Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 19, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1943
Page 6
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X" » *«'^. ' (-T ^ _ vVr • 8H «/ v SIX HOPE STAR, HOft, ARKANSAS rode Training o Be Offered it High School [Tactics for the Tunis Test , ^ and Industrial Education ' fs ottering trade extension courses which Will be held in connection With the regular summer school tyhich begins at the Hope High School May 24 with registration. Classes will meet from 8 a. m. to 12 M, Any adult wishing to icgister for these courses or any other high School course that is being taught jnay do so. High school credit will l}6 given to adultb who complete the courses that are offered for each term. One can earn as many as two units in 10 weeks. Courses -Hvhich will be offered are as follows: Shorthand I, Shorthand II, Typing .1, Typing II, World History, Amet- iican History, Business English, Business Arithmetic. English II, English III, and English IV. Books and supplies may be purchased at the high school at a minimum fee. Tuition will be payable in advance. All high school students who have failed work m the past are urged " to make up this work before next school year begins. f For further information contact the superintendent's office (167). Municipal Court Emmet School Receives U. S. Citation The Emmet High School con ducted a "Buy a Jeep" drive from larch 15 to April 30, selling more han $3,100 svorth of bonds and stamps, and in recognition ot this service by the Treasury Depart- ncnt, has received a oUalion with hrec gold stars. Commencement exercise of Em net High School will be held Thurs day evening, May 20. Virginia Townsend', daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Townsend will deliver ihe valedictory address. Sammy Chamblcss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Chamblcss is saluta- torlan. Roy Milford, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Milford, won third place honors for the four years and led the class this year. Rev. E. P. J. Garrctt of Prcscott Baptist Church preached the baccalaureate sermon, May IB. Brown of Hope will deliver commencement address. City to Held Oil Unpaved Streets The Hope City Council in a routine session last night voted to match dollars with property owners who wish to oil unpaved streets. Under thla plan the city will beat- half of the expense for purchasing oil. A contract tor $000 was awarded Jctt Atkins for cleaning out the cily's ccptic tank. The group voted lo employ extra help at the cemetery until KcpU'.u- ber 1, to aid the caretaker in Keeping down grass. The extra man will be paid i?U per day. Back tecs ot $103 was paid to Carter Johnson for filing gas rales for the city in a recent gas rati reduction light. the ,H»v,' v-,,. -»«-.*'•«.-- - • (V. S. Army Signal Corps Photo from NEA) Filine through shrubs and over rough, rock-strewn looting in the North Africa hills not far from the front the™ U I Rangers rehearse maneuvers that will fit them for duty in the mountainous escarp- ironv, ««.«. . . *> ments before Nazi-held Tunis and Bizcrte. George Dolenz Has Makings of Movie Star Blackout Bosses Are Blacked Out Laramie, Wyo. There It, no partiality ntie blackout in enforcing regulations. l.aru Hardly had lights be-on extinguished in recent blackout In-fore Air llai Warden Charles Nowlcn nolifici the control room of the civilian dc tense committee in the basemen of the courthouse that light wa showing from its window. The committee was in charge < the blackout. Dr, F. C. Crow Addresses Kiwanis Club The first history of healers dates ack 5,000 years, according lo Dr ?. C. Crpw when he addressed the ocnl Kiwanis Club yesterday at the egular luncheon at the Hole lonry. These first healers were 'Hosts, and did their healing •nainly through prayer. It was hundreds of years latel n the time of llypoerales, bcfor my person went to (he trouble t lissect a body and learn anylhtnj >f the anatomy of men. At Ilia lime they thought the arteries anc veins were air-ducts, and not fo the purpose of carrying bloo ;hrough the body. The history of chiropractics dalec back to I8!i!i, staled Dr. Crow. A that time Dr. Palmer met a de janitor, who staled he had nol hi any hearing in 20 years. A dia nusis showed a vertebrae consi crably out ot line, nncl when th was straightened, the man's hea ing returned. Ten years later th doctor started the school nam after him—Palmer School of Chii practics. Guests of the club al the lunchc wore Burk Jones, Nahtan llarboi and H. D. McCrackcn. The club w otifled that at the request of the fflce of Defense Transportation c annual International Conyctf on which was to have been hem ext month in Chicago would be ancclled for duration, So That's What © Lipstick Is! Jefferson City, Mo. -(/»')- Cos- icllcs, as defined In a bill by Senior W. W. Sundcrwirth ot 151 Dor- do Springs, Mo.: (j 'Articles Intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled or sprayed on he human body or any part hereof for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or alter- ng the soap." appearance Ministers Thankful for Easter Service The Hope Ministerial Alliance takes this opportunity to express Its sincere appreciation of the efforts and service of all who helped to make the Seventh Annual Community Easier Sunrise Service sucl) a great success. The alliance is especially appreciative ot the work ot General Chairman Roy Anderson and his various committees, together with the very vital and helpful cooperation and service of the press. v> ,, City Docket v " Harold Jackson, distuibing peace, plea of guilty, fine $10 * J. T. Duke, disturbing peace, - forfeited $10 cash bond Clarence Spencer, disturbing ' .peace, forfeited $10 cash bond. V Madison Fishei, petit larceny, •""".plea of guilty, fined $25 and one * • day in jail. , < Bill Wells, speeding, forfeited $5 ' cash bond R. M. Fincher, drunkenness, plea , of guilty, fined $10. t * Robert Haney, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10 .Eual Bingham, drunkenness, plea (• , of, guilty, fined $10 i, ' : The following forfeited a $10 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness - '.John Rodgers, Truman Downs, t L Isaac Smith, Eddie Royal, Julius - Booker, J. M. McElroy. ' Nathaniel Lockhart, assault with - a deadly weapon. ^Herbert Jobe, vagrancy, dis- - missed in motion city attorney. •State Docket Sam "White, unlawful possession Of liquor, tried, fined $50 and fine suspended. ; Johnny Kendrick, unlawful pos 1 session of liquor, tried, fined $50 and fine suspended. ' Julie Kendrick, unlawful posses- Hollywood By BOBBIN COONS Hollywood — The movies are doing a good job today that they've never done before. They're making one about a couple of feuding ghosts. And they're asking you— for the first time as far as I can find out — to believe in''em. There have been ghost stories on the screen before. Scarey stuff, full of moans and creaks and rattling chains. Comedies like "The Ghost Goes West," made just for fun. Mysteries, in which the ghost in the ha'nted house usually turned out to be some blackguard putting on an act for skullduggery's sake Any number of variations, including those fanciful themes which had the spirits of the dead revive to walk (visibly to the audience) among the living. "The Uninvited" takes its ghosts straight. A couple of ghosts named Carmel and Mary are among the principal-characters. If you refuse to believe in ghosts — even for the | duration of a movie — you're going to find plenty of holes in the plot. Making Faces Keeps You Young Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — Add a few statistics to the prognostications of some of our most conservative political guesscrs here, and the conclusion is that no matter whether a Democrat or Republcian sits in the White House after 1944, it will be an uneasy seat so far as Congress is concerned. No President nas ever had any hing but trouble when he had a Congress divided against itself. It was a Republican Senate that whittled President Wilson's 14 points down to zero and isolated us from the League of Nations. Republican President Hoover had to cope with a Democratic house. These are within our own time, but the story stretches back into history and every time it appears, the presidency has had more afflictions than Job, with no time (because of coming elections) to apply Job's patience. MISS ELDRIDGE: bright-eyed. ^s^r=raSK«= "" fine suspended. Dolph Davis, .drunkenness, feited $10 cash bond. Frank Foster, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10. J Henry Coley, assault & Battery, "tried, fined $10. " been debating the ghost question, for-1 They haven't decided yet whether they'll start with a forword discussing ghosts and asking the folks oest ways to out front to be tolerant, or just let 1 and young, the drama build so convincingly that Carmel and Mary will be ac- BY ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer When we were young we were told it wasn't nice to make faces but as the years slip by you'll find that making faces is one of the keep looking alert Hollywood—George Dolenz ought lo be in pictures. And he is, but it's not the fault of the people who told him he ought to be, etcetera. These included many of the big shots in Hollywood, .who knew George intimately because they always saw him first when they went to revel at the reigning revel spots. Some of them saw him first when they went out, too. Two of him. George is a handsome, slim Slav - American who got lo be known in Hollywood because he was manager of assislant mana gcr of some of 'the more populai night niches — the old Trocadcro and later Giro's. When the bib shots said, "George you oughta be. in pictures," George agreed with them. He even agreed will them before they said it. That' why he was in those jobs, to be seen and known , and attract opportunity. how it worked those boys And you know out? This way: George is one of things happen to. For a great part of his lite, for instances, George could never be sure what country he'd belong to tomorrow. He was born in a little t lomuiiuw. nu waa uut n »»> « iiwm- Practcially all unbiased political village near Trieste, and he was observers here say positively that just a boy when, during World War the House of Representatives elect- ' * "<--=--'- -' <«" v-««^« Joe CUfford Gambte. assault and cepted as real along with Ray Mil- battery, tried, fined $25. , * Brownie Hubbard, assault and battery, tried, fined $25 land, Ruth Hussey, Gail Russell and the other living characters. Allen, who used to direct for Gil- itiery iricu, nncu «p*<u. i * •• — — , . Booker Maxwell, assault and bat- bert Miller on the stage and has tery, tried, fined $10. - -A. P. Powell, Jr., Charles Breedlove, stealing chickens, examination waived. Held to Grand Jury, bond, fined at $150. A, D Briggs, grand larceny, examination waived. Held to Grand Jury, bond fixed at $250. The orginal "Punch and Judy" show was written in 1600. A cord of wood contains 128 cubic feet, Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rheumatic, arthritis or neuritis pain, try this simple inexpensive home recipe that thousands are using. Get a pack age of Ru-Ex Compound, a two week supply, today. Mix it with a quart of water, add the juice of 4 lemons. It's easy. No trouble at all and pleasant. You need only 3 tablespoonsfuls two times a day. Often within 48 hours— sometimes overnight— splendid results are obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave and if you do not feel better, return the empty package and been at Paramount a couple of years preparing to direct a movie, is leaving it to "special effects" to conjure up his ghost Mary. It's up to them to figure how to persuade a visible ectoplasm to amble up and down the winding stairs of hero Milland's haunted house, to materialize, and otherwise fulfill the ghostly Mary's mission. Carmel is a ghost of another col or — no color at all. When she's around she lets the folks know it by filling 1he air with the scent of mimosa. That would be simple if the screen offered smells as well as clatter. As it is, Milland and company will have to do a lot of sniffing to put the idea 'across. Ghost Mary, when she's present though invisible, always brings a blast ot cog. It could be reduced to a simple formula — a sniff for Carmel, a shiver for Mary — but Director Allen doubtless will vary the procedure. They have built the Georgian home of Dorothy MacRUle's book only a little more elaborately than this reader remembers it, and they are especially proud of one thing about the set: when Milland and Ruth Hussey first enter the house, vacant for five years, they don't find its interior completely blanketed with spiderwebs. That, they . Your emotional life leaves its handwriting on your face," says Florence Eldridge, popular stage star of the current Broa,dway hit "Skin of Our Teeth." "And because habitual expressions bring the same facial muscles into play over and over again, you should go through a set of daily facial exercises to develop unused muscles and break facial habits which result in wrinkles." Here are two the actress recommends: To preserve the wide - eyed, eager look of youth, stand in front of the mirror, open your eyes as wide as you can, and gently close thcrn several itmes. It will help correct droopy eyelids. Form the habit of keeping the corners of your mouth up. An exercise which will help, is to fill your mouth with water, puff your cheeks out and in, sloshing the water around inside with your tongue. will cost you nothing to try as it is sold by your druggist under an absolute money-back guarantee. Ru-Ex Compound is for sale and recommended by John P. Cox and drug stores everywhere. . point out, is a non - Hollywood touch. Which it certainly is, even in these days when rubber' ce- rncnt, the web-maker, is scarce. Jap Fought for U. S., In Detention Camp Manzanar, Calif. —(/I'i— One of the American - born Japanese detained for the duration of this war fought for Uncle Sam in another — the Spanish - American. Harry Noboteru Surnida was a gunner's mate o n the battleship Indiana. He was wounded by a shell, and now his left leg is paralyzed so he can hardly walk. He is in the hospital at the war re- ocation authority camp here. Sumida spent his boyhood in New York. He is 71. ed in 1944 will be Republican. They know the swing ot the pendulum. They point to the 1942 elections that carried the Republicans with in 14 seats of the Democratic majority (which means that if the Republicans had won just eight more of the 222 opposition seats, they would have been in the saddle). They argue even that if a Democratic President is elected — even if President Roosevelt is reelected — it will be impossible to change this swing of tho pendulum, in the congressional districts Grant it is a possibility and you will see what is ahead for the next President of the United Slates. Because only by a miracle could the Republicans capture control of the Senate in next year's elctions. In the present Senate, there are 57 Democrats, 38 Republicans and one Progressive. To gain control, the Republicans would have to unseat 10 Democrats, without losing one. Since there are 21 scats now Democratic and only 11 now Republican to be filled next year, that appears on the surface a pretty simple matter. But wait. Thirteen of those Democratic Senators come from Solid South Democratic states of from states so overwhelmingly Democratic, even on the basis of 1942 elections, that there seems no possibility of the Republicans getting even a token vote. I have not included in this list New York, which, with its present Republican Governor Dewe and with 23 Democratic congressmen I, Trieste began changing hands with the fortunes of war. Came a day when he was suddenly an Austrian subjct, which lasted a while before be became an Italian. Later trying to get into the U. S. A., he became a self - settled Cuban. He went to Cuba when he lacked the necessary funds for, entrance to the States, later left Cuba. He slipped from Miami up to New York, hiding out and starving, until he was picked up. Next time he entered the U. S. it was in the usual way. He applied for papers, and beelined for Hollywood. LET US TELL 'EM ABOUT IT Use The Classified .. . It's Direct Got something you want folks to know about? You can reach the most people for the least money through the HOPE STAR classified section. Call 768 for rates. HOPE STAR against 19 Republicans, could very conceivably go Republican in 1944. But the probable candidate 1 for reelection wifl be Sen. Robert F. Wagner, who has served for 18 years in the upper chamber. | There are 10,000 species of bacilli, micro- organisms, in the world. One of the things that happened to George early in life was what keeps him out of the Army today. He was nine years old when Italian arliller lobbed shells into a field where he as playing. He got a nasty leg wound. Later, he was on a ship torpedoed in the Mediterranean. Everybody knew him at the cafes — especially when tables were scarce — but it was little thealer work that brought his first break. Tay Garnelt cast him as a night club waiter, and he could have stayed in the rut for years. He nixed it, opened a club in Mexico City. He sold out and came back. And nearly seven years after he hit town, he got a screen tesl and a part in "Faculty Row." The test brough't him a Universal contract, a role in "Fired Wife." And how did he gel the test? He happened to be around when MGM needed a test partner for Mary McLcod. Miss McLeod, you sec, was in a hurry. She'd come down from Canada and given herself six months to make the movies — none of this seven ye'ars of waiting and hoping for Mary. Right now, or never. It was that way tor George loo- right now, after seven years. Minimum Cotton Price Recommended Washington. May 18 —//Pi— The Senate Agriculture Committee voted 8 to 2 today to recommend passage of legislation by Senator Thomas (D-Okla.) designed to prohibit the fixing of a ceiling price on raw cotton at less than 25 cents a pound. Specifically the measure would prevent the sale of any cotton owned or heW by the government | at less than 23 1-2 cents until its I value reaches 25 cents. ' Opposition to the measure was ! voiced by Senators Gillette (D-Iu.i and Willis (R-Ind.) on the ground that it is directed at only one commodity. J. E. McDonald, commissioner of agriculiuer for Texas, chief spokesman ofr the bill asserted its purpose was to bring the price of cotton up to 25 cents, which he said would give the farmer "some return for his labor" in the price structure. The House - approved Pace bill, to require the inclusio n of labor coscts in the parity formula, is still before the committee, to which it | was returned by the Senate some I weeks ago. J Best Woman Deaths Last Night By The Associated Press Dallas, Tex., May 9 — (IP)— Charles William Starling, 82, Texas Republican leader and one of the founders and managers of the Aberdeen (S. D.) News died last night. Thomas Baker New York, May 19 — (IV)— Thomas Baker, 63, vice president of Wessel, Duval and Co., steamship agents and owners of the west coast line, and a vice-president of the New York Produce Exchange, died last night. Leslie L. Vivian Plainfield, N. J., May 19 — (IP)— Leslie L. Vivan, 52, director and vice president of the Continental Motor Co. of Detroit, died last night. "1! a woman fan be a soldier, she can be a best man ton." That's how Lieut tfailey M Barrett ol Cincinnati Jell when he asked his sifter Shirley light. a lieutenant ii. the \VAAC, to be "best man el bis New Vork weddmg. 'jfie bride, leit. is the Jorroei Low Moore,. Former Finds War Tough Even In Sleep Porlo Alegre, Brazil — (IP) — Farmer Olavio Becker dreamed he was fighting with the Americans, against the Germans, pulled out a loaded revolver that he always kept under his mattress, and sho himself in his sleep. He was onl> slightly wound<J4. A black tuit to live in through Summer. Tailored to a T in smooth, cucumber-cool spun rayon. flSJv^; \ " A' •', , •" '.WiWuiU «< 11' jj Rephans Salute fo Summer! Sun-fun's unratloncd for Summer—and so good for you too! And we've the prettiest, freshest, sun and water fashions ever! Double-duty play suits, figure-sleek swim suits, shorts and slacks plus scores of sunny pinafores. All take to sun and water — all are low priced! Tailored play suit In gay printed cotton. Add the pretty dirndl skirt and it's a dress! B 2.98 Smooth for sun, for sports! Trim shirt plus slick pleated shorts. Sturdy cotton. 98c each Hea! bcucb beauty! l-itjure- rialterinu swim suit with bra top,—slick shorts. Bright printed cotton. REPHAN'S The Friendly Store"

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