Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1911
Page 2
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Doo't totti^r your brain over what to give a lady. Tbe best way is to'inspie :t'i^itcb « »tock of holiday gilts as ours and every gift problem v«ill bi.EOJved. Whatever hfs taste, whatever her rcqi^renients. Just the iu m that will be most suitable is here and youMl ^ it when you, come. ,Tt^.IolIowin£ list represents but a portipn qf. the items we If 01 4» ^op: , Bl Mkn. «f ali Units, Xirrors, Toilet Sfcts, Fnfanfps FnHBtflia Vens, Fnary Package of Fllie tnij^ Uinery,'BniM Goods, .Vu«ic R O II K and Bars, JfjtitcT Ciiii^M 'liaBfcnrp iSets, ^tfaBlcure RcqnlioUes KoiUk AI iain |r. Cameras and i!lupplie!i, Toiirt llntersi Toilet (itoda of-Rli^Mndx, Fine Ciilnu, Cut Glass, etc. J3omc early so as to reach a decision while there's .vet a good assflrtmcnt from whl6h to select tamll's Drug The RexVll 5tore West Side ^:^'ore of all- kind ^^l the lowest pi3ce&-^^i^lity considered. si))9t^J|zs.JLe^Can^p |^l. The-l^ldAJ wore a becoming gown o'f white mac-" qttiaette oyer, a foundation of whitle lessaline and held a boqnet of white •'•WW^^'W • -arr" K"*"*"- Th« bridal party "stood beforji HI 11 I I 1 A. Y' W an arch of green from which hung a •^4rV^-JM4t4Ht--^'%- -% bell. White carnations an^. Th,^ TT-i... I i u, . I Candy—Mrs. Hilsclicr's i ,oI »«f M !'^ cut assrmblPd at th.; Rirls n „a Mrs. Paddock's class of home of Mrs. Charles K. Scoit yi-sipr- bovs day afternoon 4here thry talked. 1 kitchen Anrons-Mrs Hirrv Slf- •most their annua.1 anniversary party., Monro ui, . • ». Each yifear U»e clob observes thi? dam * of the organizatiojn in some ddiBhtful, way and the past two years the en- I tertainments haW boon Informal galherlngB, clositig with an elaboratf dinner.* ' The dinner lasjt night was attractively served at tables on which bunch es of white and! yellow chrj-santhe- mums. the club \ flower, had prominent places. All tbe club memberr. who are in town! were present. The menu was: | Creamed Sweetbreads Peas in Pastry Cups Escailoped Oystelrs " Bak^d Potatoes Crramrd Pickles ^ OJlres .Nuts White and Brown Bread I Cranberry Ji -ll.v Salad. : Waf<>rK Apricot Mousse Fruit Cako Coffee The club feels I very grateful to HE committee on "eats." .Mrs. G. F. Talbert. Mrs. Vene Fry and .Miss Helcne Potter who planned the dinner and superintended tJie cooking and serving of the menu. *i * * —H»rlow Mercantile Co.. has stop- Faiiiy Work—.Mrs. Frank Delap, Mrs. J. G. Walker, Mrs. H. il. Goshorn. The society ha.s a limited number of cook books which were printed last year which will be sold by Mrs. W. D. Port and Mrs. John Delap. Tickets for the supper -will be twenty-five cents and will be sold by .Miss Theta Brewer. • * •> —The elegant line of Pretty Mil- The entertainment committee decided that a birthday party without a surprise would lack a necessary feature so thoy have arranged for some pleasant diversion which they refuse to toll about. The club met with Mrs. Smith Jackson yesterday for their fortnightly lit era ry progrnm. Mrs. Vincent read a paper about "Oceans of the liarth;" Mrs. M. M. Stoddard read a timely art Icle on China a dnMrs. S. Shaffer recited, ^rs. Jackson served a lunch to her guests. •> • • —What would be more appropria>. for a Christmas jircsent—nothing under the sun—than a fine Photo of the latest and most up-to-date style.— lliirrnian Studio. ... .;. .> —Sharp reduction on Suits Coatt and V\\ rK.—Uiel'r'If.on's. * * • .Miss Marion Robinson of nioom- lleld Mo., is visitini; Mr. and Mrs. L. I.. I'onslcr and other friends. .% ^. yellow chrysanthemums in profusiop brightened the rooms. S After the wedding .Miss Ruth Potter, a sister of the bride and her coa- Blns, Miss Helen Campbell Miss Bcr- nicce Bartles and Miss Glennls Bnrt- els served a buffet luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. I^angsford left on an :aftemoon train for a three wcolfs rioneymoon. They will visit in Calu- 'met, Michigan; Cbicjigo. St Louis and Springfield, Missouri before returning home. They arc to reside at tlie fjomo of Judge Potter during the wip- ter. A company of friends of the couple accompanied them to Moran thisaf- tflmoon and showered them with ri<?e at tbe station here and on the train. Mr. I.4ingsrord is bookkeeper and cashier for the rhlted Iron Works company here and has made maijy friends since coining to lola a fftw years ago. Mrs. Lang'sford is one pf the prettiest young girls in town a^d is very attractive and likeable. Among the out-of-town' gucsta M thff wedding wore Mrs. .lohn r..angs- ford, mother of tlio groom, his idstor. Miss Clara I^^angsford and his brother John l-angsford Jr.; Mr; I. W. •Potter, of "Coffoyvlllc and Hev. Potter of ^t. L.oui8. • •; —See Co. M in \'ioturcs. Majestic. •:• •:• •:• .Mrs. lloy Kostir 'iis .Vordi Cf >t <f »ii- wood street, will be Imsless of llie A. Y. L. I. club for a party lomorruw if- Icrnoon. —High School and r\:t >R I'liin-titr at Spencer's. Ail si/.cs ;md d«si;;n::. •:• <• <' At tlin^.Motliers" club met-iinir tomftr row aft«?nioon .Mrs. J. M. W:it«on. Mrs. F. A. Wagner and .Mrs. S. At. Snodgraas will contribut;- to a br^f'f —Oysters in bulk at all limes. [ program. Mrs. Watson will read a pa Mills' Cafe. . per. * «. <• Roscoe Ponsler will be here next week for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. i.. U. Ponsler. A few dayi ago Mr. Ponsler received a 'phone llncry selling briskly at half the message from rim at Wichita, -saving marked price.—RIchard.son's. , he was In the slate on business and T* • The usual number of holiday visits are being planned and lola people are expecting to entertain and be entertained in the usual manner during the week between Christmas and Xew Years. Miss Ruth Horton will be home from St. Ix)uis next week where she is attending Hosmer House and will spend ten days at her home here; a few days before Christmas Miss Edna Klein will be here from Mexico, Missruri for a holiday visit and from K. U. and Baker there will come the lola delegation to add to the list of lola visitors. I..orah)r -?e\*ii«'i?ef .^th.,v"±"h- -^r'^r -^o^hru "will have a short vacatio,. Harlot Mp^rr^.»"^ ""n.'^'r'"'^ '"e miversity of Chicago and would make a flying trip to lola be- I fore going east again. Mr. Ponsler Is In the employ of the General Electric company of Schnectady New York and has h^en making an extended trip over the southern and middle states In their interest. • * —Harlow Mercantile Company bought a hat factory and the entire stock of hats week. 4 * * Miss Neva Punk has gone to Leavenworth to visit Mrs. W. H. Carrothers, formerly of lola; Mrs. Carrothers is giving a bridge party today to Introduce her. T»i« TVa>ir<..~ ' t \ I. , . Harve Howard and Mrs. James T. 71 *_^^5.5 ,'?="^V; RHd are expecting a schoolmate u i ^'•on' Chicago enrly in January be held in ihe base- ,hough she may not bo here in tlm< all arn^Wements supper Which wii meet erf, .the Prdsbytcrlan church on for the holiday dance. i .'^ii .i^*'" r Among those who will RO to other » .S^^ n^"'!^ ^? 'o'- Chrlsimai are Miss Julia -were comj)elled io turn away doi-.„s McClure who will visit her Hlsier of people becausfe there was notliing Mrs, Fannie McClure-Tlilstler of CImi " I M. liv'^.^i^^'d" i*'." "I""-- Kate Oeyer. who will visir J^f„^,!fy .^„¥''^ planned bounti- her sister. Mrs. B. K. Allison of Kan- wii^K Vii fHre tfl attend „..,„ city: Miss Alma Gohin. who will wll be given a good supper, and plen- ,„ her home In Indianapolis and ni I.W J „-J i-nd severi.l frnf partl -H and a Chrnlt- chicken and mafhed potatoes, hot ,...irhrailon at her home. Mr vim^^itS^ •'1 """^r- .'•"'"'•"'^'•y and Mrs V. K. Smith and Miss M-r- m '•o"''-,'J""K»'nutB. jorle .>?miHi are going to Oswego the ^Tril ^J^** *'V''' '""^ "'"f ^re Cl.rislmns and Mrs. Klla rin*.!.^"* five okriock and five Kessirr and Miss Helen Kensler an- ShMA^Mr^r''u^^^S^^''J S to visit Mrs. Milo Heath- Shielda. Mrs. C. H. Shinds, Miss H;izel ,,f -ivnlmif Bowlus. Miss Clara Bowhis. Mrs. MrJ% «''*cf' u^^."'''^' -'•••'rif'-s. Mh-^e • *.-,nd Children'.^R. Burrell Mrs. A. J. Fulton, Mrs. W. rf„ii.,r_nifl inKon's Z. Bartels, Mrs. W. 1. McCall. Mauv """•''•-Ri'hardi-on .-^ of the ladles have also aske.j ^irls of ~, ^. the church to issist In wuiting on ^'"^ '^='»sas Citj- paiiers. of .Scinda.v patrons. :innmiiien,i the engagement of Misr. In the kiichenj Mrs. R. S. Aspinall, Jones, of Clinton. .Missouri, to Mrs. H. G. Gates, Mrs. A. N. Mitchell, "j;- '^""^^ i»xleo Mrs. J. F. Salleei Mrs. W. I). Chastain '^^'^'''nK '«'"' be an event of the Mrs. W. H. McGlUre. Mrs. W. R. Hevl- °' January. Miss Jones is a mun. Mrs. Ed Divls, Mrs. F. M oin- C. J. Ballieti of thi.-^ nett, Mrs. F. M[ Sifers, Mrs. J. M. ''}'"'" has visited here several Fife. Mrs. A. P.lcharies. Mrs. Hi-nry '""if: •^'''s n''"'-'* ^^1" »»l<'"d th- Eyler Mrs. Claijwrne. Mrs. Holcomb. Mrs. Russell, 5Il-s. R. R. fJrako and • ••• * . Mrs. Knipp will Superintend the cook-i —See Co. .M in idclurcs. .M.ije.'tic Ing. er.^ •> •;• •> 1 De to your The booths will be as folloWB: The f.nrrrnt Events members ar< Chinese Booth, in charge of Rev. to lie si.ven a 'surprise next .Monda.v and Mrs. P. O. Hanson and Mrs. when their anniversnrv nnrtv occur Chas. F. Scott. at the home of .Mrs. R. H. St"-vptisor We iuvlle you to make your holiday hpk'ciioD from our stock; whero you will find only goods of the hlniie^i character wltli an iron clad guarantei- behind every piece of goodu we sell. Our name on your ChristinaK pMik- Bge carries with It a proof of your good /udgment and Is recognized as the standard of highest quality. We have gone over every reputable maker'« line and selected the cream of their products. We offer you a selection you'll find the equal of nowhere else In Southeast Kansas. —It will "be to your interest to buy your flour and feed of H. Klaumann, 20ti S. Jefferson. Phone 2h9. Mrs. Adda Z«hner, who is to lectur< at Gas City tomorrow nlgbt, will talk about "Women and the Ballot, from the Twcnlloth Century Viewjmint. The lecture will be given In the Methodist church. • •> —Christmas .Novelties In everything new.—RIchaniyon's. •> •:• •:• Till- G. A. R. Post and Relief (!orp.s. who are to -ntertain the l.iillarpi Post and Corps membera at dinner, have Invited their guests for Wednesday Instead of Thursday, as they expected to do when they first planned the affair. • • • —The rca.son Harlow Mercantile f:oniii;!ny can undersell is that they buy. for seven big stores. They make a specialty of liuying bankrupt stocks and closing them out. •> •> The Foreign .Missionary sod.ty of 'lie First .M-ihodisl (hurch will meet tomorrow afterno.on at half past two o'clock at the rooms of .Mrs. J. O: Osborne, In the library building. •:• •:- • —Place .vour order for .Mlllinory "nd ynii can get your Hat ciuickiy at Richardson's. •:• *• •:• .Miss Veda Bushey, of Pittsburg, who will be among the Christmas vis- lEors in lola, will be a gui-st of Mrs. A. N. Mitchell and Miss Dorothy Foust -DR. O. I» rn'^ * eqlbl. •:• •> * The At Home club will hav • ii meeting Thursday afternoon at the iiomi- of Mrs. I.. F. Wilson. 523 South Oak street —Dr. nirt, OsteoputJi, Tel 487. 38S. I/" + + * Jf One of the season's weddings in which the young people of lola have been interested was solemnized this moriilnc when Miss Nina Potter and Mr. J. C. Langsford wer-j married. The wedding occiirred at the home of the bride's grandfather. Judge C. S. Potter for whom! the bride has kept house the past y^at^ The relatives of' the bride and groom ussombled for . the wedding which occurred at half past ten o'clock. Rev. l.,PBlle J'otter of St. l.oi|l8 an uncle of' the bride officiated. The bride was given away by Judgv- J'otter and the attendants were Mr. —See Co. M in pictures. Maje-=:ic. FKO.M PKKKK.SS 10 PK.M ?tY May Yo':ie. ilie wo:urn of a hundred loves, wife to four jreii j;ii<| {h<' favorite of n\:in.v n»hrri= tin- woiivai: who proudly wore the v.n; Id faimiiis Hope blue dlaii.<iiid. and one iif whose husbands bore a iiroml »eiitiiiie-;-6'<l name and was a uicinber of tlie'KiJg- House of Louis Lord Fninris Hope, l;as for two weeks past h'V'n living in Chicago in ilire ;ienuary. ;il- mosl stuvviUiou. wit'.i her last hiis- band. "Jack' ."VlcAuliffo. fornii-rly the - Art Taflored Sii^ and Wmfer Cm That should bring you here early tomorrow. Suits at one-half to one- third less than their value. $15.00 to $18.00 Suits now $20.00 to $25.00 Suits now .00 $9.75 $1S Made of every wanted material- serges, cheviots, diagonals and fancy mi.xtures. Remember these are' not the drdinai-y suits, but are up to the rigid requirements of the "Redfern" style. If you |iave saiy idea ofgetting a suit this winter- come here tomorrow. You will s^ve one-third to one-half on each purchase at Hundreds of Winter COATS at REDUCED PRICES Buy your New Coat here at a reduction of from one-fourth to one-third. $10.00 to $12.50 Coats now $7.98 $15.00 and $16.00 Coats now $10.95 -$20.00 and $25.00 Coats now $15.00 $7.50 and $8.00 Coats now .9 5 Every kind of Coat will be found here for every purpose. You can not bu:;- > E your Coat to youv own best advantage unless you come here. $15.50 PLUSH COATS $10.95 \ NEW IDE.l AT THE (JIMND. Old Time Fiddling Contest to be Held At fhp Theatre faiilirht. of the fiddlers will be sealed on a stump on the stage, and at the opening of tho contest will |)!;y in concert sotnc old time iiieludy. Then • (>acli will play In turn on<! of the fav- Roy Funk leavcs^onlght for Stig-.. Inr, Okia., a little Journey which he Iiad not contemplated, at loast not now. A long distance call this morning, liowevor. Informed him tha^ he was sulipoeinied as a witness In, a case down tliero where manslaughter Is Miargtd and iliat his presence was ImperativiT and oxpcnaos would bo paid. An Idea brand new and or^ is , o be carried o.ttonlgl. at the (.n^^^^^^^^^^ ^.,„ , h.-atre. It is' to consist of w It , ,„,,„..,, ,,i ,„^„,r ,.n.,|ll:.hly. a (Iddle may enter the contest. Tin term "fiddle' is used advisedly, violin I being too modern. The setting on the i stage will represent a forest Kach —Croat reductions on Suits Coats.—Richardson's. and —See Co. .M in pictures. .Majestic. worM'.s liglitwelght cliaiiipioii piiKili^l- 'flie woman wiroso reiuarkable lo- niancc amazed tiie world, ri.sing froJii a Iiiimhie «liariis girl in n biir)e.'^|i;f troupe to a .siicial jiosition at the British Court eipial to those for .wljlrb the-Vanderhilts and Goulds have iioiir-' •d out tlielr jjold without .stint. > .'ilr.^. May-Yotie-llope-Strong-Reynoids-,V.c- AuUiTe. was cuiii|iciled to implore.aid and tran.iiiortatlon from Chicago to- New York forwarded to her liy a relative. A TRAVELING BAG OR A SUIT CASE for Christmas will sure please—a present that will last a life-time. Let us shoA^ you. See Window Display Believed Doctors Polsonera. An extraordinary story of popjilar Ignorance is reported from Apricena, a small town in the south of Italy: A tradesman was found to be suffering from gastric enteritis, and bis doctor prescribed a mixture containing a proportion of morphia. Tbe tradesman and his wife, however, decided to tost the medicine by giving some of It to tbe cat Of cotirBe, the mixture, whIJo inocubus to an adult male, was fatal to the ciu, and the report was at once spread that all the doctors In copse- quence of the increase in tbe population of Italy, had received orders from the goTemment to Introduce poisons Into their prescrlptlona, In order that the poorer people might he got rid of. It was only with dl/Bculty that .the townspeople were calmed, and,' In spite of all the official explanations, it aeems evident that the doctors wll| be tvoided by tbe poorer classes for soma time to come. $100 Reward. SJOO. ; I mdpn of thb pipCT win t. plnivd to lan Oal Uiers \m at icui one arrat-'tl uRaJc that wim tea ac« aliie to cure la att lU aiascs. and ^Sat l» SS?^ * ^' «*»'"-^ MIC •»« Uowa to a* innu«;ii:mt>mtr; Cattnt 9rtne a tonnnutioaal' dlK-aac. fitwUca a conttne- Uoml_ UTalinmt. atA-» onart:: Clire i> .lakfa In •*r*tlr. ertm (Slrrrtiv npoa (tti- f*jB<l aM rearaa SSSSl'^^LiiS- »w« Itnnxtb l>r ImrdDia to tSp ccewtutlm a-^ DC Dattre In anui; i|. »„rtt. •mo »nmi1no(« t»T. JO ntwo ralth li iw ,-n«riT.- po-rrra that ihry t^ttr- One nuadml nniian |«- <•» tsax n isi:a V loriMto.t-tf. ..-u;* T A*l»«p<>:N-i;v .v r... 101 .HI..0. ; • 11 -y »!i lit J:.-,.U , j>... •if' Distinct Designs in Gift Engraving! The inonograiii fad is now universal, f'ljiiliejili'y "Very gift should l»e neally eii>;r;iv<'(| in sonic form. We have II Jell- a cut and are herewith showing \i)U a few of the many designs we en,,'.-.ivc In (lur w«rk.-^luui de\iartiiient. .I.wt Iry .-iiid .Sllvrrwaio bought i>f will III! engraved free. l!i;y your presents IC.ttJI.Y while our .>*tock is complete and we will lay them away In our safe for you until you wish to take them out. This way <ou avoid tlic crowds and jou stand i!iore cliancu of gi.-ttlng the ar- tiiie you wish. We suggest that you give u.'i a call and let us show you our elegant stock. HICK>S<a.50N Jewelry Store t •«

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