The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 29, 1998 · Page 13
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 13

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1998
Page 13
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SALINA JOURNAL Almanac FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1998 B3 s Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES r .». ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19). Love affairs grow more passionate. Financial propositions njerit careful consideration and research. Extra hatti work now enables you to make a trip later. ArV.old flame is jealous of your new admirers. ;V*-;TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You make a lasllng impression - now, make sure it is a one, as well. Colleagues and co-workers /amazed by tales of your exploits; avoid bragging, however. Encourage others to be honest. • GEMINI (May 21-June I'!). You are paid what you are owed. Hear out explanations rather than simply jumping to conclusions. Love involves someone in a position of authority. A windfall is connected to a business deal. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). You are chosen to represent your colleagues and co-workers. Encourage creativity in others, especially children. A prediction you -T— -. —^ once made comes true. A spouse or lover takes pride in your accomplishments. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Spice up your life by engaging in new activities and exploring a new philosophy. Employers and higher-ups help you advance quickly. Intense love is met in laid-back settings. Host friends this evening. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May 29). It's time to adopt a new way of behaving on the job. Your ideas are more important than you think, and this ''.year will teach you ways to speak up for yourself 'without offending others. Money will increase when the new ideas come out. Your best signs for Jove are Scorpio and Taurus. Your lucky numbers are 5, 7,18, 28 and 30. 1 i VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Get a complaint of^your chest, and you no longer have to think about it. Luck involves a wager. Be less lovey- dovey with a partner in public, or you'll alienate your friends. •••!.* LIBRA (Sept, 23-Oct. 23). You could be attracted to someone who makes you angry. Pamper your mate or lover. You could manage to dofsomething you thought was impossible. There ,js-a,n alternative solution to personal problems worth exploring. ' • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Try to make time for a heart-to-heart talk. You could be c'6rning to the conclusion that burning both ends of the romantic candle can't go on tod long. Get • iri-on the ground floor of a new business. ;f SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Making others mentally work for results is a sport now, and no harm is meant by subtle mind games. Social events that you organize are resounding successes. You receive something you have always wanted. •'CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You and a 'lover work to communicate better. Refuse to be dVsc'ouraged by a financial setback. An unreliable friend comes through for you when you least expect it. Children request loans. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Operations run. more smoothly when everyone has a stake in a project. A relative or neighbor gives you a brilliant idea. Resist the urge to run away from a problem; stay home and confront it. Sweethearts are sympathetic. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). A new assignment is as emotionally rewarding as it is •lucrative. You are irresistibly attracted to a colleague or schoolmate. Allow a relative to have a say in a family decision. MOVIES *Bad **Fa1r *** Good **** Excellent Dickinson Theaters Children $3.75; Seniors $4.00; •Prlmetlme Adults $3.75; Other TlmeB $5.75 Sunset 2, Sunset Plaza All seats 51.50 Malineos; J1.75 Evonlnga • ; Salina Art Center . Regular Admission $5.50, ($4.50 SAC Members): •Primeltme J4.00, ($3.50 SAC Members) The Horse Whisperer • PG13« rating *** • ' '•(•1:00-*4:30)-8:00 , .Central • 2 hours 40 min. Bulworth R« rating ***'/* (*1:50-'4:35)-7:20-9:50 Central • 1 hour 52 mln. Godzilla PG13-rating*'/! ("12:45-*3:30)-6:15-9:00 (*1:30-*4:15)-7:00-9:45 Central • 2 hours 12 min. ' Deep Impact PG13« rating **% (*1:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:50 Central • 1 hour 55 min. Hope Floats PG13-rating** ("1:30-*4:15)-7:00-9:40 Central • 1 hour 54 min. City of Angels PG13« rating*** (M:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:40 . Central • 2 hours Almost Heroes PG13 • rating ** (•1:50-*4:35)-7:20-9:30 Central • 1 hour 32 min. Titanic PG13» rating**** (•2-.00)-7:00 Mid-State • 3 hours 17 min. Quest for Camelot G • rating ** (*2:05-*4:30) Mid-State • 1 hour 26 min. Fear and Loathing In Us Vegas R • rating * 7:05-9:25 Mid-State • 2 hours 8 min. The Wedding Singer PG13 • rating * (•1:45-'4:30)-7:15-9:30 Sunset • 1 hour 36 min. Mercury Rising R • rating ** (M :30-'4:15)-7:00-9:40 Sunset • 1 hour 51 min. The Apostle PG13* rating**** 5:00-8:00 Art Center • 2 hours 28 min. WEATHER Satinatoday Kansas today 96 HIGH 68 LOW Today, partly cloudy. High of 95. South wind 10to20mph. Tonight, partly cloudy. Low of 68. 8:47 p.m. 6:08 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise PEOPLE \S\\N ^\ X \ \ Showers T-storms' Rain Flurries Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloud imitation flatters counselor NEW YORK — Although the show called it quits, the impersonator fits. Johnnie Cochran says he doesn't mind that .the recurring Jackie Childs character — the fast- talking, bespectacled black lawyer — brought back for the "Seinfeld" finale bears a resemblance to him. In fact, the New York Daily New reported COCHRAN Thursday, he was flattered when "Sein- • MONDAY: Mostly sunny. Lows near 60 and highs in the middle 80s. • TUESDAY: Mostly sunny. Lows near 60 and highs in the middle 80s. • SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and breezy. High in the mid 90s. Becoming Partly cloudy with a chance of , , thunderstorms in the evening. • SUNDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. Low in the lower 60s. High in the middle 80s. Salina yesterday * Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record /Year High 92 79 99/1928 Low 66 58 40/1947 • High and low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATION Thursday (to 9 p.m.) 0.00 Wednesday (24 hours) 0.00 May to date 1.45 Average May 4.25 Year to date 8.54 Average year through May 10.78 Average year 29.68 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1 -800-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol 70s 80s 6 1998 AccuWealher, Inc. COLO WARM STATIONARY Pressure H L ES3 . HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY LaLANNE Kansas yesterday U.S. today Beloit . Chanute Concordla Dodoe City Emporia Garden City Goodland Hill City Hutchinson Lawrence Manhattan Pittsburq Russell ' Tooeka Wichita HI 92 92 93 92 88 94 90 88 91 92 95 88 92 93 89 CO PREC 65 65 65 64 63 61 48 63 63 62 62 65 65 67 63 Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles .New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix San Francisco HI 62 87 89 87 95 87 93 82 72 88 92 83 90 97 62 LO 47 68 64 64 70 49 69 64 67 67 68 68 74' 72 51 OTLK Cldy Cldy Cldy Cldy Cldy Clr Clr Clr Cldy Cldy_ Clr Cldy" "' ftain cir Rain feld" co-creator Larry David first asked him if actor Phil Morris might base *he character on him. ;.3 Addressing the 21 club's Millennivtn) Speaker Series, the former O.J. Simpsixr? lawyer said the only thing that didn't flatter him was what Childs does in the last episode. "I wouldn't have gone to bed with one of the witnesses," Cochran said. LaLanne thrives on exercise FLINT, Mich. — At age 83, fitness guru Jack LaLanne still is going strong. LaLanne led about 250 senior citizens in exercise and a walkabout Wednesday after speaking at the Hurley Health and Fitness Center. A vegetarian himself, LaLanne recommends fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily diet as one secret of aging well. "I have this old saying, 'If man makes it, don't eat it,' " he said, noting that diet and exercise are equally important. "If you can't spend 30 or 40 minutes a week taking care of the most priceless thing you've got, you must be a psycho." Woman prizes fighter's place BROCKTON, Mass. — The original Rocky has someone in his corner. Patricia Johanson, an urban designer, now owns the late Rocky Marciano's boyhood home, and is planning to make it a museum dedicated to him. "Rocky is really the quintessential American hero," she told the Boston Herald. "We should honor Rocky ..." Johanson, from New York, came to Brockton under a $15,000 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to connect the wealthier and poorer sections of the city of 92,000 through landscape design and beautification. Marciano was born Rocco Marchegiano in Brockton in 1923. He won all his 49 professional fights, and was world heavyweight boxing champion from 1952 until he retired in 1956. He was killed in an airplane crash near Newton, Iowa in 1969. From Wire Service Reports T ADVICE Husband's real estate becomes wife's nightmare Dear Ann Landers: I married Eddie last November. A few years ago, Eddie and his then-roommate embarked on a real estate venture. They purchased two duplexes, for a total of four apartments, and rented them out. Six months before our wedding, my apartment lease expired. Eddie and I moved into his last available rental unit because he didn't want to pay rent to someone else. I contribute half of all the expenses. The apartment is a tiny one bedroom. There is a washer and dryer in the basement, but my husband and his business partner will not let me use them because the electricity is hooked up to the other tenants' apartments. There are four carports, but I am not permitted to use one. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. Our kitchen is so tiny, I have to stack food on the floor of our pantry. Our duplex has only one hot water tank. If the downstairs tenant takes a bath in the morning or does laundry, there are no hot showers for us. The apartment is freezing in winter and ungodly hot in the summer. Our counter space is so limited, I have to keep my toaster, blender and microwave on a roller cart. The crime rate in this neighborhood is so bad that Eddie's business partner and his new wife will not live in one of the units. I recently found out I am pregnant. Eddie is ecstatic. I am trying to be happy, but life is hard enough without adding another human body to this hole in the wall. Eddie has no plans to move after the baby arrives. He says that our storage space is big enough to put in a crib and that I can sell whatever is stored in there now. We both have good jobs and enough money saved to buy a house, but Eddie refuses. I am willing to compromise, Ann. I TV TONIGHT have agreed to stay in the duplex for another couple of years, but I want to rent a different unit. The other three are much larger. Eddie says I am being completely unreasonable. My husband is a very kind and loving man and has always wanted children. I love him and don't want to fight, but I feel he is putting his business venture before the needs of his family. I really need your help, Ann. What should I do? — Distraught in Rochester Dear Distraught: You say your husband is "a very kind and loving man," but his refusal to allow you, his pregnant wife, to move from that "hole in the wall" into a decent apartment, which you can well afford, does not sound very kind and loving to me. I urge you to assert yourself and insist on one of the larger units immediately. Hang tough. No compromising. If you allow Eddie to win this battle, resign yourself to being told what to do and what you can spend forevermore. Dear Ann Landers: My 40-year-old daughter, Maureen, recently was divorced from her husband, who cheated on her shamelessly. She and her sister, Joan, came to dinner last week. Suddenly, Maureen got up from the table and snatched a photo of herself and her ex-husband off the wall where it had hung for a long time. She demanded that I get the scissors and cut him out of the picture. I refused. After Maureen left, Joan said I was wrong to refuse Maureen's request. Was 1? If you think I was out of line, I'll apologize. — Winter Haven, Fla. Dear Winter Haven: Hold the mea culpa. Maureen had no business snatching that picture off the wall and demanding that you destroy it. It sounds as if your daughter needs lessons in temper control. It would be diplomatic of you, however, to take that picture off the wall and put it in an album. jFOX.WIchlta-Sallna Eft FOX, Kansas City 3 CBS, Wichita 5/29/98 | PBS, Bunker Hill-Hays WashWk6691 | NBC, Wichita ICBS, Topeka | Access 6, Salina Beyond Belief 90900 3 PBS, Wlchlta-Hutchinson WashWk2097 I ABC, Kansas City Sabrina 10894 1 ABC, Wichita Sabrina 4233 1 NBC, Kansas City [Q Encore 0WTBS lip Cinema* [Qstarz! I HBO ) Discovery JCNN jAmer. Movie Classics ISA I Nickelodeon 7:00 7:30 Wall SL 3287 8:00 Market 2639 BA Basketball Playoffs 652981 eyond Belief 34320 Millennium 50366 Kids Say 2707 Candid 7691 Unsolved Mysteries 52829 We the People 98639 Bill Burrows 9152523 Millennium 76320 Wall St. 6165 You Wish YouWlsh 1829 Candid 3097 Kids Say 2829 NBA Basketball Playoffs 746962 8:30 Business 1146 9:00 9:30 Llvelyhood 29523 10:00 10:30 How Everyone Wins 22610 SMTV NBA Basketball Playoffs: Western Final - Jazz at Lakers 375320 0The Nashville Network News 14078 Nash Bridges 69165 Satina Fire 35977504 News 96184 Kansas Week Kansas 7392 Boy-World Boy-World Teen Angel TeenAngl 9788 20/20 27165 Unsolved Mysteries 32097 Movie "Atlantic City" (1980) (CC) 2488977 Real TV 78504 Star Trek: Voyager 1252455 News 8155639 Smokey Hill 80610 News 37122 Group 46788 Mark R. 43165 20/20 38184 Nash Bridges 12233 3 Comedy Central Late 34876165 B Odyssey Real TV 83962 Served 69207 Business Rpt. News 9668900 News 8747097 News 8732165 •HThe Family Channel Roseanne 50 TNT Nlghtline Late 77722349 NBA Basketball Playoffs: Western Final - Jazz at Lakers 492639 Movie * * * "The Cotton Club" (1984) Richard Gere. 64420691 Movie * * * "Twins" (1988) Arnold Schwarzenegger. 56814813 Movie "Smokey and the Bandit" 10355436 Movie *** "The Crow" (1994) 8716349 News 105639 Movie "The Cable Guy" (1996) (CC) 8808707 Wild Discovery 621982 World Today 618788 X-Files 5241146 Movie * * "Rough Magic" (1995) Bridget Fonda. 694368 JMovie *** "The People vs. Larry Flynt" (1996) 3609233 Movie "The Crow: City of Angels" 3B667441 ** "Sudden Death" 880996! Movie "Montana" (1997) Kyra Sedgwick. (CC) 90211900 Storm 184146 Raging Planet 221946 Larry King Live 627436 NYPD Blue 5250894 Justice Files 842733 World Today 630900 Color 5268964 Color 6072271 Movie ***K "The Sundowners" (1960) Deborah Kerf. 43117788 Walker, Texas Ranger 636184 Dennis 98981 Sports 141691 Moneyline 'X-Files 5240417 Movie "The Haunted Palace" (1963) 758165 Rugrate Bewitched Movie * * * "Uncle Buck" (1989) John Candy. 616320 "Planes, Trains" 997707 Wonder Years Wonder Years Happy Days Lucy 256097 M.T. Moore Taxi 527097 Auto Racing Wortd ol Outlaws -• Silver State Shootout. From Las Vegas. (R) (CC) 643417 Movie *» "Fatal Instinct" (1993), Sherilyn Fenn 4934815 JMovle ** "Johnny Dangerously" (1984) 8124946 Our House 4397813 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Final Game 3 - Teams TBA 781320 JESPN2 Rescue 911 322469 Movie **« "Any Which Way You Can" (1980) Clint Eastwood. 900813 3 Cartoon Network Johnny Bravo 3 SCI Fl American Gothic 8114455 20 Animal Planet J Lifetime 3D CNBC [31 Encore Plus JfBlhe Learning Channel Fox Sports Network S Arts & Entertainment I Black Entertainment TV Unl vision 09 Disney TO El Entertainment howtime 7:00 Wist Cut 7:30 Say What? 8:00 Pumpkins 8:30 Ultra Sound 9:00 9:30 Smashing Pumpkins 227815 10:00 Ultra Sound 10:30 Lovellne Dallas 312813 Movie * * * "Oliver Twist" (1982), Tim Curry 4384349 Trapper John, M.D. 4396184 Baseball lollege Baseball NCAA Worid Series - Teams to Be Announced. 2251225 Diagnosis Murder 152287 Sportscenter (CC) 453813 NHL 5064542 Hawaii Five-0 427833 Chicken )ex1er's Lab Movie "Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster" (1974) 8194691 Animal Doctor Vets 94788 Breed 82455 Unsolved Mysteries 922423 Movie "A Friend's Betrayal" (1996) 827879 Hardball 3102504 Rivera Live 31 It252 Movie "Death Dreams" Cont'd leal America 308610 Last Word (R) {Sports 588894 Biography 326310 Planet Groove Top 20 370962 Esmeralda 78726 Hillbilly Blue Avery 6910542 in-Line Skating 3129271 700 Club 277310 Movie "High Plains Drifter" (1973) 1476610 ToonHeads Dartoon Planet]Space Ghost "Evening-Poe" 3298900 Horse 61962 Africa Elephant 61436 Animal Doctor Brian Williams 3108788 Movie * * * "Paris Holiday" (1958) Bob Hope. 2856320 Mythical Beasts 497558 Clone Age 304894 NBA 840146 Sports 852981 Boxing Fight Time. 750184 America's Castles 170558 Hit List 371691 Pueblo Chlco, Infierno 54146 Vets 63146 New Attitudes Golden Girls Charles Grodin 3101875 "Mastermind" (1973) 8496813 Real America 307981 Biography 926374 Law 4 Order 776851 Comlcview 391455 Rap City Top 10 394542 El Balconde Veronica 67610 Movie Cont'd I Movie * * * "Innerspace" (1987) Dennis Quaid. 1594523 Scrg McDuck Gossip 913691 High Rollers (R) 939639 Talk Soup 919875 Movie "Space Marines" (1996) 9222900 CHANNELS NOT LISTED: C0.Court TV, B3MSNBC, BPrevue. iHome & i, raweather Channel, ElEducatlon Access, BDGovernment Access, S3Headline News, ffiCSPAN, S3 Home Shopping Network, BBQVC, 0 I garden.tJKnowledgeTV, B)TCI FYI, BIFox News, GBThe Food Network, ^America's Jewelry Store. Qj-BRequest. gj Play boy/Action Movie News P. Impaclo Noticiero Uni. Walt Disney Presents 747610 Stern 444146 Stern 453894 Stargate SG-1 {Outer Limits 47416962 Hngr169097 I, SJCountry Music Television, SJVH-1, EBFItTVf, EJCSPAN2.

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