The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 3, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1977
Page 4
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FAOK 4-XAtrOATVCK WKW8 tCO?W.). 9ATPKPAY. APQ. 17. IMP TRADE WINDS RUPOLT-K MTlfflCNNICK, Preent «nd f ,, -i _.—_— „ 22Z» l>nd 23ZO-A]! Department, ^ antoracTM «oond ol»M mutter at the po»t offiea I" SUBSCRIPTION KATES SATtmnAV, AUGUST 17, 1IMU Gov Baldwin Changes His Mind Now Unit (rovcnior Kiiymonil K. Baldwin has clmiiKoil his mind about retiring. horn politico tutd lias decided to become a candidate for nomination for United State'sSuimtui-cm tlio lie-publican ticket, a feul'mK of jubilation is manilVst among' hi* party's iundor*. Ui.s previous announcenu'ia lintl been ruueivi.'tl by llii'in willi miich I'l.'KfoL, as 1,,. was c.oiVidun.'d. UitMf sUonK^t vote- getter. Xow their all impi.rlniit question in who will be their candidate I'm- Oov- onir>r, as Baldwin's nominatum for the Senate is regarded ay a certainly. Hen,' in Xaiiyalnck K'upnlTITean _ party senlirnrnt is strongly in I'avoi 1 of <'""- KivHsiiuin Joseph I'!. Talbol. Tor the office of CoiHiecScnt's chief executive, Local members of the (i. <>, l>. are confident Hint with .Baldwin for tfi'imloi 1 and Tal- hot for (lovernoc Ihuir party would have- on o of the MtroiitfC'st tickets it has ever piw/itiTl to fhe electorate oi 1 t'onnecti- cut, And that, feeling, apparently, is not confined to this lionniwh, i.-idiei 1 . . Fewer Antiques Ft "is much harder m'w to K'eL antiques in Kill-ope than it was In-fore tin- war, reports a. buyer for it .nTfal New York department store. Knee-hole desks, breakfront see.retaries, sets of tfood dining- room chairs may still !»• found, but the finding reipiires time-foiisniiiiii.ic search. The imliiiary sources art' still disorgan- i/ed, and tho buyer must re.iort to the tactics of UK- 'American colfector, ronm- intf countryside.i, picking up a pirn; here mid there. Demand has slri'iitfUinied, also from Canada, Australia and Now Zealand, Out- tiling thai, makes it harder is the (.Instruction of MO much K" f "' I'lU'iiitnn.-. People who wen- bumbed out need everything mid I'"/ where they can. Two factors make auti([iie furniture desirable, One is the sentiment, tho tfroup of cherished associations that ^'i-ow up around a |)iece Iwitf used by nue family. The mother, shining the silver teapot for daughter's wedding, smiles as she thinks of all the weddings it has .icnit-ed since it carne to her ici-cnl.••^randmothei- as a wedding x'd't. The father, in time of discouragement, yr'ips the arms of the old ma- hotfany rocker and reali/.es suddenly that in this same chair his forefathers nuidu ]ianl decisions and came Uiroii^'li. The other factor is the simple fact that k'ood, medium and poor furniture has liium made at all times. The cheap is soon broken beyond repair or outmoded beyond desirf. Tin- mediocre survives only if it, had a sturdy utility. The K"od pieces, made by the finest craftsmen with lov- intf care, survive..Their lines and workmanship, ^ood in the be^inninK, ' ll<0 st '" Kond and will last, Such pieces are worth looking for and cherishing when obtained. As for the desire to buy antiques ;inst IKU-HIIHO thry are antiques, it is too.supor- ficial to have any relation to real love of bounty or t'ino furniture. , Parking Planes Officials of the National Air Races, to open An/;. M, in Cleveland, have a parking ]irob!em on their hands. Spaw must }»•! t'ounrl for 4,1.50 airplanes to alight. Of those, '.1,000 civilian planes and 50 military craft can be landed at tho Cleveland jiirport, Tho rest will be parked at 20 tyrwllor airports within a radius of about 120 miles. Special nrranjje'monts will ho marto t'| provide safe anchora^o for scu- T)lanes In tho lia'rbor on Lake Krio, Antornohile purkintr, tfocM as it is in most citicH, was never quite like this. A driver may have to leave the car several blocks IVom his point, of bnsinoss but wo liftvo yet. tf> lionr ol 1 one ntraiided m tho next county. Do You Remember? JTom the Files of the Naugatuok New« 20 Years Ago Thomnu Sugrue of Ward street vocatlonod at Lnko Focolopnug. o—O —o Flro Miirshnl and Mrs. M, F. Shea of Beobo ntrcot vncotlonod nt tho Mllford shoro. ,i o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mr. ml Mrs. John Glynn of Hoadlcy street returned from a visit to New Hnvon. o—O—o Mr. nnd Mffl. E. J- Kennedy of Meadow street visited their daughter In Durnnd, Michigan. Around The Clock When Uie Legion team left for Glens Falls, Bill Schmelcke wore Kd Wilcox'.s hat as a good luck charm. . . ._ Kd cautioned him never to leave it behind when a. game way in progress. . . , When last seen the hat was topping the head of Yin Hc«ly— ail( -l ^' IU A ' vas l;iicin o fl «l low e''. .... For all we know the topper probably is still in I!lens Falls, and with all due'respect to Kd \Vilcox that's probably thu best place I'or it. Have you noticed how many elm trees around town are afflicted with blight? Not only on public grounds but on private property we note several showing- the serious effects of the disease that bids fair to take all our lovely elms from us. .... Several in; the Rubber avenue, Elm and Cherry street sections probably will have to bo removed in the very near future. (dens Falls Notes—Bill Sclnnolckc decided to make a call homu the first evening at the Kcfcion 2 situ. Ho made the call collect, and after hanging up tho receiver when the call ended, lie receiver! $1.f>,") in change, back. Bill spent the rest of the evening culling up other friends of Ins, but his luck had stopped with the first call. He's beginning to think that that phone was a reconverted slot machine. The chicken that was served the boys the first night was absolutely the most horrible chicken we have ever tasted. Commissioner Percy Martin said that he had heard that it was prewar chicken but he didn't know which 'war. . . . The chicken broth that was served at 1 the. same meal was one of the best lubricants we have ever tasted and personally, it is our opinion that they poured it out of a marfak can. 'Bill Sclimelckc; was wearing that lucky hat of Wilcox's .on the trip up from New York, but had to take it; off when a Brooklyn-blonde thought he was a Saratoga playboy. ,'. .'The boys really enjoyed flu.- band concert their First night in Dions Falls, as they viewed all the pretty girls, Glens Fall is-so famous for. Many of them had aspirations of escorting several of the young maidens home, but upon thinking of that 10:30 time, imif, sadly wandered off to their quarters at tho proper times, We hear reports that a portable voting booth might be set up in the second ward for tho coming elections. . . . Quarters in Odd' Fellows building which formerly were used probably will not be available this year. John .1. Daly leaves the Wat.erhnry Republican this week and will move shortly to Richmond, Va., whore ho will bo editor of a Catholic weekly magazine. . . . ,Hc has a lot. of good friends hero who wish him good luck. The Navy recruiting service informs us that Manuel C. Alberta, Jr., of Pond Hill road has enlisted in the Navy..., He is now on furlough . . . Norman 0. Owens, who enlisted n.s an apprentice seaman, has boon transforrcd to Great Lakes for a 48 weeks course of instruction as an electronics leehnieinn'.s mate.... There'll be lots of floats in the Welcome Home Parade... . George Froehlich tells us that Igjcal 45 is working on a real big entry, and Russ Weaving of local sports shop fame reports that the Odd Fellows will have something different to offer United Airlines wants to start helicopter service between tho Chicago airport and nonrby suburbs. It's getting so the traveller scarcely has to touch foot to ground. ,_"__.,. .„.._.* „_ Of Ckurck Collinsville Man Wed In Scotland Coll'lnaville, Conn,, Aug. ]G— (UP) —James I. Barraclough has returned from a two-months trip to Scotland where he married a childhood playmate -whom he had not scnn for 21 years. . The bride, the former Miss El- cnnor Erydon, could not accompany, her husband to thi« country immediately but Is expected next month. Bnrraclough was born in Scotland and left there when he was five years old. When he started on his recent trip there his only in- ontlon was to visit relatives and friends. BUILDINGS PLANNED Boston, Aug. :(— (UP)— The General Electric Company -has been authorized to construct buildings worth more than $466,000 in West Lynn and Everett. The buildings will be used for developing jet propulsion engines for the Army Air Forces. The Civilian Production Administration -said the new construction will create between 500 and 3,000 new jobs in thc-arca. Railroads installed in service 18,774 new freight cars and 079 new locomotives in the first seven months of 194-1. 16th Religious Education Week, Sept. 29 To Oct. 6 CullInK upon churches, Sunday HChoolM and church council;! to con- .MccnUo thuni.'-.olvns lo Llio task of- pre.scnLintf and IntcrpretlnK "God's Word for Today," Protestant forces or Ihc United States and Canada will unite in the Ifith annual ol> Hrrvuncu o:' Kclifilnus Edunation Wooh, Sept. 20-Oct, B, it was announced by Dr. Roy C. Uoss, general secretady, International Council of P.cli(,'io'us lOducatlon, sponsor- of the observance. Poir.tlnj: oul that the overwhclm- Inp concern of the western world today is "how to malic secure the peace we have won," Dr. ROMS dcclni'ccl: "Our iipprchononsion at the pi'cariout'iicss of our diplomatic dc- latlonBhips, our uneasiness over domestic economic conflicts, and our concern about racial tensions are all a pail of this insistent problem." "While the Christian failh tlocs not pretend -to have specific answers to involved social problems, it docs declare that men must have rn.spoct for each oilier," lie averred, 'Jt insists that sve approach these intricate problems as Christian brothers. Only so will tin: Molu- tlons to our problem of peace be found." RcliKioUK Education Week will open with Rally or Promotion 'Day with emphasis on educational cvan- Kfllrtm, atreaslhpr increased enrollment and attendance. Monday will feature the Christian loader, while "funnily nlirht" on Tuesday will brlnjj out the place of religion in tho family, 'Interchnrch • and com- munlly fellowship will mark Thursday's omijjiasds, and youth rallies are planned for Friday, The week's observance will climax on World Communion Sunday, Oct- C. Hillside Congregational Kov. Paul \v. Peterson At the worship service at the Hillside ConflTofc'/ilional church morniriR at 11 o'clock, a former pa.s- tor, -the Rev. Arthur H, Johnson i will hi! the Ruust preacher. Rev. and Mrs. Johnson, with their .son, Myli'.M, Imvc honn vacationing at Essex. We welcome this opporLun- Ity to heai- the former pastor. Mrs, Gordon Anderson will assist in the service in *thc ministry of sung. Wednesday evening nt 8 o'clock tho regular mid-week aci'Vico will be held, St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran 12 Curtis Street, Itav, O. II. liertrum, Piiitor Sundity school, 0:30 a. . Public worship, 30:30 a. m. Text: 1 Timothy 4.8. Thome: "What Profit is Chris-- tlan ITiiit.h?" The Lutheran Hour, WTCC and WONS, 1.2:30: WATR, <1:CO, Tho Rev. A, C. Picpkorn, Ph-D., i chaplain, Lt. Col., .U. S. Army, Fort Oklrthorpo, Ga., will be the guest upcnkcr for the 'Lutheran Hour, Aug. IS, He will spenk on ths theme: "The IDynnmic of Chrietian Missions," Acts 4, 20, ' Adult lecture course,. Tuesday, 7 p. m. . . ...-.. Pastor's olllco hours at tho church olllcc: Tuesday, 7-9 . p. m,, Thursday, 2-4 p. m. Vacation with Go'd! Go to church first! ' One-third of. the commercial forests in tho U. S. are located on St. Mary's (Konmn Catholic) Kev. Thonitis M. Griffin • The Masses at St. Mary's church are celebrated at 7:30, 9:30 and tl u. m. St. Francis' (Roman Catholic) Kcv. Paul F. Ki-:iUn£, Piuslor Masses will be celehratcd in St. Francis' cfiurch Sunday morning ut 7, S, 0, 10 and 11 o'clock. St. Hedwig-'s (Polish Romiin Catholic) Kcv. S. F. Nalownjlc Tho Masses at St. HedwiK's church will be celebrated at 6:30 S, 9:30 and 11 a, m. The regular weekly vesper scrv iec will be at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. St. Anthony's (Uoinun Catholic) Prospect, Conn. Masses will ho celebrated at St. Anthony's church in Prospect Sunday morning at 9 and 11 o'clock. Holy Saviour (Polish National Catholic,) Rev. Louis Kucv.orowskl Methodist Church Rev. T. Bradley Lonfrstaff The Naug.ituck Methodist church. ;as Meadow street. Rev. T. Bradley I-oiiKstnff, pa,stor. Summer schedule of service of worship, and sermon, "The Amnniilion of Faith," 10:00 a. m. Kenneth Barratt will assist Mrs. Lor.gstuff at the organ. A mei'ling of the church school teachers and olllcers will be held Wednesday, Aug. 21, at S:00 p. m. MI. iho home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tayloro, •!•! Patton drive. Plans will be'made for the reopening of the church school, Sunday. Sept. £. .VTaitihnll I-ong, chairman of the board of education, will preside at the meeting. St. MichaeA's (Episcopal) Jlcv. Winfretl B. Lungliorst Sunday, Aug. JS: 7:?,0 a- m. Holy communion. 31:00 a. m. Morning prayer and sermon, the Very Rev. Fleming James. Ushers: Arthur Holm, Oliver Holmes, Wallace Noble, Friday. Aug. 23: 3:30 p.m. Junior choir rehearsal.: Masses celebrated at S a. m. ant 10:30 a, rn. .BETHANY. Bethany Mission Muss will bo celebrated in tho Stale Police academy Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. First Church of Christ Scientist WATKKBURY Sunday -service. 10:4Ij a. m. Sunday .school,, ]t):4fi a. m. Wednesday evening meeting, S o'clock. "Soul" will be the subject of the Lesson-Sermon for Sunday, August 18. :l94fi, '•' .' The Golden Text in from Luke 1:4.0, 47. • "My so'ul doth magnify the Lord, . and my spirit hath ro- in G-o.d m'y Saviour." Selections "from the Bible Include the following: ".-..ho makc-th both the denf to hear, and the dumb to speak." (Mark 7:37) Correlative • passages from the Christian -Science ' textbook, "Science 'and .Health with Key to the Scriptures," by. Mary Baker Eddy, include the'following (p. 210:11-16): "Knowing that soul and'its attributes w c r c •-forever manifested through man, the Master healed tho sick, gave sight to the blind, hearing to' the deaf, feet to the lame, thus bringing- to light the scientific action-of the divine.Mind on human minds and bodies and giving a better -understanding of Soul and salvation." Immanuel Lutheran Rev, Harold Lucas 10:4G'a, m. ' Worship service! • Salem Lutheran (AiiRiiKlann Synod) The Ninth Sunday nttcr Trinity. The Upriglvtcous Steward (Luke 30:l-n>. Ushers: Cnrllon Shea, Carl Peterson. Sunday, Aug. IS: 10 a.m. English service. Soloist, Ethel S.ilmonson. Tuesday, Aug. 20: 8:00 p. m. Board of Trustees (parsonage). REGISTER NOW rr, TKRM ItKfilNS SBPT, 9 lncKN AdmlnlNtrutJon. Account^ t hi'iTfljirluIt JUNIOR COLLEGE Ccntriil Avc. Watcrburj FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 100 South Main St. CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tol. 2210 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET «)i>i>nnlt« Nnnir»l"<* Furniture Co.) J'-iiHor.v Kopnlr Srrvli-n on All Mnk« nf llndlo SI-IK. Prompt Srrvlrn »t Rrnniiiiuliln Prlri-H. I-nti-Mt Kaiil|>m™t for Iliiilln Itwiilr Work. Philco Car Radios . Immediate Delivery Automatic J.'honopriiplis and Kccord Ch'ancors CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER . MERCHANDISE SAVE 'UP TO,30% BENSON'S •; 'ISO SOUTH MAIN ST/Waterbury '• i Qt. Presto &1 n QJT rressure Cookers tDJ.^»»7«J (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Tranklin Store 182 CIIUKCII STREET 0URKS USURER TURBINE PUMPS ONE MOVING PART Stamford, Winsted Will Get Homes For War Veterans Hartford, Aug. 15— (U P)—Fifty home for veterans at Stamford and Wlnstcd have been obtained by the State Housing Administration. The houses comprise defense housing projects at Groton. They are complete with Installed plumbing, lighting, heating equipment, gas cooking rangca, hot water heaters and iceboxes. They v/crc obtained from the Federal Public Housing Authority by State Housing Administrator Prentice White. First Selectman George T. Barrett, of Stamford h:j8 applied for 26 of the houses. They will cost the town .$25,000. A town meeting will be held at Stamford Friday night to approve signing the contract- The state will reimburse each town for one-half of the expenses incurred. Authority for this was given by the special session of the legislature last spring which set aside a fund of $500,000 to finance purchase of such structures from the federal govcrnmnt. BUMPER JACKS Now In Stock B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. , Telephone 6441 AUGUST FUR SALE — BUY NOW AND SAVE — 09 X. MAIN STKKET Watcrbury Tel. S-2727 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St, Union CJty Tel. Nnup. 6111 — Wat 4-0528 FELIX NARDELLO, Mpr. Full 81orJt of Mrrl ntid wood htlndt rr-tnt»Nj t Me. Kecovfrisl. FISHERS III S. MAIN ST. 5-1(171 Put n«w life in your water »yrtem by replacing your old pump with a BURKS;SuperfcTurbine . PUMP. Only one moving part—nothing to wear out—gives you more water at lower cost. Come in and see the BURKS Super Turbine Pump. : C33 NORTH MAIN ST. fnion City -.Tel. 2CS3 LARGE STOCK OF SEAT COVERS $7.95, .$9 95, $12.95 $15.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 IS'aujmtuck, Conn. GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Your WILL.VS-OVmil.ASn Driller LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24. Itarrlnon Avrmir Off Eirhnncc rlnrr. W»(»rbniT •Phono S-HJtflZ STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Wnterbury. Conn ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Iroported From Holland FROZEN FOODS PACKING MATERIALS Electric Appliance Co. Win. — Trl. -4-<242 r*f*f+++^***+****+4*r4 FRED'S HI-WAV GRILLE 501 South Main St. Rcfifular Dally Dinner 50c up A La Carte Menu Spaghetti To TaUe Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS — with chrome tray, Micnr and creamer, <£9 complete €)A M. WOLFF S3 CHANU ST.. WTBRY. R&P METAL WORKS 90 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Steel Bars & Sheets FOR SALE Ornamental Stool Work Telephone, 6377 SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFACG DICK FINLEY, MRT. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Boating • BntliIn K • ricrJc* Vacuum Cleaners Electrical Specialists AT SWAN'S Tel. 2S74 15 Church St. You Shouldn't Need Glasses To See That "NEWS CLASSIFIED" Can Help You Out With That Advertising Problem TRY IT OUT AND SEE. PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND

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