Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 22, 1969 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1969
Page 11
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*(E REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS MAXWELL HOUSE " ALL GRINDS §H0uf LIMIT ONE WITH $5.00 PURCHASE CHIP 'N DIP SPECIAL ECCO DIP 'N KELLY POTATO CHIPS Both For cm GROCERY CO. 6 'We Reserve the Right to Limit" "NONE SOLD TO DEALERS" HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE HUNT'S s PACK TOMATOES Del Monte Mixed Vegetables No. 300 can No. 300 can 303 1 can YOUR CHOICE for My-T-Fine Puddings Cat Food 3%-Oz. Pkg unna HE? YOUR CHOICE 6'/ J-OI. can Pork Roast Hunter's Super Trimmed WHOLE CALLA STYLE lb. SLICED ,,39c BONELESS PORK CUTLETS lb. 69< BONELESS PORK TENDERS lb. 89' PORK SAUSAGE LARGE BOLOGNA Country Style "LINKS" lb. 59* PORK HOCKS FRESH Boil with Beans lb. 39 C Armour Star By the Piece lb. 49* 35 1 WIENERS lb. 59c ARMOUR STAR SKINLESS 12-oz. pkg. 49* SWIFT'S "FRI-PAN" Ground BEEF lb. FAMILY PACK 5-lbs. or More Braunschweiger VMickleberry" , b by the Piece 49* 3= I POLISH SAUSAGE lb. 59c Mickleberry lb. 69 U.S.D.A. "CHOICE" Rib Steaks I Boneless HAMS Guaranteed Tender or Your Money Back lb. 89 "Jersey Farm" or Hunter's Quik-Carv Fully Cooked Ready to Eat WHOLE U.S.D.A. "Choice" « AO Club Steaks ib. I HALF HAM SLICED WHOLE OR HALF Lb 93c LB 99c CUBED STEAKS "CHOICE" BONELESS Ib. I $119 BEEFSHORTRIBS Barbecue Ib. 59c Lemon Meringue PIE MIX Denture Adhesive l~asieet Instant Folger Elborom cre ° meHe Wear Floor Wax e Dusting Wax* 16-oz. pkg. 2-oz. can 10-oz. Jar 2-lb. pkg. 46-oz. can 14-oz. bomb 59« 82" $133 to $149 $119 Del Monte Pumpkin PIE MIX 3 No. 2 V, CI 00 cans I Stilwell SWEET POTATOES 6 303 $-00 cans | C. W. Cut ASPARAGUS N ° 300 $100 3 No. 300$* cans I Stilwell Beets Smucker's Wishbone Trend Detergent Fresh Blackeyed PEAS C. W. Sliced 7 300$cans I 6 303 $1 cans** I 10-oz. C Jars * Grape,Plum, A Crabapple £L Jellies * Deluxe French 0% 8-oz. $ Dressing Jlbots. 1 3s, s i Dry DETERGENT Tri-City Liquid TRI-CITY GROC CO COUPON TRI-CITY WORTH GROC CO COUPON Toward TRI-CITY 13c Purchase Liquid CHIFFON Dishwashing Detergent 2 2 l": 69< WITH THIS COUPON Coupon Expiroi Wad., Jan. 29. GROC CO COUPON Toward Purchase TRI-CITY WO»TH 10( . Pringies POPCHIPS 59c 8-oz. pkg. WITH THIS COUPON Coupon Expire* Wed., Jon. 29. WORTH "STOP THE PRESSES" Joe Borbieri, Tri-Clly'i head produce buyer, (if you think I'm going to uie a Henny Youngman joke about he bwyi hoadi you're wrong) came butting In my sffite yetterday morning yelling (boy doei he know how to yell) about what a (antaitic buy he made en Texat Ruby Red Grapefruit . . . Well right away I know that something it gonna get yanked out of the produce Ad, to I call up the local newspaper and yell "STOP THE PRESSES', which it kinda silly 'cause they aren't even going to print until day after tomorrow . . so anyway, Joe tells 1 me to take our RUSSET POTATOES and put in GRAPEFRUIT which might not sound like such a big deal, but if you'll check Trl-Clfy's price against what our competition is getting you'll tee why Joe and I did all that Yelling , . . Al Barnet Advertising Mgr. ICE CREAM "Blue Valley" half gal. KELIOGG'S SPECIAL "K" "£ 45c KEUOGG'S RAISIN BRAN '*£'41c BEAUTY SALAD DRESSING 2 36c MIRACLE WHIP 37* Or Spin Blend qt. Jar C.W. UNSWEETENED FRUIT Juice VAN CAMP'S Pork 'n Beans GELATIN JELL-O 3 $i £ 15c 30, 0 C Pkg. Colonial SUGAR 5-lb. Additional Bag 5/ Bag 47c ARMOUR'S LUNCHEON MEAT TREET Can 56c ARMOUR'S Corned Beef F E* 63c ARMOUR'S WITHOUT BEANS CHILI ,s/ ' 0 ' Can 55c Armour's Corned BEEF NASH 2 15-oz. cans W Armour's CHILI WITH 7 OIIILI BEANS * 15-oz. cans 69* ONE BAR FREE with Purchoi.Two You'll G.I Princess Soap 3 Ba( , 36c PAR50N'S PINE Sc OFF LABEL AMMONIA 24c MAGIC FINISH SIZING 7c OFF LABEL "** 56c Bomb TRI-CITY ^ ro ° \ WORTH | Toward Purchase '. HUNT'S CATSUP j 2 79c 26-oz. bots. WITH THIS COUPON • Coupon Expires Wed., Jan. 29. • GROG CO COUPON TRI-CITY T OUPON 0 1 1 £ Toward I " Purchase Appian Way, 3c Off Label PIZZA MIX 69« " WORTH •« 2 12-oz pkgs WITH THIS COUPON Coupon Expires Wed., Jan; 29. '* , # Purchase Excel lo Jacquard Terry 26"x15" TOWELS 2 t .J9« WITH THIS COUPON Coupon Expires Wed., Jan. 29. i • * m m m i _ WEDNESOA¥, mm$* 22, 1969 > "Hello, Mom? Don't throw out the 'Help WantOd' sect.on of the paper. I just got married!" - Bridge Lesson - Best Bid Was West's Double Jly Oswald and James Jacoby It is mighty hard to get an absolute top score in a continent- wide game but we think that East- West's plus 500 on hand seven will come close to doing the Job. East and West were playing the Landy convention in which the two club overcall of an opening no- trump shows both majors. We don't approve of East's two- club call. He only held four spades and he was woefully lacking in high cards. Connecticut bridge t e acher Sally Johnson, who sat West, was not happy being asked to bid a major but she responded with two spades without histrionics to imply that she didn't really have a spade suit. As a matter of fact, two spades would not be a very bad contract and she might even have made it but South got into the bidding with a three- diamond call. This was Sally's cup of tea and she doulbed 1 . East looked over his collection of nothing and finally decided to pass and hope that Sally could set three diamonds all by herself. After all, he saw no future in taking out the double. Sally had an easy opening lead, the seven of hearts. South let his ride to his king, then played a diamonds. Sally ducked and North was in with the king. He played a club next, where-, upon Sally took her ace and j led a spade. South finessed j dummy's jack and East collected a trick with his king. He j promptly led a heart which Sal- ] ly ruffed for the third defen- 1 sive trick. Since she still held | three good trumps, South . was down two. -o- -o- -o- NORTH 72 AAJIO V A108« • K4 of *KJ105 j WEST (D) EAST 4k 652 4>K9t8 ' • AQ983 • J + A964 e >73 SOUTH 4 »Q74 VKS • 107652 *Q82 Both vulnerable West North East Sootib Pass 1N.T. 2 4> Pass ' 2* Pass Pass 3 4 Dole Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—*#7 TIMELY QUOTE We need your good wishes. We need your advice. We need your criticism. We need your prayers in these difficult days ahead. —President-elect Richard M. Nixon. A leading cause of miscarrfagte, i birth defects, and infant deatfas could be a lack of enough folio acid, says a research team. One of the B-complex vitamins, fofle arid Is derived from organ, meats such as liver and kidney —also from asparagus, turnips, spinach, kale, broccoli, corn, cabbage, lettuce and nuts. Mothers especially should study and follow good nutrition in the family's diet as necessary to good family health. SOUTH SIDE DRUG STORE MACHINISTS MILLING MACHINE MACHINISTS BORING MILL MACHINISTS (Vertical & Horizontal) TURRET LATHE MACHINISTS Requires the skill and experience to read and interpret engineering drawings and manufacturing process sheets; set up and operate machine tools and attachments; perform layout; and check work with precision measuring instruments. Requires a high school education or equivalent, with vocational school training or experience in Machine Shop practices. WELDERS Must be able to read and interpret manufacturing process sheets, drawings, and blueprints; lay out objects, parts and sub-assemblies to be fabricated by welding. Set up and operate oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding equipment and perform all position welding. Requires a high school education or equivalent with vocational school training er previous experience. APPLY or CALL Monday Thru Saturday From 8:00 A.M. Through 5:00 P.M. NATIONAL MINE SERVICE COMPANY Clarkson Division Mine Road Nashville, Illinois 63263 (618) 327-8276, Ext. 64 4

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