The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 2, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 2
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DREW PEARSON ON > WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Truman's Advisers Split On Palestine; Texas' Judge Hutcheson Blasts San Francisco's Grady Over Palestine Ghetto; Ex-Undersecretary Of State Says We Are Tail On British Kite - n ot. Tex!.* iH famous lor his kt-on suisi.- of humor mid Jor hav- in-- kidded (•r.ll.'HKiio* »">'! their judicial opinions were prompted l.v "hunt'ln's." Hoover, when he discussed Mritixh purlitioimwor Pal^tim.' in a soorot session at the Dcparl.nrut lasl week, Jiul^ Iliildii'son was dead Also, he WHS vehement ajjaiust Ihu British HulelifMon and the AnKlc-Amcrican Palestine Com- niission which I..- headed, had reeommended that la es- ,!„„ he placed under the fniled Xalions and (h«t 00,000 <* . . i . . i ,i _. /(.. ____ , ...... ii^itifiiliiitriV* he admitU'd from (iiTimuiy iininodintol On trin othnr hand, PX-Aa.ilMt«nt SncrMiiry of HlfUn Hnnry Gnuly r,f Sim '[''riiriclnco, frii.HUlont Ti'll- rmm'H np«clnl iMiprimnntnllvo on 1'iilnnllnii, Hided with tno BrltlHti plim to "I'll' d'" '-'"'J* r '" n<1 lntt ' ) Anih-Jfiwlnh xoniiH, In 1'urla C.rutly wmi Mold tho Brltlwh Ulmi thut war with ItiiMitln W»H Imrnlnunt. thnt fnlntttlno rnunt ho ti JJrltlsili biiwo. Ho MpiirhM flow l«Ht wnnk whun hoth Kldf.'i worn rdlli'tl toKnthCr In Ihti dtllcc of rocl-mii«tuohloo(l .Soci'otuvy ff ytiitn Dunn "Wn didn't corno all ttio wriy bncl« horn to WiiohlnKton to MOO thl.s snll- out," mil .fiulKd HulohfHon. '"1'hl.i In ii olnnr-ctit rppudliitlon of ^thn rindlnKH <>t "in 1 oommlttoo. .It's n plun for Ihii Mholtdl/.ntlon nf I'ul- iiHtlnn unfl wii a rn iinnnlniously m:nliiHt It," Hiitcltii.ion wnnt (in to n«y ttiiU hln Krniifi- wim In touch with Itn rni'nibci'H In Hrlifiln arid Hint tho Mi'llliih f.'ornrnlHiiloniir.'i iilfin unntil- iriounly f'[>l'">ii"l unttliiK » |> l-'iiloM- •llnc. "No Mvllnut" — (Irudy ifnni'.v CJi'iuly, hdwovor. didn't Ilkp Hutchomion H nhtu'Ko thnt ttiu plun wii.t 11 "ncllfiiil." lot rnorp thiin ono v.'caU lnvoatlf;nt- Im: tills problem, We spent three mo'nthH at It, And wlisifs more, wo wont to PuloHUru' iiiul truvelnd nil ovnr Europe Invo-itlirutlnjr cvpry phuno of thlH mtator," Oi'ndy continued to, hut wan xllonoutl by the Ijlfc Tuxan. "If you cni'O to dnbnte this thlnpr." mild the U, 8. Circuit JudRc, "I oun Mncl imolhui' foi'imi on which to clo It," Thn thront v)f public dlscu.snlon MllonCdd Oriuly, Hownvnr, AqtlnK Socrotnry AehnHon picked up tho bull, «nld Uio now Britlnh plan had Id K"0tl polntH and nuked Under Hocrotnry of St.ite Wllllnm Phillips for nld opinion. "I'm fifrnld I cim't no alonfr tho Dnpni'tmont. thl.M time," Pli I'lipllocl. "f'd Jllto to, but t c«i>'t. TliM plnn IK Impoasiljlo, How lonq- run we I'OiUlnllo to have our for- (ilKii r'Ollcy the tnll on thu British KorolKU Otlloo UltoV" Anhuiion did not reply, But before tUo conforonc? cndnd, he rcoolvoci nnii nioro niorcllni'S |a'> from sh.irp- f|iilck-wlttod Bnrt "Wo ll'i *oiy to mok« o W!M ctofe*. Ant a»k to IM o*r Ovnvtrw Orong* Btotxxn Kutot, Th« MMM b »wf o»ar<mt»t of ftw qvofty. ' PIERPONT^S Am«irl<-«M <4*M nnf tni> HANK D'l'KIOIOT Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS l r or All OcunKloiM MELBOURNE'S SLOWER SHOP ISO BVBDEIl AVKNCM Telephone 0280 > Testify At House Surplus; Property, Probe At . HPCC.IU heuHn in ment Hurplim. property ve , I , dlvldu fhoy are ( ment Hurplim. property hoard tl.e tMUmony of tho ^i ove , , vu ^. AdminiNtration . o «Jce; ,eal In wh '"= ^ > """ """ l "After' nil." Cii-iiily ropllixl, "wn , of 9nn Kriinol.oco. hiivii Just coiHo from t.iiiHlon when 1 I "Mr. Sncrnttiry," nald Crum. aclm- wn tivlUntl thMl tiling ovor wl-th tlic i |y "I tiavo ono f|Ur-itU)ii to nsk you. Ji'ornlffn Olllco. [ think th« plnn I You don't have to unnwnr It If you 1,1 vnry nmnfiniKlild." I don't want to, But I'd like to Icnow worn In I/fndon, too," sfiot!|f, dftoi' nil you've Moon nnd hcnrd, dri you luwo liny faith M'hntxoovcr In iiny promlnnN the Ufltlsh For- clv.ii Oilier mnUc.H In tiny subject nt any tlmo?" Is'iitn I—Thf British opposo the AnKlo-Anip|'ln«n Coinnils.ilon'.t plan tn put nUPIiiMtliio under tho United NutlnnM Tor two I'ou.son.t: 1. Ei'ltuln rliK'Hii't want It* P»s unsavory record ill) Colonial Administrator ex- pn.xcd n'ld (lohatccl hofore the U. I N',; 2. l.-irltuln ilonan't want P-unnlfi ! to I'ntnrjrc us tho champion of tho Anitiji. JuclKo Hutcho.Mori's Commla.ilon fllHajrroofi on Ihn Inttcr point, In Mm N'mir Emit It Intnrvlnwfd wniilthy Aml> luadtr.'i v/hn fnurncl I IIP KtiiiNlnnH far more than too Joww. Not-; 2 -In Pni'ls, Prime Minister Altlnc Informnd Secretary oC Strito Kynin.H that tho Russian,'! worn rnndy tn utai't iiftfrrCH.slvo action .'it'aln Turkey, Mr ai'KUcd that Pal- oNtlno miiHt tie kept hy thu In CUMT of ruiHMlan ti'oublu. Alfred Niiycs' Historic I'liciu ThrnUKh an nrror In cablo tnina- mliiMlnn [ fnllctl to mention Alfred Noypx In my column of August 5 on tho iioldlot'M nf the next wur wocp- In «ivt tliop euco conference. He Is Ihn author of tho Inspiring poem which I riuoted. Slnoo I had to tho ponm from memory, liflnK no reference I)OO|<M| ri-nrtlly uvnilnhlp- In T'arl.i. I ulso| llnd now that f mndc a mistake In onn lino. To mo tho poom ro[ire:iont« thn iiontlfiii'ntM of «orvlcr.'mon of World Wur II iwcii moro than thono of World War r, For thnt roa.'ion I What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow and every day TONIGHT Votorana Council Meeting, News OOlcc. * DAV Mooting and Election of Officers. Veterans Council Mooting. Meeting of Fraternal Groups nt Elkn Loclpe to dlscil™ plans for Welcome Homo parade- Pond Hill Community Club, AUGUST 2f> Republican Caucuses and Convcn- Jons. AUGfST 22' Democratic CtF.ucu.ic4. Democratic Town Committee Mooting;, • Al'GCST 27 Democratic Town and State Conventions, Resident Of Maine Celebrates How nmny Hcornful legions puss you hy. 'Tor we luwo heard men say when we were living Thnt Hoiim »miiH druam of pood would cost too much; Mut whun the foe struck wo have watched you Riving, And (teen you move the moiin- with one touch- Wlmt tu» ulx> done we know. Uut havn no fear If you full now we Hhull not sec nor heiir." — (Alfroil Noycs.) Army's TmiRh 1,'roblcni One toiiRh problem faclnj:: the U. S. Army la the tendency of some soldiery to marry German women. General McNnrnoy flatly rules tills out but witii tho men so far from h'-'in the nroblem persists. In Austria which is considered n Miller victim rather than an cn- omy nation. G.I.'s arc permitted to marry Austrian women If -they pot pnrm'l.'tslon from their chaplain. Chaplain Clnyborn. Landers, a young Baptist from Arkansas who works hard at his trade, informed mo that a cood many, boys have applied to him for permission to marry but that, In mo^t cases, he has refused. Only in cases where a G.I. has known an Austrian Klrl for a Ions time or when he has gone back . to tho United Status, had n look at American RirlH and then come back atlll dc-tcrmlned tn tiiko n.n Austrian wife docs Chaplain Landers glvo hln blessing. I Caribou, Maine, Au^., 15—( l Neither time nor wars, nor rampaging; Itidlnn.s have bucn able to stop Jcremlfth, Campbtllton of-..Caribou who, celebrates his 107th birthday today. . -, The tall, lean, sharp-fnced wobds- mnn—who hns outlived' 12 of his 16 children—snys he plans, to entertain aomo friends at a "quiet, party" at' the home which he shnres' with a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Hughes. Campbcllton nnd his- dauprhted mr/vod to Caribou from Porland Inst year. Just one century ago today, he wns.kidnaped by Indians after they had massacred his parents an;! burned their Van Buren • home. Reared, hy. the once llernc Micmac tribe, ho can't read or write, but he claims to know every nook and cranny of the giant woods- that sprawl through Maine's Aronstook | county.. He speak;! fluently In four' Innijungres—Indian, French, Italian and Ensl.'sh. Still. In, surprisingly good health, Cnmpbellt.on lust year survived, aj fall down a flight of stairs which physicians said might have crippled a younger man. He is Maine's oldest citizen nnd he 1 likes to. classify himself as a "former C-I"—which hp cnn do having served In both the Civil and Snqnish-Amcrican wars. He says, he his long life to "plenty of rest, a lot of fishing :md a lack of worry." Ho hasn't sot any particular age to which ho hopes to live—says lie hasn't got around to thinking of that yet." Says Onmpbcllton—"! . reckon .1 just p!nn to keep on going." HGKSU RACKR DIKS Lexington, Ky,, Aug. 1!5—(UP) — The grand old man of horso-rac- Irtg—Colonel E, R, Bradley—died at his Kentucky farm today. He was 86 years old, nnd had been in poor health • for several months. Colonel Bradley was noted as the only racing stable owner to win the Kentucky Derby four times. The wear on curves Is said to bo about 1200 per cent greater Lhan on straightaways. four urn rcpn/itlntf hope every Pencil Conference .itnnKn.'i, nnd I nt the Pnrlii rcadH them, "Wo whti lln here hnvo nothing lof.l tit pniy. To nil your pnilsrti we urn deaf mill blind, We may not even know If you lirtrii.v Our hopn to iiinke enrlli better Tnr inunJdnJ, "Onl.v our MlleiiW! In the nl^ht shall itfruw llnre sllenl UN the »hir-t (frow In l-ho njf.v; And, while you deck our you sJiall not linuw STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Oj»on Dully Until J A, M. • DAILY LUNCHEONS • ANO DIMNKK.S •' A LA CARTK Dliiliiff ICoom, Food Bur nnd llnuth Sorvlco Full Liquor License PARKER '51' Peij & Pencil Sets . . Pens $12.50 . . Sets $17.5,0 CCHNEERC •ta^CBLUIT JtWELtRS^ 162 Souln Mnln S» — <. 2JO<> VENETIAN BLINDS 111 M(M'k. TltMT DIIJ- Upll-i-prj-. LEBON'S VKNKTIAN II 1,1 M) CD. .'Til IV,,, Mnln ftl. T»l. 3-7K2I => IVnlrrliMr.v - |pnn. Veterans Ta Get Autos .-.-Approximately -180 Connecticut veterans will be eligible, to -receive automobiles or other conveyances provided by tho Vcterana;Admin!s- InUion for cnch • World..; War' II, .veteran ontitled to compensation for loas, or loss ot use, of one or .both le/rs at'or abovt the ankle, it ,wns announced today. : • • , President "Truman recently approved) a thirty-million dollar ap- prlation for -this benefit to be administered by the VA. .-. •: • • The cost of each, vehicle .is limited .to $1,100, IncludinK-any special equipment or attachments, -neccs- Hary to enable tho vctornn to .operate it. ..No-part or the money may he used for maintenance, repair or replacement purposes. The VA is ch.T3'l?ed. with tho responsibility Cor determining: ihat the veteran will be able to operate the vehicle safely, and i.hat he will be licensed to operate the vehiclo. The furnishing- of tho vehicle will be accomplished by the VA paying the total purchase price to the. seller from whom tho veteran purchases under sales agreement between the jscljkM' nnd T the .veteran. Says "His Public Service Is Juat Beginning And Not Ending'' Rop. Joseph E. Talbot "cnmc here., with the right' kind of reputation and ho has lived up to the expectations of his most ardent admirers." Thus did Rep. Earl C. Mlcliencr, /Ifc-Mlch.) speak of Naugotuck's Imembcr of-Congress in a dlscuK- sjon of '.members of the House 'judiciary Committee who will not be member's of the next Congress. The tribute was printed In the appendix of the Congressional Record printed--Tuesday. • Said Rep.- Michener: "As one 'of'thc- newer men in the commlUoe ' tllc ablc gentleman from. Connecticut, Joseph £_. Tal- botr I'occuplos an unique position. Previous experience in state ROV- crnment brought him to UB with special qualifications for congressional service. .-Few- now members of Congress are accorded a position on' the Judiciary Committee. Joe Talbot came here with the right kind of a reputation 'and he bus l/ye'dj-'up' to, the expectations of his most ardent admirers. Cap- ablo, industrious and. likeable, ho la today a leader in -this great committee and"his ability is recognized by all- of his colleagues, :Wc. regret 'to, see him leave Us; however, his. friends have made him a candidate for governor of 'his state and we all know that •his public service Is just beginning •and not ending." FATALLY INJURED Oak Bluffs, Mass., Aug. 15—(UP) 1 — A Vineyard Haven man was 'killed yesterday when a mobile crane steel cable snapped and dropped a half-ton .timber on him. The victim was 38-year-old Ernest Barrett. The mishap occurred at Oak Bluffs. essman Pays Tb talbot CALTJ5D SUICIDK New aHvcn, Aug. 1. r i—(U P) — A suicide verdict has been given In the death . of 07-yonr-old Henry V. Fallen. Acting Mcdlc;il Examiner Sterling P. Tnylor said Fallon- killed himself with gas fumes from a portable water heater. | WHITE FISH MARKET JOSKPII CAHRAL, I'rop. 8 South. Miiln St. • I 1 CholWKt selection of unit and •]' fresh, water" fUh. at lowest prlccn. SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG •O.B.*Ii.'WWwW'Riin nirnrt (« Rrarh CL.KANK8T 8POT IN TICK STATE Indians, not taxed, are excluded from count in determining ICRlali- tlvc <K«at distribution In Maine Minnesota, North, Carolina, and Wlnconsln. PBKSSING SERVICE WJOUS-U-WAIT BJUUBBKHRY CRKAM riKS APPLE riES .ami FILLED COFFEE CAKE CITY BAKERY R. V. STCUTAN'Jf, Prop. Maple Street Telephone 3678 METAL SWINGS •'• FOR CHILDREN For Iiidoo; 1 'or. Outdoor- Use Special^ W.Sq.,,, BEACON KIDDIE CENTER • TX GRAND STBEBT VCatorburj; sleep sleep . . . Emerson Phonoradio Radio and Phonograph with. Automatic Record Changer for eonllnuoin playing of 10 and 12 Inch records. Organllke tone. Othfir Mode.) Combination* from $82.25 and, up • 1 Steady, interesting work jnaking our famous Kcds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available 'FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. sleep... .as you never s!epf before undor the amazing NEW Mora's a marvel of comfort only thin astonishing electronic nj?o could produce . . , an electronic, not merely electric blnnkot!' A bhinkot flint, stnys your favorito torapcrnturc all. night long (cnn't r;et too cool — or too warm). Never n cold or damp spot to disturb your slumber. No moro oppressive woipht of acvornl covera. Just ono blanket to mnko up. on tho bod, otoro and Inundcr.-Fully automatic ' . , snfo . . . matchlessly \ \ • Clioono llto wnrm1h"yoil w.-iot . . /-blaakot tviil.mnin- cmpornl.uro, rCf;nrfl- r, nil nJRht lottB* •'Exchiflivn Electronic CO'D. trol 1 'providcn .'comfort and enftity,- found in -no other electric blnnkcu- • • ITive bRnutiful colorti . . . Rnrc, Blue, Codnr, Teach, Crcon. ' • ' •. I f niindry^ (.trrlAtl. flnd. approved byAmcricnnljistUulo. blanket yen bu.v;6rart thtt.markcr>6f- Underwriter? J^tttmraJcricy, 2nc, ..... Vogue & rVk>dfffiot»»n» ^—*- "V^e caint:"The Jersey-.'Special". Because everything's very special about this jersey. The push-up sleeves : .. th& : gentle thing's it does. to waist and throat. In Potter wool jersey and .rabbit's hair Wool Cashmere maize,jppwder or fuchsia. 10* to 16. DRESSES — SECOND FLOOR -S__ : " SLL ' ' I LIBBINJD, 3335. EAST MAIN; ST., WATERBURV

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