The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 3, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1977
Page 2
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TAOK a-NAUOATOCK NKWS (CO.VX.). 9ATUHOAY. AUG. 17. 1040 DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Russia Demands Showdown With Turkey; Britain Decides Russia Cannot Be Appeased Further; Red Army Masses Strength Agaiwt Turkey U'Mshmtfton— Hack ~iii 39JS), ritfl'« after Iho last war, the I»hil»ulul|i!im Public U'lltfur hired a special coirpspourl. e«c.dKJ^ JHHon was a xoocl ni-wspni-i-mian. He told the truth. But HS a yomuvst.T I'mntf iiwir Mulmlolplmi nn<l ve.ul- inc Mr. Dillon ovi-ry morning. T vividly n-call how I and oihoix win. hail l.uilt up hi.U'l. IM-I.I-S for in-nnmicnl ^m-o ()id not lik, th,. truth. Kvcnuially tin- U-clKev tfot so many ,,, u(l( , 1 . protests against U r. Dillon's frank and p ,,, j01 ,i,;- that it had to runfHcl^d him, Tm- trouble thill tiu w:i« that the I!'H> with Mi'. "i trills: hl» ''""'IB Pence hind the nconi-H. of Iiiisslii tho top mllllury and. ,,,,,-e was K'.im: «> I"'" 1 tcl " nollu " war iintl hl» i-oiidei'.s 'it thut time dliln't want l<> think ulmut war. llnvlni: i-nliirnfiil lo thn L'KA t' f,,w <!HVH UKU from Iho prunuiit T'urlM ^.inCn fjonfi'i-nntt', J .iu-il>»Ct thul »f>mi> of rny cwn ri'iiilnrs ul.-io htivr bi-nri ciiM.slftK rim onl as n pesslmUt, a kill-Joy, ami n tn-llttl«r oC rnmlorn <|||>lurii.'if.v. [f MO, I don't partlf-ulai-ly hliime, ^nroi-i t,, some the Unlied StutoB ,M HV «*» » v i • -i now muiHiurerlnK for position ! ffir n war which some of them j think could como In u mutter of i riifXitr'M—nvon weeks, : Horn ni'f »ome of the secret ' moves which, only one year after n , wur tc; end war, make the wurM so i laden with dyiuimlto: i 1, ImilHtfence at'oncles have i learned ttiitl Slnlln now ha« tliruo 1 iflant tilrboi-nn at-mlus, l.->Ui!lnf; 120,poised ulonir the 1940' RECEIPTS J5,387,000.000 EXPENDITURES: MILITARY $1,711,000,000 NON-MILITARY $7,287,000,000 1941 RECEIPTS $7,407,000,000 EXPENDITURES: MILITARY $6,301,000,000 NON-MILITARY $6,410,000,000 RECEIPTS $I2,7?P,000,000 EXPENDITURES: MILITARY $26,011,000,000 NON-MILITARY $(5,386,000,000 RECEIPTS $22,282,000,000 EXPENDITURES: MILITARY $72,'109;000,000 NON-MILITARY, ,.$6,p70,000;000' ^-1946 RECEIPTS $43,038,000,000 EXPENDITURES: MILITARY $.18,542,000,000 NON-MILITARY $16,477,000,000 1945 RECEIPTS $46,457,000,000 EXPENDITURES: .MILITARY. $90,029,00,0,000 NON-MIIITARY $10,376,000,000 RECEIPTS $44,149,000,000 EXPENDITURES: MILITARY $87,039,000,000 NON-MILITARY 56,705,000,000 Fiscal yo'ar'.. ending Juno 30 RECEIPTS 439,590,000,000 On The Air Today EXPENDITURES: MILITARY, '$18,978,000,000 ^,05,000,000 II^PII'i!i^?:::-; : f ii(-l>;,ribiirK '",, !'.n ( "i'i' In ' ',r',.,i, K iJ ovur Ihcr Dnrdi-nulleii—ul tmuif. m "lh ( 'r r po|..f/nml hflr thrln-yua'-old ! «•«•.•!« «" ""-' RusalM VIM Mar- llni'ihcd vi-nwiiy .lap'in, Am UI-IM-U m.i'th'mif WCilll.l |i II JllMt! itniii ri-lcbi-illnt; U uf iiiir xri'iii vlrtnry nvnr null <-'i the HurfiictK flu'i'i 1 i iiji|iiirii(it'i'i>ri.siiii fur worry ore wur 1 , i,y AIiKH'Uvi'rM 1''nr \Vur Hi thf .Murfac-c, howiivi'i', umliHiiiH (li'Vtiuii.'iiL'iittJ lu'n in t-hf- Nc'ir Kn.-it which liiiiiii' IIM Intn a than (in.vthln);' i-vnr by the mind of mun, This chart „!..,*« the Htulo oC thf- budget sl..c<, ^^ in Itoo • tipondlturos an upswi,. K In non-military costs as affcn- "i's such L the Vt,t,rans Admlnhtratton. took ovor du es prov n s. lv huiKlliMl by thu n.llltury. Although n'ccipts B r.>w Ku !,'<!. , tl ».y m-v,r J«,iiull.'d ..xpiiulltiiros. Tin fiBiirt-s tia.'d In tli« "hurt w.-r« ti.ltftii from which were Httppll.'U by the Foderol KoMirve lioard. (Inter..... IllltiOIIUl) 0:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC-Prom Washington O'.hor Stations—News i 0:10 p. m. WBRY—Baseball Scores WATR—Interlude (1:16 p. m. WBRY-WABC—American Portrait WOR—Lorenzo Fuller WEAF—Smith Preview ' ' WJZ^-Jimray Blair WTl'C—Gloe' CIub WATR—Al.Vestro, Scor«s .--,. -. 8:30 l>. m. WEAF—BOBton-Tune- Party WTIC-WJZ—Sports • WOR—News WATR—Hits and Bits; News ., ; ' . 0:1fi p. ni. WBRY-WABC—News WEAF—Art of Living WOR—Stan Lomax WATR-WJZ—Labor, .U. S. A. WTIC—Forum of the Air . 7:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Opera Pgm. WTIC-WEAF—Foreign Policy WATR-WJZ—Your Business 7:15 p. m. •••••' WATR-WJZ—Correspondents 7:SO p. m. WERY-WABC—Tony Martin Show WOR—Arthur Hale • WEAF—Curtain Time i WTIC—Most Honored Flights WATR—Green Hornet 7 ;45 p. m. WOR—Answer Man 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Star Time WEAF-WTIC—Carnival WJZ—Dick Tracy WOR—200 Questions WATR—Dark Venture 8:15 p. »>• WATR—Modern Music 8:30 p. m. WEP.Y-WABC— Danny O'Neill ooviirlnjr 1m Diu'dani'llcs bu rcvl.snd at once- and be revioed only by the| .1l)V|ft tmtClllltC.H, 3, Tim f'.iifinlun Nnvy Is new con- ci'iitratucl In the iilack Sou poi-ts of Siivuxlopol nncl Fooda.ilyu. ICuf.slan Work On Atom •I Thn lirlllsh Forolfrn OMIcc nnd tin- I'Jrlllr.h Geii(.'r;il Stitl't' hnvo de- war mui-i* \ rUh-'l lhat the time for n show- I'vur on-] ddwii with Riissla l,i at hand. Their Irilollliiiinco ri.'purl.M Indlcal'.- fovor- liih Suvlot I'xprilmenls with thn- ntoriilc bomb iinU the co.smlc rny, 'I'hi' prc-M^ru-'e of rncket bori'ibM over Mwntli'ii It bf> flus.slan ux- liiirlmuutiillun with riullo-conlrollucl i-uckol.M DVinituiilly calculated lo lilt land (ir pm-haps nroii.s tho Arctic ll'i eoiy to ifKilw a W|M <hole«. Jwl «k K> KM our OiMjItM Orongi Rlouom Rlngh Trw nomc b yoof o«o' on '»« el In* qwU*y. Kti'limlvi'lX -M—• PIERPONT'S Ocni Hi 1M> HANK Hl' Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 41.87 irltl.ili iieientlNtM know that thn iiMlmiri may wind up with tho iitomlc bomb or i<von tho more deadly cosmic ray 1C the Hcivlet Is (,'ivcn MMOlhci 1 ye.'ir to oxpurlmonf. Tlic FirldHli also know that Iho United Minimi l.'i not ready to wnf?e n, Joint Aiiulo-Aniiirlcnn war ajralnsl Kus>I|M; bill Ihny are convinced that. If Kuiijila nad Kn^'laiul :;houkl clanh, thf (ISA M'oulcl soon como In cm tho lirill.M'i !:!(!(•, .'i. Tlur HrltlNh C»nei'nl Sin IT ha.4 movml thi.'lr cimck dlvlMlorm lnti> trail for a showdown with Moxcow nvi'i- [ran, Tho t:!rltl>ih Cleel Is linlKpil In MntlltPrruni.'nn wnlerH. At li'ii'il nliif olhi-r l.-:i-|tls-h tllvLslunH nnd the MMlh-f Koyjil Air Force nro i-i'iidy to vii|j|)iirt. nrllalii's di'Lerml- nntlfm tr, dcimlnutf Iran., ('.ifiitftl fif /r:if|, lit hclrur heavily rn- Infnrc.fitl by the Brltlnh. • ' The I.', ft. Army Is now fiponrl- Im;. incrcMecl nmoimtn lo forilfy Alaska nncl IN working In elf wo «o- (ipfrntlrin with Canada on defense of ihii entire Arctic northwest. The l;iu!!ilnn ,->i>y Irlulji In C'ar.nda 10- vi'iilnd that ,\rfj.-!cn\v wa.M cfillficlin^; nil jins-iilile Itirni-mullon n)K,Ti-dlnjf iiorhwcNl Canada ami Alnnkn: al>ii> that nil det.'illH of {!. K. h'onpn wei'i' rf|i(irli-d buck to Moscow, I'Viui IncludlriK the movements of rejrlmi'ntii In the noulhorn United HKilc.-i. kcd Army Alrrtod 7. The fain.MlniiH are hmwlly feu- •ilfylnj,' (hi- coiiMl of Albanlii. This i;lvi'n tliom (inrtlal control nf Uio ntranci' nf iho Adriatic and mlfrht :i'i'P an Allied floor from roHcu- Inw U.-H.-nrltlsh Iroopii at Trleatn. Mo.'icow nl.'io bus bcnn shlftlntf tho I!i'd Army In Kuropi>. has replaced war vntfi'imii with fre.'ih men. In rrnnny Ihii Keel Army Is 7, r jO,OCO Hti'onjf. Tn Uoumanla, 00,000 Keel MdUlli.'i-N liuvo bonn Increased to ;),10.0(JO m«n. Four Kusulim dlvl- 'ilnns are In thi' Czech Kiidnlfm- land. A Intiil of fi.OOO Ru!i«lnn pluntis iirn In I'rilitncl ruul Rotimnnln. 8. Twolvr factories in Russlnn- occuplccl Goriiumy txrc pourliiK out munUion.-i of war. Tin- old Hkodn works in Cv.tsclioslovukia, onoc used by Hitler, is turnlnK out quanti- tlou of urms of un IntiirchnnKuablis typo for UKL- In oither tho C/.ech or Rod urmy. Poland and Yngo- sUivia also un; maniifacturlnji stan- dardixud Huswlan urma. Tho armament race nioro is on. Thusi! urn nomo of the ominous undorcurren-ta which could pull thi; world into anolhnr war even bn- fOE-o -tho wounds of World Wai- II are hnalod. even bol'Oi'Q a pence treaty is signed. Some diplomats and military loaders say that these currents have from; "MO far that another war l.<i Ini.'Vitable. In the opinion of .tills observer thin la not UK; cnuc. Another war — either soon or later — can IJL- tivnrlud. However, it will take the most Mklllful diplomacy this) na- •tlon him ever si;on. toK'sthor with our most forthright statnsriiaiiabip, and a public undc-.-standlni; of all the fuct« to avoid trafriuly. So far we nrn nottinfr neither -the statos- rniLiishlp nor tho facts. And though I b<;. accused of bo- IPK n pussiinial, and though. I lose roadurs to tho sporls column:] and the polKOn mystctriO!), T Intend during the next week to outline the; biickstn^o oroKfi-currunts which are di-aBKliif,' U.M so near catastrophe* and. if possible,- point to some of •the ways out. 'Ghost' Rocket WTIC-WEAF— To be announced WATR— Jury Trials WOR — Juvenile Judy 8:65 p. m. WBRY-WABC— News 0:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC— Hit Parade WTIC-WEAF— Barri Dance WOR— Leave It -to the Girls »:SO p. in. WEAF-WTIC— Top Thin? WATR-WJZ— Detect "and Collect WOR 1 - Jonathan • Trimble :: . '.- v. "' 8:46 p. m. - WBRY— Journc.VK In -Jazz WABC-- Night- Serenade ' ... ••• 1U:OO p. in. WTIC-WEAF— Lights Out WOR— Theater of .the Air WATR— Music Festival .'. • ' • • • 10:10 p. ni, WBRY-WABC— Ro u n d u p 10:30 p. m. WEAF-WTIC— Grand Olc Opry WATR-WJZ— Political Talk '.-.-.: 10:45 p. ni. WBRY-WABC— Tu! kB WATR— -Hayloft Hoedown •11:00 p. ni. ALL Stations— News 11:10 p. m. WBRY-— John J. Daly, City News 11:16 p. m. WATR-WJZ— Barrbn Orch. Other Stations— Newa • • i . > 11:80 p. in, WBRY— Nig-ht Club of the Air WABC— Qruy Orch. • WATR-WJZ — Badron Orch. WOR— Weather; Orchestra WTIC-WEAF — Mooney Orch. Jl:45 p. i». WOU— Hlmber Orch. 12:00 Midnight ALL Stations— News 12:05 u, m. WBRY— Night Club; News fISiiltor's Note-- Anotlnr Poti!':ion column on tho Oynumito- laclcii HlUintLon in Eurojiu I'ollowri on Monday,) (Copyright, 19-1G. by Tho Boll Syndlcniu, Inc.) , C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 02 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS JiW All OrcHHlona KLOWKK.H TKIt KVUUVWllUlUfi MELBOURNE'S .TLOWEB SHOP W IIVUUKU AVF.NUB Telephone C22(l i Burial Of Famous Horseman, Monday L(ixln«ton, Ky,, AiifT- 17— (UP) — Thn men who perhaps know him host, ulsrht fnlthrul noK' 1 " employe:; of th« lulu Coloni'l K. R. Urrifllcv, hiivi! one mciri- job lo do for their bdlovud "Cuhnnl." Thi;y will not as pnll-tjonrnrs ut his funfrnl no:<t Monday. Thu old-tlmor umoiiff thorn ir, Jntniis Duckworth, vnlol to Brari- |py for Homo SOyniifa- Mo»it of them tiro omployud :it thn Brndlcy I ill" FiirmM iinrl nil of tliom lovucl und i-nrvrd their "Cuhnal" for many yoiu-H, Thi; hfxly of Uin SO -year -old Kuortinuin will be tnltcn to tho tdl<! lUmi-M f;irm tomtirrow so Ihnl trlondti rni'.yj'.'iy ihcir rnHpcct. f-lljfh will ho iiunK' »l 1 p.m. (EOT) cm Monday, with burial lo follow In On I vn ry cemetery. A month before Pearl Harbor, nrocliicllnn of nULKnushirn In the U. H. wan -12 million poundit ["'i- yuiir. At the of 19-13 tin; cnp- iclty wtm L'tiO million pounds. Brasscos Play Policemen, Tonight •"Ma.nWtta.ned finest the'New York Pol-co. an? expected tc jLfive Mgr. Joe Samoska's Erupscoa plenty of trouble when the teams, meet to- nlk'ht at 8:45 at the Municipal Stadium: •••..• ••Yes, I know that policemen nre supposed to prevent treble rather than present it," the genial Brassco pilot stilted last nig-ht from the, club's downtown olfice of North | Main street. "Eu.t we were lucky j to bent them the last time and they i have it in for us. Why, they even ; held Bit; Jim Mooney, their ace | pitcher, out of an important gama in New York Wednesday, just to pitch him against us, Yes, I RUOSS we're "In for a busy evening," he concluded. Mooney, who was with the Now York Giants for several seasons, will be opposed by Wait Gathman, the ex-Marine from Yale university. Gathman has won four of his live ttarts to date since joining- the club, and 0:10 of the victories was that 7-5 decision at the expense of the Police. They will he seeking to S'aln a little venfjencs against him also, IMilyilleCubs iPjay today '! THeVstron'fj: St. ; Mary's Juniors of LitcTifield will invade Naugatuck this afternoon to cross bats with the MHlvllle Cubs of the local junior loop, at Recreation Field. This contest' will start at one o'clock sharp. Coach A! Brewer of the suburban nine will start Bobby Mariano on the rubber apralnst this club, with Junior Wocst«r and Mickey BroucJ- crick on hand for relief duty. George • Schuster will handle the catching duties. The visitors have one of the strongest junior nines in the state, having won .15 and lost 2 this year, Several members of the Litchfield Hlfrh school team will be seen in action with the St. Mary's outfit. A larse crowd is expected at today's g-ame. Testifies At Probe An official of the War Assets Administration, Anthony J. Flood UiKtIfl«n before the HOUKR Com- inlttne in Washington investig-at- ini; surplus property Kales. Look- fug; :U u. copy of an ordnr placed by Benjamin F. Fields, sclf- tttyled promoter, lie declared the latter obtained, ncarce bronze wire. without proper certification and at a reduced price. (International) Hacker, Smith Guests Of Honor At Testimonial The. employes of the Synthetic 01- division of the U. S. Rubber Co., wore honored Thursday night at a toBllmonia! dinner held at Waverly Inn, Chenhins. Edward Huckor, who has been at hcl ocal plant since 1942. leaves Iho factory today to become affillat- td with his father's work in Cleveland, CWIo. Howard Smlli, the second em- ploye, was honored in celebration of his cominx: mari'la^e AUJJ. 22. Master of ceremonies wq? Dr. E. y. Scoutten, nnrt speakers Included: < Howrird Cnetz, Dr. F. E. Chitton- <lcn and J. C. Madlgan. PKRMIT GRANTED Hartford, AUK. J7—(UP)—Tho State. Public Utilities Commission •has authorized the Wallingford | Taxi Company to operate two uddi- j tlonal taxicabs in Wallineford. The | town will now have a total of five j cabs. SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.R.*I.. HIIKKI^ Klin Dlrrct to Bractl CLEANEST SPOT IN TIIK STATK Emerson Phonoradio Radio an<l Pliono^rapli with Automatic Kccord;«r for continuous pl^yinjj or 10 and 12 Inch records. Organllke tone. Oth«>r Model Combinations $82.23 and up This phdtn, just riM(-nsi'<l : by the Swedish military staff, shows one (if the mysterious rocUet homhs 1,|i!»t liavo Ix'on Mtn-iikliiff across Swmli-.n's sides. Thn:e flitrs were killed when a .Swedish military reconnaissiim'.e. plane collided heiul-on with one or thosn "R-host" roeki-t humlis. Oovdrnment authorities have started a natlnn- wlilis hunt fur the ro<'k«ts.. (In- tei'niitlnnul) Bank Teller Is Arrested STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Dully Until 1 A. M. . • DAILY IJJNCIIJfiONS • AND DINNKKS • A I.A CAJITK MKNU Dlnlnjr liooin. I'ood llur und lluuth Snrvlco Pull Liquor License PARKER '51' Pen & Pencil Sets . . Pens $12.50 . . Sots 517.50 Mannhfistor, Conn., Aup. 17—(UP) —A toiler at the Manchester Savin;;n Isimk--who also is a mumbcr of the board of suloctmon—is being chnrpud with ombcKxIumon). of $1,300. ReloaiiC'.l In $2,, r jOO bonds Is Louis M. GimovoHl. It iii claimed that a bank cxamlner'a report shows the ahortfiiio on his books for April | and July. ' State Bunking Commissioner Richard Raport said Genovesi has confessed. \hotit 20,000 persons .ire-.employ•:d in Iho SOHJJ industry. Before Pearl Harbor, American refineries were- producing about -10,000 barrels of 100 oct.ine gasoline dally, During- the wur they stepped up daily production to more than one-half million a clay. NOTICE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS To tho Democratic Electors Of the Town of Nausatuck: The First Ward Democratic Caucus will be held in the Town Hall at 8 o'clock (EDST) August 22, 19-lfl. The Second Ward Democratic Caucus will hn held in Eagles' Hall, Oak street, at S o'clock (EDST) Aujfust 22, 194G. The Third Ward Democratic Caucus wil! be held in White Eagle Mall,- Bridge street, :it 3 o'clock, CJ2DST) August 22, 3946. All will be for tho purpose of electing: seven (7) delegates and two (2) alternates frix"/i each ward to attend a town convention to be hold In the Court Room of' the Town Hall on August 27, 1946, at 8 p. m, (EDST) said convention to elect delegates to the Democratic .slate convention, conj-i-esaionul convention, county convention,-senatorial convention and probate convention', and to transact such, other business us may be proper to come before said convention. Dated at Nauiratuck this ISth Day. 01' August, 194G. Democratic Town Committee of Naupatuck. By Daniel .J. Callahan, Chairman Brazil consists of 20 states, a federal district and seven divisions known as territories. Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant . Naugatuck Conn. Mrs. FDR Injured In Auto Crash Former First .Lady, Mrs. Eleanor RoOKiivi-lt (left, ut wheel of cur) was Injured slightly when sho "dozed pff" while driving from Hyde 1'ark to New York city. Mrs. llonsevclt'u car collided with two other mitos, craslunR. head- on with one and wldc!«wij)lns another, on the Saw Mill River ViirlffiViiy, Yonkcrs, N. V,, .ac- corjinn to police reports. Above- Ik wrecked auto of the la to Presidents widow, (International) BLUEBERKY CREAM PIES ' APPLE ' PIES " arid ; FILLED'COFKEE . CAKK • CITY BAKERY B. f. STQl'PANI, fropj. Maple 'Street ' Telephone 3C78 r METAL SWINGS FOE CHILDREN For Indou:- or Outdoor Use Special BEACON KIDDIE CENTKB 1t_OBAND STOKKT 'Wuterbury U MHTS it » watch measures up to our S exacting quality standards, it's sure) to be represented in pur extensive siofk of fine .'watch«: So, regardless of; the.model you have in mind, you'll, find .. ...priced for value_, at all times! It's importantw choose the. jeweler first when buying a watch, and our traditional reputation for s«rvice is well-known in the community. ' . PIVIDEO PAYMENTS IP YOU AT NO ADDITIONAL COST /JjEWEtEHS ^ SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900J 68 BANK AT CENTER STREET PRICES START AT $24.75 fed. Tax Inc.

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