Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1911
Page 6
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THE lOIA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, DTHURSDAY EVENING, D Let Sattta Name the Gift AN OUT-POURING of PIANOS for CHRISTMAS Never before have we so !d so many Pianos for gifts $1A ^^"^^ ^^^^ Christmas ^ J." 20 cents eacli day pays tor it We'Carry the Largest Stock of Pianos in the State of Kansas Laugh All Day CHRISTMAS and forever afterw^ards 1 A complete line of Phonographs, Victrolias, Talking Machines, Violins, Banjos, Mandolins, Guitars, Music Rolls and ever3i;hing in Music. J. V. Rol)erts Music Co. store Open Evenings Ida, Kansas HEilE IT IS EffiR IMY IS A FOOieULL STAR SPEEDY A>D CLEVER, HE IS 0\E OF BAKEB'S CHIEF HOPES. Allen County Boy MaVra Good in Great Shape on Fast Team—lie- coming a Punter. Since Allon county lias tasted the Joy and formed the habit of huviuK :i star athlete or two or tlircp or four, cavorting on college pridirons, or starring on some big lou^^uc diHiiiond, It would be mournful news to say that the time beinK our Blara had «U set So It is with general pleasure that the news came that John Laury, Jr., hud won a leasing place ou ili<- Balcer University football toani flio aecond year he •went in for athlrticB at the Bchopl. I3akcr, it will b<^ r*- membered, Who shone brilliantly in Baker's Star Half-barlu football circles years ago, r^tirpd . from the field and tliis year's team is the first she has sent out in ten or fifteen years, so the showing the tvam ' made Is the more rpniarkablc. - The record of this eleven is now made up for the past season and it abowruB follows: ' Baiter 15; Campb^llO. Bilcer 0; K. U. 0. BaJwr 0; Denver i:. r>. Baker 8; Campboll rj. Baiter 3; K. S. A. C. 0. Baker 5; Falrmount 0. Baker 6; William Jewell 0. Baker J2; Ottawa Tnlverslly n. P6f a first year team Uiat is cer- -tainlra wonderful record. The team ^tled Kansas University and defeated all Its other opponents save the heavy . Deaver University team. Forty-nine IJOlnTs were scored by Baker to 11 by her opponents. The collegians themselves and all tbe^pectators who watched the games agree that a goodly portion of the iteam's success was due to Luury, who played at half back and end. He is the son of Register of Deeds John iJ &u ry and grew up on the Elm township farm, learned football from ilu- famous LaHarpe team and promises to he a star the rest of his college 'course. Of him the Baker publiiatlon the "Baker Orange" says: ! "John Ijiury played a great g.-unc at half this year. This season was Laury's second appearance in football. Last year because of injuries received early in the season he was unable to phiy in but two games. ! "This year l-aury wa.s belter iible to take care of himself and lie was in till' lineup for every game except one j "Ljiury is a good ground nalner and is developing a toe which will be of great value to Uaker In the coming year. •'In points made, Laury ranks next to Dulion-. liarliig made lo poliiis— <»ne louclidown against Campbell, one kick from pluceme:<t against WlUlnm fiwelJl and two goal kicks againBi tjt- tiiwa, i "Laury weighs only 153 but in Sliced he balances (In? lack In WCIKIII." TOIB STO-HACH TBOUBLE t-'OES. 1 — Selievrs Indii;e<)tion, Gas. Dyspepsia i Sourness in Fire MlDnteg. There would not be a case of indigestion here if readers who are sub- ect to stonijaeli trouble knew the tremendous anti-ferment and digestive virtue contained in DIapepsin. This harmless preparation' will digest heavy meal without the fus.s or discomfort, and relieve the sourest acid stomach In five minutes, be.^ides overcoming all foul, nauseous odors from the breath. Ask your pharmacL-t to .show you the formula plainly printed on each ."(|-cent case of Pape's DIapepsin, then you will readily understand why lh!.s promptly cures indigestion and removes such symptoms as heartburn, a feeling like a lump of lead In Ihe stomach belching of gas and eructa­ tions of undigested food water brash, nausea, headache biliousness and many other bad symptoms; and, besides you will not need laxatives to keep your .'Stomach liver and intestines clean and fresh. If your litoinach Is sour and full of Ras. or your food doesn't digest and yojir meals don't seem to fit, why not pe^ a .".'i-cent case from your drug^jlst and make life worth li\ing? Absolute relief from stomach ml6er3^ and per- fe(,t disestlon of anything you eat Is su e to follow five minutes after, and, be> Ides, one .I'l-cent case is sufficient to cure a whole family of such trouble!. J?urely, a harmless, inexpensive paraKon like Pnpe's DiaiiepFin, ,ch will always, either at daytime ... during night relieve your Mom- act misery and digest your meals, la about us bandy and valuable a thing you could have In the house. PIUXXEK FLOKAL HOUSES THEIK BEST. AT Much Money Ila.<i Been Expended to Moke the Establishment tbe Best In the State. pr< wh or as ll.--. —A Des Moines man bad an attack of muscular rheumatism in his shoulder A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense of b.OO or more. He sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure It an^ found It in Chamberlain's Linl- medt. Throe days after the first application of this liniment he was well. Fori sale by all dealers ^ : ^ , -4Elite and MaJesUc now 5c. To step from, the atmosphere of mid-wlnter Into tiie balmy, fragrant, atmosphere of mid-summer, might with amide reason be Imagined to be a strange experience. An experience as strange as really stepping over the bounds between winter and. summer was that of a visitor to the Primmer green house at 704 ICast Lincoln street recently. One step, and the cold air of winter wijs replaced by a warm air, laden with the fragrance of thousands ot'flowers and plants. The Primmer greenhouses consist of live buildings, four greenhouses and one propoguting plant. Tha two houses on the east, which are new ones, having been built only last sum mer, are each in size 21 by ll5 feet There are also two houses on the^ west, one being In size 22x85 feet, and the other 15xG5 feet. The propogatlng Iiouse, which is east of and adjoining the two new houses, is In size 0x65 fuel. All tlicse houses are kept at almost any temperature desired by an admirable Bteam heating system. The boiler from which the steam Is driven is 40 Inches In diameter, and 13 feet in length, and from it run a num her of pipes which go through the different greenhou8 <!fl. Any one pipe may be cut off or put Into service at will, and thus the temperature of the houses may be rulsiid to and maintained at, liny temperature between Ihnt of the outside air and the highest temperature capacity of the heating pltfUt. After making a circuit of the houses, the pipes return to the boiler, and the water is used over again, it somellmes being several days before a new supply of water is neces sary. Desides lessening the work Involved io keeping the heating apparatus going the continuous use of the same water for the steam heating has other advantages, among them being the fact that, after it has once -completed the circuit. It is free from Impurities, and therefore can hardly cause anj' scaling in the boiler. Of course, the colder the wcatlKfr ihe more heating pipes are in use. So far this winter not more than half of the pipes have been used. Tlie hrat- ing plant is designed, when the full number of pines are working at their capacity, to keep the flowers and plantb perfectly safe, even when the temperature outside has gone as low as fifteen below zero. Proper ventilation and temjieralure are of the highest importance in a green house, and at the Primmer greenhouse a man Is employed, at all hours of the night and day, in watching these things, shutting and opening windows, and turning uud and cutting oC heating pipes. The temperatures of the houses may vary from 40 degrees to aO or even 100, according to the end in view, Each flower or plant has its most suitable temperature. Carnation tern peratnre is 50 at night and 60 in the daytime while rose temperature, both during the night and day is 10 de- gre«B higher. Ferns and bedding stock take about the same temperature as roses. There is but one manner of forcing or retarding the growth of plants, and the blooming of flowers and this is by nature's method, the increase or reduction of temperature. Olio will And proof In a visit to greenhouse, that tliere is a remarkable parallel between plant and animal life. Plants and flowers must be watered and fed and nursed when ill just as animals are. The number limes water Is given during the day Is governed by the humidity or dryness of the air, water being given as many as three times a day during dry weather, and as Infrequently as once every five, eight or even ten days, during the rainy season. Tlie conduct of a greehouse Is as much without parallel, perhaps, as any known business. Ariiflcial grouud, of a few feet in area, is made to produce material in the value as that of a 160-acre farm. The demand on Ihe greenhouse products Is very fluctuating, the actual cash taken in one day amounting to but 50 cents while the next day it will run up to $75 or more. The Primmer greenhouses make a specialty of carnations, both of the new houses being devoted to the grow ing of these flowers, and good spaces- being given to them In the othei houses. Many other flowers am plants are grown, however. Besides carnations, lilies, narcissus roses, chrysanthemums and other cut flowers are grown and such plants as geraniums, fuchias, begonias, heliotropes, lantanas, colius, panties uud daisies are cultivated. Such a greenhouse as the Primmei would not be supported except in ti larger city were It not for the ))atron- age of the surrounding towns. Mr Primmer has regular customers hi about seventeen towns In this vicinity, such as Toronto, Hiirlington, Yates Center, Neosho Falls, Bine Mound and others. —Elite and Majestic now 5c. "./««# Say," HORLICK'S It OrigiHr and IMHIIM MALTED MILK TbfFMtf -drttforlUiliM. More healtliful dm Tea or Cdlfee. Affvet vnth the weaken digeitioii. Deiiciou*, iongoralmg and nutrilioiit. Rich mJk. roahed grain, powder form. A «nck bndb pnpired ia « aimte, OAen are umtaHona, And Now You Are Thinkingjof Christmas It's a problem, isn't it—this ffift ffivinfif. You've thcuj>ht and thought — but have you thought furniture? No? Well then, why not a nice big easy chair for Dad? A nice writing deslv for sister? A couch for the family? Why, there is 'something in Furniture Jor everybody right here. A Slumber Chair for $1S.00 Upholstered in the best grade of leather, each chair has foot rest attachment. Chairs displayed in eithfer mission or gokieh oak —this is a chair that wiill be sure to please him. vSaturday —— vSpecials —— We have on display in our south window, a large assortment of Small Rugs in both Axminster and Velvet, at so small a price that they will not last :long. Better come early. 4 patterns of Velvet Rugs, size 27x54, each 98c 15 patterns Axminster Rugs, size 27x54, each. .$1.65 110 patterns Axminster Rugs, size 36x60, each. .,$2.98 I I Special prices on many patterns of Room Size 'Rugs. Remember, one day, Saturday, at these prices. This library Table $12 Quai't.ered oak in Early English or golden oak, dull. Size of table 26x4-5—a table that would be an ornament to any room. Style plain— yet massive. Fifty other patterns to select from at more than reasonable prices. CHRISTMAS TR?:ES Extra Fine Delaware Holly at ACCIDKM TO C. C. LUCCOJ'K Sn.<stHined Painful Injuries Whi-n Struck by a (iuy Wire YrsterdayJ C. C. I.uceock, of 'itW -treht, wa.s painfully but not sorioiisly Injured yesterday afternoou about four o'clock at the Santa Fe depot wli^n a break occurred in some niachinel-y whidi lie, and a force of men in Ills employ, were loading: Home walnut logs into a car. At tlie time tlie niji- ehlnehy broke;. .Mr. l.iiceock was slatid ing on the side of tlie car wliit li wis of the oiien variety commonly kno\\(n as a coal car and a guy wire .struck him Willi terrific foicc acro.s.s the body and lie was thrown head foremost Into the car of lo},'.^, sii.siainius a i-evpre fcasli on tlie head and a number of iiainful bruises aliout the l>ody. Mr. Luccock's injuries are not serious, but he will probably bo confined o his'home for several days. The loading of ilie logs yesterday was being done by means ofsr^'snatch block' 'and "gin jiole," these being operated by a gasoline engine. When the machlnerj- broke its entire weikht was tlirown on one Kuy wire, and It was this which, breaking,' and swinging through Uip air with lerrlllr force Mruck .Mr. l.uccuck and knocked lilm from the side of the car. OMON CHKKK. j —You will find that drUKglsts every Decenilier 12.—IJIanche Sloan whoi „.i„.ro speak well of Chnniberlain'.s accompanied her cousin, Howard a (;„„^i, Ueinedy. Thev know from long couple of weeks aKo lor a visit with experience in the sale of it that in relatiu's there, returned to lola Sun- „f contclis and colds it can al- day and is staying with her aunt. foia| „-av.s be deepnded upon, and that it is Flake tills week helping with her] pipd^ant and safe to take. For sale by housework as Cora has a felon on her ;humli. Tlios. (!gg and wife .spent a day in lol.i j-,en;iig ac(iuainied with the lit- tli' ti>iii> that came to llie iioiuo of Chas Kianiz lately. Hanie Sloan writes that lie likes (Jrewua l.f'ittr tlian when he first went then.' Ile^finds work wliich will make him contented if anything will. .Mrs. Kssie Crook wlio has been on silk list for.soem time, is some better but not near well yet. W'- Mni.'» island tfiat Dave Brown has moved cu tlie Uurwell place and Hairy t'finklin will move on the Spellacy p][ace soon. Kriest Toles expects til move to tlie Phillips' farm and Oan .McKillup will move from Humboldt onto Ills own farm again in the spring. Ilowfird Coulter left .Monday for California from where he left about tliree months ago and has visited rela tives in Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma and friends in variou.s other places and is now ready to go back lo Ills .work with the drilling com- 11.1 ny. •.Mr .QIark who recently came from California is making liis liome with liis daiighter. .Mrs .Clarence Ueahm. all dealers. TO rritE A COLD IK ONE DAT. —Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinlna Tablets. Druggists refund money It it faii-s to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 2oc. —Elite and .Majestic now 5c. —Don't fnnret nnmteur night, Tnekdjiy and Friday evening. Tlieuirt'. Willi the rnming of .Middle Age -There Is a letting down in the physical forces often shown In annoy Ing and painful kidney and bladder ail ments and urinary Irregularities. Fo; ley's Kidney Pills are a splendid regulating and strengthening medicine a^ such a time. Try them. J. O. Munt dU & Co, I IMSIXJ STAR. December ,1'.!.—Mrs. Frank Dozier vlKlleii at (Jeorge Stout's Friday. Albert Stout and family visited at .Mrs. Cai-penter's .Mondsy. Harley .Snyder shelled corn one day last week. Mrs. Y 'ynn and llarliy went to lola Saturday and returned home Sunday. C.eorge Stout Is building a new granary:.Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson came down Sunday afternoon to set; the Iniprnveiiients which are liclng put on (^randj N"rt5irup farm which they are going to farm ne.\t year. .Mr. and Mrs. Chltwood went to lola Monday.* .Mr. and Mrs. liuchannan of l.a | llarpe, jire visiting O. A. Chltwood and family. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder went to lola Wednesday. The little friends of Mary Saar gave her a pleasant surprise party Saturday to remind her of her eighth blrthdayi I 'very CAMERAS—just the thing for the Children's Christmas $1.00 to $12.00 GIBSON'S STUDIO Highest Market Prices For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPFS JUNK YARD Phone 314 is Poor Try an "Air-O-Lite" COLE HARDWARE

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