The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 6, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1977
Page 6
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TKK SKYMOUK 502 Now York Offlcfi: 270 1.AFAVKTTK ST, CAnul &-7408 BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. ,., o. n,..< en W MACMI.VIS i-uonucrs HEYMOUII. CONN. UAKKItY rrulllloiM ELITE Uuknry 1H CIJUKCJI ST. NAL'G. 23U7 PEERLESS LAUNDRY 130 NO. MAIN HT. MM WAI.TKIt IIONC'AI. MuHonry Of till UllldN SO h'a Tel. filf)2 EGGS KJ.OKA'N t'OI.'I.TKV 11AN< H ••iMtul.llHliml IIIHO I'TOKA K. I'INKIIAM • Hi'iieon l''i»ll» Durcn Roofing Co. 0 . --- fton'r'lnfr • Sldlni: • Iiiiuliillini IX ItAMONA AVI'INUK Wuforlmry — 'M. IUIY YOUK BLANKETS NOW fllKl IIDWII .iMi Wtielily IveH you it hlaiikut In Si'l/lmrilmr I1OSTON S'J'OlU'l Dr,v OoiulN 7o niiTmcn HT. Auto Hody Work Dunn ISy (.'AIM. lit Rubber Avc. Garage 1,'tll llulilii-r Avi>, Tel. ,, •, ,,, f rrr*,trrrtrff~+frr+*'»*l D. Thurston's Sons | Ice Company OIL BURNERS s:. I'TJEL' OIL KlUillKU AVKNC/K Vic's Smoke Shop CIlCIM-H. ClftUPCUt"!. NO\VN|IU|HTH <:niiii,v, leu <;nuiMi, Sun nnnUM IVIuKII/liii'N, Tn.YN I r:ill'K( II ST. HY-L1TE Plating Co irw(n«tniil i'huiux—I'rn'iiiuii I'lmi ••• •• , Hirnriiilti' .HliiMni^ ' Hill Ullhl'iT Avi'Mlli' N.MKIA'I't CK, rllNNKCTIfl'T l>, (I. Hill I'M Joe's Restaurant J''1NK Spi'i'llil AUi'lit'llini fur \Vi<ililliiK I'artlrN l,'!:i MAIN MT,, SJ4VMOUU Tel, SH«2 George J. Demers or AM. TV VMS Chlmm>,VM CHi'uni'd, ]!i<|iiilnul 147 CITY 1111,1. ST. Ti'l, BUDS V. E. GUSTAFSON — I'atfiit Mi'dlvliu-M — I.linoli(H)ni<ttn • In- (,'n-mn (tro<M'rl(>.s . Mi»Kiv/,lni'H l(J9 Ktiltlipr Avc. I'limit' .||i Till. tt-OOfi? I'SHtnbllNlnnl 1KHO ROCKWOOD SIGN CO. "Sllfiii thut Talk" T.. tl^WI'lll/INOKH, OWIUT SB Crntrr Strmt R.KAK Wutnrhiiry, Ciiiin. HUBBELI/S SERVICE STATION CA8 • Oil. - Uttl-AIKING IDS KMM,i>vr Av«, . Te|. 4947 BLANKETS Multn Vour SHtiutlon NOW I'Vimi a Oninil Army of All Wool or I'iirt Wool llliuiketH. UMC Our Oluli I'liin. Mul«< u $1 I)iipi>"lt or. ii liliinkitt ul Your Clmlcr. I'uy $1 Wtmkly. Vour lilunkct will bo stored for vim until you urn rciidy for It. KENNEDY 1>HV ftOODN STOKK IH« Church Si, — To!. J Lord's Servicenter '.Service for Kveryoim' 1 MJHKICATIO.V - TIKES III] N. Main St. Tel. .1803 LEO'S WELDING Iron Wurk uf All 'I>I'M|J?MN "Wn GII AnywIii.Ti'" Tel. Wuttirbiiry .l-IHr.t) LEO BRITES SKUVICK STATION If.lfl S. Muln Kt. Waterlniry Tiillor ^r^iiir y*^ D. Lieborman C1HJICGII ST. 'DIAIT82S3 SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Cimijiloln Auto Snrvleo Hody Work Day Hiitl Nlfht Koud tiOl.'Tll MAIN STIIKKT Wutrrlniry I'lioim , r »-li;!H Niiit <:»iiw - riuiiii! :i-07o» DUNNE BROTHERS •Automotive Service Kl-Umir ISimil Srrvlcio l.iilirli-iillnif—H'liHhliiK •|'|ri-y—ll.llll'l-l.'H—Ai'l'.'iHin-h'H ficn MOUTH iViAr.v STHKKT SVufi'i-lan-y — Ti-l. H-OIIHB KAT IN COftlV'OKT ] In Our nlnlntr KOOIM : TEDDY'S DINER South Mtiln St. '-I'" 1 - Buckingham Roller Rink OI'KN KVKKY KVKNING and SUNDAV AVTKKNOON S|inulnl IiiMtPiicllnn CltiHKim Mull.. 1'rl- Sun. Ill (IRANI) ST. WATKKIUJHV DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT Dili HANK ST. \VATKKHUUY MSJKK- PARKING li'.nturtulnun-ill NlK»". v DANCING , Thurs, - Fri. - Sat. •£- Ken Thompson Trio Floor Show Saturday BKST FOOD IN TOWN 0 Sli-ak.H • lAiliHtnr Delicious Sniulwlchrs •*• Fred's Grocery rim>st Krultw nnil .17 HIGH ST, Tt'l. .11)08 SKRVIC1C 21) Vi'tirs K.vprrloiico und Dellvnry 17ISO KAST MAIN ST. llnmllton Thcuti'r Utilldlni; Wutiirhiirj 1 — Tel. .H-M07 LOG'S BAR and GRILL 50 BRIDGF. STREET .Till. 1807 Flora's Poultry Ranch'H J'miHT.v Ranch, n Uirtfo scli'iitlfleully developed establishment, discreetly enclosed by landscaping, Is Kiciilixl on tin! Suyniour road In the I'lucs Bridtru section of Bcucoh" Fulls; 'and has been gradually mlviiiii'ing diirlnjf thu punt 17 years to or.e of tho outstanding onterprlse* in tlie urmi. Operated by Mrs. I'-lorn I'lnUliani. tl|« public Is supplied with three six-js of eggs. Tho thousands of New 'Hampshire Reds at th(.« ruiiuh am (fovcrniiii'nt liiMpe<'ted with ri-jriilsirily, Insuring only the best quality products. Log's Bar And Grill Popular Union City Spot T:i varlouM factions-of each city, town or vllint:'-' there are always ,'athorlnK placoti i'en- certain tfrmips f punplu. Onu ;.:roup will fri!ijtu;nt nu Kpol und nnothiir clun ch;io:io dllTuruiit place, but whichever It s, Its particular locraion i.s a fa- •jrlu-. But, popular mouUr;; place.-! ttvii n. faculty uf tiruwniK more und nuri! people to 1L, und HO it la with JK'M, CU Brlilt'i.' street. Loji'si Har and Clrill. Is one of the o.Ht popuL'.r rMtnlillslmiciits in the Union Clly section of XautfatucU. t huji a host of Titular patrons, vho introduce the spot to juaru-und in;i'L i I'rlcndii t-'ach wee-It. ML-u-ly i-bticivulcd, It complctu- y new front windows as well as n. lyll:ih Interior. Anthony T". I^i^'unn, n'oprliittif, is a, t:c,nK L>n ial liost, utul ifti-n opiiii;; -hlti ro«t:iurui!l to liii'Ki! ri-mi[m I'ur banquols and other IndluatliiK thu fn'.ociiinto cnuip- mciU and accommodations, Mr. I^a- riiriii. nearly i-.vji-y youi trcuts his urui! of I'ricncl.s :ind patrons ,o u usua'lly following the all huntlni; season. Uulilus having a well stocked bar, rom which Is nerved tin.' if liciiiors, hiict's and wines, lino ooil al.ic Is avallablu in tho Grill Siir- 'Ico at LOK'H is ;;ii!iruntDL-d, KO vhC'ii cKiniilderinf,' an iivenin;.; oul. in Union City,.why not try the popular jar and Kflll. Prospect Street Garage Checks And )ouble Checks Cars You'vu pi'ohahly neon many Mod- 1 T Knrdii und other so-called "J.i- apli!.-," btilr.j; driven arouncl town, md h.ivn wondered how thonn an- klui-H could still b'.' in opcrnlln;; ondltlnn after al! lhc£0 years. It's only logical that things Um-t u-e curntl for and not nhused in an ini'utisonnliln manner have a lust- nt; c|Liallty, und these vintage's of he Kay nO's undoubtedly have been en proper attention down hi'ouj.rh the years. Mont pcrijili! diii-lnt; the jmst four o five yearn have eome to real- that uulornobllcs can be kept n frood condition if properly nor- Iccd. Even when no-thing Is vis- bly or audibly wrong, many car wnera have f,'ono to jjarnBOfl I'm 1 heckups, knowing -that the family nr could not be replaced aa t-as- ly n.s In former years, A'< autos ai'o .-UII! dl/llcult to ob- ain und prices higher than some icopln are financially able to meet, iare in being -taken of the vehl- los. For a check and double cheek >u your car, it l.q siiKj;csted you rive Into the Prospect street Car- KO at Prospect and Locust nli-eet.s. 'hero you will receive iirompt and oitrtcoiiH attention- and any faults hat your cur may have 'will be orrected or troubles prevented. 3et. Green Stamps At Isaacson's Valuable "S, Ik II." green stamp dividends are ' stiy' mVllablc at aCHOn'.s Inc., .rjuailty dry goods tore In Seymour. The stamps, fol- nving a certain period of time lay be oxcunged for merchandise f the ,'mmo finality an though pur- hixHod outright. With every tcn-oent pnt'ohaso' at ho'store, the etamps are issued, nd when a bookful Js obtained, ln>n conies, the generous reward.' S, A- Isaacson, . owner of the tore, urges hla customers to "nave you buy.". Almost two of every -three buses n operation In the U. 3. are used or school purposes. '' D. Thurston's Sons Manufacture 32 Tons Of Ice Daily, Reserve Storage Plant Has Five Hundred In this day of modern equipment, one very rarely consider." the thought of having an Ice-box, thu old-fauhioned vnricty that ncodo u irood slxoil cal'.e of ice every day ovory other das', With the can- situation was critical in the area due to a long hot spell- As the local company supplies moat of Naugatuck with the hot weather necessity, it -.vas an urgent problem to keep that supply filling Ihe demand. Leo Brites Welding Service Capable Of Service Anywhere AlUiou,','}) weldi.nir, which is a proto flow together, or by hommcrinR cess ton nltc motalllc parts by heating' the surfaces nr the parts to he joined and then allowing; the metals or compressing with or without previous softo'ning by hcut, has been in practice for many years, it really wasn't until the war years that people began speaking Bcnerally of the work. Particularly in shipyard activity weld in i; became a well-known function, and the art probably took on a different aspect and was publicized due to women workers. Fe\v placea were known to do the commorcial work in the fteneral business field, but since veterans befrnn estabr^-hinfr businesses, the Held has widened. Still, because of the intricate art of welding, the business has not sprung U P on ' 0- wholesale basis 1 . Perhaps the novel branch of the (rude has boon the building of portable welding services. With the portable apparatus, and one is owned und operated by Leo Brites in connection with his 1 service station at IfiJS South Main, street, Waterbury, iron and metal work of all designs and types may be .accomplished on any site. For instance, if you lived in a rural district where electricity was unavailable, the poitablc, service could do you:' work, for the welding truck has iLs own generator. The concern has some of the most inti-iOslfl_pieces of equipment and will go anywhere. RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. I.KIUGII VALLEY COAL— ATLANTIC FUEL arid RANGE OIL FcrtlliKcru — Poultry Equipment — Baby Chick* ' ' Field and Garden Seeds 5 Church St., Naugatuck Phone 3076 i Fine Wines THE und Liquors Imported and Domestic LIQUOR ii STORE 12. CHURCH ST. I'HONE 3124 i PA IS Perry INC. Telephone 2226 • It's' Worth a Trip to V^J Market .-,-' .-/'For .Finest Foods. . 5t Spring S<. ' Union City I'hone Niuijjatuck 4070 r***** I3j£ m ' [KJ JCft. ixaim iroen. ***** PRINTERS SINCE 1889 t+**T+++ f+.f&Tf-f^f^f.; of an electric rufnijcrutor, I of necessity, hundreds of homes little lhoi\i;ht is given to thu days W ent without ice for days, especial- vvlu-n uvoryonu had to rumcmber ly :it the shoru resorls. but the local to put up t-he Ice curd,, leave the concern kept transporting it into dnu: 1 oprtn for till! ice man, or else | tin- horounh na quicKiy MS possible, everytliing perishable would b c j ice was brought into the state spoiled. | from Massachusetts by the carlouu But, it probably will urnnHC you ns large ice companies van short in to know that more than 3f: tons of i a n effort to supply companies with Ice U consumed In .Lh.c- borough daily, and a goodly amount o." that lea is used in that good old-fashioned ice box, indicating that a iai'gii rju.iTit- iy nf housewives still liuve to ru- mnnibcr the icu card. The lai-gost ,ice company in the borough in the J3. Thurs'a-n's Sons with plants <jn Rubber avf.-rue. The company n-.a.niifHeturcrs 3- tons of ice dnilv with a consumption of nearly that amount. Thi' reserve niorufru ])l:int will ac- commodatQ between -100 and 500 ton:-!, but during the summer months there utHially i.s not that much .surplus on hnm". Two Hummers ago, in I'M •',, the Ico lessor output. The situation was critical, but except in a few cases. the D. Tnurston's Sons carried out its regular deliveries and assisted in supplying other smaller firms. Commercial establishments such as restaurants. drugstores a-nd other stores where-perishable commodities uru kept, demand u. tremendous amount of the ice manu- gl'acttired linre. Ice goes into these places in the hundreCs o" pounds and during warm pcVioils thin ;;up- ply dwindles very rapidly. Oftentimes the company is called to deliver relllls before a 24 hour period elapues, and if possible, the second delivery is made. L Appetizing... br-ciuifie it's GOOD lii-wiiiMC It's served RIGHT L.adh:H, too, enjoy our Business Men's Luncheon "Plenty Good" 11:30 to 2 P. M. J,!)hs((;rH und Kansas City Steaks SUNDAY DINNKKS 12:00-!):00 «.!."";.„!«"" 4-7027 4 c ,a#te DANCING EVERY NIGHT We Cuter to UaiKjnets, Weddings, I'urtins, Etc. 2,'i-2,'5 IIAKH1SON AVE. No -<l% 'ruv in iiur (!in'l;[nil • DISCUSS VOUK PLANS NOW 9 ESTIJHTATKS SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION' AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Offlco: IDS Rubher Avo ' Tel. 38GC MECCA Where to go for Leading Musical Instruments Also Guaranteed Rc.liuHt Instrument!* Sold I r or Appointment Call •I-J4215 Open Tluirs. iS: Frl Until 8:30 MUSIC CO. VINNIE'S Hig-hway Restaurant Home-Cooked Mealu Bcor and Liquors 1449 SOUTH MAIN ST. Waterlniry Tel. 3-9980 . RODMAN Convalescent Home 159 Meadow St. TEL. S354 • BANQUETS • WEDDINGS • PRIVATE PARTIES Wines — Beers — Liquors Riverview Inn - Seymour G88 DiiKHY RO, — AJisonla 3-190 — Dorl-y 3499 The V & H Trucking Company KxiaivsitiuK - TriickiiiRr - Driveways - Koad Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company VVasliod Scrcnnisd Sum! — Washed Crushed Gravel Quarriod • Grunltn Building Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TE'L. SEYMOUR 2531 £ E Dutch Door STEAK — CHOPS — SEA FOOD 7 B-ao-AD STREET —— SEYMOUR Discuss Home Plans With Karbowicz, A Local Contractor . To'p priority, in .building- homes :ind other establishment:; now goes to veterans of the armed forces, nnd rightfully it should, but still many other residents are now making- plans for home construction an soon ns government control gives the KO ahead signal. And home con^3troction should bo thoroughly ;irepared for through plans, specifications and with a financial thought ' In mind. One should never just start huildiujj a house without first consulting an A-l conractor. Matty J. Knrbowicz,- local contractor and builder with orhces at J93 Rubber svn.nue, ;s one of the foremost builders in the area. Besides having a thorough knowledge of the business, he also has ample equipment and a qualified crew of emoloyes. Possibly there arc veterans \vho have been fortunate in purchasing homes which thj?>. desire to remodel. Mr. Korbo.wicz is prepared to discuss your plans now whether you are planning new construction or remodeling. He will submit estimates on the, work, and his prices are .in a reasonable range considering the present market. Contractors aren't found around every corner, and It takes years of experience to be placed in the upper brackets of the profession. Mr. Karbowicz is a qualified man in tho buildSsg field, and has completed an extensive amount of work throufihout the borough and vicinity. Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and Parts Factory-Trained Mechanics 157 N. Muln St. Quality DYERS and i Our Modern Cleaning -Plant J Assures 1'ou Better Cleaning- j $5 No. Main St., Naugatuck? » •» -m-m m w«, LEYNARD'S Children's Clothes 170 CHURCH ST Tel. 5990 ;TOUJINCr «RVI« "•• JACK'S AUTO BODY 100 So. Slain St. Tel. 6189 FOR FAST SERVICE ROLLER'S CLEANERS I'Ickup and Delivery ' 137 N. MAIN St. UNION CITY Tel. Naufjatuck .5101 PHONE DERBY 3489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering: to Weddings, Banquets, Parties, Choice Food* and Liquors Derby Avenue Seymour **********«-****-***************^ *********************.« ! SAVE As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase ISAACSON'S INC. QDAI.TTY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR For Vacation and Travel Xeeds | Locker and Steamer • Trunks, from $11.85 i ? Dress Trunks—30 In $22.60 ! > Wardrobe Trunks—36 In. S32.60; i plus tux | I JOHN J. CONNOLE * TO Grand St. Wtbry. TeJ. 4-738S JfOMK COOKKD FOODS lleer — Wine — Liquora Valley Grill 108 N'o. Main tit- Tel. 4959 / «w*n wv Sv,;^ : . (? iClyne Glass Shop 109 So. Main St. I>h. Naug. 4908 Table JLanipn S7.95 up ; Bed, Boudoir Union City Market Worth Trip For Finest Foods Housewives have a knack of finding" stores where quality food products may be purchased at the most reasonable prices. Sometimes this store will in the immediate vicinity of homes, but despite a little, further walk or drive, the thrifty little woman will trade at this establishment. Recently during: discussions of price control, the fact that women are better buyers than men was brought out and all agreed that the woman of the house could make the week's allowance for food go almost twice as far than if the liusbancl traversed to the stores. Although some men are excellent shoppers, that detail is one that remains for the most part-in woman's category. One of' these stores partonized by women from all parts of the borough . is the V. & J, Market, 51 Spring s-trect, in the Union City area of Naugatuck. V, F. Burkus, proprietor, says, "it's worth a trip" to the market. Shelves .of the store are adequately filled^ with every essen- Jal for -the household pantry. Besides groceries, a vast amount of vegetables and fruits -arrive daily the store, guaranteeing freshness. It might be a good, idea to try Mr. Eurkus 1 suggestion and make a trip to the market. All his customers agree that it is worth it, and those that investigate usually become regular patrons. MOVING a:id TRUCKING Moving: to AH Conn. Points Peter Moruska NAUGATUCK, CONN. PHONE 2586 or C112 Stoves Moved Refrigerators Moved $3.95 up Gifts of All r>e.scriptlon» Realistic' 'Artificial Flowers f Jowphln« Manzo, Prop, J 29 HARRISON AVE. Z Waterbury Tcl.| 4-4S45 THK White Meat Market and GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES John Caspar, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAL S«0 AIRPORT DINER .. . .At Bcihuny Airport.. . Operated by Ex-G.T. MAURICE j. JOLLY Amity RouJ, Bethany . >r Ostcrn<oor and Red Cross '•' Mattresses , • Emerson and Sonora ItadlOs Kelvlnutor RefrigcratorH ABC Washers and Ironerv Bcndlx and Muytagr WMheri Agents for AH the Better Types of Furniture SEYMOUR FURNITURE Zfl BANK ST. TEC. 2807 : — Seymour — Radiators Flushed Oil - GrcaKlnc Tire Repair Washing MIKE'S SERVICB HJ.J.xvj^ 0 15 BRIDGE ST. UNION CITY Nnugratuck 4986 SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Co." TOYS '- GIFTS 470-472 South Muln Street Waterbury, Conn, > Tel. 4-4724 V^*+*9-9****+**********»*t'•***** f BANQUETS WEDDINGS Phone 3458 PARADISE INN Wro. Pottbecker, Prop. FINEST FOODS Choice Wine - Liquor* Wnltelec Terrace, Ansonla, Conn, Reports indicate that Walsh's Green-Acres on Derby avenue, Seymour,, is doing' one ot thu largest businesses in the restaurant field of any similar establishment in the Nnugratuck Valley. Catering to weddings, banciiipla,, parties, it offers choice foods and liquors. HORNBECKER'S \\ Buck's Hill Tel. 4-8420 Wtby. I; HOME CO.OKED FOOD Wo Cater to Family Dliuier-j Office Parties,., Banquets,- ; .,': Showers, Etc. . . < .Prospect St. At Prospect St. and Ixtcust PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed and Automatic Screw Machine Products RUBBER AVE - NAUGATUCK VALLEY WELDING ' • arid • • ' The fortable VteliUns Service " Tel. 5492.:. ... ... Darra-James Corp. i MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS 22 Savings Waterbury Tel. 5-22«

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