Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1954
Page 10
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Thufsdoy, Morch 4,195 i By Roy 6*t«t M O F E STAR, H OPE, ARKANSAS By Chtek Young 02ARK IKI ...GUESS AH LEARN HOW GAMES. WITH WD INSTEAD UFA/IAMB YOP.BUeBUH, AH'MALLSET TWANA6E A LITRE-LEAGUE TEAM AFTUH BUGS IN FERTH', SEASON T I SOME SUPPER--!|U^^-i!^ BUT WITHOUT TV IT'LL BEA JH" THE LABELS WERE WASHED OFF, SO \ GOT THEM r~r- „, T'LLBLONDIE BASSAtN > DRIED PRUMC.S Xf S'L'PPOlffE' ( AND BABY FOOD/) NX-,. ^•: LABELS, WON'T KNOW WHAT'S IN THEM NO PROBLEM AT ALL.J.P.JFTHOZAW KID C^N MAKE TH SWITCH FRO/A LEFT FIELD/ UH--HOW DO YUH GIT IN Bv Michael O'Mfllley and Ralph Lane Answer to Previous r'uzzie OUT OUR WAY By J. R 4 Williamt Boys Will Be Boys NEW HEW/AKEN' YOU? WELL, WATCH YOUR STEP/ BREAK. IT Uf? YOU GUYS-- ANP START HERE FOR PATCHES.' ' YOU'RE SOlMa TO WRITE A LETTER WITH A FOUNTAIN! PEM ANP EAT A PIECE OF BERRV PIE ANP A BEAM AMP. KETCHUP SANDWICH OVER IT ? CO YOU MIND LETTING ME SEE THB LETTER BEFORE VOL) PUT A STAMP OM 3 Emporium 4 BrisUy 5 Anomt 6 Manuscripts a- 'SLs. • (Egypt.) OPines . „ ., 9Amonff t all times JQ piowe? , eotttr.) u scotush caps 151 19 Short*napped he t group 21 Pish ft-ts borrio 23Seaoafiles SwEPeer Gynt's -*24 Masdillne thcr ( nickname elusion up Chemical lenient emit" bstelry laying card pass point aid, notice nklettei- letter illow aftet :tinct bird 43 Holy person 44 Nickname for Frederick 45 "Emerald Isle' -!C Facility nickname 20 One who frosts cakes 30 Surrender 312 Mr. Keith and 48 Malaysian Mr, Hunter canoe 38 Companion 4D Lofty 39 Property items 40 Unruffled usse... C'AM,ELEON~ , CAUGHT IN ME T'ROAT/ oy l.eslie Turner WASH TUBBi •SO To-cut 53•Burmese wood sprite 54 —— Juana, Mexico VOU'LL DO 7 *OP, ULV...THI& TIME, L HW»B THIS SCENE I A HUUCH VOU'LL PO IT SWELL 1 . OVER TILL r S GET p> LITTLE 6AV ITfe RIGHTl SOU WA.MTER TO MAKE PICTURE WITH MB... AMP I POM'T PUT UP WITH TMJTRUMS! [J.ILV r-EEL-S THE L3 EVES OP TH& CK&W OW HER.. 26 Ledger entry 27 Diminutive _ ,o| Andrew 41 Philippine peasant CO&TW DELAV5 T.M...,.u. s . t . lM . WHY MOTHERS <3ET 5RAY ,„.,,».,««h™...«. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major rioopre HERE'5 MV PROPOSITION, PERFE550K LITTLE DETAILS TO Pep?- Copr. 1954. by NEA Servica, inc. T. M. flog. 0. S. Pat. Off. PANGSORM "-X'LL TRAOE THE COAT- CHAIR FEE VODR "KALORY-I<ILLERV PLUS A LITTLE POCKET A\oMEV, ^ #50O/-~- YOU'RE 0ETT!I^' ' TH'BEST DUTCH GRASSED MEW YORK ffER A JOG O' T3RA6OM Bv tdq«r Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE* =.— NOVJ^ By Dick Turner ^.:L-v^ ^,_lno. .T. M, ,H»|^ uS..Pit. OH./ / THE? COAT: CHAIR ; R16I4T BUGS BUNNV IS TH 1 COLO? } WANT 61?AB 'A SANDER AT IT IN TH 1 DAYLIGHT VA MAKES I VEWV WELL; SUIT IN TH'JOINT; BWOWN WANT FUNNY BUSINESS By Herslhberge* By f. T; Hamlin HERE' THWreHOULD^TTT HAVE PICK ' ALLEVOFF AV/R|SHT,O5CAR THROUGH MES...NO\V I'M starts^ trying for outside credit in night we had mashed eggs.and S GLANCES By Golbrofth Ely Rust Wmferbotharn CHRIS WELKIN, I J lane tee. ''-He's been dping this ever since he took out accident insurance!".. , By Carl Anderson By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Wgii.THATDOES IT/ THESE IKISQW N'OU'RE CUT UP *,60UT LO?I.N<j TUi PART,HONEV,ByT IF ib §IVEN IT ST'""TO VOUIWULONV HWE JJEEN HONeSTrVOU JUST WEREN'T & *^-?-*. WELL SUITED poe IT IF SHE'S MM} SHE CAN JOLLY WELL SW MAD/ S\l V *• * ^ " V *" 1-*n f ' 1' • - , -- - - ,^- .-... j_ jj-- ^ t ^.*= =y—yj-v^Kj^J.^.— - ^vy^v^.^^ .j JL ^'.i vJi^Jai^

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