Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1911
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EV^NING/DECEMBER 14,19]|l GRIP LEFt HER WRECK PE^RU-NA RESTORED HER THE GOOD WOHK CONIINOED TWKLVE WAGOX LOADS OF DOXA- TIO.\S KKCEIVJiU. Hoitftf of ChurUh's'' DontitJon Daj lirciit >4ucccii !t, nnd ItunntloDR ,Arc Still PoBflnK In. Grip and Catanh Mrs. Kaiini Hcilwi i. ;<. \..). 1111 Willow Av,. I|i('u()ki>ii. .\i .Ji'iVi >. Willi'.-: "Kour yi>ai-s 1 :,<'\ ri- .i:- tjiok of hiiiip;!.'. \v:is ro:i:ii'< 1 i.i bcil. an<l ulii'Tl t r ,n :;|;cr 'A.y s)iklli'!;s 1 was trn-.liiiil , ivi hii:ii-i- iK 'ss and slinii' in I.ISM'I •.'.ml tlm'at.j anil was loM I • .;'.iir)i. I ti'.l:; siiiiie iiKHliiiiii', bu! wUliDiii u^.--• i bi'iK'fit. "Mvcry wi '.U'r (-iln-^' f'lr I'MU' y-'.in.: 1 liav(> liail i|i|Pi' il.i.t wiiur:- llui- tiiii>'s», anil t 'l" rat.irili fj!i«' Iia: ; ;;;»:a( IHMH lit to tr.y hoaltli. Jr r.- 111.' blood ailil sl!'fl!>;tli. 1 <:.HUl ;U)(! slrcJJ vvitJ;(Hit lilia.; <l. 1 liavi' no iiahi. ln-ailai ln'. • ill iiiy iii'ad." • L'alarrh of Head ?.i:s. A. 1.. W.'tzcl. 11 r.-iTi' ll.uiii', Inil.. wiifis. "Wilt n I liouail (ri t;;lM ifl>' I <(iiti(i III!'. stiU'll rliiitcli lioll liiif;. Now nor 1 liio ST liii'd:- ii'ar a can sMuU anil lii'ai. Whi'ii i v\ (11 -I'.' !»i>;;.in your t ri';'.l la'iil S>IKM-I>'« 1 could not lio down or my Iiisui wa-: ti'irllili-. .\>l> :'. ii' i.;,-t>! 1~ V'. a.'" I had l)ii,!zi:iK and I'lii) 1' llI!\IM\<i .•ii-.t.;\.': i;(';!,; i' wiiliMiiK nols.'s in my lu'ad. Hi;STOHKl» j-'imi- 1 ill ii :• I ••'•K', I fii'.lowi'd >oiir aiWiri- > :i ii.i'llt' 1.'hi'; lall !irii!ly and (oiik I'l'mya an yo.i I--, I'ly \. I lold iiii-. Now 1 mlulil say 1 aii wrli wok<> ti |i. al'd ;ia<l l:o li !''i;i! 1 ! 'i;!!!'!' nuiiitlis aK ' I wvnl anuilid iiki- a bolili- ol I'l'iuiia. and aiii'i ii:'^'i i a snail now 1 l.i'I brisk and ar(l\«'. lliri 'O bo:t!i':- iuul ii-lii'l. I'riim !i,o I will alAays- |ir.ii:-i<' I'or'iiia." <;i{ir KVKIM wi\Ti:i{ The work of the Doard of .\Bsociat- eil ChnrlUes Jn Eolicltln^ aid for the needy In lola, \vhlch was carried oa joKittrday wUli such sufcess, was coa tinned today and met wiOi tho same hearty rcximnsey The canvass of the cUy waH not coirtplett-rt yostci^day and today the Hoard sent out one wagon lo no over ihe streets that had not yet been travers-td. One bip wagon load a variety of valuable anieles wa.s brought In this noou. iiiid the wag 'on went o«l to bo apaln filled ui> this afternoon. Those who lia\c been engaged In tho work of canvastilnK sar that it is a difficult matter to keep from overlooklns FOino bouses, and they atk that those who have bundles which have not been inUed for will Ulea.fe notiiy tlieni and liny will call for tbn donation. Mrs. K. N. Jones )>rrv!iKnt of Uie Hoard of Associated CliariMis, s:vfd thi.« niornlnir tiiat she wi'tlies I 'specially to tiiank .tbo m<'r- r'laii!.-. for tbi-ir {ren-rons donations. Th<' mlieitins; of tiioni y around tlie Mliian-, wiilcli was doae yi'st'-nlny by two of tl'.e ladii'.-: of tli<» Hoard was dlscon'lnii"il today. Tiii' total rash i-ontrIl,nii; lis meivi'd ainountiiti to npwiiids of $:.!). T;ie biwi-r lliicr of tin- .M. W. A. buibiir.t; wbi'rv I in- doniitbins ar<' b>«- inp cii'icfti d. lia; ilii» apj'earanre of a departn;* nl .storo In a .'•la'.o of cliaos. Several <;r tin- ladb-r. of 11i>' board are ^v<llkln^r faitbfi'lly to ni'l i acli claims rX arllile; into its own pil<'. and a niHiibcr of (In- ini'H of tli<' biiard spin! si'V"ral hours ibis niornliu a^sisilnii In this work. This aftcinoon the worU if .:-'tIii;c l(it.w(li<T pai-kai:'".-; for car li of ilie fifty or inon- needy fanii'ili'.- in lola was lieKiin. Some tiint> asro .Mr.-'. .Icn»'S visited the iioines of faiiiili.'s that bail Ill-en found to be In waiil and made a note of the articles of clothing,, furniture of food of whicii eaili family was most In need. The pat kafics ar<' biinj,' made ui> sy.i--l4uiatically. i-aeli oil" bt INK for an individual family, aii'l »outulnln!: liie article.-; of wbieli t.'iaf family is most in need. It was p«timati>d tills afternoon that the work of niakin>; up tlie packases and sending tlieni (Uit will oci'upy tlie. r<- malndcr of the week, and ne.vt wei'k tiie work of nettlnj; fti^'i-ther I'lirlst- nias pacUaKeK for ehildrrn of the i.oor will In- taken up. Donations of for )))'> Oirlslijiaii pai-kajres will In' I Hpii 'lally weleotiH' at tlils time. T0RE is a Pleasure BECAUSE it is easy to find what one wants amongst the wide variety of winter merchandise carried, BECAUSE every up-to-date facility is provided to enable you to do your shopping in comfort and dispat(J;h, and BECAUSE you can always rely on 'receiving the best goods for the price —no piatter what the price. ^ SILK m OTHffi FINE HOSIERY. Black Silk "Gordon Dye" Hose. $1, $1.50, %2 Black, white, pink and sky "Gordon Dye Hose" .$1.00 Black silk new "Gordon Dye" quality, pair ^^Oc Ask for our $1.00 Christmas Silk Hose. CHRISTMAS ra Fine TREES! I)c!awai>'il'jlly at T. B. SHANNON The Ms-' of His Int-ltiijence. ridi;'s il.tilimi I've lost lay ilii.; - ;\ •;\\.i >t liiiii' innciccat pi't. 1 rii i,;l • I'.-ry • ill ' 111 —Follow the crowd and vee the Iiii;. shoiv iit the i^nind. All ler ."i cents. ! f;i -i'!;. - .MM- •> {|| ) M'i\. I>.<\v I . ii'al' oiiipaiii HI. Clara - 1 •'•1 a fiii'i'd ••.a-; a pti-r '.i.-:: v.,a I 'liir-f. \.ii; \'.::y iM'".. ll::v«' yuu put I'll- iii'W<i ftper". " «.ii'!.( ID i;:ilv- il .r<ii-| \\ "111. HI S lloilK C-ub. •'.: l!i;;:li-rly sa» • <-\ • :•• •; !li-t ! nnd ' An Aliirm tif Mirlif. —-That strikes terror to flin entire liouseliold IK the loud, hoarse and ine- tnllle coupb or croup. .\o mistaking It, and fortunate then the Iiieky par- ••nts who keep Koley's Honey and Tar Compound on band. II. \V. Cassel- inan. Canton. N. Y. snys: "It Is wrrlh its welpbt In Kold. Our little children are troublrd with eronp and hoarse ners. and all we slve them is Koley'p Uont >y and Tar Compound. I always have a bottle of It In the house." J. V. Mundis & Co. T R. T. Harbor, lias lesipncd as city I'lertriclan and will Iicreafter devote Ms I imp Jo cnijdnelin;: the business of tile I'alaee (Jarnjre. which he and Frank Smith rpcen'Iy ourcliasrd. l)or- sey Foster, who !:as lieretofore been as.<lstant city r!>ctrlc1an. now lia.-; eharse of the city electrical work. Jiist received a new lot of Beaiitifui Cloisonne. Enameled Bar and Waist Pins. Also, some new designs in Sterling Silver Odd Spoons. Please call and see them. G. A. Leffler Jeweler South Side Square - Phone 125 (^t^ ANNUAL SALE OF HANDKERCHIEFS. Women's all linen Handkerchiefs, special 15c Women's Swiss Handkerchiefs with emb. or lace edge; each ..; " 10c Wt>men's Handkerchiefs with emb. corners, .<=-.pccial, each 5c Women's high grade hand emb. Handkerchiefs, the daintiet:t styles ever shown—some with Syrian lace edge, others finely hemmed—special 3 for $1 Ask to see our imported Hand Emb. Handker-. chiefs—priced at 50c, 75c, 98c up to $7.00 Children's Handkerchiefs. Hand Emb. Initial Handkerchiefs, 3 in box 19c Hand Emb. plain white Initial Hand'f.'^, 3 in box. .29c Men's Handkerchiefs. All linen Initial Handkerchiefs, each 25c Soft finished Hemstitched Initial Handkerchiefs. 15c Coloied border and plain white Handkerchiefs.. .5c Irish Linen, i.s, '/'t and inch hem Hand'fs 25c CHRISTMAS APRONS IN WDEST VARIETY Bretelle Aprons, at 25c, 50c, 75c, 98c Plain hand Aprons with hemstitched hems at 25c Round 'and fancy shaped Aprons of fine lawns, dotted Swiss, all-over embroidery, with lace, em- broidei-y arid hemstitched edges — daintily trimmed in the newest effects with ribbons, 'oows, etc. The largest andfinest assortment ever shown in this city. Ask for thejn. Price.25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, 98c, $1.35, $1.50 CHRISTMAS SALE OF FURS. Ctjving to the backward season we have reduced the prices on all fine P\irs. Reliability is our standard in our Fur Dep't. I (Genuine Cross Fox Set. was S55.(X): now $35.00 1 Genuine Mink Set, was $65.00; now $4.5.00 1 Genuine Thrown Marmot Set, was $30.00.... $20.00 1 Genuine Black Coney Set, fancy muff, was $20.00; now $15.00 1 Genuine Black Fox Set, fancy muff, was $35.00; now $25.00 1 Genuine Brown Jap Mink Set, was $18.50.. .$15.00 1 only Genuine Black Fox Collar, was $40.00. .$23.50 BLACK DRESS GOODS AT 15% Reduction A gift of Black Dress Goods is always acceptable as a Ch'-istmas present Buy a skirt or suit pat­ tern—15'r. 1 eduction for four days. ' Choice of our entire hue of Black Diagonals, Prunellas, Empire Cloth, Batiste, Wocil Poplin, Broadcloths, Voiles, Diagonal Serges, Storm and French Serge.'^. 15';r REDUCTION All Fancy Silks and Satins at What is prettier than a beautiful waist or dress for Christmas? We=offer our entire line of Fancy Silks, Fancy Brocades, Fancy Satins and all imported Dress Patterns, at 15% REDUCTION mm mm FLUHERING NO rilAXOES Of ANY CONSK- (21 K>« E »• (JltMX MARKET. CaClle nnil IIOI;H Are Dull >Yitli u Ti'iideory to (<o Down tlic Scale. <ny the A .s.ROflatPiJ CiiiiaKo, OPC. 14.—Wheat prkcs wolililoil about witliin narrow limits. .Vrqi'iitinn Uevi'loiuiicnt.-i wore uiironi- ortin.!.'. Oj)pi]ln«: was a .sliaik- to ^/i ,(it »j lower. May :tarl<il '.IT'St to -li. ral- lii'il 'o roll to vs- Closi'—Dto. 'X'.y^; May iiT -hff >A; .Jiili= Ml ^Oim. fOlt.X—(.'lose Dec. G2-%: .May C ?.^/8 -ii'v: .Inly c:\Vi(fii^. n .\rt?- Close. O 'r -c. W's; Mnv di Auly -Jwii^/^v,. I'OltK—.Ian. ll.'.inTl.l. :.Iuly Ilii.OTV.: I..\KI)—Jan. $y.02Vi(ii.May %'J.:M; .Inly |y.4u. Clilraco l.iiostnck. riii .aao. Dee. ' 14.—(JATTl-K. rr (•i>ioi.< T.iJiiy. .Stt-acly lo Icn lenl.s lower l!"eve-! $4.,'i.".«i!<.!)ii; Ktoikeis an' feeilrrs 5:?.2 .'i'i/.-..IK; cows tind lielf- ers *I.!^il <5(;.2 .'i. IlOCb'—Ht-cel|,t.s SJODO. Dal! to ." ff-nis, lower. Lights $r..ri:,!fiClTiVj; $."/.N.".'/i G .aTJ..: heavy $."..yiif< (J.- :tO; roiit;li $.'i.'Jilff((;.(i:,; [ifgii ^\Mi)iit K;iDN)i.s CIlj- Livestock. Kansas City. Pec. 14.—CATTLE, receipts 4,000. Slow to steady. Xative steers tT,.2:<(it'.K2:<; rows and heifers JS.T'.fi 7 2.".: stockers and feeders $4.00 0bulls 5:{.7r.g:,.0O; ^ives $4.25 Tf 7.75. / . IIOG.S—Rercipf.'; llOOO.LFive cents lower. Heavy JJO.l .'i 'Ti6.20; packer.? and Imtchers $C.O0Qe.20; lights $5.70 Ki(n.s;i.s City Prodiirr. City. Dec. 14.—iUJTTER— ('reainery-o.V; firsts 3:5; seconds 31; liackinK slock .-{O'^. ICOC..S—K-xtras 33c; firsts 31; seconds 17. (ArsKS .MICJI DI.SEASE. St l.<iuls (iniin. St. I .oiiiK. Def.:"14.—\V1II:AT. close, Dec. .May 97»-:. COIi.V—Dec. r,5; .May M\i.. OATS—Dec. 48>A: May V.\\i. St. LouLs LIvp.xtock. St. Louis, De«;. 14.—CATTLE re- ceiin.- Snco. Steady. Native steers $4.7 'T( I'.oo; cows and lieifecs $3.7S@ 7.0i ; siock^rs and feeders $3.25@ 3.2.i. HOGS—Receipts 11,.")00. Steady. PiR .-i and lights ^4.7.")(g6.10; packers $.5.4.'ittt;.6U; butcliers $J.,".0gC.40. Kansas City firnln. Kansas City Dec. 14.—WHEAT, rc- cei));.-;. 25 cars. '. Cash wheal, steady. No. 2 hard, 97i^«1.03> No. 3. 96(E^1.02; .No. 2 red, 94<g96'/^; .No. 3. 92'fi93. Clo-sp—Dec. 951^; May 97Vi; July COH.N—Th>eeiat '-i higher. So. 2 mixed 62^63; N'o. B GO; ••No. 2 white, 02^63; No. 3, &). Close—Dec. 63%; .May 63%®%;'.July 63%. OATS—Unchaaged. .No. 2 vrMtc, 4Sai'g49H; Xo.;2 mixed 47>4@48. RYE—93@94c:per bushel. . HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $19.- 50fi2n; choice pniiri« $13.25@13.50. - BROOM CORS—$j5@150 per ton. Advice Vliimt Stomach TronlilM and Ifovv (o Kenc'vc Them. Do not nt^'Jcct indifjestion which may l^ad to all sorts of ills and copj- Iilications. An eminent physician once j-alil ti;!i; ninety-five per cent of all tlie ills of I lie human body have their origin in a disordered stomach. Uur I'xperif nci> with Rexall Dys- l•ell^ia T'ldiets ieads us to believe tiiou! to hi' auionR tlic most depend- Tble rinieilies known for tUo relief ( j:'..'li^;•'.•;lon and clironf'? dyspep.sia"; .'lieir :;:;;r'dieni.- are sootbin); and •eaiinjr to the ini'lain.-'d meraliranes of he stomach. Tl.ey are rlf'.i In pepsin, 'U'.' of tlie frrraic.'-t digestive aids ;nown to mi liciui'. The relief they ifford is very jiroiiiiit. T'.jeir use with 'cr; is;er.( y pnd re;;ularlty for a-shortj him tends to brins? abr.ut a cefsalion| •f the pains laused by stomach disorders. Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets help to insure heaUhy appetite, to aid dlgss- tion. and thu.s promote nutrition. As evidence of our sincere faith In Rexall; Dyspepsia Tablets,, we asfc you to try them at our cisk. If they do not give you entire satisfaction, we will return j'ou the money you paid us for them, without question or formality. They come in three sizes prices 25 •cents, 50 cent?, and $1.00. Remember you can obtain them only at our =tore—The Rexall ^tore. Burrell's Drug Store West Side Snuare. !» Watch Your Coal Bill if. Kansas Lump and Arkansas Anthracite - • Semi- PHONE U« lola Ice, Cold Storage and. Fuei Co; Terrible Suffering Eczema All Over Baby's Body. •TVhon my baby was tonr month."' old his face broke out with eczema, an^iet slxte«n months of age, his face hands and arms wore In a dceadful state. The eczema spread all over hi.; body. We had to put a maslt or cloth over his face and tie up his hands. Finally w^e'gave him Hood's ?arsaj;>a- rllla and In a few months he! wnr, ^-.i- tlrely cured. Today he Is a healthj- boy." Mrs. Inez Lewis. Barlny, Ma -r .o. Hood's S.irsnparilla cures blood cM^- ea«es..arjd builds up the »=yi>tein. Got It today in usgal liquid forri OJ cliocolatcd tabkts called Sarsatafra Keen Kutter Pocket Knives .V boy wuiits nalhIas~inore t!i::n ii Kood knii'e. -Look orer^ our a>-<o: tnK-nt. • Brigham Hardware Co^ Game and Poultry m For Christmas I you wir find here in great plenty jf 'S —if you come early enoufeh, "Open" weather has made good J turkeys •Scarce; but early cdni- ers. will find their needs sap- plied—turkeys,.chickens, duckK, geese, etc. Meats of eretT de- si'.a liiivi—besf, uiutton. pork and veal. We are prepared tot ^ Christmas catering in the meat ".4 OTTO HINZE Phone 291 /

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