Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 13, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1911
Page 2
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fafe lOIA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EV^NG, DEQAS, 1911. The I^jric club enjoyed a recital of tChriBtnOiB mnsic jresterday afternoon mt th!» itpniB of: Mrs. P. E. Wajigh. .A large anmber of active and associate iMlBllfnt vere present and after the wntlwVttty-mete serFed with refresb- n^oti hiflin: W* H. Harries and Miss Jo^^Wtfibwrger,' hostesses of the day and otbers who assisted thom. The table' was centered with a miniature Ch^MfOBS tree-decked with -tinsel aBOiIi^ted jtapera. -The program was in this order: Miazurka Goldner Mrsr Fred AVoods Trio Christmas Bells M TB J J. to. Walker, Miss 'Riddl», Mrs. Fred Woods Solo—The Master Bartlett Edwin Hualer Selo —Little Town of Bethlehem BuUard Mrs. O. T. LaGrange Solo—Holy Night : M2 «B :AIroa Merrill Solo—Star ot'Betiilehem. .Cara Roraa . Mr% J. W. Bolton Christmas Chorus— ,<'. "There Were Shppards." . ' Clj|ib. Members —Dr. irtrt, Osieopnili, Tel 487, 388. The Royal Neighbors have planned tor annual county conventions which win promote fellowshJii nmonit the netnb«rk and Increase Intorest In Girls of the.^omestic science ciSss of the high school are learning to refresfameni* will be In. Christmas colors. * • * Mrs. Carrie A. Thompson has been called to Kansas City by the serious IllneBS of berfricnd, Mrs. Shaumcycr formerly of lola; • • • • Mrs. D. W. ifcGlnnis (Uuth Stcph- make .confectionery. Yesterday and ??fon)- 'yfe «tPh?l«a wlU l,o here today they experimented with a recipe for chocolates aftd were extremely successful. Next week the pupils will be permitted to bring their own supplies and make Christmas confectionery in the school kitchen. The dinner for the school board, which has been talked of has been i>ost]>oned un til after the holidays. •> • •:• —Palace Rooilis $1.00 per week up. Opposite Post Office. - Phone 203. I * * * The neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Gro. Sherrill gave thom a birthday surprise party Sunday at their home four and one-half miles southeast of town. Pinner was served and the day enjoyed as only neighbors who are TM Ily well acquainted can enjoy a social gathering. Mr. and Mrs. Sherill received many handsome gifts. Their guests were Mr. and.Mrs. John Gullett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adarason, Edwin Adamson, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Moore, Mrs. FYank Kerr, Mr. aiid Jlrs. Jason Sherrill. Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Sherrlll and children. The party Vcs In honor of' the seventieth birthday of Mr. Sherrill. He and Mrs Sherrill have llv<?d on the home pinoe thirty years and as many of the guests ht\\e ilvi'd near them for almost ns lone, the afternoon was occupied with th< W*d\ie" Th"riirsTco „v;:nti;n wl'li. "''hango of rcmlnlscenco.s. be heW in lola in May or.June of 1912 and aft«r .that the annual meetings wl|L'be-held In dlffercift towns until all ' h^e entertained. There are eleven Royal Neighbor lodges In Allen county and it Is expected -that a large majority of members of th<> Ufl:erent organizations will attend tho coiiventit>n next year. A school of fnBtMicttbn' will- be held in connection.. Camp 365 had a meeting last night and elected officers for tho ensuing year; as follows: MrB; 6. W.' Adams, Oracle; Mrs. Loi^-tk>ffield, vice -Oracle; Mrs. Laura .Bishop, Chancellor, Mrs. C . E. Stebbfnst Recorder; Mrs. D. S. Sarver. Rateiver; Mrs. Davis, Marshall, Mrs. J. 0.'"^iindon, Iiiner Sentinel; Mrs. Casey, Outer Sentinel; Mrs. McMurray. Manager; Dr. Mildred Curtis and Dr. A: J. 'Pulton. Ph.vsicians. • • * s-aB. 0. L. cox. Oenllsl. Mrs. Hilscher's class of girls who are. to sell candy at the bazaar tomorrow,met at the manse last night and prepared the stock of confectionery:'they will need. Miss Paddock's class of boys will also con- trlbnie candy for. the sale. * * * Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Cole will give a party fbnigbt for the North Side Card Cl&b. + •> * Rev and Mrs. J. M. Bader" of Atchison win be Christmas guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. fiJd EInm. Mis? .Vellle Elam, who Is attending Drak<- I'nlverslty, at Des Moines, Iowa, will be home next wck to spend the holiday vacation at her homo. • • Thirty ladles were very nicely enter talned at the home of Mrs. George Johnson north of. town yesterday afternoon, when sh^ was hostess of the Missionnrv society of the Christlaji church. The meeting was follow-ed by tho serving of tea. Mrs. W. O I^nhart .sang and other numb<^rs or the prneram were contributed Bv Mrs. Mrs. .T. W. Coffey. Mrs. .T.nmes Richardson and Mrs. M M. Williamson. • • * The Y. W. C. A. Bible ol.isi? had :i supper, subsequent to which Or. Hil- .fcher lectured last night. Tho class will not meet again until after th' holidays. • • The board of directors ofjlie Y. W. C. A. w-ill have the Hecembor business meeting tomorrow aftenioon. • • • The tea which ladies of the Dapdst Aid Society will serve at the lioni-^ of Mrs. J. O. Major on Friday will 1^ in progress from three until half past five o'clock. The decorations and Friday to attend' the owning party which jlra. W. 8. Kautfman and Misa Ploy Houaer will give. •;• •:• •»• The Priscilla club will not have a meeting until after the holidays, when they will,continue the custom of giving parties on altcrnato NVcd- nesdays. • •^ The program which will bo rendered tomorrow niphf in connection with the social to be held at the Christian church will boKin at eight o'clock. Supper will bo served during the evening. Miss Jennie Purdy and Mr. V.'iibur Unpham of Chanute: Miss Wllmn Cascbeer. of Independence and .Mr. C. M. Brigham, of Parsons, came In this afternoon to attend the dance at the Clinker house tonight. + •:• • By the perfectly ghastly score of 20 to 0 Harvard won over Ynio at th Wg football game «wr- Vassar Athletir Field a few days ago, but it never would have happened If Yale's center rush hadn't, lost the bare! to oiii of her b.ick hair at a critical mom«-iit which for that matter showed how silly It was for Yalo to have two center rushes, but of course one of iliiii- had sent clear to Philadelphia for ai; old football ault her broiher hnd. and was bound to come In anyway, and in that way made two cont^r rushes for Vale when the rules gay only el''ve(i —on a side of course—In that way making twelve rushes for Yalo, no! counting an extra left tHokli- rush Harvard had, but she, rather refused point blank to go on tho field at th" last moment because one of her stocU- Inga Was a different color from the other, which had a hole in Jt anyway, but when the center rush's hair fell down you could h.-ive heard a pin droi^ If it hadn't been for all the noise the rooters wore making, and the umpire said if wasn't fair to stop and pin it up, which is nonsense, but all umpiren are that way, .nnd the one coaching the game was wearing a dress suii and a high hat made out of a derby with a box that violets came in painted black and pinned outside the round nart, so that It looked like a high hat from the bleachers. And, anyhow when the mounted p<; licoman in a cadet's coat and u p:!ir of chauffeur's legglns ran out into tli< field she said It was time for somi-oni- to be disabled and carried off the field .ind so five Yale players lay down and were carried out amid cheers which would have lost them the game anyway at a critical moment like that, jind the barette was never found, and it was a real tortoise shell one with turquoise matrix mountings, but when the scoreboard was hung up (Hanard MiiYtAi- Vi- the eseiteuMtt .wa»-tr^ mendouB. ; So there, and If It Isn't perfecthr plain then all the sillicB aren't caught yetNew York Herald. ? • * • • Miss Hazel Drake has retam-tld from a few days visit with Misses Hilda and Edna Nigh. : > ] •:- * • : Mr. and Mrs. E.; G. Grover and daughter Myrna l ^ve- Saturday for Wichita where they will make their heme. Miss Myrna is a guest of- Miss Margaret Drak^ until her departure. * * * ^Claude Wright, who Is here from K. U. for a few days visit with friends, was guest of honor at a party which was given at the home of Miss Lettic Woodin last night. The evening was 8i)ent with cards, following which refreshments were served. Tho guests were Misses Cora Klein, I..ulu Cutberi- son, Bess Cook, Messrs Claude Wright George Welth, Gus Weekly, Jam?s Woodin. '' Horticnltural .Society. , , The Allen County Horticultural Sp- ciety will hold Its December mdeting on Friday 15th (adjourned from St^i) at Y. M. C. A. building, north: side square. The following is the program: IClecflon of officers for 1912. • Kr-i>orts of -committees for he Tyear. "Suggestions for the Good of •Horticulture," Rev. Mr. Shultz, and^iJOlm \annuys. • i "Does It Pay tUe Partner to Raise an Orcliard," I). B. D. Snicltzer aud .Mr. lloltoirtb. Plrnle dinner at noon and liuiHnefis nicciiiig nt 1 :.'!(•. Come and bring tho inmlly and friends. ' II. F. I'A.NCO.AST Scfy. ('hlnoHc t'urlos Tliurs-dny. . You sJioiild see laces" r<ni^ broiderlos. coins, playthings, at I'lrk-" bytorinn Bazaar Thursilay. Injinrc burner five hundred years uUl. A'i.^it the Chinese booth. ,- .1 Tailored Suits and Winter Coats J<twete<d Gift: Of al! the" rare and beautiful things that nature has given, the diamond is far in the lead. There .\\M ///^ ^^i^^i^^is nothing to compare with it—and there never <i^^iii^ 5^ will be. There arc diamonds— and diamonds, ^^^^"f^ The former may be classed as such, but the latter are cherished for their beauty, brilliancy and value. We are showing many real gems— the pick of the market-—patiently and carefully gatiiercd. *• prettr nerlous talk to the efteet that the price of dinmondii. Which, aa alt th© world knowR. is con- ox the Breatsyndleato oreratlns 'tiM South African mlacn, niay bo ^rataed again before lonir. It c-.-rtainlr .WUI not TO down. If yoa are at all In wont-aboot the eafctr of your monor potltlatoiUKinonds. and toget thi> heat PdOM pvot OS. thoa eavlns all mlddJe- .li prcmta,Xor WB import direct. SIOM •^SoUdCoId No. 3676 K- R OM FW * CnulneFoUCutOiaraairf Tli9 buyer dcpondlnit to qult« an extent nn tho merchant. It 1H mo«t imv>t- tniit that tijo hcui8« should Ixjof un- douhtod rc^pcniilbllUy. It Ls therofora only nttlnft that yonr irlft Bliould Idontined with this CHtablUbment. Tlio vnliie which you act for your money is by far moro Important than the price you pay furaiUamoad. SI6.50 Solid CoU. 'No. 3873 RoRua Fialai Ceauiae Full CMOlanioad ,«IB.0O. Ite.3759 ti. Solid CeU BripfatFinith CeaaiM^^Cg ^moDd No 3840 Solid Cold R OM Puiitk CeaolM FuU Cut Dlunond Ruby Eyes Solid Cold Brirbt Flotoh CcnulM FoD Cot Diimond RMlPeula SidetjCMck- . «7 SO SI6.S0 No. 3617 UK Solid Cold Easllib Plolib _ CoaulMrUlCtttOtunead .filBBCT PROM HEADQUARTERS AND SAVE YOU^THB mDDLEMAN'S PROFIT CATAIOG Souf CoUp ^MF^Ith CoaulM FWI Cut DUinood No. 3839 Solid Cold EnclUh Ftel* Cenuloe Full CutDlunood Whoi« Rol Furl if .W*' ,«ju>( yen to iaM*UM £ew'«dttion in Mall (M M ProfBvdyiruM Aarthlnviiletnrcd • hera fonrarded immediately, poatM* pnstnbl. on roeelpt of th* pnee. and d*. Uxtrtmtmftvati. • Trinity Lyreuni Course. , The first number of this new. pio- ject launched by Trinity Metl'uHUa' church, will be given toinoi-riviv. Thursday night, at eight o'c'.ocl?.- Pr I./ewl8 M. Potts, a cbnvertod Jew will give his lecture on the "Future of the .Tew." This lecture was on • ojT the popular features of the great laisision- ary conventions held in the various cities across the United States from east to west under llie direction of the Methodist Episcopal church.'Tick ets for the entire course of four entertainments are sold at thr> noitiinbl price of fifty cents for adults,- aiid forty cents for children under twelve years. Single admission tickets twenty and fifteen cents. This unusual of ter ought to be apjircciafed by aJarje number of people. '• Hun Bit; Is Hunnenellf ; New Yoik I,'lfe: \Yill the Director of the Census obliRc many friends by Issuing a pamphlet giving the population of all- the towns, villages and haniiet.'! In the United Staes? We need' tills information. '. For ob:;erve the case of Hunnewell, Kan., the tetflrment that has the woman mayor with whom other tovyn officers dispute. The papers -have tn'ked alioul Hunnewell as thou;?rti it was Utica or Roehestcr>>jur Dallas, or Tacoma, recordini; and discus.sing It affairs and such details as the'prp- cecding.? of Its Chamber of Comnierc!o. IJiit there began to be a rumor- that HiinneweU was a small place. U did not appear in the World Almirnfl«'s list of eidcs of 7noo population aijd over. The.n,jiome one wlilspereei lliiil It had 4117 itihabifants. Following that the Director of the CenKus di.fclcih-cfd on appeal tliat by the last federal cen su>! (litio) Hunnewell h:id 208 folks.! Shades of .Multiis;'' What Is a iiain- h:t o ftliat Klze dolnV with a mayor! J H file wliole tale of Hunnewell a ^ok^? Send out the pamphlet, .Mr. ren ;;uK .Man. As it !>« now we have no; prj)- teeilon against any microbe vHlage that gets consent from the news ai- poclallons to as a full sized place. That should bring you here early tomorrow. Suits at one-half to one- third less than their value.. $15.00 to $18.00 Suits now $20.00 to $25.00 Suits-now .00 Made of every wanted material- serges, cheviots, diagonals and fan-cy mixturies. Remember these are not the ordinary suits, but a^e up to the rigid requirements of the "Redfern" style. If you have any idea of getting a suit this winter- come here tomorrow. You will save one-third to one-half, on each purchase at $9.75an(i Hundreds of Winter COATS at REDUCED PRICES Buy your New Coat here at a reduction of from one-fourth to one-third. . $10.00 to $12.50 Coats now $7.98 $15.00 and $16,00 Coats now $10.95 $20.00 and $25.00 Coats now $15.00 Every kind of Coat will be found here for every purpose. 3'^our Coat to your own best advantage unless you come here. $18.50 PLUSH COAT.S $I0.95 $7.50 and .$8,00 Coats now $4.95 You can not buy FINE BLADES OF DAMASCUS Swords Made In tho Oriental City Were Most Wonderfully Temp- | ered and Adorned. Fancy frills and ornamentation weijc not thought of In the hurried forging of weapons called into need by- th,'e breaking out of the Civil War. floyr plain the usual cavalry sabre wa/i for instance, is well shown by compaijson with the lavishly ornamented weapon|s turned out by the oriental s^ord- makers. Tbe Turkish sword is a beaii- tlful piece of work, the blade, "dani- asoened" with Inlaid wires of gold, b^ ing of astonishing elasticity. Each quarter inch of surface of theiglljt scabbard, handle and hilt la crowded with ettgraved designs. ^\ j From the city of Damascus, ^icle- brated for more than a thousand yltars for ttie skill of its swordmakera.Vtli^ Crusaders took t<^ Europe the art of "damascening"—a tissue of dark line^ on a light ground, or the reverse—an4 tbe inlaying of gold on the steel Itielf, In tbe genuine Damascus blade of tb^l best period tbe figure, that la, the' inl tricate twists made in the steel whilei hot under the hammer of the sword', cmltb. is sot, aa some tliink, a matteij of Burfa£«. It extenda tfarongh 'VMk \ bUid'e/and hence is not remoTCd b)r a ; ;tbou8aod pollshiDgs. Theia beant|ful i; figures on the aantUne blades are:al- moat idenUcal with the beat UHnJ^td Damascus gna harrela of today. i Tin Ustd In Walghtirg Silic A chemist haa recently analyse! •! sample of a allk dress that waa submitted to him hf a Udy. He found that it contained only a fraction oirer S8 per cent of allk, vA aa much tin wai found' <n It aa that pnaent'ln poor tin ores from OomHrall.'' Tbe |ln occurs lif the s&udlet) weigbtoc'^ Ifae silk. Th^ chemist sUtes tbttt ha>at one* rMlUed the taci tbatr the txmifm^iian hr tb«tedies ik Londtm, tak^ to«et%^^>«|ld xtmug^^ The failure to make mention of the show at the Grand Monday niglit was not due to the fact that the show wa.s lacking in merit hut to the fact that each member of the force who saw it ronlidt-'.itly expected t() sec that some other "critic" has written un enllius- lastic column. "IJrewster's Millions" Is a clever, high-class B I IOW with tlio ^v.ini; .lid of the metropolitan production. The play requires a larpe liKte iind lliH scenery, especially f <iv the yacht scene In tho third act, i.-f e'ahorale. Tho company prcscnllDK tlie play was extellent with u few exceptions nnd the fair-sizeil audience laughed most of the time during ilic pcrrorjij.-'nce. .Monte Itreivslei, lieir ti) a iiilllion left lilm by hi.'' fi gKimir .vtlicr .ju.'-i br;uin e^ijoj.ini; ills InlK'iIlac:-! fn :• nuicf w'iiy viili his frirn;U w!i"n Ui.s lawvor rails nnd ifirdiiii;- Il'.-.t his iinf'p has died out wi St. ' wlilint; ST I'iO.riOii on condition !.e iirnil liis million in :i vp .-ir. T><> nice!!' iliis becauto the granilfatiier had practi-al'y allow hed Men'".-' iiioli'.cr .o s-iaivcj. Condition."! are r'lat .Mcr.te tum.: not throw the iTii)n,.v ;i >.:.v bit' mu-:. cet value received for eveiy dollar. He opens an ofHce, liiies a'l his (limds as assistants, ;;i\e.s parties mr .ki 's wild iii- ve.-itinf 'iitr. flis fiicnt's strivf lo jirc- vent his wild t-xtravapancc. ncne cf them I;u::-.vJiix his rca?xn iinil. thanks to their xr.".! arul lO a iic: \e:?L' luck whlcli n .akcK hundrcU-to-or.c shots Iiayl.Ir.i. he artuoMy makes a lot of iU(;ney lu With i :aii'a million left ami f.:-- yeur n' arly up. he char- tor.-^ !! y;:':-l . :.TL 'jnni ;ir.:r .s ,-oal like a furnace and tako.-- all his friends on ,1 ctul.-c. Tif^rs is .ilaio .-c a mutiny over h!.s rcvnl 'Ir-^piialilv v.nt': he is the ane when a >!',•!;. t^ him the chance ;.) .•^•K:-'! a i';i;-;--n'.; ship for aid and Ihu;: 1 tro.n<H;;b!o for the whole vi:Iu; or ;i;e :;:tht as salvage. Tlie year eui;;- w.ifli his heme told under ti'e hair.ii-er hi? filcnds heartbroken bu' hivH! aiu! his sweetheart proposing to hini. (fmi'-r lii? n-gul::- tlon.s^ he wa.'-: barred from marrying.l I^ Is his birihday and he awaits midnight and the 17,000,000. Right at the last the friends nearly cause him w • ,,-^'.11 ii :-|'n«,ii^. .-111. lie ia dar.sor c' Iirlr.i; '.(;-.kcd up by tl frlenci an.I ;; kf a i Lu-.r insan Burrell's Drug' West Side of the Square rOK AGED PEOPLE. Old Follis Should Ilo fareful in Their .S<'lcctl«n 01* Kcifubitlrc .Vedlcine. We liave a !:afe, dependable, and altogether ideal remedy that i.s particularly adapted to the requirements of aged )>eoiile and persons of weak constitutions who suffer from con.sti- pation or other bowel disorders. We are so certain that it will relieve these comi>Ialnt.'= and give absolute satisfaction In every particular that we offer it with our personal guarantee that It shait cost the user nothing If it falls to substantiate our claims. This rem cdy Is called Rexall Orderlies. Re.xall Orilerlies arc eaten just like candy are particularly prompt and agreeable in action, may be taken at any tlnio day or night; do not cause (iiarrlinea, nausea griping, excesslvo . loi,'.'--ene.s.>, or other undesirable ef- to lose by heaping valuable gifts on 1 feet?. They have a very mild but pos- him charity disguised as birthday j itive- action upon the organs with presents. He avoids them and wins which they come in contact apparent- the new fortune. It is human exper- | ly acting as a regulative tonic upon Novels are tSeSwe^- All people with healthy literary appetites love them. Thousands of novels to selec: from at all kinds of prices. • The Book Stote. South of the Court Jence turned topay-turvey so far as financeii are concerned, but not Impossible. It proved that money did not spoil blm nor lose bim "the moat loyal FOt of bully good friendii that a man was ever cursed with," as he declared , at the finish. "Twas a good show, well played, much enjoyed and carri«d one far from the everyday humdrum troubles of earning dollars. KANSAS PIONEER DIES. Yates Center, Dec 13.—Alexnndpr ' Stawar^.a pioneer who came to Kan' saa In IS!;? at hia home here, at the age of i9. 'He waa an active mem her Of the Mlagntc order havlos been mAt » H»rt«.lto*m s^ty-Mft yearis tlio relaxed muscular coat of the bowel, thus overcoming weakness, and aid Ing to restore the bowels to more vigorous and healtliy activity. Three sizes, lOc, 2.'>c. and .'Oc. Sold only at our store—The Rexall Store. Ilur- reir«.l>rug Store, West Side ^uare. Elerllon of Officers. The election of the officers of the Triple Tie Udge for 1912 will be held Thursday evening December 14. All members are requested to lie present. ,The regular disbursement of interest on their fnnds being cared for by the government' was made to the Osage'' Indiana yesterday and every laJniB. big and Iitae,ltt the tribe rft- >HitJm».LBellred: 1135. Tbi> totaj^ .«ti»j.^w«^. —The Famous—;, r I Caloric Firelesjs^ Gookstoves Will make glad wholer families of hearts? , ^Jl Why not number yoiiufK, family's hearts in throng? . j!m

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