Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 31, 1976 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1976
Page 5
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The Legacy of Harold Wilson; Who'll Be Around to Pick Up Pieces? TOM LAUGHLIN • DELORES TAYLOR . •Scnti<i%i(flWMijirfttMUCH«1IM rreevtM * MUtt KBt SOUI • Ointttgt|T.C.FRMM > Nitionil Shitftnl Film Corporation Pradwlion • TEOMKOIOR* From Warner Bros C\^ A Warner Communication! Company PG Des Molnes Sierra 1 Fleur 1 Cinema 1 Capilol PI Perry Perry. IA Webster Webster City, IA Cinema I Fort Dodge, IA Sierra Jefferson, IA4/1 American Cherokee, IA 4/1 Mall 1 Ames. IA 4/1 Camelot Nevada. IA BY NBA/London Economltl News Service The 13 years of Harold Wilson rule over the Labor Party and 8 over the country, have not only been the longest peacetime period of political domination in Britain by one man this century. They have also been the years of sharpest swing into relative decline in Britain's history. This decline in British spirit and well-being cannot all be laid at Wilson's door; indeed, better than any Tory could have done, Wilson used the harshness of reality this past year to give Britain the chance of some kind of eventual recovery. But his long stay ended with a leaving that itself makes this next year more parlous than it was already likely to be. It is now marginally more likely, whoever is prime minister and Labor leader in a fortnight's time, that a general election will come sooner than the Labor party or the Conservative party — or the country — can afford one: perhaps even within the year. It is more likely, therefore, that the still-not-negotiated next phase of incomes policy and inflation control will not stick, and more likely still that the much needed third stage next year may thus never materialize at all. And so it is also more likely that the chance to remedy the British sickness which Harold Wilson has, with peculiar good luck, himself created these past eight months will not after all be taken; more likely that a Labor government, soon to lose control over its remaining bits of legislation when the next by-election change deprives it of its majorities on parliamentary committees, will then also lose control of the country in a manner and a climate that prevent anybody else picking it up again. If any of these marginal likelihoods comes to pass, then Wilson's complacent going will be his heaviest indictment. Only if they don't Time* Herald, Carroll, la. IF Wedneiday, March 31, 1976 3 will he have done well. Which leaves Wilson's place in the history books very largely in the Labor party's hands over the next two weeks and in the party's and the trade union's hands over the next two years. It is hardly surprising that the parliamentary party's first instinct has been to run for safety-first in the person of the next best Harold Wilson the party has got: James Callaghan. He is the firm favorite to be most Labor MPs' first or second choice when the left of the party and then the right find over the next week that their own best men do not have the breadth of support to command the necessary 50 per cent of the votes. Callaghan would be a better choice for the Labor party to make than to cause its self-destruction by adopting Michael Foot, for all his Pauline conversion to an incomes policy, let alone Tony Benn. But it would not be the best choice and could in the end be ELLERBROEK'S of Carroll THE SPIRIT OF SPRING AND SUMMER Karat of California* creates the ultimate in casual, relaxed sportswear separates. Our Sllklln Knit) are feminine. Demure. Shy. Candidly correct. Expressing the mood of Spring end Summer fashion. Silklln knits. 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The b\\\, which a week ago fell three votes short of winning approval, was sent to the floor Tuesday over the protests of several committee members who said more •important issues should take precedence. Holland Gallagher, director of the Iowa Beer and Liquor Control Commission, said after the vote that he would favor getting the state clear out of the wine business if grocery stores are allowed to sell it. The bill would require continued sale of wine in state liquor stores-as well as in grocery stores and other retail establishments licensed to handle wine. To avoid loss of revenue to. the state, the bill would impose a tax of 70 cents per gallon on wine sold in private stores. The tax would not be collected on wine sold in state liquor stores. Rep. Robert Bina, D-Davenport, said other states'have seen large increases in wine purchases when they removed wine sales from their state liquor monopolies. He said it is conceivable that Iowa might collect a good deal more revenue in the long run if wine is sold in grocery stores and other retail outlets. Fair Board Met Secretly DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) The Iowa State Fair Board has met in secret session 17 times in the past two years, the board's minutes show. When closing the meetings, board members often failed to cite a reason, voted on motions in private and sometimes did not reopen the meeting before adjourning, the minutes indicate. The Iowa open meetings law allows public bodies to meet in "executive session" under .certain circumstances. But it requires that the reason for the closed session and a record of the roll-call vote on the motion to go into closed session be made part of the minutes. one that the party will rue. Why? First, there is the example of Wilson's singularly persistent reign: it was a balancing act that depended for its success on lasting long. Callaghan will not be leader for nearly so long: 64 years are not many and the cult of youth has mercifully faded a bit, but even so Callaghan never hides that he feels older than he is. Like Wilson, Callaghan is not the party master he was, but unlike Wilson he would be increasingly unable to hide it as Labor MPs played leadership politics in the confident knowledge that Callaghan's reign is to be short. The essential style of Wilson and Callaghan politics has been rarely to do anything until some time after it was obviously needed. This failure to look ahead a month, a week, an hour has led the government into its many humiliating pickles, at which stage Wilson has shown his most considerable quality: his calm ability to exert power over people within a given administrative framework, so Former Nun is Now a Sex Counselor DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) For 18 years Wilhelmina Smith Massey was a nun. Now she's a sex counselor married to the operator of a massage parlor and adult book store. By day Mrs. Massey, the former Sister Mary Estelle, teaches sixth graders at a suburban school. At night, she and husband Ron run Oneto-One Counseling Service, which specializes in counseling people with sexual and marital problems. Massey has managed three sex-oriented businesses: an escort service, a massage parlor and an adult book store. One-to-One has advertised in the classified section of a local newspaper in the "personals" section. It used such provocative copy as "Are you knowledgeable about sex? We don't think so." But Mrs. Massey, 43, said her counseling is not limited to human sexuality. "It's not just sex counseling — not really. People who come to us have problems in so many areas." The Masseys have announced plans for a unique kind of counseling session — a "sailboat cruise encounter.'' A flyer promoting the event said "The sailboat encounter is for couples, married or unmarried, who wish to explore their lives more fully. The aim is for more effective communications and humandevelop- ment....Imagine yourself in the center of nature's green-blue serenity and beauty, relaxed, totally isolated...." "Basically it's group counseling, with sun, fun and water thrown in," said Massey. "Counseling is one of my first loves," said Mrs. Massey, who has taught school for 23 years and has a degree in counseling from Southeast Missouri State College. "Teaching is another love." The former nun left the Sisters of Humility in 1969."'! think I just needed a stimulus, friendship and a feeling of independence," she said. "I had nothing to do with the massage parlor or the book store (run by her husband)." Mrs. Massey said prospective clients are told in advance not to expect any sex in the counseling-encounter sessions. "There is no misunderstanding about that. It's made clear that no sex is involved when people call in for an appointment. If that's what they are interested in, they ask about it," said Mrs. Massey. "And when they find out its strictly counseling, then they say they are not interested." Her counseling service is really "very legitimate, very wholesome. "It's really terribly ordinary. It's family counseling." BABY BAPTIZED ODEBOLT - Scott Allen Coins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Coins of Odebolt, was baptized here at St. Martin's Church Sunday by the Rev. Victor Kollasch. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bauer of Carroll. Scott Allen was born at Stewart Memorial Hospital, Lake City, on March 16. that very brave U-turns have been accomplished without "breaking up the party" or "losing credibility" or suffering any of the other political misfortunes which one might expect to be the logical consequence of many national disasters. Until circumstance at last got him in a corner before and after the Europe referendum last year, Wilson politics were the politics of benign neglect. Nowhere more so than in his handling of ministers, where his tactics were always the same and always successful: put them out on a limb, saw it off, then rush (except in hopeless cases) to give the victims a safety net. This is how the smut from each of his many disasters — except, interestingly, Rhodesia — was rubbed off on somebody else. Callaghan was made to carry the can for Wilson's disastrous decision not to devalue until 1967; George Brown was allowed the rope which he enthusiastically looped into the National Plan. While a Hugh Gaitskell — even a Ted Heath on the right day — always wants to persuade people to see the logic of a situation, it would never occur to a Harold Wilson on the stump to want any such thing. He recognizes instinctively that people do not want to have the truth rammed down their throats, and believes that a professional politician's job is to tell them what they want to hear. Thus were the trade unions tacitly egged on, by Wilson in opposition to the inflationary mayhem in 1970-74 that he was to contend with in government in 1975. And thus his taste for the trivial. Caligula made his horse a consul, and Wilson almost said at his recent press conference that his labrador retriever is returning the compliment by making Callaghan a prime minister. BY KORET OF CALIFORNIA THE CLOTHES YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED ...IN YOUR SIZE. If you're a large size woman who has always wanted to wear Koret of California's 9 famous sportswear now you can! This is the beautiful look of Spring and Summer sportswear separates that you simply must have to be a part of today's fashion scene. Silklin Knits. Beautiful put-togethers. The floral bouquet shirt - soft and natural - covers our little tank. Completing this new look — our perfect smoothfit skirt. Silklin knits in a linen-like blend of TREVIRA 8 POLYESTER and SILK. 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