The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 6, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Besult» £faitgaturk Bathj "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" THE WEATHER New Hampshire, -Maasachuso-tta, Rhode Island ;md Connecticut: Showers, ending tonight. Clearing early Tuesday morning, followed by fair and warmer weather in the afternoon. Vol. LXX, No. 195 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent! Henry J. Gesseck. 33, Drowns At New Preston Lake Local Woman Struck By Motorcycle In Wolcott, Suffers Broken Back Mrs. Tuckey, Prospect Rd., Hospitalized Condition Not Critical; Now Britain Youth Motorcycle Operator .'liifrVrliii: finrn n hi'0k"n bnclc ir-i (hi> n-Miilt rif nnlni: nlnirk hy n MI-M. Kenneth Tuoltny of Prospect road, l:i n pntlont lit St. Mnry'M hoti- pll/il, when- hnr condition today [ji rpjifrlnM nf*t crltli'.nl. Hi'i 1 phyHlr:liin, Dr. Edwin fl. Currun, ,1)1 Id Hlie iitislrilnnd thrnn fractured vertubnin, hut hnr mime him nr>' hi'i'ii plnrrrl fm thr dixngrr lint. Anwcllnfr to Hciwnrd R. Kruft <>( thn Wiilcntt. pnllrii (U'pni-trnfliit, Mm. Tiickcy wan ntnndln;; on tho north nidi- (if thf WoUvitt-Rrldtol ro:ul About ."> o'clock waiting for n Knrt- mid hnfi hound for VVnturbiiry. Hho tmrl hnon vlsltlm; hnr imrnnts, who IH-i- 'in Itonli' (Ui nnnr Codur Lnl(c, nntl turnod ti> c;ill to her falhui 1 If find nut thn Umn. While hi 1 r tiiicif wim tui'nod tn thn roud, police mi III n mr/loi'cynlc i»f>er;i[mt hy GnyUir Kob'/.back, IT. of Nnw ni'ltiiln, procoodlnK south on tho I'otvd uttnmptod to puss un automobile, which hud olffnnllod Hn l.itontlon.'t of turning left. r'nli;:<j Hfilil the cyclist appru'tnit- ly (Ikl not rnnllxo thn car wnn tui'nIni: left nnd In un effort to uvold | colliding with It, .turned fur out f>n j thfi It!ft Hldn of thti road. AH It did ' the riirht I'o'itininril of tho-motor- cycle hit Ihn ground, throwing thn cyi.'Iu tutl or i-nntrol nnd slightly ii|i In Ihn ii I r, hitting Mrs. Tuckoy In thn hack n.-i U iiklddod. I'ollm nre continuing thnlr In- ve.'ttlgntlon. nntl no nrront h«« boon Hindu paneling tin- outcome of Mni Tiif'liny'M condition, Auto Union Asks Price Curbs Top-nmUlnjr Iciidnr.H of thn Unitrcl Automobile Workers union lire Nhnwn lit 11 nirt-tlnir In Wusliiiik'tnii \vhcrp they Mild new WIIRO dc- niatidN uKiiln.Mt fJhr,v»li'r iinrt other companies wnuJd ho made unless thn K<'V«rnni<>iit rpstorrd offoctivc price controls. They arc (left to. , rlcht) K. -I. ThDiiuiM, G. 1', Addus, nntl Walter Kouther, president. (International) Republicans Speculate On Committee Chairmanship Talbot Well Satisfied After Trip Hadd«n And McConaughey Still In Race For Gubernatorial Nomination . Rep. Joseph E. Talbot, "well satisfied" with the results of his swing through the eastern section of the state last week, today remains the leading: contomter for the Republican gubernatorial nomination— with Attorney General William Haddcn and forme* Lieut, Gov, James L. McConaughey still in the race. There were reports (n Informed circles today, however, that by con- vontion dates, Sept. 9 nnd 10, the race will have dandled to a twosome between Mr, Talbot and Mr. Haddcn. Forces supporting- Hop. Talbot for the nomination feel that Governor Raymond E. Baldwin's announcement that he will seek the nomination for U, S. Senator will definitely aid the local man's cause, Governor Baldwin, said he had been influenced to change his mind about withdrawing from politics by, many Republican leaders, parthiu-1 larly Rop. Clare Boothc Luce. Rep.; Luce has long- been an advocate of a Baldwln-Talbot ticket in the November election. Truman Goes On Holiday Cruise Medical Examiner Says May Have Had Heart Attack Britain's Troops Cross River Jordan They Are Reinforcing The British Garrison. In The Holy. Land Popular Boroughite Swim ming At Waramaug With 8-Year-Old Daughter An accidental death occurred yes- lerday afternoon about ft.30 o'clock, when Henry J' Gesseck. while swim- May avenue, drowned while Swimming- in Lake Wsxramaug, New Preston, Medical Examiner Dr. Howard G. Stevens of New Milford said death was due to drowning. He *;)id it ia impossible to determine whether or President Truman mukcs himself comfortable aboard the presidential yacht WlIliiimKhurtr in the Washington Navy Yard at the start of his 18-rtny cruise in Atlantic waters. With the President (left) are Matthew Connelly (standing), Mnj. Gen. J-I. Viiiighan, military aide, and Charles Ross, press secretary. The President does not plivn liny public appearances, though he is expected to go* ashore several times. (International) Negotiations In Shipping Strike Resumed (My 1/nllnd Pr<f«) ^Nnijdtln.tlonN In ono labor t - tlio flvo-dny old Ornnt I.nkon »hlp- rln^ ,'itrlkn ard bolnif rcxumnd in Nnw Vnrk nnd Chli;iiKf> today Thr- C-r-O Miirlllmn iinlrm In trying ti) lie up nil trnfflo on the L«l<nn hy l''i'ldny, nrid both 'ildnn urn contlnu- Inir Ifi Klvn nut ronfllctlnK roport.t on thr walkout. Thn union rliilms thn-t nhout 120 uhlp.i HIT lied up hy thn Htrlltn nnd ihni nil mujni' portd nrn uti'lkf bfiuiid. On thn othnr hnnd. thn T,nl(f (Inn 1 1pm ii.i.-ioc.liitlon, which ro[iro- Hfnl-i nil Ihn miijor uhlpplnj? coin- piinlrn, iiiiyn only 13 nhlpd ppni'Utnd by Ihn eriKipnnlPH lii'd tlnr.1 up. (iVflMKft SOITOHT Knll.i'lHik, MllHM.. AllR- 10 —(Uf) • fli'nn-h In urulnr wny for five pun- nion wlin nil'lcd « clloo frnmo nt n Holhivi<ii{ fnnnhniiHp nnd find \vlth Jiri.con. '('in! >;iinmpn foi'i:nd Iholr virllrnji to rnniovp Home* of -thnlc flnthlni; l)i>fni'r n^finplnx In n ntol- rn nuiomohlln. Why You Nood Food Even When Not Working Caucuses And Convention Tomorrow Night To Name Delegates Sprnulnllon In hlKh today .imonpr Nfiucuttiek I{ff)lil>llc»in» nn Ml? pnr- ty rnovnii townrd It.i riiucu.ios and convention schndulnd for tomorrow AthouKh prosppnt-t of (i contest over tho town commHtec chiilmnan- shlp hJis nnt hof-n olllcliilly rcport- iitl, it ha.H been rumored <i move- mont IH In profjru.MM to .supplant the prn.Men't ohnlrmim, Charles P. Ro- dpnbnch, Mr. Rotlonh/inh has hfcn reported JIM willing to vacnto the post. Sev- Last-Minute News- UNCONFIRMED REPORT Vienna, Aug. 10—(UP)— An unconfirmed Dogs To Be Destroyed For Killing Chickens, Rabbits (By.United Press) Eriish troops are moving ncross th<; river .Jordan, into Palestine to reinforce the Garrison in the Holy Land. Military preparations by the- British arc evident in Jerusalem and in Haita—where the transport Empire Hsywood is still being repaired after' being damaged by explosions : set off by illegal Jewish immigrants. : In Jerusalem, Arab legionnaires i of the British Middle Eastern I forces are taking positions around I '.ho so-called fortress area in the center of the cityT Other British troops are guarding all. approaches to the central post office, which has been, ovacuaed several times in th<? -last 'few days as a result of bomb scores. This morning, the . ten'th . phona call within a week was received, warning that the post .office would not M| , Qcsseck report; reaching Vienna says an American Army transport plane on route from Vicuna to Italy has been attacked by a fighter plane and has not been hoard from since. No fur- flier dctiiil.s are available, and the report is entirely unconfirmed. nnnounrrmont;: have been forth- TRAIN HIT Hamlet, N. C., Aug. 19—(UP)—A Seaboard railway oH'ic'ial SHVS. the southbound passenger train, "Robert E. l,ec" sidcswiped a northbound passenger train about wuveii miles north of Hamlet, N, C., this morning. The ot'fi-i A Mlntc of potential mnmbnrs of j . .,,.•. . , r XT town commiuop wn.s drawn up (; jal says Uic Roboit iLi. Lee s ongmcer, M. JN. ' on, .j. n. WMHIKN You nnntl fnntl dally junk to hoop thn liotty procoMMos working — (llfcoit- tl"i\. hi-ciithlnK. pumping of blood by thn honrt, coollnff of tho body, rnmnval of wnotod nnd othom, About two-thirds of thn food out"n l.i nnnclod hy tho body to do thnno John, Tho othnr umount of food nondocl doponds upon hou' miiKh physical work In done dally -«lttln« nt n clank. worklnK In n toctory, or do doors. (flclonniHl hy The Now.i Kniitureit, Inc.) hiird work out- Connolldntoi! — Vnn will iniirvl nt Hie Mlrnxlvp Minim i h»l rim will find •« Jrff'» Nmlmirnnl, tiburrli «». In »h«»« ln>» ""try duy«, OOIMD |y nt a mnollnir of thn conimlttnc l!i»t wi'tik, nnd Ix expcccd to hn preMomt- IT| to thf cnnvrnMon as plnnncd to- mnrrow nlphl. CII.UCI.IHO.I In tho thrnc wnrdn will hn held at 7:30 n'clfick, nt which tlmo dplRKntOH will ho nnmrtl to thn convention schodulofl for 5< o'clock In thn 'own hull. Rrnldnn nnmlnK a town commH- tnr, thp convontlon nlsri will nnmu dnlPKatns tf> t'ho various «t»itc con- vcnlona. Tho first ward cnucim will lio nt the Town Hull, second ward. Rtiytliwlch Crvrapo nnd third wnrtl. •Poil«h American Club. Delcwiiins nnmnd nt thn cniiciifinH will attrnd tho convention In the Town Hall. Proposed Peace Treaties Are Being Discussed Thn Paris poncr- cnniVrrncn today niilrtly hrirnn thn Job for which it was Intended — dl:'cui,ilon of the proposed trratloM with tho AxlH imtrllltnx. ' Aff.ri- t'hroo weeks of Ironlnp out procrcliirnl mfiHors. the conference hmi finally tnkon up thn Individual treaties with the Ralknn atntos and .Plnlanrl, Throe commlniilon.s arc mpetlnR — -t-ho one studying the economic ncctlonH of tlu> Itnllnn trraty n:ul thp OHOM on the Hun- Kiirlnn and Flnnlnh political clnuses, Tho Mnrnliiff ncjmlon Aciftially, ni"»t °f I' 10 morninK hn.i boon tnkcn up In the commls- iilon with tholr own procodurnl ti-ouhlo.". Am/ndmcnts to the vnrl- OUH tronflcH.nmy l>o snbniJttod to tin- commlsclons uny time up to tomorrow mldnlRht. On Wndno.sday, thr comnils-tlons will bcpln discus •ilons of tholr allotted sections, piit'iiKi'Aph bv l>;'riiKi'iiph, Tho U\'.lt p '> States c'halr nt tho Finnish political commission l.t o.mpty, Amoi'lcn Is listed as n. mnm- bor, but hns renounced the rlslit to a voice In tho Finnish treaty dlscun- nlons, , . • killed nnd another trainman, M. C. Clark, was seri- ously.injured.. No passengers or other crewmen were hurt in the accident. Riots In Calcutta May Have Caused 3,000 Deaths (By United Pross) The riots in Calcutta between Moslems and Hindus may have cost a total of 3,000 lives. And several thousand persons are known to have been.injured . Tho city If* relatively calm this morning. British troops lire patrolling the streets, which lire littered with dead. No accurate estimate of tlio number of casualties will be possible for several days.- A number of bodies have been thrown Into rivers and ponds. And many more have been "»'*";' '*WI' V hy Ji'icvlng relatives. Mississippi Marshal And Deputies Wounded GAME POSTPONED k Boslrm, Aug. 19—(UP)—Today's baseball game between the Boston Bed Sox and" the St. Louis Browns has been postponed because of rain. A doublehcader will be played tomorrow. _BIG FIRE REPORTED j MfiKnc Misa , AuR . 19 _ (U p,_ A Sun DicgO, Calif., Aug. .19—(UP)—All entire business, murky swamp near Ma.R-ee, Miss.. block in the Mexican city of Tijuana is reported on f ire, crivc " sholtc ' to a n ° K '° !im Calirornia .skate authorities have sent three fire trucks across the liorder to help fight the flames which threaten , rrs ofnoc men nca] . MizCi MiSR . in enguli: a whole block of the down town business section, ^^f- "^ ^mcn, ! toRcther with sheriff's officials are m-PXTKTTe lUTATr'TIPC pr»«? r rPn'N"li 1 'n i surrounding the swamp this morn- TENNIS MATCHtib PUJsirUJNtlJ , , n{ , . n nn attcmpt to - capture the Olieslllllt Hill, Mass., Aug. 19—(UP)—Opening play negroes, known to authororities ' ' . ,, .;««I.r«a'Mhn/*'rMffff»milv" iii the nalional doubles tennis championships was postponed until tomorrow because of rain. Value To Be Set On Loss; Ownership Of Dogs Still In Doubt Owners remain unidentified' of the two do^s that killed 22 chickens and 20 rabbits early 'Saturday morning in coops- owned by Carl Swanson, 127 New street, according to a report today by Dog- Warden Joseph Hanley. The dnpu'ty commissioner of domestic animals from Ha in ford is expected to arrive in Naupratuck today to set values on damages incurred by the canines, Mr. Hanley said. He added (.hat unless owners claim the dogs within five days the dogs will be destroyed. The invaders of the coopa were a lai%'C police dop and collie wearing- collars, but no other identification marks. The Swanson family hearing the doss in the cops at 2:50 o'clock Saturday morning: suspected thieves and notified police headquarters. j Patrolmen Charles Clark and Jo- I seph Farren were di.ipntchcd 10 thu scene and found the dogs, which Mr. Swanson said gained entry by (.conns' il larpfo hole in a fence. IUBNRY .T. GESSKCK suffered a heart me -blown up. Employes ran into n unck, but dui> to the fact that lie the street. As "usual; tho police | was taken from the water within searched the building- for an,hour j tni . co minutes of his disappearing" and reported no traces of explo- j ur;( jer it and had but little water in sions. In Haifa, Royal N'nvy workmen are still fixing- the bottom of the Empire Hey-vvood. Six hundred and fifty Jews, who were taken off refugee ships two days apro, are aboard •the Heywood. As soon as repairs are completed, the ship will snil for the island of Cyprus, where the Jews wil be interned. Tense Atmosphere A tonsta atmosphere exists throughout the Holy Land. The British" preparations arc obviously designed to ward o(V renewed activity on the part of nhe Jewish un- dergrond. But so far the underground hns made no move. Some sources believe that underground organizations — wi-th the exception of the Irgun Zvai Lcumi — have boon instructed to suspend all violent HCtion while with the British arc London. going on in only ns "the The mayor says the fracas started about 7 o'clock Sunday cvcnlnfr with the Craft family—ridinK in an old wood truck—began riding up and down the highway between and Laurel. They were, to •the mayor, "shooting up the works." The negroes, says Mayor BI'R- COMMISSION ADJOURNS Luxcmboui£ Palace, Aug. 19—(UP)—The Finnish treafv commission—one of three meeting today at the peace conference-has adjourned after two hour S; of diplo-1 ^^g™ a5 ^, ^ bBy ' _ malic shadow boxing between Russian and British fac-j white man whoso name is un- tlJflUIl.'*''** 1 -' • *O • I J • —-....« TU« J« t?oi/^ *« l-ira \m Aoy^nrvny? tions. The Russians presented an amendment to limit time for presentation of Finnish amendment and quicklj' go into known. He is said to have escaped injury. The i when after technical debates. Incident reported of the shootings, Sunday evening, „,., i _ mi,A I when reported Sunday evening, discussion...But the proposal was defeated six to tour, ine broupht out a Bl . oup of sheriffs Hungarian*and Italian commissions also have adjourned men to the craft house. CLAIMS TERRITORY INFRINGEMENTS London, Atlg. 19—(UP) A Yugoslav spokesman illjme, several negroes — "they don't men to the Craft house- Mayor's Statement Says Mayor Magee: "City Marshall Gaston -Sullivan of Mize was with the men who went to the Bite. When they arrived, -they have told London says there had been up to 20 infringements of Yugoslav IJcrritory daily by Allied planes in recent months, lle^le^ca'ibe.s the shooting clown'of an American transport over Yugoslav territory as "an unfortunate incident." Bui the Yugoslav spokesman says it probably arose from increased tension over border incidents in which Yugoslav citisscns i^ave been killed. ; . ..... know how many—opened fire and hurt all of the deputies so much they have hardly been able to tell about It so far. One of the deputies, continues the mayor, was able to drive the other men to a place where they could get help." Borough Native Dies In New York, Funeral Thursday Mrs. Florence (Nelson) Von Klock, -13, a native of Naugatuck, a.nd wife of Conrad Von Klock, 11S-59 227th street, St. Albans, Long Island, N. Y., died this morning at the Mary Immaculate hospital, Jamaica, Lor.c Island, N. Y. Born in Naugatuck July 23. 1E03, daughter of Andrew Nelson and the late Anna Nelson, she left the borough about 17 years ago to reside on Long Island. While residing in Naugatuck she was a member of the Hillside Congregational church. Besides her husband and father, both of St. Albans, she leaves two brothers, George Nelson of New Rochellc, N. Y., and Roy Nelson of Nauga-tuck; six sisters, Mrs. Clifford Fritzell of Beacon Falls, Mrs. Fridolf Anderson, Naugatuck, Mrs. C. Henry Peterson and Miss Ethel Nelson, both of Waterbury, Mrs. Emil Goranson, Foroetville, and Mrs. H. H. Pease, Springfield, Mass. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Alderaon Funeral Home. 201 Meadow street, with the Rev. Paul W- Peterson, pastor of the Hillside Congregational church, officiating. Burial will be in Grove cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday afternoon and evening from 3 to 5 o'clock and 7 to 9 o'clock. —.linve you hcpn her* Intoly? Wrll. tlirn you're inlnNlnr tnklnr uilvnntnrr of •ornr rM»t value*. Vlult KAPIIA1!I.'S, Nnupttliclc'i Fmililon more, tomorrow. —Have J-OH »«n Ihe n«w 1047 Stuilt- bnkcr? If'« really worth Mcrlnr. . You run Nfc It br tflitltlnc thr NaurAtuck Dill (cry nnd Auto Service.—Adr. Curran Awaits Beacon Falls Dump Report In conjunction with n petition circulating in Bcucon Falls rcqucst- inc tho nbolisfinTcmt of the, U. S. Rubber Co. rubbish and rubber refuse 'dump" on an island in the Naupratuck river. Dr. Edwin R. Curran, health officer of the town, accompanied by an official from the stH.le board of health, made an inspection of the site last week. Dr. Curran in a statement today said a report will be filed on the inspection within a few days, nnd expects order the company to abolish tho "dump." The petition, which was to have been presented at a special town meeting to be called in the near future, asked that yicps be taken to abolish the refuse location terming It a "nuisance." Residents con- Mnue to complain about smoke cominK from the refuse when burning, despite precautionary measures taken by tfie company. Dr. Curran- also said persons in Beacon Falls continue to throw garbage and other refuse within 50 feet of the river,"which is a violation of the sanitation code. -He declared that individual orders (o appear in court will be given persons who do not cease this practice. EIGHT FATALITIES Boston, Aug. 19—(UP)—Eight persons lost their lives on Massachusetts highways last week. That's one more than in the preceding week and the same number as In the correspondent 1945 period. Total fatalities £His year were 292 or 53 more than in the same period last year. — Gfttlnc rrnib- 'or (hut trip.,, .Call. CHUCK'S Frlmdlr Snrvloe and have them rivr yaur cnr » rail colnr over. Call 49SS for court Mm tervlw,—Adv. his lungs, he suspected lioart failure. • At Picnic M"r. G-escck WQ.S one of 47 Xn.u- galuck nnd Ceacon Falls residents on a picnic at the lake. He had entered the water to g_o swimming with bis eight-year-old daughter, Barbara Ann, and was up to his knees whin he fcl). He was removed from the water by a life guard in attendance and state police from the Litchflold bur- racks called to assist in giving artificial respiration. Emergency equipment from the state police barracks was used for an hour and a half, but was unsuccessful in reviving Mr, Gesseck. Among -the persons \vitncsing the incident weac Mr_ and Mrs. Prank Sicmcski. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White, Mr. and Mrs. Peter White. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Karbowicz, Mr. .and Mr. Walter Wossniah. Born in Naugatuck. Mr. G-csscck had been a resident of the borough all lii.s life, and an employe of the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant for 17 yearsi He was a member of tho Polish-American club and .Naugn- tnck Fish & Gnlme association. .Survivors He is survived by his wife, Anna, 'his daughter, Barbara Ann , n. son, Richard, six-months; his mother, Mrs. Bridget Klaneski of Thomaston: five, brothers, Waller, Stanley, Leonard, Joseph and Edward, all of Naugatuck; a sister, Mrs. Mary Zdonszyk of Waterbury. and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will bo held Wednesday .morning at 8:30 o'clock 22 Park place, to St. Hedwig's from the Buckmillcr Funeral Home, churcb, where a requiem high Mass will be celebrated at 0 o'clock. Interment wll be in St. James' ccmc- t cry. Friends may call at the funeral home tonight from 7 to 10 o'clock, and tomorrow afternoon and evening from 2" to 10 o'clock. Captain Semrow Heads Company F CapU Harold R. Semrow will bo in command of NauRatuck's Co. F of the 102nd Infantry Regiment's Second Battalion, Jt has been announced by Brig. Gen. Reginald B. Dclacour, adjutant general of tJia state of Connecticut, NURSE DIES Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 19—(UP) —A 22-year-old Cambridge nurse Is dead of an overdose of sleeping: pills, Mrs. Barbara Novkairtcz had taken the overdose Tuesday night and had been in a coma ever since. Use of a rarely-used drug- failed to save her. —For »-oicr next pnlr of »lioc«. com* In nnd *rr un. Monll.v »ll (lie fftvorlte Natlonu! make* MET nvMlahl*. RICK'S Shoe Btore, 142 Bank St., W(hr.—Adi.

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