Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 4
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\ THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 12, 1911. Th^j^ota Daily THE REGISTER I'LULISIilKG CO. Entered at the loin roMtofHce as Second- Cliuu Mattpr. AdverUaIng lUt By Carrier li^ villa, Concrato, One Week One Month r--. Olio rear OAILI miib AX ALTIM.ETH!:K LOVELY CREED. I "The Truth About God and Life, hecord and -he lola Daily' jg the title of a newspaper published index. \ss Miiili- Kiiuwn on AppII- c:itlnit. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. lola. Gas City, Lanyon- LaHarpc and Bassett: 10 cents <4 cents «.('(> BY MAIL: One Year, innlrt p.i »• .. j KM One Tear, oiu»td>- CIUMIH - ,f. _ - TELEPHONES: Buaincsa Office l.s Society nerxTtif :.s Job and Binder]^ D M" H Official piper o? City of lola. Official Piper Citv of Batiett. Official Piper of Allen County. :««ERTJX< THE KKIHHMC." at That is thej altogcihcr appropriato title under which Harper Hrothers have publlshf^d tli - autobio ^raiiliy of [.^j™ Lieutenant CJfneral Xelson A. Miles. And it is a sjirriiiR and heroic story as It needs must bp when oni> remembers the record of the man who writes It. Entering | the I'nion army as ' Lieutenant ol! a company 6f volunteers iie was tolonel of .-i rcsinii'nl al 23. drigadler! General at and Major General in command of an army corps at 25. And the promotions were fairly won hi; sheer giillaniry on the field of battle combined witli rare and remarkable nilitary genius and great skill in the liandling of larpe bodies of men. Sev<|n Pines, Fair Oaks, .Me- chanicsylll?, Gaines .Mills, .\llons Farm, Savag? Station, Whiie Oak Swamp,'Malv .'rn Hill, Aniietani, Ciian cellorsville, Fredericksburfr, the Wild erness, ColdiHarbor, Appomattox,— think what a story a man lias to tell who has a Hit of battles like that upon which to draw for his matiTials! And then after the bis war was over came the loii g years of Indian tight- at Great- Bend, Kansas, a half dozen copiea^of which appeared in the Register mail the other day. That is rather a taking title. Nearly cverybodjr would like I Q know the "truth about God and life." Wc rath er expected to have a good deal reading to do before catching the gist Of the matter to which the paper ev drntly was devot*>d, but much to ou .surprise v.e got it In half a miinite Here it is: "Tliis lid!? eduraior I ! distribeted by the c'liurch of Human ty to intiiuluce to all people Kerr' gnat (llseoveries in .N.-ilure, that th I'nlvorse contains no real God, tliat man coiiiains no soul, tinil that life is I 'nded forevv-r in each person death." There it is. all at o;;c-e and all In w single, easily cwimpr. headed sentence There is "ilie iia'.h aliuu! Oo-.I and Life." Wliat a F. ••• :. iti.spiring creed it is! lltnv i < ,;-.vay the elotufs <if life'. )<••., ji you heart vi,;; I'oiic an.I i vvr,:- and am hition' ni...- i: strdi;-;; :is yo'.ir re li Mi a 1 •.::>- aiid tinLie a!;i lieli>fu! lii"'. Vvli;.i i-,.::gi!:.'ieeni cor- eeptior get o: i'li^ universe as the "tntili" dawns cii you that there isn't a God in it aiiyvliere, and therefore it. cannot ho his glory that thi heavens declare, nor His handiwork that III'' lirinauient slioweth. And liow your pride in liuinauity is exr.U-i'O wjih the great "diseovery" ira!i needs not worry about his soul any more than the beast needs lo worry about his for the very exeellpnt am! perfectly conclusive auJ satisfactory reason that he hasn't any. How thrills yon to think that you c.;n go home toniglit, and instead of taking your liitle cliild's foldeil liandr; in yours ami iiaciiing the childi.'-Ii lipf to rep«at. "1 pray the Lord -iiy sor.i lo keep * • • Dear .lesus, bless Tap; and Mama and everybody I love am' help me to be a good liitle boy,"— instead of all that muauuery you can go home tonight and say: "Get to bed you little brat. Tliere isn't any God and you haven't any .soul, and there sn't any .lesus and therefore he can't bless nn> or help you." Oh. it is a ' erced, this creed that there isn't any God and there isn't any soul and then lids. Only wjiy should it lie proelafnied as a "discovery?" .Nearly threi- tlious and years ago there Is attthenlie record of "a fool who said in his heart, tliere Is no God;" ing on the plains and in the mountains, in winter and sumnnT, from ihc borders of ?anada to th<' Afexican frontier. Mijterial enotigh without drawing upon tlie iin.igiiiaiion foF a single t>i»isotje lo furnish forili more j isn't any life when this one stirring and romantic . adveiuurc s than a writer of fiction would dare to put into I any one volume or attach to^'anyi one charaeie?. And to crown it all tlie picturts 'iue if not particularly strenuous War with Spain. For nearly h 'lf a century continuously "Serving ilie Republic." It is: a great record jtiid lliej mode.-;! report of it is a siory iziips one with I all the fascination that a novel M^uld. have—if you knew it were true. Incidentally, of course, the book is a contribution to the history of the United States which on that account alone would give it .-in important place in every library. Hut it will appeal particularly to the old soIdiTs to the men who marched and digged and fought with the Army of the Potomac, or who matched their courage and pluck and strength against thi- i cunning and craft and audacity of tV.e j Indians,—and by the sons of then<- 1 men who will want to ru»d again of the deeds that were done in U^"brave days of old." That the book, as a book, is beautifully printed and illustrated and handsomely (bound, goes witliout saying. Harpers made it. .4.nd all the book Btores sell it. £i_J : The Supreme Court has aillrmed the opinion rendered in the cddiimns of this paper many weeks ago In !li< Stubbs-Dawson case.. It will be remembered, if it has not bi-en forgotten, that a ditference of opinion arose between the Attorney.General and the Governor as to the extent of the authority of the latter over the former. The Governor maintained that he had a right "under the contilution to direct the Attorney General to do anything within the limits of his ofTic- :al duties. The Attorney General d:*- iiie dtbis and refused lo take the Gpv-, ernor's orders in the matter of /liih- ;:oenaing Jay E. House to testify concerning certain violations of tho pro- I libitory law about which he had writ' i; i iia newspaper letter. The Reg- ster expressec liie c.,:n;on at the lime that tlic Governor was clearly •Aithin his legal right in ir.aking that demand, and it is that judgmen* which the sujireme court has aBirnied. Now is the time to subscribe. 81 JAt ROSE SOAP I CTRANSPAKENT) haAtn £r«elj in hud^^r soft, hot or cold water. His u kit one o{ itr wrelfent qoalities priidBced by yean of e^erimcBting. There is BO «dttr sinp icade wfaicb so pofectly adapb itsdf for toilet pnrposes IB kinds cf wa!($r. Jap Rose it &t one perfect bath so^. i fS ?T5 .mS. ^'lOOS FOR THE JAP (M ON EVERY PACKAGL ' SoidJry Deaijsrt ^j^jll^ Everywhere SEJiT TO- THE WBCJXG ADDRESST The Register Is In r Kseipt of alon^ tj-pe-wrltten communication from a liarty in Denver directing its attention to w-hat the writer calls "a new money scheme," and which he describea. In brief as follows: "Free coinage, figuratively, of wheat, corn cotton, wool etc., by having Uncle Sam build over the country at convenient places sev^ oral large, fireproof, cement granaries and warehouses, and act as cus- • todfan for the farmers, issuing to I h •III. the same us he issues now for our gold, negotiable v.-arehouse receipts." The envelope in which this communication came was -iiddressed to iK' Register, but that was clearly n mistake. 11 was obviously lntende<l for the Emporia Gazette or tho Topeka Capital. Los Angeles Times: Mr. Politician, perhaps after the showing made by the women at the polls in Ix)s Ange- es Tuesday you will begin to see a, 'ight. Far fewer women than men were registered, yet tlic women outvoted the men. Thii; means that women take th<(r oitizenship in earnest ind that voting witli them is.a matter :;{ conscience. The man who wants the sovcroignty of the people in the future will ask for It on hia merits. The proposition which receives the support of the people In the future must contain the riflit substance and he women will havij to be shown. -iff Theplacetobuytbe CHRISTMAS PIANOS PLAYER PIANOS, VICTROIAS AND All THINGS MUSICAl= In all our experience we have never been so well prepared to serve the Christmas buyer as at this time. Wc arc doing a tre^nendous business, but it is absolutely necessary that we should. We are bound to keep it up. We ai-e dcteiinined to make this the best month in our history and to be sure of success we are making barcfains that arc positively compelling by reason of the quality and low prices. 10-$10--$10-$10 Sends a Piano Home For Christmas Sends a Piano Home For Christmas Sends a Piano Home For Christmas Sends a Piano Home For Christmas Following up bi'i n doin.g by s« Roads" train about t !:onri. Kansas & Ti ;nny is notifying a it will send free of |;ood work it has iiding its "Good le State, the Mis- >ia8 railroad coin- its agents thai harge two copies )f the "American Rotid Maker" to any lerson the agents nj only object in doing lend the interest in ay desigiiJiC', the this b<'iiig to e.-i- good roads and Victor-Vietrola to make them, that men with a1- -pr' the right ki id of information !f to the be.«t way This is another sign most human intelli^-.-nce are uradu- lly working their way intp the man- igement of the railroads of the coun- i Farmer Millir says tliat 'tish cannot l)e r.ilsed in stagnant pondfe and Fisli- r Dyclie says that tliey can he. What ilo the men say about it who have lieen raising lish in littlei ponds on heir farms or trying to for tlie past steen years? So many ii:jve tried It hat surely somebody ouglit to know whether it can lie done or not. If ny body knows let him Isjieak up. Here is ofie controversy lhal mig '.il i 'lKl as well be set I led befo|-e th;' C.ov- rnor c:ills a special session of the iegishiture to consider it. * A Los Angeles detectiver has given out an interview in which' he claims 11 the credit for gatlierlngj in the Mc- Namaras. This is not surjirising, but does 'seem funny that iiewspajiers ill give him his advertisiifg for nothing.—Emporia Gazette. i And there is a Magazinef mucker in .OS Angeles who claims all the credit for persuading the McXamams lo lead guilty. Funny lliat newspajiers ill give him his advertising for notliiii.'?. Our store is headquarters in lola ; for everything in the Phonograph line. ' We cari-y a large stock of Records. V gcimine Victor A new Victor-V'ictrola i.s here! Victor-\'ictrc)l:i, bearinj; the famous trademark, i^riced at 6n !y $15. Coino in and .sct .vic :in I l:car it. No olilit^'ation to biiv, hiit after Iicarin-'' it voii won't want to be without one. 1 Qtlicr stylos ?25 to $250L \'ictors .'?I0 io ?100. payments if I'.c^iivd, JO.isy On all Victrolias, Pho|nographs and Talking Machines . We have an elegant line of Pictures, Mottos and Cards. See us for ev^thing in this line. /* V. Roberts Music Go. Store Open Cyenic^s Arizona is enjoying its first State lection today. Tliere are lliroe full tate tickets in tlie field,—Republican Democratic and Socialist,—and the campaign has been spirited. Ai'zonn has always been regarded as saf.-ly Democratic, although the fact that two years ago a Re)iublican delegate was elected lias to a degree put tin Stiite in the doubtful list. Ental'lUtWI 1«» Read the advertisements of the lo- merchants in the Register as closely as yon do the catalogues of mail order houses and you will find bargains that will amaze you. Tliey are also reliable and tliey are tlie advertisements of men who help support lola schools, churches and other jiub- )lc instliulions. Tlir> I'.^S. Crop Report for Dutein- beU 1, eKtlmiiteH tli.- area of wiiitrT whe ;il sown In Kansas this fall n.^<t.("lrt. which is about one per cent more than was sown last year, and plf'ces the condition at SS. as against at ten yi>ar average of 9i) tit this lime. So we liiTN got a pretty good start for a "bumper crop." TO PUY TOPEKA WM \ lola High .SclKi.iI i:a> Pall Tcinj lo .llcfl r»;icli:i Khe Here. it must k'cp hi.s .satanic ^najesly busy if lie lliids work for all the idl" hands to do. . liy saying- sometliing Interesting. Alonzo. yon may jiossibly interest people in what you say. A woman due sn't admire Jiier p!io- tograpli unless it flatters her—or a • . man, fither, for the matter of'that. ; yesterday nffrnoon Professor Don't cry over rast opportunitit s, Wiliiani Harriss, coach of the lola the tears may prevent vou from sr-e- high school basket ball team' ar- ing o'hers that are coming. • . j ranged by long distance phone for a It takes a bride with aS^\itl imng-. gann- Saturday night at the auditori- inatioii to go on believing It- is still ; uin here between tlie locals and the the honeymoon uiien she is busy a: rToneka team. It was tlie desire of the waslitub. " .'hf lola boys to go to Topeka. is pos- I siliie, for the game., as they realize star game Saturday evening for Wichita against Hutchinson, in the first game of the Arkansas Valley Hi.'^h School Daskctball League. That Wich ita won the game by a score of 31 to 1.5 was largoly due to their star woik. The Beacon says: "Hinman was prabobly as near a star as any of t'le local bunch, though Captain H. Osborne played a great game, and his brother at the other forward positicn, shot two baskets of the hair raising variety from the center of the field in the last half." —You will find that .vhere speak wiell o4 Cough Remedy. They experience in the sal» of ft that In ! eases of coughs, and :olds it can always be deepnded upo i, and that It is !>Iea?ant and safe to tajke. For sale by i!I dealers. 'drugglist)s every Chamberlain's know-from long KEKLK<"nO\S OK A MAt'IfKLOK. Frr,ni tile i;ew York Press. The most vicces?ful way lo man- ago a vs'oman is not to try. . The best part of dining in a restaurant as the guest of somebody is he has to do the tipping. It seems as if ;i man could be ir.oie th.nt too much playing at home is liot best for them, but the Topeka -team could not arrange to entertain t,:ie lola boys dud the only date they had this, week 'was Saturday night, soj it wag uj) to the local five to accede to the conditions or not have tlie^gaine. I The Topeka team has always b<ien , , , , , , ; one of the b"st teams in the state, afraid to do right and be lauglieU .it | ,.,3, championship than wrong :ind He praisi-d tournament, she came out second A family row Just ir'l.s .owlnging to Lawrence taking first. lola's the .satinLietloii of a ipim when be hiMS, y^..,^ ,„,.,riv 30 to go and die and miss the- rest of ft ^^^^^^^ y„.,r-s bunch and even The theory of the recall is that ii will never be used excopt in case of great emergency. This is the tlieory of the man who carries a gun. But the mere fact of having a weapon real handy is a terrible temptation*to use It. If you would ap.vays keep the promises you make to yourself your word to others would probably be worth more than It Is. IMUNTLI* I'AP.AGKAPIIS. From the riiirapo News. After a ni:n h*is been m.".rripd a few years he rjets used to posing as a door mat. • ..} A man who could carry home a cnse of drinkables .-ind tliilik" It was iigl't n.s a f<-atl;er would feel his back was bre.ikliig if ii \\:.3 bis wife's hat, weighing a jiound. —Vou save money on clothing Shoes and I'nderwrar at thorllailow Mercantile CoV. store. -Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Clayton returned lionio Saturday from a visit of three weeks with relatives at Independence, ' .\ltoona and Chanute. Weak Heart Many pcc;)l; E- Trr iron xvpak hearts. They may-experience shortness ni I -cathexertion, pain over the heart,.. or dizzy f-;clinr p.'. s.isd breathing Uter meals or their ; c-yes become hi irn ', t.Hcir heart is.not sufficiently itroni ' to parap blood to r ; cxtrutnkios.and they have hands and feet, or poor dp -otiti: iccaunc cf weakcnetl btood rapp^- ich. -.\ ;ar.'[u.r-c and altcrativcfbonld be takes —See Co. M In pictures. Majesllc. AT FOUNTAINS. HOrei .S> OR ClSXlMHCilC Get the Original and GeQujne HORLICrS MALTED MILK TheFoodDrinkforAUAges BKH wax. MAU CU» tXttHxM POWDEt Not in any Milk Trust Insist on *«HORI^ICK'S'* Take a package homa last year's team was defeated by Topeka by a margin of only thn-e points. Topeka claims to .have u fast buiieh thin year and Is arranging gan'es with such ti'ains as Westport, Oniral and .Afnnual Training seliooU of Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City, Kas.. high school, St. Joseph. Lincoln iind Oiiia- ha. If lola defeats Topeka the ntiiu-j ber of barri"rs between her and tlie] state championship will be mat»riitlly decrcaserl. >V«n Derl.she Victories. So far this cca:!on the local team ha.s plaved five games as follows: lola 2C. nnfi-alo lola Chanute 19: I .Ola Halstead 24; lola 3?t, Buffalo 21; lola r,l. Nevada 14. The jto- (lumber of points scored by foTa is 197 to her opponents' total of ^01, giving the local team a margin of 90 points, with Jin average m!>rgin ofj 20 points over each team. Ihe only cI,o5e game this season was the firsi eame with Buffalo, won by three points. The seascn was young and tha Jot^a's h3d >^ot d-veioped Into good form. The court strange and unsulte.l i to eood playing. An effort is bding' mad**; to secure a game for Friday night! to the stomacii. -. i ;ar: i-j which has no be J j' .W-:: Tcct. S-.:ch i» Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discover), „!uc!i conicLins no dco^eroos narcotics nor alcohol. „ . Jtents. p ,T attested andcr rat> n-e Ptons root (Celllnsmila reaarfnn I), Blood root (Sanaru/naru Cenadcirj3Alt >iu -nScatTooHHydm »ilaCaamiee» ' 5/j). Queen> root (.StilllajTia SylvatI a). WncH CberrybarK IPrvaUM Vlt3lalatm\ - • • /jam PoltBt rill) Willi tripla rclincd idyccilqe, pr^parad The tneredl ), Bliwdt •» root (StUHaeia syi\ , Iter rill) Willi trlpla rclincd slyccrlqe, | In • eclcntlllc laboratory In a way th it n • druse'*' couM ImJute. Mandrake root iPodopbylium PoltBt r This tonic contttins no alcohol to sh ii:J. u.*> t!io red b'codjcorpuseles; hut, on the Other hand, it increases their nurnSv-r and they became round and healthy. It helps the human system in the manufacture of rich, red Mood. It helps the stomach to assimilate o.- tr.kc ip the proper elements from the food, thereby helpinj; digestion ond curin.-j dy^pcpcia, heart-burn and "many uneom-.' (ortable symptoms, stbps excessive tiss' c wcste m convalc&ccnoe fromfeVeinIk;'C' . for the run-down, antcmic, thin>blooJQd people, tlie "Discovery " is jtfatflAf ^v- and vitelizinf;.' Stick to this safe and .vi.-i.:-cinudy, and refuse ill "just aa-d^SJI^^^' ''' medicines offered by the druia<»t w '10 fi 'uoking for a larger profit. but E>r. Pierce's Golden Medical rii— 'ery will di y-nii half as much TOE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, KA.VSAS OYKK FORTY YEARS OF COSERVXTIYE BAXKIXG Df lOlA- DcFOjItory for the I'nHcd Slates, Stale of Kansas, and AIM Coaiitf" OFI'ICEKS: , * L. L NORTHRUP, President U. P. NORTHRLT, 2nd V-Pr «8. F. A. XOKTIIRL'P. VIce-Presideut MELVIN FRONK. Canbier. ' R. J. COFFEY. Assistant Cashier , -I Experience obtained in lola, gpt'iier v.ith a natural antiiude, / suited In Walter and Herb -rt (borne, formerly of here, playinp lore- Os- a CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Intrrest Paid on Time Deposits 'SaTefy Deposit Boxes for JS «at YouB Bi 'si .x ESS SOLICITED;

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