Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1911
Page 8
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8 THE. lOLA DAILY REGI^ER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 13,1911. SXAP SHOTS OP'THE PKUTCIPAL DEFEKDAXTS IK THE BEEF TBUST TBIAL. «HDH45:ir..C0NNPB3 THE FiUR BIRECTOBS ELECT J. A. WJIEELER rHOSEX rilESI. DEM' F(Ut A.XOTHEU TERM. Frank Smith and F. S. Kraitie Kcmaiu as Sccrptorfoii.—SeaNon Sbun*! a Small Italanre. The annual raopting of (In- Allm County Fair Association WUH held yes terday afternoon In the ollk-e of S<-c- retary Frank E. Smith. Tho election of officers resulted In tho rcfnilon of all tho old oOiccrs In th<-lr pliiocs. J. A. Wheeler continui.'s aa iiresldctit; l^w HonlUe, vlce-jirosldtnt; Frank E. Smith secretary; Frank S. Beaitio, assistant secretary and treasurer; T. J. Anderson, treasurer. The directors are as follows: Frank NIKH, Frank Bales. H. Klauman, Jostrh Kastwood, " Paul Klein John W. Laury, J. A. Wbfteler, U E. Horvllle and T.U. Anderson, y - ' Frank Bales and Frank E. Smith lyere elected delegates to attend the apnual meeting of the Strite lionrd of A |;rlculture to be held in Toi>oka in January. A financial statement issued by Sec rs^ry Smith shows the association to be in the following condition: dash on hand Dec. 13, 1»11 . .?1.523.13 rpotal receipts (fair) 7,539.22 in this city, but is of a cheap imported inpnil Tn nnHPCII DnODCDV variety and the fact that this Is high- AnuUll lU U URUL/IL fltiuDLIII ly colored has aroused the suspicion that the poisonous elements are contained in the coloring matter. Brac- tically all of the coloring matter used for the cheaper grades of candy is derived from an insect, the c»chlneal and the use of this for many years has Recnieii to prove that it 1:$ harmless. It Is pos^silile that a coloring matter less wholc .'iomo has recently come Into use. UNDER ARRESI FOR RORRERY ALLEX rorXTY YOI'TH SISPECT- ED OF SEKIOrS C'HI.WE. The Store of H. D. Hunnn, Formerly / of GHN, at (inrneid, Kw^ I'liin- ' dercd Then D(>!*(royed. (•l)d« IlM'd Will he Taken to roffey- ville Thix Afternoon. On telegraphic request from the authorities at Coffeyvilie, Chief of Police h. E. Coflleld this morning arrest. ed Clyde Reed and placed him in jail; the theft. to await the arrival of an officer with a warrant. Reed is charged with robbery. William llanim of (las City has born informed by letter that tho large hardware and Inipement store of his Ison, H. D. Ilnnnn, at Carlield, Kan- jibas, wag destroyed by lire last Wednesday night. Investigation pointed very plainly to the fact that a robbery had been committed prior to the ilr« and It became bers set fire Lat CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEETS Five Hundred Delejrate.s Are Present at the Op4 >nlng Session. (Uy tlic A»socliit*J I 'rt'sa) Washington, Ilcc. 13. — Over five hundred nienibi-rs of the American Civic AsKoclntinn, besides special delegates appointed by Governors -of states, are attending the convention of tlie Association, wlilch began hero today. The Inniignration of a cam- palKU In the Interest of national parks will be a feature of tho convention. Captain T. S. Stover has received a letter from his son, Roy, who slaleri that he has recently passed the cx- nnilnntlon for llic rank of lleiitcnnnt with a grade of excellent, and that lie will be jioTiiniisslonod from September of this year. It is now Elii o tt's Eiiiott's EUiott's Eiiiott's Seventh Annual Slid-Winter Grocery Sate Buy your winter supply of Groceries now. .$5,000 worth of high grade Groceries for less money than most merchants pay for them. To buy cheap we must buy heavily. We buy Canned Goods by hundred cases; Flour by the car load and other goods in proportion. Our shelves arc loaded and our ware rooms are full to ^he ceiling. We must unload a few thcUsand dollars' worth—regardless of cost. lowest Price list Ever Quoted by Any Stol'e in Southeast Kansas 100 boxes Lenox Soaj)—8 bars for... .'^^.25c 25 boxes White Soap—7 bars for 2. JC 500 pounds 23c Coffee—4 pounds for 00c 500 pounds Rolled Oats—6 pounds for S-lc 1000 pounds Navy Beans—4 pounds for S.'ic 18 pounds for , i $1.00 500 pounds Pink Beans— i pounds for 23c 500 pounds Lima Beans-3 pounds for 230 300 pounds Flake Hominy—7 pounds for 23c 300 cases Standard Sugar Corn—4 cans for 80e 12 cans for 85c 200 cafcs Xo. 2 Toniatccs -^6 cans for z'loc Dozen cans for $1.05 50 cases Xo. 3 Tomatoes— 2 cans for 25c Dozen cans. for. -$1.10 50 cases Early June 'Peas Dozen cans for -per can 10c $1.20 500 pails Red Syrup—pail S8c 'lOOO pkgs Mince Meat— 2 for . :r >___15c 5 packages for 85c 5000 i )0xes Mjitches— 3 for 10c; -5 for lac Dozen boxes for . 35c 3 CAR LOADS OF FLOUR Our Flour is the best that can be made. Kvery sack warranted. FOREST KIXS, HUDSON CREAM. Tl'RKEY PATENT or WOLF'S PREMIUM FLOUR—all bigh- ^st patents, per sack {t »1.35 Two sacks for $2.C5 Five sack lots $1-10 500 sacks New Corn Meal, sack ^-20c Graham Flour, 10 lb. sack 30c I 300 BU. NORTHERN POTATOES Per bushel - $1.10 2M: bushel sack. i)er bushel $1.05 lA bushel : 55c Per peck .-_28c SUGAR 1000 poiind.s fine Granulated Sugar, in this sale, going at, ir> jiounds for ?- Sl.OO Total $9,002.35 :^8| total disbursements . .. 8,890.79 $ 171.5G - The statement also shows that the M»oclatlon has an obligation in one of the «iity banks. In tln»_shape of a 10 day note for $500, given for the pur ppge of paying various obligations. The association has a claim against Allen coiinty for $937.62, representing O^e-tialf of the sum paid in premiums Vt the fair, to which the organization U fhtitled according to an act passed the last legislature. The county 'feflued to pay the sura^clalmed by the asBociation In order to test the law and a suit to enforce collection is now pen^ng against the commissioners. With all the business of the past year settled, the association is already planning for the 1912 fair. IfptttiPK definite will be done within i&medlate future but the oSncers a^ directors will be on the alert i for 4Wf new features of attractions iSf this way next year. Tho 1911 I^f, 'While not a record breaker in; at- tsMADce, was the best of any, in pql^f of excellence, ever held In the I „ .. i_ .1 „ for tliice vears. Jor i.'ie iiast two Reed vehemently a^sserts that he ^S anTsa"d thaTthe'^0'planned, ^->« to meet In Tola and divide tlieir booty. The name of the youth involved is not made he will The high sdiool debating council! pubHc, but i s exp^^^^^^^^ '"^h -/'""I '-^1 ....1 be in the lesal toils soon 1""^'" """^ discussed the question re-; Hanna is weU kni^^vn esV- ! j^?"''-^' -'"••"•'ed.,»'>- /'"'L ^.'"L'^ ially to Gas City people, he hating'<lcbate which Is: knows nothing of the Coffeyvilie trou- j ble and declares that the whole business is a "franie-up" out of which he will easilv extricate himself. Chief Coffiold has no detailed information as to how Reed was con-,.„.._, .„ ..o ........^ constitute a part of the regular, nected with any Coffeyvilie crime but, jjyed there for some time. Hanna , jntcrscholastic contest between was told over the telephone this morn his brother, also lives now at Garfield ^^^^ p,,^^ g^^j^, ^hich'is to oc- Ing that it was charged that Reed • and it was his suggestion on Thursr si-ring There seems to be committed the offense. | day, when everything seemed to '"'ve ^^-^^^ question sub-, The robber, it was stated, kept in j fceen burned and the loss to be , n,ittp,i i.y Fort Scott will be accepted hiding on one of the main streets piete, that a search be made of the Muestinn of whether the local N """ . the thief I mins for such articles as would not ... ' W/en a woman approached, tne inier | ruing guch articles as would not would dart out of the darkness and bum. A close search of the ruins 3 pkgs Raisins Currants, pkg Large Ral8ins ,~lb 2 lbs. Prunes Figs, per lb ; 3 pkgs Macaroni 3 pkgs Vermicelli --3 pkgs SpaghetU 1; 5c pkgs Soda 4 10c pkgs Soda Mlack Pepper, linr lb .Whole Pepper, lier lb Orange Peel, per lb_...... Ix-iuon I'oel, iicr lb Citron, i)er lb ._-2.'>c 3 Gas Mantles- -25c 100 Clothes Pins —-Illc ...lOc 3 boxes Toothjiicks --lOc .._2.-.c VJ lb. Chocolate .-.15c -lOc lb. Cocoanut — 15c .-25c Corn Starch, pkg - .5c .-25c 5 lbs. Hulk Starch .. 20c . 25c 2.'ic PKKH Gold nuHt .- - -. 2«c 25c 7 pkgs W'asliing Powder - .-25c .-.25c 3 boltlcH Hhilng - , . , lOc - 25c 3 boxes Mall Hluo -. .. .. . lOc .-23c 3 pkgs Starch . . . 25c --25c Mop Slicks, each .. UU- -23c Brooms ... J _25 V. 35c -25c ("ina Corn -.-25c 3 cans Kidney Bcans-- 2.-1C 12 can.s' Kidney Heans _9 .jc 3 cans IloIlll.^y ^- 2.'ic C cans Honiliiy . _ . 45c 12 caiis Hominy . ..-•-.Mc 3 cans Kraut _ 25c 12 cans Kraut IK'ic 3 cans I'ork ti li.'ans 25c 12 cans Pork a lieniis !)0e 3 large cans Milk . . . . 23c 12 large cans .Milk . . .n5c U small cans Milk.„. .. 25c Large can Oysters .I3c Snmll cans Oy>:ters. 3 fori. 25c Only Ten Days to Buy Groceries at These Prices. This List Good Until 12 P. M. Saturday, December 23rd. snatch her purse or handbag. HOW THE VOTE .STANDS. J^l FBOM POISONED C.\>DT. Kil^ffice That Some Kinds of Cbtttp ' i'andy Contain Poison. An epidemic of Illness which has repjatly broken out ^mong the child res of Io2a has been traced It is thought, to the eating of a certain jva- Het^ of cheap candy, samples of which have been sent by County Healtli Officer Goshorn to the State Soard of Health M analysis. The xandf Is not of a kind manufactured Trinity Chnrch Still Far in the Lead For the Christmas Tree. The standing of the churches in the contest for the New York Store free tree was as follows today at two o'clock: Trinity 2,44S First Mothndist 477 United Brethren 457 Baptist 331 Christian 247 Presbyterian i 189 Episcopal 127 Builders' Chapel Reformed Salvation Army .. A. M. E Seocnd Baptist .. Christian Science 14 ,14 11 10 10 2 CO. M. I.\SPECTIOX TOMOHT. The Iteirulur Annual InspecUon of Company to Be Held. Tonight at the armory the regular !)jinunl Inspection of Company M will be held. Colonel Wilder S. Metcalf of the First Regiment, having charge. Tho orders for the Inspection, which were Issued several days ago for Captain Stover lay especial emphasis on. the fact that all offlcera, both commissioned and non-contpils- sioned, must;be in attendance at\the Inspection tonight as they must undergo \ careful Inspection. All the company property, tent, clothing arms, etc. will also be rigidly inspected tonight , r for Baby's Cpnifort and Mother's tonvenience Here is the o^ly conveyance designed for the baby that will absolutely permit the mother to take her child tvtrytuhere. Shopping, calling, visiting, ridii^ on cars, trains, or elevators, it makes no -jrou goorAnvyou go, thebaby ^//^^m/. The U • eomUaed Vheeler, Carrier, Budaet and Junpcr. It can be poilsed or palled, cairied on the arm ifr wiU sUnd •lone—CMi't topple orer. Can be idianged from a wheeler to a carrier or clsair in aa inaCant. Siaply poll a coi4_ Go-Baskct| aetUe* ceaUy to the Krenad with the whceU out of aight ^nd ont of the way. No complicated meehaaiam to cet ont of omei^-wotk* so aimply and eaaUy that aay (lOWBChlldcandoit. Come and czaalBc it yonnclf. IX Sleeper & Son J08 JfORTH WASHINGTON. j disclosed that several valuable guns had evidently been stolen and the cash register In which coin was left was found empty. Following this ; clue that a robbery had been committed, the officers Saturday arrested a suspect on the edge of Gardeld and finally induced him to confess. He claimed to be from Missouri, but admitted that he and another man, who WAS formerly from Allen county, according to his Story, had planned and carried out the robbery and arson. They intended leaving Garfield in different directions and meeting in lola on the twelfth to divide the money and plunder taken from the store This news came yesterday in a letter from Mr. Hanna to his father at Gas City, and local officers were warned to be on the lookout for the pair. The financial loss to Mr. Hanna Is severe as the stock he .carried was worth several times tho amount of In sursnce^e carried. Thus far no arrests have been made here and if the •tory of the prisoner Is true. It Is prob able that tKe "Allen County" confederate has taken fright and made bis escape. Sheriff Kerr who has been In telegraphic communication with the of­ flcera at Garfield, expected to arrest the man wanted at noon today. He had plans all arranged whereby he woald be Immediately notified when the suspect appeared at his home near LaHarpe. Someone, however, ill-ad- vlsedly made the story a matter of general knowledge late yesterday evening and ihe sheriff now fears his quarry has been told that officers are on his trail and that he will not show up here now. S'T^VRT'AX EKPOKIA DOKSflTORY. high school will take the negative or affirmative, which is optional with them, will not be decided upon until the next meeting next Tuesday night, although this has already been practically decided. Suit to quiet title was brou.ght in the district court this afternoon by Mrs. Evlino Overmyer against Ray Overmyer et al. There are fifty-one defendants all relatives. Many years ago^Mrs. Overmyer received a deed te'all of lot 3 in block S4 and the north one-half of lot 2 in the same black in the city of lola. She lost the deed and now prays the Ptrtirt to decree that the title has passed to her and that the defendants arc without any right, title or intero.'st in It. The title so cleared will permit her prop- ertv to pass to heirs without litigation. TWO TONS CURED MEATS AND LARD. BUY NOW! Our pi'ices on Cured Meats and Lard sound like old times. It has been many months since you have had a chance to buy at these prices. 1000 pouhds pure Hog I.ard. Bring your pails and cans and get all you want at 2 pounds for-.2 .jC lOOO pounds finest Lard Compound, 5 lbs. for 10 lbs. for- S .)C 45c; 500 Ihs. very Dry Salt .Meat in 5 pound lots or more, per pound ISJsC .".00 lbs. Rex Fancy Breakfast Bacon, lb. 20c; 5 I'ound lots or more, per pound 17*zc FRESH MEATS OF ALL KINDS AT LOWEST PRICES. The New CoIIegp Biilldln<r for Girls Will Cost $30,000. Emporia, Kas., Dec. 12,— Ground for the new $30,000 girls' dormitory for the College of Emporia was broken on the southeast comer of the campus today. Women representing the Y. p. A., the faculty and the girls of the class of 1912 took part In the eeremonl^. President Henry Coe Culbertson made a short talk. It Is expected-that the dormitory will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of the school year next fall. At the meeting of the lola Ministerial Association Monday arrangements were ma^e for a union meeting yof young men and boys next Sun- .day night at one of the churches. A committee which was appointed Monday morning is working on the matter of seoorlng a church for the service and a minister, to deliver the sermon. Members o fthe Altar society of St. John's church are requested to attend a meeting tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Boehn 715^ East street. Just received another shipment of fine leather HandBags —the best line we have ever shown. Priced very special, at $3, $'3.50, $4, $5 to $9.50 RAttSAYS E TE Always Good Entire Changre Vaudeville and lectures Tonight' Commsnclng Thursday matinee, the best Music, Songs and Pictures. 5c—ALL SEATS—5c 1000 lbs. fine Cabbage, lb 2'/ic 7 lbs. Red Onions 25c 8 lbs. Kraut for 25c Sour Pickles, gallon. 35c 3 lb. jar Apple Butter 25c 10 lb. jailJelly...: 50c 21^ lb. pailJelly.... ,...15c Quart jar Large Olives .35c 2 large bottles Catsup 2.5c Pint jar Mustard .10c Dill Pickles, dozen 15c Sweet Pickles, 3 dozen 25c [ Large Mackerel, 3 for., 25c 4 5c sacks Salt-for 15c 50 lb. sack of Salt for.: 30c Coal Oil, gallon.. ^c Coal Oil, 5 gallon 35c Coal Oil, 5 gallon in can 85c Cider Vinegar, gallon ;25c High Grade Butterine Our stock of Butterine is the largest in lola. Big reduction in prices during our sale. Best grade Oleo, 2 lbs for 45c 20c Oleo, 2 lbs. for 35c Good Oleo, per pound .. l5c Whtie Sj-'rup, pail • ;4.5c White Syrup, small pail 25c Red Syrup, pail ..38c Red Syrup, small pail. .20c Cane and Maple Syrup, quart..... .30c Buckwiieat Flour, 5 lbs.. 25c Buckwheat Flour, 10 lbs .50c 4 lbs. Whole^ Rice 25c 3 lbs. Head Rice....... .1 25c 3 pkgs. Toy I Oats 25c- Large pkgs. * Oats 20c 2 pkgs. Post Toasties 25c 2 pkgs. Grape-Nuts 23c 2 pkgs. Corn Flakes 15c 2 pkgs. Shredded Wheat .25c 3 pkgs. Jell-O....... 25c 5 lbs. Pancake Flour 25c 25 oz. can Baking Powder 20c 1 lb. can Calumet Baking'Powder. .20c 3 cans Red Rose Bak. Powder 25c 3 cans Mustard Sardines 25c 7 cans Oil Sardines. 2.5c Pink Salmon, can 15c Red Salmon, can 20c Pumpkin, three cans ,... l 2.5c Large cans Beets | 10c 3000 POUNDS OF CHRISTMAS CANDIES AND NUTS! Our stock of Christmas Candies and Nuts will be the largest ever brought to Tola. See us before you buy. 1000 lbs. fine Xmas Mixed Candy—the kind.they all buy—2 lbs for 25c 5 lbs.^for 60c; 9 lbs. for ^ $1.00 1000 lbs. Fancy Xmas Mixed Nuts—2 lbs. for 35c 500 lbs. fine English Walnuts—per lb. ; 20c Fine Oranges, Lemons, Cocoanuts, Big Red Apples and everything that goes to niake a Merry Christmas, at our store. Compare Our Prices with Kansas City Mail Order House Prices, and We WiU Save You the Freight. ^ Save This List Until You Come to Town. Prices Good Until December 23rd. YOUR ORDER DELIVEERED FOlTONLY 10 CENTS Floyd Elliott, _ OPERA HOUSE BLOCK—GAS. WEST SIDE SQUARE—IQLA

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