The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 31, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1977
Page 5
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STRAND FEATURES "CENTENNIAL SUMMER" A F.tnto Knlr, Much an the one thnt rncintly MPKullod rrv>vlp^oni-B In 20th Cnnttiry I-'OXH mtislciil of tho *timo numn I* n rnl/itlvoiy «lmplo thtnK for tho movln mu^lclur-iM to cook up. P.ut a Woild'.t Kali- —l.hut'it nnothfr rruittm' niuhvly. Unclnuntrcl .tiownvcr. Pcotllioiu'- Director Otto Pi'nminfrer. funnel with thn ehnro of filming Alhrrt B. nlril Slimmer," cronrnrl fils [\nj;frs, IcIrll'M ho.-t icilllnx' novel. "Con'ltin- took n donp lirmilh «nd orclrrC-d «nt flpMltrncr.i I^vln Whtinlnr anil r.rliind FulliM 1 to build n cnmplnln nipllcn of the f'hlliulNphln K.vposltlon nf 187«. thr- flnit World's Fair In ,\m- dloiv, which «(u-von mi fl back, irrfnind for thr. Technicolor film now nt thn Htriind th"uf,or. Within n mnttnr of dnysi, hulltl- tr\K» worn holni? ornctorl ' ivlth n rapidity thut would hiivp mudn Hnimlncr AdmlnlHtrntor Wilson Wy. ntk prcun with envy. And before lonp, Knvoml nnron of tho 20th Ccn- tui-y-t.'ox bnclt lot had bncn tranH- formod Into tho World'a Fair all America won tnlldnR- nbout "iovonty yenr.i curlier. Ufo-slvin tlupllcatlons for tho nnormous inixln biiildmR Momorl«| Hall, the French Pavilion And other edifices wore constructed, (ill ffilthfuly copied from contom- poi-niy fllcutchfui. Uind«cn.plnK, too, complete Including Inwns, trcOH. Runlons, pollM, wulUH and rondir. Interior wots filled four xound HtnKci) tho moat Imprcnslvo holnff tho Interior or tho French Pavilion, In kouptng with tho nmhltloiiH un- flnrlnklnK, "Centennial Summer" f>fttt<i'na ft score of nnw Juramo Koi-n mnlndlns and nn nil-star Cast hfiAtlocI by Jeanne Cruln, Cornel Wilde. Llniln Dnrnoll, William Bytho, Walter Brennim, Conatonce Honnotl and Dorothy Olsh, The companion font tire* In "Dontl- Ino for Miirdor, 1 featurlf! Paul Kelly, lupllldc •» lol-'t HERE ARE FOUR SPECIALS YOU SHOULDN'T MISS— Boys' Reversible Wool Finger Tip O'Coats A Iwo.wiiy cnMI tluil. can ho worn /IH nn ovnrcojit or /i raincoat. SALE PRIDE $ 795 Boys' Long 1 Pants SUITS JuMt a KOW fjoft Slwn ID to .10 $ Wool Cnrtluro.v Itcvrrsllilo Eton Suits I Jackets COAT iind MIIOKTIWS * Nhiidi' Only { Si/.o a to 7 j Corduroy on Outside Plnld Flannel Inxldo Hlmi M-1(1-18 Only $495 Rot,'. Prlro .$!>.0' r ' $2 95 CHURCH ST. [GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY GET FR/MUY'MKWC£ TOO/ Help get SOAP back on our shelves BRING YOUR USED FATS TO US! Waste Paper Drive In Beacon Falls Sunday Morning A \vnstn paper drive will hn conducted In Beacon Falls. Sunday mornlnfj, AUK. IS. under the sponsorship of the Veterans Memorial Fund committee. Proceeds will bo used to defray cxp«n.Ho.i of rantilrlng the ball park at Warner's Field. The field is used largely by veterans for soft- null and baseball games. Residents arc requested to bundle and tie papers in the usual manner for paper drives, and place on curbs for pickup. Five Men Reported Missing After Boat Capsized Bridgeport. Aup. 15— (UP)— Five men have been reported missing after a rowboat capsized 100 yards I nlT the Long Island shore. Three others havo reached safety. One of the missing: men was in •i rcaciic boat—two of which sank ifter reaching the scene where '.he men wore utrugglinK In the water, The mlsslnp; persona were said k) he Armand and Cur! Ricclo, Daniel Volosln, John Fldak, and Stanley Stra/.enskl, all of Bridgeport. LAVISHING SHOW AT LOEW-POLI Now playing nt the Loew-Poll IM Borniu'd Shnw's thrll'.lnf; historical romjinno of "Caesar and Cleoiiatru" Mtttn-liiK Vivien r.elprli and Claude Rains, In thu most lavish motion picture ilf our rlny. At. tho rtRc of 90, Shuw admllteclly ono of tho Kreiit- playwrights of our cm, Is Icla- i.n'Dly til wni'k on fimAiier play, worltlnrr on It every mornlnp. Tho Incisive wit of Bfsrnni'd Shaw was never UPC nor Lhun during the nim- inj! of tilu rjreit historical .satire "Cncsnr nnd Clcopivtrn." This TH- moUH pltiy, concrrninff the most ."pnclaciiliLr, and at the name lime, tho most o.Ncltins of the great Ju- HiiM Caesiir's conqucsW. Vivien j Tjclirh, who niiidc a world-wide n.-imo for heraniC .ia Scarlett O'Hai'u In "Gone With The Wind." plays tho enchanting young queen, and ClJiutle ftixlns as the Romnn conqueror. To mnkc Gabriel Pnsoirl's tech- nicolor vpr.slon of ''nun-jar and Cleopatra" flow smoothly, .some of the transitional sequences had to ho shifted. Shaw did tho shirting himself. To use every word'of dialogue In the original play, plus at! the action oC characters necessary for camera technique, would have made thn Him ovcr.-Ionfj, .uo certain lini'.s had to he cut.'Shaw'cut them personally, when It WHS decided th'it tho original HP.ript did not offer Miiflicient nclvantagr.s In exploit properly the charms of the lovely Miss Leigh, Shaw wrote into thn I movie version n .special .sc^nc show Ing Clonpntra III her luxurious bod room and h;ilh. Also on tho ynme program Is thr f ft mm is "The French Key." Thosi who have lovcrl tho story in bnol< fnrm will enjoy />^hort Docker nnc Rvnlyn AnkeiM In the leading roles Thp Invlncll'lu nomhlnntlon of fit.'iolnntlnsr lively rlpleotivo «t.orj and nn exccllont. choice of actor. 1 " will hold your interest. Death rate of white hahics under nno yonr has drci'onscfl from OS prr I.DOn In 101. r i to as low as -17.1 per 3,000 In 19.10. WHITE CITY MARKET fpim<)r*«*jr*#-not Jug-. ijlike.- rKyariizo ..-.Floor'. ; .."H-.-' , , lve*r off. -Solid *alpir*-cp.v«f: •fcf.j :*llj^/«ciii:.8ilfe'ijFii^itWoii, : ;^bi 5H2 NOKTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2SR3 GET A JEEP IMMEDrATE Yiiiir »VII,I.YS.OVl-:ni,ANI) iirnlrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 2'l llurrlfinn Avrnn^ Off ICxrliuncc I'lni'p, Wnlrrhnrr STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Watorbury, Conn. ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland "Service For Veterans WAR ASSISTS ADMINISTRATION nnnouncea sales ,of the following- surplus property: alumi- ,iuni cars, bedding rolls, pack- boards, refrigerators, beverage coolers, air conditioners, parts of refrigeration units and ice plants, prey wool cloth, wool Melton cloth, uHUiurant equipment, plumbing supplies, hand tools, plant equipment, 'welding supplies, electrical supplies, lentios, magnifying glasses, "Mac West" life jackets, 16- :'oot square U. S. Navy tents, sail pipe, cast iron drainage fittings and radiation. NEW LITERATURE of interest 'o veterans: "New Career Oppor- .unltlr.s (n tho Building Industry,'" 'Establishing; and Operating an Automobile Repair Shop," ."Establishing-' and Operating a Painting and Decoratin;; Contracting Busi- nosn." "The Veteran anad Civil Service." n-stahlishlMR and Operating an Electrical Appliance Radio Shop," "Establishing and Operating a Service Station," "Establishing and Operating a Grocery Store," "Es- tfiblishlng and Operating a Shoe Repair Shop." , -cklv '-.'i\>y of Army Times and of Vet-Lottcr, interpreting leglala- -ion and irunds, "hJstabusning and Operating a. Dry Cleaning Business," "Establishing and Operating an Apparel Stoj'c," "Junior College Opportunities In Connecticut." TH1E SET-ASIDE SURPLUS 1'ROPKUTY FOR VETERANS list has arrived nnd incudes trucks of thirty kinds, trailers of thirty-five types, tractors, construction, mining, and excavating machinery, iigrlciilturiil equipment, medical, surgical and dcntnl apparatus, equipment and instruments. CIVIL SJCRVICIi ,IOBS for Bton- ojiraphcra and typists $1,756 to $1,- flS'i. Plenty of them. New Huvcn YMCA Junior Col- Iccrn now offers full-time courses- University of Connecticut at its new quariers at Ft. Trumbull still •as openings. TKKMINAL LJ2AVE PAY. Nothing can be done until the application blanks arc received .it the local Post 'Olfico which may be several weeks. Have your photostats ready and watch the newspapers for announcements. WELL KETIKE Storm. Conn., Aug. 15—(UP)— Professor Howard A. Scckcrson been given a forcwell reception by University of Connecticut colleagues Scckcrson will retire in September as head of the university's English department after 2J years service. NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, AUG. IS, 1M«—PAGE S Galveston. Texas., largest sulphur port. is the world's REPORTED MTSSING Wellesley. Mass., Aug. 15—(UP) —An extensive search is under way for Lars Vigcland of Norway who has been missing from the Welles- Icy college camput* since Monday. Authorities fear the youth may be suffering from amnesia. He is enrolled at tho Wellesley Institute for lorcign students. CHAPEL ELECTRIC 'COMPANY Tel. 2219 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET (OlMtohltP Niiucntnrk Fiirnlturn C»J Kni'.liiry lirpiilr Sprvlrn "in All Makrn uf Kiiilln SI-IH. rrnninC SiTVlcK »t l{i>:iHi>imhli' I'rlrcH. LiitrHt Kulllpinrnt fur Untllo Rrnnlr Wnrk. Philco Car Radios Immcdiatn Delivery Automatic J'lionogrnphM and Record Changers * Help prevent ^ SOAP SHORTAGE Bring in your * USED FATS * NORTON'S MARKET MAPLE ST. Stop and Shop with HARRY and POP CALIFORNIA WINE 4-5 Port — Sherry — MuscateL — Tokay IMPORTED COGNAC This Cog-nac Is Imported From France GOLDEN WEDDING ............. $3.45 PARK & TILFORD . .* ............. $3.42 90 PROOF WHISKEY ..... ..... 4-5 $2.99 Harry's Liquor Shop Pop's Liquor Store WE DELIVER ANYWHERE I>* NAUGATUCK, ANYTIME 33 SOUTH MAIN STREET TEL. 2075 24 CHURCH STREET TEL. 2666 Hawaiians began n. campaign' for :.Hmitinncc as the 4th state of^the United States as early as the ."year 3896, '* IAKD1 vPIE CRUST MIX, tOPOYAl tPOPOVER MIX] FLAKORN .CORN MUFFIN MIX, All three precision-^ mixed for deIi-£ cious results 5j LARGE STOCK OF '„• SEAT COVERSJ $7.95, $9-95, $12.9% $15.95 * ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MACS' ST. ; TEL. 6162 NnuRHtuck, Conn. WEATHER STORM! Out of gas, and the wife is raging. Too bad, too, when he could have stopped at one of the many Tydol dealers along the way, and kept that motoj; purring with Tydol Flying-A, HAIL! Hailed — by a cop! Too Ucc now, but she could have started with m complete Tydol Vacation Safety-Check. Includes expert inspection of lights, tires, batteries, radiator—altogether, 18 vital points where troubles often begin. FOG! This one's in a fog about what road to take! But keeping on his course would have been n. cinch if he'd asked the "forecaster" (Tydol dealer to you) about local routes, short-cuts and road conditions. SULTRY! Motor trouble's got him hot, moist and plenty bothered. Moral: it's easier to ftarl with a crankcase full of new, Improved 100% Pennsylvania Veedol . . . the oil that helps motors run cool and clean! SUNNY AND FAIR! Yep, you'll bre«ze along in style. Because you'll see your Tydol dealer first . . . get complete Tydol Vacation Safety-Check Service. Then, regular stops at Tydol signs for frowcrful, long- mileage, Flying-A Gasoline. Ah, yes, and— "check your driving . . . check your car . . . check accidents!" Here's the man who gives you that VACATION SAFETY-CHECK SERVICE He's your Tydol dealer and Jhe's an authority at keeping cars running safely—smoothly. So, for an expert car check-up, a complete line of certified FJying-A quality accessories and a new high in SERVICE . . • check with your Tydol dealer. He's waiting with: /• TYDOL FLVfNG-A GASOLINE Every drop packed with true Tydol quality. Smooth! Powerful! 2t IMPROVED VEEDOL MOTOR OIL To give you a cleaner, bentfir motor in spite of summer heat and dust. r . Always 100% Pennsylvania quality ( —now finer than ever! 3. VEEDOL SAFETY-CHECK LUBRICATION Including, at no extra cost, expert inspection of the 18 vital points where car troubles usually begin. Tt LOCAL INFORMATION SERVICE To keep you posted. Ask about shortcuts, road conditions, eating places, sleeping accommodations. Vour Tydol dealer's glad to help. For a FlyrngrA. Start and a Safe Return . - - ~ '"• •-•-•• '•"•. • , 'se&'.your TYDOL DEALER (^WGnCffiMMH*!

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