Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 3
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llftaSE m WEB. IISTEB ^^^^ 3 Christmas Voting Cpntest •AT THE- Ne^ York Store We [will give FREE with everj' purchase of 10c qr over,' one coupon, entitling the holder to cast a vote for his Favorite Church. The New York Store will donate the Tree and loan the entire Electrical Displaj' All ister office. now on exhibition in the north window to the church receiving the greatest number of votes. CK. i/ons to be lilled out and left at the Reg- Cohtesf Qoses Friday December 22nd, at 10 a. m. Th(j Register will post the standing of each church jfi'oni dav to dav. Sec North Ti-r^w Display •filL.-. I>r. H A. Urowii wriil to Ft. Srott this inoniing on a sliuri business visit. —See Cii. M in piiitties. Majostii-. roiisf.iljJc T. S. n.ill w<>nt to S.ivon- hurs this iiiornins to k.m pru-r Dolil wild i.-s rlii^vg<><l with assault. Christmas SoggesiSoiis i. A nice pair of Dress Shoes would be an appropriate Xmas present Our Ladies' Dress Shoes $2, $2^0, $3, $3^0, $4 Men's Shc-es $2, $2^0, $3, $3.50 to $5 Boys' Shoes $1.25 to $2.50 SliieldsSliofeCo. WAY TO SOLV£ OAS S^VICE PUUBI<£M COXSI^fUfp. Mayor Wonid Inittiill Derifr Iq Uflicc Building Which Mill Driivrr Van 1 *8} for In Adimnce. -Siiiidjij- J)Iniii>r, S oj«t's «i <jlr. IliikiMl Chlrkdi. A. Weiiiand. of Hn:iil«oi< city today on bus^ini'ts. i^ in t:i —See Cn. M in piitints. .M..j .Mii- Howard Jon< s l<ft this for Pittsburg for a viriii days. alt( rnonn of so/t-ra! —Wlipn ymi; liavp a biliou.s attack plve Chambcrjlain's Tal.l..t.< a trial Tlipy are cxcenont. lor .-^^alc by a" iloalcrs. Tli(> Hninbolilt ftorald n-norts tlic I iltalli of .lolin J. Meyers at Iiis Ininn in Sabin townsiiiii Sunday. Ho liad ti'-^n .1 resident of Salem fownslilp ior many years. He served in Co. K. i'l^nd lilinois Infantry, during tbo eivil war. Funeral service was lield this aft;'nioon and burial made in the Saieni cemetery. —The Harlow Mercantile Conipany bouplit a store at Sapulpa Okla., last week. The Tulsa I,od.ce of Elks has re- cpived.a iiiapnilieent live KIk. Tlie identit.>%of ilie donor is a mystery and Tiilsatis are tryin.i; to locate him. A sniJill iiark lias been fenced off. adjoining the Klks" club and tin- animal vii; b«. kept in the enclosure. • —See Co. M in pictures. Maje.-tic. n. A. Valentine, sicn -iary of the Kansas Si.iie Har .Vssociation has .<•!'.! out notices of the annual meeting <f tin association to be' heUl in the supnme court room state house, .Tan nary ?,»-:\\ VA'l. A splendid procram b'-en jirranfjed ;iiid a numb'-r of !(>la attorneys are piannini; to attend. —Fred Ronden, Period Dccomtor. Phone TSC. A warrant charjrinjr W. R. llearh. who formerly conducted a dray in this city, with insanity was iss^ied in th" probate court this morning. The h-ariiip will be lield late (his flflir- neon. Attorn-y H. I-;. C'ullison was appoii'ii'd by th>' court to ri'present liie defi ndant. —Dr. XcXIIleii. Phones C aad S3S. The regular weekly mcotlnR of the board of directors of the lola Public Library will occur tonight in the library building. —See Co. M in pictures. Majestic Miss Fern Williams will spend the Christmas holidays visiting relatives at Burlington. —Commencing Monday, Majestic 3c. Mr. and Mrs. I'aul Bean, who were married in this city Saturday night at the home of Reverend C. F. Johnson, loft Sunday for Walt Hill, Xeb.. where Mr. Bean has established a plumbing business, to make their home. Mrs. Bean was formerly Miss Veda Moore. —Dancing School Tonight. Arrai !«emeni8 have been completed for the (lirl's basket ball team of the. lola Mfih school to go to Moran next Friday night for a game with the girl's high school team of that city. The lola girls have not had a great deal of practice but tliey aro growing belter in their work and should I 'Ut up a good game with Moran. —Without opiates or harmful d^^g^ of any kind Foley's Honey and Tat Compound stops coughs and curcf colds. Bo not accept any substitute .1. D. Mundls & Co. Judge Smeltzer was much surprised Saturday when the time record of four days in which he obtained a pension for Mrs. .McKlroy of Humboldt, was broken, a letter being re- eeive<l Jrom Washington on that 'day alolwing the pension of .Mrs. D. H Scott, which had been applied for but three days before. —Hens laying? Why not? A trial |iackage of Conkey's Ikying Tonic will (n.-;t you nothing at Morris &. How ard if you bring this ad. " Serving out a city sentence is real business now The opi>ortunity of taking lee hail, so often "mbraced by nimble-footwl offenders has been taken away. The city has employed Fr;<nk Cowan as a special officer to guard prisoners working out fines and it is the purpose of the commissioners to see tliat the sentence is carried out to the letter. Cowan is known as an officer who does not joku with his job and prisoners placed In his care will have to stay on the works until they are released by due process of law. Heretofore it lins Iwen the practice to turn city prisoners over to some city employe who had Jiot th< lime to look after them jiroperly and do his own work. This resulted in frequent escaiies. Sam f;,in of I'rairle Hall, is in tb'< eitv today visiting with his brother. W.' n. Cain. Pay as you go, Puy as you think. Pay as you sow. Pay as you drink. I'ay as you cat. I'ay as you sleci>, I'ay as you treat. Pay us you reay. Pay as you sigh. Pay as you sing. Pay aa you die. Pay as you swing. Pay as but there. Here's wiiai we me;>n— It's everywhere. Pay lh<! tnacliine. ("d. M in pirliiie~. .Maje.-tic. Hinr>-''Deniiing, who has li'<'ii ir Parsons tor t!ae past several day.s on business returned yesierdny iiid'-niuK —Don't forijet the Salvation Army Free Christmas Dinner Kifort. Ju<lq<' fl.scar FousI flii.s morning ;;ran'ed a divorce to Mrs. Fanni.- V. S'evens from her husband, Charles • !•: SleVen .K. The court entered an order resioriiis the maiden name of j !lie plaiiiiifT Fannie V. Manley. The — I'.i'-eree will become oiierative at ihi- Charles Smith, eount.v lirij^e sap-i c.vpiiatioii of six months, erintendeni cjame uj) this iiiorniiif: — from Humboldt ami is today inspect- —ClirKtnias Postals 5c dozen at ing the bridg<|s southi;i.<t of ilie ciiy. Sjiencer*!*. —Harlow 'Mercantile (Dioi'any 1 ,\t the r'Kular nie«>iing of ih" .\Ia- boujrlit a stori- in Down.-. Kan.-, la.-r i .-.„nir council last nicht at Ma.sonic week. . ; following officers for the ; — ) 1'jininc vear were elected: Dr. O. I.... Frank Peak)' CHni- in from CollinE-Cnjf. T. I. M.. J. V.. Kirk. D. M.. T. K. ville yesterda'.v wie re he lias been | Oliver. C. C... T. M. Bartles. treasurer. red Tote, tola's .voting wireless devotee, has replaceil his old wooden .^-•rlal. which was only about forty feet In height by a new one made of iron pipe and standing about S -'i feet • • iioin'it. Voiinu Cole's wireless nut fit Is at his homo on North Washington, and he thinks that in lt.« preb- rnt improved condition h« will be able to receive messages from a dls- tance very rcadlly.^^ r for the past isiwral wei -ks on business. —The W. f moved to Kva 22 to 24. Teats Realty Co. has ; building. Office rooms and Travis Morse s-eretary. —Ortec your St !aI :non•^•. Chri5ima.= T.'oe at LET YOUR RENT BUY A FARM * Before a renter can pocket any * i>rofit :ljin3FeJr he nuj.'^t pay inter* est oa the Fniii tlie owne: has in* Tcste^fn'ihe fatm in ihe fo.-in <,i * reht^ * -;.«Tlie utan who woiks liis own * farni ltdds to bis uei profits the * re9Jtl3^ of the land; avoids the * e^]ii!n;e of tuovin? annually; has * ajgbod placJ! to invest hi.s surjilus * where he c^n watch it make hlin * more «ion«fy. and is on the road * to comfort and i>eace of mind in * his old age. * '! .have just secured for sale Yesti-rday a physician succeeded in removing from th • of George Ep- lins, a small particle of steel which ' penetrated the ball several days ago. The foreign body was causing Mr. K\>ling much pain a dnwould probably • have resulted in the loss of the ey' • had it remained imbedded in the eyeball much longer.' —67' Jfonej-. K. H. raD>iini;li«m. For the •'str -enth time last night the K<-coril bowling team administered the bitter dose of defeat to the Yates Center team. Uist night's victory was more di-cislve than any won heretofore. In courtesy to Yates Center the exact figures are not given. A nura- b'-r of Yates Center iM -opi'e were over to witness the game. ^ • several farms good ones, we • located, price very cheap com• iiarcd with suriounding farms. * • These are jsft-acre and 160-acre * • places. Sma.11 flrstjiayment at>ked • • and easy itrms for balance. • • J consider this a rare chance * • tor ihe rigiii men. See me at once * • before theyi are sold aqd net full • —nr. l.npy M. Hull, Telephones 130 and 6C1. Ohieopath. i * details. J »..• • • • < J. E. POWELL Bros. A sign warning i>er8ons passing through the court house park that an.vone kicking gravel upon the sidewalks would l>e subject to arregt, fine of $5 and ten days In Jail attracted considerable attention today. The warning was posted by Samuel Crumley, custodian of the county birildlng, on account of the fact that boys were , scraping quantities of gravel upon , . the walk ,*'cau8inK ped^strains much Iota, kaBKUK. * Inconvenience in walking. The gravel is used as a "tiller" for the park walks. •'PIK 'JiaaJD anjnu p.ijiiuri •.{UDuiuof) [tvja;) lunjsoj «.VOSV:iH V S'.SHHII.L« , —noA .loj ilUm49UI0S op XtJUl ;i •q;Sua.i:is jBois.Cqd puB aoSiA [e^uaui ja:j :^9q uo spuBsnoq; ^jnd snq 0) saijoo uiojj aSusqo y •sssoons loj aaAvod s.auo uassai o; punoq si 'iCpoq oq; saiBduii JO 'uiBjq aq:^ sjinp ^Bq:^ 3uiq :^jCuv •suosjod ;soui 'ijoBj ui — jC UBUI JO iCj3 -uiqDBUi [BoiSiCqd puB ^ B; -uaui aq; s;jnq aajjoQ diB3iputaH dA|stiddx3[ Its enough to drive on-? t> vei.-if:- .ation—this gas que.-'«i<in—ami even the city commissioners admit li. P(>ci- ry—even the four full ipiarfos (cr, I2.S .-I brand—Is much belie;; than swearing and has no bad afte.- efiect. if one will simply forget it. So bc- tWi -en spctiehes, at the commisiion meeting this afternoon, whil? they are' trying to decide on a new jtjaii fori furnishing gj.t to office b'i'ldii»g:. th"?! commissioners arc employing ,a few . •luotations from Dante and a le\- oilier' vigorous writers whose sayings will have the soothing effect do nini-ii de-' •ired. It beats swearing all-hiiiltiw And has much of the same siti..f:ie!ion The perplexing iiuestion of how to , devise an equitable plan of cfianviig; for gas in a singlo building whlc'i, many con^iiiiiers is nearing a .solution, j .Ma.vor llolllnger believes. The pinn ^ Is simply to put in some of t!u)se de-' \ices you meet everywhere niiw—the i :iay-a .s -,vou-go machine. Drop 3 nickel n the slot and you get a sat)dwicli; •ide on a street car. hear a seleitioii >f music, get a slick of gum. :i stamp ind most anything y(ni may wlsli. Why •lot drop a piece of change in the slot ind receive the .mioiint in ga^i? Cer- ainly. Why not? The pay-as-you-go gas meters are in ise In many cities now and iliey are leclared to bo successful ami salis- actoiy. The mayor believes that \\w lest way out of the contentl .o 'ii over •he payiiwnt of ga.s bills in- office 'luildings is to put in these npw-fan- ^led meters and he will advoc ;ate the nlnn at the coniuiis.sion nievtihg th'i:< afternoon. , •"the controversy over the gas bill for the old court house buildipg is n sample of the trouble with wHIcli we •ire contending." said the mayor this morning. "It's a difficult niafter for, iny landlord to furnish gas to .tcuanc-s through the one meter and then arrange an equitable chai:g0.i for the •onsumers. We know that but under he present system. It's theiEJaly meth- ,id the city can follow. We W^juid have •10 way of knowing how nuifi&iitu ar.y single tenant consumed any raof^ than ! does the landlord and since he owns' •he building and receives the ri?ntal il 's up to him to provide a way;to fiir- nish his tenants heat and light, llow- ••ver if we can arrange to: install these pay-as-you-go meters all our • rouble will be over. Then the land- 'ord may pay his own gas bill-and so may the tenant. Put In a meter for •ach consumer. If he wants a thousand feet of gas. let him put twA dime.= in the slot. When the gaS^glves out. that's the signal for two more: dimes. In this way. every one pays for the service rendered him and no more or ess. The only objection is the cost cf tl:e meters. But it looks pow as if we would get our money's: worth in salistactlon shoulil we buy, a few if IhcKe maehine.-; and install them in the larger buildings where there are > nuii'tier of f.iniinls. I only wfsh that If ci"v liail pmcha.sed a few of the ;iay-i! .<r -.e' :'(•'tas uiachlnps in- lead '•• - , 1, a.iy of the refrilatlwi meter.-" The u lebati '1 :i' t' e e '):iii )iiHsii )n rjH 'ellng 'his iil 'T'-.f -.n .-ml \i may be tljnl loin consul ler.s will soon be using aonie of the new meters. G. A. Leffier Jeweler South Side Square - Phone 125 Novels are the Sweets All peoi>le with healthy literary apitetites love Uieni. Tliousanils of novels to .select from at all kinds of pri^jf^. The Book Store .Sontb of the Court lloii:)i- COCHINEAL' IS NEAR END Soon to Become Thing of History | Like Tyrian Purple of Antiquity. It is the opinion of M. Leon DIguet, who has been studying the state of the cochineal industry in Mexico for come time, that before many years have passed cochineal scarlet will hare become a thing of history only, like the Tyrian purple of antiquity. How many people are aware of 4he method of manufacture of this well- known dye. It is made from the dried female of the cdchineal Insects (coc­ cus cacti). They are gathered by 5 rushing thd branches of the nopal „ , , . . , actus, on which the Insects feed as ' soon as they be.gin to lay their eggs. S. D. ARNEnT President J. P. NIGH V. President H. HOBART Cashier > JOE MTCTNLEY Asst Cash. Cnpllal • tiajm Surplus . fS^ I o I ji. Kai. THE MO.NEY QUESTION. Accumulating money should not be the principal aim of life—nor should it be regarded with conteiupt. for it represents, to a great extent, the means to physical and mental comforts. The way in which a iv.aii^ uses money is perhaps one of the best tests of character. The finest qualities of human nature are cinerapll- fied in the right uses of money: Generosity, honesty. Justice and self-s.icrifice. A little sclf-sacriflc. a savings account_with this bank, and a deterininatipn to use your money right I by saving it) will soon accumulate a snug balance to your credit. T<U\Ti the Account Today. I.E'rTEK.S TH.\T >EVKK CA-ME. I J .VpitenI of (br l,uFi>llet1e Roo 'mcrM Kails I'pon llpedli'.«s ¥A\T^. Topeka. Kas., Dec. 11.—An ^almost deafening silence seems to be the re- .^ponse in Kansas to the thousi^nds of letters sent Into the state recently from Washington. D. C, by th^ "Progressive" Republican campaign committee boosting IjFolIette. Up to today more than a month since the let- tors be^an coming into the sfate, J. N". Uolley chairman of the Republican state central committee, has received just fifteen requests to call a-Presidential preference primary in Kansas. David Mulvane, Reimblican national committeeman for {(ansas, h9s received two letters urging the call. Total 17. The letters received said: "hard work will put Kansas safely in the" La Follette column," and "1 want to' suggest to you that you at oijce ur- [ gently request the st^te centrstl com-: mittee of your state to arrange for a Ptesidential preference primary election, which will provide nieanit for a i direct expression of choice for- President." > Naturally the question prises: "Where is that big La Follette- sentiment ?" It had an opi>ortm>ity,>b'y re- f^ponding to these letters to assert itself, but it has not djone so. Among the "Insurgent" leaders. Senator Bristow and William; Allen' White are the two most proinlnent who are laising lonely voices-in behalf of the WIscoDsiD.' man. some i-tates where I a PoII^ttc sentiment is strong, it has asserted itself, accord-i Ing to rei>Orts. by the La Follette clubsyiind They are then dessicated In ovens or killed with boiiing water. It has been estimated that one pound of cochineal contains no fewer than 70.000 distinct Insects. The color is brought out and fixed by chloride of tin. The Indians had cultivated the coccus cacti In pre- Columbian days, but the commercial possibilities of jthe insect seem to have been first realized by the Spaniards In 1518. - It was introduced into Europe about 1523, and Into India in 1795. The city of Oazaca was the center of the cochineal country in the days of Humboldt, but only a few plantations of the nopal cactus now remain- hence the fear that the dye will soon become a thine of the past, at any rate nnless some other substance Ii found on which to feed the insects. organisation of leagues ^ut no such organizations ha^e so farrshow-n their beads above the Feley IIdae:r Pllb. —Tonic la action. «inlclc in rjesults. WIU cure any case ofj kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of medicine. Kn need to Mundls tc Co, Kansas h'prlson. say roorcf J. T). Socialism "Shall the Things We USE in Common be OWNED in Commoii?" ClYDE J. WRIGHT One of the Lyceum Bureau Rep- resen'atives of the National Socialist Party will speak on So- clallsui, at the Masonic Building, lola THURS., DEC: 14, 7:30 Bring Eoinebody with you to hear the sp^iker. This meeting Is prellmlnar>' to a great edifcattonal campaign Involving thousands of speeches and the circulation of hundreds of car loads of Socialist literature. LISTEN! READ! THLNK! Look A^ain at th^ Date • • \ Beautiful New Gold Band, Hand Burnished; Semi- Porcelain F-. t.- '.t i- U UlNNtKWAm At exceedingly popular prices 5 —See us today about this. r ! 1 1 ! 1 1 ! 1 1 Glenn Flake, one of the three men who wrestled with a Hvo 'Wire at Steyer's grocery Saturday evening, says that he has enough. He says he retained consciousness all the tlmo, experiencea distressing pain tlirough his body and that every Joint Jerked convulsively and painfully. He knew what It was and that he waa liable to Idse his ^e, but had absolutely no liower over his muscles and could not crawl or start to walk away. He figures that the current was chasing, through him for nearly a minute, taut it was the longest minute In bis life. All the victims are nearly recovered save for the burns on. their hands. —This is the last week for free trial package of Conkey'a Laying Tonic and Big PmiHrv Bnnir. Call at Mortls I Howard.

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