The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 6, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1977
Page 4
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. ^'$$'"^-f£.:>. '"\ :./'• I-AGK 4—XAUOATCCK NKWS (CONN.J, MONDAY, AUG. 10, 3Mfl CTfjc ©ail? JSeto* PublUhed Every Kvonlntf (SCxoopt Sunday) by THIC NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUOATUCK, CONN. _____ •i At, HENNlCK^Pfpnldont' and J-nuDlUh' Telephone* S2Z» luid Z2.SO—All Department* JCatored «» nocond clu»» muttor ut tho po»t office in Nnugntuoh. Conn, SUBSCIUPTION RATES Pitynble In Advnnoo I month «.00 1 Your .....J12.00 *J^_"; -• | m n ---^—-- ii ii Uomber; The American Now»pu;jor Publlxhoi-n /uui'n The N. K, Dully NowMpupur Pub. Aim'n The Conn, Nownpupor PublMhors Aua'n MONDAY, AUGUST 1I>, 1MB A Problem That Must Be Solved It is lii'JirtC'iiiii# to note tho announce'- inont that J'rusiclciit Triiuian may ask irf to enact special legislation to a number of displaced pc-i'sons, including .luwiwli refugees IVom Kurort to (Mitt'i- tin- United Ktalcs. If there is i will in CoiigroMM to do thin, a way to grim Ktich permission nndonhtedly can hi found. The President, in expressing the hope that the British ^ovi-nunc'iil will l'iiu'1 a "fair solution to the problem ol' Palestine" in cooperation willi Jewish and Aral) leaders, said it is el ear that no settlement of the Palestine pruhlem ean he achieved that will he fully satisfactory |.o all of the parties concerned. If the prohlera is to he. solved at all, he said, it rnusl. he approached in a spirit of conciliation. The svar-sick world has many problems, finl, that of the .Jewish people is one of the most, crucial, from the human point of view. Man has an incrodiblu ca- pari^ly for trouble and privation, but Mirre always is a point at which 'human endurance must j;-ive out. The Jewish problem will not wait. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newi 20 Years Ago The MIHHOS Mildred and Agnea Grumman Moudow street vacationed In Maine. o—O—o Mlaa Anna W. Cowling of Lewis street taught in Mldcllobui-y school, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Wrcnn of Meadow street vacationed ut Myrtle beach, Mllford. o—O—o Peter F. Meojjnn of Highland avenue returned from New York city. • •,';!•'• '. : MOTHER. ^fHE GIRL WHO NEVER FORGETS" - — - Friendly Export New Orleans businessmen are proving with a new project the old truth that the way to make money is-^ive people i; - ood servirr. International House, the city's center for foreign trade, first conceived in Jii-HI, is already paying off in dollars and i^mxl will for tin- future. Tin- or^anixalion, housed in a remod- elled building, is Beared (<» do two things for foreign visitors—lo help them carry out their own ideas for business in the [Muted Slates, and lo encourage them to do business with Mississippi Valley producers, according' to Coronet ma^axine, A buyer who appeal's at International Tfoiisc is provided with countless courtesies, lie Is tfivcn offiee space and assigned a secretary who speaks Ids lan- Kiia^e. His hotel and travel accommodations are taken care of, Id' is interviewed by a staff member who learns about his business needs. As if tiy ma^U' there appear factory representatives who can supply llu- furnaces, or textiles, or desk chairs, or whatever the buyer needs, ITc is told about the extensive shipping facilities of N'ew Orleans. The result, of course, is I hat: the foreign businessman finds his way smoothed in a country foreign lo him, and he finds it easy to procure the iroods needed in his own country. He leaves behind him orders which will #iv<> financial .yum to the Xew Orleans area, find he (filers wiHi him a friendly feeling for Iiilernajional House ami the Americans he met there. This pxxl neighboring is" ^ood business, and, because it promotes international trade, is jjood for the country as a whole. Around The Clock Quite a crowd appeared on the green tho other night for the third of a series of band concerts, . , . Conrad Kohs did n fine job leading the group singing-, and this time he actually got cooperation with many voices joining in with him to render the sings, new and old, . . . Tom Leary was up there listening to tho music, wondering who the new girl was who hit town. . . . The newly made papa for the third time, George Smith was also up there enjoying the music of- Daniel Oomcke and the Community ba,nd. Burgess and Mrs. Andy O'Toole are back in town after a fine vacation in Massachusetts. . . . Francis Caulfield says plans are progressing for the carnival to be conducted by St. Francis' parish in the fall. . . . Francis is general chairman, .... Frank San Angel o of South Main street built a beautiful altar in honor of St. Rocco at his home, in honor of the saint who was honored last Friday. .Jack Cull man says the next time a earn loaves town to take part in a tough series he'll loan the boys one of his hats. . . Two local boys are planning to start their own advertising agency. YOU'RE TELLING ME! By WILLIAM RITT IN DANISH restaurants, we read, a steak Is served with a fried egg on top. What, no pickle or mustard? jii Canadian caught a 35-pound ''Ksh with a lasso. Zadok Dum- kopf thinks be must have really teen aiming at a bull (frog). jii Pu Yi, ex-puppet emperor of ex-Manehokuo, is unemployed. Maybe ha could get a job at Charley McCarthy's sland-in. t i i For the second time this the Aga Khan will receive a gift of hit weight in diamonds. Central Press Writer ~~ ' There's one fat man who )„« doesn't dare reduce. ; i i London is reported sinking „ the rate of an inch every f" years. The world's i arge / t ™' may some day be the lowes,' Maryland police t,; ed , o f(p| . en away »tarlin 9 * by firing J rpmon candles. Birdt, 10, ,. seems, like to watch firework',. During the war. we read «>| M crossed the U. S.-Canad!an bo" dor disguised as hockey players It takes icy nerve's, all right, in PUU a stunt like that. \ WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1940. by The Hearst Corporation) Ed Wilcox's lucky Stetson has returned, this time circumventing Bob Stauffer's cranium. The youth, when getting off of the 10:10 >the other evening along with the remainder of the local Legion team,, sajid that he was going to keep the "lucky" hat, in order to keep E~d from passing it along to any other unfortunate team units. Goo rye Donfy's many friends will bo happy to loarn that he's feeling much butter. , , . George is a patient at New Haven hospital, whore he recently underwent a spinal I'lision. .MISCELLANY FROM AI,L OVER THE MAP— The Windsors will return to America next winter. The Riviere bores them. Their villa is still mined and they have to trtad narrow paths, marked out for them. .. The Robert Youngs, New Yorkers who entertained Eddie nnd Wally at Newport last summer", are Abroad and have .visited them. Young, a business tycoon, has offered the duke a post with one of his companies. ..It is unlikely that commerce will attract Windsor; even more unlikely that hi.s family, which controls his income, would sanction it. Odds are that he will buy a house in Palm Beach, where ho and his '.liichess have many dear friends. .. ."Doc" Holden, who was Fifi VVidener Wichfeld's second husband, is believed to be Windsor's undercover financial agent in. New York. Contacted at Newport,, he refused Ho discuss his associa-. lions with royalty, you.... All my life I've dreamed about a girl.... I never knew her name..., 1 never even, knew she existed. Until priority and Keif-Imposed servitude .. .The diamond NOlitulrc and tho platinum band... .Oli, well, there's nlways (he French Foreign Legion! Hoy Rennard leaves today for Hollywood, carrying- with, him, a torch bigger than.' that. of. the Statue of Liberty. Me has a Columbia rlc contract , but. tho. thrill cnn't nuike him forget hl» wife, Virginia McDoniiBh, who left' him Lucille Frawley (onetime Lucille Fourteen Persons Lost Lives On New England Highways Boston, Aug. 19—(UP) —Fourteen persons were killed in highway accidents during the weekend in New England. Five of the victims suffered fatal injuries in a collision between a bus and an automobile near Old Orchard Beach. Maine. Victims of the accident twerc Mrs .Leonard VioleUe, 65 years old, her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Armand Violette, thx-ir daughter, three-year-old Linda, and a granddaughter, Linda La Poin-te, I 9 years old. all of Lewiston, Me. Three other persons were in critical condition at a hospital while a score of others were less seriously injured, . . Eight other persons met their death in accidents in New Hampshire while a single fatality was recorded in Worcester, Mass. • GALVANIZED WATER PAILS Special 49c SANZERF5? J>Vn * t « ST ~ ' VISIT OUR NEW ENLARGED GIFT SHOP Adjacent to our muin Ktore for ELECTRIC APPLIANCES • GLASS & CHJ.VA WARE WROUGHT IRON- WARE • FIGURINES und other other, wo.eds..... Your'e the dream cooie true. . And 1 couldn't let a Ktiipld convention take you from me. .. . I've Just ijot to know you." ....Just then tho butt stopped and she moved toward the exit.... As she came opposite me. .. She raised ht-r left hand to prasp the stanchion. .. .And there they were Those two symbols of possessive just now In, I.i-e. Warren) of Memphis, who c:Lsh(Hl in us a concessionaire In Southern cities, Is combing New York for a promising nightclub locution Poll ?>'egTi's neeotiatians 10 nuike a film In • England fell through Former head policewoman Mary Sullivan |s. doing, a radio program and (s not associated with cx-j'ollce Conuh. Bolun's mail order Investigation ao.adem,\ fiarkley Would Have Resigned Had Truman Nixed OPA Bill II G. O. P. Seoi Slaughter Purge Pyrrhic Victory for President Lady In Distress Tim Stnt UP of Lilu-rty how boon t rented luully hy thonajuHis of visitors who could not row!ttt Nmoar'm,ir nanu-M all over her. Tin- Monument. ' Builders Association calls it a "imtiotml dis.u'raco", and Charles S. Marshall, suporintendont, says that he and his handful or^imrd.s simply can't. l<(H'i> up.with (.In, vandals. Tt'M no way to treat a lady, particularly n lady who moans ( ,s much to as many Americans as the torch hearer in New York harhor, Tho ftttittie- is ahout (.o ge |. n c ,| can i, Wi nmi^trpHh cont of pnint, on the inside. .Attor that, wouldn't it he nice if her callers could pay their respects in » manner duo a adv .who for (JO yoarn has stood on her httlo island n.s a symho! of American troocloml Mrs. Myles Sweeney is in Orange Park, Florida, visiting- with her daughter, Mrs. John Curtin, . . . She flew from LaQuar- dia Field on Saturday. , . . Mary Brandien and Mary Hales spent the weekend in New York. . . . Ken Johnson, is on vacation. Mrs. Al Krewor is the owner of that new voice on our office switchboard. . . . Mr. and Mrs. .Joseph .F. Smith are hack in town, having enjoyed the cool breezes of Maine the past two weeks. . . , The Rudolph Hc-nnicks are in Chicago for the next lu r o \voelcs. A special Marine color guard will be detailed here for the Welcome Home parade, according to Capt. Harry Hadd of the Hartford recruiting station. . , . Bill Krodel is feeling much better at Grace hospital, New Haven. W I, tho l,ou«,ng shortage potting no »>o or i««r, more nnd find u p i aco lo 1>urk Smith, manager of the G. C. Murphy Co., is confined to his home as result of an accident yesterday at Bantam Lake. . . . Uudy injured li'is feet on sharp stones so bndly that what ];ttlo moving- lie docs is with the aid of crutches. . . . "\V C noted a, yronp of boys playitiy football on the horseshoe the other night. . , . The going- £ot a bit 1- o«t'I> Jack Kingsioy and .Ed "Moe" Farren spent the weekend in Lowell, Mass. Miss Helen B. Sokoloski, 148 Wooster street, Salem school teacher, is visiting in Mexico. ... Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ferrone and daughter, Joan, and Mr. and Mrs. Carmela DeLuca of Chicago are guests of Mrs. Joseph Nardello, 490 South Mam street Esther Lundin has completed her vacation schedule for the season. . . Speaking of floats, there's a great rush to line up beautiful laQlea and rugged men to provide living models for the tnemes to be portrayed. Ted Stncte, band lender booked In Las Vnpas, Nov., might find other biislnoss In that Stftl<i, He and Marie Windsor, Hie Marysvllle, Utah, girl who mude e.ood us -.» sturlet with M-G-M-, are Informally s-c[iurut(-«l. Slio financed the orgiuv- Izatlon of his orchestra and It \va» believed an Ideal match. But now thclo close frlitnd.s know ot.herwlttc The Duke family IN in the movie bii.slncs.H. The tobacco niiillons are helping nnnnce Independent Artists, Inc., wlvlch Includes in its router Cary Grunt, Rosalind ItusHell and her husband, Dudley Nichols and Frank Vincent Hermitage Press will publish, on Oct. 5, the new liook hy Nick Kenny, "How to Write, SliiR- u'nd Sell Popular Songs." This Is of especial Interest .to me, because I have compalgned to give a chnnce t'o the thousand** i of amateurs uh o aw; ambitious In that field. Wluit Nick doesn't know nliout the intricate, slightly crazy business wouldn't Interest anyone Among the muss of material will he an expose of song racketeers. McCulIuh St. John, adopted son of Adola Rogers St. John, will'mar- ry Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bogart Ropers, Sept. 7, in- Beverly Hills. AcJela is Bogart's sis- tor, and they are, of course, both foremost writers Dayle Barry daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Barry Farls. will wed Thomas Joseph Ourkin, Sept. 6, at the Weatchester Country Club, Faris is the Lop editor of International News Service ant! n war correspondent who went everywhere he »e.nt his boys. , Friends have vainly tried to reconcile the Connie Macks. The owner | of the Philadelphia Afthletics, in his 80's, lives with his g-rundson, 'is lonely, but unyielding, • j Mldtown Matinee" (By Tom Weatherly). It was a southbound Cth Ave, bus She got on lit 57th With apologies to Rogers and. Hurt: My heu.Pt stood still "This 1» It," I thought..,. Never before had I seen Such a seraphic vision. ., . All pink and cola.. .With Nhlinmorlnff gray-blue' stars for eyes A red, red rosebud for a mouth.... Ami a tlp-tlltcd nose My pulse raced My head reeled And my knees clicked together.... "There comes 'a time In the udalrs of men, etc." I wald to me And brother, this > the time.... Wntch her closely... When she gets off You get off . .Then"ttp your hat... .Gallantly but with decorum And nay somci thing like this ,..»i beg your pardon, please don't misunderstand. : : I'm not trying to be fresh.., But Just couldn't help upeuklng to Special to Central Press • WASHINGTON—President Truman, it can 'now be disclosed would have lost his administration leader in the Senate if he had vetoed the second OPA extension bill. ator Alben Barkley (D) Ky., was prepared to resign as ma- jeader. He made no secret of the fact and told several friends "I resigned once before and I can do it ajrain " This was.a reference to the occasion on wmch Barkley resigned as Democratic leader when the late President Roosevelt vetoed a tax bill and sent a scorching message to Congress along with the veto. Senate Democrats then re-elected Barkley unanimously as their leader and the opinion was often expressed thereafter that from that moment Barkley became the real Democratic leader and not just the president's representative in the Senate. Barkley was compelled to consider resigning again because he felt that another veto would In effect be a repudiation by the president of his leadership In the Senate. keenly the action taken by Mr. Truman in vetoing ( i ^ :t <| ns '°n bill, after the congressional "Big Four" « B ^ n £. Bar .!* 3r : ^ d "Amended approval. yeara i Zippers have been manufactured commercially since 1913. George Raft, In "Night Is for tlift JlunU'r," will play a reformed card- shurk. What—no dice'.' Reported Romancing- -Ella. Mae Morse, the record-chanter, and Rod Cameron, flying instructor ..Lionel Shelley, beaucoup-bucks brewery heir, and Jeannie Masters .Joe Erens. Hollywood story-scripter, and Mingo Maynard, larklet at l'-;U.V3 .. Jackie Lawton, Kansas City lad, and Betty Reilly, Mexico- born colleen. . .Dick Stabile and Dell Parker, at Bradley's Ei!l Ncwgold and Alma Dcttir.ger, radio rivals on different cuilets at the same time ....Owen Macfavland (WMCA) and Powers model Ruth Duncan, who will %ved ar.y edition, if they haven't already .. Barbara Hayden, of the movies, and Tony Romano, sinking at Roxy's, trying to act platonic, thnuyh we know they've been secretly wod for three months And Skitch Henderson^ .".r.d "the Fucy." Anita Coiby, who ; was supposedly devoted to CJai'k i Gable. I FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 106 South Main St CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tfil. 2219 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET (Opposite Niiucnturk Xurnltur«r Co.) l-WKji-.v Krmilr Service tin All M«k» of Kuillo .si-tii. rrninut Service in Kr/ifnjqiitllc l'rlee«. Iji(r«t taulDIUHt r«r Kiidlo Ki-unir Wurk. Philco Car Radios Immediate DfJiverv Automatic Phono^raplii and Record Ch « Qt. Presto q*-t n QP» •Pressure Cooker* U>JL2£«i/D (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 132 CHURCH STREET and Henry C. Rogers assures me that Boh Taplinger, of I'awjmount. was rewarded with $10,000 by TU'A for one word—"Giftrlp"—which he says will be the theme of TWA merchandising and advertising. Maybe you can solve It....Helen Walker, the I 'other woman" i;i "The Home Stretch," wasn't always a menace; she used to work In the. Baston dog license bureau... .Patrick J. Hannl gan, runnlr^j against Rep. Marcun- tonio fop the Dfimo. nomination, was a schoolmate of Dennis Day and sang with him in tho clioir of St. Patrick's Cathedra). .We salute Votikers, celebrating its SOflth anniversary. A little kidding recently brought us a lot of response—but it was all courteous, repressed and in a spirit of forgiveness. That shows It's a mature, stalely and dignified institution. AUGUST FUR SALE — BUY NOW AN'n SAVE — 99 N. MAIN STREET Waterbury Tel. S-2727 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St, Union City Tel. N»ug. 6111 — Wat 4-MS8 FELIX XARDEt-LO. Mgr. Full Mnrk <if xlrH anil wood blind* UUndw rvi'lltrrd. rt^-Ianod, et«. A hillbilly, on trial for killing his wife when he oaugfifNar wi:h a neig-hbor, was asked why he shot hnr instead of her lover. "Shucks," he replied. "Ah'd rather shoot a woman once than a man every week!" SEE CS FOB VOUB VACviriO.V LUGGRGE PIS'HERT S. MAIN ST. £.1871 LEBON VBMETIAA BLIND CO FROZEN FOODS PACKING MATERIALS Electric Appliance Co. 1244 Ilulduln HI. Wul. — Tc). 4-1242 G. O. P. strategists claim that voted fon, Slaughter, will refuse vote for Reeves Instead. LARGE STOCK OF SEAT COVERS $7.95, $9 95, $12.95 $15.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugstuck, Conn. ITRED'S HI-WAY GRHLLE 501 South Main St. Regular Daily Dinner 50c up A La Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail l.ounga Full Liquor License WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS — with chrome tray, sugar and creamer, $O complete *a£t M. WOLFF SS CHAJJD ST^ WTBBT a e , nMM . fight "" '" the latter resigned during the OP* GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DELTVERY Tour Wltt.VS-OVKKI.AND Dealer LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24' UnrrJeon ArrDue Off Kxolittnice lMnrr> Wn(crbury 'Phone 3-«fS02 control, on ~ View » of STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Waterbury. Conn KOYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland R&P METAL WORKS 89 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Steel Bars & Sheets FOR SALE Ornamental Steel Work Telephone CS77 SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFACQ DICK FINLEY, Mpr. Open 10 A, M. to 10 F. M. Boating 0 Bathing 0 Picnic* Vacuum Cleaners Electrical Specialist* AT SWAN'S Tel.. O574 15 Church St.

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