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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, December 13, 1911
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•4 1 VOLUME XV. m. 43. Sueceswr to the'lola Daily Regltter, the r6tr«aily Record and the lola Daily Index ^ ! lOLA, KS., DEC. 13, 1911—WEDNESDAY EVENING. Daily Register, Establltlied 1897. Weekly Register, EsUblished 1867. EIGHT PAG^ ASSAILANTS OF nitO?iSI)N MAN BBOUGIIT TO lOLA LAST MfiHT. THEY SHY REHT WJIS FORCED ROBERT BEAMAX rftOVOKKI) TJIL' ESCOUSTEB, BOB UOOTH SAYS. Taken Into rustoAy by Shi«rfff Korr, rrisoni'J-s -fl.lKM) H OIII I K. —Bcamua's CiiiKlitiuii Bnil. ' Robert .ind Gus Boodi were brougUt to lola last night by Sheriff Kerr who went to Bronson Intc ycstrrday to arrest them on a churgc of attacking Robert Beaman with intent to kill. Arraigned before Justice J. I'. Duncan both defendants readily p:ivo bond in the sum of 11,000 <?ach and were released pending a iiroliminan' hcarinfi to bei held before Judge Duncan Dc- cmber 27. The Booth brother^ would make no ststfement but authorized their attorney, F. J. Oylcr, to say for them what over he deemed proper afier they had related the story of the fipht to him. "All wo have to say at this time." said Mr, Oyler, "is that the fisht was forced upon Robert Booth. Gus Booth did not touch Rob?rt Beaman. For many weeks, over since the trouble in the school district arrtserHea- man has been annoying Bob Booth and the Booth family. He has triojl to drive them out of the road wlien they •would mp*'t. Friday Bob and Guf Booth were driving along the road with some farm products going to Bronson. Tliey met Beaman who assailed Bob with vile epithets. Bob resented this and ili- row started. Kelther of the Boolli boys had a revolver and no pirclifork was used. The remainder of tlie facts will come out when the court takes up the case.' ' The rei>ort that the condition of Robert B<«man was very dangoro'.is and likely to prove fatal was bruuglii to lola today by Constable Charl'-s Nelson, of KIsmore. "Beaman is suffering intensely." said Conptable Nelson, "and his family and his friends are alarmed over his condition," If Beaman should die the county attorney will immediately amend the charge against the defendants and ask an increased bond. There is hope however, that the strong p !iy.=i(it!c of Bearaa]{ will wjthst.-ind liis injuries and that he will recover. As in the scliool controversy, people in the Union district havo taken sides in this case and it will require careful weighing of rv!il<nce iliat no injustice may be done. BOOSTERS' DIBEGTORS MEET THE WEATHER. PoreriiKt for Kanxntit Probnbljr rioudy iind unspttlrd tonifriit and TiinrNdii}'; wurrarr In vrfsl portion to« niRlit. Data recorded at l.«cal Office Weather Bureau: Tciiiperatiire—illKlicst yesterday at 3 p. m. 4"; lowest loiiay at C a. m. 2r>; pxcrs!' In teinpcialurc yesterday 4 de- grcef; rNceKS In temperature since .January Iht 1133 degrees. Ycjitcniay. Today, 1 p. m 1 a. in 2S 2 II. m,—. -47 2 a. in 2S J), m .47 ;{ a. m 27 •1 p. m -4R 4 a. m 2r. r> p. m..... _4.-. r> a. m 26 C p. Ill .40 6 a. ra 25 7 p. m -::7 7 a. m 2G S p. m 8 a. m 2C !l p. in .;!3 9 a. m 27 10 p. m 10 a. m 36 n p. m n a. m 43 12 nidt. ._. 12 noon 47 Precipitation for 24 I-.ours ending 7 a. m. today. 0; excess In precipitation since January 1st l.?9 inches. Relative humidity 7 a. in. tcday 94 per cent; dew point 2."> degrees; barometer rcducetl to sea level S0.24 inches. today 7:30 a. ip.; sunset .i :03 p. m. UflHELPE PUSH 1HE CASE THE iMiEsnu:>T TOOK A JIASB I.\ THi: .M'.>A.MAK.\ TKIAL. RE8JIRDLESS OF POlliiCS HE (.'AVE THE OKDEKS WHICH HELI'EI) HHI.\« tO.VFESSIO.V. Tiio Crniid Jury lYIII Jfeu Hiirher I'p '. Found,. See If ;:u lie Old SoBMers of Allen Tonniy Meleome Slate ('onimarider Anderson. May Sernre I». Ward King, the Uoud Export, to Speak Here Sooiu jPrcBident Paul KlelB, of the Booster club, has called a special meeting of the directors and good roads committee of the cli:b for tonight at eight o'clock at the city liall to consider the matter of having D. Ward King, the road expert here in the near future for a lecture. William H. Seed, a fiaveling rejire- sentative of 3ilr. King ariived in the city this morning, and will be pre.<^ent at the meeting tonight. Mr. King who is an expert on ail kinds of roads, hnt who specializes on din roads, and the use of the split-log drag in keeping them in condition, was formerly in the employ of the Santa Ke rall- ,road, but Is now working as a re;ire- sentative of the United States office of Public Kpdds. lola's members of the Grand Army and the Woman's Relief Corps entertained the members from La Harpe this afternoon at the G. A. R, hall with a big dinner, the occasfon being the return of tiie treat tendered the local members Fome time ago at La Harpe. .\bout eighty members from l.a Har;)e were in attendance and the number of lo'ans present was unusually large the crowd aggregating over three hundred people. Department Cot!in?an;ier T. i'. .-Xnderyon. .of Kansas City. Kansas, came in this afternoon, and after the dinner deliv- ere('. an address on Grand Army tojilcs. Judge Anderson is deservedly i)opu with his comrades and bis address which was both elonuent and entertaining was warmly applauded. A special car w.-'s sent ovi>r to i-i- Harpe to bring the guests from there and from, a courtesy wlilcli was hlnhly appnciated. The p -rfeci (!:iy made il a joy to out and the occasion was one of I lie most enjoyable 'he o'd snirti 'ers :ind their fri 'Miils have had for a long time. E SOLBIEK AT FT. RILEY EXPLAiili: LOSO.STA>»»G MISTERI. '^ BY EX- HE CLAIMS THE CRIWES ^ BY PREACHER'S BEQUEST. The Confession Also Implleiltod .A Woman Husband I» A'^* Convict. " FELL IN SGALDIKO WATER Uuby Janieison. Three Actirs Old Siis- iaiiicd I'uinfnl iiurn^. R'.'liy Jainiscn, i'>e three-year-old daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Walter J MTU- ison who reside at 7'i7 Xortli Cotioii- 'vood street, w;!s very painfully although it is not thought seriously, scabled this morning abnut ten o'clock, when, at (h? home of .Mr. :ind .Mrs. W. O. Fiir.ston. of 703 .Vortli Cot-, tonwood, she fell into a tub of scalding water. A physician was eallfd =mmfdialely. and the little girl was found to have sustained burns about • he back of her ncek and shoulders. The accident hapiiened as tho result of t!i'> child walk'ng backward into a tub of writer sitting on the floor. (r.y tlie A .ssr >^ Pres."«) I-os Angeles Dec. 13.—President Taft personally Initiated the government's present investigation, both he:c and at Indianaiioii.«, into the dynamiting conspiracy. / When the President visited hero October IGth. he was apprised by Oscar Lawler then assistant to District At' torncy Fredericks, of the strong case built up against the McNamaras and of the attempts to balk its progrc-s on every side. The Presidenf.s action in tlie matter after the conference ivlth Lanier was taken forty-eight hours after he left here. The McXamara trial was then only five days old, but thj President ua.s convinced, it is said, of the array of facts gathered by the state and was told that the McNamaia brothers were not the only guilty parties. Details of alleged tamiwrlng with witnesses and evidence in various patts of the country and inability of the state authoritie.s here to j bring all lJ;e offenders to justice were related to the President. It wa.s the final move by tli^ people here to a.-k ll:e Nation's Chief K.\c;uiive to assist in the mailer in which tliey were heing balked on many sid..-.s. The local Federal aulhorliics had declined to take any steps in the matter jieadlng orders from Washington and Dl.strict Attorney Fredericks was itn- ablc to go to Washington to piestiit the facts, it was tiirough I.,awler a irk-nu ef the l'rlsidtn^, thtit I'cderal .iilion was insiituied. "1 ci:nnnt di.''cuss any tions I have had with the President." (Ifclared Lawler toiiii.v. "Nor can 1 :a!k ainut any of tlie present p'ia.'^es (if the Cidverniiicnt's Investigation." | Wa-hiiii.tda. inc. 12,—The It can he staled positively, however | wcn.I .service prT'iicm liill PENSION BILL PUSSES HOOSE Tin: SHEUWOOB HIM, Kl \S THE FIHST 0 AL'.M"L 1: T. THIS OCT i'Ol'S rOl'ISM. .'Iain i>cfiii»cr.:lie J,i'aders • Fougkl It imii fl Was .Miilcfiiilly .liii;'iideH. Wl GURIEGAUSES DIVORCE \an!ed ARCUEB THE BOLLINGER CASE. Jndge Foust Took Motion Under Ad> Tlnement This Morning. Attorneys argued n motion to strike oiil certain parts of the i>elitlon filed in the action of the County Commls- sloiDers vs. C. O. Uolliniepr a suit to collect appro.\imateIy IHUO alleged to be due the county, this morning. County Ati'jrney .). S. Taylor had in eluded the re'.iort o fthe auditors In his petition in beiialf of the county and Attorneys Forrest and RItter for Ilr. Bollinger objected on the ground that the report Ig.act offlclaljjnerely the rieir of persons who made an examination of the books without the authority necessary to make their findings competent and matetial. After hearing the arguments of the lawyers ,requiring all morning. Judge Fbnst took tr.e motion to strike out this matter, under advisement. TO PLAT BALBWIX PRKPS. A High School Basket Ball Team Will Go to Baldwin Tomorrow. Arrangements were completed last Aigfat for a game of basket bail to be ' played tomorrow night at Baldwin between the team of the Baldwin Pre- preparatory school, and a team of lola higb school boys. The strength of th'e . Baldwin team is not known but they wlU hare to "get up and dust" if they want tbeftnargia to be in their Oivor . t(»norro«;^ night ^Tho line-up of tho : loO:. team will pr>>bably; be as fol- ,,^.^<Jimt: Smith, oeaUf; Vpoust and ill I'elilion of the Wife I'rofisxiir l.:iiiu:(Min. of (By tlio issochited frw) I'ai is. Dec. 13.—The naii.e of .Miue. Curie, the discoverer of radium, and one of the mo.-t eminent Professors of Chemistry at tlic College of France. hy the Asfociated Press that the I'rcsident wa,^ ai-proaciied by Lawler :>rier Di.'-;trict AUiTmey Kiederuks v.'un'.v .sought some other way to bring li>e Federal auth<ir!ties into tlic ease. I'rcderfcks knew, fie said, that the Federal .statutes had been violated, lie knew tliat there was evi- litnce in Indianapolis which was not .'•.ccessiljie to the state authorities Iiere except by intervention of the Federal governmeni. Lawler saw ;i ;e Presiilent am! told him the clrcum stances. According to persons who since have learned the details of that conference lawler pointed cut a number of labor leaders who were in- vdlved. Tho posslbflity of poJiiical injury to the I'rcsident was taken into consideration. It was indicated to the President by many persons that an unfavorable t>o- litical effect mightVesult with the ia- l.or element if he took a definite stand in the .Alc.N'arilara case. The President il is said, told Lawler he would i>ro- cetd legardless of that. As the hand of the Federal government was disclosed another circumstance added to thi: rai-idly ^-rowing- pile that forced the McNamaras to surrender. The de- feni--e's attorneys admit today that they felt the effect of the Govem- iiient's hand and with the transfer of evidence in Indianapolis previbusiy Shrr- wliicii would add ii[)waril.^ of 4(i 'million to '.'.e governuirr.' annual ,e.vptndiiures hy granting increaiTrd pensions to Civil War H U'I .Mexk-an WaV ve 'in tiie iiasis of lengtli of .-^ersice i>:;-vxl l;y the IIou .=e tonight..despite lu'tcruiined oiii '0 !--ition of ' many Deniuo-atic leaders. Secretary -Df the Interior Fisher has cFtiuialed that tiie bill wonUI add 7."> :::!pi ()U dollars to the pcnsitm rolls if four hundred tltoasand veterans l.irestork Assoriatiun Eu(Inrs('»t IVru- llur .Money Scheme. 'liy ilii' .\ssiM .iiii,.il J 'ie.s..<) Dnevi.-r, Dec. 13.—Tho Issue of na- j ilonal currency on whejtt, corn and • cotton as collateral while still In pos[ session of grower, today was recommended by the resolutions comml'lee of the American National Ilvesiock as sociation in convention here. Thu recommendation was niado In the form 'of proposed amendments of the Aldrich currency reform plans. Advocates of the proposition declared i would strengthen the proposed eine,!, ency currency. t£m JORoa STILL MISSING The .ludre Will Hold Ihe Olher Eleven a Week Longer. THE REPOBLIGi GONVENTION iATES wrriiOl T I'KIMAKY LAWS Ml ST UOl.B t'ONYE.NTlONS. Those Vt'iih rrininry Laws May Choose Bclccalts 'I'iiai >»ay il' Tliey Wish. li.giblo take advantage qf the - Increase. Kansas City, Dec. 13.—TIic eleven H.vdo jurors will have to wail at least !i we?k for their freedom. Judge K. K. Porterfit'ld, the trial judge, an- Speaker Clark votr.'. with the ma-! nounced last night as he gave h^s dai- L.singevln asks separation and custody of the ehildnn on the ground of her husband's alleged misconduct. It was announced that If .Mine. Langevln's decree was granted she will withdraw her complaint of adultery brought in the criminal court against I'rof. Ijin-j gevin and .Mine. Curie. a man who knows the details of it. "lie went aiiead regardless of per.-on- al considerations and would have jiro ceeded much earlier II Ma could have told hliu the facts." WORKMAN'S BKATH CAISES SlIT. Widow of Nnar Krilry Wants $10,00<l From lolu I'orllaiid, Car! J. Petei.-on this afternoon hrougiit suit for .Mrs. IJzzle Kelley against the lola Portland Cement Company, asking that the plaintiff be for the awarded JIOOOO dama.ges death of iter husband, who was fatally - „ . . injured while employed by and at of an alleged Nation-wide dynamite Who Barked the BroflirrMf Indianapolis, Dec. 13,—Who, besides John J. and James II. McNamnra handled or had knowledge of tho Interstate shipment of the ton or more of liynanjlto anl nitroglycerin used in blowing up lion and steel structures erected by firms employing non union men In the last five years? That question was Inquired Into by government officials today preparatory to the resumption Thursday- of the federal grand jury's Investigation work for the defendant coijyiany Kelley was at work in the company quarry September 6, last. A ledge of rock fell and cru.shed him so severaly that he died four day^afterward. The plaintiff contends that the company, esi)ec;al!y Roy Franklin, quarry boss, who is made a defendant to the action, should have inspected the quarry so closely that the accident would-aot have happened. She alleges that had a rigid Inspection been maintained, the loose ledge of rock would have been discovered. P. G. McCoy, the Kansas City wrestler, who is making lola his headquarters for the present has arranged to wrestle Pearl Norton at Moran next Saturday night Norton is well known here, having beten a member of the old LaHarpe football team, and a member of the Triplets football conspiracy. Clerks who wrote letters, baggagemen shippers and nil those viut are supposed to have had even the remotest knowledge of the movement of the explosive or where and how It was stored are among the >-cverai hundred wifne.sses who have been summoned to testify liefore the grand jury. Although the district Charles W. Miller, declined to discuss the progress of the preparations, for submiesion of eiidence before tb? grand jury, he indicated the purpose of the government to effect an es- haustive investigation. Every witness <Mio can furniBb any information, ! -~'>'.er slight will be summoned. \V. J. Bums the detective, who has been in consultation with officials of the Enectors' Association, left tonight for Washington and New York. Ke said he would return here Friday, "I think there was more dynamite planted in various points of the Ease than has jerer been discorered " Boras team, and the result will be washed with interest The m^tcb was-to have roFrards; Ba^ey aad^Len-liieen held last Saturday night, but, " i};iB«iHwr:ji*8UUU* ' jsaJd. ^tlt 1« JJk«Iy that that bas BotJ ro«r. ; , > r . jority of.iii.= party for the;bill. The ] »enincr,-»:5c leader. I'nclerwood. and Filzgiiald of .New York, chaiiinan cf l!io apiiropriation.v, coniniiijco voted against it. The hill now K'les to the Senate, V. !i <-re there is a di.'.-iinsltiQn to luiss -ou'e f,->rni of amended scjvlce penr .~ion'-letion. t-'cnate Icaderi-. iiow ever, will jirueeed .slowly in tlic cnn- s!:ieratii,n of this legi.-l,-.iibn. j .Many lioiitc DemoerMt-. voted for'.thei inea.-s- tive in the boliei that llie Henaiei would not pa.'.-s it. . j The Sherwood bill wouiij establish the following ba.'^is of pensixms' For service for ninety diiys nmct'.i.'--, $15 a month; from six i renth.^-. 120 a month; fjoiu months to one year t2'< a liiontli; i.iorti than one year, $30 a nionpi. Two iuiiiurtant el ;;'.nges ^-eru made in iiie Slierwood hid during tiie nil- day battle. .\ joint amendnifnt by nepresentatlvs I'auch of Indiana tind Ilrprei^entatlve Cox of Ohio struck out i!:e provision denying mfraiieejto fed cral scldlirrs" homes to veterans receiving ;>iore ll;an $'2."i a iriont i pon- ^ion ani! refu^-Ing to state \ion es fed .•r:;I c.ld forllie "•-ii|'i''>' t of siicti pen- flrrn 'r:-. T!ie n .N I I ieli'in against the payiiu !V, of any pen.'^iiiii to. a v v.-here his Ineouie C.M'U W $1 year «ns voted ("it on tlie.'mo to six o nine j nine jeteran 1)00 a Ion of Reprc > ntatlve Uucker of Colorado. K. K. Tavlor left this mbmlnc for .Mlneia! Wclis. 'I'exas. to spend the winter. been gloved, as tiin>e wbo hid it would not be icc'iiied to altebpt to move it now." I \ew Chiirge Against Franklin. Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 13.—District Attorney John D. Frederhics piled a second information today against Burt IJ. Franklin an investigator In the McNamara murder trial, charging him with brlbeiy and with haVing at- attorney,}-tempted to Influence the vgrdict of a jury. Franklin already has besn held to the superior court for trial on another such. Information an^ the new one has to do with Robert^F. Bain a sworn Juror who testified m court that he had taken a bribe. Th^ district attorney's imore took Ffanklln and h'is attorneys b/ surprise and is believed to be'of considerable significance. Attqmcy Lecompte, Davis of counsel In the Mc- Xaman case and npw connect id with the Franklin case told Jiisti :e William P. Young before whoia tl o complaint yns filed, that he^woild Apr I»eaf. jwHh Franklin in: cojirt tpmor- ly admonition to the jury not tV discuss the case that he would hold the eleven until he was satisfied Harr.v Waldron, the escajied juror,' could not 1«' found, which would be until tlic end of the week. "Gentlemen," Judge Porterfield .said in addressing the jury, "it is possible' that Mr. Waldron is wandering around in a dazed mental condition now. but on e.xaminallon b.v tho court he may hi» found eligible to iirocecd with the trial of this case. He may not have read the newspapers nor have discussed the c.^se with anyone. If (hdt is so, I see no reason why this case cannot go on. The seven weeks spent on the cas'' aready has cost the county about $10,000 and jour time, and if there is vny way to prevent it we don't want to do this nil ov r.' LORIMERGtSENEURITS END Only two or Three More AVHnesses to He Exuininrd. fBy ihfl A!LK'>cl.'it'>d Pr-.w) Wahhlngtiin Dee. 13.—Prospnct for the early conclusion of the Lorlnier Investigation developed today. Kl- brldge llaney counsel for l-orimer, K.-iid he expected to put Mr. Ixjrimer on tlie stiind as the last witness before the first of next,week. The law- yera for the investigating committee announced they had only two more witnesses to call. WICKEHSHAM WILL WAIT. The Attorney (.'rnoml Will Xot Fire ' Lyons—>'ow. (Tly the .Vi'.-'oclati-d Pres.s) Washington, Dec. 13.—Leslie Lyons, United States District Attorney at Kansas City, whose official conduct is under Investigation by the D?part- meht of Justice and the Court of Appeals of Missouri, Is in Washington conferring with Attorney General Wickersham. It is not IIkoly"Wilker- sham will dispose of the matter un-tlt the state court has passed on the disbarment proceedings. Attempted Prison Bellvery. ('3y ihf A.ssociaterl P TOSIS ) I.e.">,venworth. Kas. Dec. 13,—What Is believed to have been another attempt at prison delivery was frustrated by guards at the Federal penitentiary today.- Two men were seen to approsch' the prison near an Isolated comer, apparently prepared to throw something over the .walls. The sentinel fired at'''' ' - V\';ishington. Dec. 13.—At th;> meeting of the Nalional Hei»ubiJt.iii Convention yesterday it was decided lo make no change in the rules jrovern- ing the manner of selecting delegates. The committee adhered to ilie convention cal! of I'JtiS and i!io primary question the sole disti::-i;iiir: ;ci i;- i'O/oie the committee was left :.s il was four years ago. 'I'he c!i:;rn; iop.? of I'ri'sidenlial preference jirimarios ;tnd state-wide primaries for tho selection of delegates to the convention in states where primary laws are not ciierative, were defeated. They were I.d by Senr.-or Borah, of Idaho, who contented iiimsclf with a minority n-j port from the snbcommitteo on call, of which he was cli.';irinan; and with ;i brief si)C?ch to the coinmiltee. The meeting was unique in tv.o respects. Tliere was a complete absence of bitternoss and the proceedings were conducted with oven doors. Messrs.-Kellogg, Ward and Capers, signed the majority report, which em- liowered states with primary laws to select delegates by jirimary if their committees so decided, and Mr. Rosewater signed'it with the reservation hat he favored the primary'idea. Mr. Borah submitted his minority report which added a provision thfrt would i:erniit presidential primaries in all the stales, regardless of the existence or non-existence of a primary law. The majority report was agreed to by a vole of 42 to 7. PERKINS VKUVS LAHOR (OCKT He Thinks That Would Give Biir Business Keilef. niy the Aiineliited Press) Washington. Deo. 13.—George \V. I'erklns, director of tl e L'nlied States Steel Corporation, told tho Senate Interstate i;oninierce Coiiiiiilttee today flint the |ira<'(f (T .I way to g/ve the country's big buslnes.>< relief from ex- bilfig uiie-i .•iliity wfi'ild be to create In the Cotiiir.eree and l^ihor r >i.'part- inent ;•. I.ibor court, wil.'i power to license corporations. Any violation of the 1 tiles laid down l>y siieh cnin- mlsslon. he urged, should be imnished by iiiiprisonment of Individtnls rather than by revocation of licenses. , WON'T LET JACK RETIHE. JIni FIviiii wants to Try Conclusions With the Champion. <!'.\' th- .As.socl'te<l lv,..s.s) San Francisco, Dec. 13.—Despite the renorted retirement of Jack Johnson, Harry Foey the San Francisco vrowoter, is planning to propose to Johnson a bout with Jim Flynn thi? winter.. Fiyna's manaser will mee' Johnson when tho champion arrives In New York. French AvlHfor Killed. (By th*- A.'>po«'tP««l IT'—-«< Melon France, Dec. 13.— Lieut Charl l^ntheaume, military aviator was killed by a fall from his aero­ plane here today. Lynch Holds His Jot>, ilv- the As'<x:i,it <Hl Prt-sil New York, Dec. 12.—Thomas J lynch this' afterncon was re-electet nresident of the National (League o' , Profesicnal Base Ball Clubia. Only mnnd^tbey two clubs voted against htm-'Brook- *" \y% and I^hilftdelpbia. ^ (Uy (tie Associated PresO .' ' v ^ Junction City, Kas., Dec. IS.-^Re^: Charles M. Brewer, formerly oha^, lain in the army, now pastor of tjfe' Baptist church at Olustee, Oklahomii^ was accused, it- developed today, Ih^ confession mads last night by-Private Michael Quirk, of implication M a mysterious series of explosions wij^h" have bafHed the military authprltieiB at Ft. Riley for si.\ months. Unitcid States Commissioner Chase here today stated that Brewer had been arrested at Olustee and that he! was being held for United States marshr als. Mrs. Anna Jordan of Kaniiaa City, also implicated in Quirk's cofi- fcssion, was arrested early today li. Kansas City following a telegraijx. to the police of that city from ComihijSr sioner Ghase_. Quirk, in his costeih slon which was made to Col. Ell D. lloyle of the Sixth Field Artiilerj?. commandant at Ft. Riley, said .he blew up the cavalry stables Jtine river June 24th last and that he al^ )/hU; wup the cavalry stable JiW© thirtieth when twenty-seven horieB were barned to death. Also he said he blew up the water main which Kuniilles the post with water. Quirk declared in his confeBsto|i ih:!t he Instigated these crimes at'tbe , Instigation of Brewer who soUgftt'Tfr- venge because he had been cottrtmar^ tialed and dismissed from the servlcd for conduct unbecoming an oiHoellt and a gentleman. j\ . ^ Mrs. Anna Jordan, Implicated by Qurrk, is- the w Ife of a convict in the Federal jiri,>=on at Fcrt Leavedwortb'. Sh.. was arrested'here several mohtbs ago for aiding her husband to escape fron the guard house wb«te-^h^ wats ; f on.'^^ned on the charge of stealing j He was recaptured and sent to'-the i ?V;der:il prison. Mr. Quirk aUeifted that lie met the ex-chaplaln and Btr^. .Tordan in an automobile on the roid between Junction City and Fort Haley. Ho said Brewer told him: they, were on their way to blow up the: bridge and asked him to go along. ^ Otjirk said he placed the explosives that blew up the bridge. ' ~ Quirk has been in the guard hoaao lender suspicion- of connection With, 'he explosion for nearly a .montii: Ij^st night he sent for Col. Hoyle and " made confession. f Explosions and fires here witllhi six months have destroyed goverd- mcnt property totaling a value of fiye hundred thousand dollars. The big storehouse on the maneuver grooa ^B was burned with a loss of two hun- 'Ired thousand dollars. Investlgatiob' at the time convinced the authorities that aill tho fires were of Incendiary •iii^in. Since Quirk 's arrest there have been no fires. BRITISH ROYALTY IN DASGEB >hip cn Whirh They Were'Passenge^ T.s Stranded. , (Tty th,- As«M -iated f*re «s) Gil:altar. Dec, 13.—British royal•e'?. including King George 's slsteo:, i'rincess Louise, with her husban^, h.-> Duke of Fife, were placed in Jeo- :iardy today by the stranding of tUa <:<.e liner De'hi off Cape Sparta"^ Morocco. Immediately after the news va^ received liere all available tti)^ and soverai war vessels were dls- patched to tlie .scene. With the .al- <l»tiinec of the French cruiser Frlaht. 'he women ard children were takiih off and landed. The Duke of Flt^'t^- ji '.-ilned on board, it Is believed .there \n no immetliate danger 6f the vflilBel •otindering. DEMOGRKTS CLAIM IRIZOl lU'tums Have Hardly Bcgnn to Coite lu Yet, So It Is All a Gnesi. r (By the AssoclRted PrMw) .' Phoeni.x Ariz., Dec 13.—D^mjs- . cratic leaders today declared tlr^ 'icket bad swept the new state W . Arizona in its-first state election y^- terday by majorities ranging from ; five hundred to three thonsand. No rlefinite information is ayaiiable early today but the Democrats baaed their assertions upon the aptMirent '.rend of the vote, the count of which was slow. , T'ue provision for the elimination of the recall of judges amendment to the state constitution is belieTed' all to have carried by a great majority. ^ ^ MO. PAC. TRAINS COLLIDE. [ The Accident Oeenrred fa Wwiii'" and Killed a Ftremao. -•i 'Br the Aaaodated.FrMsX . ' r .- .V!enton, Mo., Decj 13,—In a" re»- tni collision of two'Misabari :'FacUicr.: la^senger trains, caosedlb]^ the breiMtr lug down o^ one lofiomotlTe her^ftb^' day, a P. Moore. fbepUin. .oj; St^;X<eati"'

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