Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 20, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1943
Page 6
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AGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Brooklyn May Be Knocked Out of First Place By JUDSON BAILEY Associated press Sports Writer The Brooklyn Dodgers are in t&e position of the noisy tenants •who are going to get kicked out of their top floor apartment as soon as the lease expires. The Bums have been occupying Ike penthouse of the National league ever since the season started, but two consecutive defeats by the St . Louis Cardinals have placed them in jeopardy of losing their first place perch — not to the world champions but to the Boston Braves. Boston, with good pitching and a surprisingly well balanced attack, has won seven straight games, including a double header yesterday from the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-1 in II innings and 5-3. If the Braves should win again today and the Dodgers lose. Boston would move into top place by a percentage margin of .652 to .630. This is enough to boost the blood pressure in Brooklyn to the berling pernt, because the Dodgers have not shown to advantage in the first three games of their four-game series with St. Louis. They were smothered by southpaw ptiching again yesterday. 3-2 as Max Lanier and Rookie Harry Btecheen combined to hold them to six hits. The Cardinals counted a run in the first inning when Stan Musial scored all the way from 1 first base on a terrific single by Walker Cooper and they cinched the game on Coaker Triplett's two run homer in the sixth. ^LLTSTBWW^ISTNT&THESEA i American and French soldiers may be rolling down this road into Bizcrtc in a matter of days as our forces close in | on this axis base from two sides. Beyond the while buildings of city are Bizerte Lake and hills on opposite shore. : *•< Lefty Gomez Global War Gets Release Shaping Up From Yanks Into Pattern , * By BILL KING Boston, May 20 —(IP)— Speaking on the National League's record, who to By JACK STINNETT Washington — It's no secret now thai Ihe global war in the air is shaping up into a definite pattern. Here are some main points: Regardless of the length of SPORTS ROUNDUP -By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr. Associated Press Sports Columnist 13 seasons, has been given another unconditional release by those sur- rising Boston Braves without a regulation test. Fights Last Night By T n e Associated Press Milwaukee, Wis. — Steve Manakos, 162 1-2, Washington, D. C., outpointed Tito- Taylor, 15, Chicago (10); Gene Spencer, 31, Chicago, outpointed Doll Rafferty, 136.-2, 'Milwaukee (10); Buddy Knox, 203, Dayton, Ohio, outpoint- ed Bob Milsap, 17 1-2, Milwaukee (10). EUzabteh, N. J. — Bill Grant, 112, Orange, N. J., stopped Speedy Duval, 167, Philadelphia, (2). the United Nations now are waging an air blitz from three fronts and those three fronts form a triangle which have the Axis corn- But" speaking off that record, as Pletely encircled (From Rostock several of his Braves admirers and Danzig on the north to Taran- have done, Gomez, without throw-1 to, Sicily, Sardinia, Marseille and ing a single pitch in a single league game, has done much to inspire that consistent seventh I Bordeaux, on the south, there isn'l a square foot of Nazi - occupied soil that isn't now within easy New York, May 20 — (ff"l — There's nothing like a fight lo slarl a fight, so here's another hot one getting under way . . . Scorns that Eddie Mack, the Boslon promoter, is hollering to Governor Thomas E. Devvey of New York that Mike Jacobs is bossing the New tfcrk State Athletic Commission and, In- cidenlally, damaging Mack'), Pep-Sal Bartolo, featherweight "title" fight at Boston, June 8 . . . And since Mack was a sergeant during World War One, he's no green hand at holleding. rl- Feeling the approach of death, circus elephants struggle to get outside the tent, preferring to die in the open air. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ThU Old Treatment OfUn Bring* Happy Relief Many sufferers relieve nagging backache quickly, once they discover that the real cause •f their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneya are Nature's chief way of tak- insoire mat consisiem seveum- — —- ••-,,. : . -. place club into a terrific drive range of United Nations bombers.) mat has moved it to within.a game (2) That one-time scourge, Ihe of Ihe first place Brooklyn Dod- Luflwaffe, is badly crippled and gers, according to today's National the Nazi high - command can no League ratings. I lon S er consider it any more than a Although. Gomez, except for those ho encountered in \Vorld Scr- i •.- - ies competition, knows but little -ed. It still can deal staggering about the National League's play- | blows and probably will get. m a ers, most of his Braves teammales agree lhat his baseball superiority complexes, gained during his many years with the successful Yankees, has, by mere contact, elped them rid themselves ieir defeatisl depressions. "If Gomez never works a game or us, he will more lhan pnrn his alary," one of the Braves' out- tending players said recently. 'He still acts like' a Yankee, for few, but not enough to check the R.A.F. and the United States and Russian air forces. (3) Events of the last few • » ucu uuiucucr 01 tuuney I _ poisonous matter to remain in your blood,"it »ay cause nagging backache, rheumatio pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puffiness under tha •yes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or wsantjr passages with smarting and burning •oraetimca shows there is something 'vrong With your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druegist for Doan's •PUIa, uaed successfully by millions for over 40 years.The— .--*- , .... . vast *a, uacu ouuteaaiuuy ay millions lor over 4U m. They cive happy relief and will help the miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous ste from your blood. Get Doan's PUla. ..,, , months have finally awakened the of I drowsy U. S. Army and Navy high commands to the vital importance of airpower as an offensive wea pon. There slill are some bottle necks — some ground generals and admirals who think that the war in the Pacific must be woi Knoxville Joins Fued by Taking Atlanta Series Allanla, May 20 — f/T")— Favorite pastime in the Southern Association these days is a nice, gentle sport called "Let's Beat Allanla." Everyone, almost, is playing it. Knoxville, which shellacked the Crackers 0 to 1 last night, is the latcsl lo join Ihc throng. The victory gave Ihe Smokies the scries honors, three games lo two. The Crax matched their five hits will an ccaial number of errors, com pared with the Smokies' 10 safe ties and no miscucs. Second place Birmingtum gained halt a game on Nashville by edging out Memphis !)-B. Nashville, New Orleans, Chattanooga and Little Rock were idle. Litllc Rock resumes play without Ihe benefit of a contested game it had hoped to have restored. League President Hilly Evans turned down the Traveler's protcsl of Ihe second game of i double-header won by New Or leans on May 16. Tonight's schedule has Memphis at Atlanta, Knoxville a I Binning ham, Liltle Rock al Chattanoog; and Nashville at New Orleans. Ned Thaxton, an 10-year-olc rookie signed last week is due t draw Ihc hurling assignment fo Chattanooga. It may be his first ^..^ __.„.. .--- . . and last appearance, however, called the "one ma,-, gang" is that since he is watching the postman TNT Trap Thursday, May 20, 1943 1 Play in Native State < Boston. —(/Pi— Only two New nglandcrs are members of the oslon Red Sox. They arc first- iflcmnn Ulysses Lupien who hails om Chclmsford, Mass., and rookie teher Louis l.ucior, who was born Norlhbridge, Mass. ____ .,- ..... — «» o «r»--- ---------------Deaths Last Night By The Associated Prass Joseph C. Trees Pittsburgh. May 20-i/P')— .Joseph Trees, 7't, wealthy oil man, died 1st night. Ik- and 'his life - long artiu-r, Mii-hai'l L. Bcnedum, •ere two of lht> world's best known il wildcatters. One - sixtli of Now Zealand's op'ilalhm is under arms. a he writes, the learn should do O. K May be one reason why Jake La Motta, the New York welterweight who fights Fritzic Zivic in Pittsburgh next week, is enough to be hidden un- c'cr a helmet, this booby trap c't a half-pound of TNT is one of revcral used in demonstrations 'or armored force trainees at Ft. Knox, Ky. Radio sets in liinks each. cost abol NEED "B" COMPLEX DON'T PAY OVER 98$ , ;•-- — — T - --—--.; „,„„ . he considers all National Leaguers island by island and the war in as second - raters and when he | Europe foot by foot. There are ;ells us we can murder that pitcher or beat those guys, we're convinced that we can." Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year eago — Morton Cooper held Brooklyn Dodgers to two hits as St. Louis Cardinals won, 1-0, and . ended Brooklyn's eight game winning streak. Three Years Ago — Harry Jeffra won New York and Maryland Featherweight Title by outpoinling Joey Archibald. Five Years Ago — New York Gianls blanked for second day, 40, by Johnny Bander Meer, Cin- cinnali Southpaw. NO RESTRICTIONS ON FARM BUILDINGS Now Is the Time to Put Up That— few who won't admit that in a sense, they're right. But with air- power knocking out the war plants and supply lines, some of those continental miles can be taken with seven - league boots. (4) The answer to the pleas of our Pacific allies and commander for more air strenglh in that thea- ler isn't now going lo be long delayed. The Axis in Europe is still No. 1 on our list but by the brutal execution of those captured American flyers of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo and by massing air i slrenglh in the South Pacific out| posts, Japan has brought about what no pleas heretofore had availed — the promise of Washing- Ion lo do somelhing immedialely. (5) Probably most important of all, the winler and spring of 1943 likely will go down in military history as the period when airpower, in so far as Ihe U. S. mililary is concerned, at least, came into its own. A Long Story, Mates The poinl of Ihe yelp is lhat tho '•lew York Commission's plan was ! or Bartolo to face ex-champion Chalky Wright and for the winner to fight Pep .... But instead Willie and Sal signed for the Boston bout, so the commission refused to rec- orgnize it as a tille scrap and picked Phil Terranova for the elimination ... A lot of things seem to call for explanations, including how Massachusetts, a N.B.A. state, can recognize Pep- Bartolo as a tille scrap while Jackie Callura is N.B.A. champ. . . But Mack's holler is that Uncle Mike told the commission lo say "no" because he wanted the fight for himself, or at least a good piece of the profits . . . AndEddie in phoning and writing to Gov Dewey, offers to furnish proof . . It's one of those things that migh create quite a disturbance unless Ihe scrappers decide to quie he needs all Ihc family's six ration books to satisfy his appetite Says Manager Mike Capriano: "I've never seen anyone with such devolion lo a cow." Service Dept. Navy Licul. Don Palrgrovior of the sinking of the Wasp, found lime lo pilch a game for IhcYor.c, 3 a., club of Ihc Interstate League c other night. ?Icbert Lancasler. Sinche joind the Army two cars ago as an aviation cadet, jieut George Varoff, former orld-rccord pole vaultor, has erved as an instructor and n quadron commanding officer, but ow he has gone back to school s a student pilot on Liberator ombers at the Fort Worth, Tex., Army air field. closely for a card from his draft board. More than 1,000 20 - millimeter shells arc made every minute in American munitions plants. down and become pals again. That's Why Its Peoria In case you've wondered why Peoria (which isn't a bad spot a all) is the accepted symbol for jush league town, here's what hap pened in a high school game ther Ihe other day . . . The third base man made a puloul al second bas on a Ihrow from Ihe right .fielder who picked up a ball lhat droppec between the centr fielder and th second baseman .... And in th same contest the umpire raced from the plate lo second lo call a play .... Going back, he picked up his cap al Ihe mound, his indicator halfway to the plate and then asked: "Where's my mask?" . . . It was under his arm. • CHICKEN BROODER • SMOKE HOUSE • HOG BARN and other small buildings needed every day on the farm. BUILD IT YOURSELF! We furnish everything but the labor. See us for— • LUMBER • NAILS AND HARDWARE • CEMENT • PAINTS Women's organizations in England assisl in the collection of herbs for medical purposes. Manufacliire of toms lias bfL-n uration. ome 2.1!00 mclal hailed for the BEACAPS HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN B-COMPLEX For Lock of "B" Causing: • NERVOUSNESS •NEURITIS O CONSTIPATION • WEAKNESS • POOR APPETITE C FATIGUE 40 Capsules ; . 98c 100 Capsules $'-G9 JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. Hope, Ark. JFE'S Little TROUBLES Ko need to lie in bed—toss- worry and fret because CON- STll'ATION or GAS PRKS- SUUK won't let you sleep. He sun&il>lc—-pet up—lake a dash of ADLER-I-KA as directed, lo relieve the pressure of lari;e inlevliuea on nerves and organs of the digestive tract. Ad- IcriUii assists old food wastes and pas through a comfortable bowel movement so lliat bowels return to normal si/.e and tlie discomforts of pressure stop. Before you know it, you are asleep. Morning fmcli you feeling clean — refreshed am ready for a nood day's work or fun C.I XJI.r/iu from yv €lrunltl lodar JOHN S. CilBSON DRUG STORE Flashes of Life By The Associated Press Manpower Shortage Atlanta — Lieutenant Charlotte Tonis' company at. Fort Ogle- ob when she joined the WAAC but, says she, "I never expected to substitute for a bride's daddy." A WAAC sergeant in Lieut. Tonis' company at Fort gle thorpe, Ga., married a corporal in thq Army and the lady-who-took- a-raan's-job gave the bride away. Steaks—Remembe 1 "? Hartford, Conn. Said Speaker Harold E. Mitchell as the state legislature approved a bill restoring forfeited rights to a man convicted of stealing two chickens and ten steaks: "The chair still doubts that it's possible." He was assured that the offense occurred in pro-rationing days. Don't get the idea that any of the foregoing implies an early end to this war. Nor does it mean that the use of airpower will disappear from the theater of controversy. Extremists among the airpower advocates undoubtedly will continue to shout that total victory can be obtained by planes alone. The more cautious will point to the Luftwaffe's failure to knock Britain out of the war or even to soften it up to a point where invasion was certain of success. Extremists on the ground side will continue to insist that airpower is nothing but long range artillery mounted on wings and only important in aiding men on land and ships at sea. Probably what is happening is a distillatoin of all these opinions into the really effective use of aii power as a striking weapon, bu' that's practically in the strato sphere compared to where we won a couple of years ago. Today's Guest Star Wendell Lalime, Nesvport (Vt.) Daily Express: "Coach Bill McCarthy of N.Y.U.'s championship Baseball squad has achieved his iest record in 22 years of coach- ng there. We didn't know it took so long for a McCarthy to make ;ood in New York." Sportpourri The Reds arc using an extra- lively ball in baiting practice and nearly knocking it out of the lot. So far they haven't been able to do the same to the rvised balata ball... Pvt. Johnny Greco, the crack Canadian lightweight, entered a Montreal hospital yesterday to have his tonsils yanked out. . . . . The Knoll, a New Jersey Golf Club which once charged nearly $5,000 initiation fee, now collects from $10 to $20 a month, according to the season, from its members. . . Shortage Note: Lenny Goodman, who writes sports for the Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch, also plays on the Maury High School baseball team. If he plays as well War Horse New York — Henry J. Born- helm, a retired tobacco merchant, rode up to the OPA office here in a horse-drawn Brougham —driven by his ex-chauffeur — to announce he'd given up his two cars for the duration. "A very patriotic means of transportation," said the OPA director, thanking him for showing New Yorkers they could still get around these oas-less days. 4 ' Full Time Salem, Ore. — A clay in the life of Mrs. Georgia Ramago McCormack, whose husband is in the South Pacific: She worked all day in the Stale Agriculture Department office. She spent her lunch hour do- naling a pint of blood to Ihc Red Cross. Afler work she hurrod home and aid al her housework. Afler lhat she reported for her sceond full night's work at a cannery which was threatened with closure because of lack of help. Then she fainted. CLAMOUR BY THE Seersuckers, Chambrays, Swisses, Ginghams, Suitings, Batistes, Prints and Many Other Cotton Materials — Priced to Suit Your Purse. For Summer Smartness It's easy . . . it's thrifty . . . it's fun to sew your Summer wardrobe of cotton. You'll find yards and yards of all your fashion favorite cottons here! Bright ginghams for suits and pinafores. Candy striped seer- suckers for coat-dresses and suits. Ice - cream - color chambrays for dirndls and jumpers. Crisp white pique for party dresses, formal gowns! Plus professional sewing aids and easy-to-follow patterns to make your sewing easier! And we're all set to save you money on every inch you snip and sew!" Hempstead County Lumber Company Phone 89 For Sale: NEW, IMPROVED, STREAMLINED NO, 42 COMBINE German pilots in prison camps are being taught the art of rug making by British women. Infant baboons, just like infant children, suck their thumbs and toes. Legal Notice Your McCormick-Deering Dealer Arkansas Machine Specialty Co. V. C. Johnston 218 North Walnut—Hope, Arkansas—Telephone 257 NOTICE Notice is hereby given thai the ndersigned will within the time xed by law to apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State f Arkansas for a permit lo sell eer al relail al 223 Soulh Main Ireel, Hope, Arkansas, Hempslead County. The undersigned slales lhal he is a cilizen of Arkansas, of good moral haracler, lhat he has never been onvicled of a felony or olher crime nvolving moral turpitude: that no icense to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that Ihe undersigned has never been convicled of violaling Ihe laws of Ihis slale, or any other slale, relaling to Ihe sale of alcoholic liquors. CHECKERED CAFE, By Wm. RAMSEY. Subscribed and sworn lo before me Ihis 20lh day of May, 1943. (SEAL) Nolary Public. DAISY DOROTHY HEARD, My Commission expires March II, 1945. 'J €' We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo, W, Robison 6- HOPE Co. NASHVILLE

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