Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISIIgR. WEDNE^DJY EVENING/DEC. 13,1911. Magazine that: BWkcs Fa5t moro faNcknaUng than Fietion "WMmni M YOU CAN UNBHWr^O IT •"ProjrcM wbtcn you may bqfin i;eadin8 at any time, and which will bold yuur interest forever, ia running in Popular Mec|ianics / Magazine Are ywi leadinij it? Two,in8l!or.s of your neishbora aie.and it is the favorite maxazine in thousands orthe i>est American homes. It appeals to afl cfasses—old ana younc-men and women—those who know 9na those who want to know. SM MMCS BACH MONTH SOO nCTUim 30O Aim CUES OF WNCRAt UrfCNCST The '*Slx>p Notes" Dcpaitnint (20 pages) gives easy waya to do things—how to make useful articles lor home and shpp, repair*, etc "AnatmrMedbuacs" (IOpa»es)tFnshowto make Mission furniture, wireless outfit;, Iwats, engines, magic, and all the things a! boy loves, «t,SOKKVCAR. SINOU COftn U CUTS Axk TQor Nvm^Mlvr to abow yua oiM or wiiiTC po* ntnc SAMPLK xooAr POPULAR MECH/^CS CO. 330 W. WidOasioa St., CIUCXGO FOR HIS HONEY HOW IS T!iiS[OBJ!l!GD?i;.';, l'nt|i<iM<l lirUn l{<i;;d rroni Si-jitllc ildii-i .in T way if \;:r ;ri rj'iii.- i'.iiii i>\i <!:•. iO' v !;.:•.;..,! 1 y l-.' -i founiJ'.-r of 7 .in .j. .\T |! ;:• !:',L :>v.'iy i^ i.r.i'. niiiil ii; . foiivrli liiat p;i rt of Tovas to bo PIOSP I by tlic iirotiosod lil.^lnv;iy. It is ; pii.iicis* d to I 'ltor the hif;!i\vay into i'If,;!.-: (Vlornfli) near Tpxline. to 't' -'n' in a .-tixiiiilu line soiilli ilir(iii;;b ! !i.Mi.-;.>n to ihf Ciilf of .McxicD. ibir- j li-i ii '.'.nty. oV \yliirli Houston is tlip \._~, I'n'. 1"—A hisl;-; iiii'.nty M 'a; iiiiraiiy lias constrtiripii •! brii'k" tan;ii.4li iii.:iin-^ Inr iiart nf t u' roail, it beiuK ropie- :• ii-.aiili' (ri .in ^rcattU' i .-I 'nlcd in U>: .y of the 300 miles of <••:':• of .\!.\\f<<) is t;if i boiilpvaid--. !f:.«iini; from all jiarts of •.•..-•.•ni orsiani/.ation i t!" ooi;ntry to Houston. xrsiani/.ation • i) 1',:is!:;.ni» Wa'.lipr , In sun-ort of tlio Seatile-to-t!»o- .Mr. Walkor linlleve.s tlic higlnvay Nvili lip- b'lilt and iu oppraiion within ten years. LIYKK .\M) HOWELS C 'oriiicii 'olitan nia!;a-j<;u!f bifimvay uiovenipnt Mr. Wallcer . \v::s. •• Sir.'vo oi i w;•.••< !i sisow tin" af}iti\<; of trans, •ni.riaied Jin,-! iiortatinn by rail and :>;.• a>i!o; also-''"'"'"* Karliafrc- \ :.-b of li;f- ' 2L « Itilioiisnrss.'Ilfiiilnrlio, Sirk, Sour Stniitarii, Iiidlurrslion, ('oiitt'd Toiiiruc vr (<tii.>>t!|iii(iuii. Fiirrt'd torisue l)aJ taste. IndlRe.'- tioii. .<allow skin and miscraljlc head- a<-;ie.s conic from a torpid liver and cIoKK '"d Iwwels. which cause your stoina<Ii to become filb-d with undi- pestrd fD.-id, which .--oiir.-; and fer- in a .-^will barrel. in ;<r.:;;li is bcin :ifd .-(Hii'.1 d!' 11> n'. iT. .Mr. Wa";";-•• r. :<n;!y ii>:i (b con- .i ilie cost of railroad cnnstnicii'on at i th- firs Mtep to smtold misery— e cost of neim-i '"'''«P''">" f"-"' S"-"''^-.'.II rents per "tie and the cost of pciin an'nt vitri'"i;'d brick boulevard con- a trip .-trill :Min. Enjoy your avifoitv ^liy&mk I Every roa^d a. royal hi^wey To-day California has a superb system of oiled highways, costing millions. You can drive for hundreds of miles, swiftly, safely, comfortably. One of the many pleasures in this delightful land. A Santa Fe train will take you there. The only railroad under one management, Chicago to California. The only railroad to Grand Canyon of Arizona. Double-tracked half-way; block-signal safeguards all the way. Fred Harvey dining-car, dining-room and station-hotel service. The Oilifomia Limited—Kinj; o( the limiteds—exclusively for first, class travel—runs every day—sleeper for Grand Canyon. Santa Fe de-Luze—the only extra iare train, Chicago to LocTAn- gcles—once a iveek this winter—every travel luxury—saves ^^eral hours' time. CsUfomiji Fast Mmil—also the Los Angeles Express and San Francisco Express—tiirce daily trains—they carry standard Pullmans, tourist -•'leepers and chair cars—all classes of tickets boaored. bad breath .Vfliow skin mental fears, everything tliat is b.->rril)!e and nauseating. A Cascarei tonip'.it will give you a thor oi-i;ii cleansing in.-ide and stralRliton yoii out by mcrnin.!?. They work while you .-leep—a 1 it-cent box from your dru.-';;irf will keep .vou feelinp ;iood for iiKmths. Millions of nien anii wointn take a Cascarct now pnA then m Keep tl'.eir itomacii, liver and how- els repulatfd, and never know a miserable moment, llon't forsrt children—thrir litil,- insldcs need a K -'iod. gentle c'ean.sin.s? too. STOXY I'oixrr. Dec. 11.—Quite a larg^ njimber attended the box Bupi )er at Gr^nt school house Friday night ;iud the bo.xes sold well. Mrs. Wallace Hail visitcdj Mrs. No Ian Monday. Mr. S. D. BrandeiiburR SQld a team of horses to a horse buv.jr of R'dfield A big rain visiti d lhi> j neighborhood Saturday that ratted (the river. Mrs. Uoy Grier spent Sunday after church with Jlr. ("laud Hatililton. Masr»'r Austin McFarlc.r 'i! has been qtiilp slok but was iib'.v jio go to school Slonday. - J Mrs. Klla Ilroujrbton and dav .ghter lla visited Mrs. .lohn HroUKlUnn on Tliursday. J Mr. George FTeckeiilialjlejspent Sun day at Mr. Km. ry fironchfon's. Mr. W. T. Hall helped" hiS s<on Wallace butcher Monday. ; j Mr. Ir.'land and l.loyri tlrbison an both in Parsona haviii>; iilidr eyes treated. ' .Mr. .Tess Hamilton and fatnily r,pei:i Sunday- at the parental Uroughlon homo. The T.adies Aid In Bronson did very well at their bazaar oil l.')ec. Plh spite of the continuous rain. They look In JRi;. Kmery Hrouphton and G<'orge Heck enliable' made their at^nuiil vf.sit to lola last week to pay their taxes. .MriS. Heekenliable has liot been so well of late. j Mrs. Weltliy. Kilznitllef returned from her mother's last week leavin.n her mother somewhat r improved. liTSter >my has quit w'ork at Mc- I-iughlina ' S. n. Drandenburg is putting a concrete floor In his hog 'house. There was quite a hatl affray occurred north of Stony-Point last Frl- d.ay. As Hob ReamaTi Was coming from Pronson he met Robert and Gussie Booth and some wjords passed between them. When Robert .nnd Rot jumped out and cdranjen^ed fighting. Hob was getting the bott^-r of Robert and Gussie jumped t/utjand helped his brother out. The two about did Peaman up. The bj-oke one bone in his wrist, two ribs aridj bruised him iiT> considerable about the head and face. In the meantime Beaman's horse ran olT and torp his buggy and harness up. After Bcanian got over his stunned condition ha got up and walked OTIC and one-halfi miles to his . mother's where Pr. HJiwell was called the! 'in<l dressed his wounds. He was removed to his home Suiiday evening and is in a critical condition. Say which train you pida. Will mail bootlcts. W. E. RAT,STON AUKNT Saniafe .Vnolher View of Hlllv Sunday. (K. K. Kelley, Toronto Republican.) I have long Iooke<I upon fJillv Sunday as a serisaiionj '.iist who is out after the mopey. I.a.ot Sunday I went in Wichita and heard him preach in the afiiernoon and evening. 1 have r.'versed my opinion. The afternoon sermon v .-;js to men only, and of course upon the social evi!. The tabernaelo housed snme- ilili;;: like nine Ihous.-^nd nieji of aJ) and all stations of lif.-. If was the most incl.^lve arralgii- nient of the double standard of nior- alltv I )iav • ever heard. Much of I' would be unprintable. Hut Hilly Sunday ralk<d facts In Anglo-Saxon. There was no mlaiinderstandliig the inciniiig of what he .said. He sab' things all men Hhould )ie:ir and heed And he had bn aMilcs.i. ali.ntion and ri^oelved round after round of applause. 1 had held the Idea, reading what he said, that he was an epolist. a riv ligfous montebank, a grafter In th. guise of a riiri.stian. He Is none of . them. I had the idea that his voice •is of hypnotic smoothness. It Is not His voice is a [n'ealiar treble, almost ilisagr .'oable to the ear. Hut it rings true. What he p:'ys "offaj -es thought r,f the man You frirget him. You ari' int .Test 'd In what he s .iys. III- is not li 'i .-ind 'u his talk or tone. H" is a r.'ligious .Toe Cannon. He f.iys homely tnifhs In a homi-ly w-ay 'riiid he occasion iMy trails n!T into an eloquent prri!)d ai'.d the tlionelit and word-« have about tli'-m -i tcueh of 1 rrniseendent splritualii .v. Hut ilip religion be t -'ai -h'S is not _ that of stained gla.^;.'! winilows^a-vl ' eroin.'d arphe« and the solemn puls- iiie of tl'.e pi'>e ort.Tn. U i^ the gospel ;iri <f Iair"'d by 'he Salv.iiion Arm.v —Look to -lesup. It is a plea for that whit !i makes haiipy homes and clean livi and wii'> iisr-fulncsa: 'i.^Ip th.' fiitinn, <!c^r ihe sick asid lead th' blind. So far us T :nn concprii'-d. if RilH , Suniiav is otit ;ifter monev, h<- i.=; wel- (oonie to all tliat tomes his way. II< is entitled to it. World 's fhiiuiei'.- -tsicV .loln -oa U nn the .\.tlanf!.- l .i .i [.'d fop rhlra.c" v.l:prp I 'p ?avs lie'.i euKage In liiisl- ne .<:s. i- rii :ii'>;: hoiee hp '-au.'-f Ul< V.' i;.' •>>!,'.> is ri, 1; .Ir.hnson now welirfis over i>oiii)i ''J ;iiid dee'nref thrti he has reflied yr-nnanently from •'.•o |ii ?.i!lsMc TlnfT. ~C% Monry. !(. M.^aniilnirliuin. TO THE PFBiir. If cough syrups WQUhi cure coughs every time, it would notlbe necessary for us to print this vinfbnnation but there are so many casis of chronic brpnchiti.s in town tha,t have hung on for iiionth.s and year^' we feel that we must tell what wc know about it It is a iiosltivc fact that the only right way to treat & cough Is to use a remedy that acts oji the blood, such as Vinoi our deHcfoiis cod liver and iron preparation wltj'.oijt oil. This makes tho b!c)od[ric;i and pure so It can hral and .strengthen the Inflamed bronchial Huljes,! Its Uista Is • o tdea:;:nt tha' even children like It. Mrx .oiMla Parhnni, |KnBt Hurhani, N' C. says "I used Vln<'l f'"" a cough whl '-'.i had liiKte <I two years and It gave M;.' perfect satisfaction. 1 am also p'^itig It to a.-deilcale child to strenstlicn her. She Vvlll not ta'<" any other meillcjne- bijt. VInid Is so pleasant slie cries foi it and it is bciiefiiiiig her very,mi <h." Heiiicmber If VinoI ilocs not h.-'lp you it ro-t.s yon nothliig. S. R. Hur- relf, Driiggi .'-f. lola Ka ^R, —Frril Howden, Plionc Tsfi. Period Decorator. Socialism "Shall the Tilings We USE in Common be OWNED in Common?" ClMJ^PIGflT I LYONS OFFICKKS <«.\VI.XCi;i> FOK-'' aiEii ioL.\ .y.'.s WAS SL.VI.X. 1 Will. Siiiilh, Whose Kudy WHK Foiiuii in Atiiii's uf Straw StncK, iiutl mi Wlii'U Lust K<>eu. Chief of Police L. E. Coffleld has received u copy of the Little River (Kas.) Monitor, conttUnivg an account of the llQding of a body, believed oe that of Wlliiam Smith, who for inerly lived in this city, in the ashes of a straw stack on the larui of Bert Hanks, east of Sterling, Kansas. The paper was obtained through C. H. Cas singham, a conductor on the lola' Electric railway, whose hc?ii'j is Little River. According to The Monitor, the Ric County officers are satisfied wah tiie identiiication of the corpse as William Smith and are convinced that he. was robbed, slain ant^ the body burned in order to hide th^ crime. Despite the assertion of the Rice County authon lies that they are positive that Smith' parents or relatives live in lola or vicinity, the police and sheriff's office have be"n unable to discover any clev to them. The search is being pur sited as vigorously as possible and it is hoped to so thoroughly look up all the Siuiths in, this vicinity within tlu' next few days' that It may be possible 'o determine po.<;itively whether the dead man ever lived here or has any relatives In this coni^unity. Describing the crime. The Little River Monitor says: Joe Shank of r ..ltfle River who went to Sterling Saturday afternoon to view the remains of the dead body foiinjUin the burned straw^ stack on the Bert Shanks farm east of Sterling .Vovember 2Sth )ia& identified the ar- tides found on the body as similar to those carried by William Smith, the iiian who formerly worked for him The bits of clothing were of the kind worn by Smllii, and it was his habit to wear two pairs of trousers, sweater etc., corresponding to that found on the boil.v. A significant Item and irciiuistnnce which gives strong I'dlor to the theory that the body was I'nl of Smith Is the testlmon.v of .Mr. .Sinnk that .Smith was cojitiniiall.v taking ni(-dlcipe iuid carried around with hini n small bottle .ind spoon, similar bottle and spoon was found with the body. The dead man had false teeth, as evidenced l.y the fact that they had been melted from the plates and were found loose. Smith, sccorrting to Mr. Shank, had only four fa'se teetli, but he had declared, that he Intended to go to a dentist and '!nv'. Ills teeih removed and replaced with artificial ones. William Smith who v.-orked off and nn Joe Shank near Little River, for the past three years was last seen Mr. Shank on court house dedication da.v, Qctoter 12. He left a team of hor-^es. a wagon, his trunk and oth- r personal effects at the Shank place and drove off that day with a large lu" roan horse H years old, with cut m front font, hitched to a buggy, lie .•stated that he was going northeast to huck corn and would return later. \t that time he had about J2.'.0 in money on hi.s person. That Is the ast that Mr. Shank or any one around Little River has seen of the man. Smith was a man about six feet in height between 4.'> and 50 years old and wore glasses in steel frame. He had a small cancer on his face. He had gray hair and was smooth shaven- Nothing besides Mr. Shank's account of Smith's dlsaQjDiearance has developed since Saturday, and the authorities are anxious to learn further of Smith's w-hereabouts after October 12th. Sheriff Burfield and County .Attorney Stahl went to Sterling this morning, and after consulta- ion with Coroner Trueheart, It was decided to postpone the inquest another week, in the hope of finding something further about the movements of William Smith, or to discover any other clue that might throw light, ou the Inquiry. If the charred corpse found at the burned straw stack was that of William Smith, there is little doubt but hat he was killed and robhed and the body placed at the .«traw stack which' was <;"]iberately set afire b.v the murderer to conceal his crime and the lentlty of hl.< victim. The crushed kull lends reii.=onable color to the murder theory and tlie condition of he hotly moves that It was there bftt «hnr! l!me. If a crime was com- mittril .1: wax i'''''''alily <Ione 'el..:e- lier." ii'id the.body carried or !iaiiled o the placf c.f cremation. i On.' of the Lyceuiiij ivscJiiatlves f.f ^h^1 i-ialist Party wUl ci;ili-m, at the ; Bureau Rep- .N.alional So- |sp.-ak on So- Masonic Building:, lola | THURS., DE I'.riiig somobo»ly with you (o !i. .ir tiie :-pealver Tiiis i.ieet- ivA i> preiiMiinaiy to n great educational <aiMp;iiKn i.nvolving thousands of ipei-ch'-.s and the ciri-nl'.'llon of .'h«iidreils of car loids of Socialist U<erafure. I.ISTKN! READ: THI.N'K!. 14, 7:30 I Look Again at the Date | vst I'or Istlima. ftitiirrh. llrnnchitlK. Why need anyon." suffer from any hri)at or no-e troubles wl.'cn .soothing liPLiliu?;/!!VO.Mr.l Is guaranteed to >an!sh all aiis.'ry t.r i-oney back. "Tlie under.-i'xned herewith recom- urnds IIYO.MKI to all who are af- licfed with a^:hn>a. catarrh, or bronchitis. HVO.MEI was lused by my wile for broadiitiis and;asthma and I lised it for bronchitis and sore throat. IT .<:ven relief and permanen' resu'.'- and I write these few line- for tiie beatfit of all wJ:o are afflicted with the ailmcnt.-i -named above." Tl'.rodore Hoehlan Traffic .Manage: of tln» Concordia Publishing House. Ci.r. .leffer.-on .\ve. and Miami St., Concoidia Kas.. -Ian. 2nd, 1911. C. i?. Spenc-r «: Co., and druggists everywhere sell Hyoiii'>i. A complete outfit in; hiding in!iaier costs Jl.OO. Kx- ira bottles If needed -"0 cents, -lust .1.1 eat he it. YeslerdaTN tood Work. The ladies of the .\.<sociate<l Chari" tip< ask the Register to express their very grateful thanks for the gener- osudonatlons which the.v received yesterday. Although the entire town was not reached by the wagons, .sTill a grert many loads of goods—furniture clothing, food and many other things—were received and will bo [iromptlj- distributed where tUey will do the rhcst good. In addition to the g.-iods contributed the cash brought in amounted to J.vj.iu. (W this gniount the single contributlo^i—reniemberlng the story of the widow's .mite—was a five- cent piece brought'Out of one of the Do~your Christmas shopping tomorrow. Overcoats, Suits, Hats, Shoes, Shirts, Ties, t Tie Sets, Suspenders, Bath Robes, 'Gloves, Umbrellas, Suit Cases and Ba^s, Silk Sox—Everything j'ou want. Come Toniorrow! Barclay-Shields OO.CQ. "THE HOUSE OP QUALITY.' Christmas Kitchen Ware It might seem a-little queer but there are a great many pieces of Kitchen Ware given as Christmas presents. Really they are very appropriate iVesents as every one expects the cook- to put forth extra effort on that occasion. Christmas Stoves: Good Stoves produce good cheer. We have all sorts — Heaters, Cook Stoves and Ranges, for both gas and coal. Also COMBINATION Heaters and Ranges. The lola Furniture Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE A. W. BECK, Prop. CO A L! Best Lump Coal delivered anywhere It^ the cily. Feed \ Bran .Shorfs Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds —lOO Ibper sack—guaranteed weights. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Plour =-.To Dealers ONLY Newtom f/3J^;5ig'a Elevator Co. Phone 157 Wi^Hs P^reau, Agent Game and Poultry For Christmas you' find here in great plenty —if yuu come early, enough. •Opeii" »vt .ather has made good. tu:-k(.ys .-^irft-f-A.-; but early cottiers will tind their needs sup- I>!ied—turkeys, chickpns, ducks, . gf.'.He. eir. .Meats of every d&r ' sirable kiad—beef, mutton, pork atid vfil. We are prepared for Christmas ca.-riug in the meat line. OYTO HIW2£ Phone 291 poorest hoii e.s in town by an old lady' wnu 'd like to contribute if they wi who "hadhT imythiiig elrij to give." j tar: up 'phone 341. or the W. C. T. 1 For, all I'll y did r^t-l in of Ihelr abun-j Re-t Room, a messenger will be sei dance; l.uT. .-he cf her want, did castir.;r their gift. in ail that she had." ! , The i.idlH.s n:k t'l I'.'::i-fer to say j also lh:!i v: ai.v . . .n i::! -cil who! —Dr, ^Ir .WilVn. Pliniies.-S2 and SS3

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