The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 31, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1977
Page 6
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Odd Expects 33 Lettermen This Year Klty fffl iJnlvornlty. at NOTICE! Tin- ITlrr of l'-lrli<!liNiM»ii'« >VhlMk",v (ii» Proof) In tlio Advcrtlii'inriil nf J. K. STORKS CUT KATK I,IQi;O.KS, WINKS. I'.KKKS ,011 N, Mliln St- ' 1| ' 1 ' UHt TllI'Mduy SIlOIlM H»VC lll'l'll $3.54 'hN "pul'l'l"' "i'»rri-:U..n 1" H"' lr CLOSING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE SAVE UP TO 30% BENSON'S 131) SOUTH MAIN MT. Wiitcrdury Koiirtecn of thc-io youths are hfjIdovui-M from tho «UBCOB*tul 1[M5 lii-iii'.ri In which tho Klin nRnln ,-upmiwl thi) ni ( ; Three champion- Khlii whlln tho roiimmtnR 10 lire vout'lui who played for Yule clurlns H i lfl-1" 'l(M'> or 10'l-l KciutonH and then ontcrccl «orvlco, (>,l,.|l pointful out that thin bnck- U,,V ,f |,,tt«,-nicn In noi H alUml on wullar only to Yale but that tho ; (Ull ,. Mltuiition will exlHt In every 'cnllnKii uncl university which will ,,„ .cwnrdod with « fmir-ynnr bach],„- ( ,r irrltllron |><>rformors this v,nr due W tho m.uiy youth.s who ;.,,mii|,'lml only ii portion of theli i.ollc'-;-' (HtucuUon beCoru entering "":;;'';;'• (|l ,u c ,,™Mibi 0 .- odnn <*M. ••thi.t ninny or th., roUirnnd Icttor- r,"ri nt the v.M-loii!. cnlloRCH will find u cU(lU-uH -to win even yar- .. .y tmuiirl hi-rthM cliirlnK the 10-10 HU.Mi.n ns muny of thorn playocl ..,.),,, M manpower wn« lit lt'< rou , 1(1 ,nt CIM.-IIIK tl«« war iincl tcnmH l, m l hi hr- inrRntl from tho bout miiti'Hul on hrvncl-" [n iitlditlon t" tho 1045 holt- over ii, IncluclInK ruRiiliut» ^Ick llo'lliijr.'ihcftcl. enptiiln-olcot ol tho •IMll.iquHd; I.YlUi'.»!-zlluuHkns Bolt . | W ,.|1 and Bill Schnlcr. »H ' nerncn: u n d IwckfloUl operatives Vnm'ly Kirk and Ait I-'lWKcruUI. other tr-htn r-.u-n of lormur v ..|in> who urn back In the Ell fold ; u ',. dick Jc-nltliui, Ootty Duvlson. (•M Tnvliir «n<l Jfllln Ptirffiison, rmrn tlici 1M2 Mfi'.uid; Wet btrypo, ,, H( ,|c Curry nnd Scooter ScUMMul, l'i.l'!iii.rffirrii.-ni: Wosll rliinscn and John I'rchllK, Klnnt «lx-foot. four,, t , UickU-s; and Ro»:er (The DoclR- „,., I'.nrkMdiilu, from tho undcfeia- ,-,[ 1(1-1-1 team. l>,,,,cr conlnlnctl In 15 Kroccry hur" »ntl th» «loth In 0,10 huntlkcr- rhlef uri 1 mimcloiit to inuniifiicturc (.11.' I '•<• Local Legion Eight Run First Inning Assured R. I. Team's Victory 1^1» » Elimin O.C.F; VIVIEN CLAUDE LEIGH'-RAINS*«onlr. TECHNICOLOR »soouceo ANO DUficrro av Team Will Leave Glens Falls This Morning And Arrive In Boro Tonight The NauRatimlt Amunctin Legion Post 17 team WIIH eliminated Ironi ihJ pl-iyoffB of nnjrlon 2 yujitcrc ^ay, v.-hon they «u(Terod n crushing 1--0 doa-iit at the hands of the Providence entry. Havlnp; lost a disputed decision the tiny provlous to the Stuton lalund entry, yeaterday s low tho local team the Ilrat to he. eliminated in thp Rn B !on -I wo tournov.M with the (Imil elimination t!ildn K '|)lncc today between Trenton, Providence and Statcn Island, Nnugfttuclt's trouble cnmo In the fli-»t even bcl'oro most of us there reti'llV.od tin! irtimo 'i'" 1 stixrterl. Chot UsaUlBWlc/. who started on the mound, allowed six hits, hit one with u pitched brill and walked a. m ,-m, hoforc Coach Gubhy Cowan looU him out In favor of Vin Mealy, who had pitched only tl'.e cl-iy before Vtn retired the .side, but not bcforp unothcr run h«d .scorod, miiKlncr the scoro 8-0 before the K-£imc hiid oven bncn an old. providence .1 cored iiR.iln In tho third, fourth und sixth, but the main damage had been done on tho opcnlnif momonts of tho «nme and •ill heart had apparently l>rcn taken out of the lor.".! array who wore favorlto.s to defeat Prnvl- iLMlC. Boh MiirUovIc starred In dcicat for the NniiK'i' 1 " 11 ' «rrny, i;:imorin^ two hits fpr his two trips to the plutc and comlnK the IOMCHI to HCOI- In? on both occasions, FaN'orahle comment WIIH also received concern inf Pitcher Vln Henly und First F, Bill N.-Ltowluh from two m.'iicir Icapue .scout:!. Cub Sr-nut l.^tl Picltcn, in Uilklnp; of Healy •mid hi- liked the locnl hoy's nttl- . ^Stewar FloriiRobson • Francis LSillivan Jeanne GRAIN Cornel WILDE Linda DARNELL thru UNITED ARTISTS •!NI) HIT u-llh AlliiTt. ni-Uki'f — i:vi' Anluu-s ~"!';X'i I:A — M-:ns Of Tin 1 ; HAY 11 t*11t*4U »^ffTl»* -m^~— |^| CEnTESiniRL summER IN TECHNICOLOR 2nd HIT DERDlinE for mURDlR fail KlUr- Ktitl MHOff. .dMB^WEDNESDAyi lamittMHtl » fJlCII . CHERT cuv {sun quEnrin tudo on the mound and thought ho had'much ability. Turk Karam, famous talent scout for d-om .Brooklyn Buma commented upon Natov/lc-h's batting stance, saying he had one of the best forms at the plate he had scon at the tourney "Hi.-'3 the type of batter that scares pitchers," Turk said. 'Although the boys were disappointed in losing the two contests in the Region Two p ay they accepted their dei'oaLs «s the Iruo sportsmen that they are and wc.e iimong he first yc^torclny, to con- gmtulotc the Provlclonce team on thoir overwhelming victory. The local squad, even though dc- fcatnd in Glens Falls are a tcnm to be proud of, for it Isn't every year that u town the tlsso OC Nau C atuck puts cut a team which Championships.' Local resident.'! should disappointed .In their showing at the National playoffs for the towns which they were bucking h"vc much more talent ly- Inu loose th.m dots this borough. Knch of the three cities, other than Naugatuclt, competing in the toui-- noy had populations of over 100,000 residents. . The vnnnuishcd squnfVled by then- manager, and coach, fiddle Nolcle and Gubhy Cowan will lenvc Glen-s Fulls this morning -it 10:09 a. m. nnd will nrrlvo In the borough at approximately 7 p. m. this evening. Senro by Innings of yesterday's ,111 mo. Vroviclcnc-n ab Vendllelli. 2b ^ Sin-mnc, ss ^ D.'i.ine, If Conncl!, If Novi, rf Trir.dlo. rf Donovan, 2b Cormnn, Ib ChnlniPi-. <:f .Mexnniler, cf .. - Hnyns, n Radick, p ALlfe UP! By Jack So'rds r h po ;i 1331 ooooo 52200 OOOOO 1 0 33 1 2300 0000 0292 1106 '....'. '-11 32 13 27 17 nb r h po n V. 7-TcrUy, p-so . Schuster, cf Us.nldowiM, p-2h N^Ltowich. 1h I. Tic.-ilv, 3b BocttseV. » Markovic, rr ^nn AllKfiln. O Cm-tin, ss-Sb M.,,:oo ( a, ab ... 0 0 1 0 00 AUGUSTHLIQUOR SPECIALS! -BUY HERK AND ALWAYSSAVB;- Park & Tiiford Reserve «3.42 . M. »3-45 CMM ANN'S S3-54 no run or CALIFORNIA WINES 85c furl. . s RUM $1-99 American Grain] GIN $2.69 OLD 77 WHISKEY STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open rmlly Until 1 A. Tit. « IJAII.V I/JNCH.KONS • AND mNNKIIS « A LA (;AKTK MKNU UdOin, Fond J5ur und Booth Scrvli.'c . Full Liquor License -1 0 1 W Q 2 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 1 0 3 ° 1 ° " 2 0 0 2 2 1 0 0 0 Totnls ........... M 0 0 27 17 ;.—.]?!c,oU5Vci 1 for Hcaly in Oth. • Scorn hy innings: n-ovitience ..... S 0 1 1 0 2 0 0.0-12 NmiKiUufiU ..... 000000000—0 Errors: V. Hfciily 2. Runs batted in- D-'imc, Novl, Donovan 2, Choin!<-!• -I H;I.VCH, nncllck. Three-base hits: Cholnicr. Stolen baacs: Dame. Sacrifices: .J- Hcaly. Double plays: S!mone-Vonclit.elll-Clorman. Left on hayos: Providence 3. N;ui£atuck C. T-5 a s c B on hnllw: .Usnkinwlcv. ", Strike-outs: Ra'JIck 8, Usaklcwicz 2, V. Hoaly I, Winning pitcher: riiidlck. T^oslnK pitcher: UsaUie- U-1C7, Time; 1:32- Local Golfers To Participate In Waterbury Tournament Standing of Teams NATIONAL TJ5AGUK . Brooklyn 8, New York 4 Out). Brooklyn 2, New York J (2(1). Bouton 'J, Philadelphia 4. St. Louis 6, Chicago -\Pirates- 3. Cincinnati 2, The Slundlnc W. L. ret. 08 ^2 .G18 Gli 12 .607 56 50 .52R 53 r,2 .50.") 18 58 Brooklyn St. Louis Chicago Boston. . Cincinnati . No.w York . Philadelphia Pittsburgh . •IS 61 45 60 .453 .440 .429 13 61 -413 J'H Giimrs, I>l tellers New York .it Brooklyn—Koslo (1212) or Schumacher (G-4) vs. Hisbe (10-1). Philadelphia at Boston ,(2),— Scbanz (3-3) ar.d Stanccau (2-4) vis. Wright (7-7) and Lcc (7-6). Cincinnati at Chicago (2)—Van- dcr Mecr" '8-7 and BcgRS (6-7) vs. Erickson (6-2) and Wysc (11-9). Pi-ttsbunjh at St. L/ouis (nipht) — Hcintzclman vs. Dlckson (11-3) or Eurkhardt (5-2). AMERICAN IJJAGUE Vrstcrd:iy'» Kosulls r.Mlon 3. Philadelphia 1. Cleveland G, Detroit 5. New York 4, Wnshinston 1. Only games scheduled. Local Residents Attended Tourney Although -the local Legion team were not victorious at ihc Regional Two playoffs they sti.l at least had the satisfaction of the moral support of several loc.-u residents who attended the tourney at the Glen Falls Recreation .Field Local residents who attended were.: George .Lewis, commander of. the local Legion post, Samuel -Lyons Mr., and Mrs. John Hcaly, Charle .Clark. Charley RolaVd, Jweph Pompano. Billy Sullivan jack Hcaly, Francis Smith and Jimmy RiKCS- ^^^^^ DEAD AT GS Chicago, Aufr. 15-CU P)-Jamcs Kngen Sr.. wealthy purveyor ol race r.ews information, died at a Chicago hopita! early yesterday. Ho was woun'dod in an ambush last June. Steps -to solve the shootinK had boon put off until his recovery. Authorities wanted to ask him about charges that remnants of tho Al Caponc gang tried -to muscle in on his race newt; business- P.aprcn was 65 ycai-s old. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5727 J. L. MA/n,ATJSKAS, T>rop, SAI-KS — SERVICE W!C HAVE BI3KR BY BOTTLES OR CASE J. It STORES ICUT RATE LIQUORS - WINES BEER 396 North Main St. Union City, Conn. J.'KKK IiKl.lVKKY. <\?»VWin'iRJC iN NAUGATUCK BEUKE OAOKSPRATTAMPSAVEMOXEFm Hfelp get SOAP bdckpn,^ shelves, BRING YOUR 'USED FAT^S TO7US! IDEAL MEAT MARKET SOUTH MAIN ST. FULL LIQUOR LICENSE DINING ROOM and BOOTH FACILITIES SAVED FROM DROWNING Middlctown, AUK. If—(UP)-Af- tor narrowly cscapinpr from drown- ini7. John Moore of Middletown is reported fully recovered from his brush with death. Moore slipped and fell into the Connecticut river. He was pulled from the water by a yacht crew after he had gone down for the second •time.-. Owen Suspended For Five Years Mickey Owen is suspended from baseball" for five years and that's nil there'is-to that, was the gift of the information that came out of •ho oillccs of the cx4'.tcd commissioner or baseball. Happy Chandler, last evening After beinfr pressed hy many newsmen, ba-sebalt players ,-xncl ' Mon-i^jr Owen himself, the high nnd mighty mentor of basebaJl at"hisi peered into his crystal ball and said t.hnt the one tim<? Dodger ^reat could so into any professional business he wished to as lonR as ;t wasn't baseball. The heinous crime committed Iv, Mr. O-.ven \va.« that when one team •.lid' not wish to pay him what ho was worth, he wer.t to a ropion thai would pay him ;in equivocal amour.t of ciincro. (Dinero is what they call it in Mexico.) When the M^icans started plnylnp nops and robbers. p ?.Tr. Owen and his wife took the I back rouie out and fled the country. (Sounds like CM old fashioned mclndrnma and I'd much rather prefer it if it. were just a plain old- fashioned with a siirrht touch of hitters.) But since Mr. Owen decided he pny looked TO per cent The Slandlnc W. I,. oston ................. 79 33 New York . .......... 64 <r> Detroit ................ 63 47 Washington Cleveland .. Chicago ... St. Louiis 55 56 M r>9 50 Gl •',1 G2 Prt .703 ,r,S7 .:,6. r » .49. 1 ) .-!78 .•150 .431 -2SS Eddie Dougals' 71 Yesterday Led Golfers In Qualifying Rounds Eight Naujjaluck golfers, led by Eddie Doujj.'ils, will leave Naugatuck today to parLicipatc in the qualifying round* of the Waterbury Country Cluh'.s invitational tournament. Resides DouR.ils. iho-se leaving arc: Gus Klem, Jimmy "Rcalsilk" Krykowslii, Marly Lucas. Mlko KIoc, Eddie Cichovrakl, and Henry CieslcwHki. Jn practice rounds played yesterday a*, the Waterbury club Dou- K-ila hit 71 to lead the colfers who were playing in yesterday's practice rounds. All of the local team broke 80 and it is believed that they nil have an excellent chance of qualifying in the Brass City •tourney. TAIRKD IN TOURNKV Chestnut Hill. Mass.. Au»?. 3!)— (U P)—National Tennis Champion Frank Parker and Junior .Titlist Bob F;il k on burs; will he paired next week for the national doubles championship matches at the J>onR- wood Cricket club. The Parkcr-FaJkenburs: application virtually completes the field of 32 doubles teams that will include every top-ranking pioycr in the nation. An estimated one-fourth r\{ all the forest fires in the U. S. are caused by careless smokers. Philadelphia 32 Today's Games, Pitchers Washington at New York (21 — Newsom (10-9) and Wynn (3-1) vs. Wight (1-1) and Gumpert (7-1). Chicago at Detroit—Lopat (8-9) re. Trucks (12-S). Boston at Philadelphia—Eagby (•!.]) vs. Marchildon (S-ll). St. Louis at Cleveland (night) — Kramer (11-7) vs. Reynolds (9-11). Wichita Anounces Tourney Plans VENETIAN BLINDS n Stork, Tlirr-e LEEON'S*"' VB.VETIA.V ni.IND CO. rrn No. Mnln St. Trl, .1.TSS1 ZSm ^ ;K<-rl)uri = — OfTlcials — ball Conpress have announced schedule of panics nnniial tourr.nmor.t Friday and Saturday "Nito" Specials CAPE COD CLAMS ON HALF SHELL — STEAMED CLAWS — _ CLAM EROTH — featuring • MIDDAY MKAL .of HOT -DINNERS nnd SANDWICHES Served from 31:30 lo 1:30 Alao Open Sundays, 12 to 9' P. .M. ^ BEER * ALB TRUDOil/ru ^\NDE!KSON, M BRIDGK STBEKT TET^, 4987 wnulcl fro where the fairly even with tho Kansas, AUK- IS — <i;Pi of the N.-itinnal Base- tho for the 12th which opens in Vv'ichitn. on Friday. T\vo K ames will he played !• ri- riay The defending champion Eni- dairs of Oklahoma meet Bemiston, Alnbnma in one tilt, whi!.- Denver tansies with Chanute Field. Illinois in the other. Three frame* are scheduled for Saturday. Kansas City. Missouri. moots Milwaukee*: Jacksonville, Fla opposes Eellinpham, Wash.: and Norman. Okia.. ROCS You'll S-a-y . . . "Our laundry bundle is. superb" Dial Waterbury 4-4106 AMERICA^ •f^ M.f-A.ft/M *• "^ PLAY POOL Oa First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 M.\rLE STUEET income lax bracket it would put Ithaca, New York. him into, nil the inn.ior leagues crot The opening ceremonies of the :... i j—:,)^,> ,„ l,~,. n..»vv Innrnamont' Will fc.llUrC BnSCbnll \ 4 Qt. Treyto » Pressure Cookers i (Immediate Delivery) \ WEISS' i Ben Franklin Store 102 CHDBCJI STREET 11 excited and decided to bar every traitor in the future and suspend him for five years. Who said that this was a free country. SINGJ/ETON OPTIONED Boston, Aupr. :5—(UP)—A relief nitcho.r for the Boston Braves lias been optioned to the Indianapolis club of tho American association, a farm .i.fllliatc. Tho pitcher. 26-year-old Elmer. Sinp-lnlon of Osdcn, Utah, joined the Eravcs last season. He has a record of ono win and five losses during; -two campaigns. _ _,.- „ Cars Washed. Polished nt nnd Gporpre Sislcr. immortaj first jj CHAPPIE'S J I TYDOL GASOLINE j \ SERVICE STATION i J — ST. TET,. 4830 $ MOTOR ourn Commissioner "Happy" Chandle nnd Gporpre Sislcr. immortal firs baseman of the St. Louis Browns and president of the National Baseball Congress. WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 and 1-2 H. P. Tel. Waterbury 4-1694 anil n«vrrsf> CluiTKC inciussT rracES PAID The WATERBURY HEATING Co. LondorK In -Homo Heating sn-80 srniNO ST. 4-o«7» Brighten up your front door! .Protect vour frontdoor against the weather, and brighten up the entrance to your home at Che 'same- 'time. Murphy Airplane Super-Spar Varnisn Js famous for its lasting qualities — anct it dries in 4 hours- to a finish that does justice to the finest woodwork or turniture.. Sou Our Large Stoeltt IM LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS All Kinds of Fertilizers SAL EM PLAYHOTISE Last Tinges Today; ' — Men's PANTS SHOP 2jEMBiR»SKI 4SI No. Mnln St., Tel. 3B0 1 ! Cnlon CUT SANDYBEACH LAKE ftUASSAPATJO DICK FlXkltfY. Mpr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. C O Unfit"* • TlcnJc* Also "TEKBOR BY NrGHT" Musiciil - Sport Reel - News Coming Friday and'Snturdiiy "CUBAN PKTE" "MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER" TOOES FOR GARDEN nnd LAWN SHOVELS (long and short handles) GARDEN R.VKES : HOES — SPADES .. SHEARS 0: GRASS SMEARS Just Arrived NEW LOGAN. SHAPER on display For Immediate Delivery SEE ARNOLD SMIT1J '. Maple St. - ;Tel. 3507 MILL SUPPLIES• POWER TOOtS . . . -The Jean Arthur Comedy ^H The CURTAIN RISES Vacuum Cleaners | Electrical Specialists » :> • AT -' : SWAN'S 15 Church St. J ^.s Tel. 2574 ^ SEK.VJ.ur, oj 5 sis n«i«oE ST. J MrMrl.I-AN M01 We Are Now Receiving Shipments Of WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM WARE NAUGATliCK HARDWARE NEAJtY BUELOENG TEL. 5212 | •' . . August 13-17 ' SEATS: $1.00, $1.50, $2.00. plus tax -Curtain 8:45 Tel. Utchficld 880 Next Week: Personal Appearance R&P METAL WOEKS 90 SO. MAIN. STREET (Bear) Steel -Bars & Sheets . . .'. JFOK SALE ;, --• Ornamental Steel Work • Telephone 6877 "All /..know is..'. . he gets his tails through faster than anybody else. .,. ,,ill «a,c.- creased over a year 090 least 'busy times. ' they

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