The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 6, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1977
Page 2
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N15WR (CONN.). MONPAY. AUG. 10. 1P«« DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND (This is the second column in a series on war clouds e tho massing of Soviet airborne divisions along the flea Sd dangerous jockeying of Eussian-British forces m the Near East, wo must scrutinize certain captured docu ments, which camo into the hands of our Army in G-er , ' " -. V-''-- Milfion Dollar Plan To Preserve Naugatuck ^ajjeyJVajershed Told Chairman .Of Naugatuck Valley Project Commissio-n Tells Of Program A million dollar plan to preserve K. Arn.v 1ms minute* of t-xtrornply important em,- vf.i-HHlif.ns bouvcrn lti!>l.onlm|MUK.I Molotov, in which the (lo)mttxl onturii.K Iho w»v on Uio. sale -ol Uoi- on. >t Miou«li. The Oennaus are •—if the Tlu'-v show in Hint, in 10-K), six months hd'orr; flotil.ln-croHS.Of! Stalin l.y invndm^^^^^IJ^^ to TinHIn nrifl dldC"."- 1 "''! with I'.lh- hnnti-op Orrmnny'ii term* to K'ft Rumiln Into thn to crush IS.MK- ""wiuit ItHMlii WiuitH Tmlny Thn TiUMMlun Pflci- wu» nlrno<it IfU-ritlnnl with the K"n\« Moscow him not for ItHtilf todny: Sphi.n.H '•! InMn^nnf In l'.ulir"rl" " n(1 Kfiinutiln: C on.|.rol of tho DnrdnnnllnM! dnmlniv- ..Ion of fdrin, Tmf| nntl the Gulf of , hnsn in si/null Anibla; and of cfnirMc 1 , "' the P.nltlc 1 Statr-n lUisslan ambitions have not changed, du.ipltn cdtabllshmont of tho United Nations, MOSCOW'H formor .allloB must do- cidi)- V/lll Runsla rink war to control tho N««ir East? That Is behind all tho trouble In Palestine, 1,! nlfio bohlncl moblll'.n.tlon. of the British Navy In tho Near Kant and Mtmllng tliron crack British divl- Hlnn» to »hn GulfnfPorsln. It could nhinjto Europe Into another war 1 ..." ' ' . j. t 1. n nit/ MrtTV ho snld, which would involve quiring 30 to 10. square miles of :iillslucs along the valley, w.ould extend over an eight year period. This vnlley is ono of the roost •Icnsely populated in. the state, and continued .removal .of tJio,trees and pltinta .bordering the river, would •esult" In time with floods in. .the spring and drought in the summer, Mr, Siiaano .said that the work of commission .on forestry and wildlife is llttlq. known. He .told f.hc Botarlana the commission is oompriscd of . the..three, members of the state board, of fishery and i;amo nnd seven mumbci-B of .the »tato forestry board. Tho purpose of the commission Is to purchase land and water o , , ull ,j, u ^...v.,-- ----- ----- 'hnlf "f Poland, which, lix IWO. j To an»w«r. wo must know .omq- y had hc«n Klvcn Riif«l". thlnK of what goes on Ins do the Difcanollos and tho Noi'H Soviet Union, Thoro appear to b« P.MU w^r' *h 7"n»lwi problem- It. ! two mow* In Moscow-one for wur iiolvn HHIrr wa.-t willing to give I and ono axuln. ' In I iiHln • l>ut not Hulgarla Tho formor group Is headed by to HUMMia * L (I ("I I ll rfcii.->fi" .-..- .- /ind rSomitnln. Oivrmny wimtcd to In tho ttiilkuw nnd thorp fniinclni'cd. lllllor con- nUl'ornd the Alllon about dofoat- (.<!, Molotov wnnt hortio without HlcnlnK HM u Niml ally, It'i »oiy to iw*« a *H» <*«*:•, J«*o*to IM «M Owwh* Orono* MOUQM Hngi. DM nMN b you* guof oot«« ct fkw qvoMy. Waclunlvflj- A*— PIERPONT'S 1«l> HANK MTMMKT Obituaries (iW'CI'irK— Hniir.v J., <>f 711 MH.V livrriil", NinlffiitlicU, In New ['|-i'»U,n, Ann. IH If'-Hl. Kunrrul Wnd- niiHdfiy ntornlriK ' l ' ! ' t: " f) "'c'"( ; l' ri-nni P.iU'ltmllli'l' Kiuiri-nl I-Iotni', •^ I'lU'U [ilncii, tu St, tlodwljt'o chiirrh lit t 1 n'cUick. Hurlul In Ht, JnnipN 1 rriMii'Kny, KrlcntlH nuiv mil nt Ih" funornl hfiinn I"- nlwlil rinrn 1 In l n <>'i'l!i<:U and Tnnnday fi'nnt -' to 10 p. rn, Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 o M(llMhll , Boriyn, Georgian, Clo«e frlrnd of Stalin, formor chief of thr NKVD (secret police)-, This Kl-rnip bpllnvna now Id tho tlmo to Mti'lkn nt Turkey and Trieste, even If It moann war with the U. S. and Mi-ltaln; that with the U. S. Army r|i<moblll/.RCl nnd Americans sick of war wo would not support Britain In I IIP Neat- Bn;it. Tho otl'ov group l>> opposed to a Mhowdown now, hollcvoa Russia iihoultl wall until It develops the ntmnlc bomb, figuring this can bo clone soon, because of Gorman «.|pntlsts' woi-h on now weapons— luclInK tho mystfrlous radlo- ti'ollod rookots /oomlng over Ssvndcn. In.slUo Mo-trow [j'rulPi'Ki'ounil rumblings In the So- vlrt Infllnatf! -thn path of war will not bo oa.-iy, Ono factor to over- riiino IH apathy of tho Red Army, Uuntiliin ti'oops aio tired, cUnlllu- iilonrd ovor bcnofltH of Communism; many would resent going b.""'< in'n biit'le. Tied Army tloncrUons, ImpoMsiblo In rctlmatn, contlnuo. Uudnlan snldlorn In Vlnnna w«-rp imiiincd at apartment houses for wot-koi-M oroctocl by Socialist Aus- trl"., ptiunlly HiirprlNPCl at the- coni- [iiiraMvp luxury of wcntorn clvlll/,a- tlon, even In hfittcrcci Germany. Tills In finn rpHHon for tlic Intnnso antl-cai>ltall!it campaign by tho Mn.'ipow pi'osi (ini-l radio against llrltaln ancl thn U. K,, Htrnsslng that Kuiisla'ii 100,000,000 aro sin-rounded My nnvloiiM capitalist onnmlo.i; that thnlr only chanci; Is complute re- llnncn on thn Kromlln. Tho cam- |i/ilgn tearing down thr sincere wni-timf frlnnrl!)hlp for HiiHSla In thl.i country holpcid make .tho situation pai-tly true. Kpxtli'S.1 Hcd GciinrnlH Anothni- factor Soviet war-iirgot-s wnrry ntmiit Is Momc Rod grnoralH. Stnlln had a lot of oxporlnnco with hU Knnnralti and IH uneasy about mimn. l-fucnos touted 11:1 saviors of tho Sovllot mystorloiiHly dirt. iippf-ufnrl. Tlninnhonko, Idol of thr> ii'u-ly clofonso. Isn't lioarrl of. Konov. who con f||u p r o t\ Austria, (li-opiiod curt. Xiikhnv, hrro of mer- lin, him hnon transferred, though nornc jinv ro thn rrioi-o Iniportant conimnnd of Odessa. Jumplng-off nl;ic'p of any Rnmpcilgn against Tnrkfy, Tlie Sovlot oconomy Is not pro- niin-cl for wur. [nrliiMrrln! produe- !lon. hattpi-ncl by the Na-/,l Invasion, In only a driblet compared with Army wm-tlmn noe.rln. This may be. 'I mason for . frantic production of ! irniM In Czarhoiilnviikln, Poland anrl ^fivlet - occupied Germany, and \vliolosaln romoval of Jnu machlnoji 'ron\ Munol^urla. Thn Tied Army. li-.vlnir to roai-m In a hurry, has long way to go, Mnt nnnwilrifc- af troops ancl the Navy on the Hlack Soa, tho diplomatic Sf|uer>:-.o on Turkey, tho H-nimganda . .-.pi-eacl among, Arabs, mint toward an parly showdown, The hltf r|iicMtlon--to bo dlncu»secl n n future column — Is whothor Itliiifda'n formar allios shall call her mncl and risk war. or, stall 'or time, gamble, on the future, • fCopyrl/rht. WO by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All Occiixlonn TKLEOltAVlIED KVKKYWIIKKK MELBOURNE'S .TLOWER SHOP 1W BVBBBn AVBNUH 8Z2a All American Vets To Hold Meeting Thn rnuuliir we-okly nicotine of .111! All Amoi-lcun Vctrrrnns will bo iclil thU iivonhiR-. 8 p. m. at th« "cnl Y.VICA. Commn.Tulor 'Robert Uuvlor nnnounot'tl Itxliiy, All mom'><n'.i lire (iskntl to nttoncl. SKNTENCE Anthony TnnuitonlM. 2S. of tho 'OroiiKh i-ocrtvod n. nlj; months sus- >rti(loil Jnll ypntonco In Witlorhury Court .Snliirday on chnrKc.s o'r of the punco. P.M. WHISKEY $3.45 J. K. STORES CUT HATE, IIQUOBS, W1NE8, BEISBS , 108 N, Main St, , Tel. 4B79 Free Dollvnry Anyw>er« In Borough Lho watershed along the uck rlvor wns explained in. full .recently. at a Rotary Club luncheon hi Ansonia, by Francis L. Shean, ztmlrman of .the NHUgatuck Valley Shenno 'said, Since J.uly 1943 .the epmmlalBon has. added 26,000 acres of land -for state forests, including ponds and streams and hn,s also purchased rights of way to other lands for stt'itc use, the Bponkei- said. There arc 12.0,00.0 acres, .of state, forests, he said, 25,000 acres of arc state parks. rights, fo state nership- Mr. lY^HwIC n» L v *j *** WM j-— - j i. The Naugatuck valley project sh».uld be of. particular -interest, to residents .of the valley, Mr. Shcane aaid.. . . , • • • ' • The watershed for-the source, or. the Nausratuck river la in the towns of Norfolk 'and Winchester and between those towns tund' Its con- jt'lucnce with the .HouRUtonic ' at Dertyy the stream is used for. inr dustrial purpc-sqs at .a number, of points. ' . . ; The' watershed along tljo river has been deteriorating ovoi\ a period of ?0 years... The..\yntrr. supply .w.ill. have reached,.the. danger point whe.i .one .can expect droughts'in, summer, and floods in spring, Mr., Shoane said, Timber . on the . watc/'she.d ..has' bep.n .cut .down for coni.wqod and lo,nd , has been cleared for ill considered farming, tho ' speaker dc- clarcd. Factories, homes highways and roads have been .built along the river, ho.said,'.and back from the river plain are the long rolling, hillsides -which combine with the tributaries, to suply the river with water. The cutting of timber for cord wood 1 'lias been stopped but a 20 year timber growth , needed .Vo''.rcpln.ce" trees which have, .been 'r.cmpvc'd, the apeakcr said. "'Tho' only method for" averting floods and droughts, Mr. Shoane said, is i'o develop existing forests and by}on providing, a- moro stabilized flow of water in the nummcr period wjicn it is needed most. •The-Naugatuck valley; one of the most densely, populated., arca^ in the j.state, hus- seven . per cent of the'-Plato's.area n.n.d.,17 per cent of Its -population. With nn average of 515 persons per square mile, Mr. Sheanc .stated. There is als^ need for the control and abatement of pollution of the rivers. Mr.. .Shcane asserted, but such control -would be of, little value during- droughts in the summer or during flood-s .in the spring. There are 13 miles of state forests in the Naugaluek valley and two square miles of stale parks, Mr. Shcan'c said. The commission is milking' nrranfrcmonlvs for the purchase of 30 to 40 square miles of forest land for aw atcr conservation program. • :iTho,-commission will enter Into Agreements wilh the towns and /cities .that'the land purchnsed will be returned by the state if the communities find use for it for civic projects. The ,«tate legislature will be asked to provide for approprlaitons / covering, a period of years for tho | p.urchasp of land in the valley's ' watershed -find- within ciglit years ! the commission plans to consummate the purchases. The project will cost an etimatcd $1,000,000. This newly, purchased state owned .property.,will be opened to all citizens as a- public recreation area, &B arc all state parks and state f.orcsts, Mr. Srcane said. It will also, yield a ureter crop of wild- life.and stabilize tbo flow of water to the. valley. This program of conservation will he presented to the next session of the state legislature, Cotton Hollow Grange Entertains 250 At Welcome Home Ceremonies frpfessor At tonf erencie OF Chemistry teachers James T. Lotiry. 215 Cherry street, chemistry -teacher .at .the local High •jchool, Is attending the first conference of tho New. England, Association of Chomlutry teachers, since the entry of the United States In World War II, which jii bolntf. held it Mldcllebury College this week, The purpose of this six-day meeting la to afford an opportunity for the secondary school teacher, the Industrial scientist, and the col- lc»ro profcMsor to meet Informally, with the resultant .profcs.slomil stimulus Rained reflec-tlng in better touching of chemistry throughout the mnny universities, colleges and secondary schoola of tho six New England states. Alleged Assault On Student-Actor Is Investigated Ivoryton. Conn., Aug. 0—(UP) — A brother nnd sister, are bclnj? held by suite police pending n full Investigation Into an alleged assault upon Rohoi-t W, Stowai't, a stiiclcnt- actor at the Ivnryton Playhouse. Police sny .that Stewart was critically bciLtpn during n party at fin' Ivoryton inn, and that ho suffered a broken jaw, a possible skull fracture und lacerations. He is hos- pltdll/.cd at New London, Held on assault charges aro 19- year-old Raymond Harris, and his 2'1-ycnr-old sls.'.(M-, Ann Harris Pink, They arc under bond of $1,000 each pending tho outcome of Stewart's condition. Murder Case In Massacuhsetts Is Continued Onnot, Mnsn.. AUC, in—(UP) — Charles Russell Gooclnlc has plcarl- ofl Innocent -to a murder charge In tho slaying of Ruth McGurk. The 2.1-ynar-cilcl Onset naval veteran was ,'isnalgne.el In Wareham district, court. District Judge L, Francis Cal- Inn. Jr.. continuod the case un-lll Soptomhor ,''th at tho request of the defense, counsel. And ho or- doi-od Gooda'c held without ball for a hearing on tho question of pro.b- nblo cause of that date, . Goodnlo'H pica of Innocent was entered for him by hln lawyer, Attorney Matthew King, n former Boston police Inspector. Tho do- fendiint wan taken fo Plymouth fall In Plymouth to await the hearing. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This Is to give notice that. I, Napoleon E, Rogauxkas of 5 Arch Htroct, Naugatuck, have Hied an application dntecl Alwis: 15, ISM6 with tho Liquor Control Commission for a Restaurant Full Liquor Permit for the sale of alcoholic liquor on One promises, .16 Arch street, Nau- gaj.uck. Tho. b'jglnesH is owned by Napoleon. E. Rogauskas nnd Edward Rogauskds ot. 5 Arch street. Naugatuck, nnd ^vil! be conducted by Napoleon E. Rogauskas of 5 Aroli atreet, Naugatuck, us -permit- ice. • , NAPOLEON E. ROGAUSOAS, Dntpd August 15, 1946. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This Is -to Rlvc notice that I,.Mfir- lin L, Rodman of 39 So. Main St-, N.nuKntuck, have filed an application dated Aug. 9, 1940, with the Liquor Control Commission for n club permit for the sale of alcoholic liquor on the premises, 4 Onk St.,, Conn. The business Is owned by . Fraternal Order of EnRlos, Acrlc No. 640, of \ Oak St., Naugfttuck, Conn., and will be conducted by Marlln L. Rodman, of 39 So. Main St.,, Naufiatuck, Conn., as permittee. MARLIN ' L. • RODMAN. ... Datedj_Aiig. .9, 1940.. . . .' 6:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News' . 6:10.p. m- WBRY—nrxscbfill.Scores WATR—Interlude .. ...... .6:15 J>. ,m., WBRY-WABC—Life -in Kuasla WOR—On the Century ... WTIC—Prof. Schenkcr WATH—Sports; Serenade WEAF—Serenade WJZ—Ethel ancl Albert 6:80 I). »i. WBRY—E. Christy ErU, News WABC—Skyllnn Boot WJZ—Allen Prescott WTIC—Strictly Sports WATR—News; Interlude WOR—Vanderventer 0:45 p. m. WBRY-WABC—News Till Now WOR—Stnn T-omfix WJZ—Grcnt Scott WATR—Pleasure'and Profit 7:00 p. m. WBRY—Mimic hy Cueat. WATR—Fullon Lewis, Jr. WTTC-WEAF—Slipper Club WABC—Mystery of the Week WJZ—Headline Edition WATR-WOR—Ray Henlc • 7:15 p. ID. WBRY—Doufi-las Quintet WAEC—Jnck Smith Show WTIC-WEAF—News WJZ—Elmer Davis WATR—Adventures in Rhythm WOR—Answer Man 7:23 p. in. WATR—News 7:.'!(» p- in. WERY-WABC—Boh Hawk WJZ—Lone Ranger WOR—News WTIC—Music Hfill Varieties WATR—Phone Your Answer 7:45 p. in, WEAF—H. V. Kaltenborn WOR—Inside of Spor-ts WTIC—Alcoholics Anonymous WATR—Waltz Time fl:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Inner Sanctum WEAF—Peace Conference WTIC—Travelln' Man WOR—EulldOK Drurnmond WATR-WJ2—Lum and Abner 8:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Ed Sullivan 8:30 p. m, WBRY-WABC—FiRhtlnp- Senator WTTC-WEAF— Firestone Pffm. WOR—Case of Gregory Hood WATR-WJZ-Fat Man 8:45 p. m. WATR—Voice of the Army 8:55 p, m, WBRY-WABC—News 0:03 p. m. WRRY.-WABC—Milton Bcrle WOR—Gabriel McnUer WTTC-WEAF—Telephone Hour W.rz I Deal in Crime WATR—Forum of the Air 0:15 p. m. WOR—Real Stories !):SO p. m. WBRY-WABC—Jack KIrkvvood WTIC-WEAF—Goodman Orcli. WOR—Guy Loinbardo WATR—Forever Tops Pa.ul Whi-teman 9:55 p. m. WATR-WJZ—H. Wismcr, Sports 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Screen Guild 1.V.TTC-WEAF—Contented P^m. WJZ—Question for America WOR-WATR—Dorscy's Playshop 10:30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Tonight on Broadway WTIC-WEAF—Dr. I. Q, WJZ—Brown Dots WOR—Symphonctte WATR—Earl Godwin J0:4fi p. m. WATR—Red Cross Program U :00 p- m. ALL StatioiiB—News 11:15 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Patti Clny.lon i WATR-WJZ—Sterney Orch. I WOR-WEAF-WTIC—News i 11:30 p. m. WnRY^WABC—Eileen Farrcll WOR—Weather; Williams Orch. WATR-WJZ—Gems; Lawrence Orch. WEAF—Brandwynnc Orch. WTIC—Bissony Ensemble 12:00 Midnight V/BRY—News WATR—News WHITE FISH .MARKET .lOSKl'H CAUIIAL, Trap. a .South Main St, ji Choicest, selection of Knit and ;| fresh water fish at lowest j! prices. *4^**r^+*°**f VISIT OUR 2NT> FLOOR Si'lriMlnil "T Kllllly Knrnlliirn KCI.I, sr'/KTKIHS vnrrii iti-:i>s SAND ItO.M-^ S\VIX(; ON .MKTAI. STAND men cn.Miis ?II;T.M. IIAUV CAIIRIAI:B« EENSOH'S KIDDIE SHOP 130 SOUTH MAIA ST. VVntcrharj- SERVING YOU- THROUGH SCIENCE It's a stronger tire It's a safer tire It's the newest You get nil Ilic features that have long.mnde the nnmc "U.S. Royal" famous— plus the advantage of special rnyon cord construe^ tion* to make your.driving extra safe, trquble- free and luxurious. Nine years ago when "U.S. "first marketed o-rnyon cord tire it was proven that although rayon-built tires arc lighter, they arc also stronger and safer. . . That's because .this super-strength rayon "U.S." uses, runs many degrees cooler. ..cuts down destructive inner heat . . . adds thousands of miles to tire life . . . nnd gives you for gccater protection against blow-outs. And of course in this 1 newest U.S. Royal you.get many other safety features', too— ; the famous Royal block tread for smooth riding- perfect balance for easy.steering .and park- Carl Campfield Gives Address Of Welcome At Fowler's Field *fV«»'ii* Goyvrnpwnf r»o <./' •• • ^i -'•• .S f .'- ing...The fact is.that U.S. Royals.are every bit as, modern us the fine cars on which they arc standard equipment—every bit as fine as the quality name they've built up over the last-thirty years—every good value for your money as U.S. Royals have always been. See-these great new tires toddy at your U. S. Tire Dealer's — find out how.soon you can be riding on rayon-built U.S. Royals! nilritf all rayon comtrvction lo iizn 6:50 and larg»f US ROYAL U N IT E D S T A T E S RUBBER C O M P A N Y More than 250 veterans and guests, members of the Granprc, attended a TieJd day yesterday at Fowler's Field in Straitsvillc, under th£ sponsorship of Excelsior Pomona, ,. . . • .As the ouiUnu got underway .1 •moment of sHcncc was hold followed by a Welcome Home address by CaVl Campfltld. A sports and games program vras fljeld with prizes awarded as follows: Horscslioc pitching, Water* to\yn Granffe; lu^-of-war and EOft- ball pame, Beacon Valley Grange; bascbo-11 .throwing for men, Prospect Grange; baseball throwing for women, Pompcrausr Grange; accuracy hitting-. Bethlehem Grange; hitting for distance', Harry Stccle of Beacon Valley Grange. A pot-kick supper was served, with clams, corn and coffee furnished by Excelsior Pomona. Beacon Valley Grange events for the coming 1 week, include a rehearsal of the men's degree team tomorrow evening a.t 8 o'clock in the.Grange hall. Friday evening a regular session will be conducted at 8:15 o'clock with the program being "Visiting- Exchange Ofiicers Night." The Gleaners will meet Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Ruth Smith on Beacon Valley road. The hostess will-serve lunch at neon. In Willlnmsport Mrs. John Smith and Miss Doris Ncodham are visiting In Wllliams- port, Pa. Russell Smith, who has been spending his vacation there with his grandparents will return with hi-i mother. Social Club Mrs. Elliott -kind of New Haven road will be hostess Thursday night to the Cotton Hollow Social club. 7th ANNUAL CASH and CARRY SALE 20% Discount on .Dry Cleaning I'rcsbing:, Dyeing, Boys' nnd Men's Punt*, etc. Discount civen In ticket* on automobile to l>c awarded In connection with Nau^atuck's "Welcome Home" Service For Veterans WAR ASSETS ADMINISTRATION SAT/ES: Wool sleeping bags, linings and cases, fire extinguisher chemicals; inter-lining cot-ton shcclinfr: cotton thread and yarns; staples; scales; hose-fittinps, funnels, nc-ts, gages, mattress covedr, barracks bags, canteen covers, canvas paulins, canvas field bags, uniform cotton twill cloth, electric slicing machine, electric coffee urns, electric ranges, electric grinders, thermometers, food cutters, electric bakery mixers, water heater, electric peeler, thousands of cartridge fuses lamps electric fans, therapeutic lamps. Further information at Service for Veterans. .V 481 Nn. MnJn SI. Trl. SS07 Union Cllr SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.R.£T— ItliftKrM Run T»rrrt to Bfucb CT.KANKST ^^^OT IN THE 8TATE STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Daily Until 1 A. M. O I>AIIA' LUNCHEONS • AND DINNERS • A LA CARTE MEND Dining Room, Food Bar nnd Booth Service Full Liquor License To maintain Ihc standards of three Renerationt of quality diamonds, Michaels experts have combed the market to brinff to you diamonds of intrinsic worth. Only the experience of years of knowledge enable an expert to determine the tru* value of a diamond. Here at Michaels, you will find a staff of diamond specialists who will be pleased to guide you in your purchase of a fine diamond, according to ihe price you wish to spend. Clarity of color, fineness of cut and fiery depth all play their part in dclcrminins lasting value and teauly of the diamond you purchase today. Divided Payments . IF YOU PREFER AT NO EXTRA COST JtWILtkl .V.V; JILVIMMITMt »INCl/»0» 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER STREET m Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant -Naugatuck ***•'

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