Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1911
Page 6
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ft THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER,-WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 13,1911. VffiMIIES Of THE WON OFTEX THE WIRE PRODUCES COMEDY OF ERRORS. Even When the Line Is Most Clear, IVords Are Hard to Enunciate So Thejf Cab Be Understood. No one condemns the telephone be cause of the mistakes which it causes for the same reason that no one re fuses to ride in a motor car because one once blew up. Mistakes and accidents are not the rule and the great service the Inventions render makes •up for whatever drawbacks they may have. The comparison between > telephone and the motor car, how _ ever, is hardly a fair one for the reason that the telephone is the more common utility and very rarely causes anything save an occasional ludi crous mistake. The telephone is not likely to explode, as Is the motor > car, though It may produce a desire to do so. "Is this the advertising depart ment?'" a man queried over the tele phone to his newspaper one daiy. "Yes," replied the sweet mannered office girl, "this Is the Slnipvllid Ev enlng Effort What do you wish?" • "Want to get an ad in the paper to night How much will It cost?" The telephone wire, up to this time working well, goes off on some sort of a tangent. Now you hear the voice f lalnly; now^you don't "What was that?" echoes the office girL "I say how much will it cost—" "Oh, you want to put an ad in the lost column." "No, not lost—^how much will O-O-s-t to put an ad in your paper this eTening." "Oh, an ad. "Why, that depends on the ad. What do you wish to say?" "Get your pencil and 111 tell you Ready?" "Ready." "For sale. Ten tons of prime prai rie hay? Get that?" "For sale," the clerk repeats, "ten tons of Grimes' dairy hay. right?" "Correct," replies the patron. "How much^-ob, never mind. I'll call at the office, and pay." "Very veU.'" As soon as the Evening Effort is on the street, the patron rushes to the office. "What in the world do you mean by printing such "a thing as this," he demands, displaying a copy of tlie Effort The girl gazes meekly at the advertisement which the patron points out "Grimes dairy hay," growls the patron, "whoever heard of such thing?" "Isn't that what you said?" "Never." "I repeated your advertisement tc you and you O. K.'d it." "I never 0. K.'d any such thing a? that You repeated the words prime prairie hay to me and that's what 1 wanted in the paper."' "Well, you ^ead the words 'Grimes dairy hay' to me and that Is tlie ad vertisement that was Inserted in thr paper. However, If It is wrong, tht office will print it another time free.' The patron, unable to conceive of any fairer proposition, loaves the office satisfied. :"Is that you, hubby?" said a wiff over the wire one evening. "How soor are you going to start home?" The telephone is working fine. You car hear Just as if you were standinp face to face. ' "Oh, things are not going woll nt the office, dear," hubby responds, "li •will be late before I get home tonight" "I'm 80 sorry. I wanted you to go by DooBum's and get a dime's worth of muslin." Then the weird wire begins to work "Dime's worth of mutton? That wouldn't be enough for a bite. Bptter say a quarter's worth, at least. ••Who said anything about buttons?" ^-What is It?" "Who said anything about buttons. Bnb-bub-bub—second letter in the al­ phabet—u-t—" "Er "No. tuh-ttih-tuh-ee-tee-toe-t — the Btuir that you drink." "Oh, I get it Bee-you-tci—go or now'." •TTiat e?'' "No; 'nother tuh-tuh-tee." "All right Hee-.vou-tea-tea— "G-o-Oh—what you say when you sit on a pin." "Bee-you-tea-tea-oh—-" SAID SHE FAINT flrs. Delia Long Unable to Stand On Her Feet More Than a Few Minutes at a Time. Pcndergrass, Ga.—Mrs. Drlln Jjozip jrf-thls place. In a recent letter, ba.vs "For five or six years. I suffered asw. les witli womanly troubles. Often. I couldn't sii up nior'' th.m » few minutes at a time, and if I L I OOI on my feet long, I would faint. tdok Cardtil. and it helped mo irr mediately. Now, l can do my work — the time, and don't suffer like I did.' _Take Cardui when you feel 111 in any way— iretk. tired, miserable, or rndei the -veather. Cardui Is a strength -ilialldiBg tJonlp medicine for women. -"It has been found to relieve paia and '^distress caused by womanly troubles, ;and is an excellent medicine to have on ;luuid at all times. Gardnl acts on the womanly constitution, building up womanly strength, toning up the nerves, and regulating .the tfomanly organs. ; Its half century of success Is doe to XBerit. It has done good to thousands. ZWUl ton try It? It may be Just what •fOa need. ,Ask your druggist about . OsTdsL Be will recommend it , n.3.—WHUto: Late'MrtorrDept..Outt*- Jilrtirfrrni and fA-ptx book, '^Honx Trutaiat •r WsMa,** fCBl la puis viaMcr, go nqatM, "N-un-n-un-n-p-e-n pen—get It?" "Sure. Bee^you-tea-tea-oh-n. Hooray.- B^u-t-t-o-h!" '.'Well, I don't want any of them." "Indeed, you've gone to a lot of trouble to change your mind. I'd begun to get a good impression of buttons.'' "No. I want a dime's worth of muslin—muslin—muslin to finish a little sewing. Just a Uttle strip will do." "Ob, a dime's worth of clothespins." "Now you've got it right. Bring it home with you sure." "Ail right That all? Good-bye, dear." An hour later, Hardcase delivered the clothespins to his waiting wife. "Don't know what you want with these, dear," he murmured. "I thought Bridget was to do all the washing." "What's muslin go to do with oh, you've got clothespins. Who told you to get them." "You did." i "Why. how absurd. I said muslin. "1 thouKht you said clothespins and r rcjieated the words to you. You said O. K." "Xo O. K. on clothespins. You misunderstood m<\" "Well; never mind. dear. Yo>i nils- undiTstnod nip. 1 wouldn't tnkc 'IMII i)ack though for a dollar, ill g.t the teusUn tomorrow." WHERE OLYMPIC OlMES FOR 1912 MILL BE HELD. IRISHMAN'S WORK IN CHINA Late Sir Robert Hart Served Cele» Jtlal Empire for Forty-Nine • Years. Irishmen have isBde careers for themselves in the most unlikely quarters throughout the whole period of modem history. While the distinction won by Irish noblemen in'the service oC Spain and France and the exploits of the Irish Brigade, who turned the day at the decisive battle of Fontenoy, are familiar to the world, and Irish names are found prominent among the soldiers and sea fighters and statesmen of the South American countries, it Is not 80 well known that they ^ave played their part in Russia and in eastei-n lands. Peter Lacy was a trsst- ed lieutenant of Peter the Great and employed by him In constructing and training the Russian army. Some of the highest nobiUty In Russia today are of Irish descent, though their names are so Russianized as to give no hint of their origin. This capacity of the Irishman for winning success In a foreign land received another notable illustration in tho case of Sir Robert Hart, who died after serving China for fortj-nlne years. This keen little man had wonderful constructive ability. It might be objected that his family had been settled in Ireland for only a couple of hundred years. His ancestor was a Captain De Hardt, an offlcer who received a grant of land from William m. after the battle of Hoyne. It 200 years do not nationalize a family then surely nationalization becomes impossible if a remote ancestor can be traced to another country. 'v. BflDEEZESiaDIIIEt Model of stadium for 1912 Olympic games at Stniklioliu. Swodon. The Rfri the lines of this model and is to be pormanent. and form a iiiiiional ainpliltljoa^ _ finished next sunuiier. According to i|ie present plans, Am.iira is to liavu a strong list of entiles "in the conte.-it. c-iiin- l.s now being erected along re aft<>r Ihu Olympic games are LIGHT RECEIPTS FOR WREUT THERE IS LITTLE .\fTIVlTY, AND RISE IS SLKUiT. Catllc and Hofrii Continue to Decline, Losinar Five td Ten Cents- Broom Corn Loner. AVIATORS ARE POORLY PAID Even Best Flyers Get Small muneratlon for the Dangers They Face. Be. Th« popular supposition that aviai- tion Is a sort of Klondike where people who have a certain amount of dar» ing can go and snatch up a fortune is decidedly mistaken. People read reports of big prizes won by aviators In contests and take for granted tliat It all goes to the flyers. That is wrong; with a few exceptions the flyers do not get the prizes they win. They are employed to fly by big concerns who pay them a salary, seldom exceeding $75 per week, the usual arrangement being from ?25 to %iO per week salary and $50 per day when they fly at meets. This Is true even where the very best American and foreign flyers are concerned. Including stich celebrities Brooldns, Beachey, Ely and others. Nor Is the lot of the Independent flyer any better. To keep -up wit!> tho flyers of big concerns continuous improvement of their machines—which must, of course, always be of the very best—Is necessary. What with the cost of the aeroplane, of running it, keeping It In good oondltion, salary ol mechanic and general expenses, the prizes the aviator gets become rather small by the time the expenses are deducted. The fact that prizes arc now given only to winners of contests makes the pros]>ect none too attrac tfce. Aviation does hold prizes foi ambitious young men, but very fpw of the kind Imagined by tho outside public. In fact, there Is a slough ol despond awaiting the unwary whc venture into aviation with no othei intention thnn to make money quick iy.—MetroiMjIiian Magazine. (Ry th<! Associated Prcs.s) Chicago. Dec. 13.—Radically diminished receipts put wheat up. Opening was >4 lower to ^,4 up. May started 37% to %,.>4 to \4 off and then rose to 9S@>i. Close—Dec. 93>/i; .May 97% @;s: July §^-78: CORN—Easy. May opened unchanged to a shade lower at t!3 >4 (ff% to ^ rallied to 63=i. Close—Dec. 63; May CS^i; July 63%0"8. OATS—Easy. .May started l-16th to down at 49 to rose to i ,4C'%- Close—Dec. 47& I H; .May 4U',si5',i: July 4616® 14- Provisions were firm. PORK—.Ian. $ir.,6.-.; May $10.07Vj.- LARD—Jan. $9.07>A; May $9.o5. Chicago Livestock. Chicago Dec. i;;.—CATTLE, receipts 31000. Ten to twenty cents lower. Beeve.s $4 .ri ."):it S.90; atockcrs and feeders $3.10{?i5.C0; cows and heifers $$1.90(56.1.5. HOGS—Receipts 3.">,000. Strady to five cents lower. Lights $.".4.- T M;.1 ); mixed $5.7.">@6.2.'); heavy $5.S5(J/ rough $o.S5@6.00; pigs $3.7r.(g5.40. St Louis Grain. St Louis, Dec. 13.—\V1IE.\T, close Deo. 93'A; .May 98. COn.V—Dec. G5',£; May 64 \4- OATS—Dec. 4S'i; May 49Vi. CLALILS THAT SIIK W.VS S(HJ> Foil $I.VIO. i « St. Louis. Di'f. I:!.—Tent gypsips who lead a roving ur.- and lioii^ gypsies who have sr-it!(.:l down iu c1tie.>^ dashed WodnosiL.y at jiolice headquarters and in tlu- jiivciii!*- court pvt'r posscst:io!i of .Maiy (li'drgc, 15 FOUND GOLD IN CALIFORNIA Pennsylvania Man Was First to Discover Yellow Metal In Golden Gate State. \ CJEORDE \, St. Lonls Livestock. St Louis, Doc. 13.—CATTLE i ceipts 4 000. Steady. Native stppia $4.75® 9.?5; cows and heifers $3.75;?p 7.00; Ftockers and feeders $3.2.'.'fi ."..2.5. HOGS—Receipts 9 5U0. Steady. Pii,-B and lishts $4.50(5 ft^Ki; packers $5.35 @6.20; butchers $$.55@6.45. Ii'^ City Grain. Kansas City, Dec. 13.—WHE.\T. re- ceii)ts, 38 cars. Cash wheat unchanged to '/ic up. Xo. 2 hard. 97'i71.03; .Vo. 3, 95(ffl.u2; No. 2 red ,94(5'i; -Vo. 3. 92'f7 92%. Close—Dec. 95',i; May 9SVJ. COIiN—^Unchanged. No. 2 mixed C1@G2; No. 3 58»i; No. 2 white, 61f) 62; No. 3, 5S»i.fp%. Close—Dec. 03% (gi%; May 63%; July 63-?^. OATS—Steady. No. 2 white 49@ %; No. 2 mixed 47M:®48. BYE—93fi94c per bushel. H.\Y—Weak. Choice timothy $19.50 -320.00: choice prairie $13.25fi'13.50. BROOM COR.\—$75/?ll50 per ton. KansiLS City Livestock. Kansas City, Dec. 13.—CATTLE, receipts 7,000. Steady to ten cents lower. Native steers $5.25(^9.25; cows and heifers $2.75^5 7.25; stockers and feeders $4.00(5 6.00; hulls $3.50^5.00; calves $4.50@8.00. HOGS—Receipts 17,000. Steady to five cents lower; heavy $6.15(56.20; packer.'^ and butchers $G.OO(fJ 6.15; lights $5.65@6.03. Ancient and Modem Sailors. In a group around a motion picture signboard near the Tribune buildln.c were two "jacltlcs" from the fleet In he Hudson, who wore about to move on when an old laaa took the arm ot one and delivered a short talk whicti dlrerted attention from the Ilt'.io f^raphs and from the venders. "I're an old sailor," he said. "I was In the service before you were born. I was on a Mississippi gunboat, twice around the Horn on a sailer, down to Good Hope on another from Liverpool anf to Australia from 'Frisco. Never os a steamer except the gunboat Wt were sailors though," with the empha sis on the "sailors." "You boys are day laborers." "Guess that is right, pop," said one of the men. "but we're the kind they want now," and they linked arms and walked away, leavln:^ the old man to tell how they "couldn't tie a knot" and do many things which oame In the sailor's line "in the old times."—New York Tribune. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City Dec. 13.—BUTTER— Creamery 35c; firsts 33; seconds 31; packing stock 20',«. EGOS—Extras 33c; firsts 31; seconds 17. years old, a KVIL-^V nlli'««'d to have hci'n kiiicapprd iiy .\iiilri-\v Stiven:;' band ol" tint •. Imi rcr whom St.^vciis (li'clari-il he hwA paid Jhe girl's iiioilit'r $1 5'MI. 'I'ln- sirl was given to I'lr iiiothi-r am! will li.- lakcn lo C';icai;o to li\t' in a lioiiso all ii3vlii;i livi li fi.r thri.- ii ri;tlis iu tent at Tauiin and \\i.-<- avoiii'i's. Tho Guo'VKis all doii...! li; ving ro- ' dveil money for tiu- girl. Shi- said -Ue was co ;niH-ni -\l \i> no t-vry >Iiy and tell forluiii's n ^ir! lii it if she brought back loss t!i:iii-?!'i ai uitjlit she v.a.s beaten ainl -••iit (••il without any siipp"!-. She (liilar-^a yhP wantod to go back to Cliicauo. .Fudge Taylor awarded lior cti-=tf.<!.v to her mother. Cured In Her Outi i!ome Town. Wichita Ka.^. .Mrs, C. L. Grounds, tell;; the wnv for lior r.-llow townsmen to be cured of tluir kiiln'-y and l)!?.d- der ailments, as i^V.c. was cured. "Some time DKo I suffovrd witii Kidniy trouble. 1 had a severe pain in my back and side and when I laid down it .seemed as if I could not stvaii^hten up. Mother told me cond r'-.'^ulis my father was getting from Foley Kidni y Pills so I went lo tho druv: store and got some and ci inmcncrd takin .i; them I began to .iret l)etter very soon, and now after taking iv.o bottles the pain has left my back and side, and I am cured of all my kidney ttor.Vie." J. D. Mundis & Co. i "It Is not generally known." sajid a mineralogist "that the discoverer of gold In California was a Pennsylvahian and at one time a resl- dcjnt of California. This distinguished pioneer lies buried In the soil of this state, almost forgotten. He was Gen. John A. Sutter, a Swiss, who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1S34 and became a citizen of this commonwealth. His grave Is In the Mennonite burying grounds at LItltz, Lancaster county! in which village he spent the last ; yenrs ot his life. General Sutter was born In 1S03 in Baden, Germany, near the borders of Switzerland. Upon his arj -ivaL in this country he spent some time in this city, subsequently removing to the vicinity of Lititz, where. In the midst of relatives, he engaged in farming. Possessed of a roving nature, however, it was not long be- foi|e he yearned to explore the gr»»at un uiown land beyond the Rockies. Af or many privations he reached Callfomla some time in tho early '40s 'an 1 staked a claim. It was in the fall of '4S, after a heavy rain, that, attracted by yellowish deposits in a small stream, he made his great dis- ;COTery of the precious metal. The nej \-s of his find,spread rapidly, and tho following spring the great rush from the east began. General Sutter amlassed a considerable fortiin through his gold diggings, but lost most of it through unfortunate specu You can learn (o play any piece of music ever written in one hour on ihe / KRELL Auto-Grand PIANO ml ^^•e will sl'.ovv you. Vi !• larry M'e laiiji-st sioi-k of line I'j:'.iii>< and I'lny-: I'iinos in ihe state (if K:'.li;-:;s :i liitiad statcliieat. Ij'it it i;; (i-i..-: . Sj <fi:il llamains for CliriNtmiis 9 Co. c lOLA, KANSAS Keen Kutter Pocket Knives liny naiits i;(i|lii!itr liiore than a %'(i;id kiiiii'. I aok over oisr a>--<>r(:ii:'nl. Brigham Hardware Co. Watch Your Coal Bill !! lat ons. He returned to Pennsylvania in il871 and spoilt his declining years In Irefirement, living on the pension of ^250 a month voted him by the Cal Ifornla legislature. He died June IS 1§S,0. Two of bis pallbearers were Gens. John C. Fremont and Ambrose E. Burnslde. who had been his friends in 'California.—Philadelphia Press. Marriage at Fifty. : An interesting and unusual estimate of |the proper age for. matrimony is that advanced by Mrs. Vivian, head anc^ founder of the National Society of [ho| Daughters of California. The happiest and most successful marriages, She sf 50 and the woman of 35. At that Sge has says, are"fhoso between the mun of discretion, she claims, the male become more mellow and tolerant as iell as more solvent. On the other ^and she intimates that a girl of 20 is much harder to get along with than lo get along without, and that there ought to be. laws prohibiting people marrying before they are 30 years old •rSiiccess Magazine. mo, ^ve monej^l Dii your trip^ Southwest by taking Cheap fares No Doubt About That "Come along downtown with Mattel." "But I have no money with me "What's the difference? Two can ahoji as cheaply as one." 100 rii- Tojieka Slate Jojirnnl is »h( lirst ind only iiewspiiper in .\ni<'rica (o^ruu a pace in colors every day. I'oi^nliir and exclu.-^ive fea!iin'h Wanted to Have It Done With. Emily Gordon Baird Is tho name of this young lady 'whose people are sum-' advantage of the merlng at Rldgevllle. near Elyrla. Her j ]°y '""ifr'T- 5 four-year-old curiosity impels her to, t'"'5"**' , " ? close approach to the family ^^'ashtub i ;;,3''via tuLty. for a more Intimate acquaintance with i _,, _ _ the soap bubbles as they swirl about j ^^f^'ifc^,: "^trlll the edges. In consequence she re*' quires a frequent change of garments to keepTier dry. "Emily." said her mother last Monday, "If you get your dress wet again I shall punish you severely. Do yoa understand?" "Yes, mother," replied the lady. Nevertheless her curiosity overcame her training and in half an hour she needed a dry dress to keep her from taking cold. "Do you remember what I told'you a little while ago?" asked the mother. "Do you remember I told you I'd have to pimlsh you if you didn't mind?" "WeU, mother," said the litUe rebel, "come on and do it, and let's have it over >rlth." MKTi young —This is the last week for free trial package of Conkey's Laying Tonid and Big Poultrr Boot Call at Morris & Howard. make mott. Your oiiiKn-.unity !» In tile SlMltllMl•^t BCtl, rlniiate mill tml'i- rr.l loiiilHlon* are nil tnvoralilc. It In not sn uiii-nmmnn iMiic ft'tafarnu-riiiok!:!- h*>iiiu «r IVxa.-* to Pay tux hU furm !n line year. TliU C'luM only I'*; duijL whciciaud s ^.1 makej 'a lid ' and hitmc |of tliij Days Trial Order $1.0G it one of the nu«t Interestliisr ntertainlnir dailies inihlixhed, f interest in oi'lires; stores and i of cverj- sM -liuii of Kan-as and country. ; Topeka Daily State .Tourna! Th< State .laiiriial is now iirlntini; irliut are trenernliv ronvidercd ( I K lM':if iViitures, liestH-nrtoons and best I i-oiiiic paKi's available, iiieludlng thi' I,. ;,,rtii(.' luinifil Hde .MrCutchefin, the irresist- nii.i in- ili^-LUult and Jeff, the britflil, nitty and \ popniiir Daffodils, the funny tloldii.Tg, tlie wholesome and "side- burstjnc" Lena undt J.oni, and the eu- .loj'nbli' .Samho, etc., and the verj hest letjin r woman read it and see. House. ; Texan ami ^c•e ! hold llepurtiMcnt liy -Wiirloii Ilarland, rjirrier 10 cents a HI-OK: by i'i.M a year. Think of it: etii- ii..ivi.': cnni.i lil(t • a II 'I vric-jn ' COml. _ I NMwi*.thctimc ' toinak • a trill lo OklulioTiiu rtr , A5lr your local ai;i<nC ti'i-vli you By iiiiill TEXAS nut fini freetoakt on South wcHt oiipnr- tiuiltics. WriCf tn<Iay. W.S.SI.CEOKGE, C. P. A., «. C. * T. «T, 100- driys. ; -or ?j!V '''»'a?re « "!•)." Why not s«;nd it as 'I vou wa!i't to BO 111 Glirfstnias present as a' daily letter I houthwi-tanrt 1 1 irom flopeku and Kansas to irlends ! will i*an your ; ^i,,p„il,.p,. .rull iu(orinuli>'ii ot this paper, aftarh y.M.r ToHn whc'diiii.itc. . cheek or a dollar hill, and mail it— .L'^i'J i the St itc Jonmal will do the rcst^'or Wrlic the name and address on the jlOp Days Trial Order $1.00 For r>Q<t Kan.-^as Lump and Anthracite Arkansas Semi- lola Ice, Cold Storage and Ftiel Co. S STAPLE GOODS that maKe fiandsome Presents COLE HARDWARE ii Sorpc tinu- afro a Uc .s ;i .-.ter r"i 'Oiter '•t a.-; was told, the hrsl man lie cvrr ?a\v wiio was born in .Mi.~.'::s..;- ippi. The otIi(>r d;i.v he inrt anufhor .•:;.f )uthc :ner a residi>nt of Waco. Tfx:is. Tlii .s man rocallpd all tho lras ;"dy of W". C nrann. tiif> brilliant but nii?- Uri'rtcrl journalist oi" Waco who won fanip ami u violfni death with liis pfii. I 'lrar .n lost liis niontui tii'ancf whrol wh .-n a ilangiilcr wlumi ii>)pro\rd f-c;ii !SP ol' coiii |iany siv-kept c(>ii'' i'('(i .-uicido. lit- v .as ;hr.: down on -tn-.'t !)c (aiisf> of an altack on a w- malc coilei;p then? in wliii-ii sc'"!!!' o.-iiiilal (iPVt'loped. . I'olii'.-ni'n di:;'.;•-'(M! l\iin lo jail Nvli (>n> li» lUi'd. w', i-n imin"diut.' aid would li .ivf sav-<! 'MS lltV. prohalily. 'I'lio iiri'sidini,' Jiid ;:i'; ondiicTcii !;!> i ;a ,''"r and di li-ndi-d lii.'^ : . tni'ivory. and, atiai !>fd \>y two'" iroili .'is. inildis'i-r: oi' a ji ^'.iinal il'.it |pf"'lid( tlic atr.uki -.l c.dlr-i . Ti:" JlldKc w.i.c: tired iij .on liy tlie lirot!;.:'- in tlic iiuMic "-Miiiare. II'' k !Ii <'d i.ii", i Ills riciit a'-i !i was l.rokcn hy a .-liol i':'"'! :i conipan; AN ElECTRIC CHAFER -or an— ElECTRIC COFFEE PFRCOIATOR ..nion<i the most desirable gifts our up-to- date h.ousewives arecon- .sidtring. See these electrical specialties at ind ! lion. W .u'i, l.a,-^ i.'.-ued a now edi- unkiinv. 11 .'..'ive lor the from tii'^ fjt!"!- r^in;.' !;is I'-r; to iKdd liis 'miii. ho advanced ;.i ' H P ' I 'lann. tiai :.'dy. is a lovely, , thriving iidvaiK 'inp; i.ri)i!:.>r who.-e -iia l ^ad city of M,ri! or :;c.00ii. having one liicoLi.? choked and kell .d hini. The ' 22-^ lory huildini,' and many fine resl- iid-f w::i fe,:- M'i'd. nrann oc-.ii- j df-iK cs. Iliii the natives always hare pii -.-4 an.ii:-!- in\tr urave. I lis • widow I to tell st'anuers the story of the bril- recenrly .-old i-!.- plates of his liook.-i Han:, cai.-tie. ',!t!!i;;'ky flrann. Tkers is Only One Thaf Is LaxBtiva Bromo Quinine USED THE YtOttLO OVER TP DURE A GOLD IH OKE DAT. Always remember the full name. Look for thii signature on eyery box. 25c.

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