The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 2, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Thursday, June 2, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results Vol. LXX, No. 193 ESTABLISHED 1885 "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press THE WEATHER Masaschusctts, Connecticut and Rhode Island— Cloudy, followed by light showers tonight and Saturday, wi-th scattered thunder show- em probable Saturday afternoon. Warm and more humid Saturday. Price Four Centi Governor Baldwin Will Run For United States Senate Sister Of Local Woman Escapes Drowning Husband Lost, Bodies Of 3 Victims Found Five Believed Drowned When Boat Sinks Near Pleasure Beach Speaks For Grange iMiistfr of tin- Viitlnnnl Orungu, AllMTt S, CiD.H.S, Is SllllWll US llU triUfli'tl lii'fofr the l'ric<i I)i>con- trnl IKiurd In WiiHhlntrton. Goxs voiced Itl.i opp'wltloi) to tli(i I'O.H- torutliin of jiflcc ceilings on IIvn- MfixjU, K r »'«> (lulry prnductN, soy lu'imfi and on Aug. 21. (Jntiirmittoiuil) fUnnlov fllrn/cnxkl, of rSntlRnnnrt, cm' of tho two missing victims of a hunting rnlsh'ip Wednesday night. which nniiH'ift the death of five none f'lnfonirn f'.etir.h, Brldgoport, IN n hr'ilhei'-ln-law of Mrn. John Juno- wlc/, K)7 Spring street, itccordlntf lr> Information today. Throti of the (Ivo men who \voro pitched Into Long Island Hound wticn Ih'.'lr hoiit mvnmpdd, hnvr; bci-n found dnnd. The othor two ftlno tire, believed to hnvo boon. ilrownml. A Hmire.h Is continuing for fUnixoM.wld rind Dnnlol Volosln. Mrs. yii-n/oriMltl, slstoi' of Mi'>i, Jnci'wli!'/,, wns Hnvnd by her nomi. Mlnhfti'l nnd Urnorlck MullK, 2.1 and JO ymii'ji old. She snlcl she hud not worried (it (IrsI iihrmt her huslmnd'n futn hornuiiu hn wna n good swimmer, When shrt lust saw Mm, who wild, ho wan calling to hist atop- HOIUI to roiKMtc her, The Stru/oiiHkl family worn fi'n- f|>i"nt vim tor* In Niuigntuck, and (IMI residents of rtrUlccuport. Thn trngody oc-cun'od nit (hi) pur- ty WIIH returnlnir frcini »n tuiflnK on "Uluck Hunk," u strip ot lurid (icroHH Jotiii.'ion's Crook from Pious- ] m'c fionch, populur Island ; Sound whore rnworf, I A bout pownrod with un outbonrd ! molni- nrid carrying Mrs. tttnivten-| W lilliini f. Schrnlbor. «I4| nnd vovrti men r/ip«lx«fl wlmn • Kfhrelhnr wn« nun'ia!!}' wounded (i wuvn t.roko nvor \t» liow. Two I , l|lv in . h whUo preventing tho (irnallcr tionls which wdi'n followlrur; tuildtip nf a grill, nvcpttirnnd MS fhnlr nonuimnts tried j Cciornor Thoodorn E, Stclbor, In to nli-l thnlr comi'ticlon Mrruggllng In'an i;nir.lnl -fliidlng, holcla tho nun- Fraternal Groups Plan Celebration Meet Tonight At Elks Lodge To Discuss Floats For Sept. 2 Parade Coroner Holds 3 Ansonia Men For Officer's Death F.rldgoport, Aug. 10— (UP)- Throe AiiHonld moti havn benn hold crlm- J Iniilly rofiponHlblo for the fatal ] .shutting of Striit.tord Police Ofllcor i Inn wnUr. Thn (iiitlng hud brtui hnM In <:r|n- hriitlrm of Krncrlrh MnlllOi Mi'th day. Many Donate Blood To Former Marine At Middletown pects, ICdwurd Conicowlrh, John' 1 K. Pan-telono nnd Jo«eph E, Onrb-1 i rhowskl, oc|iuilly roaponslblo for I the odloer'ji rtonth, The nvldonoo Indlcntod which of I the throo men flrud thn futal shot, urr.oi'dlrig to tho coroner, hut un! dcr tho IKW hu In holding till three ', tor Iho rtluylng. | Tlin rnon now ni'u lining hold at > ouunty Jail under murdui' churg- 1 on, Representntlvea of all local civic and fraternal organizations will meet tonight in the Elks rooms in the Noary building to present reports on their V-J Day parade plans lu John P. McGroary, chairman of a sub-commlttac for tho September 2 celebration. Tonight's meeting was announced, snvoi-al wnnks ago by Mr. McGroary, at which time he anid that he wished to have each and every organisation formulate individual plans before* having a joint mooting. This iivcnlng's nffulr will be the first time that all of these groups have met together t.o dis- cu^si their plan.-!, Since Me. Gi'oary's announctmcint the organisations havo hold meetings and mnde their plans. These plans will ho prusontnd this evening. Several groups havo indicated that they w;ll enter floats for iden- clay Cloatsi may not be more than tlflcation. Mr. McGroary announced yo.itcr- J2 foot, .six Inches ovurall height, so that they may bo abla to pass under the two railway trebles along the line of march. Finances , The contribution campaign being , conducted In the borough, by aj committee headed by George Lewis, Is going very Well. The 19-10 Chrysler which will be given awuy at tho celebration in still on display at the green overv day lind donations may he accepted at that location. Byrnes Presiding H.W.Roberts Takes Post In Hartford Resigns As Treasurer Of Naugutuck Savings Bank Effective Sept.'15 Harold W. Roberts has tendered his resignation as treasurer of the ( Naugatuck Saving's Bank to be of- ! fective on Sept. 15, 1946, Hllding ' Olson, president of the bank, an- < nounced today, ! Mr. Roberts, who has wide experience in banking fields, is resigning- to accept a new position as | secretary of the Savings Banks' : Association of Connecticut, and will • have offices located in Hartford, i Candidate For U. S. Senate Secretary of Stuto .Iiiines F. B.ITRO.I is shown In the role, of I'rosident of the 21-nutlon Pcuoe Conference currently meeting. In JPiirls. Byrnns', who succeeded Fr:>nc(>'n Blduult, Is pictured us ho In ahout to sound hell'nt tight to cull meeting to order. (International)' fir- $15,000 Civil Action Settled Out Of Court Mlddlorrptvn, Aug. lfi--(ilpi upomics tn it rndlo npp«nl for ilnnoi'M were .«ir> ffrenl that fl'.K'torM foci more hopeful aboiir Wllll>mi flortiinti, K.'l'.veiifolfl ox-Miu'lno und hero of (wrt Jlnui, dorman him tionn honplhill/iHl nlnre Wiinrlny with /in InlTIiiil 'hrmorrhmro whWi tlnctnrti tuivr '. A $in,000 null brouclit agaln-jt hi'in uniihln l^i locate >\ni\ nlt>\, WIIKinn C. fviidn of Niingntucli by WKhln four rlny.i ho hn» rcfi'lvt"! '• Joseph Star/.lnkl of Nuugiatick In 12 tr/in<ifuslon.'i. Th"n the 'iiinplv of : I'Chnlf of his Hlx-yeai'-old non, Churl' 1 . 1 ! I'! Stur/lskl, IUIM boon «ot- tl"fl out of rourl. Tin 1 .'uilt wn-i' Instlgtited as Ihe result ( if an iicr-ltlent on O/ik street, Murrh ,'/). ID'l.'i, In which th^ de- fendunt claimed anrlnu.M Injuries wi'in xnffnrud from holng hlooM ilonrirji hnnimn An nppnnl WIIM inivdp over n Ifnt'l- ford t'lidlo fidif.lon for rlonoro rif "O" I tynn hlofiil. unit tin- culln nun-tori oonilni: In, Within n fmv hnurn morn thun 101 pornonii---rnfuiy nT ' 'nfni formpr M»i1ncii--wnnteicl to 'hrlp hy ftlvlnif thnlr hlood, : fVirnrii (ilun to Klvn Oormtiri , wvmvil rniri.'ifn.ilon.i tnrUiy. inul! rrifu-n tdiiinrt-nw. And It mny hn I nnrpHjinry tn cnntlnun thn trimMfil- I ii.Viid fin- Movoi'iil rnoro (Inyw until i Ihr hr > mr^»i-h/i>ri' run I'D Htopprd, ' liy 'in ii4iluinohllo oporiitod hy Rfiflo. Thn plulritlff WIIH roprmonlnd hy Atty. William (''Uxgnruld, find tho (InfrTidiinL's coun«c! SVUM Atty, Mnr- tln ('.(irmlny. Pond Hill Club Meeting Tonight UOHUKUV IN DANIU'KV vmhiiry. Aug. l''--((.' P;- -'t'wr> t nnfl fifty cloUii.rn havo tnuui • «tr.loti frnni tho ('(tiro of Mnyor VVII-, Mum ,/, (rnnniui. Thn ofllco In flltii-I A roKUlnr mooting nf thn Pond wiled illicitly iirrodM the utt'iu't ! Kill Community club will bo hold Cmin jinllrr hn.'irtniinrtorn. 'tonight at 8 o'rrlock In tho iichool — _„.,_. .._ __. . i rinusr, with Mnhlon Scars, prosl- ! drnt, conducting tho B0»»lon, I Following the hiiNlnoBst meeting, itn pntortnlnmrnt will bo presented hv mombrr.M of tho Junior club. Growing Pains Usually Rheumatism Donations may also bo filvon at all local stores, and in othor points throughout the borough. Kntortnlnmunt Danclnc nt tho TJi-.don Park pixvlllon will he a feature of the Sept. 2 affair, with Chairman of Kntort/ilnmont, Paul E. Ruokmlllor also planning many ohor • things that will contribute to tho amusement of borough residents on this dny. Three highly onnrtalning vaudeville programs, th« talent for which IH holng secured In Now York will he prcsflntcd In the program Mr. Buckmlller announced. Beginning at noon at Linden Park, tho Nnugntuck Community Pnnd. under the dlccctlon of Daniel Oomcke will stago a concert until y, p. m. Directly following the. concert. Franclw^ Dt'lfino nnd his oj chostra will start to play music to dancing, which will continue un (I p. m. both Inside /ind outsldco the pavilion. remaining details of tho doy' activities arn In the capable hand of other looal residents and h general committee fool sure tha the borough residents will mak this Ihe blggost celebration eve hoicl In the town of Naugntuck, Rev. Arthur Johnson Guest Preacher At Hillside Sunday The Rev, Arthur H. Johnson, former pastor of the Hillside Congre- church, at tho Sunday morning, gational preacher will be guest worship service Aug. 18, at 11 o clock. The Rev, and Mrs. Johnson, with their son, Mylcsi, have been vacationing at Essex for several weeks. The pastor will be remembered by members of the church, as well as tho people of Naugatuck for his eight years of In the borough distinctive service Bill McGowan Buys Lamson's Diner I,aniHOn'.i Diner on Church street nan benn purchased by William McGownn through tho real estate agency of Anthony Fnrrnr, Deeds completing tho transaction have not L in yet boon passed- FIUKMAN DIES Concord, N, H., Aug. 16—(UP) — veteran of 30 yearn' service with .he Concord fire department has llnd after n short Illness, Deputy ?lre Chief Milan R. Piper was 60 vear.H old. He wns a native of 3oston. Naugatuck Valley Riders Plan Exhibition Sunday Ily 1)K, ,J. 11, WAIUITCN A« fur buck ns 188-1 what pur- °nt» cult growing pnlnn wore found to ho palnn cnu.iflcl by rhourmitl«m. Tho hnart dlnoimo of ndults may "flnn h<i trncnd to rhoumntlo fovnr palnn of children. VVhllo fnct or othor foot or low C|(K- can onuno log polns pnr- ont» should hnvo nil cnnon Invoittt- KiUdcl by thulr phywlolftn. Other «l(irnst am uwually proMont pointing by Tlio Connolltlatcd News Foatut'os, Inoj Wall Crash TO Be Feature j club. Representative!! of cycle clubs Of Motorcycle Events On ° m »" ovcr llic 3tato win bc prcs Prior to tho war tho club sponsored motorcycle races and events New Haven Road The first post-war public performance by tho Naugatuck Valloy Rlcler.M, Inc. of Naugatuck will be hold Sunday at their New '•Tuvrn road grounds nenr tho Peter Paul, Inc., Joseph Rossi announced today, Tho public Is Invited to witness exhibitions"" of skillful motorcycle riding by tho 22 member* of tho be a wall craah. for several years and came to be widely known throughout the state. Tho Sunday affair wlirbe tho 'first of a busy season, No admission will bc charged. Many of the local members nerved with motorcycle units In thq army nnd picked up additional experience -in that manner. One of the feature* of Sunday's meet will Announces Decision At Conference Says It Was Result Of Pressure Upon Him By Friends, Rep. Luce Gov, Raymond K. Baldwin^ who today told newspapermen he would seek the'republican nomination, for U. S. Senator, Kop. .Joseph E. Tal- bolfs candidacy-for the gubernatorial nomination was believed aided . • by the Baldwin announcement. HAROLD Wl ROBERTS He 'served with the local bank since December, 1940, when he entered the -establishment wkh . the position of -secretary. -In July JD43, he was : advanced 'to the position of 'treasurer, of the local savings institution, ' l Mr. Roberta stained his lengthy career of banking in 192-1, when he was employed in the New Britain National bank- He remained in this organization until '1930. During the next te nyears, until his 1940 entrance Into the local bank, Mr. Roberts was a member of the State Banking Department. ' In.' an interview this morning, Mr, Roberts stated that although his new job will take him to Hartford, he will continue to reside in Naugatuck, KKV. AKTHL'R II, .JOHNSON He ,lfft Naiigatiick (wo and one half years ago to assume the pastoral responsibilities of the Edgc- wuler Mission Covenant church, Chicago, III-, which church he presently serves. Members and friends of the Hillside church welcome their opportunity of hearing and meeting the Rev. Johnson once again, and all arc cordially invited to' attend the service. 1_llnvr yi>" »«'» "" "'"' lnl7 Hi "' lf - Imkcr? If* mill.v wnrlh wrllilt. tnil „,....•„ II liy vulilnr the Nmiira«ii<-k IJiittto «ml Anti) Servlrc.—AUv. —lluvr you lifrn hf« UtxIrT Wrll. MICH yuu'rc utUnlnx tnklnr HrtTrthtnr* 1 »f unntr in-lit mini*. -VWI BAPHAEl/H, Fmhlon (tore, tomorrow. Large Crowd Welcomes Team lomeFromN.Y. Tha Nnugatuck American Legion unlors arrived home from 'their rip to Glens Falls last evening on ho 10:10 train, &nd found a slze- ble group waiting there to meet hem. The boys were surprised and lated to see the reception awalt- ng thorn. . ' They would've been more sur- iBod though, if they had known hn£ these same people had come ack for three trains, starting their vigil at the 7:16 train In the evening. Confusion with time schedules resulted in the local 'difficulty. Although the loca! team was eliminated from thr, Regional competition, Manager Eddie Nolde stated last night, that the state champions would continue playing and will schedule games with other teams in tho state, resuming 1 action some time auring next week, | Palestine Problem May Be Submitted To United Nations (By United Press) The confused Palestine situation with all its related problems may be dumped right in the lap of the •United Nations. British government circles 7'e pard ns dead the federation plan for Palestine. And Informed sources say that the cabinet is ready to submit the problem to the United Nations assembly prepared to surrender her mandate over Palestine in the immediate future. Such a step will mean the surrender- of military bases which tho British now deem doubly essential for Suez canal protection because of the proposed military evacuation of Egypt. British Opinion Whitehall sources say British leaders feel the United States has failed to accept a legitimate share of the responsibility on an Issue which has assumed world proportions. They say Britain no longer s able to handle the issue alone. The British comments follow the eceipt of President Truman's reply to the Anglo-American experts' jroposals for partition of Palestine nto four zones under British control. Government sources say the plan s doomed. They point out that Britain agreed to accept IT only as a basis for discussion. But one government source says there is no one to discuss it with. And he adds the Arabs and Jews won't even talk about it. And apparently in the United States it is considered too hot a potato for the administration's tender fingers. And in Palestine another. 1.400 Talbot "Very, Very Happy" That Baldwin Is Candidate Hartford, Ai^. 1C—(UP) —Governor Baldwin has decided to stay in politics nnd be.thc Republican candidate for the United States Son- ate. The governor announced his decision at a special 'press conference this morning, asserting- that because of pressure brought upon him by many friends—and especially.Rep. Clare Boothe Luce—he had decided to reconsider an earlier decision to quit politics and become vice-president and general counsel of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. In view of his candidacy for the Senate, the governor said he will resign from the insurance company because he obviously could not do justice to both his political and insurance positions. Governor Baldwin said that it was his hope—and had been right along—that Mrs. Luce would bo the candidate for the Senate, and that he had urged her to run. However, Mrs. Luce told the governor last Tuesday that she was not available. . •(Continued on Page 5) Gubernatorial Aspirant Reached By The News In New London Starling his pleasure in the announcement by Governor Raymond E. Baldwin that he will .seek the nomination for U. S. Senator. Congressman Joseph E. Talbnt today when contracted by The Mews fit the Mohigan Hotel, New London, said, "I'm very, very happy that -Last-Minute News- SENTENCED TO DEATH Jerusalem, Any. Hi—(UP)—Eighteen young Jews have been sentenced to death by a British military court in Haifa, Palestine. They were convicted of blowing up railroad -workshops in last June's underground terror campaign. Four young Jewish girls, found guilty of the same deed, were given life imprisonment. RIOT IN CALCUTTA Calcutta, Aug. Ifi—(UP)—Five persons have been killed and at least 100 hospitalised in a fierce clash between Indian Hindus and Moslems in Calcutta. The riot broke out carlv this morning and lasted several hours. DEBT REDUCED "\Vashiii;glon, Ang. 1(5—(UP)—The Treasury Department has announced. another reduction in the national debt. The Treasury will kip two billion dollars off t,hc debt | tota! on September .1st, by retiring securities which he! cc;inc due cm thai: date. The new cut will bring-the debt dow.n to about 26'5-billion dollars, which is some 15-billion loss than it was last March. .JOSEfH K. TAI.BOT Governor Baldwin has a'inruiicoi his cnncliclnnpy for fhc n/Sfnination to the U. S. Scnatn. I know that he will conduct a highly successful campaign and will win by .111 over- Congressman Talbot, who is con- flofat- -r- tG ducting n campaign for the nomina tlon for the state's puhsrnntoria position, =intcd he has completed a tour of Windhain ccunty and is continuing his campaign iw London and Middlesex counties. The N.-iugntiick Congressman conferred win Governor Baldwin Wod- ic-sday, nnd immediately upon leav the governor's ofUce tour of the Eastern pnrt illegal Jewish Immigrants arc crowding Haifa harbor awaiting transfer to Cyprus. It also has become clear that the drastic British deportation policy has not yet halted the refugee flow. *—"For your next nnlr of HhopH, conir In unit nee ufi, MnHtly nil the fnvorlt*. Nntionnl iiinkrx nrp nviiltahlr. KICK'S Shoe S(OJT, 1-12 Bank St., Wtbjr—adv. his of the state in his campaigrn for the ROV- ernort-hip. Ho is in this "middle of A real road tour," and expect? to be in the New London and Middlesex counties area for the next. t\vo days. Plane Crashed In Middlebury CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP Philadelphia, Aug. 16—(UP)—The 123-year-old Mnl- lory Hal; Company of Danbnry, Conn,, has been acquired hy the John B. Stetson Company. The company, started in 1823 hy Kx.ra Mallory, was long recognized as one of llic outstanding concerns in the hat industry. COURT'S DECISION Washington, Aug. 1(5—(UP)—The U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to set aside a union-government contract covering supervisory employes of four Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation coal mines. WILL ANNOUNCE DECISION Washington, Aug. 16—(UP)—The three-man Price Decontrol Board says it will hand down its decision on price ceilings for meat, grains, and dairy products Tuesday night. Board Chairman Hoy Thompson says any speculation as to what the decontrol hoard may decide would he pulled ou-t of thin air. Thompson says the hoard will base its decision'); on what he calls its own, best judgment. Middlebury, Aug. 16—(UP)—A twin-c.hjjined plane has crash-landed on -the old Atwood farm. The landing gear, propellers and engine cowlings were damaged but Lhe pilot, John G. Bilotta of Waterbury, escaped ulihurt. Police quoted Bllotta ns saying was forced down when one en, ne failed. He was flying from ' Watertown to ?Jcw Haven. MAY INSPECT WARSHIPS Portland, Maine, Aug. 16—(UP)—U. S. naval.offi- cials at Portland say that President Harry Truman may inspect several warships in the Casco Bay anchorage during his 18-day yachting vacation off the Maine coast. Captain Ernest J. Freeman'of the Portland naval station says that no definite word' has been received, but that Navy officials have been told to "stand by for instructions," —You will inllrvrt nt ttic rxtrfiK mi'mlK (hnt. you will find nt JtF sKf^tltitirnnt. Church St. In thcne ouliry d:\ys, come to Jfff's.—Adv. —Orttlnc mulr (or thnt trip.,. ,C«H CHUCK'S Krlrnillr S»rvlw unit II»TT. tliMii rtvc your cnr H rrftl Kotnir oror, Cull 4933 lot- courteoui ntrvlce,—Adr. .

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