The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 29, 1998 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1998
Page 14
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B4|. FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1998 Fun THE SALINA JOURNAL Gilbert Jumble Crossword I'VE BEEN EATING LIKE. CRAZY SINCE DOGBERT PUT THE FERTILITY DRUGS IN (AY COFFEE. m GUESSING I HAVE TEN OR FIFTEEN BABIES IN THERE.. ITS HARD TO KEEP THF_N\ FED. AKiO VOOR ONLY EVIDENCE OF PREGNANCY ISJ <^IGh> T ( HERECOttES GAIN? X r-il^NX * r~»l^r\ HOAGIEjKIDS! BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. Peanuts 6UESS WHAT I LEARNEP IN SCHOOL TODAY.. WE WERE HAVING LUNCH,AND I LEARNEP HOW TO OPEN A BA6 OF POTATO CHIPS.. WHAT'S THE CAPITAL/ WHO OF NORWAY? (KNOWS 7 IMNOTSUREILIKE THE UW^OF SOME OF OUR SON'S FRIENP&! THENIMNCTSURE I LIKE TOE U22K9 OF OUR SON.' WHAT ARE VOU TALKIN&ABOUT? THEYSPE/y<, PRESS ANPACT JUST LIKE JEPBW RPES. Robutt and fruity Mmm... YM.I agrtt IMPORTANT TO PO AT A WINE TASTING. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Ana: Yesterday's r -> l > ^ •> ^ / /• > v > r~ A i j r ~\ \ / f \ \ J * \ \ J f~ ^\ k. J f •> ^ J r ~\ \ / ;; (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: KITTY STAID ADVICE NIBBLE Answer: What the football coach did about the team Cryptoquip problem —HE TACKLED IT Baby Blues 5-29 F AXFM MGL: MU QXXL VGLOMGYQ HDUP OPXFDGAW, XFM F VUM UH WFDVGY. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: THE MISER WAS SO CHEAP HE EVEN STOPPED HIS WATCH IN ORDER TO SAVE TIME. Today's Cryptoquip clue: W equals G The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. ACROSS 1 Favorite 4 Mrs. Regis Philbin 7 Fast-food side order 12 Downsize 13 Baseball stat. 14"—Entertain You" 15 Sch. grp. 16 Discuss 18 Branch 19 "-Blade" 20 Cummerbund 22 Writer Buscaglia 23 Resumes 27 Wool quantity? 29 Elevator- less edifice 31 Black board 34 Suspicious 35 Promote 37 Time pd. 38 Heels 39 Writer Santha Rama — 41 Stupefy 45 They can come as a shock 47 Kitten's comment 48 Pedestrian tour 52 Type of 20 Across 53 First sign 54 Loft supply 55 Grecian vessel 56 Marsh plant 57 Pub order 58 Scott Joplin's style DOWN 1 Half a 1960s quartet 2 Special Solution time: 25 mlns. BY EUGENE SHEFFER 24 Mamie's man 25 "Days of -Lives" 26 Agent 28 Man. college 30 The Greatest" 31 List-ending abbr. 32 Ovine remark 33 On in years 36 Difficulty, for short 37 Reciprocal 40Wahine's welcome 42 Love on the Loire 43 Football ref 44 Southfork surname 45 Rose's home? 46 Eye affliction 48 "How Green — My Valley" 49 "Chances edition 3 Squads 4 "West Side Story" faction 5 By mouth 6 Eli 7 Standard 8CSA soldier 9 Robert of "Quincy, M.E." 10 Aussie avian 11 Prepared 17 Recognize 21 "Sleepless in Seattle" star 23 Combine Yesterday's answer 5-29 50 Operculum 51 Beer-bash must 1 12 15 1B 20 2 3 7 14 8 9 10 11 1 TotP 206 TUW SHE toULPU'r lAJATCH 1VUS IfiffttniAiJ Ir-jam— The Lockhorns Born Loser "6INCE YOU'RE KEEPING HIM OVERNIGHT, PONT I GET A LOANER?" OT1 IIV /IDCrY? For answers to today's crossword, call O I U Vlr C.U f 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. IX HOT FQcUKG l^fiBL? WHKT Family Circus TOPKC...LHEEPTOGO IK AGA'\N.\NHERE WOULD A MOU5E GET A LAWYER ? For Better or For Worse THE WINDOW'S SHUT _ , . ITS LOCKED!-HOW \ ftRE PIP THP.T HftPPEN?. m ._ THIS MRS. DINGLE MAaJl RCOF MUST HAVE DONE It They re peace bubbles." WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY, ELMO ? CHEERS, SCREAMS, CWZT WHEELS, HANDSPRINGS, SINGING AND DANCING UP AND DOWN THE HALLWAYS' s-i AND THAT ( WS JUST N TEACHERS.' SUMMER VACATION STARTS TODAY, AND YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN TWE CELEBRATING 'ickles Cathy I OPENED mV MIND /)NO REALISED THERE flRE THIM&S /MORE /mPORTflNT THflM THE NUmBERS 0(0 THE BffTHROOm SCflLE... I OPENED /»N HEART AND > LEARNED THAT HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON THE SHAPE Of OTHERS, NOT ON THE SHflPE OF ffN BODY... 'I OPENED MS SOUL flNO *• SAW THAT WHAT I U)fl& PUT ON EARTH TO 00 HAS NOTHIN& TO DO WITH HOW I FIT WTO SWimWEAR... HOUO DOES THAT LAST SUIT LOOK? I H/WE OPEMED /*N WIND, HEART /IMDSOUL! I DOM'T HflMe ID OPEM fflY EVES Rex Morgan, M.B. Sylvia SURFING THE ( JUWE...WHy DIPWT you W£&, L/\P/£5? V TELL US* R/GHT.' VOUK FWENPS SHOULDNT THE MST TO KNOW.' LOOK'. SIKVOWS of tyreepAjrsof IH AM ercioN IGCI«S° W «^' >

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