Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1954
Page 9
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i^^^Jhuwdoy, Match 4, 1954 »"A* < " -H** 5 * 1 ji'^ HUIL L i A it , i; U T - , A :, ;. A ;< j ., i PRESCOTT NEWS | "fefciirsday March 4 >ournam«nt Schedule At Priscott Gym ll p. m.; 2:30 p. m.; 3:30 p. m.; 1:30 p s m.; 7:50 p. m.; 9:10 p. m. JFrlday March 5 STournamerit Schedule |fl a. m.: 10:20 a. m.; 7:30 p. m. i50 p. m.; ; World Day of prayer will be ob- V^jred at the First Methodist Chur- h on Friday afternoon at 2:30. Mr. and Mrs. James Harvell of •Ittle Rock were the weekend uests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. t. T. Murry. Dr. and Mrs. G. D. Royston of tope were the guests Sunday of "r. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby. iss Jessica Bemis of Texark- was the weekend guest of Miss jhielia Harrell. on Saturday Miss- I Nancy Lewis. Bemis, Harrell, Its. Harold Lewis Mrs. Jack Hart l, Carl Dalrymple, Jim McKen- ia . and Martin Gilbert motored ftShreveport and saw "The Robe." 5re Hubbard of Alexandria, La., letit the weekend with his parents tr. and Mrs. John Hubbard. ;j^ll Bolton. Bill Cottingham, and •e Hubbard spent Saturday after- Don at Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs i Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Regan were s riday visitors in Texarkana. ; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard had |s their weekend guests, Mr. El- iicr Glenn and Ada Claire of Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Moberg and Barbara- wsre Saturday visitors in Hope. returned to Aurora, Mo., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Yancey. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Langley had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Todd of Abilene, Texas. M/Sgt. and Mrs. William David Hale and children of Biloxi, Miss, have been the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brozie Haynie and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Avery of El Dorado, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gibson of Hope wore the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Lowdermilk. ' Mr. and Mrs. John Keernan have returned to Victoria, Texas after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Reichstadt and were accompanied by Mrs. W. F. Denman Jr., who is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen V. Willemin. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wade of .ittle Rock, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. [entry of Hope, Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Lovelis and Miss Benea Thomas of El Dorado were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas and Mrs. Harley Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale had as their weekend guests Mr. and Mrs. Joe Purcell and daughters of Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Archer and Susie of El Dorado, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dewoody, Sharon and Brenda of Gurdon. Miss Loyce Stewart of Little Rock has been the guest of her mother, Mrs. Bob Stewart. Eddie Danner of Arkadelphia was th Sunday guest of relatives and friends. Mrs. Clarence Gordon Jr., and little Miss Phoebe Johnson were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cobb in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grantt Jr., and children of Magnolia were the weekend guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Atkinson and Mrs. Cecil Grantt Sr. Mrs. Ted Smiley and Jimmy have OSE USHES! 2-Year Old! Field Grown! Everbtooftiiflg! Long Stem Hybrid Teas! Trm To Name! * Field Fresh! * Rushed Direct! * Blooms From Spring io Frost! NONE FINER! SPECIAL ^ COLLECTION **" PRICE 39 Ea. Sold only in collections of 5 bushes for $1.95 These Four Garden Collections to Choose From! Collection No. 1 1 ETOIUE DE HOULANDE (Dark Red) 1 EDITOR McFARUAND (Pink, good grower) 1 TALISMAN (Two tone) 1 LUXEMBURG (Yellow, shading to copper) 1 AMI QUINARD (Dark Velvety Red) Collection No. 2 Formerly Patented Roses 1 CRIMSON GLORY (Dark Red) 1 BETTER TIMES (Soft Red) 1 COUNTESS VANDEL (Two Tone) 1 ECLIPSE (Yellow) 1 WHITE BRIARCLIFF (Pure White) '•Simitar t< Climbing Climber e BLAZE ROSE Ef*| u BPB Oft! Collection No. 3 1 AMERICAN BEAUTY (Soft Red) 1 POINSETTIA (Dark Red) 1 PRESIDENT HERBERT HOOVER (Two Tone) 1 GOLDEN CHARM (Deep Yellow) 1 THE DOCTQR (Huge Pink) Collection No. 4 3 RED RADIANCES (Best of the Reds) 2 PINK RADIANCES (Best of the Pinks) TWO DAYS ONLY Fri. & Sat. March 5 & 6 > the famous Paul Scarlet xcept the NKW BLAZE gives rs of blooms from SPRING to Already the world's fa Q Jar *mnf These AMAZINC PRICES Because rangement with » Rose Grower from lyler, Texas, we W aUe to fine quality sto«* direct at ft great discount , , , '.THESE ARC BEING PASSED ON TO YOU! These Plgnte have ^^ w ' FIRST COME - FJRST SERVEP! ' E. M. McWUUAMS •SHPSTORC Miss Htlga Loew Guest Of Center Recreation Club The Center Recreation Club met Thursday, February 25 at the community house for its regular monthly meeting The members of the club and a guest of honor, Miss Helga Loew, luck supper. were served a pot Mr. A. W. Rettig, program chairman, presented Mary Lou McKinnon and Martin Rose Cottingham, Lynn Marlar, and Richard Smith in musical varieties. Miss Frances Thrasher presided over a listening panel for Miss Helga Loew from Mengen, Germany, who is working in the schools of Hope, Arkansas. Before coming to various civic and business groups of Prescott. Out-of-town guests for the meeting \vere Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Rettig and daughter of Hope. Miss Helga Loew was the over- country. Her responses were en- j night guests at the home of Mr. in the school system of Cincinnati, Ohio. Miss Loew was questioned about the schools and government, the social life, and the economy of her lightening and entertaining. Miss Loew was one of one hundred teachers selected after rigid examinations to represent her country as a visiting teacher. Her appearance at Center Recreation Club was arranged through Mr. Jimmy Jones, superintendent of schools, Hope, Arkansas, who is in charge of her schedule. There were approximately forty members of the club present, and Hope, Miss Loew spent five months about ten guests representing the and Mrs - A - w - Klwanlans Extend' Thanks We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who contributed to the Heart Fund Cam paign which we sponsored again this year, It was bur first time to make a house to house canvass. The people at home last Thursday night were nice to us and We want to evpress George Backers Probe Proposal By JACK BLL WASHINGTON W — Tfever-say die supporters probed today for signs of life from the tsonstitution- al amendment proposed by Sen, our appreciation to them. . We. appreciated the donations made by the people in the business district. We-feel that the drive was a success because the people supported it so well. So once again we'd like to Say "Thank You." Sincerely Members of the Kiwanis Club of Prescolt. George (O-Ga- powers. „ , sen. LenhdB (tJ-HC) George's backers, Mtd the Senate yesterday <rf & to reconsider Friday's -def6Si| the treaty measdffe Sy^i" Leflnon Was absent vrftell down came-. Although Sen. fornia, the GOP leader, had said he considered ,tht. il dead for this session of he said in an Interview* may be brought ufc agam; J > * In order of thel? size,,tit great ocean areas of the W the Pacific, Atlantic, arctic and Arctic, \* LOOK WHAT WILL BUY!!! if, ': -X AND YOU ACTUALLY DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS WHEN YOU SHOP AT PIGGLY WIGGLY — HERE'S WHY — YOU GET A VALUABLE S&H GREEN STAMP WITH EVERY DINE SPENT — IN ADDITION TO THESE LOW, LOW PRICES. PETER PAN PEANUT COCK O WALK YELLOW CLING BUTTER PEACHES 2 49 < 18 Or. Glass GERBER'S Sf RAINED, ^- .-^^ BABY F^ ©II HI-C PETMILK 4 49c 6 Reg. Cans . ^*% -fflpi DEL DIXI ,WHltf ;^ ^« i •;K^Km s 'jr^ ( frir&fyft V\tJ BLACKBURN'S BLENDED 5Lb. Glass 4 No. 2i Cons IMPERIAL PURE CANE 4 No. 1 Cans •"'-r'.>*• "^ SUGAR 10 Lb. Bag DELCO ^ 5 DEL MONTE No. 300 Cans CATSUP. 3 14 Bo«,e ( GRAPEFRUI ^H i ^ ir i}/ , r> ->' rf j*Li; 2 46 Oz. Cans' DRISCOLL FROZEN ••. STRAWBERRIES 2 '"cL?- 49c PLYMOUTH COFFEE 1 Lb. Bag 89c KITCHEN PRIDE FLOUR 25 Lb. Bag $1.69 BAMA SEEDLESS GRAPE JAM 2 'LS 2 ' 49c No need to stand in line "—-waiting on a butcher to serve you. Shop Piggle Wigg]JC,S Self Service Market. As many as 50 people can serve themselves — without the services of a butcher. ',.'..' ./"•; -. SMOKED-TENDER ' HALF or WHOLE Lb. HAMS WICKLQW — TRA-PACK BACON CHOICE — BRISKET OR RIB STEW MEAT YELLOW GLOBE f '«' ONIONS 3 iri»ir : ^r*?m Lb, CILLO CARROTS GREEN ONIONS 15c BELL ^IJP 9^^" ^w Wff j ^^Wr ^" ^W "^^^^ Lbs- ^® f i', iM *Sal

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