Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on December 19, 1974 · Page 18
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 18

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1974
Page 18
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THE TTTOXKA TOPIC. TTTOXKi tOWA. DECEMBER 1ft, 1974 Portland News By Sirs, VTctw Filch Written TfcarsdiT. D*c. 12 -s-ii: Leosna He bad back surfer? ia>t rxsr* o' ?^rrez<s Sets?:- I i I f I $ I I I f I f «*te I I I I I ! ! I ! ! I f ! I I I i j \ bscizninf with a 12:301 Vrriiz Da~on sad Mary Wefc-fcJiDg. Grace Adtenmn, r^sscrss dinner. 2*a ShipJear. ST. tAI"* Vjoia CUimin^&an: szs SrnMh xrx! Tera RSch' Mrs.-. J H. Tbocrpsen bis fce?s;. Lers;rad. TS-te Madsen, Irene issss^iz 1 : bosfiessss. JRoEi can; 5peadiz.s er»ry day wish ber ; MHLer, is- rereilizs Secret Ss£«s' zootber. Mrs. HiLda W*£»n*r.l, Strays r IE oa-stzj foe Z-FST az«&. Prc-. za SSe Gccc Samaritan 3est:'l5» party toegsiz wttfe. — 3. 51 .CO Czr^-iciai Gift, b-:-~-e in Ajgooa. Mr?. We??ner i- zccz. RcH call Ttr*5 a ,* JCCSiliiy. T^U? i, jil Mc£XiL^' n^iO^Tt.^r^g' fc.T JL ^£zcil ¥ * '.3 zt'i'jsizg 'stE 'fi«j beid, j"iE. * ijc z*r*f^ c~ si'iiscli;- ?m5rEL SG«? M*rcy HospifiaL: of Aigcsaa spen; JasI nd i were met by Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mr. 3Btt<i Mr?.. Harrts Saras Ms raotaer. Mrs, Jess v ta i£»? Kossurnh ilr. E^'srifj Hu:cfiiir.5c^ of ze Lz tit? Lawwac* and \lncent; Cos, who took her to Omaha Govern bcsn*. -arhere she boarded a plane for Mr. and Mrs. Bernani Meister Beverly HMIo. vrhere she will drov-j -o Teraptetca o,a Wedaes- spend the winter with her day to oeip her asotfasr. Mis. daogbter. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon i.-erzccn. K. a Cos. prepare So go tD. x ^g, Os i&xrsctey they ier to Harixz "sriisre thsv (Con tinned on page 3) Peace rzccc. — ;lf racing rf Mr nan. HoIIcali: ^My rrjcsi; ^sefsl i ^'u»'«.v Tzris'iriis sift''*'. Mxaize w*f>.f .-f-^-jtr- Tf<= s = ?V!CE CENTER Mr i-ii lir; Ciri Lc-i—> i^i Pan £r inf i-L-f. C-iry Lcii-5r..r ii: JJ^TS I S =5 * s i» M <» n i ? j -. (7 i * i • a f s^-s?rg% aa-iJS'^Si'ajii-aS'eaa-aiB ra»-a~riy } A;. I * M !! l» I * aw * li i i * I J I S1LENTNIGHT AM is oerfrrr, o£/ is bsxfkM Moj CSuislsms b TTTOMKA *£r. ami Mn. SaaRdil fcwainga aarf fin Mis. in t2i« Harris F»n;cn "^ere 5?izii7 af:er- rr.-icrinz. \ Mr, ind Mrs. Barol-i >z ~-Ji:cr? rz ±« Sari Zfie'sl Mr in-i Mrs. Wilier Scren-! xz-i f^m£y actsnoei a i 3o?er OLicz bcrzs. Mr. izd s:-.. Mr t^i Mr?. Barer SsJblr_ ; :xx '-.xi dizn^r Sirids.y. Ztec, S •j. Lcuie Hubsr of Titczia 3>.tr ir>i Mr?. Cari H^TzcI'if iz»i iz "he J"un3cr HtnibcEri: bocie : - - '' ^ —.rsOj.^ ,vZI^. — -^"z 4 •*-" -*ir^. 2-i '>, 3*1^7^*-. •& — "T— i>^rl.. w.Z'r «TiCVi- £Cu5 ^ST"i5 in ^JODOT zs. "sn^r'r rvvr^fm "•~j'5iTc*r5 z^ *^* j - H. vf Mr?. L^.Z3 JcLzSkSTtn^^'* 217 " o* ir izz'zal Cu^Tufar.,•..- ?ir:y Mrs. H^rczviz H^rtzj. «~r. iz«d ±L* ;trr: •C'f :br year for Coiif: TM-r.siiT ^- nie zccie •;:' Mr?. Misrios BilsSxiroogz ^f ."TzLi. H^-r cztire fornilv •s^ss iz * iiy rVrrzz-^ ifter :i.e Tf.ozia 1 S.:i:<:l Chr^' $ ! L S _ I Wrinen Mondav. Dec. 16 | ?^ri. L^-srez:* Gove-z a:| ^p/|^_%St|^ §'-v-nir~ *i"-~ n"Oil? rr ^"ti. i vr;;,; = - - -i r g*< 'UF^-c-Jr »ea »t i."^. epa-ur* ir«ft-J ! ;-; r itcLr:.; ca'.cixr.s up ~;:i WANTED Homes in Need of Painting and Insulation Homeowners in the area will be given the opportunity to hare their home* insulated FREE with the purchase of the an new wood Drained r.S. Vinyl Steel SHing. It comes i n many decorative colors and at a very low cost. This amaxins new product has captured the interest of homeowners throashont the United States. It is maintenance FREE, virtually indestructible, carries a 30-year fuarantee. and rui.< your heating cost up to 30%. This product i> being introduced in your area, if you are fed up with the hi§h cost of painting, heating, and maintenance you should write us for FREE information. — Bank Rate Financing Available — FOR EVFOR.MATIOX WRITE Tri-County Builders, Inc. I zi M-crp'-7 of D-=5 i Sister itiv Murcizv 8421 rxrVERSrTY AVENUE DES MOENX5, IOWA 50311 Qsrist's peace abide with yott TIRE SERVICE izd i£i~5. Harul': Te-rH-eei irxi Family tjcr Wood | „ a -^E I tf 5 ^ : ft £fr* 3 v jK .-^5 8 w m -*^T » ^/I « ' I'. Slf I r i I i s rev; scm King! ?i?a-, Tit /:y -;-r CI'.-L'itrrrc.-: d';-;: ;i : r-. -:i^r-( ri=.=;n. YAH ,nOT£ £.itarTH:E ZS TRUCKING AK-iD SHEL.LI.HO Mr, imi itn, .n-ai Vis. H.VT* rai Fan-f.-j £r, am: Ito. Msrii Vir. S;TC a^i Fizil As we celebrate the birth of the Infant , let us rededleate ourselves to the " goal of peaee on earth among all men* EARL'S MARKET Earl and Karl Knudson Jill — Eric — Julie — Joel Viola and Diane Jojr to die world, tb< Lord has come! May peace OQ earth become a reality at this holy time* BLAKE FUNERAL HOME Allen and Eunice Blake Vern and Arfene Raf dal and Family Alfred and Marieta Redetiiua and Family

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