The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 2, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 4
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I'AOK 4—NAlfOATttCK NEWS (CONN.), FIUPAY, ADO. 10. Jleto* nt tho pout olflco In Conn, . j BATES) payable In Advanoo V-J Day Plans Shaping Up AM the ,,.l u l,niti<>i. V-J Pay t<> "'"'Pi' HP- it is bc- ^rrnnKHPim>vn.attlu.('V(ml In be In" on Monday. Suptetuher * vr.l u- OHO , tho litest "»d mosf - <'''.)". val ' 111 s in Dii! history ol' this Wuii,«'li, I. , (ro working hnnl and with enthusiasm that. auKUi's well for the .smre.s* ot llio The crli'lii'iiliim will I"' HI honor »l the en and women nl 1 XnuXHtiick who, as mbiTH of the anued foives ol' our nn- , rendered u most patriotic-, lielptnl , m( | tmlWtfoltHl'li' serviH' in defense <jl. our country and the principles fro whu-h it stands, Today this whole community is eagerly, impatiently and feverishly "V"''"'**' Iho day when il can j"ii; in tin 1 ' "' ( -- 1 come Home." It intends U/«;ivc the.veter- ans a lu-nrt-wnrmiiiK deiuonsli'idion of its Kralitude to them I'm' tin- p»i't t'; ll >' played in [u'eservinK that freedom whioli is t.lip birthright of every diti/.en of Amor- ien, the greatest and grandest nation in nil the world. And let it be said and remembered lhat Nan^atuek never does any tiling l'\' halves. Col. Bradley, Noted Sportsman Lovers o!' horse raciiuK everywhere were sorry to leitni Hint ilenlh haw eiul- ed tin- eol'orl'ul career of SC-year-old Col onol Kdwanl Kiley Bradley ol 1 Kentucky, who became the only owner ever to win the Kentucky 'Derby Four limes. Tli(! Colonel wt\n a cowboy, a bookmaker, an Iii({ian .scout, a breeder and a true and very popular sporlsimm. Xot.^ouly did his horses win (lie 'Derby four limes, bid., in addition, four Bradley entries finished second, and another third, which, all in all, was u notable record in which Bradley took justifiable pride. He tried 'for his'fifth Derby winner in lO.'W when he entered " Bimeleeh," Because of illness, he was nimble to be present and .new "Onllahadion," a M.'i-io-l shot, out- speed hi.u favorite, ft probably was just HS well that he didn't see Hint race, for lie hml net IUH he-art on winning the dfiNsic n fifth time. However, he didn't ftive up that ambition, Only a whorl time IIKO he wrote u lollop in which' he said there would lie a Bradle,y entry next yonr. FHs winners of the "Derby were " Behave Yourself," In 1021; " P.ublilin.^ Over," in 1!)'J<>: "Hiii'tfoo Ki'tiK," in IH.'tt, and "Brokers Tip," in .!!)."•"•. Baby Citizens The United States acquired some thousands of baby eili'/ens recent(,v wlien the rresitlent signed a law nflVetiujL? the children of American servicemen 'and their j'oreixn brides, Previous statutes made, it: necessary for the father to have lived in tiie United Status for five years after his sixteenth birthday, if his children were to become ci> ; v,ens automatically. Xow the father can'count his five years' residence'from hiy twelfth birthday. It is n K°<> ( l thing to have these children of men who fought for America snfe- ly within the bounds of American citi/en- ship without further red tape. Flying 1 Farmers The lU;ht txirplnne has jcrcat. boosters in mcmborH of t.)ie Nut'tonal Flying Ftmn- flrs Annotation. There's nothing 1 quite like it, they nay, for tho farmer who lives t'nr from the. noarest town where lie gets supplies, lie can line his plune also for Kvii'voyiTig crops mid Hjmiyinj?. The farmer's family won't have to he snow-boinul, or shut in by muddy roads in tho spring. Country folk will yet he tho civvy of city people. With their own flying machines they will have tho peace and fresh air of the farm and yot be able to hop to town in a hurry whonovor they like. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck New§ 20 Years Ago Jonoph Grant ot Cherry Htreot apcnt his annual vacation In Now York city. o—O—o M|»H Margaret Kunkol returned from her annual vacation In RIUKOflcld, Now Jersey, o—O—o 30 Years Ago MI»H Edna Howard of Norwalk was tho guost of Mr*. Edward J. Ahorri of Mondow atroct. o—O—o Walter E, Brown of Highland avenuo spent his vacation at Highland lake. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To^Coast (Copyright. 1B46. by Tto HeaMt Corporation) Around The Clock MOPERN YOUTH S!i<> wan going out the door, This iiwout llttlo IHHH of four. Thoro wiis HpMtlclt on her nose, Hur chuultn wore like a. ml, red rose. Thon »ho lioiml licr mother any— "You nuroly loolt quite /;ny. But what la It nil nbout?" "Who tokl you you could go out?" c Slio n.'mumod a hauRhty nir An who ruturnccl her mottior'H 3ho toNHod hiu 1 curly liutxil, And iloClniitly -she stild— "If your muvver thoiiRht to so w'ns n sin, And alwiiys kopt you In Then tnll me If you cun How you over Kot a man." BEBTHA M. HASTINGS 'Red Smith picked up u nail hi one of his tires while driving homo from Glens Falls Wednesday night Result, n blown-out brand new tire Good luck to Patrolman Frank Mariano in his new \vutiirc V^'th his even disposition and grand personality he's bound to make' yood. . . . Soap is scarce, they tell us.../Save fats, ladies, stores will he making; a new ])loa for thorn. There's lots of music at the footwear plant these days..., Seems there's a program under way to prove that music in the air aids production Attention all Float Builders:—Police Chief .John .7. Gormlcy points out that consideration should he g-ivon the clcav- ;me.p of the Maple street trestle in the Welcome Home Parade.,..'. Anything higher than 1- ; .1-2 feet will have to drop out of the parade,.,. It's a point well taken, for there'll be much weeping nnd gnashing of teeth should an organi'/ation work to build a float, then have to drop out at the trestle because of the clearance lieinomher, keep them under 12 l-'l feet or they won't.clear the trestle or the Bridge street bridge. Theater magnate Gene Pasho is vacationing at Cape Cod— .George Rabbott is helping out at the Salem while the Alcazar is up for repairs Peg Curtin is contemplating a change of employment and a trip to Florida Tom Fitzpatrick is back from Glens Falls full of fire and ginger and stories about the type of hotel the local boys found themselves in when first they arrived We hear other reports that some of the visiting teams spent their first night in town sleeping on the floor of the town jail.... Somebody slipped up in making the necessary arrangements., . .Local Legion officials were more than a little burned up at the Glens Falls leaders.... Speaking of political indorsements, the Torrington Town Committee has given Tom UmlKovieh the nod of approval in his campaign for the democratic nomination for congress, . . . We were surprised to learn that somo people in the town luil] were caught napping by the. announcement that Warden Brophy was a" c'^i^Tlate. . . . It's been rumored very strongly the past several months... . John J. Qnirkc, assigned to Team 120, Kogensburg, with the United National Eelief nnd Rehabilitation Administration writes: "Present plans call for my leaving Germany this month and I would appreciate your holding all subsequent issues of your paper against my arrival in .Naugatuck. Yon can be well assured that'your paper has had a good circulation in tins area because there are approximately ;">0 persons whft. live within 30 miles of the fair borough." Ernie Pichulo, recently installed as a leading Rubber avenue'businessman, noted the official opening of his tavern last night when he ireated the boys to a real old fashioned corned beef and cabbage dinner.... Seconds were -in order;... Emio proved himself a mo£t genial host. MOKE ABOUT HUFFY THE QO///t— . This ifenlnl robber nnd. whom I have described in previous Chicago reminiscences was powerful but short aifd rnuaclebound. He trot his nlulinamc because in his early fights 'ho would put down his head, rush In and butt to the m'ld- rllT, usually knocking hla man cold. But he gave me many a good line, a roughneck with a. sense of humor, While doing: "life" in tho Indiana State BlK HOUSP, In Michigan City (he got out jus-t in time to join this First Ward delegation to the Baltimore convention which nominated Woodrow Wilson) Duff was a. model prisoner, became a trusty. In stir, he had put on a sustained act of profound repentance. "J meant It, too—then/; he told mo later. "You -see, I drilled a tunnel in u guy blgr enough so he could drive hla own hearse t'rough it. An' what made it bad was—it was Chi'latmu." live. • '• "A stick-up, yeh. But this lug wouldn't keep bis mitts in the air. How could I tell what ho was gonna do? It was, to all extents an' purposes, shootln' in aelf-dnfense. •I knew he had dough on him, cause I cased him. I had a .J4, not that li'l pearl-handled honey I liked .so much, the one I stashed In the cash-register ln tne barber-shop. Tills blunderbus Is what realiy busted mo. You could hour it a mile. Before she stopped smokln', they was a crowd aroun' me, in- cliulln' a sheriff wit' a ilfle. It was in ISast -Chicago. Indiana, not far from the city line, "I'm nallod cold. Imagine me, a blgtown celebrity, collared in the act In a burK like that! I was so 'mbarrasod, I gave a plVony name. 1 But my fingerprints spilled on mo. That Hooalcr judge givu me life like he was sendln' me r,n a week picnic. two- The*o It* mystery about the Warner-Joan Crawford rations. A re- '' parontly premature. Much talk was aroused In Hollywood when the studio, in brag ads for |t» twentieth anniversary of sound pictures campaign, did not mention the two big- Kies Crawford had made for it Reports indicate the Winter Garden will be dropped by Arthur Rank. British producer, and will go to Universal, which has no other theaters, I hear Mark Bellinger's "The Killer" (which looks like a smash in the projection room) opens at the. Garden—and, that's a Univessal, Benorted Romancing—Nuncy Carroll's lovely daughter, PutKirklund, and Wiirren Leslie of the Social Register, nf Brudloy's. . .1'anl Ber- ncy, Bern dealer, und Berenice Gil- butt, to marry In the Pall, I Hear.... CuHHlily, of the lute "Around the World," »nd Evelyn Wurd of the chorus Billy ROSO'H Drturlne Andrea and Stevn ISUlts Giant*' broad- canter, together again and again, since she switched from Peter Lawford Ned Schuyler,. owner of Miami's Beachcomber, and .Louls« JarvlM, »howdoll t seem serloiJH Lois Andrews with teat-pilot Johnny Martin. ...Wooll<; Donahue CH- cortliiff Lady Stanley (Sylvia AH!Iley) at Klle.v) at Er Morocco, and, at the next table, Buddy Rogers, huxbiinU of Mary Viokford,. who once was the wife of Sylviu'n lute husband. DouebiH T"a.irbuJ>kM, Sr. Complicated? That's what J thought. FIRST TO Lt. Col. Gregory (Pappy Eoy- boolt is finished and In the hands of the busy Walter E. Smith, who seems to have about eight bands. Not only will Smith publish, but he'll do the movie himself, as an independent, perhaps as n roadshow entry. Admiral Nimitz oclt picnic. . ; offered Smith any flent facili- "The warden greets me an' says, " „„„„.„, for the.screen adap- 'So you're Duffy the Goat!' I noda. •Well,' says he, 'we grot lots o' ba-ud boys from Chi here. Why don't you birds stay on your homo grounds to do your dirty work?' "I explain to him, I promised a tics required for the.screen adap tation. The title, first time announced anywhere, is "Where Arc We Now?" The sonpr by Paul Berlenbncli, Pierre, li:«l to quit abruptly lv;causo word, never in my life. Why, I ask him—don't you believe In thieves? He says, honor •No— they're no better than the rest of. us!' " Th<! rather fabulotiK. Coast-to- Const Lurry Flnley confessed In the Slmplon (hut he and Mtarlot V«nlse Grove hrtvc been man. and. wlfo Nines Aug. 2, when they \vore mar- rk-d In Chicago... .Grrnn Moore, numerologlst,. and. Metty Kvaiis, aHslNtant to a heart Kpccinl- iNt, will wwl In November.., .Klch- nrcl Carlson dating MiirUm T>rlKcoII, befori- his departure on the Qtiw-n Mary, for England.... The John •Iiicob Astor» together, celebruUng his hirttiday 111 the Stork, blowing out Hie one candle on tht.. cake Sherin Blllljifr.sley sent to their table.... Tom Hudtton (Hunry Aidrich announcer) with Lanrlo Sears, at Armando'*. .. .Betty Prlc«,. who was Joe DIMa-gRlo's noldofti choice, with Danny Scholl, of "Call Mo Mr.".., .Comic Stuhhy Kaye with r.llllaii Grey, diiughter of the rlch- r«t mnrclmnt in lAbrador. of falling health.. She bought a farm near Madison, Conn., learned enough, from scratch to make It keep her. After three year«, she's entirely well 'again, und opened on Splvvy's Roof.., .Joan .Barton, who acts /or Columbia, Is divorcing James Thomas, airplane executive .... .'Su&a'n Peters is set to return to the screen—3n "Millicent, My Love," to he produced by Charted Blckford, the actor. . ..Clayt%« Collyer, Superman on the air ,ls a Sunday school teacher In Poundridge, N. Y., and (ho kids have swelled his classes to get iiutograph.H us well us Inspiration. Meyer Dnvls, the society maestro, wires me "a lengthy defense of James Caesar Petrillo, who, ne says, "luas absolutely no jurisdiction over proposed raises in N .Y, nightclubs." ' He lulds, "There is to'o much hooey about Petrillo, just because he is j colorful." If that's what's the mat-' ter with Petrillo, I'm color-blind. I'm also dumb. But I retain my sense of smell! On The Air Today (t-,00 p. m. WOR—Easy Aces Other Stations—News 0:10 p. nl. WBRY—Baseball Scores WATR—Interlude 0:15 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Washington Report WEAF—Serenade to America WTIC—Andre Schenhcr WOR—On the Century WJZ—Ethel and Albert WATR—Sports Roundup 0:20 p. m, WATR—Cocktail Serenade fl;30 p. m. WBRY—E. Christy Erk, Newa WABC—Larry Carr .' WATR—Newa; Interlude WTIC—Sports W.TZ—Round tho Town WOR—News 0:40 p. ni. WEAF—Bill Stern 6:45 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Robert Trout WTIC-WEAF-—Lowell Thomas WOR—Stan Lomax WATR—Pleasure and Profit WJZ—Here's Morgan 7:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Pattl Clayton WTIC-WEAP—Supper Club WATR-WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. WJZ—Headline Edition 7:15 p. m. WBRY—Braes City Veterans. WABC—Skyline Roof WATR—Adventures in Rhythm . , WTIC-WEAF—World Nows WOR—Answer Man 7:30 p; m. ....... WBRY-WABC—Tommy Riggs, Betty Lou ".' ' WEAP—Claims Agent ; WJZ—Lono Ranger WTIC—Quiz of Two Cities WOR^-Ncws ' • ' WATR—Phone Your Answer ''' 7:45 p. m. WEAF—Morgan .Beatty WATR—Waltz Time WOR—Inside of Sports. •<, 8:00 p. m. ' V WBRY-WABC—Aldrlch Family „-. . WATR-WJZ—Sam Spade WOR—Passport to Romance WEAF—Highways in Melody 8:80 p. ni. WBRY-WABC—Sweeney and Son WTIC-WEAF—Easy Money WOR—Voice in the Night WATR-WJZ—FBI 8:55 p, nu WBRY-WABC—News 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Pays to be Ignorant WTIC-WEAF—People Are Funny WOR—News WATR-WJZ—Break the Bank 9:15 p. in. WOR—Real Stories 9:30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Wayne King WOR—James Orch- WATR-WJZ—The Sheriff WTIC-WEAF—Waltz Time 9:55 p. m. WATR-WJ-Z—Wismer's Sports 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Mercury Theater WTIC-WEAF—Mystery Theater WATR—Boxing Bout WOR—Spotlight On America 10:30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Malsie WTIC-WEAF—Sports Newareel WOR—Symphonette WATR-WJZ—Sports Page . , 11:OO p. ni. ALL. Statlons-^NeWB . ; 11:10 p. m. WBRY—John-J. 'paly, City News ' '•';'. . .11:15 p. m. WBRY-WABC—You, and the Atom WJZ—Joe Hasel. . WTIC-WEAF—Harkness WOR—News; Financial. . WATR—Grant Orch. : 11:30 p. m. - WBRY—Night Club of tho Air WABC—Prlma Orch. WATR-WJZ— Gems; Cool Orch. •.WTIC-WEAF—Service Tales ' : 12:00 Mldnlpht WOR—Weather; Williams Orch. ALL Stations, News ••• '' • '• 12:05 'a. m. '.WBRY—Night Club of the Air; ••••• .News Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring results 'DING DONG' RINGS THE MERRY OLD BELL, THAT HERALDS THE YOUNGSTERS BACK TO SCHOOL, AND THEY'LL SURELY MAJOR IN COMFORT AND SMARTNESS IN SCHOOL TOGS FROM FOR THE LITTLE "JVOSS" "JUDY LANE SKIRTS" 2.70 A PLEASING CHOICE OF "LITTLE MISS" SKIRTS THAT REALLY STARTS THE NEW SCHOOL TERM IN SMAHTNESS. SIZES 3 to 6x. —7 TO U. THE FAMOUS "SALLY MASON BLOUSES" 2.98 THESE ARE REALLY "TOPS" IN KIDDIES SMART APPAREL. SANFORIZED IN ALL THE NEWEST FOR PALL. OTHERS FROM 1.98 PULL-OVER AND CARDIGAN SWEATERS 2.25 A "MUST" ON OPENING DAY, AND A MYRIAD OP COLORS TO. CHOOSE FROM. PULLOVERS 2.25 ; CARDIGANS 2.98 FOR TIO-: TEEN-AGEUS ' ' ' ; ' ! •"•••. "TISH-U-KNIT JACQUARD" . SWEATERS 5.98 A REAL MUST FOR FRESHMAN 'IN THE SMARTEST FIGURES, IN ALL THE NEW SOLID COLORS. PRACTICAL—POPULAR "SCHOOL SKIRTS" 5.98 THE NEW "WRAP-AROUND" WITH THE BLANKET SAFETY PIN IN RED—GREEN- NAVY AND PLAIDS. FAMOUS "FKUIT-OF-THE-LOOM" "SCHOOL BLOUSES" 2.70 A WORTHY RUNNING MATE FOR.YOUR NEW SKIRT, IN ASSORTED CHECKS ON WHITE, THAT ARE REALLY HEADING THE CLASS. "SCHOOL ANKLETS" 39c A NEW FALL ASSORTMNT FOR THE' BOBBY-SOXERS IN PLAIDS, STRIPES ANE/ SOLIDS. • FROM THE BOYS' SHOP • "LUCKY-BOY" FLANNEL SHIRTS 1.65 SIZES 6 TO 12 i THIS POPULAR SHIRT ELEASES ^LL. -THE "FRESHHSS"—COLORKUL-: PLAIDS IN BLUE, RED AND BROWN. '•'.'."'* .'•.'. ALL WOOL ;f "SCHOOL SLACKS" 3.98 GLENS — TWEEDS — HERRINGBONES TWILLS .'• •- -'• THE OUTSTANDING "PURITAN SWEATERS" 2.98 FASHIONED IN SMARTNESS OF ALL WOOL IN CHECKS, SOLIDS AND TWO-TONES- OTHERS TO 5.98 ..I*" JACKETS AND X.ONGIES OF "CORDUROY" . HARD-WEARING AND TOUGH FOR THAT ACTIVE BOY. 4.98 the set •IN BLUE-GREY AND BROWN. SIZES 3 TO 6X Closed All Day Monday During August

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