The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on May 31, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1977
Page 4
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TAGK *—NAVCJATUCK NF.WN <CONN,), THURSDAY. AUG. 15, 1940 Jleto* HffiNNJCK. ProBlint and Knterod 111. »oconU class mutter lit the pout o«lco In Conn j ;L SUBSCRIPTION KATICb Puynblo In Advnnoo I month ,.*12,00 Health Check-Ups For Children Cornplut.! physical and .I.MiUil examina- hild ^tunif' school n, l.v tl.t- Con»IU» weekly lll!(;tl(Mlt health should i time I'm of tiuns for UVI.M-V c )(.[• have IHM-II DcpNi'tmuiil ImlU'tiu. Tl . ,i> nuulc early enough to allow the correction of any defects which mitflil he found. Tin.- Bulletin says: "Duntiil tli'fi>ctn iini mcmt commonly rovcalotl In prn-ncl.001*. for .niiny puront,i do not rr.ill*n that baby to«th no,<l ,-o«ulwj euro, fh co, rorlKin of iindlhor common conclHIon, onltirf,oci •ion»lN rnny notlCBi.bly cloewnm' le»- or school tlmn duo to cold* /ind »on- throiilii. ™IC,«:h child 1 * hcui'lnj! urul vision nluuilil bo to* • ml ,lurln K thn prn-Mhool ..xamlnntU.,,, rhoa.i nuncl- mny ltui» ohtiiln K IIHH Hrhoo ( tho lh.-m bcforn Htiirt- correction,. or Improvements to «„.. will prnvpnt hnrd of liilcim for buoltwiivd InfilKm Hhould «lno iintl lunpi inclueln to ch on the child H not br ovcr- arc, m vn<l whooping cough HnmiKI when K otth.K tho chll.1 Although thow protncllvn mnn«.r<w Inrly Hlrr«Hn(l nt thr tlmn of ontM-lnB Hchonl. tl ^ 7 . . . .-.. (tc , no a ,,y tlmn /iftpr the ehllil A.-i liioculullnns tin not lust n, It l» wl"i) to mnkn cor- still protiTtml n«nln«t thnmi ' win und tthould hn In thrnc months oltl. fornvi-r In "" chili' tnln thnt thoy arc school, whore exposure to thi'MO dln<i«»".i riui.v bw «ri'iitiM. r |'hc advice ami surest inns nlli-roM tlio state health dcpartinenl should heeded hy parent*. Local Hats In The I" reports, Xium'atuck ^is well represi'iiled aiiioii.i;' llic- aspirants For political honors, l.oc-dl men whose lints have already IH-CII "tlii'ou'n into the rin.U'" include candidates for Hie noniiiia- limi for rc[jr<'sentative in Congress from the Kit'th ('on^i'cssional dislricl. ^nvur- n«i; and cuiiiily shei-il'l'. And il woii|t be Hiirprising it' a Xan.U'atnekian is noininat- ed for state senator. It certainly will IK- interesting if local residents are chosen in fill these offices when the elections are held in Xo\vmltfr. l)i' course, I lie candidates will first have to he nominated. Hill if they should ho selecled at the comini;- conventions, t.huy would stand a chance of election, And if they won, what a lii.v; celebration Xan/,'nlnck could have! Well, it is said that dreams ol'tontirnes do come true, and that all things aru possible. And besides, I hero's no law against, dreaming. They're Still Our Champions 'While we're all sorry Die Xaiiyatnck American Legion team didn't fare so well in Ilieir Buries nl (Hens Fulls, X. V,, we think' they did prelly svell against their lii.n 1 city opponents, And besides, they are still the Connecticut champions. They did their best and their defeats were no disgrace to them. \Ve appla.nd them nicmii for the. honors thev have won. The ree Bronx Zoo is ready to welcome small elephants from Africa in , l>nl afirr I hat there can be positively no more Leiiants in the olo- phant liouse, The housing situation is bad tMion^'h now, One of the minor mysteries to the avor- ftge man is the ease and speed with which missing persons, criminals and the lost, arc found in this #reat country. \ \ TJurvard scientists measured ovor 4,000 persons to determine the design of a railroad seat, which would ho comfortable for the average American, The question is, how many Americans are average'.' A certain expert on nuc.loav fission has remarked, "They all talk about controlling the atom, when what needs to be controlled is man," Walt Disney ban laid off 450 helpers because of increased production costs. Inflation is dosing: in on the world of whimsy. Do You Remember? from the Files of the Naugatuck New* 20 Years Ago Mr, end Mrs. Curt I. Illlng ixncl daughters Marlon tind Jeun vacationed at Roton Point. o—O—o Miss Evelyn Dorftn of Grovo street was a student nui-80 nt St. Fruncls Hospital In Hartford. ' -o—O—o 30 Years Ago I. A, Morso of Codiir Htrcct visited New York city. o—O—o Mrs. JiimoH Dolnn of I-Iltfh street visited Mr. and Mrs. John Dolan of Bridgeport. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1948. by The Hearst Corporation) Around The Clock A public-spirited, housing-minded local resident called TJ-JK NIOWS Tuesday to suggest for tlie public that tlio second flooi 1 of the Pearson home on Central avenue, now owned by the School Department, he used as an apartment. .. ."Apparently only the first floor will he used by tin- school," said the woman. "Why not use the second floor for something that's badly needed right now—housing:'" . . . We think the lady should make her suggestion to the school board, in writing. —oOo— The Xangatiifk American Legion state champions left Nangatnck Monday morning, filled with elation and high spirits at the opportunity which the state and local post 17 was presenting them. Tlie trip down was uneventful, although the run through Grand Central Station, with only 1G minutes allowance between trains was slightly humorous. Coach Ciubby Cowan and Scorer Bill Schmeleke drew the entire sympathy of the thousands gathered, in (he huge station, as they staggered up one ramp and through the station down another, laden with nof only tlieir outage hut also IS hard ball bats and 50 baseballs. After finding seats on the Glens Falls bound train the boys once more settled down, playing cards and making- acquaintances among- the other three Legion teams who were also aboard the crowded cars. Dinner was eaten on the train and shortly after'their noon repast, they rolled into Glens Falls. Difficulties were experienced then when (he living quarters which the local Legion had golten for them were termed no! fit for humans. Taking things into their own hands, the hoys, with the permission of Manager Kddie Nolde, scoured the community and eventually found quarters veritably fit for n king in an old fashioned home that had been reconverted into a lodge. The locals, along with the three other teams, were feted at a banquet that evening, after which apologies were tendered them, and promises were made that the boys would thoroughly enjoy their remaining stay there. And so ended their first evening-, as they wandered to the local green to listen to a band concert, and at 10;30 p, m, a check found all of the athletes in their rooms and in bed thinking- of their game on the morrow. —oOo— I'alrolman George Smith is en.joying his annual vacation. ., .W. E. B'radfonl, service manager of Naugatuck Chemical and Synthetic plants, is passing out tempting eigars to his colleagues,;.. Brad is the proud father of a baby boy. —oOo— Carl W. Pepperman of the Lewis Engineering Co., last night attended the American Standards Association award dinner at the Officer's Club of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.... 1300 volunteers who served on more than 160 industrial standards projects were honored... .James T. Lynch of Beckly, W. Va,, was a recent visitor at the home of his sister, Mrs. Rose Murray of Elm street ' — oOo— Mr. and Mrs, C, Arthur Fager are spending a week at Quonochontaug as guests of Mr, and Mrs. Fritz Klambt, By the way, Art was down for a week end, several weeks ago and hooked • a five- pounder, black, so he decided to • take this week to get that Big 1 One. Mrs. F. just loves clams and had one of those Clam dinners. Menu: Half a dozen on the half-shell, Clam Broth, Clam Chowder, and Baked Clams, What! No Clam Pudding? One respect in which men ai ; e better off (ban women is that, when they go to a party, they do not have to decide .whether to wear a hat. BECRIMINATIONS, BKFl,EC?riONS, BOMANCKS— nuthlosM, rupucioiift James Cacsai Poti-lllo seems hcll-bont to wreck the nightclubs of New York, which, cannot meet his latest demands and •live • Petrlllo hasn't been gettlnj his name In the papers lately, and has apparently decided to sec to that I have, long observed t egomnnlac. .His union, though in the AFL, is autonomous and he is Its absolute duce'.. He duties economic laws as he defies the nation s laws, which he is now doinp fla- pruntly and blatantly—and he ioves It; ho loves that sensation of die- tutorial arrogance: '^Huh—I'm hi(j- "er than all America, Nothing can touch Petrlllo. The world can't live without music—and I own the music. I have millions of dollars and don't account to anybody. My voiceless fiddlers and drummers ind hornbiowers worship me. Con- ui'cas pns?cs a special law just ;uinst me—and that law I break . .So this is a republic. . .No king; . .What a laug-h! Mrlropolltan Mlsccllnnj—T)r. Is- •iiol VVelnstein, N, Y. Itailth Com- iil.HHlonur, luncheon srii^st of Cur- llniil Spi'limiin. . .,Vnii Horn und nc-/., fumed v etc run Hkiitlnc; loam, n viiudcvlllo' uncl as teachers of IIP «rt, hiivo .split and divorced ivf- er 27 yonrs of niarrlni;e. V:ui Horn, I), will wed JiMMi Whlt<;. 21 » nn- lonnl flRiire-skatlnK: chump, iie\t vrek. Ine/, will c.onUnuc to nmn- . tficiir ontorprlNc'ln Mlncolu, vlii-rc they took ovor 11 oowbnrn ind iiindc It tins lurcpHt rollnr-rlnk n tlie country, .. The Spovtlnjr Nows; run by the third Kenorntjon >f St. fouls' Splnk family, cole- trutns Its 00th anniversary In :i pedal ISHUC, Sept. 4, with many iNidinc sports writers contributing ...Gen. and Mr».. Bradley, entnr- ninluK ">oniild Nelson and r*eu r M:'.r.v at tho Stork, l>ow n.s William uley, Mns. Vincent A*tor uncl .Tuck Bonny enter.,. .Inn. Ray Flutton, hack in fhn bund business after 38 months, pluylnp Dallas). Harold Mollnnder, taxi-d rive r, I hands evoi-y passenger a card, ! read:' "If you know of a vacant apartment, please phone me, SU. 7-95S6, 1 Thanks, Harold Hollander." Hollander served with the Air Force in the Mediterranean area, has been out of uniform several months. His wife, about to have a haby.'.nnd he live in one furnished room. He hit on the Idea that maybe one'of his customers ( 'can do something for him Well, maybe one of ours can. Xrw York Nocturne (By T. Wcn- thcrly). .. .This is one without a blonde. .. .For a change.... There isn't even a brunette or it redhead in it ...Just four male m.usioians Divided up this way. ...Three nf them were members of a swanky nlffht club hand . . .Playing on East 63st Street. .. .The fourth one was plnylnp: a violin alone. ,.On the corner of Madison, Avenue and 57th Street ...He U'.IK oki, g-cnleol and pathetic looklnff. . .The bandsmen vorc younfr, dinncr-jaelicted and debonair . . .They were out for a breath of air . .DurinR 1 their rest period. .. .touphinjr and jokinjr ... TI)'.'y '.strolle.d .southward on M:idi- son. . . .Suddenly, as they came nhroast of the old street player.... Their ' latiRhter died....But they kept strollinp;. .. .That is, for a step or two....Then, without a word to •-•rich other....The three of them ...Turned In their tracks. .Fished in their pockets ...And deposited the contents. . . .Into the old man's hnt. . .Which wns lying on tlio sidewalk. .. .That's all But some niffht. .. .I'm (,'oinp; in to listen to that band. .. Because 1C musr be a '.,'ood one. .IitmcK S. Holnii, former police commissioner of New' York City, mi old friend, Is pcrlmps the hup- pirst mnn In Manhiithin. Retired 011 a handsome pension, head of the Bolan Asency, a prlvnto detcctlvp IJFKHnl'/iitloii pntrnnlzc'l hy hotclfl, InHiinince companies, hanks and othnr sterling corpomtloiis, ho Klnrlcd, half us a hohby, the Bolnu Ar:idrm.v. In his headquarters, at UHO S^iidl.son Avc. His plim wus to tiMinh Investigative work for men und women hy mi'ill with a pliice- >nrnt hurcnii for his graduates. The reaction lu\,s been rather anw/,- Inq;. Approved hy the Veterans Af',- mlnlstrution under the GI BUI of HlRhts, (.hn academy drew u heavy mule response. But to Boiiin's surprise, women lire reveullnp n tne- inendnus 7.enl to become private to»- VfNtltr'ntor.s, .. ."Njitiinill.v— ttin.v'n; liorn snoopers," I suld. But Jim shriicsrod that nff. "No, these nre serious mid ..definitely out to make :i profession of It." S<> he enlisted, former Director of the r/>irenu of T'ollccwomen of New Vork, Mary A. Siilllviin, to hiuicllc the eo'eds' noiirses. Pmil Berlenbuch, who used to put (.hi roughest heavyweights to sleep, is a song-writer and publisher now. Tn pnrlnership with Harold El.ser, in Queens. Village, Paul, scarcely m-arked, with all his Iteen far.nltlea, behaves like an art'st, n pcntleman and a businessman. Ho wns our favorite mauler. The night he made Younp Strlbllnpr hang on, terrified, wns his hifrh spot for us. More power to him In his new and worthy cndcnvbrs, and success to his latest sonjr. Reported romancing— Bui-burn. Moffett, cx-sturlet, ami hundsorac Bob Grefi-or.v, ex-wrestler, ]£] Mor- oecolnjr .Foey Adams soon's he closed at the Capitol, off to Sara- togn und Junior iStandlsh, showdoll nt Piping Rock Murk, Wilson, author, und. Wendy Kussoll, model, nt Armiindo's. .. .L,t. Comdr. Paul MiicATthnr prand-nephow of thn ffonerul, nnd Ivan Kirov But not I.ouls Rittor and Taylor. Allen; Rlt- ter says that was hin sister, Mrs. Jeancttc Smnll, ho was with at Ar- rowheud! FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 106 South Main St. Herman Schulx-rt, who five years apo was a' wulte.p In Hotel ISdi.som turned dmvii $200,000 for his Tel- lium Health Inn. ,.'.It'n one of the blffCowt i.c:ison» ever at the Hiiluir- l)«n resoriM. .. .Wnpowoc Lodire Is a cloiiii-iip. .. .Oiifiollno, of COUI-BC, Is tlio answor. Henry Lustlpr, who would br sitting; alone, lioldinfr hin head, won- dcrintr and worrjjinK, i^ cloln? no such thing. .With a Fcdnral conviction . hnriK-Jnpr over him and the Government claiming- from $5,000,000 up, in back income taxes, Lus- tifr, still owner of the Long-champs chain is :n Sn.ratosa, smiliB!?, plny- Inpr the horses and entertaining. IJnroehpr -saj-s T^ew' Parker, arts is though lie wore, flffhtirifi:. Jou I.onls, not St. lyOiils! Reviewer Finds "The Curtain Rises" Charming One of the most charming presentations of the stage, "The Curtain Kiscs," opened Tuesday night at -the Litchflcld Summer .Theater for a five-day run, with the near capacity audience placing Its mark of approval upon Its merits with generous response. Top honors go to Snrallo Bodge, who as the ugly duckling Elsa Karling, turned in an admirable performance. She portrayed an amaz- inzly sympathetic and humorous character in her opening scenes, later to be transformed into a cultured lady of society. Although the supporting cast, gave her able assistance, hers was by far the most outstanding performance, Set In Vienna, "The Curtain Rises" shows Klsa in search of romance to brighten her life. Handsome Gene Lyons, playing -the part of Elsa's acting teacher, Franz Germann, with whom she falls in • love, gives an agreeable exhibition. His nonchalant, and yet confident attitude Is most pleasing. As Wilhelm Mcisslnger, the matinee idol with whom Elsa some day hopes to play love scenes, Lawrence Sladc presents a skillful caricature of the pompous, conceited ham actor. Vei-n Armstrong as Rudolf Dortmund, and Sylvia Stone as Thona L.indorf. fire an engaged couple, who with John Martin as Arny Zander, a newspaper man, and Mimi Palmer as the maid, arc all capable assistants. Union Delegates To Attend Meeting Two dcle.ffatcs- will be appointed and BonP to New Haven Sunday for the purpose of determining the candidates to receive support in the November elections by the union, according to a vote TUCS-" day nipht of the United Rubber Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers tot America. CIO. George Eaktcs was elected to fill the vacancy of secretary created by the resignation of Edwin Barrows. S. DAV To Elect Officers Friday Commander Ansclo Pompano announced today that Union City Chapter, Disabled American Veterans, would hold their annual meeilnu Friday at 8 o'clock at 32 Church street for the election of officers. Strike Threat At Risdon Mf g. Co. . A strike of about ion employ,. of the Risdon Manufacturing Co'« Watcrbury plant Is threaten^ un less an agreement Is rcachi-d Mon" dayon demands for union sncuritj J ' and arbitration of differences » wos »U/ted yesterday by John Drincoll, state Bccrctary of the r Mine, Mill & Smelter Worker. union- A conciliation meeting be twccn management and union HM been arranged for Monday rnornlnir at 10 o'clock, Th« company Rran t ed an 18 1-2 cent an hour pay rals. la«t sprlnc, but failed to come to terms on other contract Issues, BURNED TO DI-JATir Concoid, N. H., Au«-. JS — (Up,_ Twenty-seven-year old Emilo B*|. anger Junior was burned to dpgth when apparently dozed while smoking. Fire swept his apartment In 4 North Main street rooming drivinpr out «. dozen occupants, [GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY $\XF*tEt/IHy$e8WC£ TOO/ 6EUKE JACKSPRATTAMDSAVEMOREmr WE'LL CASH IT IN Help get SOAP back on our shelves BRING YOUR 0SED FATS TO US! HIGHLAND MARKET 90 HIGHLAND AVK. Help prevent* SOAP SHORTAGE Bring in your *USED FATS* TOPS,.QUALITY! Those days •©! higher prices make every housewife more and more conscious of values—values that mean highest standards of quc-.lity— the best that money con buy. That's why women turn to A&P for superb quality meats—they know the satisfaction that comes from buying where skilled men take EXTRA care in preparing top quality meats for you. Real values—real satisfaction in A&P meats. U. 5. COV'T. INSPECTED GRADE AA OR A HEAVY STEEP. BEEF RIB ROAST LB 49 c U S GOV'T INSPECTED GRADE AA OR A HEAVY STEER BEEF CHUCK ROAST 43 U S GOV'T INSPECTED GRADE AA OR A HEAVY STEER BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK 59 LEAN, FRESHLY GROUND ••-'•' HAMBURG -39 C Lamb Fores Rib Lamb Chops Stewing Lamb Cod Fillets Fancy Brisket CORNED BEEF to 49* Large FOWl ^TOGLBAVG I.B 44 e Skinless Frankforts L B 45 E Haddock Fillets ««« STOCK UP NOW! Doesn't it make you hungry lo picture delicious peas growing ripe in the Hold? Their natural sources of vita- wins and minerals are scientifically sealed — from fields to preserving in less than 24 hours. Slock up now •with ASP's NEW PACK —this season's crop... hours fresher ... filled •with flavor! H LB PKG AT ITS BEST/ 34' \\ OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE YOU WITH PROMPT COURTEOUS SERVIC I CALIFORNIA CANTALOUPES U. S. NO. 1 15 LB. P! POTATOES U. S. NO. ', FANCr PEACHES LBl 8 C 1.49 SILVERBROOK BUTTER •• Pound Cakes M s..Mn r &W Tomato Juice LB 46 OZ U. S. NO. 1 15 LB. PECK 47« SOLE, BAG U. S. NO. ', FANCY ELBERTA LARGE SIZE' FULL BUSHEL FRESH OFF THE STALK FLAVOR - TENDER GOLDEN KERNELED YELLOW CORN 43' CALIFORNIA ICEBERG, SOLID, CRISP HEADS LETTUCE 2 23' CALIFORNIA, 'SEEDLESS - NEW LOW RRJCE. , GRAPES 19 C • BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS • Green Peas I 28 C Chicken'-King Orange Juice "£'& 35 C Strawberries Squash ; ^r22 c Ice Cream •Raisin POUND Crescent Coffee Cake Breakfast Coffee Cake Filled Buns Beets Ideal Jars Prune Juice Cake ORANGt ANO GRAPCFRUIT 39" Prune Filled LOAF Southern 1 LB CUT is 02 ncc CAKE ZO 11 02 LOAF Juice A&P Spinach Sauerkraut Onions 73 C 25' 45 e WHITCMAN 8 OZ SmullPlcW^d JAft BOSCUL 1 L8 JAft IO /A AN §V UT "S& PKG 2 No.2'< I CANS Peanut Butter uNNED Corn Flakes s s oz P!CKAGC 19 C 29 C 22 C 23 C Sunnyfield 63 C oo! 73 C - Gaine's Dog Meal i RC s-°80T T 27 C Grapenut Flakes SUPER SUDS r" CE "When Av»il*bl«" 26 e 33 e 12 e PKG 4QC OF 10 19 5 LB CTN 7 OZ PKG 54 C 9 e e PKG 11 OZ ' PKG OLD HUNDRED. All Flavor*-PINT 64 e 25 e PALMOLIVE "Whe SWEETHEART SOAP When Available" SOAP Whon Available" 3 3 REG. CAKES REG. CA<ES 23 20 C 19* IVORY SNOW LGE PKG "When Available" IVORY SOAP 3 -1 T BARCOLENE 23° SPIO & SPAN 2 ^ 39' '35' For All. General' Cleaning — No Rin.infl.—No Wiping LL- PURPOSE CLEANER' KB JAR "When Available" THE GREAT. ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TEA COMPANY Alt prl<«« subject to market channel. VV« r»*rrv« riflht to limit quantltlet. Prl£«» t«»ctiv« toe thi» «r««.

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