Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 22, 1969 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1969
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 3—A NIXON SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT—Richard M. Nixon takes the oath as the 37th president of the United States from Chief Justice Earl Warren as Nixon's wife, Pat, holds two family bibles for him in Washington. President Lyndon B. Johnson is behind Justice Warren. (AP Wirephoto) People Over 25 Try To Be Normal By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — In an abnormal time, it is the desire of "most people over 25 years of age to be normal. They aspire to a pattern of ' life in which they will think, dream and act within limits that satisfty themselves and! yet also make them acceptable to their Mends and neighbors. How can you tell if you have reached your goal? What stand- -ards of conformity or noncom- Eormity do you apply? Admittedly it is a difficult . thing to measure. But here is a ready-made guide that may be of help. Simply ask yourself these questions: When trouble comes your way, do you invariably admit it was your fault, confess your mistakes, and manfully shoulder the blame? During the football season, if -o- -o- -o- the wife or kids want to switch to something besides a gridiron game, do you accede to their wishes because you believe that in a well-run family every member has equal rights? Can you give up a bad habit —such as smoking, drinking or eating jumbo sandwiches after midnight—for three months without a single relapse? Do you always tell the truth in every situation. In other words are you the kind 1 ofcharacter they used to describe in the Old West by saying: "His word's as good as his bond?" If someone tells you that a new best-selling novel is terribly, terribly naughty,, does that reinforce your determination not to read it, since you are against filthy literature? were already 15 Serafini And Baggott Leave Chamber Board Two vacancies have occurred the past few days on the roster of the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce board of directors as a result of job transfers John Baggott, vice president- general manager of Van Gay, Inc., here since May, 1967, has accepted a vice presidency of a subsidiary of Grow Chemical Co., at Los Angeles, Baggott was associated with Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. at Pittsburgh for a number of years prior to coming "here. At Van Gay he was associated with two brothers, James , president, and Val, sales manager. He was a mem­ ir r of First P r e sb yterian church here. Al Serafini, wire chief here of Illinois Bell Telephone Co., came to Mt. Vernon in April, 1965. He will become a staff • superviosr in plant training for Illinois Bell Feb. 1 at Springfield. He has been a member of Lions Club and St. Mary's Catholic church. President Paul Thomas has named James Gresham, local Illinois Bell Telephone Co., manager, to succeed Serafini a a Chamber director, representing communications. A successor to Baggot will be named later. Legal Notice NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Estate of Mary A. Colton, deceased. Notice is hereby- given to all persons that Monday/March 3, 1969, is the claim date in the Estate of Mary A. Colton, deceased, pending in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. A. Daniel Oderkirk, Vice President and Trust Officer, Executor. Joe Frank Allen Attorney for Executor Mt. Vernon City Bldg. Mt, Vernon, Illinois Phone 244-0025 2-5 Hanukkah The Jewish Hanukkah is an eight-day festival commemorating the great battle for religious liberty in 165 B.C., resulting in the restoration of the Jerusalem temple to the worship of the true God. The festival' is also known as the Feast of Lights. Hold Brothers As Black Panther Slaying Suspects LOS ANGELES (AP) — The sscond of two brothers sought in the campus slaying of two Black Panthers was booked on suspicion of murder Tuesday after surrendering himself to police at a San Diego airport. Larry Joseph Stiner, 21, suffering from a gunshot wound rt-hich Detective Charles Clinton of the West Los Angeles police station said "looks three days old," gave himself up at Lindbergh Field. His brother, George Phillip Stiier, 22, accompanied by an attorney, surrendered himself Monday at the West Los An- geies station. The Stiner brothers had been the target of an all-points bulletin issued after the militant Black Panther group identified them as being involved in last Friday's shooting at the University of. California at Los Angeles. Slain were John Jerome Hugging • 23, and Alprentice "Bun- shy" Carter, 26. The Stiner brothers are UCLA students and members of a rival Negro organization, US. Say Hijackers Jailed By Cuba MONTREAL (AP) — The Montreal Star says the Cuban government is sending aircraft hijackers to prison for five years at hard labor if they are net political refugees. Quoting a high source in international aviation, the Star said Cuban authorities cooperate with the Swiss Embassy, which handles U.S. affairs in Havana, in checking the credentials and stories given by hijackers. As a result, the Star said, more than half of the hijackers of American aircraft have been sentenced to the maximum penalty provided in Cuba for illegal entry into the country. When Cubans or Americans seeking to avoid the draft hijack an airliner, the Star added, they have been toasted and honored in Havana. As a result of checks with the Swiss Embassy, Cuban authorities found at least 18 person had criminal background or domestic problems. These have been put to work at long hours at menial jobs or in the sugar cane fields with other political and criminal prisoners, the Star reported. -o- -o- -o- minutes late to an appointment on a rainy day, and had a 10- yard head start on an old lady racing to get the only cab visible for blocks. On reaching the cab door, would you gallantly hold it open for the slow-footed beldame and try to find another cab for yourself in the pelting rain? How about your tax bills, buddy? Have you always leaned over backward in dealing with Uncle Sam? Have you never -o- -o- -o- fudged on a report to him even a teentsy-weentsy bit? Well, as Gov. Al Smith of New York, used to say, "Now let's look at the record." If you answered each of these queries with a guilty "no," quit worrying. You're too normal ever to need a head'shrinker. But if to each of them your answer was an invariable "yes," you have a problem. You are clearly out of the usual norms of normality. 3rd Czech Fire Suicide Attempt PRAGUE (AP) — Prague Radio said that a 23-year-old locksmith set himself afire during the night in the town of Brno, at a square where a memorial to Jan Palach had been erected. It was the third attempt by a Czech at suicide by fire within a week, but Palach's is the only one so far for which a political motive has been established. The locksmith, Miroslav Malinka, suffered second-degree burns over about 12 per cent of his body and is in good condition, the broadcast said. Palach, a 21-year-old student, set himself afire in Prague last Thursday to protest the reversal of the country's reform program as a result of the Soviet occupation. He died Sunday. -o- -o- -o- Radio Prague said Malinka attempted to commit suicide by gas last year and was awaiting trial on a burglary charge. The broadcast said the young man told his father a few days ago he would kill himself because he was afraid of his trial. Josef Hlavaty, 25, set fire to himself in Plzen Monday and was in critical condition. The newspaper Vcarni Praha reported that he had family problems and had spoken "several times of suicide." Palach's suicide note had said other students were ready to burn themselves, starting Tuesday .until press censorship was lifted and the Soviet occupation -o- -o- -o- force stopped distributing the propaganda publication Zpravy. But there were no immolations in Prague during the night. Early today police forced a group of hunger strikers memorializing Palach to remove their tents from in front of the fountain where Palach set himself on fire. The police also blocked off the street in front of the fountain to prevent crowds from gathering. Some of the strikers remained with their bedrolls in an enclosure in front of the fountain and other young people joined them, but most left. Similar hunger strikes were reported in other-cities. Local Drive-In Wins Award The Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce announced t oday that William McCulley, operator of A & W drive-in restaurant, 514 Mam St., was awarded a plaque while present a few days ago at the annual meeting of A & W International, Inc., in Chicago. The plaque to the Mt. Vernon business man was for the firm's record in food quality, cleanliness and service, signed by President F. R. Loetterle of A & W International, Inc. Mrs. McCulley, who is associated with her husband in business, was present for the trophy awarding. The Mt. Vernon A & W restaurant won the December Drive In of-the Month honor accorded by the parent company, according to a story in this interna- tior,al firm's News Dispenser, in which it was said that McCulley "Makes effective use of newspaper, radio and theater advertising." 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