The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1968 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1968
Page 5
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BlythevID* (Ark.) Courier Newg — Tuesday, June**!, »w — Page <m». Enoch Eyes Tory Ton Spot Powell, the man who provoked i eglst, that he never fired a shot the backlash against black im-(in anger, but his country thought migrants here, has been called highly enough of his services to ~ '' ' " ~ " ' decorate him with the Order -of the British Empire. Demobilized, Powell was elected to Parliament from the industrial, town of Wolverhamp- on in 1950, which was a vintage year for the Conservatives, pro- iucing such leaders as Heath, Reginald Maulding and Ian Wacleod, as well. In Parliament Powell was all but ignored by three successive Conservative prime ministers. Jhurchill snubbed him, Sir Anthony Eden gave him only a ADMIRERS SAY Enoch PoweU is "the only man in Britain -with the gats to say what everyone is thinking." He was fired as Shadow Cabinet defense minister for his oDDOsition to uncontrolled immigration into England. NEWS BRIEFS HOOD RIVER, Ore. (AP) police officer Richard Kelly recovered a missing turtle for Mrs. Chester Johnson. When he returned to the police station in this Columbia River community, this police message had been sent: "Escapee APB (all points bulletin) all circuits: John Doe Turtle. Subject had armored coat. After a hot chase, subject cornered by Sgt. Kelly. Any wanting notify this department." NEWTON. Mass. (AP) - For uucno he first time since the Boston College Law School was founded in 1929 a girl has led the graduating class. * * * Elizabeth C. O'Neill of New Sedford was graduated magna curri laude. She will be a clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Andrew A. Caffrey. PASADENA; Calif. (AP) .' — Scientific and technological advancement is producing so much new literature that librarians of the future will have to be aided by computers to keep up with the flow. .¥ * * This view was expressed by Dr. William H. Pickering, director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the 59th annual conference of the Special Libraries Association. 2:00 BEYOND THE EARTH Planetary Motion . Through Newton. A non - technical survey of the worlds beyond our own. 2:30 ALL ABOARD When I See A Calendar Im Filled With Lion's Pride. 3:00 JOURNEY . , The Mountains Are Smoking. East Tennessee. 3:30 THE AMERICAN BUSINESS SYSTEM How It Evolved. The history of the market system as it developed in this country. 4:00 WHAT'S NEW International Magazine. Again "International Magazine" is composed of segments about children in different countries 4:30 CRISIS OF THE AMERICAN NEWSPAPER Newspapers in American Life Today.' What the newspapers mean to the individual reader, and wnat effects radio, television and news magazines have had on them. 5:30 EASTERN WISDOM AND MODERN LIFE Recollections. Application . of Eastern philosophy on modern life.. 6'00 200 YEARS OF WOODWINDS The Mannheim School. The development of the woodwind. 6:31) WHAT'S NEW See 4:00. 7:00 ALL ABOARD When I See A Calendar I'm Filled With Lion's Pride. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS The Mountains Are Smoking, East Tennessee. 8:60 PUBLIC AFFAIRS Black Journal. Premiere. In Color. This monthly series, utilizing a magazine format, reports on. achievements and attitudes of black Americans, ranging-from, the arts to politics, and from education to SEATTLE, Wash. (AP) — Two off-duty firemen were on their way home from a fire science technology class when a fire broke out in their car. Did they use their new knowledge? Donald Hamilton said, "We grabbed the stuff burning in the jlove compartment and stomped on it." FOR MODERN WOMAN What Is A Woman? Assisting women in making reasoned choices .as they .make •decisions in terms of self, family, and society. 9:30 INDIA! MY INDIA! After Seventeen Years. cial four - part series exam' BOSTON (AP) — A new Massachusetts law sets the closing hours for taverns at 1 a.m. Sundays instead of Saturday midnight. NEW YORK (AP) - The Radio Corp. of'America says its research has learned that a thick liquid composed of tiny crystals sandwiched between two plates of glass can be used in a new type of electronic display, and could result in such things as horn television. screens "no thicker than a slice of bread." Eemember TO Pay Your Paper Boy the Barry Goldwater of Britain. Others liken him to ex-Gov. Wallace of Alabama. •But the admirers think of Powell, aged 56, and a Conservative member of Parliament,, as a heroic figure along the lines of Oliver Cromwell, who made thrones tremble and weak-kneed politicians quake. It was Powell who touched off the present wave of racial tension by making a s p e e c h at Birmingham in which he warned that Britain was "mad" to permit uncontrolled immigration. Powell went on to predict that "rivers of blood" .would flow if the influx of immigrants was not curbed. For using this kind of "inflammatory" language he was promptly fired from his position as Shadow Cabinet defense minister by the leader of t h e Conservative party Edward Heath. Even Powell must have been surprised at the support he has received from the British working class. London dock workers and meat porters have forfeited a day's pay in order to march ;o the House of Parliament on behalf. His mail bag has bulged with thousands of letters saying, in effect, "Enoch Powell is the only man in Britain with the guts to s a y what everyone is thinking."., . Those who have observed Powell closely, however, claim that he has no desire to lead a racialist crusade. Enoch, they say, is aiming at higher stakes, his intention being to bid for the. Conservative party leadership. It is no secret that Powell intensely dislikes Edward Heath, the present Tory leader, whom he considers to be too moderate, too much of a consensus man. Under Heath's leadership, the Tory party has gradually come to accept a large amount ol socialist planning as inevitable, according to PoweU. * * * Powell, on the other hand, believes in free enterprise and is opposed to planning of any sort. He would "de-socialize" all of the nationalized industries, including even the postal service. He is also opposed to income policies, export incentives and the whole apparatus by which the present Labor government is attempting to hold inflation in check. The ensemble of his views is known as "Powellism" here. Born in Birmingham of a lower middle-class family, Enoch was the bright boy who won a scholarship to Cambridge University, where he was more interested in discussing Herodotus than in dating girls. At the age of 25 he became a professor of Greek at Sydney University in Australia. The outbreak of the war sent him hurrying home, where he enlisted as a private, ending the war as a brigadier in army intelligence. His enemies like to say that Powell was an armchair strat- minor post, Harold Macmillan upgraded him to financial secretary of the treasury. It was not until 1960 that he first tasted power, when he was made minister of health, a post he held for three years. Powell's obsession with the racial question is of recent date. In Wolverhampton which he represents in Parliament, nonwhite immigrants total about 15,000, 5.5 per cent of the population, which is no higher than many Midland towns. Last February, however, Powell began speaking about "a sense of hopelessness and helplessness" in the face of the continued flow of immigration. That Britain should have saddled itself with such a problem was "enough to make one weep," he declared. That it should allow the problem to be magnified further was "enough to drive qne to despair." Fifty - thousand immigrants were being allowed to enter Britain every year as dependents of immigrants already established here, Powell said, "It is hard to describe such a policy, or lack of policy, other than as crazy." JACOBY ON WEDGE NORTH A 10 3 4KQ2 + A7532 WEST EAST AQ72 A J965 VQJ1084 ¥72 * J03 #K108 +Q SOUTH (D) AAK84 + A85 Both vulnerable West North East South 1N.T. Pass SN.T.Pass Pass Pass . . . • Opening lead—V Q CHALLENGE TwoLlnei of Play And Bo* AI-A n IT ATG «•**• . In a recent team match, both South players became declarer at three no-trump and both Wests opened the queen of hearts. There was nothing surprising about this. We imagine that if this hand were played a mil Asian nation. Documentary footage highlighting historical advancements and achievements down, through the years; the population problem and its relation to the world ritiution. cial tour - part series exam- ing the state of this great lion times, the same contract would be reached and the same lead made. The play started the same way at both tables. South ducked the first heart, won the second and led his four of club*. WMt plajnd Un eight, and hfre there was a divergence. At the first table, the eight was allowed to hold. West proceeded to lead a third heart and East proceeded to throw away his queen of clubs. It was a happy decision for his side. If he had hung on to it, South would have entered his hand with a spade or diamond, led the nine of clubs and ducked it to the queen after West played the 10. East would have been in the lead and West's heart suit would have died on the vine. As it was, West was able to gain the lead and cash two hearts. At the other table, South rose with dummy's ace" of clubs at trick three.. Again East was equal to the occasion. He dropped his queen of clubs under the ace. This made both the king and 10'of clubs entries to the West hand and this declarer bit the dust also. This happened to be an expert competition and the post- game discussion concerned itself with which line of play had made it harder for East to find the right defense.. It was a short of silly discussion, in that everyone agreed that neither East player had done more than play correctly. We are rather inclined to cempliment both Easts. It takes • |et of bridge savvy to make these fancy plays at the ta- bit, but each on* cam* through. Powell will not risk a frontal attack on Edward Heath on the racial or any other issue, for fear of being accused of splitting the Conservative party. In coming months he is expected to build up a power base | in the constituencies, thus bypassing the Conservative leadership to appeal directly to the rank-and-file. In this way he can bring pressure not only on Heath, but on other moderate Conservatives. The showdown will probably come in October when the Conservative party holds its annual conference at Blackpool. At ;hat time Powell may emerge as the new party leader, marking a sharp swing of the Conservative party to the right. He may well be a future British prime minister along Barry Goldwater lines. LARGEST SPACE ANTENNA now under construction for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is shown in model form. The antenna will be 30 feet ra diameter and capable of receiving and sending signals 22,500 miles. Shown in the model as a clear plastic dish, the antenna actually will consist of a series of deployable petals supporting an aluminum foil reflective surface. The paddlelike wings ajre solar cells to provide power. "'" ' • By Lines ...By You EDITOR'S NOTE: This column Is (or use by the reader:. Mat- terlal submitted will not b» returned. Memorials to .deceased persons will not bs printed. All material should be typed and double-spared and Is subject to editing. WrlMrt should — sign their nra-its and. In thi cases of students, should Bi« their age. Names will b» withheld on request.) By Pauline Hulsey For thousands and thousands of boys and girls it's a happy time of the year. But oh that awful terrible noise that's what the mothers fear. We dread the time wh«9 school is out although the kids are glad. They never work, just gad about and worry mom and dad My conscience kinda hurts me, I feel just like a fool. Because I'm just as happy as can be it's time for summer school. ffecf f^t^ HHtoM*4l Raised on an Arkansas Farm...Trained in *-J * * * ilt l&u;sai you wonder • ••>,,+•=-. ~ > : <»..: •';••.-,[.•; •, '.-. :-t .-»>- * . -' .•' ' •:• - •:• / n,- ' / • • - : '.' "•" - -. •• ', ' -^- " , ' ' '• ^iiv .'.I'. .'••',, .-, j. •/.:. ... -' • • • : "•'* J-- ".. ^J '-. . . "' ' /:^~.Al'- .'•*' ^ ,:'•"• ."'-•' I-S***;?;^? >'••• *V»X '!'.'•'•'• ><*-;•*'? <r .' ,- . . - — iiiiii§our phone will be like - ",<<«„•&$$$•••. ••:•<•'•••,'• • •• • >i& By the turn of the century, chances are you won't recognize the familiar telephone. Baaed on services already In use or on the drawing boards, you can expect some pretty far-out developments. For example, Plcturephone* seo-whlle-you- talk service, already In limited use, might well be offered in full color and three dimensions. With It, you could do the family grocery shopping, look at the new cars, or buy a new hat without leaving the house. Different. Electronic switching equipment, now In trial use, will call you back when a busy line you have 'called Is free, or transfer your calls to another phone while you're away from home. Telephones will be free to go where you go. A cordless portable extension phone, complete With dial, Is currently undergoing tests. Money handling will be revolutionized. You won't nsed to write checks or pay cash for most purchases. A telephone call to your bank's computer will take care of the payment. The same system will automatically pay monthly bill* which you authorize and keep track of your bat* balance. It might even figure your Income tax. The entire sum of medical knowledge wlfl be at the disposal of your doctor. With special telephone equipment he'll be able to attach sensors to your body and have your symptoms transmitted directly to a computer tor analysis. WKhta moments, the same telephone system would return »lt the known (acts about your ailment, elong with a diagnosis and recommended treat- want It's possible right now towxlelKUocp dlograms via telephone. SM tU Ml Exhibit it HinilsFilrW, Sin Entente, TUM ' By the year 2000, your telephone will probably be doing many other Jobs th«t now saam unthinkable. But then, television, satellites, computers—even the telephone—were "Impossible" 100 years ago. Looking ahead to keep ahead In communications Is one way we try to make your every "hello" a real good buy. Southwestern BeD

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