llsmore the Register learns with miK !i regret of the death of .Mr. L. Loveil wiilch occurred there at Uven i ^(;o>-k last night. .Mr. U)ve 1 had been in his usual p( < d hialrli until yesterday evening ;;tt.T •••iriDcr when he complained of not feeling well. The indisposition was not regarded as at all serious, howev.r no physician was called, and 'n» went to bed at the usual hour. .About eleven o 'clock he awoke with a severe pain in his chest and got out of bed to get a drink of water. He had hardly started when he sank to he floor and expired. The doctor was hurriedly called by Mrs. Lovell the only Cher person in the hou .-:e, but ife was already gone before he arrived, the cause obviously being heart failii-e. Mr. Lovell was formerly en- _;rred in business in lola, having been in partnership with F^red Hale in what was known as the Tola Cash ttore btit some nine years ago he went to Elsmore where he established a large business which he has since conducted with gr^ success. The only child, a daughter, is in (l.ool at I.indsbore. and until it Is known when she can arrive the date f tli'' funeral cannot be definitely announced, although it will probably be eld Sundaj. I\TERESTI\« FACTS ARE BEIXJ PIT BEFORE (JRAXD JURY. Up to This Pate, However, >o Xew .Names Hate Come into the CRIPPLE'S HOME BORNED Bed Too Near a StOTf Pipe Caused a Serious Fire This .Mornlnif. (By the Associated Press) Indianaiwlls, Ind., Dec. 15.—The Federal grand jurj- Investigatioar the alleged dynamite conspiracy, today continued tiie examination of paiten taken from the office of the International Bridge and Structural Iron Workers. Mrs. Andrew J. Hull once bookkeeper for the union, and other clerks who worked under McNamara, again were questioned by District .\ttorney Miller. It Is indicated that the government will conduct an Inquiry from the In- i^ide in an endeu\ur to disclose the Identity of all those resiHjnsIble for t!ie explosions. I'rivale detectives have advUcd the (I'overnnunt authorities that some of the letters confiscated Indicated that iii'jn in various State.s had written to .\h'.\'amara asking hini what the cost o! various "Jobs" would be. McNamara would reply, according to this iniormatlon, that the "y*^" would be two hundred dollars and expenses, fifty dollars, to be forwarded to hini. urtie .Mc.Manlgui's statement which was sulmiitted to the Jur>-, .says that a man whose name is withheld instructed hlui to go to Hoaton and Ho- hoken to "do jobs " there. A viaduct huili by an ••oi)en shoj)" concern In Hoboken was blown up. The Boston Grand Oi.'era house where a man employing non-union men had a I'art contract, also was damaged by an explosion. Various persons who are alleged to have iiolnied out "jobs" to McManlgal are expected to be disclosed by the grand jurj-. THE GRIZZLY BEAK DIPLO.VATIC PANCE. iHE mm PUT rr IS THoreHT NOW THAT.BX- TIBE BATTEBT WAS COSCEB^ED. THREIITENINe lEnERS SEKT EVIDENTLY THERE HAS BBEX HIGH TENSION A LONG TIXE. The finards Hare Been.StrengtUned All Or«r the Beaerratioa lot Many Weeks. TJIE CO.NTROLLER BAY FARCE. Considered Funny In Enzland. T .X3ndon Aiisw-rs: H h W^S tis'i'e a pleasant lookini: ni:in. rot at all th*kind you would siisp<>(f of carrying conundrums Jind puzzl<-s and other combustible materia! in his bminbox. Yet there was a gli;:t in hi? »-ye as a lull c:ime in ihp convi-rs;;!ion and he managed to get a wurd in .-du- ways. "What's iht' differi'nc"-." he asked, "between a i.'ir] with a ciothnspin on her nose and a girl whose little broth T is laid up for a time with on'- of childhood's lomplaitits. characterized by an erupMon of th<- skin?" They st:)::v'er<»d aird the gentle one grinned muUnolently. Only the bullet headed braved the situation. "To avoid unnecessar>' discussion." said the stouthearted one. "just t< II us—what is the differ< nee." Pat came the answer: "One's hrniher is muzzled, and the rither's brc:'ier is nieasled. Smart— >^eh?" And away, far the West, the sinking sun dropped sadly behind a hazy cloud and developed another sun spot. It was a disconsolate family group lat stood around the charred embers f the frame dwelling at 327 North .State street this morning. The home '.".it-r' si:!th. a well known colored man. w :is I:-, athes and with his family he stood viewing bitterly the work of the fire fiend. "I don't know what will become of us," said he. "this was all we had. .Vow where will we go?" The answer to that question seems at hand. Through .Mrs. K. .\. Jones head of the Floard of Associated Chra- ftles .losh HuiIiT announced that he would deed free n lot to Smith [iro- viileil some one can he found who It- willing to a building that can be used a.s a home. Mrs. .Jones Is i..->-.v makin- nn effort tn find the per- sr ,n who will meet .Mr. Butler's offer. Anyor-'» who will do so. ma.v notify her by telephone. Meanwhile the Pmiths a family of eight are being car^d for by the charities board. Sii'.ith 1= a man of industrious habits, hi't !iis affliction has made It imjios'thle for him to wcrk. Consequently. .Mrs. Smith has done what she could to stippoit the family by working wherever she could obtain empicyment. Her earnings have not hern sufficient, h'-wever and thf coun'v has been contributing to th< •i'.i] of the farall.v. Ti-e fire that destroyed Smlth's home and practically all of its furnishings was due to the act of one of tl:e children In placing a bed In a room on the upper floor near a stove P!I>e. The heated pipe ignited the bed dui-in.e and the flames sjiread rapi<i- ly. They had gained ton great a head way 10 be effectively checked, before the fire company could he'sumraoned. There was no insurance on the or contents. STOOD INSPECTION WELL. Col. Wilder S. Metralf Is Quoted as Saylngr Co. 3f. Ranked Well. The regular annual fall Inspection of Company M occurred last night at the armory, and Colonel Wilder S. Metcalf, of the First Regiment, the insn(y>tine officer, is quoted as saying that he found the officers, both commissioned and non-commissioned, for whom the Inspection was more parth ehirly held, very well drilled, and Repuiillcans Criticise the Sudden of the Inresllgiitlon. Illy the -5.s.-iociated fress) Washington, Dec. l").—The sudden ending of the Inquiry into the charges that the Government had allowed a nionojioly of the coal harbor Controller Bay in .\iaska, was roundly scored In a Republican minority report of the House Committee on Interior Deiiartment Kxi>endltures .'iled today. The Republicans said that common lecenty. if not, justice, would have demanded some investigation to e.\/ .;.ose ti'.ose reiponsible for the fabrication of the s</-called "Dick to Dick" .etter. The minority report said this f.pos^ should have been permitted even if the Democratic majority was unwilling "or partisan reasons to exonerate the Secretary of the Interior and other high officials of an unjust and cruel charge." News Item: The mncb criticised itrizzly liear dance lias been introdnced Into New York society l»j the old diinclng master. Jay Gould, as u regular featnre of this -fear's cottilion^ m JDB8E GAPILUUTES AFTER A DEADLOCK OF THREE DAYS HE BACKS DOWN. ANOTHER-BLOW TO PACKERS BRITISH GOVERNMENT WON'T AC CEPT THEIR CONTRACT BIDS XIMMELL-OR WftlTE--IS DYING ARKANSAS CITY MAN OF MYSTE- BY FATALLY INJURED. AcceptH the Verdict Bronght Jury Althonirb Adverse Instrucllon^ >nght tiy the' Argentine Packers »ill do the Bnsl- . se to His I ness Which Has Heretofore Gone ! " J^ailroad «reck f(, American.s. I -Mpht and (annot Recover MISSIONARIES IN DANGER. Chinese (iovernor of Chang Pu Asks for Their RerulU (D.v Uiu A.«»oclutfd Press) Amoy Dec. ir..-r-Kxtreme antl-for- Klgn feeling prevails at Chang Pu where Kngllsh and Roman Cathtdic mission buildings were burne«l ftv nineteen six by the IJoxers. Many pla. I By the .V ^i.-it'-d rra.-;.-) St. Louis, Dec. 13.—The twelve jurors in the McDennott will case in .ludge Withrow's court this afternoon, after a three days' deadlock returned a verdict contrary to his Instructions. ludgfc accepted the verdict apd i'-chargeJ the jury. "ABDICATE OR FK.HT." That h the Chinese Reliels Ultima- tnm to the Throne. San Francisco, Dec. 15.—Immediate abdication of the Manchu Kmpf»ror and recognition of the Republic or-a renewal of hostilities were the instructions sent by General 1,1 Yuen Heng commander-in-chief of the "revo lutlonary forces, to the republican representatives nt the Shanghai p«-ace conference, according to dispatXhes received here today. "Hostilities will be renewed at once unless the Immediate ab<ll< atlon of the .Manchu Ktnperor and ncognltUm of cards threat, nlng foreigners have '1'^ '•-Public Is agreed to. sa>s C.en. hern posted. Tlie military governoi has re(iues!ed the foreign consuls to recall ml.-slonarles as he cannot as- ^'ume tlie responsibility of their protection. . lOLAN VICTIM OF R(»BRERY. A Park Place .Man Wa.s Assanlfed and Rolilied of <IH in Knnsa.s City. A young man named I.-ee, who resides :i: Park Place. Kast lola, returned from a visit to Kansas City this morning. .Mr. I.^e was duly impressed with what he experienced while seeing the sights in a metro|)olitan town While walking along the street In t;!e neighborhood of the union de- lH >t. he said at the local police station this morning, he was attacked and knocked down by a strange man anc relieved of his watch and $18 in casli Havipu no further desire to enjoy the whirl of the big town. Mr. l.*e returned home on the iiext out-going train. No Duty on BI K .Urshlp. Wasiilngton. Dec. 1.',.—The German .... dirigihle balloon Suchard which will i that the condition of the company's attempt to make the first aerial trip 1 equipment is good, and that it will across the .\tlantic next March, start j rank well among the other compa- Klll the Lonfers. Manhattan Industrialist: .A. loafing hen is like a loafing njan—not a money maker. Profits and labor of others are eaten up and there Is no return. You dare not kill a lazy man. hut it is possible and profitable tc ''ill the lazy hen. If the hens are refusing to pay for their board with eggs, or chicks you can make their .,1,1.] spnip Diofit by slaughtering them. Drones cannot profitably bf Kept by anyone interested In poultrj- vooninir. Old bens are usually the most common tramps. They begin Hytn .g late and quit very early. L'n- less they are valuable as breeders or are fed especially for marketing, old ''ens seldom can be made asset pro- i! 'r-?rs. Weed them out. ing from the CaflSry Islands, will be admitted to the Cnit«-d States free of duty under bond for a stay of not exceeding six months. nies of the state. After the Inspection a banquet w.ns given bv the officers to Col. Metcalf at the Portland hotel. Shnsfer Still RetainN Position. Teheran, Persian. Dec. 14.—W. Mor an Shtister still retaln.s his position as treasurer general of Persia. The cab Inet cannot dismiss him without the consent of the national council which has not been given. M'g message. •MNETEEM A\D HARD AS NAILS' That Is the Viiditiiient PiisM-d by, Pros, ecutor on t.'Irl In Stokes (use. (Hy the .\ssooiat'-d Pro'^s) London, Doc. 15.—The British government has decided to exclude the American meat packers against whom Iirosecutions have b?en instituted in the United States from tendering for contracts for the supply of meat to the British army and navy, pending settlement of the suits. The decision of the government is due to the opposition of Labor to American trusts. The contracts hitherto securea by -•Vmericans are no.w expected to go to Argentine meat packers. DENVER OFFICIAL WONT QUIT. Fronr fnJnrIe<H Will Ask the Law to Reinstate Him In OiTice. (By the .\s.sooiateil I 'n-ss) Marion, Ind. Dec. 15.—George A. Kiramell, of Niles, Mich., and Arkansas. City, Kas., ".Man of -Mysterj-" in the insurance case, who was injured last night in a train wreck near Converse, Ind., developed paralysis of the legs today and is not expected to recover Kimmell suffered two brokei;i ribs and injury to'the spine. fBy the Associated Presxl .function City, Dec. 15.-r-That tho three commanding officers at Fort rlley have been receiving threatening letters since last March following the first incendiary fire became known today. The recipient's were Brig. Gen. S. T. Schuyler, Col. Chaa. P. Hat field and Col. E. D. Hoyle .i. The letters were written in a scrawl and appe^re^ written by different persons. The nature of the threats is not disclosed. At first little attention were paid to tho threatening letters but they came with such frequency that the guard aron^d t^'entire f government reser- vi(k1d^ vi&it- increased and special at- tentldn was given to guarding the quarters of the threatened men. Orders were issued to shoot any stranger seen prowling around the grounds. A 8erge .ant was shot In the hand by mistake^ one night. Several mysterl- ow^jfBiffiwi^ were fired upon, but node sh9l|'<«U)^. Four members of Battery "E" now under arrest are ket>t •n close confinement and no one permitted to talk with them. Rumota today are that practically all of od6 batallion are implicated. Officers are expected to arrive today with Rev. Brewer, the acciised ex-Chaplain. inv the A-i.<-jcl:itcd Prejw) Now York. I )e< I.'.—Whyn .\esist- lat District Attorney Uarkner began lis speech to the ji;ry today Iij thr ase of Lillian fliaham and Kthel-Con ad, charged witii sh<;oting W. K. I) stokes, the pretty young wife of »h< niliionaire hold a chair near thedesl >f the judge, tiuckner pleaded will the jurors not tit consider Stokes •hiracter. urging tlie:n to forget syni •lathy and consider oniy the aigwmen if self-defense. Speaking of the relations 1.etwee: stokes and Miss Graham he sai- -cornfully: ".And they have the hard! lood to ca'l that love. It's notlovr •fs lust on the jilirt of Stokes am "ticre on the part of Lillian Graham.' Buckner did not spare Stokes. II -eferred to ti ;e sick iv.illlon^ire as "i ;ool p.nd calc.ilnting rogue w!io al l .-!>v<; had been strong .tnd was can tlous." .MlK.^ Graham covered her face wit '>er hands and tears trieklsd betweei ler gloved finuers. "The principal motive of the fina let." continued Iiiickner. "fs money nionpv nioney!" "When Miss Conrad .t-aine on th' 'cene. there wasn't to he any-mor' N'amby-Pamby liusihess. The ^ iiio.« "xtraordlnary woman I ever met." h' 'aid of tho yovncer defendant. '-'Wha' 1 combination of kitten and wildcat- tineteen and hard as n.-tllf. Thert was no more Cnmbrlc -tea biisines- iffer she entered." . ' "They never expected to shoo' Stokes when they bought these puns ' "••e went on. "There's no use .shooting up a man when you exnect \n ce » signed statement out of hini thn vo'i can- turn Into money." When i^cess »••»« taken Ttuekher wn- -»i'i pneaklntr. The Indlcatlonsj wer' •hat the case would go to the jiir.» •his nfternocn. iny tl:e As >i > t>rf ?.s1 Denver, Dec. 15.—Harry J. Arnohl assessor of Denver county, and wl:o claims that under the consolidation of the City and County he should retain that position, was ejected from hig office by a hand of 'e|ty hall em­ ployes, policemen and detectives whom the assessor declares wire •nrmed, at an early hour today. Hiram Hills, a slate senator, allied politically with .Mayor Speer. took possession as asse.'isor with the aid of ofTuer-s. Hilts has been confirmed on recoinmendaiion of the .Mayor. Arnold had barricaded himself in his office. Hilts and his supporters denied admittance, broke a plate glass window Iwtli an Iron mar and crowded !n. Arnold says he w ill bring legal action. SOCIALIST DOESNT APPROVE. Uerser Accuses Democnits In the House of Pluylng Politics. Washington. Dec. 15.—The eight- Uour day for laborers and niechanic- Dn government work, such as shipbuilding, gun and ammunition makin;: ind river and harbor work, would be -xtended to contract work done by .'irlvate firms by the terms of a bir ntroduced by Hcpreseatative Hughef of .New .Tersey and passed by th( house j-esterday. Kepre.-entative Berser. the Socialist uemher. said );e thni.zht the bll' wou'd not "liold wa;e:," and adviset* •'le IIo .Mse to "have a hric-k makei •vrite an eit;'it-hour* law about tet incs in length." . "For the first time in years you Democrats are playing politics suc- •pssfully " Mr. Berger said. "Day be*ore yesterday you got tl* old soldiei vote: yesterday you got the .lewisb vote; and today you are after the labor vote." Afire, Jumps Into Pond. T-awrence, Kns., Dec. 14.—The presence of mind of Mrs. U C. Hemphill wife of a farmer near Reno, ten miles from here, late today probably saver •he lives of'herself and her 7-month.' old child when with her clothes aflrf 'he ran fro niher home to a nearby pond and throwing herself Into thf *ater extinguished the flames. Nelgh- • •ors tescued her fniin the water. Although the mathcr and child werr painfully burned It Is believed hotl will recover. ROYALTIES LAY CORNER STONE. Another Day of Pomp and Splendor in India'i* CapitaL ( Uv the A.s.oocin KHI Delhi. India, Dec. 15.—The King- Emperor and Queen-Empress today laid the first stone of the new capital of India which, as was proclaimed af- ler the Durbar, is to be Delhi. There was a brillant assemblage of rullnif princesses. Governors and state officials. The foundation stone simply bore the date 15-12-11. tANDY TRADE AFFECTED. .truiwilield-Sifcrs Report Larger Sales of Ciindy Than Ever Before. If there is one business which I:- iffected more than any otliet by the :ipproacli of Christmas, it is the cand) "luslness. As Chrlstiuus approaches •-he sales of candy Jump up enornious- y and It tests the capacity of the actories to supjdy the dja»*«nd. Tht Irownfield-Slfers Company report tha' he demand on them this season I.' arger than ever before, and for the >ast three weeks or more they htm jeen working a shift and a half daily, the factory being busy ainiost con- inuously from 7:30 o'cloek in the iiorning until 9:30 o 'clock at night, md the output averaging daily fron. hree to ti^ve tons—all this, mind you or out-ot-town shlpinent. The de- cand on the local factory is unprecedented, being over twenty per cent liore .than it was last year at this lime, and over twice as much as it is aoriiially. The bulk of the demand eems to be for the hard-cooked stuff uch as butter-.scotch, taffy, etc., ai- hough chocolate candies are much ::ore in demand than last year. Brown eld & Sifers having used already SOU'.' pounds more chocolate co.itlng that ist year. Tho local factory shiji-s to western loints in this state and to many citie; n Oklahou'.a. Mr. Brownfield attrl- •iite« the fact that the factory is en- .abled to conijiete with the large fac- .ories of the cities, to the' unusua' •3re taken . here to secure the nios' killed help possible, and to the ex- rncrdinarv precautions taken to insure absolute cleanliness of the pro ducts. BEAMAN IS IXPROTING. No Danger Now, It is Believed to Victim of .A^-iauIt. A report from Bronson this afternoon brought the information that Robert Beaman who wasrit is alleged issaulted by Robert and Gus Booth near Bronson one week ago, has pcs- -led the crisis of his injuries and will ••-robHbly recover racldly. For a fev duj -8 It was feared that Beaman could .iot' recover. Mrs. Jordan Not Sent For. Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 15.—Federal officers from Junction City having failed to arrive here to take charge of Mrs. .4nna Jordan, Chief of Detectives Zickafoos released her today. He had previously notified the offic^ • that if they did not call fpr the wtf- man by noon she would be frised. "Jf the government officers want me "at any time I can be found 'af^yhciine here," said Mrs. Jordan. The letters are said to have threat ened Ibe entire fort and th«-o«l <:er8 with death. Night and day since eatT ly last spring Fort Riley has bean under special guard. Sentrys haye been posted constantly in homes Ht the officers threatened. It was paly . with the arrest and reported confeiM sion of Private Quirk that the investir gations came to light. The nighi guards who patrolled the buildingft ak the Fort covering half a mile ' of ground, were increased f'^m tW^F* seven to stvty-two men and offioei^. Besides these a body composed of a commissioned officer and several noncommissioned officers was delei^ated to patrol the grounds after eleVei) o'clock at night. Other officers acted as. guards in the basements of tha threatened homes. • . TREATY IN SENATE MONDATf." — i "- Qne«(Ion of Abrogating (he B«wlm Treaty to hate Prompt Aetlaa. ' I Ky ttie AssoclBted Pre**) ' ,' . Washington, l)cc. 15.— The abroBAT tion of the Russian treaty of Hit because of discriminations agiUns^ American Jews and others mij come the law of the land before 'tlf4. Christmas holiday recess comes. The Sulzer resolution already ^So9t ed by the House, directing the ter^. nation of the treaty after a yav^t notice, was brought up yesterday In flie Senate. The result of a running debate on the question of whether TO refer It to the committee on foreign relations or to act Immediately was. .-.n assurance from the committde th^k it would re[iort on Monday. The;iie|i^ ate may then adopt either the rew^ll; tion. with a slight change, of tho-tgil- bertson resolution practically idei^tl^ cal. KANSAS .SENATORS DIFFEB. ~ ({uarrel Over Naming Po.stmaster I B Kansas City, Kans. Washington, Dec. 15.— It begioit.lo anpearv according to capitol gossip, that Senator Curtis and Senator 6rl»- .ow are hopelessly split upon the recommendation of a postmaster for Kansas City, Kans. The election..of Joseph Taggart. a Democrat, to ihe 'onse, places that patronage in tKetr hands. Senator Curtis is for the-'o^- ippointment of W. R. CbiildaA.tVhfle Senator Bristow desires the naming of E. H. Shore. From several ^kSU- ters comes the report that Curtis tu^ aid he never will agree to the Jl^ -lointment of Shore, while Bristpvf to equally determined that he will never 'ndorse Childs and there tl» im^er stands. ' There is small chance of an tfJ^fiPr Tient. however, and that is tba^ tlto 'wo Senators may each drop h&-tt- -orite and get together upon oWt '(^ 'he sevei-al other candidates. ia |i60S •hese are W. J. Wright. Jr., B.;i ^.^jp- -ight. member of the leglslstur^^-^ir. S. Sartin. Dr. G. M. Gray aJ ^d W.'ft =?ii»ton Jr. Curtis and Bristow^ have aiQ"^ qln •he appointment of J. P. Smith Postmaster at Pleasantoa. W. N. Wadman. of Indepeq.da deputy sheriff, was here today i 'ng the coroner's inquest oiter nialns of Mrs. M. J, Barber. Mir.' i>an was a son-in-law of the vtbttai of the motor car accldenC

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