Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1974
Page 3
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Friday, October ii, 1974 MOPE f ARK.) STAR three Huneycutt'Archer engagement told MISS JUDY HUNEYCUTT Miss Judith Ann Huneycutt will wed Douglas Franklin . Archer December 28. Their daughter's betrothal to the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hoyitt C. Archer of Patmos, is announced by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Huneycutt of Fayetteville, Ark., formerly of Hope. Miss Huneycutt is a senior Special Education major at the University of Arkansas. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Student National Education Association, and of the Council for Exceptional Children. Her maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John H. Crawford of Arkadelphia. Her paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Spark- Claude Huneycutt of man. The bridegroom-elect is a graduate of Hope High School. He is with Goodyear Service Store as the Retail Sales Manager. His maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Grady McKamie of Lewisville. His paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C.L. (Cap) Archer of Patmos. The couple will exchange vows at seven on the evening of December 28. The event will take place on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University in Berry Chapel. All friends and relatives of the couple are invited to attend. No cards will be _sent locally. Family Lib Don't use teens as pawns in a divorce 'By Joanne and Lew Koch (Note: Today's column is written by Joanne) What special problems do adolescents face when their parents divorce? New insights into the effects of divorce on teenagers have emerged from a major three-year study conducted by Judith S. Wallerstein and Joan B. Kelly. Here, for example, is the divorce dilemma from one 14-year-old's perspective. "Mother demands that I take her side... She expects that I will share her anger toward dad for leaving her for another woman ... and if I just stay silent, then it means that I agree with her ... I am in the middle... It is my struggle! I'm loyal to my father and I love my mother. I want to help my mother and I know that she needs it... but she keeps going about it in the wrong way!" A year later, according to the report (available in the new Volume III of "The Child in his Family," John Wiley & Sons), 'children in this family had learned to talk less of their father. When the mother asked if the girlfriend was present during their visits, the children lied to the mother, and solved the problem that way. Lying to parents and remaining aloof from them are two of the strategies adolescents commonly use to keep from becoming embroiled in painful battles of 31162131106 The adolescents who did really poorly in the "Children of Divorce" study were those who were involved by the parents in the problem. Using a teenager as a substitute mate — consciously or unconsciously — was a particularly damaging practice. "Following his father's moving out of the household, T. began increasingly to assume a protective role with his mother. He checked her social activities, monitored her telephone calls, requested the check at the restaurants, sat in his father's place at the dinner table, and lay down on the sofa with her on occasion. Some of the impetus for this behavior doubtless derived from the mother's gratification with T s attention, which was supportive of her at a time when she felt intensely deprived ..." ... Seen one year later, T. continued to be excessively involved with his mother's activities and was further away from the ultimate goals of adolescence - achieving autonomy and independence. Some adolescents become subject to "the fallen idol syndrome" when their parents divorce. Teenagers normally go through a period of recognizing — sometimes with great dismay - that their idealized parents are people, warts and all. Divorce greatly accelerates the process, especially when a parent has been hypocritical about his moral standards. "You have to stay with it," was the major philosophy of B s father, until father had a middle-aged fling which resulted in his quitting the marriage. B., a junior college student who wound up suffering an emotional breakdown after the divorce, felt this way about the sudden betrayal by his "The beliefs which gave me the ability to deal effectively with life were blown apart for me ... It felt like I was taking a creaky ship into the storm." Adolescents seem to be saying to their divorced parents: "Don't use us - 'as spies on our own fathers, as substitute mates, as pawns in a plot to puff up your own self-importance. We still have some growing up to do, which isn t helped when our parents act like adolescents. I'upvright Id l»74 Le»is and Joanne Kuch & news Mrs* Atinttte Roger* Kaye Sayerfy Randy Still plan December trtj \v, /,?A4*vV .'.-/£'.• ,1'i-tK"' 'i >!,*',-.,},>;{_ «, t\x f ,*., Calendar of events Saturday, October 12 To raise money for the Head Start children at Guernsey School, the mothers will have a bake sale on Saturday, October 12beginning at 9a.m, in front of Rephans in downtown Mope and at West Dept. Store in Mope Village Shopping Center. The junior class of Hope High School will have a paper drive on Saturday, October 12 to raise money for homecoming activities. Please put all papers, magazines and catalogs on curb for pickup. If unable to put your paper out, please call the following numbers by Friday afternoon: 7-3230, 7-3636 or 72655. Senior Class of Hope High School will have a bake sale Saturday, October 12, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at three locations: in front of TG&Y, Anderson-Frazier Insurance and Martins Shoe Store in Village Shopping Center. BeeBe CME Church will have a "Heaven and Hell" party and dance in the basement of the church on Saturday, October 12 beginning at 7:30 p.m. Old records of yesteryear. will be played. October 13 The Two by Two Class of the First United Methodist Church will -have a dinner for the congregation at noon Sunday, October 13. Proceeds will go to the bus fund. Adults $2.25 and children under twelve $1.50. The Calvary'Baptist Youth Choir will present a mini- concert entitled "Make Us One," Sunday, October 13 at 7:00 p.m. at Calvary Baptist Church. The Altar Guild of BeeBe Memorial Christian'Methodist Epsicopal Church will meet in the home of Mrs. - Nathaniel Hall, v Sunday,; October 13 at-3' p.m. St. Peter's C.M.E. Giurch of Ozan will have their annual Men's Day Program, Sunday, October 13, beginning at 3 p.m. Speaker will be the Rev. Thomas Williams. Women's Annual Program will be Sunday, October 13, at 2:30 p,m. at Union Baptist Church in Fulton.,Rev. F.L. Smith, past6r, Speaker will be Mrs. Barbara Jackson, Greater St. Paul Baptist Church, Hot Springs, Ark. All churches are » invited. ' -, k Appreciation Day for Elder 5 Jesse Graves who is founder•* and pastor of the Pentecostal, Church of God in Hope will be Sunday, October 13 beginning at 2:30 p.m. The principal speaker will be, Rev. A. Hawthorne. Monday, October 14 The following groups of United Methodist Women of the First United Methodist Church will meet, Monday, October 14. Group 1—at 10 a.m. with Mrs. Royce Weisenberger. Group 2--at 10 a.m. with Mrs, Glen Williams, Mrs. J.W. Manney, co-hostess. Group 3-at 2:30 p.m. with Mrs. B.C. Hyatt. : /;j Group 4—at 3 p.m. in Church parlor. Group 5—at 7:30 p.m. in Church parlor with Mrs. Lee Still and Mrs. Buddy Mclver, hostesses. interested in joining auxiliary are given an Vitation to attend. the Tuesday, October IS Baptist Women will meet in the following circles, Tuesday, October 15: Prayer: 10 a.m.—Church, Young People's Dept. Round fable: 10 a.m.—John •M. Cox home, Patmos Rd. » Current Missions (Day): 2 p.m. George Young home, 1505 S. Pine. Current Missions (Night): 7:30 p.m. Larry OtweU home, 810 S. Main. : —Looking for something? Try the want ads. Rev. and Mrs. Jim savers announce the engagement of their daughter, Dontta.Kaye, td Randall Lynn Still, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jewel) Still Sr. All are of Hope. The wedding will be an event of December 21 at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church, 900 North Ferguson, at seven-thirty in the evening. Ail friends and relatives are invited td attend. KEMEMBER THOSE YOU LOVED WITH A MEMORIAL GIFT TO THE | AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY * ^» rOeott. -Afcfcj^ If she can't have grass, she'll hit the bottle The public is invited on Monday, October 14, at 7:30 p.m. to an Audubon sponsored program at the Texarkana College Auditorium. The title is "Mexico to Alaska". There is no charge. The V.F.W. Auxiliary will meet Tuesday, October ,15 at; 7:30 p.m. at the V.F.W. Hut for a potluck. All members, ares reminded to bring their* •membership dues and also tivhite^eVpluuft&for, ganje prizes. Veterans' wives who are By Abigail Van Buren • 1874 by Th« Chicago Trlburn DEAR ABBY: I was busted for possession of marijuana two weeks ago. I am a married woman, 19, and have a 14-month-old son. , Everyone has something he calls his own thing, and my own thing is relaxing with grass now and then. When the police came to my door, they deprived me of one of my civil rights by not letting me read the search warrant before they entered my home. What can I do about this? So many people have been busted the same way. Wearesickof the way the police push"., Ipxpepple prpund; <.i i* $ *,* ,11 <i.;-...i; ^-i )••' «'-'• ! "-'" :i * *" ^ If I can't smoke grass in the pnvacy of my own home, then I guess I'll become an alcoholic. Coming and going Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Evans of Little Rock, Mrs. Merrill Stone and Fred 0. Ellis Jr. of Nashville, Tenn.; Gen. and Mrs. Harry J. Lenley Jr. of Leavehworth, Kan.; and Col. K.M. Lemley of Williamsburg, Va. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred 0. Ellis and attended the funeral of Mrs. W. Kendall Lemley on Tuesday. Also here to attend Mrs. Lemley's funeral were Dr. and Mrs. Henry Lile of Little Rock, Mrs. Robert Singleton and daughter, Julia of Azle, Tex. and Miss Alice Lile of Texarkana. They visited Mrs. L.M. Lile while here. Visiting his mother, Mrs. W.E. White and attending the funeral was W.E. White Jr. of De Queen, Ark. John Cain Chapter ^f rg Taylor hosts DAR meets Hope Lilac Club John Cain Chapter DAR held BUSTED IN L.A. their regular luncheon meeting at the Holiday Inn on Wednesday, October 9. Mrs. E.F. Formby regent presided. Honored guests were Anita Hoggard and her mother, Mrs. Dick Hoggrad. The opening ritual was conducted by Mrs. Formby and the chaplain, Mrs. Voss. Mrs. Keesey gave the national defense report, using the subject, "The Declaration of Independence," She quoted from the sayings of a prominent attorney that "there is no separation, anymore, of the three branches of government. Each appears to be assuming the duties of the others without much objection from the people." Mrs. Keesey also called attention to the fact that in the past three years eleven U.S. diplomats have been murdered and very little action has been taken in response. Anita Hoggard told the group how much she appreciated the honor bestowed on her of being chosen DAR Good Citzenship Girl. She said that she intends to do everything possible to live up to what the title implies. Reports were heard from the treasurer, Mrs. Mobley; from Mrs. Keck on Indian schools; from Mrs. Brown with suggestions on the regular Christmas box sent the patients in the Veteran's Hospital. Mrs. Mobley suggested the DAR go on record as participating in "Volunteers for Action", a project of the Junior Auxiliary. This was unanimously agreed upon. Mrs. Klipsch read the president's message. The Lilac Garden Club of Hope met Wednesday, October 9, in the home of Mrs. Roy Taylor. Mrs. A.M. Hewitt, president, conducted the business meeting and also reported on the Fall board meeting which was held in Little Rock at the Camelot Inn. The "Standard of Excellence" award was given to the Lilac Club. "Indoor Gardening" was the interesting program brought by Mrs. Otis Taylor. Several planters and terrariums prepared by Mrs. Norma Stroud were shown. Refreshments were served to two guests, Mrs. Eugene Jines and Mrs. Lester Huckabee, and fifteen members. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Roy Golden, B levins; Lisa Plumley, Lewisville; Mrs. Alvin Milus, Mrs. Betty Currunings, Mrs. Maggie Dell Thompson, Mrs. Thomas McRoy, all of Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Beulah Brantley, Hope; Eromett Was- seil, Houston, Tex.; Mrs. John Ross, McCaskill; Mrs. NeU Peek, Mineral Springs. BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Othene Williams, Lewisville; Gina Holder, Emmet; Mrs. Mary Kim McDavitt, Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Annie Mae Williams, Hope; Mrs. Mattie Eubanks, Prescott. DEAR BUSTED: Both possession and sale of marijuana are unlawful, and in narcotics cases, search warrants cannot be read at the door because while the officers are waiting outside, someone inside (an accomplice, possibly) can destroy the evidence. So the law enforcers must enter first, and then the warrant is available for reading. The people, .through the democratic process, write the laws, and the police only enforce them. However, your threat to turn to alcohol if you can't have "gross" shows a dependency on some kind of mood-changing drug, which should concern you at least as much as being deprived of your civil rights. DEAR ABBY: You said in your column that there was nothing sadder than seeing children being raised by children. Well, I disagree with you. It's a lot sadder to see children being raised by old people in their late 30s and 40s. They have nothing in common. I am 16, and have a child nearly a year old and there is nothing "sad" about the way my son is being raised. I think it's a break for a kid to have young parents so they can grow up together. DEAR MOTHER: If you are sufficiently mature to raise a child at 16, you ore exceptional. "Growing up" together is lovely theory, but unless the parents are mature (and maturity doesn't automatically come with years) they'd better do a lot of praying. DEAR ABBY: I never thought I'd be writing to you, but here I am. Will you please let doctors, nurses, aides and all hospital personnel know that when someone who works with them is hospitalized that person deserves the same consideration about visiting hours as anyone else in that hospital? I was hospitalized with a serious injury two months ago, and during my stay at the hospital, even though there was a big sign on my door which read: "POSITIVELY NO VISITORS: DOCTOR'S ORDERS," I was pestered to death by co-workers who felt I needed a little cheering up. Nurses, doctors, aides, and people from the hospital office came to see me. Most of them stayed for only ten minutes, but multiply that by 50 every day and you'll have some idea of how exhausted I was. I finally had to leave the hospital to get some rest. I love my co-workers, but they almost killed me with kindness. Please, Abby, put this in your column. I hope it goes up on hospital bulletin boards all over the country. FLORENCE NIGHTENGALE DEAR FLO. Here's your letter. I hope it works. Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding, ' send $1 to Abigail Von Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. SATURDAY, OCT. 12th AT THE DAIRY QUEEN YOU CANCER BUSTER BAR For only Dairy Queen with this coupon 917E. 3rd Reg. —Clyde Davis photo MISS KAYE SAYERS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J Corn Meal Fried Chicken Celebrate an agp.-old culinary tradition this Sunday with a newl version: moiith-wntering, uiry light Corn Meal Fried Chicken. Prepare yourself, too, for the clamor to follow — calling for this] chicken every Sunday. Just one drumstick will do ill Corn Meal Fried Chicken '/i cup enriched self-rising 1 egg, separated corn meal Vi cup enriched self-rising flour* 1 package dry salad dressing mix (Italian, Onion or Garlic) Stir together corn meal, flour and salad dressing mix. Beat egg yolk with milk. Add milk to flour mixture, mix well. Beat egg white until stiff but not dry; fold into batter.*Dip chicken pieces into,batter; lej excess?, batter [c/rip off. Fry in preheated 300° to $5.5° 'oil about 15 minutes'or until done. Drain on paper towels. Serve hot. *Spoon flour into dry measuring cup; level. Do not scoop. % cup milk 1 (2V4 to 3 Ib.) broiler-fryer, cut up Oil DIXIE Drive-In Theatre Tonite7:30 Saturday-Sunday Adm. $1.75 William Holden, a businessman who has lost all passion and hippie Kay Lenz, a 17 yr. old girl whose wordly possessions consist of a guitar and a knitted beret—her name is— "BREEZY" Directed by Clint Eastwood—Rated R Plus Burt Lancaster—Cameron Mitchell In "THE MIDNIGHT MAN" The hippie, professor, sheriff, sadist, and ex-con makes one of the most complicated murder mysteries in years. Rated R. Saenger THEATRE Tonite7:30 Sat, 1:30-7:30 Adm. 1.00-1.75 Once you see BILLY JACK you'll not forget them. TECHNICOLOR* From Warner Bros. A Kinney Leisure Service. SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESPAY'WEDNESDAY Some have the urge... Some have the touch... These girls have it all!! DUMMY am AN ARTHUR MARKS PRESENTATION COLOR WANTED Bonnie's "ids Oifd-

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