Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 6
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Lasts just 4k More Days Wednesday, Dec. 13, Thfirsday, Dec. 14, and Big Satorday, Dec. 16. Positively your last chance! To break all records for the next 4 and last days of the Big Sale. Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Big Saturday, Dec. 16—the last days! Lowest Prices Ever ^dvertis# m If We had gone out and talked to each aiid every man in this vicinity and studied his own individual ideas of ^ dress, we couldn't have gathered together a more complete line of Winter Overcoats and Suits than we show right here now—apd at sacrifice prices, too, for just four,more days! AN ACTUAL SALE full of Men's Wearables that's awakening all Eastern Kansas to the fact that at PERHAM'S VALUE REIGNS SUPREME. Current topics of interest from lola's Greatest Store for Men and Boys—especially interesting to all women. Of course you're wondering "What in the world to get him for Christmas?" It's a ^ubject thats more important that the weather; harder to solve than "What gown shall I wear tonight?"; more of a problem than "What shall we have for dinner tomorrow?" Yet it won't be hard to find a gift thalt will please him immensely, if you'll come to this ACTUAL SALE—all this week—where many fine values in Holiday Gifts are found in Sui ,tOvsercoats, Shoes, Hats and Ca(ps, Furnishing Goods, Jewelry, etc. We're selling one lot of MPN'S AND BOYS' SUITS NOW AT AN ACTUAL REDUCTtoN Or^e lot of $7.50 to ?10.00 Suits- See them go at $5.00 i • • One lot of ^12^50 Suits See them go at $7.50! One lot of $15.00 Suits- See th^m go at ;. .$10.00: Oi^e lot of $20.00 to $25.00 Suits- i See them go at $15.00 1 GIVE HATS that are all new and 1911 blocks. 4 dajrs only. $1.25 Hats $1.00 $1.50 Hats $1.20 $2.00 Hats $1.60 $2.50 Hats $2.00 $3.00 Hats $2.50 $4.00 Hats $3.40 Suits arid Oyer- qoats Alfred i Benjamin and Sophomore makes. $18.00 Suits... I.:.. $16.25 $20.00 Suits $17.00 $22.50 Suits $19.00 $25.00 Suits $21.00 $28.00 Suits....... $24.00 $30.00 Suits $25.00 SHOES For Men and Boys. $1.50 Shoes..! $1.25 $1.75 Shoes..: $1.50 $2.00 Shoes..; $1.75 $2.50 Shoes. $2.20 $3.00 Shoes.$2.55 $3.50 Shoes..: $3.00 $4.00 Shoes $3.40 $5.00 Shoes..: $4.35 We give Premiums and Pay Railroad Fare Something About Extra Trousers at the Actual Sale. Only 4 more days chance at these prices: $1.50 Pants $1.25 $2.00 Pants $1.65 $2.50 Pants $2.10 $3.00 Pants $2.50 $3.50 Pants $3.00 $4,00 Pants $4.00 $5.00 Pants $4.25 Nothing Reserved WE SHOW OVERCOATS up to $25 and as low as" $10; but at $12, $15, $18 and $20 we stand alone. For the last few days will sell in the Actual Sale as follows: $10.00 Overcoats - $8.50 $12.00 Overcoats .^ilO-OO $15.00 Overcoats ^ $12.50 $18.00 Overcoats .$16.25 $20.00 Overcoats $17.00 $22.50 Overcoats i!>19.00 $25.00 Oyercoats $21,00 Choice of any Overcoat in my house- four more days. A MAN OR BOY WHAT HE WANTS—THAT'S THE WAY TO PLEASE HIM. HERE ARE THINGS HE WILL LIKE BETTER THAN A NVTHIN(I ELSE, AND THE PRICE IS ACTUALLY CUT EXCEEDINGLY LOW FOR ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS OF THE ACTUAL SALE. SIIIIITS Oi r entiro stock ot Mon's Jl .r.O Shirts with cuffs and nerkbnnd for COUNTS, plain or plcaled, all QC 8lzo^, all colors; now V I .uJ Jinn's regular $1.25 Shirts in all Blylcs, patterns ana colors; cuffs al- tach^d and detached collars; plain or pleaded. Better stock up at QQ IHOSIEKY One lot in l^lack or tan wortli ^T,c^, as long as thoy lust; 9Rr three pairs for J.fcVW Tlie 10c klhd—in Mack or tan­ as long as thvy lust; 9 ^1* four pairs fori.^ fcwU ' pairs of Jtockfonl Hose, OK A !._„. £iUU SLSPEMVKRS. One lot ot the 25c kind IDc One lot of the 35c kind 25e nOKK SBIBT8 SIzos U to 17; In blue charabray and striped: worth 50c; go for 9Qn 11 days at . „ JUl* SWKMKIli COATS A Sweater (.'oat sold elsewliorb for TV; all sixe^; go os sale as hV\f% long as they last aL *ru\* TIES .".Oc kind for ; 39c 25c kind for ! l»c rOKDtrilOY COATS $:!.r.o Coats for: —M,00 %\.m CoutR for ,i5;i.lO six Inch collar; blanket lined. MfFFLKKS :.':ic kind for---V- 20c r.oc kind for.-.. JWc $1.25 kind for,..: . *1.00 $1.50 kind for.. T.'.c kind for-—:. "Oc $1.00 kind for_, . 8»C CHILDUEVS SriTS $1.50 Suits lor $-'.5u Suits for $3.50 Suits for..-, ..#:»,«» $4.00 Suits r (jr ?:i .2r. $5.00 Suits for $0..">0 Sult.s for -__."?.'i..')0 (•A>VAS (.LOVES One lot of Gauntiett CIIovcs: for 11 days they go at four pairs OF>n for - L%>\» rsm.nwv.xn KliTcr I.IIUMI SbirlH and Urauor .i. (icnuinc IliK'i Itock flrpcr; lined rtn- tli'i \v»!ar Vor, iwn—Wu: l )t 'si and finest idltiiu tiliccod uiiili'i-uciir MKiile today. (Try one giirni-'iit of it and coni- )i:iro it with wlial yi.ii wijar now. Sliiru ujid l)rawti>, eacli I'er S'.'itt. .... OCl* Per Drawer UUU SUIIPLDS FOB THE - THAT INTHE POSTOFFICE IFIRST TEffE SI>CE 1SS3 COSDIIIOX EXISTS. P. M. fen^ral Sccomnicnds Farceb - Post an4 That Postinasters Be ^ Put Under Civil Serrlcc. (By the Associated Press) Washington Dec. 12.—The annual report of tt»e Postmaster General was malde public today. For the Orst time Einco 1883 the annual financial state,i£eat of thb Postoffice Department shows a surplus instead of a deficit. The -revenues for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1911, amounted to $237,879^23.60 and the expenditures to ^237660,705:48 leaving a surplus of $219418.12. At the beginning of the present stdminlstration in 1909 the .postal sezVice was In arrears to the exient of $17,479,770.47, -which was decidedly tlie largest deficit on record. In the brief space of two years this deficit has been changed into a Bubstaiitial surplus. An important event of the year was the' successful organization of the Ipostal savings system. The system • has rapidlr extended and now com- priaes practically all of the 7,500 presidential poBtoffices. Preparations are -bebtf ma4e to establish the system BIBO In about 40,000 fourth-class of: flce» that do a money order buslneFS. Tb« Heport recommends the estab- i Jlshment of a rural route system of [parcels post, as an Introduction to its geaeral establishment all over the I'ceunlry. Jt Also recommends that,'pending'^ tbe report of the commission which Img been appointed to adjust postal rates, the rates of newspaper jmst- IBJB^ be doiibled; that the franking prt;vitege be discontinued; the re-ad- •juBtnientiof railway mall pay; pen­ sions for superannuated employees; and the classification of postmasters. FOREVER E\D IXDIOESTIOX. Sonmcsx, Gas, Dyspepi^Ia and All Ali.<*ery in Stomach Goes In Five Minutes. 1 Every family here ougiht to keep Foine Diapepsin in the house, as any one of you may have an attack of indigestion or stomach trouble at any time, day or night. This harmless preparation will digest anything you eat and overcome a distressed, out-of-order stomach five minutes afterwards. If your meals don't tempt you, or what little you do eat seems to fill you or lays like a lump of lead In your stomach or if you have heartburn that is a .<:ign of indi^stlon. Ask your pharmacist for a 50-cent case of Pape's Dfapepsin and take a little just as soon as you can. There will be no sour risings, no belching of undigested food mixed with acid no stomach gas or heartburn, fullness or heavy feeling in the stomach, nausea, debilitating headaches, dizzines."? or Intestinal griping. This will all go, and besides there will be no sour food left over In tlie stomach to poison your breath with nauseous odors. Pape's Dlapepsin Is a certain cure for out-of-order stomachs, because It prevents fermentation and takes hold of your food and digests it just the satne as If your stomach wasn't there. Relief in five minutes from all stnni ach misery is at your drug store, wait ing for you. Tliese large BO-cent casea ot Pape's Dlapepsin contain mora than sufflc- lent to cure any case of dyspepsia, iii- iHgcstlon or any other stomach trouble. Channte Sunday by the news that her father. Captain Newman was very low. Mr. and Mrs. Burghart have moved out on the Ford Day place which they; purchased last spring. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cornell visited Mrs. Cornell's parents. J. H. Brandon and wife Sunday. Mr. W. H. Savage who Is visiting at Mr. Mat£ler"s was quite ill several days last week. / Mr. and Mrs. Burghart visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. Burghart's father who is 111. Mr. George Newman, of Chanute, visited last week with his sister, Mrs. •Will Stewart. Mr. Lindsay's and Mr. Baker's sales were well attended and tblngs sold remarkably well. Mr. Lindsay and family have moved to Humboldt. The fine rain Saturday was much appreciated as stock water was getting low on many farms here. mON. BUflN THE MAKINS' Fallijrc to no So AVill Kcsnlt In Prose- ciitiuu, Police .Say. COTTAGE GBOVE. December ll.^MIss Hazel Noyes came home Wednesday for an extended visit with her parents, while she is recuperating from the effects of typhoid fever. Mrs. Will Stewart was called to IMP Wpinen Know of Health Au Alarm at Kight —That strikes terror to the entire household Is the loud, hoarse and me talllc cough or croup. No mistaking It, and fortunate then the lucky par ents who keep Foley's Honey and Tar Compound on hand. H. \V. Casselman. Canton, K Y. says: "It Is wcrth Its weight in gold. Our little children are troubled with croup and hoarseness, and all we give them is Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. I always have a bottle of It In the house." J. D Mundls & Co. G E .N EVA. i^A* beslth talks to women l>econic wan -cenerBl, both in the ncw ^Fpapers taA-.on-tbe platform, the mass of women *» 1 >e^nnin £r to realize wtiat the more •nttivkted have always known, lluit health cannot be found in a powder The .extecnals ot healtii nm> Ijo aed.tD that waj-, but the liasis of B'liea deeper, and yet is Just as most important thing* that can do few herself, anrt riiiout "(fi is often roost neplectful. Is Jthe condlttqn of her ftaiaar'i elK The weary eyes, tbe »>acl Abe 2reauen| beodapbes, the the senenl air of lassitude is !B"«ut of ten the result of con_ tit Indigestion, or botli. Many tjedediea . can be obt^ned, but 9 in ' tbe estimation > of most n to "Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepeiiu iBlld, pl «aaa &t to the taste and •tilted to her needs. It Is far superior to salts, cathartic pills, waters, ett.. *hlc'!i are entirely too violent. •Women Flould see to it th »t they have at Irust one movement of tho l>owe!.s oac !i day, and when nhowing any tendency lo conixiiAation should tatia llr. CJIC weU'» Syrup Pepsin In the si -ui .;i <l >«ie prpscrll)ed. A brief use ol it v,:ii so tmin the stomacli and bowel muciclcs that all forma of medicine can , ' l-e dlsrcnseti witli. The^.e opinions are '•. ..Ired l»y thousands of women, after personal experience, amowr them Mr. Jo?in Jrmtth. 718 Wells S\., Chlcajro. Ill, r^.i, ycm-xfnz. Troy, Kas., and Magsie Fnrwfll. Pardon. KaF. . . .\nvone wiyhinc to niake a trial of this n -mtdy hcfote buyinB It In the regular way of a I '.rui ^gist at fifty cents or one dollar a lar*ro bottle (family size) can Lave a sample bottle iient to the home free of cliarge by simply addressing- Dr. W. B. Caldwell. <05 V.'ashin<rton St., >tonticeIlo, III. Your namo and addreaa «a a postal card will do. Dec. 11.—Many farmers were bone- fitted by Saturday's steady rain as they wure hauling water. The North family east of town, are having a siege of the smallpox at present. There was a large attendance at the literary Friday night. A good program was rendered. Mrs. Frank Mabie called on Mrs, John Oliver one afternoon last week. Miss Ida Perkins is home again from Carlyle at present. ' Mr. and Mrs. Miller left today for Butler, Mo., where they will reside. The little son of Mr. and .Mrs. Erney Denney is quite sick at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wilson, of Colony was In this neighborhood Thursday visiting the latter's sister. Don't forget the date of tbe lecture course Wednesday, the 13th. Messrs. George and Frank Mabie made a business trip to lola last Thursday. • Mrs. Frank Mabie called on Mrs. Wm. Hamilton and daughter, Mrs. Max Shelby Friday afternoon. P. C. Irwin ot lola was In our burg Thursday and Friday of last week. Mex Shelby, of Colony, is at home again afte rseveral weeks' work at the former place. / Bert Sells formerly of this place but now of lona, \isited friends here from Saturday until today. Tbe families on Indian Creek who have been sick with the smallpox are much improved at tftis writing. A tobacco inquisition was held in one of the ward schools yesterday afternoon. It was for the purpose of finding out where a few of the kids in the school were securing the makings for cigarettes and from the yellow finger tips and odor of tobacco it was plain that those who were smoking the prohibited pills were liaving little trouble in getting niaierial for a morning "drag." Chief Coffield and the iirincipal of the school were the inquisitors.. Says the chief: Johnny stood, self-indlcted n a hun searched please." Johnny stood, self-indicted n a hun dred counts. His face flushed, his eyes watered and he trembled as one fearing the worst had arrived. John's agitation was well founded. .After dumping the contents of the lad's Ijockets on the table, the chief and the principal took an invoice. There was a half filled sack of a well linown brand of tobacco and two books of cigarette papers. "Come Joljnny." said tlie principal' CpBgh Spp for 50c fhe Quiclceat, Surest Cough Remedy You Sver Used, or Money Refunded. Stops Even Whooping Cough Quickly, Ten may not need the $2 which a 50- KUt bottle of Pinex naves you, but you do need the wonderful eSectivene:ai of this famous coush remedy. It will usually stop the most obstinate deep-seated coofh Inside ot 24 bounr, and has no •iiual for whooping cou^h. A 50-ccnt bottle of Pinex, mixwJ with heme-inade sugar syrup, gives you a full phit—• family supply—of the most pleaa- aot sod etfectire rou;b remtdj you ever used. Easily prepared in Jive minutes— directloDa in package. The way this takes hold of a cousb and firas instant relief, will make yon regret tliat you never tried it before. BUmulstes tbe appetite, is slicbtly laxative and tastes KOod—children take it willingly. It ba* a wonderful record in eases of indpieoc trouble and is splendid for croup, •Cthma, bronchitis, throat troub1f>, etc. Pinex is a special and hifibiy concea- taated compound of Norway White Pine extract, rich in guaiacol and other natural btaling pine elements. Simply mix with ssgar ayrup or strained booey. in a pint bottle, and it is ready for use. Used in laore homes in tbe 0. S. and Canada than any other cough remedy, Pinex has often I>een imitated, bnt Bcvar successfully, for notbing else will produce the same results. The seonine it tnaranteed to itive absolute satisfaction or money rt-fimded. CertiBcste of caar- •Otea is wrapped in each package. Yoor ironist has Pinex or will gladly get it for MO. It not. send to The Piiiex Oo,, .Ft. Wayns, Ind. Sternly, "tell the truth now. Where did you get this vile stuff? Remember " and the principal glanced Ominously at a young Sycamore. . .fohn fpHowed the range of the principals e.vcs and remembered. "Fonnd "em " he grunted. "Where?" demanded the principal. • "In a pile of trash back of a store."! . The secret was out. Johnny would- li't "zactly go snipe shootin'." but he , would "pluck a few papers from the; dump of refuse in the rear of the grocer's store." ' "Terrible" groaned the principal. ".Awful," assented the chief, ' • The examination continued and it i' was found that several other pui >ils were in i)OSHession of cigarette papers and tobacco. From them it was '(darned that the material had been purchased through various schemes and devices, from stores. Chief Coffie'.d left the school and j began an investigation. He found Jpbnn.v's statement true . .After a conference with the city's; IcKai adviser. It was decided to issu* a warrant and cause the arrest and trial of i any merchant liereafter found neg- lipnt In falling to see that cigarette papers dumi )ed in a pile arouml or near his store were not de .stroyod. 'Dealers found selling cigarette nia- j tnHal will 1)1.' prosecuted without warnini; or mercy. ."We menu it," said the chief. "You Itf-t wo do," Patrolman t'hris- t.\*and .Mcl'lu;r.-on Joined In. .".And so do wp " concurs City Coun- sfvllor Travis Morse and As.slxtant Giiy Pees. That.oui;lit to make It .^o. C'uiitlon: llHin the inaklns'. lie siive not to sell them. The penalty is a maximum flira, ot $lOo. !! Watch Your Coal Bill !! For Best Kansas Lump and Arkansas "Semi- Anthracite lola Ice, Cold iStorage and Fuel Co. \ <»»ITr .VKV. ContrIl)uled: Miss Susan I.lndscy was born October ISth, 1839, .and was liiarried to Jinlten C .Ilarron December U'th, IS.').".. To this union nine children, were born; seven of whom wlt^i their husbands preceded her to the Better Land. The two children who survive Ijer are, Mrs. Mae Switzen of Gas, Kans., and Mrs. Hannah Race of Littleton. Illinois. There arc also two brothers, one sister fifteen grajidchildren and one great .grandchild to mourn her death. Mrs. Marron was a member and a faithful worker of the Free Methodist church. She had been a member for over thirty years. Her loving ways and; Christian Forwardness won her a ISrge, number of friends who offer their sincere sympathy to the sad and; bereaved relatives. .And so it Is another loved one has Joined the Angels above. Best line of Aluminum Ware in the city; prices the lowest. COLE HARDWARE -^Why tbe Harlow Mercantile Co. cai^ under sell other merchants is oftein asked. The reason is they have bought on an average o ft wo big stores a month at 50 per cent on the dollar, besides buying and gettlns wholesale prices, cutting out the middle men. You can get clothing that other merchants are compelled to sell: at f20 for flO. and, other m'erchan d^f in proportion. y GET HEB A GAS IRON I< Hork« liiio an electric iron, only it costs l «•^4s than one-lii'(h ;is much to operate it. Try one two weeks free. BrighamHardwareGo. Highst Markot Prices for HidelB and Fur9 aimo FiaaLumpGoai =FOR SALE AT Krupp'a Junk Yard phommM

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