The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 2, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 5
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Beacon Falls Heiss Declining Nomination For Second Selectman Urges Delegates To Name I Another Office Candidate For ttmphtillcully declaring Unit hn In not it candidate for tho nomination of MICQIKI MiiltoCirmn In tho town of Unaron Kails, Ohrlntl;m Mills* today rwiurfptiid d«lugji'o« to clocllnir from nominating him for tliivt pu»U tion tt the Kopubllcan caucus Tumi-' nutlors.-t havi day I'vcnlntr, Aug. 20, Mr, HolHK, wno |«- tho pnwont Hocorul n«Io(?(w<tn, MiHlKnvtl from tht O, I), f, town o-viimlttoo In July, und on July 2f> iitntod ho him 'hiul enough of politics uftnr Y4 Delegate Asks Peace Conference To Get Busy (Hy Dl/Torunnmi of opinion atom to ex lot In T'urlw whcru dwIoKulcti from 21 to wrlto the In an nxpluniitlon of lily Intention* to ulHo ru.sU;n fi-orn thu bourn Of (VH.IHKHOrM Mill MOt Sl'Oll U,|. flllMl- Inutlon fur m>li>ctmun uguln, ho mild, "I cjin't hiilp It If I'm ruMlttnljij,' in thn mlddlo of thti your, t'vo dono by lilt for th« G. O. P,, now lot norm-one nl.'if ilo u limp ult," The .'Kieoncl HiiaJctmnn Biik! liu will contlmiij'Xi hlx ntipuclty on thu boiiril of miloctmun und liouul of Itc ntuti'd It In -hl« doHlm to Inform fuiiiOK.ior.-i until tho Oct. 7 (iloctlon, thif (ilooior.i of Umioon Falls u! hl>i Hlriccro Intention.-! tn rutlm from iriti l(>wn'n polllciil clrclfis. Ciirnhiil Opium Tonight I Tho farnlvtil .iponMorotl by tho! Anivrlcun fi^xlon I'OHt 2. r i iiiul thn Brucon li'iillji company, will o[n-n tonight nt NOO'.M Field, youth Miilri struct, nnd will ri-nmln iij;i.« until Kntiirdny, Au>;, ?.J, Tin- ellrrmx of tlio ulTiilr will occur on tho hint tivimlmr whon thrnu prlKo.t will bti tvwiirdod. Tho prlvscK. whlnh hnwi noon on dl.ipluv in the of nn »h'cti'li; rufrltfrmlor, window of AluiTt'si Harbor »hop wuxhlrig iimohltiu unit n tulilv niiulul nullo. Visitor f,'<itli&i'lnc ftcm of New Haven l,i vMllni.' nt tho homo ci/, Mr, iirul Mi'M. C'hH.'itcr Oarvln on \Volfo iivu- niui PiiMltliin MlH.i Cathcrlno Mulonn, u iv^lcltnt of New Yorlt city for tho pajit m> v ('nil yuurn, lia.H nmlnniul hor |IOH|- tlon 'in thm plurr., und l,i now n- j; with hi)! 1 irtolhiT, Mr*. Mnnili ' of i''<il'.ip»r nvoiui'.i. Thu New Xctilnnd dolopato W. J Jorclun— nncorcU by tho riimbllnj, pouou conffrimco uffoi'ts to organize trouty cornniUisloiiH — told his fnllov, (InlcxulPH to out out v,-hut ho called tho C|imctf, riuuclc unU ^rot down to work. The Now Zoulfindrr'H outburst WIIM tourlH'd off by uffortH of RUM- Minn Dc[)tity Foroltrii Mlnl.stor An- flrol Vltihlnsky to bur Francu from vollnij In thu CuHlnrn ICuropc truaty commlxMlon.M, Aftur thn Ronanlun tcrrltorlul conimltu-n llstiiridd to'H iinox|)«ctud proposal, Jordun ro«o and .suld dlMtfustod "up to now WL> have (,'ot no chulr- mun, W« nro Just n. mub." And hoi concluded, "1 w;int to wet .so thlnw do- nu In my llfutimo, Th» tionfcroncii will hnld commlt- trio niiiotlncH throufhnut tho day dlnof thi'i'o IM no plenary Mansion nohiidltlnd, Ponce iiho KunniH to bo on tho iiircndu toriny in China. Amarloa'jt (tpoGlal puiicu envoy Cunorul Guoegu Miirnhnll nncl nnl.lonallHt nuKOtlutor, T. V. Koonj,' huvo arrived In Chlna'H summur cupltnl of KulliiK, Th«y will huvo Homo Importunt ooni'oronco.s with Cvru-MillKSlmo Chlrini; Kal- Sh«U. ' " ' Three Court Cases Delayed Fight To Keep Meat Decontrolled Curtain Rises Ends Saturday At Litchfield The Curtain Rises, current com-j edy aUrraction at the Litchfield j Summer theater, closes a five-day | run Saturday. The dcliK'ntful comedy by Benjamin Kaye gets a superb production from the Litchfield group, managed by LVSifard Altoboll and Lawrence Slade. Saralie Bodge plays the part of an ugly duckling' who takes lessons in acting with the idea of finding some kind of romance on the stage. Gene Lyons plays her teacher. Lawrc-nce is a matinee idol w-iioiD she; udmires, and supposing performances are handled by Vern Armstrong, Sylvia I Stone, John Martin, and Mimi Palmer. Baldwin (Continued From Pape One) dcfore liho 1'rlcc Decontrol Bond In \V«Khliigton, Wesley llarJenl)crj;h, president of the American Mcut Institute uso« u churt (top) to co MI pure incut prlueu during and after mend control. Live'- I Ntock producers und meat puckers urc uliown (bottom) us tliey con- furrud in \V'usliln(rton with Sen. Tom Connully (D) of Texas. They tliutr rvstorntlon of controls on livestock would crentc another . intuit shortaKf thin winter and Hprlnjf, Shown arc (left to rljjht): Jo- Melili G. MontUKiHi, Fort Worth, Tux.; Seiuitor Connully; <Tuy L,. Tuy- lor, Amurillo, Te,x,, und A. A. SmlHi, Sterllnff, Colo. Both Taylor und .Smith KUVU tc'Htlniany, (International) To Pluy Sunday Tho Si, Mlchuol'.i 1 Crtisadr:-..! liuv-lofCI Ing hfikt "XtOriMlvo pcaotl'-jr, m'fJMlddK ' °' 1 c of lute III jiriipunitluii for their- tl "' ilrlvfo to cop tho Hucniul half tlll» In thn NmiKiitiifk AniuUuir fv,'v,riU', Tlio IfiOdl nlfid will play [fin Mlll- vllJo A, A. Munilny'at (ho |,j,.j, ;uh- fttlo Jli.'lrt. nu-n 17-,'trj, 1,-arn u trnrln nullo. Dli.wl imirlncH. riifrlKorntlu with thn Marino. Corps. Apply Otllcii Mil I Id I n^, Wiitnrbury. REGISTER NOW V,\t.\, TKK.M IIKOINH SKI'T, » llnnlliioiH AilrnlnlHlriilliin, i\ri>iiiin(> JUNIOR 24 Central Av«, \Vittoflni rj Throo CII.MOM In • borouch court this mornlnK worn continued until Monday mornlnj,'. NluhPluH ScliWLTtx, 7 Watortown avonuo, Waterbury, uppour«d on chaiKOM ot' Intoxicutlon and va- jfrnncy, Arro.stlnjf olllcor WH.S Frank Murlano, A companion ,ctiso, Emerson ''wont, r^naoon Fallov road, and Uonuld Slotnor, 257 Cherry street, who wuro In u .MllKht collision last ut 11:20 p. m. ut tho corner orry «nd Scull .itroct, appeared iar;;i':t of violation of the nio- 'nhlcli! laws. Arrofitlnk' olllcor. Stunluy Lovundo.iltl. DAV Election Planned Tonight All rnumliiirM of -thi 1 local chapter of th« Dlsablud American Vet- orun« wuru iirncid today by Commander Anirclo Pompano to at- tond ai\ Important mi!utltiff of thu i;ioup, to tn; hultf this livenlm;, 8 p. in. ut 32 Church *tr<ict. Ottlcorji fur tho forthcoming year will be fleeted lit thin evening's muetlng- FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Oo. 100 Mouth Muln St. CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tt't. 2210 Zt SOUTH MAIN STUWKT DlMMinlln NHii*iitiifk . of Umllii Hr»ninmlilr< fur KnUln 1111 i\ll Mn I'riinilit Hwrvlw . I.utrnt l^)iil|'i» \Vurk, Philco Car Radios Autoimitlo I' IttH'ord nml LAUGK STOCK OV SEAT COVERS $7.95, $9-95, $12.95 $15.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 80 MOUTH MAIN 8T. TEL. 6162 Nnuffntuok, Conn. GET A JEEP IMMKDIATK DKIJVKItV Voiir \Vir.l.VS-OVKIlI,ANI> Pf^lW LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc, 2-1 tUrrlmin Arrnnr Off Ktplinnin> I'lnrf. >V»lfrliury STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Wiitwibury, Cona ROYAU C1OUDA POT CRY Imported From Holland J''OK PORTRAITS Ol-' DISTINCTION Pliiinu -I72U LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO It No, Miiln St. N BUMPER JACKS Now In Stock B-M MOTORS INC. .80-H2 SOUTH MAIN ST. 04-11 "otton Hollow Seats Grange In Softball Game Tho Cotton Hollow aofthall team won a victory over the Beacon Valley prance team In a game Wednesday night at Fowler's Field, Straltsvlllc, with a score of 9 to G. Wilfred Taylor pitched six hit brill to win his second consecutive 1,'amc. Tho Cotton -Hollow tuam :icorod 12 hits .from .LouLs Voegoll of the Grunge team. Taylor was nicked for three hits in tho first, for thruu runs und addod two irnro on error . bv Norman Hotchklss und Leroy Schelthe- Andrew Dosko starred for tho Cotton Hollow tcnm hy hilling' a t.rlplo In tho .third to left field, '.Irlvirur In four rune. Lineup Tor the Cotton Hollow loam svn;i: Louis Click, catcher; :Wil-. [rod .Taylor, pitcher; Samuel .Bar lo.'flre-t liiisc: Lcroy Scholtho, soc ond base; Raymond Arbunto, third I base; Andrew Dosko, shortstop; Norman Hotchklss. John Slcola, Kinneth Taylor and William Hutt, I'litkliM'M. Kennoth Taylor was also unuilrc. Tlio Cotton Hallow team will play n return match with the toum from thu -Synthntic division of Uio U. S. Rubber Co., at Cotton Hollow Sunday, Atlg, 18. ." Martin Ciriello Buys Chestnut Avenue Store A store and property on Chestnut street has been sold by Harold' W. Roberts to Martin J, Ciriello and Aujsust Ccstaro, according to a warranty deed • and hill of sale on file in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J, St. John. Stamps indicated the sale price was approximately .$20.000, and the business v/tts sold for 55,000. Another deed* shows a/house and lot on Homestead avenue has been purchased by William C., und Bar>-—i A. Rado from Felicia Karoo- •wlcz.' Blakeiteeb AUGUST FUR SALE — IJUY NOW AND SAVE — nil N. MAIN ST11EET Wiitorliury Tol. 3-2727 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St. Union City Tol, NIMIR. fllU — Wilt. 4-OSZ6 Kllll KlnrU or Mri'l IllliiilM minimi, mill '»i»«l rn-tuncil, hllniU fix. . Mutt Doj; Do«id "Tippy," a whte dof; ownod by " Hutt family waa hit by an automobile; Wednesday and Iclllecl. His wa.t a pet of tho younsntoi's in Cotton Hollow, hnliiff very frlond- ly and following them on their hlUo« and \vhlle at play, and will bi: greatly mls.sed. Mtm'H Club A montlnK of the Men.s Community cluh will lju h«l<l Sunday morn- InK «t .10:30 o'clock in the club- roomti. All meinbera aro requested to attond. Maritime Union Makes More Demands On Shipowners Playgrounds End Reason Today Tlie local playgrounds, which have hocn open sinco July 1, closed for the season today, Supt. of Schools Harold Chittenden announcer]. During the ttummer the 'ocal younpsti.-rs have been enjoying themselves at the playgrounds. Indulfflnff in organized sport,. Or playing by themselves; One of tlio ftre.-Uer accomplishment!! of thlw year in the pltiyyi-ounds, waa the formation of tho Junior Base- ba',1 Icafruc by Peter J.' Foley. Playgrounds wliicli wore opnn«d clurfiiK this Bummer were: Salom school, Ho]) Broolt school, Central Avenue school nnd the Recreation Field. Mrs, Luce, tho y;ovcrticr said, [ "started a long- time at;o ursi me publicly to run. Her stand was, a strong factor in my decision. As for the rest of the Republican ticket -which will be made up at' J the September state convention in Hartford, the governor said "W« shall have to cross that 'bridge when we 'come to it. It is up to party leaders and in the last analysis the convention." ] The governor says he will insist; upon war veterans being Kivyn' places on the ticket.-, "Fellows who fought for America should have a part In shaping hoi- destiny," the governor said. Republican party leaders were pleased and relieved that Baldwin will remain in politics and will try for the Senate. The incumbent Republican senator—former Admiral Thomas Hart—is serving undru- an appointment to fill the term of the luto Senator Francis T. Malonoy. He has no desire to continue in politics. Now that the worries about Governor Baldwin are over, the state ticket is the chief concern of the party leaders: Capitol reports are that former Lleulfinant-Governor James L. McConaughy—-who served with Baldwin during his first term —may get the nod for the governorship. FiTlTi DislfT(5t Congressman Joseph E. Talbot of Naugatuck—who has announced fiis candidacy for governor—may have to be satisfied with second place, according to the political marker reports. . STRIKE ENDED Stamford, AUK. 36—(U p>—A wildcat strike -of 27, 1 ) electrical wcrkprs in Fairfteld and Wcs>tches- ter- co'diities ended Lhis morning. The'workers—who walked off tlielr jobs Monday without authorization by' their union-—voted ta wait until the WIIRO Stabilization . Board lixos their p-iy scale, Veterans Council Meeting Tonight PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 150 MAt'LK STKEET R & P METAL WORKS 09 SO. MAIN SXKBET (Rear) Steel Bar,s £ SheetH FOB SALE Ornamental Steel Work Telephone 6377 HKB I'M FOB VnifB VACATION LUGGRGE L'nitmlliiii IUcnvi«r«l, K«(inlrrd FISHERS lit «, MAIN i*T. &-1H7I FllOZKN FOODS TACKING MATERIALS Electric Appliance Co. U44 llaldsvln Mt. W»(. — Tel. 4-1S4U FRED'S HI-WAV 501 South Mnln St. lfgutur Dully Dinner 50o up \ L» Cnrto Menu SnURhcttl To Take Out Bunqtit't Ilooni, Cocktiill t Full TJquor tlconite WKDDINO GIFT SVKCIAL KLKCTUIC PKUCOLATORS — with chrome truy. HUjnr Mia complote ......... M. WOLFF S3 CUANO ST.. WTBKY (By ITnltod Tho National Maritime union la stiffening It* demands on the Great Lal«.'« shipowners, Nosv that the strike Is on, the union says it will continue until •t wins all Its original demands. Before the .strike started, while negotiations were KOlnK on, tho union modified Its demands and asked only a 44-hour week and a maintenance of membership clause. But now It has reverted to its original demands for a -lO-liout 1 week, pay Increases, s!c!< leave, severance pay, und preferential hiflnp, The head of the N-M-U, Joseph Cur-ran, figures on having about 100 sliipu tied up on the Lakes by tonight. Currun says It'll take about a week to 10 days to throttle traffic completely on tho Lakes. He has naked for, and received, promises, of help from other unions- However, Currnn apparently expects no easy victory. His seamen appear to be digging In for a Ions siege. A meeting .of thu local Council will bo hold this evening ut S p. m. In the court room in the town hall, Chairman Gaston Adams announced today. All members arc nalced to attend to participate in tho dtacur.siona concerning the forthcoming Sept. 2, V-J Day celebration. Harold Lewis, marshal of the parade for the celebration, 1 will mako a report to the council mem bers, Large Family Has Problems Worcester, Mass., Aup. 1G—CUP) —Forty-fonr-yonr-old Henry Brun- nclle has not one problem but 17 ...housing? problems, that is. He and his wife and their 15 children are wondering %vhere they will find a place to live. The 17 Brunellos fa.^o eviction from their nine-room two tenement home. And they don't know what they are go- Inpr to do if forced to move. But even with two pay envelopes the big problem still is food. St. Francis CYO To Meet Tonight A very important meeting- of the St. Francis CYO will be held this svenlni?, 7:30 p. m. in St. Francis school, Coach Dom Minnicuccj announced today. Arrangements for three games which the team must play before the second half of CYO play will be considered over, will bo discussed. To build a tank required the use of 1,000 different chemicals. The bulldlnK of a battleship requires more than 2,000, PARALYSIS VICTIM Concord, N. H.. Aug. Ifi—(UP) — A state agriculture olllcial • is dead of infantile paralysis at a-Concord hospital. Walter Felkcr was director of the Bureau of Markets in tho State Agricultural department. .-Tjhc 37-year-old man was stricken with the disease laat week-end. He was a son of State Agriculture-Commissioner Andrew Fclk'er. OPPOSED TO RUSSIA Munich, Germany, Aug. liS^'- —An illegal magazine has brought to light an organized anti-Soviet underground in southern Germany nnd Austria. The pi;blication;.'i3 titled "For the Liberty of the People," and hns been prinbd in 10 languages. It is bitterly anti-Russian and anti-Tito and ' speaks.-of the great revolution of the,.peoples, The principle stated aim'-of 'the magazine La the total collapse of Russia, . -..;,. SANDY BEACH LAKK QUASSAFAUa DICK FINL1SY. Mgr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Boating- 0 Bathing- 9 Picnic* Vacuum Cleaners Electrical Speclulltits AT SWAN'S Tel. 2074 15 Church St. IN STOCK UNIVEX-00 FILM AND SINGLE 8MM UNIVERSAL 500 WATT 8 ]p! PROJECTOR $63-50 We Have a Larjre Assortment of WEDDING ALBUMS PHOTOGRAPHERS— We Now Have In Stock ENLARGERS— PRINT BOXES- REFLECTORS— TRIPODS FOR YOUR PMOTO NEEDS IT'S 21 GRAND ST. NEAR SOUTH MAW ST. Waterbury NAUGATUCK 2VKWS /CO>fN.>, . AUG. !«, 194«— PAGE •s •* Woferbury's Friendly Department Store It's fun to be Your own decorator Unfinished Book Cases These unpainted sectional bookcases, give your artistic urge unlimited freedom. They're sturdily constructed of fine quality white pine. So purchase as many pieces as you need, grab" yourself a brush, select the color paint desired and you're off on an enjoyable, profitable venture. 15" wide x 36" high $5.95 18" wide x 36" high $7,50 24" wide x 36" high $9.95 30" wide x 36" high $10.95 36" wide x 36" high $11.95 Corner „, $11.95 THIRD FLOOR Paint Brushes Hornspar 45C 65c • Hardwood handles brushei 2" brushes Super Enamel Choice of 17 colors. Hornite Varnish Stain • "Neoceta'l bristles • Bristles ' are rubber- 1 set and will not shed. 60C «f DC 91.15 Colors of Light Oalc, Dark Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and Colonial Maple, TIUBD FLOOR txctvsn/ TWO-TON* COLOKS PORCH SHAVES Scientifically air condition your porch this summer with Coolmor Porch Shades. The Automatic Cord-Stop enables you to quickly and easily raise or lower the shade to the desired height that gives you just the right amount of breeze. Wood slats in colors that resist sun and rain. 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