Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1954
Page 12
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HOFI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Thurtdoy, March 4, loche _ Hollywood's icture of the year. It *S ifttich trouble Cast the left for ttew a-bout to start Pox chart ntrict and sued him Siifon dWlars. Brando's •safd he was ill ^ , out that "The £?Ur "one of the toughest l/nf.ye^ars from the scenic r to "start from scratch |lier Scqit head of the ri-op department. "No *evir made a big picture lit Egypt until now. We *to, borrow a few iter which has been mak ceate to create Pe made 5.000 different r, the picture. Now , the fit to borrow our things. here to see can use in 'The 10 Com ifc", ' ' , , ,- j?ed'me some of the itqimp j^'Jbjfee'ni made. Those an rptians had a lot of mod IJU»c 1 * gere 'masters of makeup, lined. He Demonstrated f/a queen's makeup boat firiiake ,','lfra*'"-FictoJ* jnyy$' Also s'Wau,- ftr holding milady's '•*"- can 'bet' -.Ihit to wafers* to 'beautify .,_-.'• ' **'•'* game -called .'hounds drt'pf children to ,pl|»y~ wtt» . ?eo~uches that wbuld fffid rff to any ' rtf'true reprpducUShV *'V'/which- werel'jpre i-the, age's' £ climate: ••a' 3Studio, ' figu,r« ll^ls'om'e^.gyjptpw^st •ViTA* . I T-t . ** i « ">"^1.2 r t,*^il- er!?» dc K««ps Promiit ty GOAbON BAOWN If * Sfrflmfee to Hep. Gathinis (D Affc) to ttday he deUf«r«d on Ane h« Mid* 16 year* ago. Gathlni* ih 1938 promised a pfitod father h« would tome day appoint th* latter'* infant son to tW United States,. Military Acad* my 1 , at West Point. The appointment go«s to Mark Pfefritt Lowt«y, son of Li. Cot and Mr«. Willis Fred Lowfey, for lrt» Affcsvfiiah* t,ow stationed af f t, #ehftinf, Ga, Young towtey will be eligible to tak> the e*atnlflatlohs for entrance to West Point for the year ttart ing next July, ft all happened back in 1938 — shortly after Gainings was elected to his first term in the House — •Whert Oathings and Lowrey attend 6d a dinner at the home of mutual friends in Phillips County, Ark. «»Buring c&nversaliott at the din n*r, Oathings told a reporter, Low My'said that some day he'd ask 'Oathings to appoint his son, then -Six months old, to West Point. ;« replied he would be hap to make the appointment. Hobby Finally Land* Him In Hospital <"',GALVESTON, Tex. (UP)-Mack Rogers' great affinity for motor scooters and motor bikes has put him in thc hospital for the (first time in his 74.years. -"Rogers, who ."didn't think I was too old before but I do now," went 'to a hospital with a broken leg after'trying to dodge a small puppy that" ran into the path of the motor" scooter he' was riding. 'Rogers, who once worked for the Singling Brothers Circus as caretaker' i for the ,20 - ton elephant, Jurnpp,. hates motorcycles. But mo(or bikes, and' scooters , are his Weakness. • proximity and ' sniffing. Later the less'- replaced Jhis" nasah nonseijse , .Egyptians quaffed beer made of barley!'Since.they didn't have hops, they used .the lupin, skirret herb and ' an Assyrian •• root for flavor. , Today's sheath goyvn .was pppu lar then but with a difference. With the Egyptian; women, it hong from below the bosom' to the ahfc IBS-., •/ . ; -. • - •'Both/, sexes shaved 'their,' heads fof 'reasons of religion, bygiene. and just plain' heat. Bdairds were for Bidden'; although t the bigshots were allowed fake beards, Even ,the tiCe'ns! donned thVse'.phdny beards The women ..also .outlined .the ve'tys Of, their chest*-in blue'red Irotfi »"' their>'lips,,' ^tinged' -'their cHfteks ' with ; red_;\ and'. .Jhit'e .. and appTi&i/drttnge'he'nna^to" the'tips of 41.^1.• 4i^n«>b1 ' t, I I - . jns, apparently' ate wJth'/theif.'firtgers'. .They -had geese, dock's, a'nd pigeons but'no' chlckenB Beasts^pf burden-included oxep apd donlpjyiBJ but- no 'camels. \|?hfey ^i **y n * ..A ._ •* <• . a j 'jM'^TOales.l^'Jhci^ni .v'ytyanciSrs ^^ejrjp^j^it^ely.. grace' paries.' V^'Jif^ •'***'i 1 <* ful »*^d">"<jtt* n Appeared --n^ftkjid -. r^as'i ahoifi^^>«|w 'TOj@r/iihDW's, v y^ jJhow''^Qcurjjcy fc)riii; tH v ft-«p^^-<!weJjPff*iQftfeh'.b« 'tfcKiced*^te', dime. iSM^MS^^u ciu; -< Hounds Are Coming lack to Town •y gO CftEAGH <P6r H»l Boyle) WASHINGTON wt — ciamp on your earmufts, people. The woof and tweet boys, sometimes known as the hi-fi hounds, are coming to town. You've met some of them already, chance* are, "Hi»fl," of course, stands for high fidelity. It dO«s not mean, in this case the quality you esteem in a husband or wife. It means the attempt td make the noise that comes out of a phonograph record sound exactly like the noise that went into it. Now hi-fi, like the drinking of schnapps, can be a hobby, a part- time occupation or a way of life, Also, like schnapps drinking, it's treacherous. You say to yourself, "I'll buy just one more gadget and then swear off" — and the next thing you know you're up to yoUr attic in loudspeakers. And boy what a financial hangover! You can look into this pastime, which is just short of becoming a national craze, all during next weekend if you're in town. The first "hi-fi fair" ever held in these parts is setting up shop in a downtown hotel, and.it ought to be quite an experience. If your eardrums can stand it. For there's one /thing about these hi-fi hounds —they never can.stand having a record-player, to use the old-fashioned term for it,' turned down to a reasonable, level. This sound volume has to approach a Democratic national convention in full 'voice or they're unhappy. ; "; ' ;' Back in the good old pre-Korean war days, when my wife .and I lived in New" York* we used to drop in now and*then on .our Greenwich: "Village neighbor *][ohn Randolph,'who hadn't yet gone.oft to be a war correspondent, for the Associated :Press. •.>•;: J-. • .•,:,, We, always had a fine time. John is' one of' the world's great waffle cookers •';. and he : unfailingly played records for us. Without reflecting on his hospitality in the slightest, however, there were two unusual aspects to a Randolph evening: 'l. You seldom had any place to sit. His apartment was . crammed from kitchenette to window sill with speakers, coils, piles of records, stocks of,hi-fi trade, publications' and — in the middle of it all —a waffle Iron I don't know if-he had the waffle iron plugged into the hi di system or not -but I suspect he did. His waffles certainly were, as the hi-fi hounds say, in the groove. , 1V ; 2. You couldn't hear John or he couldn't hear you. All you could hear —all the neighbors could hear, for that matter —. was Mo ?art or Edith Piaf or whatever record Randolph,had revolving on one of his many turntables. Conversation was reduced to some variation or other of that old gag: ''isn't that wonderful!" -What?" "i •aid, !isn't that a wonderful r*n- '" "Still can't hear you> "1 said" —you're shouting at the top of your lungs now — "Isttt that a fine record!" "Cant hear record makes too much noise!" if 1 sound envious of the hi-fi hounds with their "woofer«; r VWhich thing you say — this confounded | are big speakers to batch thfe low notes, and their "tweeters," little speakers to pick up the high notes, it's became 1 am envious. I'd like to put together one of those fancy outfits too. Trouble is 1 can't at- °ord the, 16-room house with soundproofed walls that really should go with a hi-fi system. C «P^- ^ifflfiuV^?^ i '?!U v 4r* u ' '.'i'i •' *j" v •"!• <r&WJMi,fac«m welcomed. •Kjtyf* n&WJ*r«eff>',too ' ">«dweourairMk TJw.neit morn- ^pW^'«M^U?8N. W» in MM •till in l^*r houieeoat, .-. )*.. T _ l «-» b tr ji« .»•_.= »" .. _ .. Craig , wiyes to |om0 of them. A any plant eic«euU»« ,iprji|i flrat had fa, know • itiqn. Sh^ly wuW a* nam* or.twa |7f^fc<»r*HHW<J ih« bi»S idtaut. ' '' L to a B«*rironv*ii;w«w,,wiTe« 6t Mrorknv: »i*Uy .atated ACT once. >a tto« plant doe- t£r*i'>«cr0Ury, «h«.waa endeavor'» find put how much th« knew about tbe «*f«ty pro- rram at u>« plant. '•Now don't tell me," ah« aald gaily, "that It'a none o« your bust- tt*w. B«cauM Cm ture you'd be 'djr«cUy concerned U your husband Mcarn* ill or WM hurt." t "Well, «ur« , . ." aaM the Ttoit- t«g neighbor. ,. AAd both women waited for doeUy to talk some more. She did. That morning, ah« made a' com* tlfeUk thiry at atau&c tbe hazards if working wtth c4ay, UM meaourea taken by the company to prevent •eeldcQti of all aorta, including UM reatiiU or aillca Inhalation. "Pont the men do what they're (*J?» aaked ner fe*tw blandly. . "Not a& of them, fra afraM." "Cant tbe plant boaw« make m do tt.T" "Not M well M you could, U you want to," aaid Shelly, "You o*>4 do no wore than in*tet on y«fit hiMbaiMi aUoweruig and [*i|l|iii-jfri* wjL| ^IQ^BM Before he eowSTSo ly, tlMniselvas {|)at prop** change rooms are provided," Shelly eicplalned, "»«owera, and so forth-*nd then a et »«* won't uts th*m." tW» way It .jnlvts .»» M44 «M of the woinen. • *ww «yv WVCT; VMMRHW* /*JH f*t ;g»d_ clothM. U you cMnff at the wwg fcW*t», atMt ym *pvf Continued from Page Nine to ttM U« tAfety devica*. 1 M DIM woman to an- fl«r ttojrteai Mtood np. and iw did 1 icily. Tbe other, woman watched^ "Let me. t*n 'yo« eoinethiiuj for row own good, Mr*. Cam I'm old* e?n yon, and I don't lieten to talk I wiO aay'thui to you. tou u«t try to be M good a wif a to -our huaband aa I am to mine, and we'll all be better off." Shelly left, but ab« thought that over, and heaitated'about making any more call*. She didn't (enow what the woman wan tainting, and atte thought perhapa ahe did not want to know. The next day, however, when ah* went to see Dorace Evans, she learned. "My huaband don't ear* much (or Or. Talboy," Doraco said flatly, "Didn't he like Stephen either T M , "Well, to bo frank—« you work for the refractorie*. you'd better like tbe Cam—or elae." "Oh, I don't believe that'* fair." "Mr*. Carr, do you know much about working for Uw CarraT" it WM rude, but it was m, vaHd que*- tkw. "N-.*," SheUy »aid, "I don't to 'act, I dont know too much about working—for anyone. I bad, on« Job for a very abort time before my marriage—and (Unco—well, the Jttte I do In the office." The woman's eyes narrowed. "Funny, you never worthed there when your husband was home," she •aid. . • , "I didn't no»d to, Stephen had a w«W-tra4u«d secretary. But *h« left without warning, and I Oiled in. And now—Ob, it's a way to P*B«— 1 mean, to flll my time." "Mhnunmn," »Md Poraoe Kvana. The t«tU w<wan l» red*oh«ek«4 gingham studied her visitor with avW interest, -you're pretty young, arwt ywT" ' • "I'm twenty-Are, almost* "Too bad your hwband h*d to f 9 ott to war *o noon after you w*rt mwrted," •"M. B« tt w»» Ms ow» 4ed- WBK) i icnmi (9 n." *Tii bet you'rt teBdy." Shelly Ifygbfd. "Ot courst I anv ' OOJTIKW. »t«MHMl «br«Ptty Chuck Roast KROGER CUT TENDERAY. 6th & 7th RIB CUTS ! RIB ROAST KROGER CUT TENDERAY BEEF PLATE MEAT • • 'V •'-.:•.•• •• ' ." . :. : KROGER CUT TENDERAY BEEF CLUB STEAKS For the Most Delicious Pot- Roast you Ever Tasted. Kroger Cut Tenderay Beef. Lb. NUTRITIOUS AND ECONOMICAL Lb. Lb. 59c BEEF LIVER Lb. 29c ARMOUR STAR 29c PURE LARD 4 87c ENDS AND PIECES 69c SLICED BACON 35c KROGER Salad Dressing ^^ '• . " ^ • ':U 160z. Can 25c DARCO FULL CREAM. 25 Lb. Bog . . . $1.29 CORN MEAL 10 57c EATWELL BRAND; GOOD QUALITY MACKEREL EVAPORATED AND VITAMIN ENRICHED KROGER MILK 2 25c KRAFT'S FINEST CHEDDAR CHEESE 49c KROGER'S HAWAIIAN, SLICED PINEAPPLE AMERICAN BRAND DILL PICKLES KROGER BRAND SAUERKRAUT NON-FAT DRY MILK SOLIDS PET MILK No. 2 Can Jar No. 21 Can 61 Oz. Can 29c 29c 19c 19c SAVE ON FRESH-PICKED LUSCIOUS FLORIDA ORANGES! ':.:•-.. '• • ' • •%$ - ' • .. • ' U. S. NO. V* Best For Juice B|$T QUAUTY. TEXAS GROWN Lb. Bag ^^•^^ HP^MP RED POTATOES 10 •:• 37c SWEET POTATOES JUMBO 48 SIZE, CRISP LETTUCE FANCY NEW FLORIDA REDS JUMBO 4$ SIZE FLORIDA PUNCANS ." 10c 3 - 27c NEW POTATOES 4 - 29c RED POTATOES 50 ft 1.25 W WT^Ww TfSR *r»l^~ " WTW's.*W"'» *r HT i _-+n 2 35c GRAPEFRUIT , MTIUTiiS a,\m

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