Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 22, 1969 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1969
Page 9
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By NADINE ALLISON SOCIETY EDITOR i Good meals should be well icockcd. attractive to the eye, suited to the family pocketbook and one that will not keep the homemaker in the kitchen all day. They also should be well balanced as to food value, in order to keep the family fit. * It is by no means a simple matter to keep all these things Tn mind when preparing meals day after day, week after week. It is so easy to get into a cut. by preparing ^almost the Same dishes each week. It • is a good idea to try new recipes. If your family does nol like a particular one. . . just throw the recipe into the waste basket. . . tell your family you won't use that one again and |ook for a different version. It is surprising how many good Elishes you learn to make by -just trying something different. * At this time of year hot breads goes so well on a cold day. The aroma will fill the household and really ?.dd to' ©nes appetite. Here is a good Jpne to try. RAISIN CASSEROLE BREAD ." 4U to 4% cups unsifted flour, i. One-half cup sugar. " 1 teaspoon salt. „ 2 packages active dry yeast. " 1 cup milk . One half cup. water. - One -half stick margarine. I 1 egg (at roorn temperature) * 1 cup seedless raisins. In a large bowl thoroughly mix one and one-half cups flour, sugar, salt and undissol­ ved yeast. * Combine milk, water and margarine in sausepan. Heat over low heat until liquids are warm. (Margarine does need to melt). Gradually ; add dry ingredients and beat two minutes at medium speed of electric mixer, Scraping bowl occasionally. Add egg and 1 cup flour, or enough flour to make a thick batter. Beat at high speed two' minutes, scraping bowl occasionally. Stir l'n enough additional flour to make a stiff batter. Cover; let ! rise in a warm place, free from draft, until doubles in bulk, ,about 1 hour. Stir batter down. Beat in raisins, about one- half minute. Turn into two greased one-quart Casseroles. Bake in moderate oven 350 degrees for about 40 to"45 minutes, or until : done. Remove from casseroles | and cool on wire rack, i -o- -c- -o- ' | Tests show that it costs less - to open a refrigerator door a j few times for longer periods that it does to open it often for shorter periods. . . Before discarding that old pincushion, tear it apart. You'll be surprised at the needles inside. . . Store split brown paper bags in a handy place in the kitchen. They're handy when you want to drain the grease from fat- friend foods. Before discarding an old garment remove the snaps, immediately fasten them together over a sheet of ordinary writing paper, and place them in your sewing basket. Then, when you need snaps to sew on a new garment, you will have them at your fingertips. -o- -o- -o- Coleslaw makes a fine accompaniment dish for 'many a meal. Here's a tempting variation you'll want to try soon. .. . ...SOUR CREAM SLAW 1 and Ys quarts of cabbage (shredded fine). % cup diced celery. 1 cup dairy sour cream. 2 tablespoons vinegar. V2 teaspoon salt. 1 tablespoon minced onion . 1 tablespoon sugar. ' • A few grains of cayenne. Mix the cabbage and celery j in- a large mixing bowl. Blend | rest of ingredients and pour over cabbage. Toss lightly. This recipe makes 8 servings, -o- -o- -o- Ciosing thought — Sleep is conducive to beauty. Eveii vel- j vet looks worn when it loses J ITS NAP. ' I l-B WEDNESDAY, JAN'GARY 22, lf)69 Mt. V. Gir! To Participate In National Seminar MISS GLENDA SUE BRADDY Reverend and Mrs. Otis Bradcly 01 Bonnie are i announcing the engagement of their daughter, Glenda j Sue, to Guy Charles Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray j C. Rogers, of Bonnie. \ The bride-elect is a 1.96S graduate of Mt. Vernon | high school. The prospective bridegroom is a LUGS graduate of Mt. Vernon high school and a student at Rend Lake Junior College. Wedding plans are incomplete. Eight Area Girls Are Honored By The D.A.R. Mt. V. Students On Dean's List Two Mt. Vernon students, Ernest Joe Meador and John Calvin Wall, have qualified for the pean's list for the fall quarter at Southern Illinois University's Edwardsyille campus. To qualify for the Dean's List a student must maintain a grade point average of 4.25 or better. B is equivalent to a 4.0, A to a 5.0 , CHOOSE COLORS I CAREFULLY How do you choose the color of your clothes? To follow the fashion trends too closely is not always wise. A color that's right i for someone else may not be right for you. Choose shades that are most becoming to your own hair and complexion. Test your color-type of tucking fabrics of assorted hues under your chin (in the daylight). Slay with the ones that are mo** flattering. Socially Yours By NADINE Mrs. Edward Wheeler and son Michael Lee' returned to their home in Orswell, New Mexico, Tuesday after an extended visit with relatives _ in Mt. Vernon. They were accompanied to Lambert Airport by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Lee. Mr. Wheeler had driven home from Mt. Vernon earlier. CHECK YOUR SMILE No .matter how perfect your teeth may be, the beauty of your smile can easily be marred by traces of lipstick or (horrors) , food. Make it a habit to quickly I and discreetly check after eat- \ ing or applying fresh lipstick. ' (Pictures 011 Page 7-A) Eight area high school girls have been presented the Good Citizen Award by Joel Pace Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Award pins will be presented at the annual D.A.R. tea to be held in February. The winners will compete state- wide for scholarship awards. Qualifications of each girl, on which the awards were based, are: KATHLEEN KENNEY, a student at Mt. Vernon high school who has served as Hi-Tri president, vice president of the Junior class, a member of the hi - Tri Council, Yearbook classes-editor, library and English assistant. She was a prom and homecoming attendant and participated in the variety show and operetta. VIOLA MAE CROSS, a senior at Dahlgren high school who has served as a member of the Bulldog Yearbook staff and the staff of the Bulldog newspaper. CARLA HART, a Waltonville high school student who has served 1 as editor of the yearbook, on McCalls fashion board, as a member, and officer of F.H.A. as a Beta Club member, and as a cheerleader. She was on the honor roll and was in the senior class play. Sherry Wilson, an honor roll student at Webber high school, Bluford, who has served as president of F.H.A., secretary of the Student Council, a cheerleader, and a member of the yearbook and newspaper staff. KAREN ODOM, an Honor So- ciet student at Benton high school who has. served as president of Hi- Tri, secretary of State Hi-Tri, secretary of the senior class, vice president of F.H.A., senior homecoming attendant, yearbook staff and member of history and speech clubs. SALLY KIRKPATRICK, a Tamaroa high school student who has served a as editor-in-chief of the newspaper, assistant editor of- the yearbook, vice president of F.H.A., and a member of the Pep Club and Queen's Court. She participated in the. junior- senior play. JO ALICE HAHN. a, Woodlawn high school' honor-roll student who has served as editor of the school paper, president of F.H.A., secretary of the junior class, member of the Student Council, and a member of McCalls Fashion Board. She was in the junior school play and has been active in 4-H four years. JANET CROCKER, an Honor Society student at Sesser high school who served as a member of the Studet Council, vice president of the junior class, alternate to Girls State, treasurer of the senior class, secretary- treasurer of the pep club and member of the Spanish Club. She participated in the quad state music festival. rJ Boyd Sunshine Club On January 16 Ruth Ann C?pe- land was hostess to the Boyd Sunshine Club with a noon luncheon at. her home . After the delicious meal the meeting was called to order by the new president, Jackie Ferguson. Elinor Lockwood gave the secretary treasurer report, and 14 members answered roll call with a place in the world they would most like to visit. Flora Copple and Feme Owens were welcomed as new members. Mrs. Gladys Timmons and Mrs. Eppie Franke were guests. "My Prayer" was read by Ruth Ann Copeland, and enjoyed by all. Fleta High, being the only charter member, gave an interesting report on how the club was organized by Jo Ann Copple and Mrs. High some 24 years j ago. : There have been as many as I 25 members, and as low as 8 j members. Bazaars and auctions were given through the years, as well as rummage sales to help raise money. Edna Douthit, Vickie Kluiboc- kcr and Flora Copple received gifts from their secret pals: Games wore played with prizes for all. The next meeting will be at the home of Jewel Barr on Feb. 20 for a noon luncheon. It was decided to bring a SI.00 Valentine gift for their secret pal. Visitors are always welcome. HI- -O- -O- Nav.v Mothers' Club The Charles W. Cain Navy Mother's club will meet Thursday evening, January 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Recreation Center at the housing project. All members arc urged to be present. Visitors are welcome. Refreshments will be served. -o- -o- -o- Fielcl P.T.A. The P.T.A. of Field Consolidated School will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, January 2:!. Poems, music and plays will be presented by pupils from kindergarten through the fourth grade. Mothers are asked to bring cookies. Miriti Lincicome of No. 7 Turner Drive, Mt. Vernon, will participate in a Uniied Nations- Washinnton Seminar beginning on January .'11. through February 8. This Seminar is sponsored by the United Methodist Youth of the Southern Illinois Conference. , Miriel will be a part of the • seminar group made up of 45 ; high school youths selected for ' this trip from over the southern [ part of the state. The youths are selected by recommendations from the local Methodist churches and public schools. They will visit the United Nations and hear briefings • on church and world affairs rnn- ' ging from issues now before the United Nations General Assem; bly to the work of New Nations , and the disarmament proposal, i The New York visit will also include visits to the Methodist offices to the United Nations, the Methodist Board of Missions and a variety of social and entertainment occasions. Leaving for New York on January HI, the group will move on to Washington, D. C. on February 5. where the group will- hear of the work of the church and state from various religious and political leaders. Sena- M1IUEL LINCICOME toi-s and Representatives have already agreed to meet the group in Washington and present them with passes to the Senate and H o 11 s e galleries. There will also be a visit to the White House. The Seminar will conclude on Friday, February 7. when they return to the Vandalia United Methodist church. Vandalia, Illinois, and separate for their trips home. DEAR ABBY . . . Abigail Van Buren Old Bachelor Looks For A Bride 1009 JAIM'68 M.f. 49 6ffHWWM! $ 5 M RACK Go-Ordinated Separate Dresses and Blouses 40% OFF All Shoes 30 % OFF New Spring Merchandise Arriving Daily Jo ELLAS WEST SHOES One Door West of Post Office SPORTSWEAR DEAR ABBY: Time has passed too fast. I am an old bachelor (now 70) but I'm in good health, have a nice home, automobile, and my hobby is raisin roses. Sometimes I get a little lonesome for femal companionship (not sex, I'm all thru with that) r-nd I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't marry one of those eld widows who has been after me. I know I'm not perfect, but there always seems to be something wrong with the women I meet. Either they are looking for a meal ticket or they talk too much. What do you think! CONSIDERING DEAR CONSIDERING : W h y not? But be sure you g»il a quiet woman who's not looking for a meal ticket, wants only male companionship, and is also "thru with sex," or you'll have a bigger problem than loneliness. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I recently had a lovely dinner party in our home. One of the couples asked us in advance if they could leave a little early because they'd left their child r.t thome ill. Naturally we said yes. Well, almost immediately after the dinner this couple put on their coats and made the round of all the guests saying good night. Needless to say. they broke up the party as others started leaving right after they did. My 'husband said he didn't see anything wrong with their saying goodnight to everyone, that if they just sneaked off it would have shown worse manners. I think he is wrong and told him so. What do you think? ELSIE DEAR ELSIE: I think guests who depart "early" should do so as inconspicuously as possible. (I also' think your husband wp.s probably glad to call it a night and get to bed himself.) DEAR ABBY: I think your definition of "KARMA" needs to be clarified. It is not merely the clam acceptance of one's "destiny." It is the belief that whatever good or evil a person docs during his present life time will be returned measure for measure in some future life. To make it more simple, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Sincerely, A BELIEVER CONFIDENTIAL TO "TO CLEVELAND": Your husband could be going thru the male counterpart of "change of life." A man who has worked hard for 27 years, and has been a good husband and father, is not likely to go off the deep end permanently. Almost every mnn after 50 become? a little worried about growing old, and losing his appeal. His ego needs a boost, and there is always that predatory female around, ready to flatter him and make him f<»el "young" again. He falls like a ton of teakwood; then the big thrill wears off and he comes trotting home to mama, feeling a little ashamed, but with a nice warm glow inside, knowing there is life in the old boy yet. The smart wife doesn't put on an academy award scene. She swallows her pride, accepts a little "blame" for not being as affectionate and reassuring as she might have been. And above all, she never mentions it again an she tells NO ONE. If the woman above is you, and the man is your husband, follow this advice, and your man will spend the rest of his life knocking himself out trying to make it up to you. Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For A personal reply write to' Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Hate to Write letters? Send $1 to Abby Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 For Abby's Booklet, "How To Write Letters For All Occassions." PERSONALS Mr. and Mrs. William Frank Riggs of Alameda, Calif., are announcing the birth of a son, Timothy Wayne, who was born Jan. 18. The infant weighed seven pounds, six and. one- half ounces. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hawkins and Mrs. Hazel Riggs, all of Mt. Vernon. THE DOMED GRILL A new outdoor grill comes equipped with a transparent, heat-resistant dome! This makes an oven out of a charcoal grill, with the added advantage of complete visibility. To keep dome crystal-clear, wash inside and outside after every use. 1 Mr. Vernonite In SIU Giee Club Concert James M. Lucas of Mt. Vernon sang in the bass section of the Men's Glee Club in its annual concert at Southern Illinois University Saturday night, j January 18. Lucas, a junior al SIU, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles I M. Lucas of Route 5. Mt. Ver- \ non. He is married to the former Jane Hart of this city. j Lucas is preparing for a ca- 1 recr in radio and tolevis ion broadcasting. The concert was inspiring and I met the usual high standards of musical perfection set by Robert Kingsbury, SIU's well known conductor. Set anil Save RED STOCKING FOLLIES "First Nighter" Tickets $ 2.50 Each - Choice Seats Available Thursday, January 23rd - 8:00 P.M. Mt. Vernon High School Auditorium Tickets Available At The Door, Livingston Pharmacy, Delo Photo Craft or any Good Samaritan Hospital Auxiliary Member. Hi or Low Boots For after-ski, dorm, travel! Whip up hi or low boots to match robe, pants. Crochet loop-stitch trimmed slippers of knitting worsted, soles of rags. They're cozy, flexible, i fashionable. Pattern 7310: sizes ' S, M. L included. ! FIFTY CENTS (coins) for each pattern — add 15 cents for each ; pattern for first-class mailing I and special handling. Send to | Alice Brooks Mt. Vernon Regis! ter-News, Needlecraft Dept., Box 163. Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Name, , Address, Zip, Pattern Number. ! Giant, new 1969 Needlecraft Catalog — over 200 1 designs to : choose, 3 free patterns printed inside. Send 50c now. i NEW! "50' INSTANT GIFTS" ! — fabulous fashions, toys, 'decorator accessories. Make it today, give it tomorrow! Ideal for all occasions. 50c "16 Jiffy Rugs" to knit, cro- \ diet, weave, sew, hook. 50c Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50c Bargain! Quilt Book 1 has 16 i beautiful patterns. 50c I j Museum Quilt Book 2 — pat' terns for 12 superb quilts. 50c i | Book 3. "Quilts for Today's ' Living". 15 patterns. 50c 7310

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