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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, December 14, 1911
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REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 44. Successor to the tola Daily Register, the lola Daily Record and the lola Daily Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 14, IQllr^THURSDAY EVENING. DEATH AUIO AGGIDENI RrX DOWX BY JI(»TOlt (Alt, MILS. H. BAKBEK FATALLY IXJIUED. Sill FfftCTORED Itl BUSE HEAD STRITK PAVEMENT WHEN BUJ>Y WAS rrsHEI) OVER. far Driven l)jr Gcon;*' Marr and Loaded nilh BuNkels Was ('re«>|tinK • AloHK—Inquest Tiiinorrou. S Mrs. M. UarbtT. Ms ICasl Monrot! diMl at Jlip honi*' of \V. I!. !J(>«;d, ."i'li North Sycamore stre.'i, at noon loilay following an accldint In wlilcli HIIO was fatally Injured by a motor car as slie attempted to c :()rs tin' street at .Vonnic and Sycamore. At ll :r>o LSeorge Mair. cf tlie Marr Bakery Company, wa;^ dri\inf; .'•oiitli on Sycamore, aiiproachinK the Inter- vection of Monroe. IJread ha.'^kels wore piled up on the front end of tlie car and Mr. Marr was maintaining a lookoiit-by leaning; aroun<I (me corner of tJie (lile. A.s lie cro.-.^-ed Monroe street, be felt scuietbinK resist the Itrogre.'ss of the car. It was only a .slight fcrajihig noise tiiat iiiii^ht have been caused by a low hanging telephone or electric lijrht wire. Mr. Marr looked to see. As he leaned forwanf 'over the pile of baskets to get a clear view of the entire surioiindings, bo was horrified to see the form of a woman lying prostrate upon the pavement. Ulood was flowing from a wound in h{^r head. Mr. Marr stopi)ed his car within ten feet oj the body, leai)od from his seat and ran to the spot w 'herP the form was lying. Realizing at a glance that the woman's injury was se|'lous, Mr. Marr summoned aid and removed her to the home of Mr. Reed in front of whose residence the accident occurred. A physician was hurriedly cay- ed. Awaking his arrival, an effort to Identify the victim of the accident was siicces.-'fuL In the woman's pock eibook was a card with the address "."lis Kast Monroe street." It was found that ibis was the home of Mrs. Uarber. The iihyslclan summoned arriving in a few moments at once pronounced MIS. Barber as beyond all earthly aid and though hypodermic Injections were resorted to. she did not respond to treatment. She died within ten minutes after beln?,' struck by the car. "1 did not reall.'.e that I had run against any one until I saw Mrs. Bar- JAr's body on' the pavement." said .Mr. f W-^xx. "1 felt a sort of dull thud as I crossed .Moniue street. 1 thought that a telephone or li(;ht wire hail fallen from the pole on ilie corner and was scraping against the jille of baskets. 1/eaning forward to look over, however 1 saw tliat a woman had been jmshed ove'r and 1 stopped the car immediately and ran to her aid. Tlio car did not run over her and I stopped within ten feet of the i)oini where the body lay. 1 did not see Mrs. Barber crossing the .-ireel and I believe she had passed almost out of the i>ath of the car. only the basket striking her and causing her to fall." An examination by the physician showed that .Mrs. Barber's skull was fractured at the base when her head struck the brick jiavement. The body was taken to the Sleeper morgue where it is being held pending funeral arrangements. Coroner Cliristian has ordered an Inquest and a jury has been summoned to convene in the office of the county attorney tomorrow morning a! nine o'clock when an Inquest will be held- But one eye witness of the accident, Mrs. J. U. .McMurray. has been , found. He Mrs. Barber is deaf. It is probable \at in crossing from Monroe to Syca more street, she did not Ipok either ,up or down the .>-treei and sf)« did not bear the motor car approaching. She lived alone in the cottage a^ .")18 ?:ast Monroe. Shi- is a widow and is survived by a son Charles Barber, a street car conductor, and a daughter, Mrs. Lou Rosenl)erg. Mr. Marr i.^ grief stricken over the terrible aciident and is suffering a severe nervous shock. Dally Register, Established 1897. weekly Register, EsUblished 1867. EIGHT PAGES THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansasi Generallr fulr tonight and Friday; not mncb cbange in temperatnre. ' Temperature—Highest yesterdar at 3 p. m. 52; loweRt today at 8 9. m. 26; excess In temperature jtesterday 4 degrees; excess In temperature since .January Ist 1137 degrees. • Yesterday. Today. 3 p. m J)2 3 a .m 29 6 p. ni 43 6 a. m 27 9 i». m 34 9 a. m 31 12 mdt. 29 12 noon 43 Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, 0; excess In precipitation since January 1st, 1:36 Inches. Relative humidity 7 a .m. today 94 l>er cent; dew point.26 degrees; barometer re<lucpd to sea level 30.10 Inches. Sunrise .today 7:31 a. ni.; sunset ••.:03 p. m. SCHBLEI FEIItB WHS FUTIIL Throcyrnr.iild Son of Mr. iiml .Mr-. E. M. Sleele Died To.lay. Kugene Steel«« the ;t-year-oId son o! .Mr. und Mrs. Frank M. Steele, of \VS .North Oak street, died this luortiliig about nine o'clo<k after a Hire week's IlIneSK Willi scarlet fever, /.as; wei.'k the illness of the child became very dangerous, but during lb" jiast few days its condition lisid improved very much, anil it was thought thai its recovery was ussurred. This morning, however, it suffered a sjvere relapse and death came within a few- hours. The funeral was held privately this afternoon ia accordance with the law. TiHyOE JUROII AS COi BUCK LOVE FOR WIFE AND fHILDREN KKINtJS HLM BACK. HE DISLIKED GOHFHEMEilT HE FLED TO ESCAPE FROM -WALLS AND STARIN«; EYES." THE The .liiry Will lie Dismissed as Waid ron IN Very Olivlnufly I 'lilil to Ser^e on It. FEDERAL OOVERN.MENT SEEKS EVIDENCE IN DYNAMITE Ol'TRAtJES. X A PRIZE FOR THE BEST CROW. TRINITY WORKERS lUSY. StW in Ih" Lead for the Eleefrlcul Chrli^tnuiK Tree. The standing of the churches contesting for the use of the Ni.'W York Stores ChrlHtnms tree and electrical equlpmert. as follows Trinity .M K imti CCS .•.71 \" WVl ... 331 264 127 14 ReforniBd 14 A. M. K. . 10 Second Ba)>tisi , 10 Christian Science — 2 Salvation Aiiny KIrM M. K / Uplted Bielhretl JPresbyterlan Baptists . . Christian Episcopal Utile Buil!.-rs Ponlfry .Issoeiiiiion lo (Jive Prixe for the Coek Whieli Crows Best. At a mwiing of the Allen Counlv Poultry Association held Monday night in the office of Carl Peterson tlie proposition was made, jiut to a vote, and carried, to award a prize to the owner of the roostei- with the best crow—the (luaiity of th" crow to be decided by competent judges who are 10 1 )0 apiio;ijt"d later. What constitutes superiority In crow-ing, no one has been found who can explain, whether the prize should bo given to the owner of the cock which can crow longest and loudest or the most musically. In picking the winner this obscure point wili be cleared up by the judges. The pr«!)osii:on was also made to have a cock fight, and this met with con.'siderable favor, until it .vas discovered that it was a violation of the law. Arrangements were by wire yesforday niornine with C. H. Acreman, of Kansas City, Mo., who acted as poultry judge at the fair here last fall, to "net as Judge at the poultry show. At Its last meeting the associa lion decided that the show shall be held from the ;)ih to thr? 12ih of Jan- u.iry inclusive, in the Iowa store, at the corner of .Maill.son and .lefferson uviiiiiis. The committee on tirrange- ments will meet tonight at ih- ollii" of Secrei;iry Pet'Tsoi! lo make out the premium list. REWAKE OF lMI'OSTEI{.'<. Woniiin SolleHliiir in Niime of Saivii- lion Army WIHiont Aiilliorlly, The Itei.'Ssier called attention the other da .v to the fact that KOIIIO woman had been soliciting donations, ostensibly for the poor, in the name of 'he As.viriated Cb .Trities who had no authority to do so and who was bo- ''e\e(l to be converting to her own ;i.-e the things she obtained. Today word comes that a woman has beer; working the si^ie wicked graft in the name of the Salvation .\riii .4 . Cai>t. K. W. Morris Is in command of the Army Post hero, and he •>sks the Hegister to say that nobody •\cppt himself is doing any sollcifinc for it and he asks t'jo poo ])!p lo help bim protect the good naii:e of the \r!iy and the iioor as well by report- 'ng to him. or to the police, an.vone else who a .<-ks for donations as a i)re•ended reprosentative of the Army. The safe thing, as 'ho Hegister ha'^ ilready suggested. Is to give to no one whom you do not personally knov/?l PIT A LOCK ON YOIR CELLAR. In a wrestling match which occurred at I>aHari)e last night. "Young" Lutz. of Kansas City, was defeated In two straight falls by Frank filgler, of Solomon.' Kansas, the time for the first fall being 17 minutes, and the time for the second beln^W minutes. Severnl Have Reported Their Celiar< to Have Been RohlKnL Reports have recently come in from neople in various parts of (he city that their cellars have been robbed one man reporting that he has found fifty cans of peaches missing from his cellar, a woman reporting that over sixty cans of fruit have b«en stolon from her cellar and several others reporting smaller losses. Those reports have not been made to the police, per- haiis because the victirns have realized that the robberies were due to their own negligence in leaving easy access to their cellars, but that there have been such thefts is undeniable. In \iew of the fact that the cellar thieves are working it would be «• good idea to put a lock on your cellar door. A bunch of wrestlers who are mnU- Ing lola ibi'lr headqiiarterH, " VOUIH;" I.iitz. I'. (;. .AlcCoy, Orde Webb, and Frank Hlgler. will go to Y.ifef: ('••liter •onlght where Blgler will meet Collier, the ColTeyvillf wrestler, for bout. I). II. Fisher has taken charge of the hotel at Mlldrwl and has Improved tho service so that the cement town may lay claim to possessing an up- to-date hotel. Mr. Fisher is an auditor at the cement plant and conducts the hotel as a sideline. Arrangements have been completed for a wrestling bout to occur at Bronson tomorrow night between "Young" I.utz, of Kansas CKy. and Pearl iVor- ton, of Bronson. Saturday nifeht another match will take place in Bronson between Norton and P. 0. McCoy, of Kansas City. (H.V llie A '«si >ol.Ttri3 I 're .isV Kansas City, Mo.. Dec. 14.-Pale nnd emaiiciiited, weak from Iiunivr an • xiuiHure, Marry Waldron. juror whose eHc:a|;e last Sunday nic ,h blocked the progress of the s COIK trial of l»r. 11 Clark ffyile, eharg. with 111" murdrr of Col. Thomas I Swope, reliirneil to bis home today He w.!s broiirbt into court by .Mrs Waldron and after conference wit lilm Judge Porierreld announced tha he would dismiss the iiitir.- jury on the ground of Waldrwi's mental in competence. His eyes shifting and every move ment betraying sbattervd nerves Waldron d. -scribed to the judge h four diiys of wandering through th country in search of "Frish air an freedom from confining walls am staring eyes" He denied having dis cussed the Hyde trial with .tny pe sons. His narrative lo the judg' to'd in the presence of his weeping wife. but brought tears to tin eyes of tho inquisitor. •1 bad been driven almost distract od, .ludg.', before I got my feet on thi ground and got to the country," h said, "but I doni think- 1 air. crazy 1 couldn't stand being cooped up.- foit imprisoned. There seemed Ao b« nothing but e.vos and walls rfrouni me. I longed for fresh air. When J would go into court 1 could haj;;dl; hold myself, the stares of the peopb worried mc so. So that night I di (ided to pet away from it. The llrst ihing when my foot hit the groiinr' after sliding down the fire escape tiK though; cam<; to mi- that I hdd doii< wrong. 1 was .going to return then I thought of a I'nt' and pussibl - piin- ishiaent jii>d fled. 1 got a street car to Argentine and there caught freight train that was going av.uj from tho city. 1 got off tit limporia Kas. Th'To I shaved off tny mtis itiche and that afternoon, it wtis .Monday, I read of my escape In tb-.' pa- per.s. That worried ine so that couldn 't eat. It told of the possibility of my committing suicide, ilioiicht of my poor wife jind children thinking of such n thing, and decided In niiirn home no m:itti "r what might be the consequences. I got to Kansas iMty, Kansas Tuesday night, after V and' ring for miles through Holds and going part way on a freight car. Then I lost my nerve again. I went to William Moore's house In Kansas City, Kansas and slept two hours Tuesday night, the only real sleep I've had since I left the jury hotel. Wednesday I came to Kansas City, Mo I was afraid of being arrfested. but nobody seeme<l to know me and I was glad I had shaved off my mustache. 1 was thinking of Christmas, and bow I might have to spend it away from my wife and children whether I was arrested or not. It made me think the world was a crazy place. I wondered if I was crazy myself. I get ii market basket and wandered around among the crowds around the City market. It was a relief to be among people after the stuffy court and jury room. Every bought came liack to juries and courts. I slept in a livery stable last night and this tiwrning wont to my lome. I had road in the papers that he ofTicers had quit watching it. "I saw one of my children In the barn yard and gave him a note to tiike to his mother, but be was afraid of me and ran. I felt weak enough to lie down in tho cold. But I wont into the house fllTd when ! saw my wife I felt better than 1 bad ever since they put nie on a jury. I had twelve doUVrs of jury salary which I had held out from my wife intending to buv Christmas presents for the children. I still have It. I spent only a few cents on my wanderings. 1 couldn 't eat" Qu^tioned closely regarding any communications he might have had regarriing the trial Waldron said that .iftrr he read In the pajiers of his own escape ho asked a farmer what he thought of "That Hyde juror running away." "Ho said that fellow was pretty slick I'll bet he got away with his pockets full." Waldron said. To Judge I'brterfleld t )oIong8 much of the credit for Waldron's return. "I have always felt." said Porlor- flold, "that Mrs. Waldron wag anxious to nld «u. In any wtur iiosslble. I learned ypjirrt-day that Waldron had tieen ilKKansas City, Kas.. and t felt positive that he would swjn make an eirori to return lo his wife. It occurred to- mc that iiosBlbly he would attempt to communicate with her through friends in Kansas CIfy, Kas. I>ast night, therefore. In company with Mrs. Waldron. I wont to the b-^me of those friends and waited tip- t:! an early hour this morning, hoping that Waldron would show up. But he didn't come. I went to my home and Mrs. Waldron returned t^ hers. About daylight this momini? when Waldron appealed at his home, Mrg. Waldron immediately called by telephone for me. I didn't receive the call uotil about ten o'clock. Ob- .s. THE 0 G AFTER TE 8 FEDERAL JirRT STARTS PROBE AT INDUSAPOLIS TODAY. MORE THAN 100 EXPLOSIONS JFMANIGAL INVOLTES THE JTNA. MARAS IN MANY OF THEM. The One Bif; Question Is Who Snp* piled the .Money and (<air« the Orders for Crimes. 40 MINDHNIIO MOROS KILLED i'HEV WERE OITLAWS AND DIED BATHER THAN SI RHENDER. It Was n Regular Battle Uiit American Soldiers Were Killed. No <I!y the AsK.i .-iat<-.l TTess) Uma .Mindanao, P. f., Dec. 14.—For y-;w<) Moro outlaws were killed here this week In an engagement with .American scouts. .No Americans were killed. The battle occurred In eon- nectlon with the campaign sup- ires-sing organized brigandfige among he Moros. BRANDEIS TALKS OF TRCSTS. ABSINTHE MIST STAY OUT. The French Drink Will He Denied Admission io Aniericii. tlty the As.s"el:il<d Presi") Washington Dec. 14.—Declaring absinthe dangerous to health, the "'ure Food Board of the Department of Agriculture today decided that Its ImiKirtatlon into tho I'nited StatjjiS hould be prohibited after January first next. The order awaits the signature of the Secretary of .-Vgrlcul- lUre befoie bcc^omlng effective. .ST. LOnS Jl'HY STILL ON STRIKE The Boston Lawyer Thinks the LaFoI- iette Dill All Ri^ht. rnv th« A.-is.-j.'.ited Pressl Washington, Dec. 14.—Ix)uis B. Brandels, of Boston, today, advocated before the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee the LaFollette bill designed to su)>plenient the Sherman .\nii-trust law. Brandels said there was no such thing as natural nionop- oy In indu.-itry. If the law. prohibiting practices througlt wblcli existing great combines grew up should bo clearly defined and enforced, he s; no trusts would arise in the future. ANOTHER FAMILY MURDERED .noTIILB AND TIIKEE (HILBREN HACKED AND BEATEN TO DE.VTIL An Ilnlian Farm Hand Is Suspecicd 01 (be Crime and Is Being Sought. TREATY WLL BE ABROGATED IIOrSE OF KEPKESENTATIVES CASTS SOLID VOTE Til AT WAY. Jfu.vsljj Is Severely ^rr.iljiijci! iur Be- pealed Vfolation of the Trejil}. They Refuse to Bring in the V^rdiel Ordered by the Judge. I liv 111.- F »Tvr <-l St. I^uis, Dec. 14.—Forty-six hours fter their first refusal to sign (l verdict ordered by Circuit Judge Withrow the twelve recalcitrant jurors in the McDorinott will case reappeai- ed for luncheon today apparently still otermlned to stand by what; they termed their rights to decide fot^ theui elves on the merits of the case.; WOOL (.'ROWEiiS IN SESSION. It Is tjie 4Sth Annual Conveiilioti and .Huny Are Tliere. (Hy Ih- . VJ^S.M i:, I'r.'ssi Omaha. Neb., Dec. 14.—The forly- ghtb annual convention of the N".- ional Wool firowers' Association opened at the Aiiditoriiim here today 1th a largo attendance from nearly every state in the Inion. Unusual Interest Is felt in this year's convention on account of the propos<?d re- ision ol tne (arilT to be undortaketi by Congress. C. V/. Bacon, of .\loran. Is in the ity tooay on business and for a visit ith relatives. '. The aspirants for idaces on the pro- |)OHed city basket ball team met at he ;nidItorluin last night at seveti I 'clock and practiced. Some (if the boys are showing unexpected brjlllan- y at the game and Carl Poberts. who Is organizing the team, said today that Ith proper ccicblng and prtictlw. the mntorlal nvnil.-ible can be developed nto u leniii which wiP suriiasB ""y In Knur .aH. bar none. Fxcellont nii;- erbil Is plentiful, and It Is exijected that the team will be a winner.from the start. talning a taxicnb I rushed to Waldron's home. When Waldron saw me coming he was badly frightened. He wasn't convinced that It was not my Intention to inflict punishment upon him and at stKht of me he hid himself In a small closet. It re<|ulred much coaxing to induce him to come out." In discharging the jury Judge Porterfield set January 2, 1912 as the date for the new trial of Dr. Hyde. Wii.shington. Doc. 3 4.—Tbf Siilzer joint resolution for the termination of the treaty of 1X31' between the United States and Russia, because of the lattors diiHTlniinatlon -against Jewish American citizens, was aUojited by the iiouse last night by a vote of :{00 to 1. 'I 'lie one negative vole was cast by Kepresentative .Malby of .New York. • A virtually identical resolution by Senator Culhertson of Texas is jiend- ing in the Senate. Favorable action of botli houses will be necessary to iiiake eitiier resolittion effective. Both me Suizer and t;ulbertson resolutions would direct the president to give !a:ssia, iiiiiiiediatelyj the year '.s notice necessary lor the abrogation of the treaty that has been in force nearly eiglixy years. Mr. -Mann endeavored to have the joint resolution amended to assert the continued right df the United Slaes to discriminate against foreigners on account of race. All amendments to ti.e resolution were beaten over- wiielmingly. The resolution adoiitod by the house declares that "the government of the United States will not bo a party to any treaty which discriminates. or wiiich by one of the parties thereto is so con.strued as lo discriminate, between American citizens on grounds of race or rtrllgion," and It add3^ "The government of HUSSIA has violated the treaty between the United States and Russia, concluded at^St. Petersburg December IS. ]s;!2. refusing to honor American passports duly issued to American citizens on account of race iind religion; and In the judgment of the congress the said treaty, for the reasons aforesaid, ought to be lerininated at the earliest possible time." <V.y the .\ssoii:i|.il I'r. y.y > .Albany. .V. Y., Dec. M.—^M; entire family. .Mrs. .Mary .\. .M.irner, a widow, her daughters, Kdith, aged 20. and Hlancbe, aged 17, and he.- stm. Artbu.- aged 28, were murdered Tuesday o .i tne Morner farm near DeFlee /,Vi )le-about nve miles from here. Tiie bofl- ies ut thi' thiee won:eii were ilisin\- ered last nigiit near a barn v.iiorn they bad been backed with a hatchet and Ijattered with a hatchet and stick .'.nd thrown Into a pit. The searching party today found tho body of ti :i son with his throat cut and olberwii -i iiuitilati.d, under the f.arn floor, tin boards of v.iieh bad boon riiiped up iind replaced after the murderer secreted Ills victims. The jjidlce are searching for an Italian farm band known a.s lid Dinnis. who bad been ciiii>!<;yed by lb< .Morners. PORK BARREL BILL BEPORTED. Denioprnfle Promises of Economy In Apjiropriatlons Go OUmmering. '' John M. McDonahl, an aged man Furferlng with rheumatism, aiiplied to coiiniy *oor commissioner AI Abrnms for aid th«t^iy. He said he had walked to loin from Rogers, Ark. and wtis unable to proceed further unless supplied with a railway ticket. Commissioner Abrnms furnished the man with a ticke to Onrnett where he will try to obtain assistance In reaching Kansas City where ho expects to obtain permanent relief. Democrats Sweep Arizona. Ph .:enlx Ariz., Dec. 13.—The Democrats of Arizona will place two members in the United States senate and one meu-licr in the house of represent stives, a governor In the state capltol at Phoenix, and unless present Indications aie changed materially, will make a clean sweep of the state ticket as a result of the first state election. (r.:- the .V .-s.sOfinted Pre .ss) Washington. Dec. 14—Another largo appropriation bill, which may carry niiUions of dollars, was added to ihc- House i)rogram today when the House Committee on Public Buildings decided to report the omnibus public build ing bill. The decision was made In the face of opposition by Democratic Leader Underwood. tny the AKiiocIatcd Prrm) Indianniiolls, Dec. 14.—After weeks of investigation by government agpnta in many parts of the country wliere explosions have taken place the Federal grand jury was ready to begin here today its inquiry Into the alleged nation wide tonspiriicy by which more than a hundred structures were Jtlpfrn up and in whieii dynamite, nil- ro-glyccrine--and other explosives were carried info at least seventeen states. A list of one hundred explosions in'structures erected by firms employing non-union workers, was furnished to the government by the Naffonal Krix ;tors Association which prepar -2 (t llie case for the grand jury. The list of explosions extending over the last; seven years. Indicates participation by others than John J. and James B. Mc.N'amara and Ortie McManlgal. There were two explosions in 1905; eight in 1906; six in 1907; twenty- six in 1908; twenty In 1909; twenty- live in 1910; thirteen in 1911. Ohio, with twenty leads the list. Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Missouri come next. The announcement that Chief of Po lice Griffin of Kansas City would arrive today, prepared to testify concerning explosions in Kansas City, drew attention to the important part which the confession of Ortle McManigal is to play In the probe. Detail& of the blowing up of Ave structures in Kansas City on Dec. 24. 1908; Ap?: ril 23. 1909: June 26. 1909; August 23, 1910; December 30. 1910, whfoh res'ilied in the. partial destruction at vi.'ducis. buildings and derricks, nii- dor construction by firms employlllg non-union men. are in the hands of ;he government Investigators. Bear- it;g on these .Mc.Manigal In his confession said: "On August 23, I pulled off the Mc- Clintic-.Marshali job at Kansas City. From Kansas City I went to Peoria, Illinois. J. J. .Mc.N'amara paid me for doing the Kansas City job. I told him about the bad luck I had had oif !hr- Pioiia and Kansas City Jobs and he gave me hell about not getting back the c1o<-ks that didn't go off." THEY DEFEND THE CHAPLAIN. SEYEN JIRORS ACCEPTED. (Government Hns I'sed 11 Challfnges in .Meat Packers' Case. Chicago. Dec. 14.—Seven jurors had been accepted by both sides In the government's prosecution of tht; Indicted Chicago meat packers on the charges of ylolating the criminal provisions of the Sherniad anti-trust law. when the United States distrldt court ended yesterday's session. Eleven veniremen were in the jury box. the government having tendered t\velve candidates to the defense-. Attorney Buckingham for the packers eliminated one of these by using, a peremptory challenge, the packers eighth. The government has u.sed fourteen challenges. Thirty are allowed each side. CHEROKEE .lOINTISTS (JO FREE. Half Year's Liquor CruNades Nets no Fines or Prison Terms. Columbus, Kas.. Dec. 13,~The. finale of the half year's widl iidvertisofi crusade on tlio part of tho atnle administration to demonstrate that the • rohlbltory law rtin be enforced In Cherokee county has been enacted in dl»lrlc:t court the past three days. In the Hlsnooltlon of the scores of prosecutions by Judge I.lndsey. special as sistant. Attorney General Dawson, himself and other special prosecutors not a jolntlst goes to jalV'for a day nor pays one cent of flne>- Of the -scores of cases on--' man pleads guilty to one count and Judge IJndsey agrees to the dismissal cf the others. He further agrees to a suspension of sentence in the one plea of guilty. . .TXf- spetial assistant gets his fee of $25 on each plea of guilty and the county wll have to foot the bill for the costs In the dismissed cases. Friends of Ft- lUley Chaplain Claim An Alibi for Him. (Tiy tl'.. Ass<iri:il«-d Press) Junction City Dec. 14.—The friends (ST ex-Chaplain Brewer, accused by private Quirk of Instigating explosions and fires at Ft. Riley, today indignantly denied that Brewer could have been implicated. Letters to Junction City business men in the possession of military officials, it is said, will show that Brewer was in Texas at the time of the outrages. Military officials at Ft. Riley today declined to make any statement concerning the prevalent rumor that the blowing up of the water main last August to which Quirk confessed was part of a plot, to cut off the water supply and then destroy tho entire Post by fire. Brewer and Mrs. Jordan, also accused in Quirk's coniission are expected to arrive here today. MULTIPLANE RK.'HTS ITSELT. H<>del Released (Vom Balloon at Atchison Shows Efficiency. /Atchison Kas., Dec. 13.— After several delays by bad weather, the test o fdropping a miniature model of the Jacobs multiplane from a balloon, was made here this afternoon. The experiment proved all the claims of the Inventor for the machine. Dropped in an Inverted position from -a height of ^out 3,000 feet, the model righted.itself and glided in spirals to the earth with slight damage. Moving pictures were taken of the model as It descended and the operator bad time to use sixty feet of film. The model righted Itself within 200 feet and completed four complete circles before It reached the earth. The model wps weighted In the same proportion to Its plane surface as the full sized machine with passengers which will be given a trial next month, probably nt Atchison. .lacobs claims for his machine that It will ellininate most of the common dangers of ulr navigation. Srore One for'' Harrow. niv tlie .\>wnelnt-d Pr«8»> AVashlngton Dec. 14.—The Lorimer Senatorial investigating committee to day ordered stricken from the record the testimony of Maxwell Edgar that Clarence S. Darrow had been concerned in an attempt to bribe bim with 110.000 to cease the tax fights against the International Harvester Company. '^John Strange TITinter" Is Dettd. I By the Associstml Presa)-— London, Dec. 14.—Mrs. Arthur Stan nard, novelist, who was widely known by her pen name of "John Strange Winter," died today.

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