The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 2, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 3
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Now Playing At Salem Playhouse .Uxivo to u .100110 fro,,, tin, fimtiin., "Culvui fete 1 Stiltw I'liiyhmist', Almijr with the rentiirn "My ''"I'".V" Mirtoori und Intent HCWH wif. h,. playing- ut tlio i Intruder," n Health Talks |l.v IIMKMA.V .V. m;.NIH;SKN 1| ,M.|>. "Atomic" I Icmluchu Known As Mi.v,Tiiiuu • THK huu(l;i':rie which with f: o m u u (ill attuck uf mlKniine in the bomb uf nil hii.vlue,hon. Ac,, tho-ie wliu miff i'i' fi'oi'n U, tlui pull' l.i pi neti'utln,; Uriel n( yiicli Inlenr.lty tti.'it '.'Vim thu iill^'lit- CKI .11.und or fuliitiMt, linuni of llclit lirlmr.M II lo nn Uiilicrirublu pllnh, Thniitrh nil u rule thu piiln l,i i,iily en line Hide <i( the hoiul, thu KickncKM, nf whlnh hotuluchu If. HID c!i|i-f nyiii|ituiu. la nn nll-ovnr uf- fair. Tin' heiiduelie may come uu- niiriiMUi<', p d. l/df off';;l it l:t preceded and ushered In liy dl<HUrbnnt;e,t of llir eveiilirlil which I'luurc friim • liul'le MuiTlni; to Uio uprjuiu'imt'o df f«il/.'i uf Unlit mill Ten Dog Heroes To Be Discharged For Over-Age (UP)—Ten sont t'rorn Huyiil, Vn trod I'oi Hurvlcc In him n'ir cun-ilKt In Uiu contr.u-t liltiod ii ri'llrvc jMiln. liriportfinl Oilier S.vinjiloniM Other |ir<illinl(/ary n y in p t o m « lii'e Ul/./iiii's.'i unil eoiifu.'iluii of t,[ii>i'ch In norm: IIIMUIHCU.H, Thu liefidli.ehe itr.eir It ol'ten ;u:c.'orn- piuilrcl t,y xlclcnexji to the Ntuiiinrh n nil vornltlnK- Tin 1 evict of rni|;rnlnu net us yet IIIMTI i|ete,nnlned, IIHJI nny Hiire rr!iilhm| ul' prevou- tl'ni I" en diiirovered. Jdjwuviir, wlii'ii mi ,":t:ifk ocelli'!!, there urn riiiiiiitli'e'i v.vdeh often ,'ire Mili;efi.-i;>- fill In ri'llevlnif tlm ;mln hi m'nv of Hie cute:!. Tlii'si> line of TTi ii';;i svhlrli vi,"i.-ii l.-i, ilnif.'i wlile IJust mill (inlet, tr«i, nri if he .-tyinittoinM Hi''. 1 !ir\ Thu ilriij': which fipimrnritly hii-i liMi-ri found inn.'it iiuccrsl'id In i'n. lirslriK t'Hi nttinMoi In Ini'co niilu- IHTH of [inllentM Is tine known fu i'i-|.-i>laml;ie tnrtrnte. fn u h ri U t nine out of ton patients tho Injito- Inn under tho xl<ln or Into (i inuti- ele of thin fn'opiinitlon will ellher II-MMOII !hi- Mi-verity of the tittnnk lo ii irreiit oxienl, or u«l rkl or it nl- l/lllf lo Will llntir It ii'iuiilly iictM within n |Mirloil of .Id iiilnut".-! to un hrtur. The phy- rirepiinitlini tihnuM h" ui:ipl",V"(l. It H|MO e'ui be t'»l<Mn tiy rnu.itli, l)Ut If In liliirh IPM^I ,'t-ieee-mful \\'iieli ii."ei| lii (lilji wny ,'ind .-leoiii.'i in j;U'e relief In n:ily .'ihnut o.'ic-hnir ol' tin' e .•!! n. ft vvoulil Jippc.'ir t Ii 11 I u'h w 71 rrcMii;h ecj'ohirtilne t n i t r u t o l>i Klvi'ri'tn r.'llevn t'r.e liejul.iclii'. It .':<•>!, I'onilMn.'', ,'iiifl p/illl'i In the i'i'. the Mui.ltlni; 1 :l nt tinier by civ llllllol' (he slilll of Illon;: with ttlii I If i Illll'lel inny l)e pri'veiiti lii'' an lii|rc|li,:\ i.fruplno «nir,il. I'l'irol 'Illlne. The pri<p|i|'iitlnri lined In pn/enl.'i M 1 ) iihoukl not i h'iv" hfiirf durliur pi'i Fort Lowlu, Wa.'ih. war lior-iPM luive beon Win'1 l.ewlx I'oi' l''ront whore they will h. wViii'-iK'i) ufter sue-In^ both thontor.M of wiir. [ Oldest of tlm .sonn-to-bu-dl.s- chuiv,'utl vutcriin.M IN seven. They arc mumborf) of tho Mth ft.'uut Do;; plutoon, Hohcidulcd to unclui'Ko a dc-it^ltatlon program bi.'l'oru their return to civilian life. The chime" from u U. S. nulillor tt » i;«y old i.lo>: will ttiku msvunil months. I.luiit, Kcibi-rl T. Ho.vlclt, plutoon i.'oininiinder, explained thut thu husky Gori.tim .shepherds luul l.cun triilnuil to obey only ono rnu.i'.er und worked up to n punk of fomciity whleh would make them tliuicci'ptiiljle its licnt-m puts. Tiv 0 tr:iliu.'CN ;i>. > c()i;iixinli.'<l the CiOth plutoon imnnburs with K-9 j nitlonn of horsunieiit, outmenl :uul I nod-liver oil. ! After the de-iujUiitliin program , owni.i'M of he doKH will bo notmcd, ; I f u cUnr'M owner In tmiihlo to claim I him, the «n|rii:il will ho • (ll.-:pMnd 1 of by the Army, e'ort I,nwln ol'l- elnlx Miild lln-y believe nil ten ol th" vcterari.'i h;u| homed wnltlnj. for ;hi.'in, i ;Doi-othy Walsh Featured Soloist f'YiiturccI sololMt nt the X[iUK<i- j tuek C'oniniunlty bund'M third .HUIII- 1 luce cofieoi't litNt nl«ht ,on tho fireen wiui Ml.sii Dorothy Walsh, Sulein MRhool pupil tind trumpet M'tuclent of Alher: .Smith, prosUU.-ni of the bund iiHHnclutliin. 'Thi) solo- l:it WII.M liiinrd In, "I'll Tnke You Home AK/UM Knthloen." Daniul Oomcke c(iiHlin:ted the program, durini; whleh (Mjniriulnlty Hltifrln^ Hibernians Convene in New Haven Mo.Mf Kev. Henry O'Hrlrn, lll.shci]) of Hnrtl'ord, v.-lll be tho .special 1,'iie.i!. of honor at thin yiirir'.s nn- convention of the Ancient Or-i tier in' Illbernlniirt, IjelnK held In! I he Hotel flu rde. Nev/ Huvon. to-1 liiui-riiw und Sunday. A coixllul In- vltutioii to nil local mc,'mbr:rH of thut order lo nttend the convention linn lioen extended by the );oncnil eliiili-mun oi' rtlio nffulf, Frnnh Hi'.vnold, 11 , of Mew Huvon. Mivny iiry i.X|iectoil to uttend. Personal Birthday Party Held Yesterday In Beacon Falls A birthday party In honor of Judy Walker was held yesterday afternoon at the homo of her par- sntM, I\r. and Mrs, Thomas Walker n Beacon Fa~,s, In celebration of icr .second anniversary. ' The party vtas held In the form of a lt\wn party and tho young •juust of honor received many gifts. /Carries "were played and refreshments soi-vccl. Amonfr those attending were: Jo Ann Fisher. Hcnrlctto Ferguson, Coorp/e Allen. Robert Allen, Dorothy Ferguson, Eileen Tashalf. Mrs. Joseph Fisher, Mrs. John Ferguson, Mrs. Cnorge Allen, Mrs, George fltxma.n. Si:, Mrs. Fred Miller, Mrs. eoi'f;« Zlf/.rnan, Jr., Mrs, Henrietta eciker, Mrs. Ellen Tushuk, Mrs. Walker and the guest of honor. NAUQA.TUCK NEWS (CONN.), FBHJAY, AUG. U, 194ft-PAGE Visited Local Girl. In Rhode Island Mla.x Evelyn Flegn of Watcrbury. as) returned from a vacation spent ialtlngr Miss Janet Schmitz of Nau- 'atuck, ut the Sea Breeze, Inn uK, R. I. Local Man To Wed Ansonia Girl Wedding intentions have been filed In the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John by Stanley Klomclnskl, 05 Crown street, and Anlonettc Cabriol Guerra, 3G1 Bctiv- or street, Ansonia, Modern 1946 Venus Ti'tlto Kvi'Iyn 1'Rlrrson, 20, o! Qui'i'iis, Now York, won the title of "Ali.HK Alodfrn Venus" :it a conti.'st stuRi'd nt an tinitiscmont Iinrk In Comiy Islnnd, N, Y, I3OU- cini'.t of flowers Is giirnislii'd with ,<^(m In cnsh. In uddltlnii, Evelyn will receive a .screen (.ext b.v iniijor motion plc.ture Htmllo. Noble Romance Nile wux thp tliMiRhtcr Of Itallini Iliirnn D'Altcrlo mid ho wan it Ol 'Ittlitliil,' In the Uiillim cuiiiplilK'ii. 'I'licy inurrled ut C'upf) and here Mi'i. Wultei- KIIK«I*M unpnokN I" l'lill|l|islMirK, N, •»., where ttn< HfwIywi'iN will live. (Interim- tlnnitl) Back To School PHOTOGRAPHS Juiil ii few more wnnlttt bi" fore that yuunCHtpi' Ki 1 '" deep In Htutly, t(io busy. Thibodeau Studio Church S J irincy. It nlMo Ix not nrlviM.lble to . Ive It mere tlinn once rlurln;r tho 'luv nor moi'i- than twlcn a wnoU, There are a numhor of iwiln-pc- l;'i;vliuf n:ili.s!niicr,i .iuc!i a-; tho M.'illr.vliilr'M whlrti al.'io can bn u.iod Uronilcie.'i. loo, ,'irfr oniployod. With tint proper iifie nl' th'.'.'in prcpnru-. t;<ni!i the condition rnay be ru-1 ili'Vi'il, Of cournn. in all canes' of ml- ,'rr/ilnc. a careful xtndy l.-i mailn by tile /ihyxli.'lan lo dnti.'nnlno. It' DOH- •;ll>le, what thlni,*it may lj» con- trli'titlnir to it uirl these choulcl bo i llniltiauvl. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomiinson NcMirj' Building Naucutuck.' Cono. FOUND- i'l'Ovlncnlciwti, Ma:iM,, Auj;, 1C— ([,'(')- The body of tin unltlcmtlflcd limn was hriuiKht to Frovlncetown l>y a CiUiiicuHturdi'UKKoi 1 which hncl plrlccd It up northwoiit of I'oint, A inediciil o.xainlnur .said the body had been In tho wntor nix to 10 wccldi. You'll S-a-y ... "Our laundry bundle is superb" Dial Waterbury 4-4106 A ME RICA N *^.;:••'/. -1 I'\HK > ' • ^ BEAUTIFUL MtHICQtQ* PKftlTS Your man in uniform will enjoy receiving these beautiful full- color cnlnrgcment.1 made by liiur- man from your Kod a chronic transparencies. The right size for niiiilin£ to those in the Services is — 2X (2i X 3i). Order through us. ; NEW 3X SIZE 3 x 4% Apprx. Only ORDKR KODACOLOE rilms should be left here for developing 1 and color prints. PHOTO SUPPLIES — PHOTO FINISHING Your LOCAL KODAK DEALER Is SWEENEY'S i Nearv Bld,T. CIi 1 ART and STATIONERY! | Ne'ai-y V*^** Church "St; STORE ' Nau'gatuck Guest Of Honor At. Shower Here Miss Janet BoyU, daughtcr'oC'Mr antl Mrs. William Eoyd, recently was' honored at a shower held a' her home, 74 City Hill street." Mrs Marlon Moruska, Mrs, Henry Town send and Mrs. Raymond Gogglr were hostesses. Those attending were; 1 Mrs. Wil llnm Black. Mrs. Robertson Boyd Mrs. John Watson, Mrs. John Shee hay, Mrs. Willlara Booth, Mrs. Mar garet Mastropietro, Mrs. Woodslde Mrs. Albertine Booth, Mrs. Rose McDonald, Miss Elizabeth. LittleJohn, Mrs. James Littlejohn, Mrs John McQuade, Mrs. Martin Dwycr Mrs. Robert Ranslow, Mrs, John Rlmkus, Mrs. Lena Reardon, Mrs John Luddy, Mrs. Hubert Hall Mrs. D. J. Guffie, Mrs. James Grant, Mrs. William. Davidson, Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Robert. Cu'rrlo, Mrs. W. J. Curric, Mrs. Thomas Shackley, Mrs. J. M. McBroom, Mrs. T. H. Eyman, Mrs. John MacDonald, Mrs, Eoyd, Miss Val' 'Marano, Joyce Berry, Martha Kosilosky, Shirley Hurris, Rita Many, Ann Morusku, Muriel Booth, Ka'therine Boyd, Lucilia 'Goncalves, Marie G;onca!v<?s, Frances Zonghetti, Ann Pupsta, Jean Boyd, the guest of honor and hostesses. Visiting- Parents In Mid'dlebury Mrs. Gordon E. Emerson, Jr., and son, David Allan, of Allston, Mass., are visiting; her parents, Mr! and Mrs. Clarence 13. Jonos of Middle- burv. John Mondick Honored At' Stag Party Joha Mondicyi of Rubber avenue, who will be married to Miss Evelyn Schmitz of New Haven road, Saturday, Aug. 21, was honored last night at a. stag party held at Fred's Hi-Way Gril!. Among- those attending were: Richard Ashe, John Butkus, William Butkus, Victor Anderson, Frank fyburski, Earl Ashe, P. B,, Gallagher, Charles H. Price, I k > r - M ' Ss 'Helen Rck. Mrs. Esther Charles Mondich, Charles Hatch- -Brauman, Miss Florence D'Addio, Miscellaneous Shower Honors Miss Mariano A miscellaneous shower was held recently in Pastime hall in honor nf Miss Josephine Mariano, who will be married Saturday, Aug. 31 to Edward ilorman. Hostesses were Mrs. Joseph Mariano, Mildred Mariano and Miss Angrle Cariello. Amons; those attending were: Mrs. Thomas Lee, Mrs. Joseph Plas- By FKANCES AINSWOKTII What's the most common reason for furnaces burning themselvta out? I nm told by the chief engineer of the country's largest installers of home healing plants that p'robagly ninety per cent of 'furnace failures are because of inadequate size. - When 'you try to wear a suit several sizes too small for your physique, you know what happens. The suit bursts at its seams. It's that way with a furnace, too. If it is of too small size for the heut- i inp; only make sure at the very beginning 1 that your furnace l« of the proper size lor its Job, This can be accurately ascertained for you by qualified hcatiris: experts who know how to. make a heating plan of your home and to compute from it the exact size of furnace required. Don't let the jirlce of tho furnace govern your purchase; make the Size of It your buying 1 criterion. kiss, John W. Zonos. requirements of the home, it j literally bursts at the seams, or •Ul LlKIJI'ilJ, .UUJ.33 i- iUI CUVU 1-1 .f^UUlU. , , . Mrs. Fred Errico. Mrs. Felix Cariel-1 JOl " S> th , ereb >' '^ndermg it Robert Harrison, George North- !o > Mrs - Rose MacDonald. Mrs. A K Frartk Bacl;insky, Anthony I nes Norman, Mrs. Delia Mariano way, Lupo, Warren Booth,. Elroy. Wil-1 Mrs - J °seph Nardello, Mrs. Lucy Raymond Donnelly, Elmer] PaPPiano, Mrs. Vincent Semprtni rson, Hurry Schmitz, William J M!ES Bett y Mariano, Miss Marie 1 Sabla, Mrs. Anna Daddona. Mrs. Cnr- mele Cataldo, Mrs, Rosii Mastropie^ tro. Mrs, Katf Nardcllo, Mrs. Louis Capobianco, Mrs. Mary Magone, Mrs. Mai-y'SaBTa, Mrs Henry Click, Mrs. Marie Maynamo, Mrs. Angrelo Finatcri, Mrs. MudelinQ Santorc. Mrs. Rocco Mariano, llrs. Charles Salinardi, Mrs. Frank Mariano, Mrs. Wallace Traver. Mrs, G>t-mclla Gluss, Mrs. Patsy kins, Ande Metcalf, 'Raymond Donnelly, Jr., Harry Schmitz, Jr., Mr! Hackett and the guest of honor. Party Guest On 6th Birthday Virginia Anderson was honored at a party Wednesday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson on Ward street, in cole-! Zuccarelli, Mrs. Mary Finaterl, Mrs, Vacationing At Lake Sunapee Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lundln and daughters, Elaine and Beryl, of Woodlawn avenue, and Mr. and Mrs, Merle Hyde and sons, Albert and Kendrlck, of Quinn Etreet, are tpt-ndlnir a two week vacation at Lake Sunapee, N, H. •ration of his sixth birth anniver- ary. Those attending were: Patricia Zander, Raymond Anderson, Carol cullen, Daniel Sculler., Joey O'Brien, Donna Wood, Margaret Currier, Luke Kane, John Lannon, Mrs. Morgan O'Brien, Mrs. Karen Bradshaw, Mrs. James Scul- .Henry Bulka, Mrs. Chester Bulka, Mrs. Louis Zan^or, Miss Patricia Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Jimmy Anderson, and Virginia Anderson. Revision of plans for U. S. construction projects in 19-12 enabled the U. S, to save GO million pounds of copper and about 4 million pounds of rubber. Carmella DePasquale, Mrs. llna Martenia, Mrs. Lucy DcCarlo, Mrs, Vito Rado, Mrs. Madelino Arab, Mrs, Al.xia Arab Mrs. Eleanor Palmer, Mrs. Charles Santore, Mrs. CavmcHa Rotator!. Mrs. Connie Galluccl, Mrs. Carmella Goloso, Mr?. Dominic FJnn- teri, Mrs, Mary Mariano, Mrs. Nicholas ManKini Mrs. Joseph Petrillo, Mrs. Jennie SonAnirelo, Miss Carol SanAnfrelo, Mrs, Anna Sabio, Mrs, Clementine Laor.e, Mrs. Jen- Capabinafco, Mrs. Lucille Credd Mrs. Gcorgianna San Angelo, Mrs Frank Sum'ma, Mrs, Rose I.abriola the hostesses and guest of honor. as a safe heating plunt. You cannot obtain an efficient lire from a leaky furnnoo—nor can' you ' taJ<e the risk of beinff asphyxiated by the leaking gases. >Jatural;y, t) ic first thought that comes; to mind when the i-ecms burst is to sew them up again, or, in the case of the furnace, to have the joints rc-se(. in new cement. That takes care of the leaks, but doesn't get at the root of the trouble. The srams will only burst ag-ain, so that the monc-y you have paid out for the new parts and the rc-cementjnjr j s money thrown away. The only solution Js to replace the entire furnace with .1 new one of larger, more adequate size. To save yourself the expense of 3uyjni>T two furnaces—a small one r.ow and a big- one later—you need Nine times as many men as wo men -are killed by lightning. BOY DROWNED Winsteod, Aug. 16—(UP)—The first drowning of the seuson at Highland lake has occurred. Four- yoar-old Peter Eric Nelson wan drowned wWJe playrng with his sailboat. M. Barry Keegran Ct-AMOCK Watcrbury Tel. 4-5S84 108 Bunk St. . Jones Morg-an BIdir. Little HofBrau 40« NORTH MAIN SX. "At" and Vera. BudriK, Prop*. j Daily Luncheons, Dinners j> and A La Carte Menu Full Uquor License RODEO RAMBLERS Horo. Friday, Saturday "IRISH" S1LEKHAN Special Entertainment Thursday und 'Sunday Open Daily Until 1 A. M. \44fttitft 46 tfat The Diamond With which you pledged your lovo. Our precious rings have timeless beauty and brilliance which, ' like your love, shine forth forever. ^ * BUDGET AVAILABLE AU MICK INClUDt U.S, TAX oi»wI +-..,. U Diamond, $300 CHURCH-STNAUG^TUCK GARSTON'S MEN! STOCK UP AND SAVE DURING OUR ANNUAL AUGUST A real oJ<3 fnsliionod hargnin sproo in "SUMMER ESSENTIALS J" WitJi plenty of warm .weather and vacation week-ends ahead you'll .«ave liand- fc-omoly. All now received too late for early summer sale. Stop in and look around! WHITE "T" SHIRTS Guaranteed lUO^i- comlxxl yarn. Small, medium and large sizes includod at: (lie one price! $100 CLOSE OUT SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS In mercerized oxford cloth. Late arrivals too late far early Summer Sale! Blue, tan and eggshell. CLOSE OUT S250 RKTTEB GRADE 'T' SHIRTS By Winsrs, Puritan !inJ Cnli- forjiia Sportswear! Solids and fancies! Diamond •weavvx! Smnll, medium and larjjc sizes. Values to $2".50 $150 FANCY T" SHIRTS A big- nsfiorlmenl. of colors. Slrij)es, oross-slripes and herring-l) ( jne mixtures! Sixes small, incditr/n large. CLOSE OUT $100 KNITTED BRIEFS Combed yarn with clnstlc tops. Sizes small, medium and large. CLOSE OUT $100 SUMMER HOSIERY Smart looking: fancies white. AJI sixes. and pr. for BROADCLOTH SHORTS White and fancies. Some Boxer type included. Sixes 30, 32 ;md 34 onJy. $150 I GABARDINE PLAY SHORTS In white, yellow pr blue. 30 to 3S included. CLOSE OUT $249 BATHING TRUNKS 100% All Wool and tho popular Haw.ifian patterns. CLOSE OUT $249 SUMMER NECKWEAR Closing out onr entire stock. Hundreds of bean- ties. Included ;iro many smart li.-ind painted numbers. Buy several! Stqcj;/iip! • 57c 2 for $loo GflRSTOnS o Man Who Knows Wears Canton CloHifti 99 BANK STREET CLOSED MONDAY DDRING AUGUST

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