Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1911
Page 3
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.J THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING/DECEHj^BER 14,1911. -I <7 At Chnstmas-tide, when families arc re-united, when friends meet together in good fellowship, when A^earts arc warm and expressions of good will toward all prevail—then it is that gifts come and go from one to another, and a simple gift speaks directly to the heart. Our special Christmas offerings will merit your attention at this Yule-tide season. UMBRELLAS FOR GIFTS Styles for men, women and children—a great collection jit atli-active prices offered in this holiday showing. Each $5, $:ir)0, $2.50, $1.75 and SI 25 preltv i-lvlos in New Scarfs. Each 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and up to $5m More tlian 100 pretty thincr.s in White Center- I)jeces, Dre.sser and Sidehoai'd Scarfs, Doilies—in every size from $7.50 a dozen down to 15c each. The prettiest line we have ever shown. Furs Make a Fine Christmas Gift. Our Fur stock is made up of the .season's most desirable Furs and Fur.siyle.^. Every ?'ur is made up of selected pelts of first quality and our prices will stand the test of any comparison. A Few of the Newest Things f rem Over 100 Varieties of Jewelry. Belt Pins, Brooches, Ban*etts. Beauty Pin.s, Bar Pins, Fancy Combs, Collar Pins, Fancy Bags, Necklaces. Over 50 Pretty Effects in New Neckwear. This splendid line of pretty Millinery, including ail of^ our best Hats, Pattern Hats, Street Hats and Miss's and Children's Hats at half mai'ked price, and in some instances less than half price. Everything included in this cleanup sale. Great reductions in Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats For Christmas $10.00 Coats. $15.00 Coats. $20.00 Coats. $22.50 Coats. $80.00 Coats. $35.00 Coats. ,..$7.50 .$12.48 .$15.00 .$17.50 $22.50 .$27.50 Ladies* New Tailor Made Suits Splendid styles— values up to $35; clean-up price. $14.95 Warm Blankets Warm Underwear Warm Hosiery Everything you need for winter wear. 113 EAST MADISON 113 EAST .MADISON -JSMC 4* me tut e-tymo Tlic Sh.rirr'a offlc- :ind tlio jwllcc h.ivc bii'ii .iskt'd lo Iw on ihf alert lor ono Kdwin K. .Mien, lickoi ugenr ;;nd nisht oi )Prat ()r for the Santa Fe r.'iihviiy ill llarllesvillc, wlio lias ab- scondoU wKh $235.06 of the comiianj-'s funds. AUrn formfrly served in the ;irn-,y and carries his discharge pa•|if >r>> Willi Iiiin. H"- is 27 years of gac, six feet in lieiglit, weislig 165. has IiRlit ccmi>I<'.\fon, brown h;:ir and blue (yes. —Ired ISowden, Period Decorator. L'luine TS'C. Till-; Kansas City p.-ipcrs ttato ihiit llic millinery firm of J.Ar O. 'I 'tTfOD. rloiiic business at 1,023 Main strcit. has falUd. It Is said llu; lirm rtivntly cUisid ils branch in Df-nver ;!nd turni'd over much of its stock to .ir.-frrrcd creditors. Claims for small .uimp. toialinp $.540 were filed and in- »oli:nt;iry bankruptcy procewlin^s be•.'un. One of tlic Gersons spent some inontlis in lola, conductinR a millinery story on West Madison some 'xary afio. ' Willie uf the Open Mind. ^'^Our Willie said B 1.\ nuinihs ago, Ko had the proof liiai tliih was so - He'd col it siraiuht l:oiii .loiiiiay Smith. • But WllUn has au op' u mind, - And now he's lettins broad hints rail. That he'd not be surprteed to lind. That there's a Santa after all. —Chicago Record-Herald. Two welcome visitors at ilici office \i of the Register this morninK ' were x -fMr. Hiram Huffman tind Mr.; Amos i Shlveley, of Osage township, i They are ^tta old timers up in that comer of t^e county and have "made; good" in eVery way. will be to your Interest jto buy jnmc flour and feed of H. Klaiitmann, ^206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. j Ifiaxbal Fulton, of the Cofllieyville ^tiScfivaaxt, came in this morojing to J^e^ '.Clyde Reed: to Montgomery «ouBtT^for trial'«n chargpi of rSbbery. Uxm said he did not' know 'what P^9 «)<teDC« BgaiB9t Reed wks, the 4eiea -worked np b]^ anotb -T»r. Lucy M. Hull, O .sieopiifh. !'C]I-)IIM)»I >!« 1^0 und C61. fJev. and .Mrs. Uanier of Cfifi .North Third sin-i'i are the parents of a tirl born 'Iiis morninp. — .Iii.-t i-.-.eived i;ood KKitk of sev- ral kimis uf fine fernt: al.-o cycle- man. In 1)11(1 and bloom; a fitie Clirls.t- iiias prt-eni I'tlinmerV Green House, 7e4 (•; Linc'jfn.; Phone KM. (" Carliun Ml this for l^awreiire where he will invtnl In the Wilder Hriiilie:.^ laundry a Carlion- Xewton water softening device. —c; Money. K. M. CnnplDsbaiiL, .Mr. and -Mrs. H. G. Hlxon are the paren'g of a fine girl who arrived at their home this morning. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co. has moved to Kress building. Office rooms 22 to 24. Mrs. p:iizab€th Glazier, of 402 South Buckeye, who has be«n dangerously ill for some time suffered a severe relapse last nlRht and her condition today is very dangerous. —Palace Rooms $1 .50 per week up. Opposite Post Office. Phone 263. Mrs. GriEWold of the country about eight milea north of this city, was at the point of death for several hours last night with heart trouble. She Ix some better today but her condition la Btill daagenras. Old timers who remember P. H. I'mtioltz who was nt one time superintendent of the city schools of lola, will be interested in knowing that he is now engnpeil in the nursery business in Victoria, Texas. Sheriff Hoover Ki-rr went to Independence on official business this morning. . —Dr. ScMillen. Phones and S32, A fi!W days ago a man ]iut a little "want ad" in the Register asking somebody to lend him some money. This morning he came in and rnjKjrt- cd that ihe ad. had brought him offers from points as far away as Okla- homc, and that he had his pick and choice of a sreat number of proposals. And it had only cost him a few cents." It is because this exijerience is BO nearly unanimous that the "Classified Want" page of the Regls- I ter Is so well patronized. Kver tried it? —Leave your Christmas orders at Prlmmer's for Flower.'? and Plants. Phone I'll. •• »»>•••, • • — Mrs. Mattio Farmer is again dangerously ill at tli«; home of her dniigh ter, Mrs. Henry Cook, on Kast street. .Mrs. Farmer recently improved to such an extent that it was hoped she might recover. Yesterday, however, she suffered a sinking |M 'rlod from which she was not revived until midnight. The attending ithyslclan offers no hope that she,will rally from her present comatose condition. A son, Pnink Ifarrner. of Springfleld, .Mo., arrived yesterday lo be with his mother during her critical illness.. —Better thiin FTIT nt.the ('rand Tliratrp. latFKt motion pirtnrra and best mn!<Ir to Ix bad. .Ill for 5 rentf. H. C. McDougal, who at one time served as city editor of the old lola Daily Index and who later moved to Ottawa where he became city editi^ of the Republic, has resigned his position on Mr. Morgan's paper and accented a desk on a paper at Marys- -rflle Mo. Mrs. McDougal, who has been aerlonsly III for some time, is in a hospital in Kansas City where surgeons express the opinion that only a severe operation w^ill offer promise of restoring health. Rev. John H. Price, pastor of the First Methodist cbnrch of this city will deliver an addreiss at Parsons tomorrow night on the slibject, "Lffl- nppere anfl Lookuppers." The Parsons chnrcb is cfelebratlng its anniversary week and each evening an out-of town miaister is to deliver a swmoa or lecture. .. George Wilhite was discovered tf>- day standitiK on the step of the Our Way restaurant, and the sight turnefl the reporter's clock back about ten y.?ars. George looks natural but Ir thinner than when ho lived here dije to too much running about and hai 'd work. He is here looking after bu.4i- nn .K; connected with a loan he made ypiirs ago and which '.onks like a lo !Cs. "I want to !-ri> the fellows that have been tc!!!n;; iiie tliat In!a was moved awa.\ ^•. ; in. :.r. ! re.n down at the heel. • !-e .'.lii!. "i'i:i lonk.s good. The stnrt '();.' Letter tlian when I wa.'- here "YC. -;e I;iir;r Incks clean and buFy." \-''" 'e is row located at Hntc' 'r ••':r. li'-" di:es not know htrw UQxnv nTt'y. He docs intend However, to rrinain in Kansas hereafter havin:?;;!.; nlon^ the Pacific ajd Gulf coat'! witiidiil finding a better , lace to live. — liiite and Majestic now .^c. , —We to caU yonr attention to the fact that most Infectious disease!^ such as whooping cough, diphtheria and scarlet fever arc contracted wh^n the child has a cold. Chamberlain'; Congb Remedy will quickly cure n cold and greatly lessen the danger bf contracting these diseases. This remedy Is famous for its cures of colds It contalnB no opium or other nar- eotlc and may he given to a child with implicit confidence. Sold by all deal ers. —Follow the crowd iind M»e the lilg «how at the (irHiid. .UI for 5 cent.i. Herbert naker. tlio nine-year-old son of Mr. and .Mr .-i. Hakcr of Bassett, Rtumbled while carr>Ing a lamp chlm. ney In bis hand at bis home about six o 'clock last evening, and in falling his hand catne down on the glass chimney which broke and cut his haiid severely, the entire palm being severely lacerated. A number of stitches were required to close the woun^^. "-^Don't forgpt the SalvaUon Army Free Dinner effort. • %- CHRISTMAS TREESl Extra Fine . Delaware HoUy * at t.i. SI The play "Macbeth," for which the senlora of the high school are re- hearaing. will be played Wednesday of next vreck at the high school build ing. The seniors have been rehears- Ing'tWl'ce a week for the past several weeks. —Elite and Majestic now He. The team which a basket ball team composed of high school boys will play tomorrow night at Haldwln will be tiie K.-tldwln high Kchool team. Haldwln Is rciuitcd to have a good team this year, and n very good game Is "xiwcfed. —Without opiates or harmful drugs of any kind Foley's Honey and Tar Compound stops coughs and cures colds. Ho not acci;i>l any substitute. J. D. .Miindls & Co. who are to take part In the ('lirl.^tmaK cantata which is to occur Jit the I'reKbyteiInn church on Chrli-l mas night, will meet nl the I'reshy- ferlan fhiircli tonight at seven o'cfock for rehearsal. Thi- title of the cantata Is '"aanta Clans' Arrival." a com- poJiitlon by Charles H. Gabriel. Every member of the Sunday School is to take |iart in it - and there will hc( dioruses of brownies, fnirlcs. Eskimos and newsboys, and nine young ladies will have special parts in singing and speaking." Of course., Santa Claus will he one of the principal' characters of the cantata. Miss Ruby Heller has charge of the chorus Rehearsals. —Elite and Majestic now Tic. Col. Wilder S. Melcalf. of the Fir.xt Regiment, came In this morning to hidd the regular annual inspection of the roiitnilssloiied and non-commis- slon<-d ofllcers of Company M. whlcli Is to occur at the armory tonight. An InsiH'ction of the arms, clothing, and! •,'ei.>eral eiiuipment of the Company Is I to be held tonight. .Members of the' I'omiiany have been making preiiara-j 'Ions tor the inspection for the past; •everal days, and it is ex|iecled that| the local company will come out ofl •he inspection with credit. —Elite and Majestic now .'>c. ^ ^^^^^ 3^.. ; Special Christmas ttices on Axmin ster Rugs 1 27 .K54 Axmin ster Rugs .$1^95 •* 36x63 Axmin ster Rugs .$2.95 '• 6x9 ft Axmin ster Rugs .$10.75 8.3x10.6 Axmin ster Rugs $14.75 9x12 Axmin ster Rugs $16.75 50 patterns and colors to select ifrom. Christmas Lace Curtaiiis. One-third off on all Lace Curtains,, during this '| great Christmas Sale. The Idla Furniture Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE , A. W. BECK, Prop. A TRAVELING BAG OR A SUIT CASE for Christmas will sure please—a present that will last a life-time. Let us show you. Sec Window Disp'ay I —OF- lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is, what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. -. , . » azJ Before having your dental work done-by others call upon lis. "We'jirSi'^ in our iJiHarpe offices EVERY TIIUltSDAY. . , ^4 Office hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12.-.-..-, Evenlsigip.../ ..U), r* FRISHMAN'* Exiradrdinary Rediieflons on Tailored Siiits and That should bring you here early | tomorrow. Suits at one-half t-o one- 4 third less than their value. $15.00 to $18.00 Suits now $20.00 to $25.00 Suits now .00 $9.75 $1S Made pfjevery wanted material— serges, cheviots, diagonals and fancy mixtures. Remember these are not the ordinary suits, but are up to the rigid requirements of the "Redfern" style. If you have any idea of getting a suit this winter come here tomorrow. You will save one-third to one-half on each purchase at Hnlidreds of Winter COATS at REDUCED PRICES Buy your New Coat here at a reduction of from one-fourth to one-third. $10.00 to $12.50 Coats how $7.98 $15'.00 and $16.00 Coats now $10.95 $20.00 and $25.00 Coats how $15.00 $7.50 and $8.00 Coats now $4.95 Every kind of Coat will be found here for every purpose. You^n not buy | your Co^tto youF ^vnijbest.advan^ here,,. - \. PLUSH CO ATS 910.^

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