Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 5
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3^ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 12,1911. TO HONT CM F | CIMRin COMMISSIONER GLVaX HAS FLAN TO AID THE.i'OOK. Would IlAld a Rl!r IlOUt by Titr Em- nlofJL's nnd Turn llie Kill Over ^ to Local Ch^itleH. Coniirilssioner G. Cr-Glynn has offered a suggestion «iiich has met with aijproval aroun^'the city hall The coijiiuis^slaner i>io[>oses that, one day betneen this date and Christmas eve, evbry city employe Join in hunting expedKlon, the game secured to be given to the Salvation Army to be used in providing a. dinner for the needy of the city. \ Ther^ are a number of noted nlm rods on the city payroll and it is prob able that should^ theiy agree to do their b(?st on this hnnjing expedition there would be sonie meat on the tables Of the worthy poor cf the town on Chriftmas. The raiibit crop is re I)nrted to be large this season and if no other game could be secured. Bre' Bunny' would be an .acceptable sub sUtute to many. The matter of the ;munlcipal hunt ing expedition for the poor will be definitely decided in a' day or two. FOR TIIK SfU-MACII. * lli-n-'s An Offer YoitiJIiould >ol (her loolC ^ Rpvall n .vspcp.sia ,;1 "al)li'fs remrdy siomach lroul)li 'S by Hiding iiature to supply tlif cleincnls lihe iibst rf c <if whlcli in iho gaxirlc Juicp."; caureii In- dlgcstilon and dysp(>*(s1a. Tlipy aid the sKimafh 'to dlii.'si fnoii and to fiulckjy convert It In .n ilih w\\ blood and material .nrcesst^ry f-'f mcrcom- ing natural Iwdy wa'^e. Carry a package (I^ Rrxiill nyspep- .sla Tablets In your vpst pocket, or koep them In your *i>onr.; Take one after:each heavy niPil i-nd prove out asserlion that Indigf 't ^tioii will not bother you. We know what }>pxnll I")vsiii'])sia Tablfts are and wha; f !irv will do. \Vr puarhnfee theiu to ti?lli>vp indigestion and 'dyspepsia. If fhey f.iil we will refund your money.^ Three sizes: 25 cent^, r.O cents and'i^l.Ufl.. Ileniember you (fan obtain Rexall Remedies only at our store—The Rexall Store. Bur- reJli Drus Store, Wei?t Side Square. Ahonf Hop Cholera. Editor Ropister: I Isoc by the papers that quit'^ u good many are losing hogs by cholera, and 1 thought perhaps that my experience in handling hogs for 40 years might bo of benefit to some. When I came to Kansas in the fall of '70 I brought some thoroughbred stock with me and for many jears I had all the way from 50 to 200 head. In that 40 years I never ha(^ cholera but twice. Once I bred it myself and the other time-one of my ..nephews turned loose a lot of hops with cholera and I lost .ibotit 100 head. The time I bred it mvself, the winter of 1S92 I had 60 head of stock hoes I wanted to take over. They would weigh about 12.5 pounds, run in a large lot aUd slept under a good shed. As the weather jfets cold hogs will pile up sometimes three or four de<?p. In so doing they get hot and sweaty and wlien they go out into the cold air they take cold, ,:,nd a few times of this practice and you have hog cholera fever. One morning I callf^;.hem out to feed and saw soifie of them coming with heads down and ears flopping, and Home of them were coughing. Re fore it was over I lost 40 bead of tli»" fiO. I bad neglected to do wli;it I had done before and what I ha\'e don' regularly since—build a floor over the place whore the hogsslept , If I had morp than fi or S to sleep in on< l)laco. This floor should bo just high enough so the hogs ran get under it .•ind not pllp on top of each other The boards should lio aliout C inches ajiart so as to give jileniy of ventilation. To prevent thorn from g'-ttinr on top of the boards, put l )o :irds edgo wise around tlie floor. If this is dono vou will not bre «"l cholora. Anoih'-r method I used was to put six or v\f\\< in separate pens at night. Thoy wiT WELlKiWN L W CORED OF ECZE ByCuticui^ Remedies Which He Recommends foffeSkin Troubles. "VrhBeBttendlne^hool at I^-har.on, Ohio. In 1S8L', tiirre nasla »;na]i-i»ix .«cari-, auJ •ni- were i-ll varcinPted. J'r>--inialjly froa lt3:iure virus u^J, J Ix-r.-me aSIiclid Willi boiljL v.-hi <.!i la^od for E'-JO-^ I tv.(J*'zrs, wlwa a.^Utii-n t.'x- f').-:.i (1/ jn part cf ir.y \:~<^. Iji -fci? Vr.- CaciVd mvt if tiir.o. TlU'.'e would 1)^ wat-r-l.llGtc.T V tourti It woulii burn, ar.d CiUJe anoth>r o.w t-? rlic. After the bll>tiT tiouM nx^n. the plac« v.-ou!d .scab over, and would bum and itch so Bs to Ix; almort unbearabfe at times. In thU •R-ay ilie sores woujd ."^prcid from one place to another; back and forth ovrr the whole of my upper lip and ciiiti. end a! times the whclo lower pari of luy Jure wo'jld ha a solid sore. This condition comliiu<vl f .j .-fot:ror:iVi yi-ars, without r>-ltins any !).:'t.-r, otd !. T fart Rot worraill the time, su i ?:ui -li so i:.;.t j:;y wUo beeatnc ala.-m-, <: l -.-.s: It fit;.!. "Durfne cll liiLi ti;:;-: tf bo.'.s rrTPma, I doctored v.!:;i t)je -l p'.:y:irb;ii of lUts part of llic country. 1>M la 20 2v.-.:;, .>i:ially 1 decldid 10 t.-y Culinira j:< .-!< dlt-s, v.iJrU I did. tii :ir .K tlie CulK-ura K.colvir.t inler- r.:Uy, cp;i!rl.".g tii^ Ciiti-i:.-3 Oi:;ii:irn; to t')e .-oris, cr-.d u;iiis t::.- (.Vitirvra .So.-.p for T.a4 :::::c. In a very i».;>irf '.'..r.^ J|b.vjf) to notice l.^lproY^nlOllt.•!. LIH I co .nii '.Tml to ' the CulJ .L .-a Il»-ri«li.^» i:a:;i v,i:;i!!-.' thiu B. year I v.-as wll ara:n. .-.i:d iHivcjiiot hid a rreurrcnee of tii- troi:!.!.' w !;|c'j \T. over Iwrrty yeirs. 1 h:.v,> r< ndi<! Cullcu .-a r .rr.j.dics to otiitrs ever si.)' o. end liavt greit l;hh In t'.iem M remedies for .-Iwii diretJj :." (Sl:nc<!) A. 0. Brandon. Attorcty C .T>r3T2J'-, 6 , Jan. 17. ICl 1. Roid tlirou^ho'it world. ( S-nl to Potter !».*«. Corp.; ilrpt. 3A, lju «.ir,i,./nr toon get BO it is not much trouble to put them In the pena a' ntgbt. It is some trouble but Is better tbaa losing tbem with cholera, or baring them get the mange which they are apt to do if many sleep together. " . Another thing, do not allow 8mair| pigs to run with big ones as the big ones overlay the small ones,and some times kill them or cause \ cholera Hogs of as near a size as possible should be penned together. These dt rections may seem like a good deal of trouble but they are about what the successful hog raiser has to follow Never allow hogs to sleep around a staBle or put*bedding where they sleep. Fill the plane where they sleep with dirt about six or eight inches higher than the ground outside. "When they root holes In this smooth it dawn or throw in dry dirt I quit making floors for my hogs to sleep on many years ago; a hog had rather sleep on the ground and it is better for them. Among the things to. keep your hogs healthy, mix air slacked lime half and half with salt and put in trough where theV can eat it; they will-eat lots of It. It Is always necessary to have a dry place for them to sleep. They are great pets; make pets of them. It pays In dollars and cents. Two or three times a week rake the cobs into heaps and burn them. Hogs win be so eager to get burnt cobs that fhey will pick up cobs that are afire run and squeal, drop the4 ;ob aiid rub their noses in the dirt to stop the burn If hogs are coughing let the cobs char then sprinkle salt on them. Nino times out of ten it will stop the cough. The ashes the cobs make net as a cathartic and destroys the worms Another good thing to do Is to occasionally throw corn on the Are when yott burn the cobs nnd lot It char: (hen throw it oiii of the flrp. Hogs will eat It so hot it will tnnke them squeal. It tends to keep tlieir bowola loose nnd regular, somelhlng you must do if you wish to sitcceed with hogs or any other stock for that malior. .SortKof" .iskod. What did j-oH do whon tho hogs had the cholera? Well I IWH l"t them have It, .hauled them o»i> •••'iil burned them. I found ottt *y X Id food them scorched corn omlj; w :is !.'rnd :ip anything I 'TM I I I do.' anj! 5 :-"o'i th-^ burnt ashes v'lo'-" they could run to thorn, only 1 did i>ot let some of th"m go to ashi's. 1 raked the charred cobs out and >:i' ^ilt on them while thoy were fillll hot and somo.timos I put salt in the hot ashes. That will almost always . stop the conch. If the directions T have given are followed your herd will not, have cholera unless 't cornea, to your farm hv infection. T see by the papers they have a serum which if iniected Into the hogs that have will sometimes cure them,.<buf it is vastly "Iteaper to avo'd having it which can he done by following the directions here given, at least it has always prevented ft for me. One of tho principal helps to hoc health is a dry place to sloop which means of course, sheds. After yo .Trs of experience I found the cbeapost nnd best shod was' made as follows. Set three ^osfs in tho pround eight feet apart so the shed will face the soulli. Then take two boards Ifi foot long and 12 inches wide and 1, fi-inch board; the same length, upilod ont" Dosts. Measure seven feet from back of shed, set ?, other nosts the ton to be about 5 feet from the ground. Nail 1x6 board nc-oss, then R foot boards for roof, let pr63p<!t 5 or 6 Inch- os ovor back of shod. Fill Jn with dirt or % inches. ;'s described before— no straw or bnn^ds. A shed built in this way lets tho winter sun under It which a pir very much snpreclates and k''etis Ih" dirt drv If yon want wo foijs tindor Iho S.TTIO roof put a narlU 'on half way. It Is a pood plan o board up tho ends The more comfortable vou can koon your hop" Mv Ie »B grain It takes to f .-ifn 'hit" Stone coal Is a good thing to kroj their stomach nil right. If lice should get on Voitr hoe" thoro is no 'hinT botfor than » cood wallow to got rid of tlioni. Crude oi' sprinkled over thom is food L. R. PKARSON. "^alem, Doc, 12. 1011. COLD STORAGE AS RESERVOIR !(!«• of the L^rgc Field Occupied by Busineae Shown in CommodU ties Stored. A somewhat intelligent idea of the large field occupied by the cold storage business can be gained from the following commodities stored in Boston warehouse: Poultry, oysters, apples, berries, dates, evaporated apples, spinach, lettuce, squash, butter, flour, peanuts, bulbs, fruit Juices, apple waste, preserves, nim;)le sirup, skins, leeks, orabs, boekwheat. hams, sauerkraut, caviare, pickled fish, hollr. pineapples, ^string beans, sponges, pickled meats, game, fresh meats, California fruits, prunes, citron, confectionery, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, cheese, cereals, beer, condensed milk, yam. cider, salad dreseing, maple sugar, furs, shrimp, lobsters, chestnuts, hops, sausage, casings, cherries, dried fish, smllax leaves, radishes, sweetbreads, candies fruits, smoked meats, fresh fish, oranges, cranberries, raisins, apricots, currants, beans, carrots, onions, horseradish, eggs, rice, ferns, canned goods, gutta percha, pickles, oleomargarine, oils, parsley, Bcallons. honey, cream, lard, anchovies, smoked fish, egg plant, laurel leaves, rhubarb, olive oil, wines, dried meats, fish for bait, lemons, grapes, figs, evaporated peaches, nuts, peas, cabbage, melons, provisions, macaroni, plants, sirups, asparagus. Jellies, caulidower. grape fruit, woolens, shallots, clams, bananas, mushrooms, olives and herbs. ingatthe HEYI RK STORE I IS a BECAUSE it is easy to find wMt on^ wants amongst the wide variety of winter merchandise carried,; • BECAUSE eveiy up-to-date facility is provided to enable you to do your shopping in comfort and dispatch, and BECAUSE you can always rely i on receiving the best goods for the price —noimatter what the price. BIQ MOUFjTAiN OF MONEY Philadelphia Sporting Man Couldn't Sleep with His Roll Under the Pillow. Mrs. "Qus" Ruhlin, the eloquent and energetic convert to the sufrragtr.t cause, said in a recent address in Orooklyn: "The sporilng man, too, would be better oil if bis wife had a vote—U she had more say in allalra of state, and in home atfairg as well. "What wife, if She had more say, would approve of the senseless way tho sporting man flaunts his money? What is the good of carrying a roll of twenties as big as a horse collar? Xobody but the. sporilng man dreams of doing such a thing, but he—" Mrs. Ruhlin made a hopeless gesture. Then she went on: There's a Philadelphia sporting man who is famous for the roll he always carries. My husband said to him one night: "'I suppose, in strange hotels, you always put your roll under your pillow, eh?' •'Ko; oh, no,' said the Phlladel- phian. 'I couldn't sleep with my head so high.'" TeiNITK STIIL THE LEABEP In fhe Chrlsinias Tjrfe Tontesl Voles .\rp Belne fii-it Rapidly. The Trinity Methodist church retains its lead In the race for the use of the New York Store's Christmas ree and electrical equipment on ?hri.=tinaB eve. Kvidently ti-e workers in this church are dotern'.ined they shall leave nofhins undone to secure (his beautiful Ch^i^l^las display for i "-p at their Christmas ser- Icps and ^hey a; c cutting fo.-th every "ffort to win. • Other churches wore a\so represented well In the voiJns iminy. l^te his afternoon, the count stood as folows: Tiinity 'cited Brethren . hrlstian ^rst M. K. Presbyterian Baptitts episcopal Builders' Salvation Army \. M. K. ..233? _ 42> 2r.^. „ 2IC - 15.„ 122 - 14 11 10 Second Baptists 1" Reformed ^ Christian Science . 2 fr«e saiap!'.- uC£uticura &up and tolntniort. RIsrk Has the ContPNt. To the Editor and Readers of the Re.e ister: In response to the article in Saturday 's issue as to which color Is better iillow or black. In TMV estimation he author of such iguonint arguuien! .^hows very litMe intolllgenco. A man with conin>rii horao r.^nse would havi known' better and have exjire«S"d his foelings privately instead of maklnp ah Idiot of himself b-^cause everv good looking lady'of his race wir not Bubiuil to'his kissing her. So Mr Club attendant. If you will spini' yj)ur time at som" honorable voca- lon Instead of rushing tin club<« and -Tgulng such foolish topics. If T wUI be of any elevjtion to fho ro) or»d race I niii in your favor, otherwise stop worrying about so smal a flJTng^bs a kiss which is of no bene- fle to anyone. Resnectfully : "A. COI^RED READER. Bees In Traveler's Packet. L. F. Crathome of Kanopolls, Kan., is the first man in several moons to come through tho^depot carrying.a whole hive of real live bees. In*addl- tion to the several hundred bees in a portable hive Mr. Crathome carried an extra queen bee in his pocket, .enclosed In a small contrivance of wire and wood that also contained a piece of candy and two ordinary worklbg bees. The working bees were there to feed the candy to the queen. Queen bees won't feed themselves. Mr. Cra­ thome said. The only things they do nre lay eggs, lead revolutions and get killed. Mr. Crathorne said he had no difficulty handling bees withouKgloves or netting and that the smair swelling under his right eye represented the •Hily sting he received Inst night after sorting out three hives at twilight, the time when bees are most irritable. —Kansas City Star. SUK Aim OTBER FINE HOSIERY. Black Silk "Gordon Dye" Hose 7. .$1, $1.50, $2 Black, white, j)ink and sky "Gordon Dye Hose" .$1.00 Black silk new "Gordon Dye" quality, pair .50c Ask for our $1.00 Christmas Silk Hose. ANNUAL SALE OF HANDKERCHIEFS. Women's all-linen Handkerchiefs, special 15c Women's Swiss Handkerchiefs with emb. or lace edge; each 10c Women's Swiss Handkerchiefs with emb. corners, special; each .5c Women's high grade hand emb. Handkerchiefs, the daintiest styles ever shown—some with Syrian lace edge, others finely hemmed—special 3 for $1 Ask to see our imported Hand Emb. Handker­ chiefs—pricM at 50c, 75c, 98c up to $7.00 Children's Handkerchiefs. Hand Emb..'Initial Handkerchiefs, 3 in box.. 19c Hand Emb.-plain white Initial Hand'fs, 3 in box. .29c . Men's Handkerchiefs. All linen Initial Handkerchiefs, each 25c Soft finished Hemstitched Initial Handkerchiefs. 15c Colored border and plain white Handkerchiefs.. .5c Ii -ish Lineni Vs> and i^^ch hem Hand'fs 25c CHRISTMAS APRONS IN WIDEST VARIETY Bretelle Aprons at 25c, 50c, 75c, 98c Plain handl Aprons with hemstitched hems at 25c Round and fancy shaped Aprons of fine lawns, dotted Swss, all-over embroidery, with lace, embroidery and hemstitched edges — daintily trimmed in the newest effec^ \vith ribbons, bows, etc. The largest and finest assortment ever shown in this city. Ask for them. Price. 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, 98c, $1.35, $1.50 CHRISTMAS SALE OF FURS. Owing to the .backward season we have reduced the prices on all fine Furs. Reliability is .our standard in our Fur Dep't. 1 Genuine Cross Fox Set. was $55.00: now< .. .$35.00 1 Genuine Mink Set, was $65.00; now $45.00 1 Genuine Brown Marmot Set, was $30.00,.. .$20.00 1 Genuine Black Coney Set, fancy muff, was $20.00; now $15.00 1 Genuine Black Fox Set, fancy muff, was $35.00; now $25.00 1 Genuine Brown Jap Mink Set, was $18.50.. .$15.00 1 only Genuine Black Fox CoUar,. was $40.00. .$28.50 BLACK DRESS GOODS AT 19% Reduction A gift of Black Dress Goods is always acceptable as a Christmas present. Buy a skirt or suit pattern—15% reduction for four days. Choice of our entire line of Black Diagonals, Prunellas, Empire Cloth, Batiste, Wool Popliii, Broadcloths, Voiles, Diagonal Serges, Storm and French Serges. 15% REDUCTION . All Fancy Silks and Satins at 15% Reduction What is prettier than a beautiful waist or dress for Christmas? Three days more only we will offer our entire line of Fancy Silks, Fancy Brocades, Fancy Satins and all imported Dress Patterns, at 15% REDUCTION SEKKIXfi THK -MKN HKlHKR 11'. Education Outside of Bootes. Actual travel, and the seeing of rare objects in nature and art, are gradually taking the place of book study," declares a prominent official of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, in pointing out the Important part which that institution plays in the school life of the community. The •lirooUlyn Institute bulletins tell the same story. In fact, there is not today a museum of any importance, eitber of art or of science, in all the country, that is cot ottering inducements to teachers to make use of its collections. The tuachers are not slow in taking the opportunity, and the galleries become a place of recreation and painless instruction for the children. It Is the tendency of the age, in all directions. Boy Fought an Eaglo. KImer Peterson, fifteen years old, ind living four miles west of Little Palls,.Minn., had a hard battle with a large eagle and waa saved from serl- jus injury only, by the timely arrival ot a brother. The boy had shot the bird, which was in a tree. The eagle fell to the ^und and immediately went at the boy with its talons. The bird's claws became fastened in -the boy's clothing and the lad was unable^o free hlm- .?el/. Elmer was badly frightened and his strength was giving out when his brother arrived and killed the engle with a club. The bird measured five feet across tho wings. said the City Engineer yesterday afternoon. "The engineer at the plont must answer every telephone call. If he failed to do so, he might miss the most Important one. While he is ans wering scores of inquiries about the service we are trying to help hini out with information and instruction -as to what should he done, shut off current or whnteveti It may he and he Is losing time leaving his work, if peo- l>le would only kee|) cool; wait a Ut- HKXKY ALLKN'S SA>E BELIGIOJir. The IVlrhltn Editor Explains His CoB' rersion and Talks Sense. Wichita Kas.. Dec. 11.—Henry J, Allen, editor of the Wichita Beacon,; wlio went forward at the I'Bllly" Sunday revival here, said he did not do M> through fear of hell's fire, but because he desires to be a better man. ' httn studied, tlie situation Ihoroaghly and brileve'a he should come out^ on the side of God and the church and tie while and give us a chance to get action when an accident happens we j f(g,,t 4,,^ o,,en for things he always could do so much better than we do.) 1. Shutdowiis are rare with us and when we do hove to cut off tho Juice it Is When t!ie Kj'dcra! Clovernniout :;(:siKU5- to or** mar- HOu detectives it is jirctty sure evidence, that soiuothinq :i: imrlaui is lounj to l;>reak with so many expert slfiiths ou the trail. Such is ihe ia?o now in the attempt of the Focleral government to got after tlu- men aliased to be higher up in thu recent labor troiibii-.--. O^car I^awler la tlic !';:'.n tf> whom jwas assigne<l these iisen and they an- liuuting every miok ami corner of thcj entire United States for evidence which Wiil tend f<i cnnij ftiUcliisively thai they wore a (Oterie of luor. backing tli»',.Mc\ani:;ra lirothfiv; who furnished! the funds for t!!cni and who really instigattd Ihe r<'ctut innrderou!! attack not only on the Times huildiug at l>o.-i .\iiS'!lcB, but on nundrods of others throughout the cast and middle west. i only for a few moments. Of course, if tho current is off for any length of time we would expect to have to answer queries but we should be given the benefit of the big chance that that isn't the case.' "During the accident at the Steyer store last Saturday afternoon, it was impossible, almost, for the employes on the engineer to telephone to each other. If th£ citizens will stop and consider what this means I believe they will conclude to refrain from telephoning until a reasonable time has elopsed from the time a shutdown has occurred." —See Co. M in pictures. Majestic. With the Comtn:; of,»iddte Age —There Is a letting •• down In the physical forces otten shown in annoy Ing and painful kidney and bladder ail raents and urinary irregularities. Foley's Kidney Pills are a splendid regulating and strengthening medicine at such a time. Try them. J. D. Mundis & Co. Nothlngto Oo With the Case. "I suppose you can give references," said the woman. "I can. Everybody I ever worked for says I sure know how to cook." "But Be to your character?" "1 never let gty character interfere irith my cookins, mum, so I don't see B8 that's any;oonceni of yours.' PLEASE KEEP (l>OL.—FKY. Confusion I{eNu}t.<< From Telephoning , During Accld^uts, .Sa{.s Engineer. Never let yoi»rself get worried Or liurried. Or flurried—^ ^ And so on ks City Ettglneer Fry would paraphrase the Ilurgoiuaster's favorite song pnd adapt it to cases which arise at times at the city power hOH .«P. f For Instance, the electric current Is suddenly shut hff. E»ory citizen who has a telepbotie Joins in the fusllade of rails for two-nlne-n!ne. Souieono gels the line. ; • ' "What's the; matter? Going to be shut down loijg?" pours Into the ear n fthe englne^er who left a weeping dynamo or some other laipottant Job to answer -the tplephono simply because .he tbou|;ht thV boss was calling anil lie has best reply. "Oh, nothing much,"! the engineer rrplics laconically andj hurries back to his work. Again the biUl rings j and back the engineer bounds as soon as he can extricate himself from the machinerj where he Is working. The .same old question is asked ahd the same old reply Is given. Meanwhile the city engineer or the iltllltle^ commissioner Is frantically trying to get the powei house to give .»ome order. They can't. Thcy'rcout nf luck. Every time they call, they are just behind some Irate consumfr. , Result: The repair work is delayed and the necessary orders' cannot he given by the engineer or tlip comniissioQer or the foremiiB or whoever happens to be on the tceac o fthe accident and Is anxious to report to the "power house. "See wl»at a fhc that gets us In' Modernized Axiom. "Experience," said the ready-made philosopher, "is the best teacher." "Yes," replied the man who has had troubles with Wall street, "bat you're so liable to go broke paying the first insUllment on tuition." Hoods Sarsap^rilla Cures all blood humors, all eruption.=?, clears the complexion, crealcs an appetite, aids digestion, rel,icvcs that tired feelinsj. gives vi ,7or and vimi O.t It n>'iiy ill U-. !:as been for. "I 've always been In sympathy with things for which Christianity stands"' .Mr. Allen said. "I've frequently ^1 tnu^ht Uir its cause In public matters, iiut never in the proper uniform. I've, r he.iltated to take the forward step as;:^ n;any otheT business men are hesi-r tating today through spiirltual indif-i' ference. through distate for what'old, -r^ friends might §ay, through a sort A'^ moral cowardice. For three' weetoP^- many per.sona in Wichita have heea Ji praying for me. Out of the grace 5 thein prayers enough wisdom ha»:|;' come to me to cause me to realize my ->6 duty. i . - - -^g "Xo mirtjcle has happened. I wan^-ei to be.a better man, and Fve asked Qod'S to help me. I l >elieve that Chrlstlaii ;| .^eal is a growth; that personal r&-ftl3 Hgion is not a dream; It's a dally batr 1^ !le- - ' "The step I've taken was a di ^i^i^^ that I considered I owed to mySeliti^ my wife and daughter, the commuiw I' ity and to God. I did wliat many cltif i zens in Wichita are doing now- a public stand on the side of and the Church. I have always lieved but never before have I in open public:declaration of mjr 1 'ief. I have more of an objectTi' than ever'and ihope to run a aewspapcR I have been pretty on .=;ome fellows who didn't de it for which 1 lam sorry, and I h been hard on some fellows who deserve it. andl as long as they, < tinue to do as they are doing I continue to oppose them. I Intend join the First Methodist Chnrch,- which my wifei belongs. I sliali: out my old Bible and dust it off' read it and try to live by Its teacK| Ings." j , "Best on Earth" —This Is the verdict of R. J. Howfll .Tracy O., who i bought Foley's Horn and Tar Compound for bis wife, case was the Tsjorst I have ever , and looked like a^^Sufe case o£;e sumption. He^ lungs were acre'r she coughed almost incessyitly 1 her voice was hoarse and weak.' ley 's Honey and Tar Comg brought relief at once, and lew >i three bottles [effected a cure." J. D. Mundis & Co. — See Co. .M'in pictures. Ma

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