Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 7
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iP Peoil Hi 'I s-« * * * * 3i a- * fi- * * * -If PURE FOODS j ; Our Hne Is well worth your lhoug:htful attention. MInre Meat of course the pure kind; UellBhcB Condiments Kiour and SuRar: Coffoe, Teas. Spires, Hunilght Karon and Diamond 0 HaiuR at prices almoHt dlHrouraRinK to tti« pigs cattnf; liCc rorn. All the slaploB and nil tho luxurii's ynu ran think of—many yon may not rail to mind. Wo Kollclt your pnt- ronaKC. rAKKIIUIUST. •I* IRA B. FRANTZ _ BEGISTEKED iV^MMTUtSt Humboldt, KaB.' Sloran. afternoon of Dec. IS and all day the I'Olh. Lallarpc Dec. 21 and 22. WHAT TO GIVE —for— CHRISTMAS The Christmas season with all Its good cheer and gift giving Is hero. -As a useful aid In helping j'ou choo.<ie your Gifts we send thi.s reminder. It suggests a purchase of a few of the many practical Holiday thinps you wlli nnd In our store—Gift Goods— the kind a person likes to give—and receive. I. I- GRAEN . Tbc La Ilarpo DrnfcgisL —F. a Halm, M. D., Ocullat. A^ain the La Harpe foot ball enthusiasts are stirprlsed but rejoicinp over the fact that Manager Stephenson has secured a game for Chrlst- mais day on the MacDonald grounds. This time thry will contest with the first team of l^awrence, Kansyis. U is rumored that the team is rompo.sed of a few ex-Unlvcrsity stars, who are - coming here confident of victory. They should take into consideration playing ability of the 1^ Uarpc Invin- cibles before making such a resolution. The IJi llarpe l)oys. who always say they are cxpedlng a victory realize, that the game will not be like tlio one against BartlesvIUc. —Tall in and see our extensive line of up-to-date Jewelry. If you to make a gift of a watch, we liavo riiilip Coblontz went to St. LAUIS Ip.vt evening on a short business trip. Tlie high school basket ball team will iday a team composed of country hoys tomorrow evening In the Wert building. Miss IJnima Hoover nnd Mli:a Coleen Fowler have returfH-d from Kansas City. Tom Smith, formerly of this part of the country, will box McGIrl fifteen roundd Friday night In IlArtleHvllle. .McGIrl has nlMo been in this city. Jlo threw llendcrKon, of .Moran In two straight falls here the last day of Iho Farmers^ KxUtblt. Guy Kay went to I.llclifleUI Illinois yeslcrri.ny to sjiend the holiday.^ with I ehitlves. '.Inhnnlc Maclioniild went lninting ye .sferd.iy with 201) ahi'Ufi ami rcUiin- ed with five rabbits—Is a story told by oni! of his best friends. To show how he appreciated their victory over IJartlesville, William Mills will give an oyster supper for the foot ball players tomorrow evening. Jlr. and Mrs. W. H. nrownlee went to Knglewale, Was., yesterday for a short visit wlt,h his brother. Mrs. W. W. Chennj-, who has been in .\shbury. Mo., attending the golden wedding anniversary of her parents, returned home yesterday. Her brother. Mr. George Stroiple, of Saline eoiinty. accompanied her home for a short stay. Mrs. Clarence MInlrh Is reported on I he sick list. Mr. and Mrs. T>. W. Bates of Carlyle. were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Uicketts yesterday. Miss Kdith Barker was a guest of Miss Zella Fronk in liumlmldt Sunday. Miss Xellic Kun.van will assist in the Waters & Danforth drug store dur ing the Clinstmas hollday.-s. Mr .ami Mrs. K. G. Minlch. of Hum- holdt. visited .Air. and .Mrs. Clarence .Minicli y.eslerday. Mr. Hill arri \ed yesterday fmni White Kaple. t)kla . for an CNtendcd visit with his son C. W. Hill. Clinrles Kdhlrr spent Sunday with friends in C(dony. Mrs. U. W. Armstrong Of loin and WAITED—SISCELLINEOUS. WANTKD—WOM.VN FOR KITCH- en work; 202 East street RAW FURS "WANTED — TRAPpers: Do you know I buy all kinds of raw furs and pay highest market prices and give a square deal in grading. Call on, phono or write for free price list to Wm. Works. Ilum- "boldt, Kans. WANTED—FOOD, FUEL, CLOTH- Ing, toys, bedding, furniture for Xmas Dinner Effort and mid-winter relief work. The Salvation Army, 214 W. Madison. Phone 943. WANTED—POSITION ON F.VRM by j'oung man 13 years old Phone 1409. everything you want at the right ( price. Waters & Danforth, Drugs and [ Miss Lola McCoy of atoran, spent Sun day with Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Doui^- erly. —Buy your wife one of those famous (Soodrich Sewing Maehines for Christmas.—HInos' HardwMe. .•\. n. Woolen returned yiplerday friMM a few days" business tr;:i ";; Hum tioldl. Ke\. Owens will preach at ilie Baptist eli\irch tills «>venlng. The n-vhal .•-er\ ires will continue this week af least. Jewelry. MiRs Minnie Ohlfest vyill entertain the Mutual Improvement Chlb this evening at her home on South iMaln street. "Mnwail" will be the subject for discussion. Mrs. Fred Rains, after a pleasant visit witli her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W H. McDonald, returned to Pltls- biirg yesterday. This evening af eight o'clock the M. W. A. rablilt hunt will close. The rabbits are to l)e In the Davis building on South Maltf street, where the count will be made to determine the winning siife. George Hensfin. of; Toronto is visiting his uhele J. Mullennix and family this week. The \ji Harpe old .•soldiers and their wives will ba the gvcRls of the lola old soldiers in the O. A. R. hall to- niorrow. They wlU leave here on the \ Mother told me what good results my 10:20 car and sppHd the entire day m f„,„er was getting from Foley Kidney lola. A big dinner wiU be served at puu .«o I went to the drug store and pot some and commenced taking them Fred Nesbitt spent Sunday with Tils I began to get better very soon, and mother in Colony. . j now after taking/two bottles the pain Mrs. EIU Conway has returned to , has left my back and side, and I am CoffeyvHlo aft^r a pleasant visit with | cured of all my kidney trouble." J D her son. Earl Conway. Mundis & Co." Tared In Ilrr Own Home Tonn. Wichita Kas. Mrs. V. U Grounds, tells iL"? w.ii- for her fellow townsmen to be cured of their kidney and blad- iler ailiKenl.-;, she was cured. "Some time a^o 1 suffered with Kidney trouble. 1 had a severe pain in my back and side and when I laid down it seemed as if I could not straighten upi POSITIO.V WANTED BY YOUNG lady stenographer. Experienced in office work. Phone Main 2i>6. WANTED—WAIA'UT I-OGS. COOK and . Wajnian, caro C. I>uccock. Phone 194. niMEII—CLEAJi WHITE IIXOS. Rmribter offlrc. FOR SAI<E—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALK— 200 aOOD SHOCKS OP fodder. Inquire at the Star Bam, 201 West street. Phone 10r >l. FOR SALE—ALMpST NEW BUGGY for less than half price. See Harry Davis, at the furniture store. FOR SALE—GLApS SHOW CASES counters, good safe. Cbe^p. Kelley Hotel Bldg. TO TRADE^B-YEAR-OLD MARE, broke single and double for first class milch cow. inquire 915 E. Madison. FOR SALI<>-:-DAlN ITAY BALER 14 by IS, good asjnew; Geo, M. McClelland, 428 East Monroe. Phone 815. PBITATE MONET TO HIAN. We have some Prfvate Money to loan on Farms. Low Rate. We also have Eastern Money at the loweit rate and best terms. Let us tell you about our terms and rate. Priviledge to pay at any time. For Sale—Improved 40 acres near car line, between lola and Oas. THE PETERSON LAND CO. Phone 97. Old Court Ilonse Bldg. PETERSON LAND COMPANT. Ida, Kansas. FOR SALE—SHrtnK CORN SOUTH Martin street, La Grange. G. B. Chand ler. Gas City. FOR SAL1<:—P A W N E D SUIT casus; hand bags; lust like new. Blgus Pawn Shop East Sfde Square, In fruit store. First door south of Kress store. WA.STED—ELEVATOR BOY AT .N'ew York Store. .Must be li; years old. WANTED—CATTLE TO WINTER In Imy young calf. Earl .Monforl, phone aitT-S.I. LOST AXn FOirxn. KOST—HORSE BLANKET BK- fween West street and Missouri Pacific railroad on Walnut street. Phono 9S2-24. lu gesul waioth is qiuckljr at your service, ready for uie to any !} oMccenor. Yoa wiH need itM a miaitaaa*»ty heater when those I «dneoidipdbcMBe. Ltferyo ^wS^ it just ibe thing for ihe ^ chiagcibla weather of orfy spring. ^0^, ^•^'^ Hw Pcffadmi Healer is Egfat and eadly earned. It it safe in fdw band* «l a chad —the safest and most leliabie beater nade. I DnoH fiuihe^^' diwir in blue enamd or fUb ateel, wi^ nickd ^ IttfiMiHngi ~**aa onwocnt to any toom. -»M .,^^aMimgifae^. detice Bales «okacf »Ix>«t >K-;An piU tmOy OnlliMdle: duaperiop. DM^I cmywlHra I or wriie ftr dwriplin cirakr to aay aatKr IW Standard Oil Company FOUND—BLACK VELVET IIAND- liag. Owner may have samo by calling at the Register office and paying for this ad. STRAYED—FRO.M, « MILE WEST of hospital a black female shoat weighing ir, pounds. Address H. A. Kemnn-rcr lola. Phono 1029X. FOR SALE—RirtJbB 1§I,AND RED cockerel. E. DcNeen, 606 N. Main sln-et Gas, Kans. - FOR SALE^A .GOOD DRIVI.VG horse, safe for lady. Phone 1148. Ft)R SALE — SEVERAL PUR E blood Poland China Boars. Prices right. Harry Boekian, R. R. 2, .Moran Kan. L-i Harpe phone 764. FOR .SALE—PAWNED SITIT CAS- es, Hand Bags, Just like new. Blgus Pawn Shop, East Side S<]uare. In fruit store. First door sojtth of Kress Store. FOB SALE OB EXCHANGE. Eighty acres hardwood timber, for lola property, or acre tracts; |1200. 160 acres; 40 In cultivation, balance timber; fine water, bearing orchard, cheap house and barn; for Tola property or stock of goods; 12.000. Several nice lola residences for land. 80 acres well improved In EUc Co., Kansas, for lola property; |4,800. 160 acres well Improved In EUc Co., Kansas, worth |60 per acre; trade for business property in lola. Five room bouse on paved street for rent, 15.00. Modem 8 room house close in, for sale or rent.~ WHITAKBR & DONNELL lola. Kansas. WE NEED THE BUSINESS And wiU'make it interesting &d to yonr advantage to give It to ua. Try «» and so- We" write Insurance, wr)td Surety Bonds, write Burglar Insurance,, draw Legal Papers,' taktf AcknowledgemenU, nuke LoaJiB on SYum Lands — and, ma&e them at as low ftrataiv tbo^ fellows wbo advertiae ta make loans at 6%rBO don't tor- get -to oome and let u* prove it to you. And perhaps we may have some trading propositions, that will interest .you. Coos in and look .them over, and list's. get busy on something. ALLEN CO. REAtTY CO. R. L.-.TheiDii<A^ilgr^ • OFFICES BVA^ •Pg TOLA 1^ farm auatll/iy KANSAS jiim-OKijtBOVA Low Ratei Anaml or SeMkAnnnal Interest—Privilege to Fay in Full Reduced Rates on Fit* Insarancet R.MXufifilAghani Ofd Court Honie TSlig. - lela, Itf. TO EXCHANGE 12,500.00 Grocery Stock all clean goods, for small tract of land In Allen or adjoining counties, of'equal value. Wapt to deal with owner of land. We have other exchanges. Call on us. CHARLES & POTTEB. FOR BENT—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR ¥ENT. Eight room, modem house, with barn; close in. Call 899. C. L. WHlTAKER. HOUSE FOR R^T. PHONE 762. WAXT lOLA PROPERTY In exchange for iho fallowing: 300 acres 2 miles Baldwin. Ka.s. Price 115,000. Mortgage 17000. Improved 160 Ix)gan county, Kas. Unimproved 160 Gove county, Kas. Extra well Improved 160 county, Kas. Improved 320 near Garden Cliy Ks. Well Improved .")C0 acres Decatur county, Kas. Unimproved 160 Logan county. Kas. These lands are all clear and the price Is right Fine wheat land. Pick out what you want and deal your property for It. I lOLA LAND COMPANY. " CAS C ity The high school music class is practicing today for the loclure by Mrs. Zehnrr tomorrow evening in the Methodist church. Evcr.vone is invited to hear the lecture. No admission will be charged. J. E. Hunter who is conducting a general merchandise store at Buffalo writes that he is installing an up-to- date meat market Mr. Hunter is well pleased with Buffalo and her people. Mrs. A. L. Jackson is reported to be Improved today. A number from here attended the revival meetings at the Baptist church in LaHarpe this week. —^When buying meats you want the best; you get the best at Carl & Hunter's. Manager Stephenson of the I.J1- Harpe football squad has secured a game with Lawrencf- to bo played in I^Harpo Christmas Day. The Lawrence tHam held fh« Haskell Indians to a 0 to 0 score which M'uuld Indicate a close game here. A number from hcr^ saw Brewster's Millions at tho Grand Theatre last evening. L. H. Taylor left today for California to spend the winter. Johp Remsbcrg has returned from a business trip to Arkansas. Bert Hyatt and Willlo Scruggs, of Bartlesvllle are visiting old friends here. They were formerly residents of Gas. Rev. Hagermnn and G. W. Rcwden are attending the meeting of the Missionary Board of the Monnd City B^- tist Association today in Blue Mound. Miss Pearl Moore is visiting the Pet erson family In Redfleld this week. Mrs Carrier and daughter of Lone Elm stopped off here Saturday and visited friends on their way to lola to do some Christmas'shopping. A dance will be given in the La­ Harpe Opera House Friday evening. SbleldB' orchestra wUl furnish the music. P. -McfJarty of St. Louis, a representative of a fire }iose company was in tlie city yesterday on business with the J^rimo Western. Orle Marquis wept to Kansas City last night In search of work. E. K. Taylor and daughter. Miss Genevieve will leave in the morning on the Flyer for Mineral Wells, Tex., for the benellt of Mr. Taylor's health. H. O. Adams wlli go to Richmond tomorrow for a short visit with his mother. ^ NATURE TjELLS YOU As Many uu luin Reader Knows Too Wdl. Wben tho kidneys are sick. Nature tells you all about It The urine is nature's index.' Infrequent or too frequent passage. Any urinary trouble tells of kidney Ills. Jioan's Kidney PJlls are for kidney Ills. People In this vicinity testify. .1. C. Curry, near Second street, Harpe, Kans.. says: "I gladly confirm the public statement I gave three years ago recommending Doan's Kidney Pills as the euro they effected has been permanent. A member of my family sufferet^ greatly from kidney complaint Tlio secretions from the kidneys were t90 frequent In passage and contained much sediment Backache caused ^lntenso suffering and headaches and jllzzy spells were a sonrco of annoyance. After many romedle.s had bcen;taken without ben cfit Doan's iKidnor Pills were procured anil n did not take them long to effect a cure." For sale by all dealers. Price 50c. Foster-Mllbum Coi Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the hame—Doan's—and take no other.. —If you are tn^bled with chronic constipation, the mild and gentle effect of Chamberlain's Tablets makes them especially sttited to your case. For sale by all dealers. |\ r-^e Co. M in: pictures; Majesttc. REAL ESTATE TRANSFEB8 For the week ending December 8th 1911, Issued by the lola Abstract Company. Frank Wood Manager; telephone 467, first doori south of lola State Bank. December S, 1911. W*m. Saner to Emma B. Kelley, residence and two lots on Osage streejt. Humboldt -— $600 J. S. Walker and wife to I. M. McCleK . land lots 1 and 2. East Lawn. Add; to lola $3500 D. F. Weaver and wife to PetroUa Town Lot and Land Co. 80 acres 4 miles south o flola :— $1 Petrolla Town Lot and Land Co. to D. P. and N. M. Weaver, loU 1, 2, 3, 4, S. 6, block 8. Petrolla $1000 W. W. Gelatt to C. 1.. Mooney. lote 18 and 19, block 2 Elsmore, QCD— $1 December 4» William Greene to Belle Greene residence 310 S. 4tb St. lola $1 Chanute Wholesale Gro. Co., to H. O. Seltz, re.sjdence property 331 South . OMo St. lola $600 I. C. Carrol and wife to Samuel Miner lots 11 and 12. blo^k 2, Rose Hill Add. to Gas $400 Vene D. Fry and wife to Ray Taylor lots 813 E. Jackson Ave.. lola $1 Mary A. iMot; and husband to Bessie L. Long, lot 4 block 85, Overstreefs Srd Add.; W. ^ o f45 and 46 and all of 43, 47. 48. Overstreet's 4th Add. to Oas $1 T. M. and wife to C. E. Sawyer, about % of an acre in the N. \i of SB. % 27, 28,-18 $38.84 Blizabctiv Keifer to Allen Cousty, Kan sas, quit claim-deed to a strip of land about 80x192 ft for road purposes located 600 feet north of Jeddo school house '. |1 Decenrtter B. Allen County State Bank to 0. B. Hart ley, resldencMi 329 S. 4th St Tola QOD $1 John H. Seitz and wife to 0. B. Hartley, same as last above $600 G. E. Barrow and wife to Bngene W. Thomas, residence 310 W. Jackson Ave., lola _._ ^ $900 Eugene W .Thomas and wife to G. W-. Adams, sam^ as last above — $700 P«Mck llfifisl>a ud xtffi-to Io8»sfatoe • Woods., residence 837 N- St. ,$500 Prances V. Young et al., to QIadys Y. Northrup, residence property 200 S. . Buckeye St, lola , $1 December 6. L W. Sloan, et al„ to S. H. Moore, 80 acres 4% miles northwest of Els^ more $3000; Nannie P. McCacty to Lora E. Smith,' 6 lots on 4tfa St., Humboldt.™ $500 John G. Kenyon to Daisy D. Waltiers^ 127 3-100 acres 1)4 miles northeast of Savonburg. $1 John G. Kenyon to William Walters, 29 40-100 acres 1% miles northeast of Savonburg .,— $1200 C. E. McNeil to J. F. Scott quit claim deed to lots 1 2 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, block 1. Moore's 1st Add. to lola $1 Allen County to F. S.-McKelvey tax deed to lot 7 block 19, Gas $90.59 December li Chas. P. Scott and wife to The Board of Education of lola. 3 lots southwest corner N. Srd and E. Douglas Sts., lola . — $300 Tho tola Town and Imp. Co. to Chas P. Scott, same as last above.. $700 Sheriff to S A. Fauste, lot 12, block 2, Edwards Add to lola $690.61 \ Deeenber 8. Erne^^hompson and wife to Ernest Thompson. Jr, 25 ft .front on N Main St, JA Harpe $1 .Minnie K. Dresbach and husband to Prateraal Order of Eagles NO. ^6, Residence 381 E. St. lola— $8000 Total $23831.04 Dally Average $8888.50 —Best Work Shirts In town at Harlow Merc. Co. 33c. R.'^fiSlE TABLES L T. k 8. F. BAlLTfiY Soutti Bound. No. 201—Daily Passenger 1:05 p.m. No. 203—Dally Passenger 2:43 a. m. No. 207—Dally (except Sunday) Passeh- ger* g:60>m. No. StS ^CaUy (except Sunday) Way IVelght ArrtvB 12:01 p. m. Dopart ....^ - 1:06 p.m. North Bound. No. 202—Dany Fa»sen«er 2:28 p.m. Np. 204—Dally Passenger 2:20 a.m. No. 208—DaUy (except Sunday) Faarcn-. gpr .'. <iWa.m. Tto. 216—Dally (except Sunday) Way FroJibt Arrive 11:15 a. m. Depart-. 12:01 p. MISSOURITACIFIC RAILWAY rrslohts>-Watt Bound.' ' 40f-I.ocal (daUy ex. Bun) Iv.....3:45p.m. «1—Colo. Ked^BWl (dally) Iv...8:Mp.m. Pratghtv—East Bound. 488—Rdrt Bair (dalIy)^Br..'. l:" a- 493—l.<)C8l (dally flup) »r J:00 a. m. 407—KahsaS City-Yates Center Mall and Expresfi -Xdany) iv.... 4:47 p. m. 40»-Bt; l.ouls-Wtchlta MPU and Kxpr«« (dally) iv..: >:SS a. m. ' PitMunatrt—Cast Bound, Btr T.oult-Kiinwiir City Mall and Bc- m-pw fdnllv) ar. , ,7:1T p. •». Bt fxiuls-Kaniina (Jity MWl and «a- 410-8t: 408-Bt presH (doily) sr.... 8 :3t a. m. M. K. * T. RAlLVrAT South Bound. •No. t71—Way Freight, (da/Jy eVoept Sundnyl 4:80 a.m. No. 76—Mixed fdally) 4:46 p. m. No. 73—PMsen/rer (dally) ]2:1>p. m. No. 25-Ply«r (dally) S:U!a.m. NOF<h Bound. -I No. 24^Pajiienger (dolly) l:>B'p. m. No. 76—Mixed (dally):... 2:80p. m. •No. 672—Way Freight (daUy except Suhrtflir) 12:19 p. m. •571 and 572 will carry passengers. M^CHAKTABLB ABSTBAOM. Every Abstract made tn our otfloe is guanmteed to be a nerchaaati able abstract or money refunded. lOLA ABSTRACT COHFANT. Prank Wood. Manager. > PRgFESgioHAii jgngggrpBr. * MOSST WhliOiLlfl • > WiUJfndoabonsehold goeia, M pfanoa, oHpuu,' nvwiiig ma- IV * ahiBM, tiamooia wiMmrtf xi> • * 1. w. coFFn li * 110 Hmtfe'MrMt « $ $ $ $ ^ $ 9 9 9 Boyal Typewriter Agency 9 a Controls Exclusive Sale of the S Boyal Standard .Typeifziter m . In Allen. County... ffl S £. H. Bnsslnfl^ Agent % 3 Northrup Buildlns. lola,, Kans. ^ S Typewriter Bepalrs and Supplies « —Wo wish to call yonr attention to the fact that most infectious, diseases such as whooping cough,, diphtheria and scarlet fever are coBtracteS when the child has a cold. Chamberlain's Cough.Remedy will quickly core a cold and greatly lessen the danger* of contracting these diseases. This remedy Is famous for its cures of colds. It contains no opium or other narcotic and may be given to a child with impriclt confidence. Sold by all dealers. .. .,m\m W GMIHIUIE HEjIlTini! Use Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur. A Harmless Remedy That Makes the Hair Grow. Whnt n pit.r ft is to observe no many people with thin and faded hair aiid then rpalite «hat tho most of thcHc people might hare, a fine, healthy head of hair if they would but nse the simple "sagu ten" of our crnnilrootherK.' combined with other ineredienta for restoring and pro^ acrrinff the hair. No one, young or old, need have crny hpir, weak, thin or faHing hnir, ilnndruff or any trouble of the sort if they would but uw Wyeth's Sage and Kali>hur EInir Itemedy. On the contrary, it Is possible to have healthy, vigorons hair, 'of perfect color, by a few applicati «Bs of this remarkable prcparntton. Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Rem- ery qluiclcly removes dandruff, leaves the scalp clean and healthy, promotes the growth of the hair and restores the natural color of the hair which bos became faded or gray. It is a clean, wholesome dressing, which may be used at any time and with perfect safety. Don't neglect yonr. bair.. Start to-day with Wyeth's Sage and Snlphnr. This -preparation is Offered to. the pnb&e at fifty cents a bottle, and is Dr. C. M. Bug a DEimST « RoeiB- Vo. 1, Vorthmp Bldg; S B £ztractlon without pain by the ^ )i> use of Nitrous Oxide Oaa » » Phone-Office 663; Res. 862. « ««««»«»««««««•«»•« « WHY NOT! • « Have Tour Piano Toned by aa « « Experienced Tuner—One LIT- • % Ing in yonr home town. « » T. 0. CAKATSET « Piano Tuer aai Bepaber • « Roberts Music Co.. Phoa» 421 • « "m i F..L. B. IXATELL, IL 9, SpecialUes— « DlMuaes of the Obegl. - f _ Bfseases of Chfldrett, « ^ FkeBe»'MMfle* Ulf BM. 147, • $ lOLA BTATB BANE BLIX}. m * • Beal BstaJte and ilVeaitMk * AUCnOKZEB Satfafaotl(m>KBanateea.^nra er phone at my.ezpenM ifor dates. latea Center OTerCoa.BaA m :« FsdxiF HEICIELB 110% South St HABITESS Airs SADDELBT Ctoneral Bepalring, AU Kladg MONET TO LOAJT • on all Und^ of household goods ^; or Jewelry—anything of value. • • Bigua Pawn Shop, East Side ^ Square. Office in Fruit*Store. 4* All tratuactions strictly conil- dential. « Round Ttip Tickets, loU ya. H6t Springs, Ark., with retnm limit of three iaonths from data of sale, with stop-over priviiegea going and return bn'>sale every day In the year, for 818.60 The one way tare ia 112.68. E. E. MUNGER, ;Flionel««. ^ Ms.FMkAs8Bt •5? m m m disUllate for sale. Telephone pnNfc at fifty cents a botUe, and is or Humboldt Reflnerr It wmwSSi' recommendea and .sold aU OroggUta. ford. Jffli Si rt^ii^S^ I

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