The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 2, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 6
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ft-NAUGATVCK XKW3(CONN.). FIUPAY. ATJO. 10. IMP fast Siders Edge Cubs ( HV KKNNV CI.YW.KK) Mlritfllni/ In thu wlnnlm: run In th» rnr"" of the Hth InnlnK. and II ItlnK Ihr Mlllvlll- Cub» to only ,"V. MIH. »..!• Woo,^.r ynmm-cljiy rtftrrfltl in the Kunt SUI.-rH 1 2-1 vie- r, ?v "v.'i- MlL-k-y IH'udrt-Ink ami /valiant toa.n niutn.. ^^ t i Mo plti.liud well. turnln K In ono of he bent f'ff.'rtM of t'li. ymmK onr- "r in llinltlMK thr ftrontr Ka, t H |er« to only four hlt». JJi.J •!» tourn ii'i'tos did not com« thrr.UKh fr^nd hi... "'Hi thn rinu. WRH In favor of tin. I'.a»t "'T'M.' 1'iir.i.. WMN ;i Mtrlkt'oiit (iffiilr W | ( Wr»o:<t.-r .-ontrlbdtlntr 2.1 and Bro^rl«K 22 to the .10 total of KlrlkeoutM rnado. Mlllvlll.." Cull' Of) 0001000000 I'litturlcii:" iwlnnlnir team Hi-sl). Wooxtrr and l-'iilrchltd. Rrodorlok anil Mnr-lfino. Umpire: R Hulcher, Brasscos To Play New York Police The Nnw York Police Dnpt, baseball toum, with practically "n nil trlHh timm. will brln* a hont ° r heavy MhlllolaKh mvlnKora with thorn whim they cornn to town .to- rnoirnw nltfht 10 oppose Mfc'r. joo In u return fllCHFIEID / 4u,rt*vni/ lx ,Cka£i. Thc Jnun Arthur Coni-dy Hit The CURTAIN RISES August. l- ; -J" HKATH; $1.00. f\M>, J2.0" ('!"» UlX Curtuln 8:-lS T»l. MtchHold .«*> Nitxt W««k: K'liriioiml Appt'fti'anca WATEKBURY SALE • PLAYHOUSE ' Friday - Saturday 'Mysterious Intruder' ('iiiin<(l,v — IVpi'.vi' Curliion Si'\v« Ciiinlni: Sundiiv m'.il Muntlivy '•(), S, S." •TALK Ol' 1 TWO CAl-'I'JS" loculii round out thu Now ,,,r,>..rn ( 7-5, In n, thriller hero u month UK* »nd will b,, out to ov«n tlio iinrli'S with « vlotory tomoi- "Ylowiivnr, they will bo fuclnp p|,,nty of opposition tor thu Gotham tixun ha:i n numbur or former minor loufiuo »turs In the llnoup win. will undoubtedly jrlvo u Rood account or thi.msulvos. Included In i ho llnoup nr« such stars us Jack (Jnlcrii Jutt Quln. 'lom Coylo, Ed Niilly ' .Hm Carroll, 1W Brunch, Jimmy Qulnn und a host of olh- PIII, ,/lmMoonoy, former Now York Olnnl moiimHinun. will bo on the mound ror tho Now Yorkers with Niilly bnhlnd tho plate. Tlio Urniwuos will show their .ilronKCHt Hntuip of tho cumpiiDsn thuM fur Johnny Whlto. considered -hi. lup Clrm buiinmiin or tho Htnto. w ,ll t« nt tho Initial iiach with Whlt.-y l-'liirek «t »ocond. Al Cuc- clni'llo at MhortstDj) und Tony Cuc- clni'llo at third. •n.» otitrioUl will bo in ; thft c,u>- ahh. hund.i or Johnny DoVlto, Red Stim-him und Hilly Mooro, M/r. Sumoaku HUH both Walt aiith'niun und Mll'.o Klssko uvuil- for mound duty, Klssko ons- ifv tl.ifmitud tho Murldon [nuilcos, ' WuUnuscluy nlK"t and may b.i m-nt buck to tho hill for his MH«cu.Halvu Hturt. However, Giilhmun li'is buon rostlns for tho p,,Ht two wf»k» and It msoms llko- |y thut lu> will Rot tho nail. Jim t U hun will handlu -tho backato|>- |J|MJ; (lutliiM. Assault May Be Seriously Injured Sunuoni, 'N- Y., AUK. IC-(UP) - Thr llttln Ti-xzui colt "AHiiuult," the H.ivimth ti'lplo crown winner in -:hn hli-.tory of Amurlcun turt, IIIHV tin rotli'ud from raclnir, During u workout yesturcluy '.As- «:iul('M u-itiiliir Joukoy. Wnrron M/.tut'i rifi' pullnU up th'c colt when hi. I'nltr-i-cd. Trainer Max Hivsch fXiuiiliii'd tho hcji-.ii) and uultl he (inuiKht tin- thrsu-yeai'-old chum- liluii V/IIM !uiru.-rlrii: l'i-i)iii an Intur- nul Injury. Kli-.-ich iiuys Ihui'ii Is Homolhiiu: Inti-niully wroni: with "A.Msuult"— but linn he him not buon ublo to (jut hill fliifiur on thu .trouble. Tin; VPl.'iilit trulniT Is NUTO of one thine Annuiill will not run nvraln until It |.i ili-rinlto that h« l« iihyslcul- iv fit. "Ainiault" \vuii Kflntf throuph his I'lnlil pi'trp bi'l'Di'-j belrin shipped -to VVu.ihlrvKton I'lirk for Ihn Amur- li-iin buiby when ho sthowod alfjmi MAY' SKT JlKCOKT* Ctiii-itnut I nil, Muss., AUK. 10— tlH't An iill-tlriui ti.-nnl.s I'cnord will IJD nouv/ht nuxt wouk by Mur- Kuri't (.J.'ilioi-in- find Txullso Broufh. Thn fumed "tennis twins" will jfo ufli'C tluilr (Ifth connocutlvo woin- IIM'JI niiUonul cloubloo tltk> nt tho r.iifiJ/wciod C'rlcl:ot club. Tho two r.'-illrdi-nliinH iilrciidy h.'ivc eritiulecl llin murk of fiuir consecutive tliiic.s nut by Allc'i Murble and Saruh I'ulfrcy Cooltn frfirn 1037 throui.'li UMli, .Mciinwhllo, tlio twu doi'iincllnfr tllllfil tonm.'i li'ivo i-ntfi'od tho men'r. ddublrni playoffs. J. Clllbort Hall, twlii.' lit tho Natlcmtil V«l- iM-un.M' till.', and Sidney Aclolstnln of ,Vi!W Yurie will ilafond tholr double's crown. Crusaders St. Michaels Meets At Beacon Falls Field , ff*~*++^*++***++**^*****++t j t tjt. I'ru.sto (p-| O \ f'ruNMiii'ii (JonUcrs iPJL^J« I (rmmi-dliilc DiOlvory) \ WEISS' » Ben Franklin Store > Jr.'i C11UHC1I KTKICKT Uy THOMAS J.'ITZT'ATP.ICK Thu Ronlon '2 Amurlcun I^cj!. tourniimcnt. 'piuyod last week •loomed to huvc boon mnrred by all kinds of unfortunulo Incidents but with tho worst of them being Umpires, After arriving there, bnlnff shown u hovel not fit for humans: und bo- InK servofl food thut ovunliiK thut not t-ven tha staunchcut of personfl could (tat, HIP t'lnul blow came tho next duy when tho first contest of tho tournoy startcil. It was tile universal opinion of nil pL-rSons on thu'writers' bunch that tho umpiring which WHS displayed ut thn oponlnK day's play was the worst of its kind. Sport writers Hal Xtilhl of TrtvUfni, Fi-unk Unrein of the Glens Pu-lis Post Star, "Red" Hall of thn Glens Fulls Times and yours truly all weed thut the urn- plrintf, to coln un oft-used coined word, stunk. No prejudice personally wus used in thnt opinion, for Who umpire's decision;: were equally as bad for nil purtlclpants, whotlior they be from Nuuffiituck, Stnton Island, Trenton or Providc-'nno. Tho complete inability of the oMlcials to control tin- KUIIT- ""'I 'c niiiifo specific ditciiiions disgusted ull and brought allnht ci-ltir;l:>m to the C.lnn.>5 Ksillti Lwcion's choice of offl- cluls, for It wus on their t-ruui'antee to the national headquarters in tn- dlnnupolis that those men were accepted to take churiri! of tho jjanio. One plityer, who said, ho thiiifrht ho know someliiiHK about busobull, Htatocl bo was not quite "0 sure after yesterday's contc.-its. To a boy of Ifi yours, as this youngster Is, rind tn bt in un Important national tourney, poor umpiring Is the- worst thins that c.-m bo prcsentc.-l to him. To lose u (.rame and know it was a hotter learn that contributed to the los.? Is no so bad but to lose a content, and be convinced that the men In black, throufi-h bfid or Indefinite decisions, were partially responsible for llu: loss Is no coo..! at all. No matter where you go, umpires will be belittled and shouted at, whether j;ood or bad, But if they (ini Kood, no matter how ' much shouting is done, the player will ro- speot him and his decisions. The player will malte an allowance for small mistakes that are only human, but will not tolerate at In hl» own mind, a person whonc Judgment after pxperlencini: it i3 universally nonsldorpd rotten. Umplros, since their .iuj,'iricnl.n.- tlon Into the (,'- r ime nf b-iseball, l.avc •,had a cloak ff unquestionable! cor- r(;etne3J» placer! ovi'r '.hem, by virtue of their oMIco. un«l thoiefore it can only bo ,-:ald that tho iiorson* who f'hooHo those nv;n tn do these Important jnbs are to blame, The umpire will not correct his own natural fnults, but it !:< '.ho duly of tho man rhoosinj; him to make sure thnt he hns -ihlllly. And, nn n side-note tn the Amateur League, perhaps this clur on. umpires Is not dhect'td entirely to- .wards Cilers Falls. V/lin.t \>.ns it Bai'num once said? Throe motor vehicle companies produced 00,1 per of all .the passenger pntf-'-'-iles refjiDtercd In tho U- S. In 1940. ' 'flrj ; St. Francis-Higlilandera To Battle For Second Place At Local Field Milt\Vcls'nman ; s I-iieh-londers and Jim Kcnnody's St. Francis club will me.l this Sunday In a battle tor K ocond place In the loop, at the Kocroatlon Field, while the St. Michal's Cruaadors. will be playing Mlllvtllc In Beacon Falls in an el- fort to strengthen their hold on tho firat place position in the league, which they are currently sharing In .ihe second half with George Allen's Rangers. Prior to the St. Francis-Highlander game on Sunday, President Frank Shea of the Amateur League is presenting a special attraction In a junior baseball team composed of all the young stars In tho borough, who will play a strong team from Walerbury in u preliminary contest. In the main game of the afternoon, it is expected that a pitcher's duel- will materialise between Owen of the Welssmen and Mariano of -th'o Kennedymcn. Tho potential batting power of each team is tremendous, though, and if the batters arc right, no pitching will be able to stop them. Down in IBcacon Falls, Raymond Wlsniuwskl is expected -to toe the mount! for the Crusaders, with his brother Tom behind the plate- Mill- villo is expected to pitch either lioettgei- or Usakiuwlca. <( Spec" Shea Wins -. Fraiilt'.'"Spb'c'! .'IShea recently won his 12th victory, aa against four dc- I'hats.'whcn he hurled n four-hit, •3-1 13 Inning contest agulnst Sacramento for the Oakland Oaks, In tho..Piiciflc 'Coast Lunftue. Tho.-.looal hurlor was only in troublo in the-first inning, but settled down after allowing one run in that frame und pitched 12 shutout Innings-- while waiting for his hoys to . score the necessary winning markers. ...,ln winning- yesterday's contest, Frank • extended his win streak to three -straight, and made a total of one run and six hits in his last two pitched contests. Phalen Hurls Three Hitter •n ^ ':. Standing of Teams . .yoBtornyn K«sult« New York 0, Woaninfirtpn-l (1«U. New York 7, Washington U"). Philadelphia .I 1 ,. Boston 3.. Detroit 3, Chicago 0. Cleveland 3, St. Louis 3. Dougals, Cicfcowski Qualify For Championship Flight Tho Standing W. L. 79 3.1 GO 4fi 62 -17 55 158 54 59 CO 62 47 02 33 79 Pet. .099 .590 .I5G9 ,487 .478 .440 .421 .293 Boston ..... New York . Detroit Washington Cleveland .. Chicago .... St. Louis . Philadelphia Todiiy'H;i, PltclxirM New York at Boston—Chandler (15-0) VB. Harris (14-0). Chicago at Detroit —|Holling(worth (4-0) vs. Trucks (12-S). Washington at Philadelphia — (night)—Newsom (10-9) vs. Harris (2-9). (Only games scheduled.) NATIONAL IJEACTJ1B • 'Pitching .three hit ball and blast- inp a home run, Grfiff Phalen lust evening paced tho Bristol company to a 7-2 win over the Nau- xn.tuck Glass company in an -Indus- trip! League contest. Cassidy and Barti also excelled, garnering two hits apiece for the winning aggregation. Score by innings: Bristol Co. ... 2100022—791 Glass Co 0000020-232 Bntt«rii!s: (winning team first), Phalen and Kosmoski, Wagner and Linos. Thurston's Defeat Waves 8-2, For 12th Straight Win Icemen Wish To Play Morticians Week From Today. Club Announces Thurston's high riding Icemen raekiid up their 12th consecutive sioftbail victory latil nip;h.t as they trounced Pete Mlcle's Male Waves, S-2, with a 1!) hit barrape. Thn tjumt) was rather loosely pluyi'd In Mpot:-i but Thurston':i built up'n six run advantage In the flrs-t thruu inninea "id then coasted In !'or their victory- Pete Mielc started on the mound for his Male Waver, but was forced to give up Ills duties to Bill Sweeney after •Lho Iccmon pushed four runs across the platter in the 3rd Inning. Later in the K.ainu Poto made a sensational running catch of "Red" Ryan's drive out in deep left field. Ralph Damlano was the hitting star for the Waves, us he collected two of their four hits. •It was Bill Dunn on the mound fur Thurstnn's for the first'five innings and thu Icemen':; star twirl- or g.ive up but one run and three hits aa ho racked up hie 7-th straight victory. Jack Darby pitched thu mrnainiiiis two innings and was touched I'or but one hit untl the other run. Fourteen of the victors 15 hits were -garnered by Ashmore, -Ryan, Mariano, Bill and Buddy Dunn, Plotare!!! and Darby who all got two apiece. - The Thurstun club announced it was tryintr to book the Merry-Morticians, their arcl-v-rivals, for a contest next Friday evening, as the Glen Falls tourney forced postponement of last week's scheduled game. The score: Thurston's .. 20-1011 0-8 ir> 1 Male Waves 0 0 0 1 0 1 O—2 -1 3 Dunn, Darby, Pistarelli; Miele Sweeney Umpire: Labr!o!a- Nebraska's residents are obligated' for 55 cents each of the state debt load, the smallest amount of any o£ the states. Yesterday's Philadelphia l!5, Boston 13 (1st). Boston 3, PhilnrlRlphla 1 '?''), Cincinnati 0. Chicago 3 (1st). Chicago 3. Cincinnati 2 (2d). Brooklyn 7, New York 1. Pittsburgh-St. Louis, rain- The Standing w. i.. ret.. Brooklyn ••• . • 69 42 St. Louis G!5 42 Chicago 57 .'.1 Boston M fi3 Cincinnati * n rri New York • • 48 62 Philadelphia 46 Cl Pittsburgh 43 Cl .622 .007 .531? .505 .490 .412 Todnv's Onmrs, Pitchers Piladelphiix at Brooklyn — Stan- ':e«u (2-3) vs. Melton (2-1). Cincinnati at Chicago — Walters (8-4) vs- Bithorn (5-4). Pittsburgh at St. Louis (2)— Os- termueller (9-7) a.nf3 Keintzelman (C-9) vs. Dlckson (11-3) and Bcaz- ley (4-5). Boston at New York (night) — Niggeling (1-3) vs. Trinkle (5-9). Jack Strew, E'ast Mountain, Shoots Low 69 For Best Score Of Day Chalking "P HOOI-CB of 7fl and 77 respectively. ICddle Douguls raid ISddlc Cichowskl, yesterday qualified for' the Championship Flight of the Waterbury Coun-try Club rnvltn.tlonu.1 tournament, which got underway today at approximately I p. m. For tho local golfers qualifying Douffals 1 70 was tho lowest, score. In today's matches, Dougals will trolf iigainHt Bob Rynecke, while hia . partner. Cichowsld. will bo pnlred olt against Joe Stevens, Jack Strew, a former local boy, und. who is now a pro with the Mountain Country ciub. shot '.he beat 18 of the day yesterday, notching a C9, placing him up us favorite in the tourney. Marty Lucas missed qualifying for the championship flight by one stroke bui was placed in the second flight, as was Mike Kloc I-u- cas met Doc Elanchard this morning, while Kloc was slated to meei Joe Munscn. Henry Cieslewiski and Gus Klem qualified in the third flijrhi., while the last of the local Mohicans, Jimmy "Reaisilk" Kry- kowsh! placed in the fourth flight, giving the local golfers a pretty fair showing in the Walerbury tourney. Farm woodlands in the U. S.'have un aiea c'luul to that of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Italy combined. Allen population of the U. S. as of December 31, 1432, reached a total of 4,280,058- Jeanne GRAIN Cornel WILDE Linda DARNELL Plastic powder dust has .been found to be a potential new source of factory fires and explosions, ac- "ordinp; to investigations by the U. S. bureau of mines. DANCING SATURDAY and SUNDAY NIGHTS LAKE QUASSAPAUG BALLROOM CLIFF SLATER AND HIS SENSATIONAL NEW 13 PIECE ORCHESTRA "MUSIC AS YOU LIKE IT" ADMISSION 60c (including tax) Uus Service to the I-aUe Brighten up ybiir iront door! Protect vourfrontdoorngntasl the wciithcr. und hn^lifcn up the cncrance to your home at tfie same cunc. JVKii-pnv An-piifnc Super-Spar Vurnisn «i tamous tor its mating qualities— und it dries in 4 hour? to H finish thitc docs justice to the finest woodwork or furniture. thw Our r.urs LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS All Kinds of Fertilizers itiul LAWN SIIOVKr.M Jmndlos) JIOK — J I-IU/NING SII.KAKS * <•;« ASH si no A n» CANS, Inc. ^ Maple St. Curt Wusli.'d, 1'ullshi'U lit CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION ,tli<MII,I.AN MOTIIU OII.M TOPS IN SPEED! MIDGET AUTO RACES Danbury Speedway Danzury, Conn, Every Sat. Nite 8:30 P.M. Featuring the Nation's Leading Daredevils AUM. tillANOSTANn $1.20 Tux Inc. Free Parking CHATEAU MARTIN WINES Full Quart «1.00 J. K. STORES CUT RATE. WINKS, IIKJCUS 30(1 N, Mnln'St. Tel. 4970 Frou Dolivnry Anyw.Horo In ASEBALL Municlpiil Stadium Wiiti'.rhury Sutiirday, 8:4, r ) I' .M. NEW VORK POMCE RASSCOS We Are Now Receiving Shipments Of WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM WARE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEAWT BUILDING TEL. 5212 G.CJ. VIVIEN CLAUDE LEIGH" -RAINS AT-mplotlonlnTECHNICOLbR I>1COUCED AND WiltCIlO 1Y SAND-BANUM STANDARD Thn ontirvly dif/cTont hullur I'll Mil IllUlt. Siuid-IJiiiiiiin Standiird: SIIVOH 10-00% In fuel. Malic* costly niocli:inlcal bollnr Tel. 3507 CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER . . MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN ST, Wutiirliury -H H fu of hollor mill tubes. Hluit-downii. lilgliur hollur cupiiclty. I'ruvniits tuhu fafluroH. .SufiiRuiknlH uKiiltist corrosion without Interim! iiulntlnK. Cuts down Iwllor room lulior. ItuqulrnN no complicated oqulpmont. 032 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2fl83 ond hStewart Granger. FloraRobson • FrancisLSullivan Rolwied thro UNITED ARTISTS 2ND 7ITT Short cuts to iSS! new Kitchen \ Freedom! "BUFFET KITCHEN "...LATEST IN A Here arc just -three way* your sraart-as- tomorrow Gas kitchen releases you from time-wasting mealtime drudgery. THE FRENCH KEY wlth.Albert Uckkcr — Evelyn Ankers — NEWS OF THK DAY , NOW WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 and 1-2 .H. P. Tel. Waterbury 4-1694 and Reverse Chnrce HIGHEST rBICES.PAtD The WATERBURY HEATING I.cnderH'ln ,-lloma . 84-30 SPKINQ ST. 4-0478 Just Arrived . '. NEW LOGAN SHAPES on display For Immediate Delivery SEE AUNOLD SMITH MILLSUPPLIGS>POWIRTOMT 7 2 SAVINGS ST. I I I I i I I I I I I L, It <ut» out eooklne <hor«» ... _ new Gas range is so automatic it thinks for itself . . . turns on and off ... cooks a delicious meal — all by a simple clock control! Makes every food taste better, too ... whether it's a feather-light 'cake from the air-conditioned oven — a flame- roasted ham from the smokeless broiler — or a tasty stew from thrifty simmer top- burners. For nothing else brings out flavor like the flame. And nothing else equals the speed, ease and flexibility of flame-cooking on a 'hew automatic Gas range built to CP . atandardsl , ; ,"" ". OF "HtW FR«DOM GAS K.TCHEN" DIBICN* It cuts out mork.tlno monotony . . . Your new economical, silent Got Trfrigtrator is streamlined iotidc »nd out Arranged ib store more foods (frozen foods. too!). ..filled with «wtt« orcolatcd cold to keep them fresh longer. Best of all !?,hcre are no moving parts in the freeing system to wear out! out hot wat«r h.odachw ... ty even for an Kitchen"! How about stopping ID, THE WONDER FLAME THAT COOLS AS WELL AS HEATS IGHT & POWER Ca A BUSINESS-MANAGED, -TAX-PAYING COMPANY iV.-r

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