Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1911
Page 7
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V UIHIIPE'S GIG RlieeiT HUNT MORE THAX 300 SCAIiPS TAKEX BY tt'OODMA> SlIARl'ifliOOTEK.S i rnblte Installiitian of Xusnnic Ettstrrn Stair Offlccra To. nlgfat and IRA B. FRANTZ REGISTERED OPTOXETBISX Humboldt. Kas. Moran, afternoon ol Dec. 10 and all liny tbc 2Ulh. I^Mariie Dec. 21 and 22. PIKE FOODS Our line is well wok-tli your tlioughtful attentfon! Mince Meat of course the pure kind; Relishes. Condiment!^, Flour and Sugar; Coftee Tjeas, Spi> ces, Sunlight Bacon land Diamond C llams at prices almost discouraging to the pits eating 60c corn. All tho' stai)les and all the luxuries you (fan think * of—many you may net call to * mind. We solicit your patron* age. * PARKlirRST. * The big two days' ralibit hunt of the Modern Woodman lodge closed Tuesday evening at 8 | o'clock with Captain Leighty the winner by 2''> to The other captain's 19.".. [Owing to the Hiiiddy weather a number were unable to attend, but thussei who did not get to partici |)atc in t )<> hunt will probably enjoy tlie big supper to be given souie time between tlie 7tb and I'lih of next month. The sujiper will be paid for with money rei-elved from the rabbits and from a few fine.s placed on some of the mei ^ibers. Those wh6 did not go hunting and were on the losing side will pay thirty -five renj.s. TfioHe who did 'not hunt and wi"e on the winning t<ide will pny tWfDlj -flve centi:. ThdHO who went hunting and killed as many as five rabbits will bo exempt. ; —F S. Holm. M. 11. ;Of»nil»» M. E. Aiticin (if \Valhut Kaa., was a buslnes." visitor here |>-esterday. A rhri .sinias tree hasj been sec :ured for the Christmas ex (jrclses at the Presbyterian church Utceniber 23rd. For Sale—good Hamiltonian horse, weight .'tOO poun(l8. Price $10U. George Burchett La Harpe, Kaa. The Masons will install the following officers at theiij public installation this evening: W. M. Chas. Howard: S. W.. Sylveiter K. Tom;;.' to his home south of town. .Mr.s. U. IL.. Frame of Bayard Is vis- jtiiife' her daughter Mrs. P. L,. Zentz, this week. Tiio large number of old soldiers who wer»> giR 'hts of Inla vt^teran.s yes- icrda.v. say ihey were Ireati 'd with ;ill the courte.-iy llial was pu&sible to be given them, .loe Burger has returned from St. '4 Charles Beymer of 'Waterville Washington, is visitng his brother F. F. fteyiuer, until after Chrlsfmas. Cbarle.s Harris was a business visitor in tlsmore yesterday. John Widman, "Cap" Hair and Young Kubanks were arrested yesterday for stealing and tresspaslng. Last Sunday night the boys visited two barns in this city and secure*? two .•^ets of nice harness and It was not until yesterday that the officers found the guilty parties. A reitorter asked —We have so many nice Christmas ](re.>ients. Ask our clerks to help you select a present.—Kohler's. the boys why they took the harness wiien they rould iJerJvo no benefit. They an.swered that tliey were out for a good time and just done it for nieun- HL'SS . County Attorney Taylor and .luiige Tredway tried Widman and Jlair yesterday. Hair was fined |2."i and 3u days In jail and Widman ^23. llalr got tliirty days In Jail for being In coiMl more than Widman. Eu- Ijank.s did not aiipcar for trial and when he was brought In court It was too lute for his trial yesterday afternoon, ilo will have hU hearing this afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs. John MncDonald entertained n number of friends yesterday at dinner. The occasion being In honor of Mr. MacUonald's birthday. Link Griffith, of LeIloy was a busr- ne.'is visitor here yesterday. Frank Bowen and family left yesterday for California to make their future home. \Y. .1. Water .B Is visiting In Union- lown this week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Church and Mr.--. W. H. Johnson, of Lone I'Am, and nAWrEO-MJBCXLLAJnOVS. POSITION WANTED BY YOUNQ lady atenograpber. Experienced in office work. Phone Main 256. WANTED—WALNUT LOGS. COOK and Wayman, care C. C. Luccock. Phone 194. WANTED—CLEA>- IVHITE BAGS. Register office. FOB BALS -mSCEia /AlTEpUS. FOR SALE>-DAIN HAT BA^^ U by 18, good as wwJ Geo. M. McClelland, 428 East Monroe. Phdna 81S. FOR SALE—PAWNED .;SUIT cases; hand bag*; -Just like new. Bigua Pawn Shop East Side Square,-in fruit store. First door south of Kress store. W.ANTEIX^ELKVATOR BOY AT New York Store. Must be 16 years old. WANTED—CATTLE TO WINTER to buy young calf. .Earl Monfort, phone 997-23. W,\.\TKD—DAY CLERK. KELLEY Hotel. Do not phone. Call at office. nONATIOXS WA.NTED FOR SAL- vatlon Army free Christmas dinner and tree for the worthy poor of our city. FOR BENT—MSCEI-LATTEOrS. FOR RK.NT—ROOM IN KELIJ2Y Hotel building for barber shop. HOUSE FOR RENT. PHO.NE 762. FOR SALE—RHODE ISLAND RED cockerel. E. DeNeen, 606 N. Main btrcet Gas, Kans. ; FOR. SALE—A GOOD DRIVING horse, safe for lady. Phono tl48. FOR SAL£ —SEVERAL PURE blood Poland China Boars. Prices right. Harry Boeken, R. R. 3,- Moran. Kan. La Harpe phone 7G4. PBITATE XOXET TO lOAJT. We have some Private Money tq loan on Farms. Low Rate. We also bare Eastern Money at the lowest rata and best terms. Let us tell you about our terma and rate. Priviledge to pay at any time. . For Sale—Improved 40 acres near car line, between lola and Gas. THE PETERSON LAND CO. Phone 97. Old Court House BIdg. FETEBS05 LAKB COMFIKT. lola, Baaua. FOR SALE—REGISTERED BRED colt, also good work mare; 512 South Kentucky. FOR SALE—4 ROO.M HOUSE |3.50, also .~i room house }i'>0 located on lots 17 and IS, block 13, Brooklyn Park Ave. lola, Kas. Address Thos. McGannon, Humboldt Kas. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-re.'^identfl, and do a general real estate business. We rejiresent three of the best loan conipunies doing bual- ni'ss In Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be bad anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. Thompson, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDO. TOLA FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEJAR OLD harae; sound and gentle. Will take »7u.on. : QUICK DEAL—WE HAVE^ A PINE stock of shelf hardware an(t plumbing, about $.^,000 located ini a thriving county seat town In northeast Oklahoma. For sale or exchange- on cash basts. Describe fully locate -and submit your proposition at"- once to Llneback Brothers, La Harpjp. Kas. FOR SALE—A GOOD C YEAR OXSD horse; sound and gentle; Will take $75-U0. Phone 104. LOST ASD FOUm IX)ST—BROOCH PIN BETWEEN n Campbell and 207 S. Washington. Return to 207 S. Washington aild receive reward. THE BIGGEST BARGAIX IS lOLA. A seven room, modem house with two-story barn and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit. If sold before January first, |125O.00; half cash. C." L. WHITAKER. Phone ISC m \EY! MOJrEY! JIOXEYI I make a si>ecialty of farm loans. If you are wanting a farm loan it will pay you to Ee« me. Rates reasonable; interest payable annual or semi-annual; privilege given to make partial payments or all at any time. C. 0. BOLLINGEB lola. Bans. WANT lOLA PROPERTY In exchange for the following: - 300 acres 2 miles Baldwin Kas, Price $15,000. Mortgage $7000. Improved 160 Logan county, Kan. Unimproved 160 Gove county, Kas. Extra well Improved 160 Lane county, Kas. Improved 320 near Garden City KB. Well Improved SCO acres Decatur county, Kas. Unimproved 160 Logan county. Kas. These lands are all clear and the price la right. Fine wheat land. Pick out what you want and deal your property for it. lOLA LAND COMPANY. J. W., Walter Hodges Secretary. .1.^^,^. (.|„.„.,,.g sj^t^r of Catiin, Illinois B. Hurlock; Treasurer (LP. CobU-nt/. 1,^^ gue.«ts of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Trustee John P. Kohler. Master-el»-tt Howard has appointed officers as fol lows: Tyler. W. L. Snbdgrass; S. D.. George Brennecke; J. D., J. E. Bacon; S. S.. J. H. Parkhurst; J. S., J. Q. Roberts. ' —What is nicer for a Christma.s re- memberance than a nitie picture? Will have my gallery open for all kinds of work until after the holidays. H. L. Mullenneiv. Photographer. The Eastern Star h is accepted an invitation from the Mifsons to have a joint installation of officers at the hah this evening. A ijlg banquet willj fellow the installation. The following Eastern Star offi(iers will be m.stalled: Worthy Mati-on, Mrs. L. S. Wert; Worthy Patron J. E. Bacon; Associate Matron Mrs. LiUle E. Halm; Secretary J; B. Hurlock; Treasurer, L. P. Coblenta; Conductress, Mr.s. R. W. F^ddis; Associate Conductress. Mr.s. N. M. Hurlock. Tlie following are appointive officers: .-Vda. Mary E. Halm; Ruth Nannie O. Kohler; .Martha, Fainie Morrison; Warder Mrs. L. J. Pi^eston; Organist, Velma I. Hurlock. H. A .Breunecke. who has been suffering with an ulcerated eye for a number of weeks .wai; able to return from the St. John's hospital yesterday re the gue;: Robins today. t'0.>IFORTI>G WORDS. Will Find Msiny an lola Honsphold Tliem So. To have the pain.s and aches of a bad back removed; to be entiii'.y free from annoying, dangerous I '.rlnury dis ordirs is enough to make any kidney suffernr grateful. To tell j.ow this great change can be brought about will prove comforting words to hundreds of lola readers. .Mrs. M. K. Compton, S12 N. Chestnut St. lola, Kans. says: "A member of our family suffered greatly from weak kidneys. The kidney secretions were unnatural and were a source of great annoyance. Backache was almost con.'stanl and there were other diiriculties caused by disordered kidney.^. .After muth medicine had been taken without success. Uoan's Kidney j tire." GXS CITYHEARO MRS.2n,0NEM0BE GHUNCEFIIR HEIHY A LARGE AUDIENCE WAS £>TER. TAINED AXD IXSTRUtTED. La Harpe Sort of Sroop^d Things In a Foot Bail Way Yesterday. Mrs. A. C. Zehner of Texas, lectured on "American Ideals^ last evening to a large audience at the Methodist church. The talk was very interesting and Instructive and the W. C. T. U. ladles should be praised for bringing such a gifted woman to our city. In comparing America with foreign countries and telling of the acts of some of our noble citizens caused the blood of every true American to tingle with iiatrlotlsm. J. E. Crawford, of Franklin Texas, had the following to say of Mrs. Zehner and everyone who heard her last evening most emphat- Icallyagrees with what he says: "Her argument Is unanswerable; her language chaste; her style fascinating; her thought beautiful. She Is so high ly entertaining her audiences never Pills were used and they soon gave entire relief. This preparation Is worrhv of the highest endorsement. For sale by all dealers. Price .'^Oc. Foster-MIlburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y. sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and lake no other. The Handy] Heater :R*rECTi6l You often need some heat in early Fall, when you have not yet started die furnace. In wliafeverpait o( die house yoa want it, yoa can getit best and qmckcrt widi a Perfection SmokdeM Oil Heater. The Perfpctioo Btbe most reSaUelieater ODliie niariKC «^ caa move it v^acRVer yon please. . , SMtkkMMerl>id»<i «.«DdiM<^ heearfertMAa asUo* mam^ Tab! it to d»dn«-«oci^ aa/oily IMUMI htamm m Tba PcffeCM SainMsM Oi Hmm k ixMSifady fiadWl-M < A»«Jp- , , kbliietncUl MoBube dniee main SHokiag impaaUe. Boracr body i AUpMtiWMly deMwiL DMaixriop. Gwl iMnae. (yiilm t ar «iila far dao^liM cboArto MV aSMV Stuidard Oil Companj (baavamtod) The Gas City foot ball squad met defeat yesterday at the hands of the La Harpe team on the La Harpe grounds by a score of 21 to 0. La Harpe will play the boys here one day next week. A box supper will be given tomorrow evening in the high school building for the benefit of the girl's basket ball team. ' A splendid program has been arranged for this occasion. .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heath of Humboldt, are visiting Mr. Heath's parents here this week. Lost—A black fur between LaHarpe and .Moran. Finder return to Miss Ida KInman and receive liberal reward. The injunction ease of the city of Gas versus the lola Water Works Is being heard this afternoon befor? Judge Foust. It will be remembered that last July tbe lola water plant notified the city of Gas that the price of water had been raised 20 per cent and unless they would pay the bill, the water shut off. The old contract was made for twenty years and our city enjoined the company from stopping the water supply and Is having the lola courts decide If the plan is authorized In raising the price. L. H. Taylor will be In Oklahoma a few days before going on to California. Fred Torbett has accepted a position at the lola Portland Cemenc plant. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hunt, of Bartles- vllle, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jackson left today for Col- Ilnsville to make their home. Pardon Clerk Says Allen County Prts oner JTay be Reltasfid. D. B. D. SmelUer, judge of the city court has receiyfid a reply tn a letter which he wrote Governor Stubbs regarding the case of John Uealy. sent up from Allen county in 1905, for the theft of a grip from a Sania Fe railway coach. Judge Smelt^er wrote the governor that he believed Healy innocent, taking into consideration the affidavit of John Casey who swore that he alone was guilty of the theft and that being the case it was a rank injustice to continue the.; imprisonment of Healy. In reply Robert He;nseIraaB, pardon clerk for the governor, said that the case would be taken up again soon at which time any additional information or evidence bearing ' upon the case, would be considered; "The evidence of Healy's innocence is not conclusive." Mr. Helndelman writes. "He claims innocence as do about one-half the prisoners in our state penitentiary. His ^ast record shows that be has inherited the tendency to crime. It is no longer possible to parole him, because the law does not permit the Govehior to parole twice. Therefore the-only possible form of release would be to turn him free by a; pardon without the state having any control- over him, to continue his life of preying upon other people. If he has reformed I feel certain that the Governor would be only too glad to pardon.him, but he has been back from violating his parole less than two years,/and should not complain If he is made to prove for a little while longer that he has ntormed from < a lifetime of crime. He has charged that his papers have not been submitted to the Governor, but I took his case up with Governor Stubbs and we went over it carefully. Only a few months have elapsed since then and the Governor did not at that time see his way clear ;to release Healy. Of course, any ftfrther information about the case wduld be welcome." ^ —Elite and Majestic nocw 5c. —If you arc troubled with chronic constipation, the mild and gentle effect of Chamberlain's Ta'blets makes them especially suited to your case. For sale by all dealers. —When buying meats you want the best; you get the best at Carl & Hunter's. • • JLEGALS. (First Published in <he lola Dally Register Dec. l-l, 1911) SCMMOXS. The State of Kansas To: Ray Overmyer and Overmj'er, first name unknown his wife; Frank Overmyer and Overmyer first name unknown bis wife; Leslie C. Overmyer and Overmyer, first name unknown, his wife; Knowlton Flsk, a minor; Arthur Pisk and Pisk, first name unknown, his wife; Jessie Overmyer Sandy and Thos. H. Sandy, her husband; said above- named being heirs at law of John B. Overmyer, deceased; Sarah Jane Overmyer Green and John Green, her huslrand; Bennett, first name unknown; Jennie Bennett Alice Bennett West and West, first name unknown her husband; Elsie Bennett, Bertha Bennett Josephine Quinn Smale and Jerome Smale her husband; Alice Quinn Detrick and August Detrlck, her husband, and Mary Qjuinn Morris jand Morris first name unknown her husband being heirs at law of Mary Ellen Overmyer. Quinn, deceased; Martha A .Overmyer Bailey and Jacob Bailey, her husband; Oliver Smith and Smith, first name unknown, his wife; Jack Nester. a minor, heirs at law of Blargaret Louise Overmyer Smith, deceased; Katherine E. Overmyer Searing and Henry Searing her husband: Josephine Overmyer Morry and Alex Morry, her husband and you and each of you will take notice that ^'ou have been sued as defendants by Evllno Overmyer by M. Kelcy Rass as her guardian as plaintiff In civil action No. 9571 in ^ha District Court of Allen County. YCansas, and unless you and each of you appear and file your answer in said action on or before the 29th day of January, 1912 the petition of plaintiff filed in said action will bo taken as true and judgment and decree will be rendered and enti-ied therein quieting plaintiff's title to an undivided twenty-three-twenty- fourths (23-24) interest in and to Lot Three (3( and the North half of Lot Two (2) In Block Elghty-fonr (84) In the City of lola Allen County Kansas, and e.Tclnding an(^ barring you and each of you from ;any claims, right, title, interest, estate In or Hen upon said real estate or any part thereof, and forever barring and enjoining you and each of you from setting up or claiming any right, tHle, interest estate in or to, claim upon or lien against said undivided twenty-three- fwenty-fourths (23-24) interest in or Furm Bad Oiiy KANSAS AUD MXAHOICA Low Bate} Annsal or SemNAnnnal Interest—Prlrilege to Pay in FuU Bedneed Batea on Fire Imsunnce! RaMXlitihingham Old Ceort Houe BIdg. lelk, Kaa. TO EXCHANGE 12,500.00 Grocery Stock, all clean goods, for small tract of land in Allen or adjoining counties, of equal value. Wanf to deal with owner of land. We have other exchanges. Call on us. CHABLES & FOTTBB: LEGALS. to said above-described real estate or any part thereof and for costs. CAMPBELL & GOSHORN Attorneys for Plaintiff. Attest: JNO. W. BROWN. (Seal.) Clerk District Court (12)-14-2l-28 BEPORT OF THE CONDITION OF The Northrup National Bank, at lola. in the State of Kansas, at the close of business, December 5, 1911. Besonrces. IxKins and Discoun<ts $155 047.87 Overdrafu secured and unsecured 407.05 U. 8. ^onds to secure circulation - BOOOOjOO U. S. Bonds to secure U. S. Deposits 1,000:00 Premiums on U. S. Bonds.. 5UO.00 Bonds, Securities, etc. 41.200.00 Other Real Estate owned.. 29,9^92 Due from National Banks (not reserve agents) 3.83iS.3S Due from State and Private Bank% and Bankers.'Trust Companies, and Savings Banks 6,000.00 Due from approved Reserve Agents „ 192,315.35 Checks and other Cash Items 9.283.50 Notes of other National Banks 2^210.00 Fractional Paper Currency, Nickels, and Cents Lawful Money Reserve in. Bank, viz: Specie J23 272.25 Legal-tender notes 700.00 Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (5% of circulation) Due from U. S. Treasurer.. Total „. 326.43 23 972.25 2 500.00 2.50 lOLA B. R.TIME TABLES i. T. * S. F. H^tlLTfAT South Bound. So. 201—Daily Passenger .1:06 p. m. No. 'Ji)3—Daily FassciiKer 2:43 a. m. Sfo. 207—Dolly (except Sunday; Passenger • 8:30p. m« Xo. 315—Daily (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 12:01 p. m. Depart ; 1:06 p. m. North Bound. No. 202—Dally PasAenger 2:22 p. m. No. 204—Dally Passenger 2:20 a. m. No. 208—Dally (except Sunday) Passenger - 6:30 a. TOt No. 2:fr—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. Depart 12:01 p. m. MISSOUBI PACIFIC RAILWAY Freights—West Bound. 491—t,ocal (dally ex. Sun) Iv.... .3:45 p. m. 451—Colo. Red BaU /daily) 1 v.. .8:38 p. m. Freights—East Bound. 45s— Red Ball (dally) ar.> 1.10a.ia. 492—Local (dally ex. Sun) nr. 8:00 a. m. Passengers— ^ftiA Bound. 407—Kansa.s Clty-Vates Center Mall and Express' (d.illy) Iv 4:47 p. nu 409—St. Loul.i-W'Iehita Mail and KxpriSM (daHy) Iv 8:33 a. m. Passengers—East Bound. 410—St. LouIs-Kansa-s City Mall and .<!S (dally) ac, 7:17 at au 40S—St. Lools-Kansaa City Mall and K«-< - presii (dally) ar 8:33 a. m> ar. K. & T. RAILWAT South Bound. •No. 571—Way Freight, (dally ttTeet^ Sunday) 4:30 a. No. 7.V-Mlxed fdally) 4:45 p. m- No. 7.'?—P.-i.isenger (daily) 12:19 p.m. No. 25—Flyer fdally) 6:50 a. nu North Bound. No. 24—Pa.<!Bcngpr (dally) l:*Ep. m. No. 7B—Mixed (daily) 2:30 p. TO. •No. 572—TVay Freight, (dally except Sunday) 12:19 p. m. •571 and 672 will carry passengers. VEBCHANTABLE ABSTBACT&^ Every Abstract made in our otfliia' is guaranteed to be a merehiat- able abstract or money refunded. lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANT. Frank Wood. Manager. rBOFKSSrOITAL DIBECTOKT. ************** -9 * KOHEY TO lOAHl • * Win lend on houBehold goods. • ylaaoc, organa, kewlim ma' • * tkUm, dl«nonia_and jetratey, • * J.W.COFFKY » * m Fertk Street « *************W9Wn a Royal Tjrpewriter Agency * a Controls Exclusive Sale of the 9 S Boyal Standard Typewriter a 35 In Allen County « •g £. H. Bussing, Agent 9 % Xorthrup Building lola. Kans. 9 3* Typewriter Bepalrs and SnppUee 9 .1518,536.25 LiabUIUes. Capital stock paid in .. $ 50 OOO.OO Surplus fund 20.000.00 Undivided Profits, less Ex- penes and Taxes paid 2,163.89 National Bank Notes outstanding i >0,000.00 Due to other National Banks 14,584.68 Due to State and Private Banks and Bankers 27.703.16 Individual deposits subject to check 295 355.03 Demand certificates of deposit 100.00 Time certificates of deposit 56,225.55 CerUfled checks 196.14 Cashier's checks outstanding 33.86 United States deposits 1,000.00 Reserved for taxes 473.94 Liabilities other than those above stated. Letters of Credit 700.00 Total $518,536.25 —Dont forget amateur night, every Taefidfly and Friday erenlng. Grand Theatre. At the Lowest Point. 8ometimi -s hit'x n mighty good thing to be de luwi<s* npokt' In ile wbeel nv fortune; yu ji-s' •ble«>dgi'd to cume up. »o mattpr wlii<-h way de wheel turns -Cally Kylund ^ A who diires waste an hour of time li:is nui k-:irii «Hl (he value of life.— Darwin. —When yon have a bilious attack give Chamberlain's Tablets a trial. They are excellent For sale by all dealeri. WoMAisrs ILLS Many women suffer needlessly from (irlhood to womanhood and irom motherhood to old a£e—with backache, dizziness or headache. Slic liccanics broken-down, sleepless, ner\ous, irritable o'nd leels tired from morning to aiiht. When pains and aches rack the womanly system at ireqaeat iater\-aJs, aik ye«r meithitr about Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription TUB Prmmcrtptloa hmm, fororerto year*, beti carini deUeate, weak, palU 'Wrmeked womea, by the taaamedm at thoaaaadm aad this too la the prlracy of tbeir bomea wltbout tbelr bar- imt to arnhmtt to Madelleata qaemtloalaia aad olfeaMlvmtr rvpaiaaat cramiaatlaaa,' ' Sick women are invited to consult'in eon6decfe by letter fi-eei- -Address Worid's DUpenaary Mt^fical Ass'n, R.V.'Picrce, M. D., Prcs't, Ruffaio, N. Y. > Da. PiBBca'a CRBAT FAMILV DOCTOR BOOK , The People's Common Sense * Madioal Adviser, newly revised np-toHiate edition— 1000 pa|es, answers i» Plain £ar/M hosts of delicate questions which e very woman isinfle or married, ouiht to kinow about.- Sent fre* to any address on receipt of 31 one-cent ' stamps to cover cost p< wrappini and mailing 0uly, in French cloth binding. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. I, Melvln Fronk, Cashier of the above-named bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belleti MELVIN FRONK Correct—Attest: Cashier. F. A. NORTHRUP L. L. NORTHRUP, D. P. NORTHRUP Directors. Subscribed an dsworn to before me this 11th day of December, 1911. CRAIQIB J. M'DOWELU Notary Public. Commission expires Aug. 16, 1914. Cared In Her Own Hone Town. Wichita Kas. Mrs. C. L. Grounds, tells Oif wav for her fellow townsmen to be cured of their kidney and bladder ailments, as she was cured. "Some time ago 1 suffered with Kidney tron- ble. I had a severe pain in my back and side and when I laid down it seemed as if I could not straighten upi Mother told me what good results my father was getting from Foley Kidney Pills, so I went to the drug store and got some and commenced taking them I began to get better very soon, and now after taking two bottles the pain has left my back and side, and I am cured of all my kidney trouble." J. D. Mundis & Co. £ Dr. C. IL Buss S « DENTIST « ^ Boom TTo. 1, Korthmp BIdg; 9 ® Extraction without pain by the * 35 use of Nitrous Oxide'Oaa • ® Phone—Office 653; Res. 852. • 35 WHY NOT! • 56 Have Tour Piano Tuned by as > » Experienced Tuner—One LIT- • 5B lug In your home towiu • m T. 0. CAHATSEY • 5B Ptane Tnner and Repairer « $ Roberts Music Go. Phone 491 • 9 e 9 e « $ s $ e e e 9 s « F.L.B. L£AT£LL, M. K • BpecialUea— ' • Dlaeasea of the Cheai • Diseases of Children. • Fkonea-rOttlce 147; Bes. 147. • lOLA STATE BANK BLDO, «l ********** ******J^i * * Beal £atate mi UreitMk •i> AVCXIONBEB * Satisfaction guaranteed.Wlre«r' * phone at my expense for dataa. * », B. CLASS, •i- latet Center OTerCeikBnk f PHILLIP HEI€IELS 110% South St HABITBSS ASH SADDELBY General Bepalrlng, All SIndi ******** *,* ******* MONEY TO LOAN * on all kinds of household goods * or jewelry—anything of value.. Bigua Pawn Shop. East Side V Square. Office in Fruit Store. * All tralisactions strictly cbnfi- * dentlaL • • • • Novels orb the Sweets • •»-.* . • ' •' • All people with healthy literary appetites love them. Thousands of novels to select from at all kinds of prices. The Book Store South of the Conrt Honse Hoi SpHagm, krkm Round Trip Tickets. lola to' Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit of three months from date of sale, with stop-over privileges going and return on. sale every day in the year, for S18.60 The one way fare la I12.8C. E. E. MUNGER. Phone m Ko. Fae. Ageni , —Fannen Attention! High gra «r~'- dfBtnist »fbyaaIa.TeIepboile ns Ibia; or Homholdt Refinery. M. Hunger, lord. 304 West street _ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 14,1911

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