Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 8
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9 THE lOLA. DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING, pBCEMBER 12.1911. BRITISH AMBASSADOR WHO VAT RESIGIT/ BED CROSS STIUIPS REXOY S.ji JLlllXS Z^MOJUtOW. StoiM Af the CHJ itttl Sen tlM Li(4I« SUeken «Bd Erenr F MBT Utvn • Kite la k Grest F^ht. By tomorrow the Red Crou Chriat- maa stampa will b« on aalo at different atorca In lola. The flrai organized effort made in lola for the aale of theae atampa in the campaign againat tuberculoala waa made laat Cbriatmaa when $14.34 waa contributed by thla means by the people of lola towarda thla laudable cause. The state of Kansas aa a whole gave $1,454.94. When the public realize that one death in every ten in Kansas is caused by tuberculosis it wilt see the strong argument put forward as to SlKniyiAXDjGBEf FJEtSMTDi tOBPAKTEtOUf Montreal. Canada, Dec. 12.—Sr'eculatlon Is rife here na to whether James Dryce, BrltlBb AmbasKador at Washington, will resign. It is understood that Mr..Urycc feels biiusetf iilaced In an embarrassing position by the elaborate, .nttacks on his conduct made In Pc '.rliament and In the press by English public iueti. Prominent among his critics are Lord Ainptblll, cs-governor of Hoiiibay and pro tern viceroy of India, and K. E. Smith. M. P. Their charge Is thtit Mr. Rryce by bla iittltudc in rn-operatlon with President Taft at the itilliiiilve of the rcclprwily compni-t and throughout tho discussion acted as a politician rather than an amlnuisndor, and entirely failed to inform tho lirilish and Canndlan governmentK of what Kcemed to them as Jeopardizing the ilm))erlnl Interests. «ir Kdw.-ird (Jro.v, Colonial Secretary, stoutly and almoai angrily defends Mr. Hryeo. 0. A. K. DINNER TOMOKROW. Hour rhnnired to 1 OVIock So Com- m;inder Anderson Miiy Dine. The plans for the Eoclal at Grand Army Hall tomorrow, for the members of the Grand Army and the Relief Corps have been changed slightly since the first announcement. Department Commander Anderson of Wyandotte county will arrive here on the 1:05 o'clock train and the dinnec hour has been delayed until 1 o'clock €0 that he may participate. Earlier _anno «ncpm.ent was 12 o'clock. A delegation from la Harpe is expected and the dinner promises to be one of the plcasantcfit social gatherings held nt the hall In many months. All Interested are notified to observe the changed hour. Try the Register Want ad way. Miss Carrie M. Ramscur, of Tola, and Robert A. Sanders, of Deering, and Miss Bertha Browning and Prank W. AicConnell, of Chanute, were married in the Probate Court late yesterday afternoon by J, B. Smith. —The Register PubllshLns no. turns out first class printing and bookbinding. A trial solicited. —See Co. M in pictures. Majestic. Christmas Cabinet $25.00 A beautiful and most useful Christmas present. The most complete of Kitchen Cabinets— full extension nickeloid top. This table top adds about four inches to the width of the extended table. The sliding top ,used on other cabinets slides between wood arms. This top slides in wooden groves which also support the upper section of the cabinet Other Special Features of This Cabinet are: Sanitary, self cleaning metnl flour bin with sifter attachment. Srlf-feedlng nictai sugar bin, with closely fitting lids. Five crystal glass spice cans with aluminum air-tight llda. Crystal glass tea and cofTec Jars with air-tight aluminum llda. Metal bread and cake box with special cake equipment. Plate and pot lid racks, with sliding shelf for pota and pans. Rolling pin rack, knife and fork and tea towel drawers. , Removable dough board; opal or plain glass cupboard doora. Handy flour indicator on the flour bln.^ Finished In golden oak ivltta copper door fasteners and dimwer pnlli It Saves Steps! It Saves Time! It Saves Health! It Saves Money! lola Furniture Store SOUTH SIDE SQUAJRE A. W. BECK, Prop, why everyone should buy some of the stampa to adorn their letters and packages. Mr. C^arlca F. Scott and the Rev. Carl W. Nau arc mcmbcra of the Red Croaa Organization and will have charge of the work, aaslsted by Miss Adelaide Dewey who will act as local secretary and place tho stamps with the merchanta for aale. Should there be any other mcmbera of thet. organization or any who are interested, if they will kindly make thcmaeivea known to tho local otnccm their sympathy and help ^'111 be great ly apprecjatcd. It "if expected with the consent of tho poBtmaater to follow out tho custom of last year and have stamps for sale in tho postofllce during the last two or three days before Christmas nnd young ladles are expected to offer their services for this work. The names of the stores where the stamps may be purchased will be pub llshed in tomorrow's paper. The stamps cost one cent each and should NOT be placed on the addressed side of an envelope. Let us double the sale of last year in the great American cause. —See Co. M in pictures. Majestic. WRITE II LEHER TO SUNTH Inmntes of Orphans* Home Hate £xpre.<iMed ^VI K H CN for Cbriiitmas Gifts. •OF- IQLA Fort Scott, 'pA/NLESS DENTI^ KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons UTsay. We do the best dental work at the most rea- jBonable prices. JSefore having your dental i^rk dbne by others call upon ua. We are fa our LaHarpe offices EVERT THUKSDAY. tTSce hours: 8 to 6. Sundaya 10 to U Evenings 7 to S 'The Board of Directors of the Orphans' Home had a meeting yesterday afternoon to plan for the observance t)f Christmas at the 'home. VThe children are always given a.bountiful treat on Christmas, also a turkey dinner »nd Santa Glaus never fails to supply them with books and toys, represent- iilg the charitably inclined folk of the town. The children are very partial to turkey for Christmas dinner and they have asked Miss Reap to be sure to ask that one be brought them this year. The little folk have made modest deniand.i on Santa Claus and have anked for only one or two things when no doubt their childish hearts wish for many more. To help those who wish to Interview Santa Claus on behalf of the Orphans', the Register prints their annual letter: near Old Santa: We arc looking forward to your arrival with great pleasure. We know you will not find as many children in lola In one h'ome. You will find us at 606 South Fourth street, with our stockings hung up in the play-room awaiting your arrival. Willie our oldest boy. wants a Jews hfrp- I^uls Is our farmer boy and he wants a little automobile. Paul would be pleased to get a Bible. Herman wants a horn.' Here comea Jim; he. wants' a train and horn. Qra says he will be very happy if you bring him a train. Reuben wants a train and blocks. Santa you can not bring us too many blocks. Harley wants a little wagon like you brought him last year. Glen is our baby boy. I know you will like him. -He wants a wagon. Now the girls wUl tell their wants. "Big' 'Ruth our oldest girl, wants a doll and work box. We call her "Big Ruth" for we have three Ruths. Yon will like her for she always tries to do the right thing. Grace wants a doll and Teddy Bear. Littie Ruth wants a do\\. Grace goes to school this year and wants a doll. Marie la not old enough for school so bring ler a doll. Gyndola is three years old; bring her a doll. Helen is tv^o years old and loves a doll.. Last comes Baby Ruth.; She can tell her wants but Santa she Is such a sw^et baby. I know 3-ou will bring her something nice. We do not care how much you give us but these are the things we want very much. Bring the reindaera if you can. It does not make mnch difference how you come, bat don't forget us. • NREKreiiilnifliD PRevisioiis ABCIBXTIxlt BAZXS SBSPONSIBIB rOR 8TIFFS1IIKG OF WHEAT. ~ Hen Are HIglier In SL ^IB Kaaaas fltir., Vi KlaewherOi i Lonli, Lowcf Unckanged (By the AsMciatad Press) Chicago, Dec. IS.^Rain in Argen-. tine, making crop prospects more un-. favorable caused firmness In wheat. Opening was unchanged to H to ^ up. May started 97 to % unchanged; later sank to 96%. Close—Dec. 93%; May 97 H; July 94. CORN—Strong. May opened 62%f unchanged to up and kept there. Close^Dec. 62^4; May 63%; July 63V4©%. OATS—Strong. May started a shade higher at 48% and kept there. Close—. Dec. 47; May. 49%; July 45%. Provisions were up. PORK—Jan. $1542^4-; July |15.87%. LARD—Jan. |8.97%; May $9.22%. ' Chicago Llrestocb Chicago, Dec. 12.—CATTLE, re-: ceipts 6,000. .Steady. Beeves |4.70 69.10; stockers and feeaera |3.15@ 5.75; cows and heifers $2.00 @ 6.25. HOGS—Receipts 25 000. Duit to.| weak. Lighto $3.5006.15; mixed $5.-,j 75@6.30: heavy $S.85@6.32%; rough' $5.S5@6.05; pigs $4.0ll'@5.50. St. Lonla Grain. at Louis. Dec. U.— WHEAT, Close, I Dec. 93%; May 97%©%. -CORN— Dec. 64%; May 63%. OATS—Dec. 48%; May 49%. re­ st Lonis Livestock. St Louis, Dec. 12.—CATTLE, ceipts 5 000. Strong. Native steers $4.7n@9.3S; cows and helfcns $2.75© .00; stockers and feeders $3.25@5.25. HOGS—Receipts 7,000. Ten to fifteen cents higher. Pigs and lights $4.50 0 6.10; packers $5.35 @ 6.20; [ butchers $5.75® 6.35. Knnsaa City Gniln. Kansas City Dec. 12.— WHEAT, receipts, 14 cars. Cash wheat unchanged. No. 2 hard. 95@1.02; No. 3, 95© .01; No. 2 red. 93094: No. 3. 92I8 '93. Close—Ilcc. 95%; May 97%. CORN—Unchanged. No. 2 mixed fil ®62; No. 3, r.8«ji%; No. 2 white, 61 tfif62; No. 3, nSfff'^. CIoKO—Dec. 63% @%: May 63%; July 03%. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white 49©%: No. 2 mixed, 47%©48. RYE— 93 @94c per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $19.0©20; choice prattle $13,25Cri3 .50. BROOM CORN—$75@150 per ton. Kanxns CHy Livestock. Kansas City, Dec. l2.—CATTLE, receipts 12.000. Steady. Native steers 5.25@9.25; cows and heifers $2.7a@ 00; stockers and feeders $4.0O@5.75, bulls $3.r>0©5.00: calves $4.5067.75. HOGS^Kecelpts 3 000. Steady to 5 cents lower. Heavy $fi.20iff6.2.">; pack ers and butchers $C.C0@6.20; lights 5.60@;6.05. Knnsns Tlty Prodnre. Kansas City, Dec. '12.—BUTTER— Creamery 35r; firsts S3; seconds 31; packing stock 21. EGGS—Extras 33c; firsts "31; seconds 17. —See Co. M in pictures. Majestic. THE CITY TE.\X PRACTICED. First Step in Orgnnlcaiinn of City Basket Ball Team. A bunch of between ten and fifteen ppllcants on the pt-dposed city basket ball team met at the auditorium last night and tried out. Many of those present have had much experience at basket ball, and arc • star players. The material availsible seems to be almost to a *man above the average. Practice suits have been procured and tho boys will practice hereaflor as often ns possible In an effort to get In good shape for the several games during tho Christmas holidays. Another practice will be hel dWednesdny night nt ttnamdultor- ium between the hours of seven and eight r ]i .\KKM XA'ri ION WIDE run I Iy)s Angeles, Dec. 11.—Ortle E. McManigal, whose confessions made possible the fastening of numerous dyna- mJtings on J. J. nnd J. ,B. McNnnmra —See Co. U In pictures. Majestic. Gnarda Doabled on the Border. (By the Associated Prcaa) El Paso. Dec 12.—The United States Guards on the border were doubled today when United States army officers were notified that an Inaurrecto attack was to be made on Juarez. The reporta that the Reyes revolution is to be launched December 15th with i the aelzure of the cnatoni houses, is generally dlacredited. ta continuing his frank confessions before the grand Jury in their attempt to get at the bottom of what is alleged to t>e a nation wide plot WANTED—BOY ABOUT 16 YEARS old or light weight man; nice work and good pay. Call at Jefferson Hotel. "VJ 'EN who are particular about clothes are apt to be •^^^ particular about the little niceties of dress; a scarf pin, a set of studs for the full dress shirt, a house coat or smoking jacket a walking stick or an umbrella. ' You may not want to give such a man a suit or overcoat for Christmas: maybe he doesn't need one, or doesn*t want you to; but you can give him pleasure and something be does want, without spending too much and without danger of getting the wrong thing. J- Here!s a little list of large and small things that men like; they're all here and lots more. See if you don't find in the ^ ligt just what you would like to give some man as a Christmas gift Suits and Overcoats ' Slip-on Raincoats. $5.00 and up Smoking Jackets Bath Robes and Lounging Robes Slippers to match Mufflers, Sweater Coats. Hats and Shoes Caps of all kinds Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs The best assortment of Neckwear and hosiery in lola. Gloves and Mittens Night Robes and Pajamas Suit Cases.Grips. Trunks Collar Bags Utility Sets . Suspenders. Belts and House Slippers Umbrellas and Canes Wc carry a line of Full Dress Qothes and Their Accessories •MO>EY BACK BAXBRUFF ClUK. Chfls. B. Spenrcr Goarantecs PnrlNlnn Sage for Bnndniff and Fulllug Hair. • Think of it dear reader, if PARISIAN SAGE isn't the invigorating and pleasant hair dressing you aver used-rmoney back. If it doesn't banish dandruff, stop hair from falling and do away with scalp itch—^money back. 50 cents at Chas. B.-Spencer's and. druggists ev- arywhere. "PARISIAN SAGE as a hair-grower and scalp' cleaner is all right"—Mrs. Dora M. Daniels. Williamson W. Va. PARISIAN SAGE cured me of ter- liible^tching of the scalp."—Mrs. C. P. Pope. Oxford Ala. The basket ball game which is to ($ccur Saturday night at the Audi- tprium between the high school teams df Topeka and lola will be refereed iiy Harold Fulton of this city. The game will be called at 8 o'clock. ; How's This? ^Vr» afftr One Bundrrd Vatltn Knma for my BMUI T. J. CIIEXEV « CO.. TolKlo. O 'We. tte andenkned. hsve known F. J. Cbcac} iqr the laat » rtm. and brUere him peifntir bon wabia In aU buataeaa twrnctlona and llnaneial)] thit to carry mt anjr oblintJana ma^ by bla flrra. WALDUO. KISXAX * M *RVI!C, WbolaBlf Urunira. ToMa O Bafl'^ CSatarrti Cnre- <a takm tmmmUy. acting dlTMtljr upon lisr blood and miicoia lurtacn af UM n—m. TealUsonlala amt tm. j'rln 7i cenu r.' bottlr. Sokl br all Druwistii. Tak* UalU Fanllr >1U !i (or r.i-uT<3otKr; try out nnd TTie boy.i say they are going to make llic Kccund tetim "get uii and dig." Verne Dorsett was elected captain of the team. Me of Cktarrb that cannot ba cured br OUarrh ' i cure. A number of the younger boys of the high school met at the high school building last night an dorganUed the third basket ball team of the school. There is such an abundance of good basket bail material ^at th^igh aqhol this year that, even for the third ^m, there will 6e a good number to —A Des Moines man hac an attack of muscular rheumatism In his shoulder. A frienS advised hira to go to Hot Springs. That meant a» expense of $150.00 or more. He sought' for a qui<fker and chiaper way to cure it and found it In Chamberlain's Liniment Three days after the first application of this liniment he was well. For sale by all dealer^' —Harlow Mercantile Company lM >ught a store in Alton, Kans., this week. KIcction of Officer*. Tlic election of the officers of the Wriodiiian Circle for the coming year win be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, Dec. 12, 1911. All members are requested to be present. To Xy Patrons. W^ri soon leave lola permanently, and kindly ask all who are indebted to me or to the firm of Coffman & Walker to please call and settle at once. DR. S. A. COFFMAN. • TO CrUE A; COLD IX OXE DAT. ; —Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine- Tablets. Druggists refund money li it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. ZSc For Baby's Comfort and Mother's Convenience Here is the only conveyance designed for the baby that will absolutely permit the mother to take her child evnjiuheri. Shopping calliBg, visiting, riding on cars, trains, or ejpvators, it makes no difference whtrt you go or hnv you go^ the baby nted tttver bi lified mt. The U a eomliised Wbeeler. Carrier. Buiioet aad Joaiper. It can be puahed or puUed. carried oa the arm or wm atud alone—can't topple, orer. Can be changed from • wheeler to a carrier or chair in aa lastaat. Simply pnll a cord— GO'Basket actUei gently to the grannd with the wheels ont of-dght and ont of the way. No complicated mechaaiam to get ont of order—worka ao aimply and eatlly that any grows child can da it. Come aad cxania* it yoanelf. L. Sleeper & Son Ills .\GKtII WASHIXOTOX. 1 . 1J /

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