Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1911
Page 4
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41 THE lOIiA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. DBCEMlsiER 14,1911. THE lOU DAiU I RLiilSILH Th« lota Dally Reconl and Index. . — . , "<e lola Dally THE BfGISTEB PUBtlSllUe CO. Bntered at the lola I>o8toHlce as Second- Claaa MatUr. Advertialns Rates Made Known on Application. ' I SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lota. Gat |Clty, Lanyon- vllla, Concreto, UaHarpe and Bassett: One Week ]0 cents One Moctta 44 cents One Year j J5.00 BY MAIL: One Year, Insldo oounty t:.00 One Year, outside county $3.on >• TELEPHONES: '^Btuinesa Office m Society Reporter 2S Job and Bindery I>"i>t • H Official Paper of City! of lola. Official Paper City Of Bastett. Official Paper of Allen; County. JOffiyD THE PRIMARY LAW. That men all over the siateare bc- gitming to think very seriously about i the defects of our primary election law, and that in case a sppclal srs- i sion- is held a determinod: effort will be made to amend it. Is Inbundnntiy evidenced by the coimnent in th«' nowspapers and flie oxtont to which the subject enters In private conversation and public siH 'och. i The Concordia Blade recently published a letter from one of Its subscribers whirJ di8CU88<[>d tlvp inatter with !^ great di -nl of clearness and good sensi). The letter was written in reply to on" who had sent him a copy of the propose.I PrcBldontliii I'nf.-rpnre bill with n-quest fur his ojiinlrn upon it, and, tlic foiiowInK are some of its! especially significant paragraphs: y The present law W.TB a rojnpromis' between the Fitzpalriclt. Caldwell aii(' Stubbs bills. The con;en!ioii of Mios' who opposed the Stubbs bill was that it did not properly prot?ct; party integrity. That the door was Irft widr open for Democrats to participate ir Republican primaries and for Repub- do so with the opprtpition The features which embodied ir the bill, a copy of which you sent me were eliminated from the Stubbs bill but bis excellency would not consent j to a registration showing party alTili- ation before the primaries, nor to the voter beintr compelled to declare to ^ Who would believe iliat .M.-issacliit- what party he belonged in askini; fo^f-tfs would bent Kansas to the i<resi- a ballot, unless challengrd. I"iKi<T I dential primary? Yit fhqt is likely this law, thousands of Pemotrats, a. 1 to happen. The Democrats in thf l3 that it sl.fjs or aboutd give, to'the electors of the reapecllvo political parties the right to vote directly for candidates taoiding pollttoal views in common with, and endorsed by them, free from Interference by party lend- efs, «mpl(^er8 or other • Interested persoas. Now, is there any difference between denying a partisan elector the rlgh't to vote for candidates qt Us choi«c in a priihary held by the party to which he belongs, and jier- mltting a member of the opposition •partj'or an independent, after he has done so, to nuiify his action by voting for some person other than his choice. Unless proviaion la made to prevent thir. docs not the wliole scheme of nominating candidates by primary election fail? Th? Australian ballot secures to the voter on general election day the right to cast his ballot for the men v>hose (irlnclpics most nciirly co-incide wliji his. or for whom h« may for other reasons desire to vot", frc.i from any interference from anyone. He should be content with this and should not be Dcrnilttoii to pnr(:c:i'ate in nominating candidates fcr larliaan electors who are ro'ilii :iM.v niiposeii to him to vote for ai ih - tiicral ••lec­ tion. Had it ever occurred lo you" to consider how mucli the f;!srh;ns have to do with the prospiriiy or otlurwlse of big industries? Tiie cuiion mills in -New jCns-ind. for ixample, hAJ't been cninplaininr;'fcr p. year or more of slack demand tcr products of th(*ir loom.'; and nearly all of (Iii'tn liave been running op half linsc whil." many liuvc been cnlir.'ly .nhul down. Ho»v much of th:!t cnndi;!;.:; is dui\ do you suppusc, It) i!;.' I'lct tli:;! the close cllaRlup c'llr SAI'-N wiiii,-;- Datili' Fashion Iri.s IMII on al! .'ler devotees for th''Se pasi I .vj yettr.- has ui;:(Ie it neces Ki iiii!<':ird tw!) or three iiiiderskiii.; 'viiuli weri- forer.irly wcri) by eve;- f. HMTI';;.- |,ev- son? T ;iere are prnlm-jiy about (ifl.v million women and pirls in the Cntt- ed States, and it is prcbabh no: an exag.ceralion lo .sav ihat uncli cue cf them prts .Ji'.ODs; vitli :it 'eas' :i y;tr(l year less of cotton c'.otli t'\;'.ii sle required three or four years ago. And there ;ou have ;i falling off in tlie demand for coitoi; cloth of Sn.d'ii'.OOO yards a year! The c^Uon m.mtifac- turers could well iiiTord lo bribe Madame Fashion to throv.- Eomeiliing their way ne>it year. the two primary elections held uu'lor \ it. especially that of 1910, stultified themselves by voting for the candidate of one faction or the other of the Republican partj' and then on elec- Massachusetts lecisiature, which ha? just reasspmbied had been working on sucli a measure, when the Republicans surprised them by coming out with a bill backed by the State Chair- tion dav voted the straight Democrat-' inan, not objected to by Senators Ic ticket l.argelv because of this | I.odce and Crane, and openly suiiport- feellnga of bitterness have i been en-jedby ilie whole Republican member- gendered between the two factions of pur party that will not be iwipcd out in a decade and which wMIl be intensified if an organizcMl effort is madr to substitute the secret ballot for that now used in our primaries. Now. to be candid, why should r voter who does not, for any reason wish to declare his party allngianrr or party afSliation be pei-mitted tr participate in the primarj- of any i^ar ty which nominates a candld«te for olPre? Should an elector whos? Republicanism or Democracy is of such, dojibtful brand that he is aphamod <c own and publicly proclaim It. be permitted to vote^t the primaries of the opposition part>-7 Is not the riirh: or a partisan elector to cast; and hav( i ship, so that the prospects of a presidential primary next year in the Bay -Stnfo looks good at the jiresent writing.—Top(\){a Capital, y But it should be ottfcrved that the .Massachusetts law carefully provides for party enrollment, so that there will be no danger of Democrats entering Roi)iibIican primaries, or vice versa. Xobody in Kansas would b' objecting to a presidential primary if it coniafned that provision. Whai is objected to is a law under whicli Democrats would have a large hand in picking out the Republican candidate. An expression of the opinion of Recipe for Caluni^ Biscuit aCopcsUtad Snur. 1 HeiipiairttfasiwoafatCala. mat Bsldiia Powder. 1 L«vel (uupoon of salt. . 2 Roundinic tablespoonj buttrrorlard. H Cup of milk. K Cup of water. Sift"Bouronce. then moas- lirs. add salt and bBkin^ txiwdrr and sift three time*, rubshoncDinK ia with futk . or spoon, add milk and water, turn out oa a well floured b;>ard and mil one Inch tliicfc, cut an4 bak: i .i a quick ov«n about twelve to flfuen minutes. • OoQcl tto You i It's only one of the delicfous,:tempting things made with Calumet Baking Po>vder, ^ No matter ivha?l)rand of Baking Powdek" you now use, get from your grocer today a — ' »——^ can of Calumet a'nd try this recipe. Leara of the perfect Icav.ning qualilios of ealun:et; of the and !lli;aj, <.ct^ dcli<;ious and Vtrbolfdonic f >.i .d il ir.alvCS. Is :ilst) superior in purity and uniforniky. Eacli li-t :o • GU bal:o w'th it >ou are absolutely certain of tlic tains \vht ;l !.:-..a;t>-, apcctizinjj biscuits, cake or pastry. Cheap b;{;-c^-kindj and hii;h priced c :t:;ri '.t compare with it. Calumet is highest in tiualit\ —" ia Do yourself this favor—uet Calumet today. J«>TM4IIEBVTHCt«l|fI, CHICAGO^ iCO At a great expense and much labor ' Did you ever stop to think what a the board of innuiry has just lil"d iis j ditTerence it makes what kind of an report sayin.c tliat tho M;!ine was ' aniinal'coines to your door on C'hfist- biown up from the outside. In 1S9X i j^.,g ^yp^—„ ,y„]f ^ reindeer, for Ihe Sampson board made this report. The M!!it;e was destroyed by the ex- exaniple? plosion of two or more of the forward magazines." That report is now i;! I years old and it is exactly what the • Kvideiitly Governor Woodrow Wii- iast report linds. The country was not I gon is not banking very hard oh that satisfied with that hut Jt vvould have I g.,, HC has applied hoen sevcrat million dollars better ' ,.„„•„. ., , ,„ fairly counted-for him, his vote for choice of candidal? s on his party tlcV et as-sacred ns his propet'ly richN? Is a law which deiirivea him of th'- one, and rob.-) him of the other jilsi? Should it have a place on our sii.:Mi< , books? I Thi» chief if not the only vlrtti^ Ii; ; a primary election for the nomin:--1 tlon of candidates for political of^c' ;tnary7 the Capital on this phase of the qucs- tlon would be interesting. If a. special session of the legislature is held and n presidential i)riinary bill is brought forward will tho i;apital insist that it shall be so framed as tc protect the integrily of Hie jiarty pii Grows hair and we can- prove it Hair Becomes vSoft, FhjfFy-, Lustrous and Beautiful Immetlif.t^ly "After a Danderine Hair Cleanse Get a 25 Cent Bcttle Now and • Forever Stop FalliogjHair, Itching Sca!p end Dandruff L little Dandcrinc niw.n.'.'j.imxci.'.j;' y douMe i\ beauty <;f your hair - .N.> ditfcre ::ri: li >\v dull, P\ d, brittle a«d scra^^^y, ^ioiru -n a c!'.tli with idcrine and rarcfulSy draw it thtou-li ym;r hair A little Dandcrinc riiw.n :.'I ,;mn:Ci !'j;'douMe the h: faded, Oandcrine: - taking one small strand a< a time. Tlic > ifcet is imm^iate and auiaring—yourj Icir will 1 c li^ht, fluffy and wavy and have an appearance <;f dance; an inccniparahle lustre; suftnc:;s ar.! luxuriance, th^ beauty and lihimmcr of tn:i hair licaiili. 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Our recollection is that the cost of raiaiuK the Maine will be less than a liiillion. Hut the chief purpose was not to learn hew the ship was blown up,—although it is worth a million dollars to have absolute proof, that the blow came from the outside. The wreck as it lay was an obstruction to the harbor of Havana and more or less of a menace to naviRation, so that it was nothing more than an act of nel.^hborly duly row.ird Cuba to remove it. Furthermore the remains of 1S6 United States sailors wore in the battered hulk.and the Nation owed them decent burial. The only just criticism that can be made in respect to the matter is that the work was not done long ago. for th_e Carnegie pension to which he is entitled as a retired school teacher. against it." Some old baclielocs ar^ afraid thej will get married and soiit" spinsters are afraid they won't. It did not need ih-f • assurance which was contained in the dispatches reporting the part President Tnft liad tiikrn in the McNamara cases to convince the country that hc was not In- fliK 'iiced IJV the suggestion that such action mkhi injure him poliUcally. There never a man in the White House who did his duty according to his best judgment with so little regard to political consideration as Win, H. Taft. Just, at this moment Young" Shuster seems to hiive won out. At any rate Uussia has withdrawn tho demand for his retnovcl. Scorft on- for Voung America. KEFLECTIO.NS OF A U.\('HK!,OR. From the New York Press. The reason a man's expenses go ui so fast is his inconje stays down. When a girl will cal! underclothes underclothes with men around she'; too good to be true. A man reeommends his butcher tc a friend with mucli more confidence than ho does lys doctor. I The only creature on e.nrth that car y^f. I get^more tangled up tlnin a calf with a rope Is a man with his lies. Even if anybody accidentally happened to siive a little money, Christmas or birthday or something ilk' thai would come along to burn it up "How lonesome it . is," wails tho 1 .03 Angeles Times; V"li is lorty- eiglit hours since we hav*- had an election!" -> AS OTHERS SEE TIII.XGS. •' • •!• -s- • • • • * •: We notice by the; Coffeyvilhv Journal that "the .Murktlis of Twecdale'ri health ccjitinues to Improve." • However, it lias been so long nov>' the chances are that .Mr. House lias forgotten all about it. That was a fine exhibition of th> right kind of "College Spirit" over a I'^mporia tlie other day when ter students of the State Normal took th editor of the Normal paper over to th' College of Bmporia an«f saw to it tha' ho made proper personal apology tr several of.its students whom he hat' falsely accused in his report of thr College-Normal foot ball game.' 1 reminds one of th? old knightly ider of honor "that felt a stain like r wound." We may have remark^ It before but it will do no harm to say again that the Kansas City, Kansas,—:'m- phasis on the "Kansas" please,—Gazett-Globe Is looking more like u newsjiaper every day. Actually had a half page advertisement the other day and' that is the best sign there could be that Kansas CUy, Kansas is making up its mind to gat on the map. It may save you some worry to know that the Chinese habit is to speak and write the>^mily name first, following It with the given name or names. The name of the present premier, to Illustrate, if written American ^ty!e with the Initials only , of the given nam««, would be S. K. . Yuan. Instead of Vuau Sbf Kul. rOIVTKD l'.\H.V (J »,VniS.. From the Chicago .News. If you ;iro a fiiiltter; don'i bcRiu. Second thoughts often act as mental safety valves. I'ay as you go and the journey may b;' safer—tind shorter. Many a man paasps the ag^ of discretion before reaching it. Never give u)) hope. Kven a married man has a fighting chance. 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It stiunilates liii> npiK'tiie, i.< siishtly'laxa­ tive, and t.isles s(vWI—thildren like it. M'antei'~.\n Honest Primary. Garden City Telejjram: If there if to be nil extracrdinary session of th» iegislatur'—which tho Lord forbic since we really don't need it—Thi Telegram hopes that there will b' passed a registration law. • Afnke it possible for Democrats U fiuit voting the llcpublichn ticket it the primary—and the reverse; if If ever is so. Make It mandatory for voters al over Kansas to rrcister. ihelr politi cal tiilth—the piirty to' which e;\el claims allegiance-;-;ind let the book: be open. 'I^hen let the books be consulted when .Mr. Man r.oos to vote hi" ticket and see th;it "If John Jones ii registered as a democrat he cant cal for a republican ticket and go'In aiu help do a lot of damage and then g( about It at the general election trying to elect his own democratic can didate. The spirit of the pritnar.v—whatove* that may be. for no one really know; —certainly never was that memberf of one party could go into a primary and help nominate a candidate in an other,party—^ns 25,000 democrats al over Kansas did in lOOS when the; nominated Joseph LITTLE Urisrov. ftir I'nited States Senator. Foley Kidney Pill.-*. —Tonic in action, quick in results Will cure any case of kidney or bla,d- der disorder not beyoiid the reach of medicine. No need to say more, J. Ti xMundls & Co. Talkinc -tboHt a Boy. There is a small boy in this town whoFs heart is FO big that there h- hardly room for it in his little body. For many weeks he has been savlnp lip his pennies and nickels and dime? so that he would 'have some nionej of his. "very own' 'to buy Christmaf pr ^-^rnts witii for two^r three peopk that he loves very much. .\nd .vc?tei day he cnnnted it ui) and found that he had J2^.-.0. He ;:ot his mother to change itinto a dollar and three half dollars, which he put in a little leather puv ?e which was given to him, and Ftarted bp town to "do his Christmas shopping." , And he lost the purfe and all the - t.lSles _ Kxeplient for lioarsj-nes-H.. im ^hma, bron-. money! ! chitis. and other ihmit troiililM, ami has ! Now Isn't that enough to break your a wonderful remnj in t-awa of in(?pient heart just to read about it? All his wee!t= of scritnpin:; and s«ilf,denla!. "I can n?ver tell," said the man who comes In fo paw around among the exchanges every day or two, ••whether I am . most disappointed with the Bmporia Gaxe'tte, when it has edltoriaU or when It haa^" lung troulile. IJiiyx i< :i Riweinl |anrl hishljr r<>nrpn trntcf} e <;nipanD 'l of Xorwiiy WhitA I'ine extruet. rieli in ::iini.ii-<il mid olhpr^nnlii- ml hriilins phie 'elHiii.-iils. Sicniil;^- mir with Kiipar hyrii|> >ii «iriiHiPil ltniii >y; ia a pint Imltte. iiiul i( i .1 |e :ii !y foriise.' I'wd ill more III n!es in ilie 1' and Caiiada ihiiM tiny OIIKT < <iii ;:!i n-iiUHly. Pliifx 1ms iifi.'ii "liiM-» iiiiilntn^, but never niiiyvsifnlly. for iioiliini; fin; will prodiire the name leKUttH. The Sfliiiine is fiiarnnleoil lo :ive ii !;4.>liite satiaf^elion or money refiiiiiliil. iVrlilieate of'guar­ antee ix wr:i ;iiH >d in oarii (uK -fcaiP. *• Your jHriifKi*! linn Ujn ^Ti or wi'd gin lly ^:<t it for yon If iioT, wml tV) Thf Piui4 Co., Vt. Wayne, Ind. J all the joy he anticipated in huyi; little things that he thought vould p'cape fomefco'lv nnd In giving thetn nw;>y—all gone! And not the money cn'y but the purre which was a present to him and which he prized very miieh for there was no! another on? In town just like It. 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Cavancss W.00 "Rose of Old Harpeth" By Marie T. Daveess, net $1.25 -Rol)ert Klmljcrly" By Frank Spearman, net W.80 "The Rover Boys Down East" By Arthur M. Wmfleld—-60c "The Root of Evil" By Thomas Dixon, net—$1,20 ".Secret Garden" By F. H. Burnett, net $I .3SJ "On Secnnd Thought'' ^' By J. E. House (Dod Gaston) '' Price I— $1JW '•rjK^ Sad Shepherd" By Henrj- Van Dyke, net 75c . ".She Rnildcth Her House" By Will L. Comfort, net $1^ "Siek-a-Bed Lady'" By Elinor H. Abbott, net $1.35 "Skipper and Skipped" ^ By Holinan Day $1.S» "The Story Girl" P.y L. -M. Mon^omBry-.-fl .35"She Loves Mc" (Hlustrated) 1; By Henry Hutt, net -$1J0 r: "Secretary'of Frivolon» Affalrrf* ' By May FuteeleJ net—„$i.23 "Stories of Heroism" '-: By Wm. H.Mace .]$1J» "Sixes and Sevenjj" By O. Henry, net $L20, "Stories rhut End Well'' . > . By Octave Thanet net-:$1^5^i "Tom Swift's Electric Rme" 1 By Victor Appleton SSCj "The TeiiiU'« Shad" By Owen Johnson, net—.$1.80 -IhroHgh the .Mill" By Al Priddy, net ._...\$t85 ••The Track's Ent" [ By Hayden Carruth J%1M "Trail of the Tenderfoot" By Steph; Chalmers, net $1.25 "The Turn of the Wide Way" By Flora B. Green __50e "Things Bcuntlful'* By Sam. F. WoUard.SOc', $1.25' "The Unknown Isle"' ' J From the French. By Pierre de Coulevain, net .^L55\; "Henry Van Dyke's FocmsT - >Complete in 1 Vol. Net_L$2.00;^ "Watchers of the Skies" By Gustavo Mertlns, nelj $1.25 "Weaver of Dreams" . By'Myrtle Reed, net J-$1J»0 ••Wlnnlns of Barbara Worth" By Harold Bell Wright—$1.30 i Some of these wc buy in hundreds —others only as the trade diemarids. With your help, our stock and prices we have m&de'tbe Old Comer one of the Important Book Stores of Kansas. Evans Bros. Book & Statiboery Stor(| lola, Kansas $100 Reward. SIOO. it' Tfnarrt n: tliLi pipc-r will te pka«rd to Ii-ar. Best on BarW —This u the verdlctarit: jr. Soweli. itoi" ih«rc b, »i irtrt Clio iirraui-* uw--« tnat •« on j Tracy C, who( bougbt Soley'sidBIoney. upcn U K- LI OI M aiKl >'iibcu 7, v. •„ . t-nmptlon. Her lunga wevs'sbrfr and^< .'•^.,'^1,-,TJ::-..^';^;,'•••^,v,;i^•[;:',*S.:r I'b* almost tae ^wLiir l/r; IP r »• .•.,i ..f<i!»-.ii .TMI n >.v. i nflT Voice WaS hoat^f an*-IMMV- -Vn. \tK i ;u fiP-i .•M/^.-.< .-..^ tv.( It lui. ;»-:brought relief at oaea aadiiMB^hanll .•uti. K^.l«J to: il--. iif t.-:;i. .•••au , three bottles' ^ATfA/ttail vw^*iS:5» .i.' ' solit .ymict Tft.!*.'cure. i. Ti.MvaA)»ii,'Q^'^-^^'^ \

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