Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1911
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, DEC. K, 1911 THE ioii mu mmx. The tola Daily Record and 'he tola Dally Index. TUB BEOISTER TUBLISHUiG CO. -Entered at the loUi I'ostofflce as Second- CtaM Mattrr. AdvertislnK liates Wniie Known on Apr"- CKtiOM. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in lola. Gas City, Lanyon- vlUo, Concreto, UaHarpe and Bassett: =One Week 10 cents One Mor.tli 44 cent« One Year i&.Ui) CY MAIL: One Tear. Insl<)<. .•om i .• $2.11' One Year, outsiii.- ILUIMV' I.i.o.i TELCPHONES: Business Off lit- U Sciclety Reiiortor 1."Job and Bindery iHpi 14) Official Paper cf City of lola. Official Paper City of Baiaett./ Official Paper of Allen County.' THEY TUnK IT IS POLITICS. That jioliilis, i)'.!>(l for porsoniil inollvos jH I ho (Iln <t and ni<'nacliiK causp of our iirrsmt uiisallsfuctory btisiiK 'SB coiiditioiirt is iirnctically the unanimous ojilnlon of ton ihousiinci • itianufacturors, linanclors railroad of- flclnls, and romnirrilal organlzatlonH jusf canvassed Ijy .^nirrlcan Industries In its fifth annua! canvass of trado condiiions. Maiiufacturors niiroscntins overj industry, Jinanciors of national ropu- <ation, important railway officials and commercial organizations iii large industrial centers, are practically one in their linn conviction thai we as a nation and our business activities as a wliole are siiffering be- cuse iKjIitics has run mad In this country. ._Afld this opinion is expressed wholly rcpirdles-s of i)arty lines. Some revile Taft and fervently consign hini to the Umbo of political busybodles; others lay the source of their troubles to Roosevelt and call down upon his hca dthc anr.lHema of outraged commercial activiiy.'Hut for the most part they Content themselves with denouncing in. general terms the "polit- Tlir SUKKWOOI) HILL A(;AI>. In commenting upon the Sherwooi bill the Register reniarkrd that large i;roporlion of tlie ex-vl'nion sol diers now survisin.i; were men wh( enlisted late in the war and there fore had comparaii.riy short term of service. That remark was base upon statenniHis we had seen else where and which, without persona verification, had been taken as au ical demagoguiw who misrepresent thentic. Rut it must be wide of thr men and motives, make a noise about inark if the membership of McCooV evils which do not exist and main- I'ost furnisfies a criterioji by whicl tain a perpetual agitation for their ! to reach a conclusion, li/a communi own selfish benefit." They I'ciiit otit |«alion printed elsewhere in this is the fact that fundamentally the iia-j sue, Mr. J. U. Goshorn. shows tha :.liundi:nt ns it is now should be absolutely no illfflcuUy flnanclng it. But one time after another they have been turned down because the men who have money invest do not want to put it Into corporate investment at a time-when and in a place where the only public men who seem able to command public support or attention are thoae who have made a specialty of denounc Ing corporations and demanding that there be thrown around them legal rcstrictioTis and rcqiilntions und which no private business could <• 1st. It is one thing to frame laws wjiich will protect the people from extortion and discrimination. Ks'erybody is (n favor ot that. It is quite another thing to demand legislation of such a character as to absolutely put stop to legiiiniato investment and thus retard the development of the country. This lattfr is-what has been done by the poHilcal agitators encouraged, .ildid iiirl abetted by sensational ir.rc. .vriicr;^ and pro feRsloiiiil nlntronn ••.•.•,riii"r>.," and is 11'. :e iriilli •.'•.—<- |i ti.ld. th't" eoun '.iy v • '. iiil;! wliii ih our (1, iliii-!i l( V 111 vr:y I 'a 'jil ih nuind. !.•> a le'lt'ci v\\'<' i/ ;-,">Mm, p.nMy platform <r:-.i riii-;Ivf< .ind no deatri'clive, «i)on whleli shall placed parly candld»;< •. wi:h sent-enough to see an drourar,- enoii.c to declare that a country nny booming with bis; busliies.'-.. li!:)t Iher' may be regulation wilhoii! str.ingii lation, that there may be sueec: without criminality. "Let us h:;v peae<-" would be a mighty good sic .£;an for a party that dcpires to carr> the cotiniry at the next election. there \ certainly be amended to great ad tion is sound, the crops fair, speculation has slowed down malerially, there are no international disturbances, no serious outbreaks of labor —in fact, no legitim.ite disturbing element calculated to effect commerce, yet business is uneasy and restless and the commercial pulse apprehensive. .The condition is 'due, according t; the unanimous belief of business inej in every industry, to the <'irorts on th< part of demagogic, uelf-seekei's to se cure political pow-er at any cos There Is a firm conviction not on) in the minds of industrial lenderf nut the rank and file of lepitimat' commerce as well, that the slruggl' between the great "political power- for control has depressed husihess a point where panic almost menace the country. And that this is not the opinion e "big business" alone anyone ma: learn for himself by a very little In quiry. Ask the men in lola. for ex ample, who have been struggling fc two y <>ars with the problem of an In ter-urban railroad. The propositioi is. an absolutely sound one. Nobod} doubts that a .trolley line from Kansas City Aown through Olathe Ottawa, Garnett, Tola and on down thr line Into Oklahoma would be a good investment, and with money as cheai nearly li:\lf the luetr.bcrs of that Vos cnliBled in 1S61, and only a small number in ISfiS and 1SG4. This i very iuteresting and to the ex 'ent tr which the same contliiioiis would holr" good the countr>' over, it would tvnC to modify in part the criticism of Sherwood bill. Still, as Mr. fioshon -ays, McCook Post, and we believe th ank and file of Old Soldiers ever> vhere would prefer the Sulloway bill '•^or one thing the Sullowny bill nnkes no discrimination among th' oldiers on account of income, as the '.herwood bill docs, and we think that 3 right. ' No soldier ought to he r< uired to make affidavit as to wh"thei lis income exceeds a given sum as f ondition to securing a pension. Fo; noth -T thing the Sulloway bill woiil lot reduce lUi> pension of any solt'.ii 8 a strict interpretation of the Sher vood bill wo'ild in som-- cases. TaU' he case for example, of the soldii i .ho for perfectly go od r .-sons nia.> lavo served only lyO days and yet it evenly years old. He is getting $J I month now, but the Sherwood hi! vould give him only And final ly the Sherwood bill does not provide as the Sulloway bill does, for pensions to soldiers widows who married since 1$90 .and that is a most right^us provision. The Sherwood bill has some good provisions, but it could PERS8L MEANS TK:;S TO No IVIorellubbing.' No t'P.ove Washboard. Ko More Stains. No More Garments "Worn Out hy Washing." No More Hinds injured by Strori;:; Soap. No More Washday ToiS. Your clothes will be cfoanorthan over before—The white oiothoo whiter; the colored fa2>rloo brigi-.tor. Ten Cents at All Grocers vantage. Later: Since the above was written the bill has been passed by the House after beteg amnedcd by striking^ out the $1 ,08^ clause and there strlction in regard to admission to the Soldiers I^omes,—amendmont.-i which very much improved the bill. T '.'O Repuhiican papers of the country seem to he unnnimoti.s in their opro?it!rm to tlK nomination by he Dcnifcrais of \V( <)W .Wilson iVonder why? —Otla-va Republic Here is one Kepifblican paper that •is not at all uii.'inimous in opposing the nomination of Governor Wilson by the Democrats. Wo do not think then is the least chance of his nomination so far as that is concerned. But if he were nominated he wouldn 't com.- withln a mile of carrying states tiiat the Democrats, under any ordinary circumstances, must have in order to win. There are a good many reasons why this would be so, but tho chief )f them Is that the .\mcrlcaii_ia;<y)lo never y<'l elected a man president •vho deliberately set out to be I'roal- dent. (ilfTord rimiinl says the peoi)le are <d:icinK social justice above partisiin mccess. Hut how can social justlcv 'le secured except through the suc- •egs of some party? That is tin liiestioii which a good many earnest Mid sincere reformers, such as Mr Pi:;ehol undoubtedly Is,^seem to overtook. They seem fo forget that there =s no war by which there can be gov- rnment in a Rejjublic except through •;o! it ical parti's. That b'-in-; true fhe men who break down inirty lines md dtmnraiize party organization, 'ntrodiiee chaos and not order and iring al'on! conditions which go far 'o make "sr.cial justice" unattainable. .•\fter trying it for four years lli ^elolt Daily Razelte retires from th leld givin.!; the simple and sufficiynt -eason that "iSeloit is not big enough for t^wo daily papers." Substitute the name of any town in Kansas below 'wenty thousand in population for hat-of Reloit and the same staleh'.ent would be true. The HaskH^ Indians played Ottawa rniver.«ily the other day and th>' score was r >0 to C. Now THAT must lave bct'n a football game worth s"eng. The horse got his riinitaiion f'.<r in- lellig-nce by putting up a good front. The finest horse on earth hasn't as inieh "horse si -nse" as the oriiri'i-i mule. Suppose we do abrogate the treaty with Russia: Wli.-it is the ii- \t move nd who m.ikes it? Rut tw'o years ago nobody in Kan^•as would hav" suggested .John 1) Rockefeller lor i'resident even in What 1)11) the .\iipeal to Treason ay about it anyway? THE Kwsvs ij.v\(;r.\(;E. The Coffeyv.lle .I(/iirn,il offer.s per- ai's tile bes^t e\plana»ion of wh.y tin .onicn of Los Angeles voted lor .su- .>ous. They knew, says the .lonrnal hat •you cant get washerwomen ii t prol'.ibition town." —0— Herbert Porter the traveling n::ir .vho .-.'ipiicd "II a ball room f;oor ii .Vithita landed on his no.^e. died roiii the injury. M'joil poi.-«n deve!- ipinfT- —0— In hi.s seri-Dii at ihe tnhernael.- ii .Vichita last Sunday. liilly S 'lni 'ay .aid: "I5y the eternal, if prohibliici ver come.T to an is.sue. I will droj veryihing ei.Ju and stinnp Kansas rom one end to tin? other, to prevent !i(j dirty, rotten bii.slne.os from be oniing •legalized' egain in tlii'-; state —0— ;?ti;'iiii»s at Ottawa I'niver-lly have "nt a e'i:l1'enge to .Miiyor Rillard of 'oiipkn for ;: debiie on tbr- <iue.<tioi; f wh<' her pro'iibition is :> g.icd thing "or the state r,r no'. —0 — Many .MecMox o." V.'ii-hita has ooster v.lile!) be i.- willing to la-ft gain't any o<h<-r rooster or against Ti )bofly's eat as the s'ire.«t and (p.ifk- 'st iroi'.i -e hi'ler in th- slate. T !ie eo-ter 'ook I'p mouse-killing when -If grown and has iiecoi-ie an exert, being quick and pati'.-nt. —0— fdiiie of .vou c!:enp skaic-.s who nev- r h:'(' a nii'lion dol'ars." reornfii'lj ennrl;.- Kdltnr flraiige-. of the Ne- vvaka Talk "do tot know of cniilFe what a big thing It Is. We wllt^imt oil wl<"». When .vcti ha -.-e ,1 lullllo') one dollar b!11« and pile them flat o'l oi) of p-.rh other In nrd'-r to fake of he •<i'i one you will bnv to re3cb u 2''W feef. jr you laid them end ei<d thev would reue'i eleven mile-* yo" had the .'•mourt In nitrer dol rs «lie pile wo>-'l I>p '• little over n ilp .nnd p hflf )!c';v n-,. 1—ow 'bi^ l-o •> foe* tn we trie<1 It the nt'-P^ I "lyM put before we eot through our I B^'i>f>i-ii"on*': *1 'e window came down , nd woke us." i> ^ >(. 4*4"f> ^ 4| * AS OllIERS SEE THIVGS. «• •i-i- * -i' i. ^ ^ ^ ^ 4- * A- 4 .1 Day of Iniialry. Washington Post: Reprelsentatlve Victor Murdock has sounded the keynote of the attitude of tfie i ubllc today when hr» .«ay3 tiierc; is no grave I>oliiicaI uniTst, bat that ih .'ife is popular "inquiry." The cond'itio i that he describes is not one tliat-is <cn.lucive to tho jiopularity ot the; denagogue. The pcorili; arc not goipg off halfcocked. The millr, of the gods in America grind s'owly, but sircly, toward sane i regress. Mr. Murdock puts tho atiiriide of the.puilic In a catchy w:>y. whiih. however, does-not direct from the truth of:his proposition when he says: • "1here is no paaalon .nb real agi- U'aiion in the land. I..nter i>erliaps. Rut not now. For it is not, as many s !iy, a day of political uiirest}. It is a day of great -iioiiular Inqairy^ People are reading—voraciously.^ T^ey want to know, it is not an hotir of .N'apole- onlc leiidershlp or obedient following. Title looks in vain for wonted hom- :ige and the voice of autliority has a frog in It."No voice In ilie pjisi f(jw years has had such authority as lijsur;en<y. It Js true that this voice ;of luihorlly has a fit".; in K. The p{<«pi,. tire no 'oii.';"r (aught by pretty | phrase >i. Tli-.y are nut Jitiiipltig blindly .••t the t-ejTtitirul theories Of Ideal \ pcivern- i :ii m ;?res .>me<I to lliem fronitiio Cha- lauqiia and <-lHe\\ here. . \ The ili'v of the agltjilor ijas come and reiie. For <iulte a vyhllj- he has had the ceiiti^r of fhe stage.| He has Mo:ij'!:i Hi* |)i'.blle nolljinjfj Today the iHOpI" are anal.vzing-anii dissecting. They sfe through "ami beyond the wires tha: work I !;.• political manikins. Again and ;igaln tl-.e voters have shown at el<<-t!ons that lliey liave cast .-iside thi- spe <ioi ;3 aigu 'ments that iimused and enihuse,l them ii; political me <'ti!igs. Th'y regard th - choice if a Preside nt as a f.iativr t|or delib- •r- If rdirclicn. .Mr. Jlbrdock has •••.•!!sed il \e feelii -g tiiatj always ;-er ''::dK jast about the tiii >e a iiation- itl "leeli:in is approacliiii .g. j At such :i time tile jieople want lip blincombe. political by their They aru not deceived by jockeyinii They judge men deeds and not by their woijds. .\S I'O !M:NSION.LK(JiSf,VTIOX. K.I i tor Uegi.-ter: ^ ! I Dear Sir;—\our comiHenJL on the .Sherwood Pension Hill, in Which you Miy "tliat comparatively, few of the 'ong service in<'n are now; liyiiig." .incl hat "His bill coires too'" late to help the men fo:- whom it i)r6fes,'ses to be most concerned."' is not forne out by the record.-! of .McCixd; I'ost, .\'o. ."il. '. A. V... lola. whic'i. nt) dOiiht, is i; air average of tln" I'osts affected by liension legislation. McCpokj Po-5t ban iliout lit; members, of whit'b .•>•*> en- 'isied in ISf.l; ;!S in ISCi; li) in 18(13; AS IT SKEXS TO ME. =M-H''i4-->4^ ^-i^-l-* Christmas Indepcndi-uee. My Dear Theodorh: I hasten to answer your hios- welcome and suggestive letter. I have been through the perplexity time and again, both ih solitary fret and fever, and in company with all sorts and condi.icr.s of people. Kverybody laments our terribly mis­ fitted and extraxagani giving during the especial sc-son or pence and .qood will. Everybody is quite sure that our custom should he thoroughly transformed, and our i.oint of view find a more wertliy v.-.ntuge. And everybody, speaking broadly fails in any contagious way of putting thei conviction into practice. Your characters ^nd capacities have -given you intimate relations with various circles of iieoide. Your wealthy friends re<iuiro so much con sideratlon. They make such hand some gifts as a matter of course and always remember you so generously Your heart goes out to all our kith nnd kin, rich and i^oor and middl class,. You -Lave your church and business nfllllatlons, and your per sonal missionary Interests on tin frontier and over-seas. There are obligations and expet tutlouK, and ih< utter confidence, of llnle chililreii You "hate a mnkeshSft of any sort des))ise anything cheap. :ind abomi na!e trash. You always have EO liltl money that you are free to use for Christmas giving, so little limi' nnd strength you dare to devote to it. and you cannot content yours<vlf to risk any ajipearance of being too dri'ad fully economical, or in any wise in different." It is a very clear putting of th case, and I thank you for your can dor, inasmuch as 1 can sjieak out m mind with greater < aae. Someone told mo the other day that 1 'wa "brutally frank" wiien asked for a bi of critical judgment, but that is not nearly as. bad sounds. On might just as well s:;y that a well trained surgeon is brutally skillful What have the desire to h .elp and t heal to do with bnitisiiness? This i pre-em.inently human.—but you will not complitin of any hurt, especial I as I (ind no distinctive "id;igue-spot. —you are one of many and we arc all tho victims of our time. ut of th« fail te ,^he Sher- I in ISCt; and :! in ISf..",; ( •!•; iiieinbers only 7 won •e(,":\e the full benefits-of vood hill. Of these seven, joue serv- •d one ri'0!!lh. two served sij: months 'lie five i!iot!tl!:-.. two four nionths art ):ie I'lir"'' :;><nit'!o. It win In} observeo !!:it !>:t li"Miibers of l!ie "I'o-^t rillistef' II IsiM-t;:; l.-ing i;i;:e-t-'nt!is of flu •Biiri' ine:iilM 'rr 'iip. ! Therejs I'ly little in pen.Mon legi:;- at ion tliat the "Old Soldier" is i;o" •el! iiis'i -(l on. AleCook Pi)st woiili" he in favor of (he Siillow.ii- bill bit; or th"- re:i.^<'n that l.,<jdKe. pC .Mas:-:;.- •hiiselts. i-i t .-ic last seiCvion of (^oji- ;re8.-=. lililnsti red it to df:ith. for fi ar he claiitKcl. that the Pre.-I(i -ir >voubi viti) it. 'Ihe Shej-wnod bill h :i;iiir-: ly r^-jr, a.'^ it seek; > .re;';giii: e. :ar as pension legi^• atioi! (an. t ''i- lioys .who Kh <»f the lifi "';t of tlic f.'belliii't. H was liUll .'t> ;iid not hot .'ir tj-at \>i>t 'he Cotifeil- r ;iry out of biislt;ess. V.'natever pev- ion legisl.-itifiti is i -nactecl U\ 'he pies- •nt Congre;-- v.ill no doubt le the hs egisJatioi' piovidlng pensions for tl.- ;r,rviving rn";(m srddiers and sailors )f the War r>f ihe Kehellif|>n^ and r i ::t and proper iiensioij lav cvn nr onger be dela.ved. lioeai:se il does no' er-ke .ei|r,;i\ provision for tbf frw wV.e nw or did little if any. seijvice. Xei- her the .Slierwood nor Siillov.-ay bill.- ill be ji .isscd by the .'present C<tv iress. but n conipriimlse bill whicl •e Iinjio < i .Tibracc ?,hc ibe.^t pro isions of bot'i. I .1. n. oosiioitx. . Adj'iitact Post. to A lares package of PERSIL costs b aima end docs a dollar's wynti. • ori-v f-r "-n 'r---„i.~criy»-ip. T>,„o^.,,t.,,c boatmBn it is -<-..p "Oh. T (Jen'* Ifi""- J.ii 'hrrmBn froi: ill t'in\- iTvp tr. V^-n Is u fpotba'l storr nid a cover design depicting a turkey." Quite a number of men ate holding i :m .--ales tliese day", "and most of he wise ones Use thf |Register'! "oniblnatlon rate for blU-: and advertisement. The bills mny bo mailed :c persons the seller nwy think are especially Interested. The s inio read- Tig matter on cardboard; may be pos; "d at prominent corners. But the feature that jiroduces fjie results Is :he advertising of the ^nie \n the Uec:- |ster. While the seller Is bWy making arrang ?;nient3 and finstlng hi.-- Miy nr 100 cards tho Jlegllsfer has fpnieii the new* Into t^.e homes cf 20 000 p/^ople which mejins all bm 'i.i<-» In the county. Tfhe ad. tells the snine .story as the hills: Who is :ioMing a sale; Where i ^e f^alff-uflte^ olaee; Wlien it oocurs; Who) •ioneer and clerk are; :e:-:iis of sale are and Ail.L he .'Old. The .-seller would li he felt F'ire peoiile wi)u! of ',is bills., He may he:"oeijta!n that 2 ''."ino will see his ad. Th^t Is why 'he stvie has changed in A'l'i and W!-e Seller.- now think the auc- Vhat the that will e glad if I see one n coitniy Icf the ad iPit pu; out til" hiUis rpaijt'y from .\n Interesting thing hps leveloiied n ernnecfion with the iT 'ernt estah- li.shment here i,T a faeto'i-.v hat u.-^e.-' li:tl^.':eI s!ie!'?. A few ijeoi le llvi:i<» I'o .Mg i;:" rlvrr t;ike the J)o?. ion H 'ai they own the river to i's njiddle for entire r!.-"naep tli?t.'- t(-i.f.iir-,. t"..„t.- ">rd. 1 Social conditions and unrest, hip! prices and questionable i ;>iility, th sjiecioiis and gaudy against the .i;->n nine and lovely, th'- ephemeral a;;an- ihc eternal, and over all ;:i:d throuc! all the terrific presn-ti" that eiia.'je cut the pure .-lir :ind i.'i'!ivi(!-);i! coi; mission—these are th<' Ihings tha make individual simplicity so apiiar enliy imimssihle. But simplicity is just the one at tribute we should exalt and e.\;ol in eelebratitig the l.irtli o." Christ.—jusi the ono oletiientiwe shotild possess and express in onr Christmas greetings to the widely variant people whc make up our spet:ial world. The wi .f .r me nbroiiK;ht their treasures of golr' and and myrhli win r (hey followed the star to the l.'hice o' Ihe king. And thtit was well. OIK woman in tlie jifter time broke IIM alabaster box. Another w;!s a.s gna:- ly commended for l -.i-r pift of twr tuiles. and thi" rei-lly woriJi.v- C!:risi- nias ijlvin.t,' ef :i "s of f'''.!e!i;ias livini all tir' i< St cf UfT ye .-ir. If v., our li'.st all tlic way to Mie Clirisl- hiinger a!!il ihirs' and ivk'-lm-s.* c our relatives iind friend.?. 0 ':r fi -llow- soldiers and strangers 'h<' g-fs. ' believe we shall knov.- when Chri.-ii- mas Di'v ap!>.-'>ae;i!'?. h.jv lo si CUM and present th.'- li;l;<i;r, l!::.t shall protnTly carry t!i - it:e-/:';!e cf ihf nt]- vein and its more lit:-.' ! mal:e yo.l f.o li?'.^. I vrire .vou lU reeip.-s. We alv.ay.; v.o'k oi't tht best thin.^s for oiir.s-lves. gi!i.l:-d ; little here., inspired a mome-i? there heartened up and clu'cred .Tlong, bi- the real i)rocess is our very, out-m;is tering own. And so the Christma.s tiivitijj inevitably afiects the welfare of 'he giver To receive i.'ic good (hings ti).-;i. oui friends bestow warms the heart ant" illiiminrs man.v a reach of larg-T effort. Hut to find that our own expres sion is really ivord: whije, that out own r» gard for other people is somehow brln?ring to them :i brit;l!'eT flower ami richer fruit, is a mic! greater blessing. Tlf» mor.' we pom Mirselves out. the more genuine ijow er flows in, and while any givin.c: tha is not especially ac:uated by th "sr principles may belong to the goo(' and iiroduce more good, it can never be mistaken for the highest and best, nor produce the best. Then this is the sliining thread that leads us out of the labyrinth You have done well to consider the matter in such gooil time, and tc make such a frank statemetii of your conditions. Limitations fairiy "met are largely mastered. To define wha» we should like to do in the light of what we ought to do to-^eth<r with the means that we can rithtfttlly cn- I)loy. has within i' the iis.surance of success. And If fiier-e is ever a limr when we rhould "sfek oe.r own law and stand or fall by if." it i.s in cel-- brating t!ie birth of the Great Indlv'd- nalist. lied iu i-iviit?: ones-lf as he .cave hims-!f, for the mometit's depth of hum: 11 n'id. and for the ciidl 'S.- forces of productive power. |e stream av-> even served nct'ee thi- .^iip""} w'!l be oi:po?r!fi'. irei- id." that the state ovjrns trr!= its ftrf.ims and wh!' any p{fo!J:« •.'.< 'if: owner n!.->v opvo=c the tani Ing of a boatman it is noi_po?sibJe o stop a ii'hrrman from dlrgine ^'ie shn'ls In' th« fitrrara. At least that :lB he interpretation placed on the l^w ly a man whom the Register n^d- Ti:p law and cnn- > a land So .ift,-:' all. the sobition of Christm.'.i tn.iiltr is a \er .v sii^ii!. mailer v. !:ili yon folle'v i ::e rlij'. K»en with vfi 'ir l :'t!.- time :i !id s:r.;r.:'!. and inoiH'y nnd l ;i <-k of han 'li -.*'i :i :I. .voiir daily r^pporinniti's will pr'; v von. wli-n yo'.t loot; fcr ih-m a s^iri- clelK treaqure-liove of jiirt !li • riul 't sor' agaltisf the tr;ins<^en;lent -Jiv. Yon are gifted wi'h such svmi>:rliitie understanding of your friend:- ;!'id ilielr e ..i ;:entlal refiuiremenf. and yon are alwavs so rich in ready jro ""t ,;<rs,' "lid j^bsolute good cheer Au'! even *if your persona! endowm""' were very much less. I shot'ld stil! v.iv. tise what .vou have. Bring o'tr every pos.iibje niiality for this s'> Offers the following list of the Important 1911 Books for the Christmas and Winter trade: •.';<!•• ciiliires of a Suburlmnite'' By author of Pigs Is Pigs-.7,">C ".Vs the Sparks Kly Upward" ^ By Cyru:< Jowns'd Brady ^l.S."* ".M Ui >iH\ Old Siwasli" By George Fitch, net ".\meritan Itelis*' (A Gift Book) By Harrison Fisher. net-$.'{..>« •'.Vdtenturi's of I.etitia Carberry" I'y Mary Rol)evt:s Rinehart -Net $1.25 -.Veroplane of .Silver Fox Fiirm'' By .lames Otis "»oy .Sciiuts til .Maine Woods" By .iames Otis "The Ilreiid lliKhway" . By .lefirey Farnol. net ..$I,:{,"> "Hoy .Senilis of .InHTifa" The Official Handbook.., Mc "lliisinc^s I 'roNC Poems'' By Witll .Mason, net ... ijtl.OO "Breath of ihe I'ralrli" By Will Mllbridge. net. *I.L'0 "The Carjiet of IJiigdad" By. Ilandd .McOraih, net $l,2lt "Th«' Cjibiii'' . I!v Kdward Stewart White •Vet ... . , . $l„-,0 "The ( !»niiiion l-inv" By ii'tiiiert Cliambors, net *'l.l(> "Use fonflict" By David Gr;>ham Phillips. Price !iil.;{() "Cave of Kifhard .Meynell" By -Mrs. Huiniila'ey Ward. .Net V. $1.35 -<'i!!:id s Fair IVeatlier Book" By Oliver Herford. net.-$1.0(1 -FtcN .Setoiid Husband" *0y Corra Harris $1,25 "Thp J:a>it'sf «iiy'' By, Arthur Ilornblower--$1.25 "Fair Ameripaiis" iCift Book) By Harrison Fisher, net..$.'!.00 "Foliowimr the Star'' By Florence Barclay, net $1J{5 "Five (•alloiis of (Jiisoline" By Morris B. Wells, net.-$!,'25 "(iood 01(1 Hays" Novelty . By ('has. Wiioeler Bell .Iflc "The (ilft of file (Jrass" By ./ohn Troiwood More.$1.25 "Hb.s i.'ib'.Ie (Jauir i:y Ka'<' I,. Cosher, net. ..'i;i.20 "riif (ilory (if Cleiiicnliiiii'' By Wm. .1.-Locke. nct_.$l..'50 "The (Jirl of Ihe tJoIden West" By David Belasco. net.. $I.'J5 "Ihe Harvester" Bv Geni(> Stratton-Portor— Net $1-15 "His Jlour' By K!inorU;lj;n. net $1.25 "Hiivdc" I!y Phi'p;.- Oijenljeiiu. net $1.25 "The High Calling" ."y Ciias. M. t-'heido;!. net .$lj;(» "Hearts and llishwajs" By Cyrus Tnwius 'd I'.rady $1.25 "l:!s!de the Cup" i;y Winston Churchill $l.-_»5 "The Iiicorrii-'ihle Diikane" By Geo. C. Shedd. rtet... 'rl,'25 "The Iron IVonian" By .M;irgaiet Deland, net $1.25 ".\ .laylunvker in Lurope" By W. Y. .Morgan . $1,25 ; "Jarkiihoy in Kaliihow Lnnd" By William L. Hill $I.'J5 "hitnsiis in llie Sixties'' r.y Saiiniel .1. Crawl'onL $2.0(1 "Kennedy S(inar('" By F. Hopkinson S::uth $1.25 "Keeping up wilh Lizzie" By Irving naehellcr. net.$1.00 "The land We Live In" Boys' Book of Conservation— N-t .... $l,5!i "Liie L'verlasliiig" By .Varie Coraelli. net...$I.:5.". "The I.i'-'hted Malch'' By Chas. X. Buck, net iSl.2.-, "The Long KoII" By^lary .lohnson net $1.10 "Love Inder Fire" By Rand.?!! Parrish. net_.$l.:j5 ".".^arv Midiinim- ' . r-v G'Miri'" Barr MeCutcheop. Net . $I-'5 ".Measnre of a .Man" By Norman Duncan, net $1.25 "Tlie .'Hansion" By Henry Van Dyke, net .".tic ".Mcllier Carey's Cliickens" By Kate I). Wigin. net. $1,25 ".Memories of Two Wars" Bv Gen. ^'^•ederick Funstoi;— .\';i . $:5.0(! "The .Money Jloon" (liltistrat'di By .lefirey i-"a!i:(d, net ...$:{.00 ".MeuUil Efliriency" Ity Arnold Bennett, net 7.5c ".Me—Smith" liy Caro'ne Bockbart. net $L20 -.Miilor of Old Churcii" By Ellen Glasgow, nct_-i^I.35 "The Ae 'er -Ho-Wcll's" By Rex Beach, net $1.25 "Nature Sketches in Tenipenile America" By 1.. .lane Hancock, net_$2.75 "Tlie Life of Tolstor By Nathan Haskel Dole.-$2.00 "How Leslie Lowd" By Anna Warner, net...$1^5 "The .Mail Who Could Not Lose" Bv Richard Harding Davis— .Net li!1.25 olvMi-mhers of Hie Family" By Owi -n'WIstcr, net JL^S "Old Kelliible" By Harris Dickson . $1.2.". "Old Hen" By .lames Otis . $1.0(1 "Opera SjlHipses" l ',4 pljiys l!y .1. Walker .McSimdden— .Net ... 75c "The IMiantom of the Opera'" By G:is»on l.arou. net $1.25 "Pay n.iy" By C. II. Henderson. nct.$l..')0 "The Pioneer" P.yiWiii. .MeKeevcv 7.'>c "(iuciMl" By II. Sydnor Harrison __$1.:J5 "I'he Peace of Solomon YaHey" By Margaret Hill McCarter—Price 50c, *1.25 "The Prodigal .lodge" By Vatiglian Kester, net $U0 "I'efer iiiid Wendy" By .1. .M. Barrie, net $L.iO "The Poet's .\cw Kiiglaiid" By Helen A. Clark. net-$2..';0 ; "J.'olf in ih? Woods' Bv Ernest Thompson Seaton. -Net $1..">0 "Hainor oi .Last Frontier" By J. Marvin !>ean, net—$l.-'0 "The Ki'liellion"' By ,J. .Medill Patterson _.$1.25 "KythHiir Studies of the Word" liy .1. .M. Cav.->ness $1.00 "ROM- of Old Htirpeiii" By .Marie T. Daveoss. net $1.25 "ifoherl Kiinhcrly" I5y Frank Spearman, net $l..lO "The Itovcr Roys Ooivn East" By Arthur .M. Winfield .50c "The IlodI of Evil" By Thomas Di.xon, net-.-$1.20 '•-^-'ecret (.'arden" By F. H. Burnett, net. .-$1.35 "On Second Thought'' r-v .;. 1-;. House iDod Gaston) Price : - $1.00 "The .Sad Shcplierd" i;y Henry Van I';. !:e. net 7,5c. "She Ruildeth Her Ifoase" By Will B. Comfort, net $1.25 , "Siek-a-lled Lady'' i;y Klinor H. .Vbbott. net $I-'15 ".Skipper and Skipped" By llolman Day :..$1.25 "The SIf.ry (;irl" By I.. .\I. .Montgomery..$!A> "Slir Lou 'S .Me" (Illustrated) By Henry Hutt. net $1,50 ^ "Secretary of Frivolous .ViYatrs" By .May I-^uteele, net $1.25 "Stories of Heroism" By Wm. H. Mace .._-$1.0« "Sixes and Sevens" By 0. Henry, net. .^.u:--$1.20 "Slerii-s Thai End Welf' • i'.y (ictave Thanet. net .$1.25 •T.-m S»vii'l'.'» Electric Hiflt'' By Victor Appleton 3,5c •Tlie rennos .'iee Shad" By Ovveo .lohnson. net—.$1.20 "rhr'i:!trh Hie .Mill" By Al Priddy. net $1.35 •The 'Frack's End" By ila.vden Carruth $1.00 '•Trail of the Tenderfoot" Bv Pieph. Chalmers, net $1.25 '•The Turn of the Wide Way" Bv Flora B. Green .50c "•rhings i.-eaufiful'' By Sam. F. Wollard-.50c, $1.25 "The I'liknown Isle'' From the French. By Pierre de Coulevaiii, net:. $1.35 "Henry Ynn lake's Poems' Complete in 1 Vol. Xet_.$2.00 "Watchers of liiic Skies" By Gustavo Mertius, net SlA^jj "Weaver of Dreams" Bv Myrtle Rwd. net $!..»« "Winnlntr of Hijrhara Wortli" Bv Harold Bell Wright. $1-10 00 Mj Some of these we buy in hundreds —others only as the trade demands. With your help, our stock and prices we have made the Old Corner one of the Important Book Stores of Kansas. Evans Bros. Book & Stationery Store Ibla, Kanseis rem Wen- not that a gnat there is miicli arguinent. Another who ' '"'iSf •J''^'" Theodora.—pry "gift of 'JOC" pr >sse .-s--t:' iiis !i>,(;io:v to be known as on' ; Go AUNT MINERVA. ii ">-,r burih;-:is people at the Cliri;;!- :::as with poor, inanimate, un-r -gene-' ::.tlve, cumbersome Ihii.gsr I once ;'''^KS CrKJfD jXSEE TO M DAI'S, kne'v a good woman Slocked a booth at a chanty oa'^a iv : ,f p^^^O OINTMENT fails to^dur^'any with an accumulation if such things.) - — . — - _- -tl^-;,-.-^ service,-then "Follow the Gle .im." ,vi!h an accumulation ,r sueh thin;;s. 1 " j/^" ft-h^e mnl •^^/"^ Vor wo-.-d you comnlain that ".vou :,s sh- neod'-d the closet room she j ^'l'! °^ receive so many-more .hings than had gi.p;, them, and bec^aus.^ she j '"«•'"•» 6 to 14 day* 50c. you give." "A man's life consisteth thought they ought, to be doing some- ' not In the abundance of things he body some good. On such procedure Bfgister Want Ads Get the BIs.-

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